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Saturday 18th to Friday 25th September

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Dear Members, “Reiki isinlove, love is wholeness, is balance, “The magic new beginnings is truly the wholeness most powerful of them all.” balance is wellbeing, wellbeing is freedom – Usui - Josiyah Martin


As Spring turns into Summer and Covid-19 restrictions ease, many of our Practitioners and Master Teachers have begun to return to work. Covid-19 gave everyone time for quiet and time for reflection. As we now emerge back into the world, now could be a good time to develop your learning, expand your horizons and learn something new to help your Reiki practice flourish ever more.

We at the UK Reiki Federation have also taken time to reflect and have created new vision and values for the organisation, a brand-new website, online webinars AGM and Reiki Shares for our members to connect and enjoy together as a community. This forms part of Our AGM was held on the 18th May 2021, which was our ethos that we are there for every step of your well attended. THE UKRF vision and values were presented, together with the Annual Report. At this Reiki journey. meeting, the UKRF proposal to change our legal status Our new vision and values now form the core of our was also mentioned and an email has now been sent organisation, and we hope you love them as much to all members. as we do. See the graphic in the next page. KEY UPDATES Since the launch of Animal Reiki, we have had a number of applicants, which is very exciting. CNHC registration – we continue to provide excellent educational support for those members wishing to gain CNHC registration. Did you know we have a number of CPD courses advertised on our website? All these count towards your annual CPD hours In our last magazine, we wrote an article on how CPD can be gained easily. Please do refer to this to see how your 12 hours of CPD is achieved Directory listings – A fantastic new directory tool which makes your practice more visible to potential clients. Please contact us if you would like to create a new listing or update your existing one.

We also announced that Gavin Ford is now Vice Chair as Wendy Hick had to step down to embark on a new exciting journey in her life. Gavin and I are already working brilliantly together and have lots of plans to continue the growth of the UK Reiki Federation. UKRF Website We have recently launched our new website with a much cleaner look and feel. The primary objective was to make it easier and quicker for our members to use, We think we have achieved this but would love to hear your feedback, Along with the styling changes, you should be able to find the member resources much easier than before with a brand-new members area. IHC The UKRF continues to work alongside 26 other complementary therapy originations to support the whole community and elevate the Government’s understanding of how beneficial Complementary therapies are for all. REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF


REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - SUMMER 2021 COVID-19 The Guidelines continue to be updated on a regular basis. We do hope that members have found these guidelines to be beneficial. The guide is available on the members’ area of the UKRF website. Webinars and Reiki Shares Reiki Shares are now held twice a month and Jo Fellows, our Distance Healing Coordinator, welcomes everyone to share in these events. Amit Sihra, our Lineage Coordinator, holds monthly wellbeing webinars, which again are wonderful for our members to join and both the Reiki Shares and these webinars form part of your CPD. European Reiki Group The UK Reiki Federation remain the only UK based organisation to be part of this extensive group, representing Reiki across Europe, working collaboratively on projects. We do hope that you enjoy reading this edition of Reiki World and we look forward to the changing months ahead as the UK begins to be less Covid-19 restricted. Stay safe everyone and look after yourselves and your loved ones.

Anne-Marie Carratu and Gavin Ford Chair and Vice Chair

Our Vision Statement The UKRF is committed to providing support to the Reiki Community by promoting the highest standards of Reiki at all levels through respect, positivity and compassion. We aim to lead the way and to be innovators in Reiki education, Animal Reiki and research, for every step of your Reiki journey.

Our Values Compassion:

Supporting our members through their learning and practice


To be kind to others at all times


To always value our members


To always uphold the Reiki principles, UK Reiki Federation Constitution and Code of Ethics for all our members and the public To promote self love and treat our members and each other with respect and dignity

Self-care: 4



The UKRF Research Team needs you! by Duncan Cross

The research team hopes everyone is doing well as we move closer to full restrictions being eased. In the last issue I told you about some of our developments and I wanted to give an update. Our Ethics code of practice is now approved and we have tested the ethical approval process with an external reviewer to approve our current web survey. We will be creating a guide later in the year that you can use to help you make ethical decisions if you undertake any Reiki research. Our web survey is now live and takes about 20 minutes to complete. We see this as a really important opportunity to officially report on why practitioners come to Reiki, the impact it has on their lives and what they learn or teach. Many of us give anecdotes of how Reiki has impacted on ourselves and our clients, but by completing the survey you help to document the reasons more formally and provide an evidence base that be used in the future if we seek funding or support from other groups or agencies. All the information that you provide in the survey is anonymous, though there is an option to provide your email separately if you would like to take part in some further research. We hope to provide a report in time for the conference and its important that we get as many responses as possible. We are really excited about the survey, and look forward to updating everyone really soon. Duncan Cross UKRF Research Coordinator email:




UKRF Distance Healing Group We continue to receive more and more positive feedback about the benefits of distance healing. Since lockdown I’ve been asked to do this more regularly with some wonderful results, and I’m sure that all other practitioners who have been offering more of this, due to lockdown and restrictions, are finding the same. This week thanks to the distance healing team, we have received this positive feedback about the healing we are sending: “Thank you very much to you and the healers. I wanted to say that I feel much better and that I experience so much love during the day for no apparent reason. This is such a profound and lovely feeling that sometimes lasts for hours. Again I am so grateful to you and the healers for all your love and help. Sending you Reiki love and sunshine!” The distance healing team sends healing to those that request healing through the UK Reiki Federation, if you’d like to join our now 85 members strong team, or add someone to the distance healing list, please contact Jo Fellows Distance Healing Coordinator UK Reiki Federation

Distance Healing with the UK Reiki Federation The UK Reiki Federation offer their Practitioner members the opportunity to become part of a large distance healing network.

Distance Healing Group UKRF Reiki Practitioners give their time each week to send Reiki healing to anyone who makes a request from anywhere in the world. How the group works is that each week the volunteers receive a list of those people/animals/events that have requested healing and we all collectively send positive Reiki healing to everyone on the list, at a time that suits each one of us. Email: for more information. 6



Reiki Celebration Week & Conference Sat 18th September to Friday 25th September

Looking after each other - Love, care and compassion This year’s Conference will be held on Saturday 18th September and we are excited to be joined by an amazing panel including Johannes Reindl, Usui Reiki Lineage Bearer. Following the Saturday Conference we have a week of online events lined up - watch our social media for updates!

Warren Shwartz Shibashi Qigong

Rosemary Pharo Reiki Medic-Care

Anne-Marie Carratu UK Reiki Federation

Gavin Ford UK Reiki Federation

Johannes Reindl Usui Reiki Lineage Bearer

Reiki Shares Online

Twice every month via Zoom Next sessions: Mondays: 6th & 20th September, 4th & 18th October, 1st & 15th November, 6th & 20th December 7pm - 45 minutes of Reiki healing Run by Jo Fellows, Reiki Master Teacher & UKRF Distance Healing Coordinator

A lovely opportunity to join with like-minded people to give and receive Reiki UKRF Members will be sent a link via email




UKRF Member Benefits As the largest professional Reiki organisation in the UK and Europe we are setting the highest standard for Reiki

Members’ benefits include: FREE directory listing on the UKRF website FREE events - online Reiki shares & webinars Access to Area Reps & events organised by them


Frequent updates about industry best practice including Covid-19 guidelines



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UKRF are available in many ways, including through our social media channels. You can interact with us through any of these platforms by using the details below. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch with our members and to continue to support you.

.com/ukreikifederation 8




Boost your Reiki Resea we eing rch Gro up O ortu Autumn tips to help llb you rebppalan cenity to join Reiki Princip TIPS: Protect ing your bu les & Qiki Go siness New moves for youdurng ing lockd to try own DistanceDHe is ncng e Heali Now is taali Great ide n as for new thmet e phod erfsect ti g me

p yoWOR nsider ZINEoUKRF urLDoMAGA 1 wn pr- ac REIKI tic WORL D MAGA e ZIN

We are passionate about supporting you on every step of your Reiki journey




Regular e-magazine Reiki World containing interesting articles and updates You can see more about your membership benefits on our website.


zi n e


Access to website resources and support in our Members Only section & use of UKRF logo Preferential rate for practitioner insurance


E - UK



UKRF Online Events


Amit Sihra, UKRF Lineage Coordinator and Area Representative brings us fascinating insights into many useful topics such as meditation, energy maintenance and managing stress. These monthly webinars are provided free to our members to help you share the experience of learning - here are the next two we have planned. Keep an eye on our social media channels for updates! If you would like to know more about our events, or would like to join our events team, please email Sam on

FREE for our UKRF Members

The event link will be emailed to all members

Awareness in daily life Wednesday 15th September 2021 - 19:00 - 20:00


If you’re able to control where your awareness wanders, you can change the way you feel, focus on what you want to achieve and create the life you want. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how to move your awareness in your day to day life, as well as how to use Reiki to assist you on this journey.

How to stay happy Wednesday 13th October 2021 - 19:00 - 20:00 Learn how to be happy NOW and not remain in the frame of mind ‘I’ll be happy when…..’ This will incorporate the things we learned in previous webinars, and the how to create happy moments for the future by using Reiki.

UKRF Events Team Are you good at organising events? Do you have good IT skills? Do you have some time to help us with our online events? We are looking for a new UKRF member to join our growing events team to help us organise and promote our online events. IT skills are essential and you can hopefully offer about an hour per week. If you are interested or would like to know more, please email Sam Metcalfe: REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF



Nationwide UKRF Area Representatives

The UKRF supports a network of Area Representatives who volunteer to act as the local contact for our members. Our group of Area Reps provide great support to our members out there all over the UK and often run regular Reiki shares allowing more members to meet each other.

Meet our Area Representatives...

Norfolk & Suffolk

Hayley Pearson email:

Yorkshire East Ridings

Lorraine Scarth email:



Pam Morris email:

Archana Somaiya email:

West London & Berkshire Amit Sihra email:


Victoria Palmer email:


Erika Beale UKRF National Coordinator


Brenda Gawne email:

Julie Livesey

South Wales

Cath England email:

County Armagh

Greater Manchester West Ashley Wood email: email:

Chester/Wrexham/ North Wales

Jenny Hindmarsh email:

Fife/Clackmannanshire/ Falkirk & Stirling Nicola Hateley email:



Tyne & Wear


Jill Sudbury email:

Denise Priest email:

Erika Beale email:

South East London

Merseyside East

North Yorkshire


Ayre & Renfrew, Lanark, Glasgow & Dunbart

Marie-Ange Jean Baptiste Julie Shawcross email: email:

Paula O’Connor email:

Sylvia Sneider email:

Fred Warrick email:


Sarah Robinson email:

Mid & South Wales

Lisa Thomas email:


Sujarda Herring email:


Jane Metcalfe email:

“If you are interested in joining a Reiki share; if you have any questions about Reiki treatments or training; or would like to become an Area Rep for your area, please do get in touch by emailing me at”

Erika Beale



Insights into Reiki

As a source of inspiration & support for our soul’s journey by Sue Pready

“Reiki always flows to where it is needed” …and also how and when it is needed in my experience! I consciously started on my spiritual path in 1997 as a result of a major life crisis, through which I found Reiki – or rather, Reiki found me in that it ‘kept coming into my mind repeatedly’ after I’d noticed a poster in the window of the natural health shop near where I worked. It wasn’t long before I decided to book a Reiki treatment so that I could find out more. Little did I know then that Reiki would prove to be such an immense & precious gift in my life – starting with the deeply relaxing and restorative healing treatments I received at that time of great need and then ultimately leading me to change my life completely to work in the healing arts. Within just a few weeks another poster appeared in the very same shop window announcing a forthcoming Reiki 1st Degree course for beginners. At the time it felt to me like such a ‘far out’ thing to even consider but the resonance of the call was strong so I went ahead and signed up – albeit with a metaphorical beady-eyed parrot perched on my left shoulder intoning “the minute this doesn’t feel right, we’re out of here!” Well, that moment never came I’m glad to say and I completed my training to Reiki Master Teacher Level in 2003, at which point I left my longstanding job in human resources to actively begin working ‘for real’ as a self-employed Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. Insights & Inspirations In Reiki 1st Degree, the most energy-transforming awareness that I received was that – if everything


in the Universe is made of energy and also that energy vibrates at different levels of FREQUENCY (from low and slow to high and fast) then it follows that: “Our thoughts are made of energy and we can choose our thoughts …” which in turn led me to create this powerful personal mantra which supported me greatly through turbulent times : “I choose love not fear!” In Reiki 2nd Degree, the ‘eureka message’ for me was that “It’s the thought that counts and we can co-create our reality” … which in turn led me to set an ongoing intent of: “I choose the life of my dreams …” “Reiki gives you the energy to be your true self” As I subsequently continued on my path towards Reiki Mastership, I happened to come across this quotation which I found so beautifully resonant that when the time came in the lead-up to 2003, I named my first website “The Space Within” as a result: “Deep inside you exists a place of infinite beauty and rest, of dancing and joy and playful being, of limitless vision and infinite abundance. This space constitutes our true being. This is the space within you” - Pierre Pradervand As I look back, I see that ultimately, the leap of faith I made in 2003 to leave employment and follow my dream to work in the healing arts has led me … not only to experience a profoundly different inner way of being … but also to find my true passion which turns out to be a love of working with Sound, Voice & Story in a number of different ways.


“Reiki – the Secret Art of Happiness” Seemingly through happenchance in 2007 (although doubtless it was Reiki working its magic again), I began training as a sound healer with The College of Sound Healing and qualified in 2009. The core practitioner training with the College places fundamental emphasis on the use of the voice and this has proved to be profoundly meaningful for me and indeed a life-changing journey in its own right. By discovering and getting to know my true voice and what really makes my heart sing – both literally and metaphorically – I now feel an abiding and ever-deepening sense of coming home to my true and natural self. This is the reason I applied to become a tutor for The College of Sound Healing and have been facilitating their core practitioner training programme since 2012 (in Hertfordshire). (I am now based in Abingdon in Oxfordshire and will be offering the CoSH training here for the first time from September 2021).

Returning to my Reiki journey, I find the many beautiful links, blends and crossovers with my sound healing work a constant source of inspiration and delight such as via the sacred chanting of the Reiki kotodama, offering Reiki treatments in combination with vocal toning, Reiki drumming and the practice of Japanese Haiku. Over the years, during which time my original business name of The Space Within has naturally evolved into The Sound & Story Space, the following three quotations have acted as beacons of resonance for me throughout that journey: “Man’s spiritual development is a long and arduous journey, an adventure through strange lands full of surprises, difficulties and even dangers. It involves a drastic transmutation of the ‘normal’ elements of the personality, an awakening of potentialities hitherto dormant, a raising of consciousness to new realms, and functioning along a new inner dimension.” - Alberto Assagioli, Founder of Psychosynthesis Psychology

“I ask and intend to be connected to my soul essence at all times, even though I don’t know how” - Penney Peirce (Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration) “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive? And then go and do that … because what the world needs is people who have come alive” - Howard Thurman Sue Pready, UKRF Member & Master Teacher



Simple Steps for a better life by Ian Tucker

1. “Live just for today.”

5. “Find the gift.”

Your past is now your story, nothing more. It has gone forever. Regret is a total waste of your time, see that what came to test you as an opportunity to grow, and when you do look back be kind to yourself and focus on cherished memories.

Life isn’t about some kind of flat line clinical existence, we cannot truly appreciate happiness until we have felt sad or know how fortunate we are until we have known lack.

What of the future? Well, 99.9% of anything that you and I have ever worried about has never happened. In fact worrying is like praying for things you don’t want. 2. “Remember all that you have in life.” Anything that truly means something to me in my life very rarely has a monetary value.

Things will come to test you in life. You can either let it define you and hold you back or find the gift and embrace the lesson. 6. “Use the F word.” What is it about forgiveness that frightens us so much?

Begin to see forgiveness as a way of freeing yourself from an emotional tie to a person or In a world that tells us everyday that we need situation. Forgiveness never condones another’s more to be happy, it becomes easy to focus behaviour, it simply confirms that you choose to on what we don’t have, but travel light and are no longer consider this. The simplest “99.9% of anything that going to let it control you. things deliver your deepest you and I have ever needs. 7. “Take care of yourself.” 3.“Practice Kindness.” A sense of concern for others gives our life meaning it is at the root of all human happiness.

worried about has never happened. In fact worrying is like praying for things you don’t want.”

The best way to show that we care is to be kind. Give a random act of kindness to a stranger each day; what may seem like nothing to you could change someone’s life forever. 4.“What goes around…” Give as you wish to live. If you want honesty, be honest, if you want respect, be respectful and if you want love, give love. It all comes back to you and that’s without exception.


Say exactly what you mean. Don’t be a people pleaser. Never put yourself down. It is OK to say yes. It is OK to say no. Nothing drains your energy like not being true to who you are.

8. “Enjoy the silence.” Find time each day to become silent, just ten minutes or so to consciously quieten your mind. Develop a simple practice where you can be alone, close your eyes and gently deepen your breathing. In creating a space between the noise and stress associated with our everyday lives we have an opportunity to remind ourselves that all is well.

REIKI WORLD 9. “Follow your heart.” Studies show that when we look back at our lives (and we will) it’s the things we didn’t do that hang heavy, imagine suddenly realising that you have never truly lived. Ask yourself what is really important and have the courage and willingness to build your life around the answer. 10. “ And so to what really matters in life” As you get older you will begin to understand that it is not important what you look like or what you own. It is all about the person that you’ve become, how you have made others feel and that how at peace you are is your true measure of success in life. Ian Tucker UKRF member, Reiki Master Teacher and wellbeing author For more information visit



Foundational Diploma in Energy Field healing with Kim Quance Starts September 2021 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced form of energy work which can assist the natural healing abilities of the Human Energy Field and physical body. The Foundational Diploma is an in-depth course of 12 days (6 weekend Modules) with practical work at home. The course is designed for people who want to gain a greater understanding of the Human Energy Field, and how dis-ease and lack of well-being can be addressed through Energy Field Healing techniques. Subjects covered in the course include: Self-healing and clearing techniques, Techniques to open, balance and strengthen the Human Energy Field, Developing good, stable grounding, Theory of the 12-Layer Human Subtle Energy System, Fundamentals of visualisation and meditation, Exercises to help develop psychic imagery skills, Clearing of emotional debris and congestion, Clearing mental forms and non-serving patterns, Understanding the natural flows of a balanced Human Energy System, How we connect energetically to each other and all things. No previous experience in energy work is necessary.

For more information, or to book a place, please contact Kim: Tel: 0121 353 5201 Email: UKRF Disclaimer: In-person courses can only go ahead if in line with government guidelines and current UK Law. 16 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF

Keep your business flying


by Kerrie Baker

Using Social Media to promote your business Anyone who runs their own business knows how hard it can be to keep it VISIBLE to everyone and attract new clients. For any successful business, this means having an online presence and that means being active on social media. So what does social media actually mean? Should you post about the weather on Facebook every day to remind people you exist? No. It means using all the major platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn - all free to set up. It also means getting to grips with designing your own graphics...but what should they look like? What can you write about? The answer depends on which platform you posting to. For example a Facebook post should be uncluttered and eyecatching…the idea is to stop the scrolling so people look closer at your post. Facebook notices that. It knows people like your post. If you are posting on LinkedIn it could be more like a blog or article, accompanied by a photo perhaps. It’s worth spending a bit of time planning and posting as consumers are more likely to make contact with businesses that are responsive on social media. There are free tools you can use to create great graphics, without a steep learning curve. Try Canva which has templates and various elements available to drag into your design. Think up some interesting topics to post about and always include a link to your website or an email address so anyone inspired by your post can get in touch easily. Give it a try! Kerrie Baker Editor of Reiki World



What is Reiki... and what being a Reiki practitioner means to me By Meghana Millin

The Oxford dictionary defines Reiki as “A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical wellbeing and emotional well-being” (ReikiFed, 2021). I prefer to say a Reiki practitioner is able to draw upon the universal energy easily, due to the attunement process and practice, rather than use the word “channel”. It is not the Reiki practitioner who “heals” the client. Rather, the clients themselves, who are ready to shift the necessary energy to bring about a new norm or energy evolution in their own lives ,“heal” themselves. This can be expressed as a Reiki practitioner being a conduit, transferring universal energy to the client. (Hicks, 2021) To me, Reiki is more than just the ability to channel energy. It encompasses a holistic, science-based approach where it is important for the Reiki practitioner to have the knowledge and understanding of the human body and its functions, an understanding of the mind and how our thoughts, feeling and emotions affect our body, along with an understanding of the energy centres and their function within the human body. While at this point, we may have limited information to scientifically describe how a Reiki practitioner draws upon the universal energy, the techniques used in a Reiki session have their bases in physics, biology, metaphysics, and developmental psychology. We can explain the energy shifts or transfer of energy from the Reiki practitioner to the client using the laws of physics and thermodynamics. Physics tells us energy is a property of matter which, as per the first law of thermodynamics, cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system without 18 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF

interference from outside sources (Moskowitz, 2021). Our constant interaction with the environment around us generates a certain amount of disorder in our body and mind to keep the energy flowing. Our thoughts, emotions, belief systems, feelings, and people who we come in contact with help keep this energy flowing. When the flow of energy is disturbed, we may begin to see a deterioration in our physical and mental well-being. The energy within the body is either not flowing freely, blocked, or may have excess or depleted reserves. We may feel stuck in our current situation, unable to shift the old habit, belief system, patterns, or the ailments that have come about. With the help of a Reiki practitioner a client is able to either shift or move the stagnated energy.

REIKI WORLD To be able to effectively transfer energy to parts of the physical body, or understand the old habit or belief system, and patterns that are manifested as ailments in the physical body, a Reiki practitioner should have a thorough understanding of the human body and its functions (biology), an understanding of the energy centres through metaphysics, and an understanding of how our thoughts and belief systems influence us in our formative years and beyond, through developmental psychology.

Metaphysics helps with understanding the seven energy centres/chakras within the human body. Our chakra system are centres for receiving, assimilating and transforming the universal life force energy. (Hall, 1999). Each energy centre has its own characteristics for excess and deficit energy flow. If we have sufficient supply of energy in our chakra, we can draw upon the energy from a particular centre to help us navigate life with ease. If there is a deficiency of energy flow, then we may find ourselves procrastinating.

When working with a client, the Reiki practitioner needs to understand the ailments and the organs associated with the ailment and have an understanding of the human body and its functions. The practitioner should understand the function of each organ, gland and bone, and how it supports our day-to-day function.

Knowledge of the energy centres and their corresponding characteristics enables Reiki practitioners to direct Reiki energy to a particular chakra where the flow of energy is in disharmony.

To help the client deal with emotional issues, the Reiki partitioner should have an understanding of how our thoughts, emotions, and feelings can impact our mental health, e.g., persistent negative thoughts and emotions can contribute to depression, anxiety, and stress. Excessive stress can impact on our physical health too, giving rise to high blood pressure and poor heart conditions. The belief systems, the habitual and speech patterns we develop in the formative years (developmental psychology) of our lives help to build the foundation on which our lives are structured. Even our acceptance of certain characteristics in people helps influence the career we choose or the relationships we establish. An understanding of this enables a Reiki practitioner to help clients identify people, places and belief systems that may have contributed toward negative situations and circumstances they are currently facing.

Having knowledge of all these aspects, and being able to interpret the information, is what helps make a good Reiki practitioner. Hence Reiki is more than just channelling universal energy, it is a holistic science in itself. References: Reikifed, 2021, Reiki Healing. [online] UK Reiki Federation. Available at:< https://www.reikifed.> [Accessed 14 February 2021] Hall, M., 1999. Reiki for common ailments. 1st ed. London: Piakus, p.10. Moskowitz, C., 2021. Fact or Fiction?: Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed. [online] Scientific American. Available at: <https://www. destroyed> [Accessed 15 February 2021]. Hicks, A., 2021. Reiki Healing. How Does The Energy Work?. [video] Available at: <https://> [Accessed 7 March 2021].

Meghana Millin Reiki Master and Mindfulness Now Teacher, Owner of Wellness-me a wellness and wellbeing practice based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Website:



CNHC Registrants help transform the nation's health and wellbeing Stand up for standards by joining our Accredited Register FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT CHNC & HOW TO REGISTER WITH US, VISIT:




Our new Website is launched! We are very pleased to have launched our new website! It has taken a lot of work to build the new site but we are very proud and happy with the result. The new site is much faster and easier to use and gives us much more flexibilty going forward which will benefit all our members. It is still a work in progress as we add new things but it is already making our lives easier.

We are very grateful to our IT Coordinator (and Vice Chair) Gavin Ford who has worked very hard to bring us this new site. Membership renewals, new applications and the Members’ Only area have all been improved. Why not take a look and see what you think?



Animal Reiki Practitioner and Course approval update by Sue Malcolm

We have now started to add details of approved Animal Reiki Practitioner members to the ‘Find an Animal Reiki Practitioner’ page of our website www., located via the Reiki near me tab. The application and evaluation process are already proving to be a very constructive exercise too. We know through the enquiries received that good training is dearly sought by many, and details of courses and teachers are regularly requested. I have invested much time recently to push forward the course approval application form with other Reiki Council member organisations and we are close to approving this for testing and final sign off. Animal Reiki Practitioner course approval and both Animal Reiki Master Practitioner and Animal Reiki Master Teacher requirements are hence getting much nearer to being launched.

We are here to grow Animal Reiki professionally and sometimes applications just need a few minor details adding. In other cases, more work or training are required, with helpful suggestions offered. Feedback has been extremely positive and if you wish to gain this extra membership, we’re here to support you. Understanding Animals for Reiki Practitioners training will be publicised on the UKRF website as part of the website relaunch programme and initial 1-day courses have proven to be very helpful. My apologies for those who may have been expecting to see something earlier on the website. If you are interested, please email me at and I will keep you updated.

At the UK Reiki Federation, we are committed to raising standards and ultimately gaining support for Reiki by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, its members and training establishments such as veterinary nurse training colleges.

Example feedback from Animal Reiki Practitioner membership applicants: “I have been following the UKRF for some time with great interest in Animal Reiki being recognised as a profession in its own right, so I was excited to apply for Animal Reiki Practitioner membership. The application tested my knowledge and skills, it felt rather like a revision course that you do before taking an exam but I benefitted through completing it. I am delighted that I have now been approved by the UKRF as an Animal Reiki Practitioner member. I believe the public will have confidence when choosing a practitioner from the UKRF knowing that the skills, knowledge and expertise requirements are based on national training standards for Animal Reiki, with CPD required annually. My membership also enables me to move forward in my Animal Reiki Practice with the confidence knowing that I am meeting professional requirements for my clients, their animals and also myself.” Collette Martin 22 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF

REIKI WORLD “Completing the application form made me feel as though Animal Reiki is being taken seriously as a profession. The work we do to benefit animals, our need to understand animals as well as Reiki, and our essential knowledge of relevant legislation adds to the value and credibility of this recognition. After gaining a certificate as a UKRF Animal Reiki Practitioner member, I shared it publicly on social media and it raised a lot of awareness and interest about Reiki for animals. I was also really chuffed that this seemed to raise the profile of my work offering Reiki to animals.” Debbie O’Hara

Sue Malcolm UKRF Animal Reiki Coordinator


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Telephone: 01684 580771 Web: Email: 24 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF Balens Ltd is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Other Packages Available: » Home Insurance Includes seeing your clients from home

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Unlocking in Lockdown by Clare McKay

Lockdown has been both the best and the worst of times. A time where we collectively as human beings, were thrust into circumstances way beyond our control. A really big spanner chucked into our tidy little worlds. Inadvertently though, this brought us back to the field of our imagination and intuition as we searched for ways to cope with, and work with, these seemly limiting restrictions on our lives. The human spirit is fiercely indestructible and is always on the lookout for expansion and new solutions. As we are beginning to access and reflect on the very wide spectrum of experiences. The phrase that has been very much used to describe this period, in our universal human experience is:

‘We have all faced the same storm, but we have all been in different boats’ No doubt there will be many more stories recorded and heard, as we continue to walk through together. There will be invaluable lessons to carry forward into our lives individually and collectively as we move into life again. From my point of view as a Reiki Practitioner, initially it helped me a great deal in learning to just be with myself, and deal with quiet unharried, unhurried time. As the virus spread and we were unable to give in person treatments of this beautiful healing Reiki energy, I had to open my heart and my mind and stretch old boundaries. Although I practice distance healing with the UK Federation, at the level of my own personal practice, I very much always put distance healing on the back burner for emergencies, because I always had the freedom of hands on practice. As lockdown continued, I began to do some selfexamination and realised this was a perfect opportunity to introduce distant healing to my client base. So it was time for trials. I had several clients who were more than happy to be my guinea pigs. So appointments were arranged with

each one to conduct three reasonably consecutive Distant Healing treatments and the results were inspiring and heartening to say the least. Can I just diverge here to acknowledge a very human trait in us all, our internal friend The Doubting Thomas. The scientific you, the intellectual you, the you of reason. They all have a role to play. It is impossible to have faith if you have never known doubt. So, I would like to share with you some of my experience. In every case it took around ten minutes to fully feel the flow of energy. As is my practice I like to use a photograph of my client. I experienced the whole range of energy vibrations. Heat, pulsating, waves, and in one case absolutely freezing throughout the complete healing. On feedback, I discovered the client was suffering a serious bout of painful fibromyalgia and this made complete sense. Another lady her root Chakra was, so to speak, all over the place, she had recently hurt her back. Another experienced lots of pink and blue light and felt deeply relaxed and later reported a huge emotional release in tears later that evening. I experienced a lot of symbolism during the healings which were very interesting. For instance, the lady with sore back while working on her heart Chakra a large fist appeared with rays of gold and green light emanating. My client reported that she was feeling very overwhelmed. It was beautiful. With another the symbol of an egg timer. In feedback she told me she was running out of time in a particular situation. I think it is safe to say the experience for both myself and my clients was amazing and so instructive. Opening my mind and leaving both myself, and my clients in no doubt of the healing power of Distance Healing Reiki. There are no boundaries and no limitations. I feel humbled and instructed once again by the only true Master, Reiki Life Force Energy itself.

Namaste Clare McKay UKRF Member REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF 25 25


UK Reiki Federation Members’ Resources As part of your UKRF membership you have access to exclusive resources in a special area of our website. Why not log in and have a look? We have more member benefits coming along all the time so check back regularly. This is where we have the member guidelines which we update regularly whenever there is new information.

On your mobile: Click the arrow to access the Members Only area

Would you like to join our network of Area Representatives? The UKRF supports a network of Area Representatives who volunteer to act as the local contact for our members. We have lots of lovely volunteers but still have vacancies for some areas of the UK, including: Kent, Derbyshire and Durham. See pages 10/11. Please do contact our National Coordinator, Erika Beale if you are interested in representing any of these areas by emailing Erika at

Research Survey As part of our continued committment to our members the Research Committee of the UKRF are currently undertaking some initial research on the members of the Federation to help us understand what brought you to Reiki, what training has been undertaken, and what impact Reiki has had on your lives. This research will provide official documentation into the Reiki community to validate experiences beyond anecdotal reports and provide factual evidence and recorded experience regarding Reiki to a wider audience in terms of public, scientific, academic, and governmental engagement. The questionnaire is in 3 sections (in the order below) and consists mainly of dropdown choices: Section 1 - Your Reiki journey/what brought you to Reiki Section 2 – Reiki Teaching and learning Section 3 – Effects and Impact of Reiki on you We would appreciate your engagement in survey and it is likely to take between 15 and 30 minutes of your time. For those reading this as an e-magazine, click the link: eid=3c6b81f476 26 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF


Reiki Nature - A meditation by Lynn Raeside

Imagine you are standing in a circular open space in a forest. The forest trees surround this space and there are clumps of flowers dotted around, all shapes, colours, sizes and the smell is amazing. There are butterflies, bees and other insects feeding from these flowers, they are very content in this space and won’t bother you. In the middle of this space is a chair made from branches, leaves, grass, straw, all nature’s products and it looks very inviting. Walk across to this natural chair and as you do you can really feel the energy from the trees and plants around you. I would like you to sit down on this chair. It feels very comfortable and you feel very relaxed and very safe as you sit there. You can really feel the healing energy of nature that is circulating around you and through you. You can see the sun shining high in the sky and feel its healing rays warming and relaxing your body. The elementals are also around you from fairies, gnomes, pixies and many more. They are nature’s helpers and are also here to help you and you can feel their healing energy. Now place your hands in Gassho and connect with the Reiki energy. Focus on nature and have the intention to send Reiki to it and to heal it. Place your hands palms up in your lap and really focus on nature. As you focus you may see, feel or just sense your Reiki energy flowing out of every part of your body.

As you focus sending out Reiki, really get a sense of that energy flowing out of every part of your body and out into nature. Feel that Reiki energy expanding and going to the trees, the plants, the insects, the animals, all creatures and the elementals. Now feel that Reiki energy going further and further, not just through the forest but also beyond, you are sending Reiki to all of nature. Sending it wide and far to lakes, ponds the fish and creatures that live in the lakes and ponds. Sending that Reiki even further so that it is going around the world to help nature in all countries. Just notice how it feels sending this Reiki healing to nature and whether you connect with anything in particular, an animal, a tree, a plant or even a place. Do you feel you need to give one specific part of nature more Reiki? Once you feel completion, place your hands back in Gassho and give thanks for that Reiki energy and for being able to help nature. Lynn Raeside UKRF Member



Harmonising Your Chakra System with Qikitude by Ruthie Moriarty and Alan Sanson

Much of the focus on chakras tends to be on the standard 7 point chakra system, covering our vital organs, yet it is said that there are 114 chakras in and around the human body and, as we know, harmonised chakras are essential for energy healing. This article focuses on the wider chakra system. We offer some ideas for harmonising the whole, with QiKitude - i.e. with movement and a lightheartedness. The Earth Star Chakra, some 20 centimetres into the ground, locks our energies into a harmonious relationship with our wonderful Earth, anchoring our body and aura into the time/space dimension of our planet, universe, and all within. The principal Foot Chakras are located in the soles of our feet and, when we stand or sit, are the first energy points that make contact with our beautiful planet, which means they are deeply grounding, stabilizing and supportive - honouring the natural rhythms of our Earth. Yet we can so easily go out of harmony, which affects our whole energy system.

1 Qiki Marionettes

This is a wonderful postural awareness movement for reharmonising. Take small, on the spot steps, settle into each foot before lifting the other, being aware of where your weight is at all times. Raise and lower your hand to mimic the movement of your leg. Then use opposite hand, opposite leg. When you first try you may wobble but as you stop trying, you sink into equilibrium, making minor adjustments, almost without thinking; as you align to your harmony point within. You can do this seated, aiming to lift your leg without tilting your body to one side. 28 REIKI WORLD MAGAZINE - UKRF

All energy is in constant motion. It can be in-sync, which creates harmony and wellbeing. Equally, it can be out-of-sync creating dis-ease. Now here’s the thing - energy doesn’t know (or care) which it is at any one time, it is just vibrations. We get to choose how we would like our energies to be through Positive Intention. Positive feeling/emotion/reaction/interaction (intention) is active. We free our mind, body, soul, spirit; we allow energy to flow; we release tension; we allow spontaneous happiness – In-Joy; we script the play of each second; we unblock our energy channels. Remind yourself that harmony is the posture of your mind, body, soul, spirit and all your chakras – together.

How to Reharmonise Your Beautiful Chakras with Qikitude With QiKi Gong our full intention starts at Earth Star, visualising the Earth’s energy rising through us, reharmonising our whole chakra system. Have a play with these three ideas and find our movie link here….

2 Soothing your Qiki


Give yourself a moment to settle, to feel your connection into the ground and through you. Such settle-seconds are magical when you build them into your daily life. If you stretch your body or mind too far you feel dis-harmony. Instead, ebb and flow throughout. Extend your hands outwards, palm down soothing the QiKi. Draw the energy back to your centre-line and gently up through your chakras with positive intention. Feel the powerful energy in your hands as you bring them to gassho. Settle as you bring your hands down, focusing on harmonising every chakra. To extend the move, as you put weight on to one foot place the other gently behind (like a curtsy) giving extra focus. Replace your foot gently and smoothly as you settle to finish.

3 Harnessing your Qiki Power

We love this move where focus is on the rhythmic flow of gathering in Earth and Sky energies by scooping outwards and upwards, then bringing your hand down your central chakra line. Envisage the harmony between you and all living things as you harmonise the whole. Then repeat with the other arm. The move becomes increasingly hypnotic as you focus on the timing and harmony of both arm movements working together.

The longer you play with this slow windmill, the more you melt into pure ‘in-joyment’ and calm. Then, cup one hand over the other and come up from Earth Star to your 8th chakra and beyond with total positive intention on the spin of each chakra. Then in gassho down to Earth Star, again with total focus on each chakra and their inter-connection.

Don’t forget to do all this with a smile, inside and out. When you finish, shake your energies gently to the Earth and give a small bow of QiKitude.


Ruthie Moriarty - Reiki Master Teacher, UKRF Member, and Happy Harmoniser ☺ Alan Sanson – QiKi Gong Facilitator, and Harmoniser with QiKitude ☺ Both with over 20 years’ experience in their fields



Choosing your own Reiki adventure by Alistair Elliott

As we moved into a yoga pose, a yoga teacher recently said ‘Choose your own adventure’. I thought that was good advice for life generally, and also reminds us that we can choose how to incorporate Reiki into our lives and choose our own Reiki adventure. I wanted to share some of the ways I have brought Reiki into my daily life so that Reiki becomes a state of mind and not something divorced from day-to-day activities.

Practise, practise, practise When the golfer Gary Player was asked how he was so lucky, he commented “The more I practise, the luckier I get.” The more we practise Reiki, the more we deepen our connection to Reiki and it permeates all areas of our lives. We can practise Reiki in different ways: Self-treatments connecting with Reiki on a daily basis nourishes our mind, body and spirit and is the foundation to a life of Reiki. Reiki Shares - One of the good things to come out of the past year has been the emergence of on-line Reiki shares. Jo Fellows leads 2 shares a month on behalf of the UKRF. Sarah Robinson, my UKRF local rep in Sussex offers a monthly share. Two of my Reiki teachers offer monthly shares. Johannes Reindl, lineage bearer for Usui Shiki Ryoho, offers a weekly share. Reiki treatments - The garden designer Dan Pearson recently said “there’s this wonderful Japanese word shun, which is when something is full of its life force. In that peak, when the meadows are flourishing, everything is reaching for the solstice, and you can feel the energy pouring from it. It’s quite overwhelming – you’re aware of this special time slipping through your fingers and you can’t take it all in because it’s so alive.” This describes how I feel sometimes after a Reiki treatment. Whilst we have been restricted in doing hands-on treatments for much of the past year, distant treatments are always available.


Reiki principles The 5 principles are a great guide for dealing with any situation that comes up in daily life. I got very stressed with how my Internet service provider dealt with a complaint of mine. In the intensity of that emotion it was hard to say ‘do not anger, do not worry, be grateful’ when I felt angry, stressed and anything but grateful towards the company. My anger was a good reminder to me that I have work to do, but I think my Reiki practice helped me recover my equilibrium more quickly than I would have done otherwise.

Reiki meditation At the moment my daily meditation is based on one that Jo Fellows has used at the UKRF shares. On the in-breath, I imagine my heart going bright red and expanding as it is filled with Reiki. On the out-breath initially I imagine sending that Reiki to fill every cell in my body. I then progress to sending that Reiki out into the world. In my mind, I see myself as a little sun beaming Reiki throughout the universe. I also recite the Reiki principles in my head as part of the meditation.

Passwords Every day I am asked multiple times for my username and password to access websites. I have made some of my usernames and passwords into powerful affirmations with a link to Reiki. An affirmation has 3 qualities: it is Personal, Positive and Present tense. For example Iamreiki100! (not an actual password of mine!) By incorporating Reiki, for example using elements from the mantras, symbols and principles, into my username and passwords every time I log into a website, I get a little connection to Reiki like a pleasantly mild electric shock.


Connect-to-Reiki button Every day I get an email from ‘The Universe’, which is sent by Mike Dooley. Recently he said ‘It’s as if everyone has a built-in, happiness-now button, Alistair, which can instantly change how they feel, no matter what’s going on in their lives…..But for many, most of the time, they prefer not to push it…..Go on, push it real good’ You can press it in your mind or actually have a place on your body that you press and imagine a wave of happiness flooding you. For me, this is a button for connecting to Reiki. I press it and imagine myself being filled with the bright white light of Reiki.

Come home My qi gong teacher recently introduced us to an exercise called ‘Coming home’. It’s very simple yet very powerful and can stimulate deep emotions. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, eyes closed, put your hands over your heart, breathe a few deep abdominal breaths to get still, put your arms down at your sides and slightly away from your body, palms facing forward, in a welcoming gesture. Call, either in your mind or out loud, your name a few times. I feel myself being called home to Reiki, called home to love. Back from the mundane and the trivial that I get preoccupied with, back to what matters.

Enjoy your own Reiki adventure wherever it takes you. Alistair Elliott UKRF Member



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Summer 2021

brought a more positive energy than last summer for sure - we have had lots of fascinating messages and articles from our members telling us about how they’ve been keeping themselves focussed and energised throughout the last 18 months or so. You really are an amazing bunch! Thank you to all those members who have submitted articles. We are proud to include a wide range of subjects from stories of recovery from our members to scientific articles relating to Reiki and associated practices. We hope you enjoy them all. Please send your interesting articles and stories to us at together with your membership number, by email in a Word document. Articles always look better with accompanying pictures, so please include photographs and artwork as separate attachments to go with your articles if possible, and please ensure that you have permission to publish any photograph from everyone in it. All images must be high resolution (300+ REIKI WORL dpi), and suitable for printing. All our members receive an e-magazine. D SETT

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Reiki Principles The UK Reiki Federation prides itself on working to these principles and values.

The Reiki Principles To bring the spiritual depth into everyday life, Mikao Usui, the founder of the system of Reiki, created a set of five principles (or precepts). They can be found on his memorial stone in the grounds of the Saihoji Temple in Tokyo. He called them...

‘The secret method of inviting good fortune. The marvellous medicine for all sickness.’ Just for today: Do not anger Do not worry Be grateful Work with diligence Be kind to others Every morning and every night sit in Gassho (palms placed together) and speak these words out loud in your heart - Mikao Usui

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