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LELO's most selling sex toy

Clitoral suckers have been a true revolution in women's pleasure, but how do these sex toys really influence female sexual response?

SONA 2 Cruise is the study star and the best-selling erotic toy by LELO in Spain. This Sonic Clitorial Massager features a wide range of sonic intensity levels and 12 vibration patterns to complete satisfaction user tastes, depending on what they prefer on each moment.

With the aim of delving into the effects of the sucker at a more scientific level, LELO, the renowned Swedish brand of luxury sex toys, has just announced the results of the first study carried out in Spain on the objective and subjective effects of the clitoris sucker on female sexual response.

Its wide mouthpiece and ergonomic design make it easy to use and adapt perfectly to all types of bodies. It's waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, and delivers up to 200 orgasms per charge. Its price: 139 EUR.

The study, carried out by the Sexological Studies Unit of the CERNEP Research Center of the University of Almería, was carried out on 101 women between 18 and 70 years old, at the Tufet Clinic in Barcelona. Participants used the SONA 2 Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager between July and September 2020, filling out various validated questionnaires and scales before and after two months of use and undergoing various clinical tests. All this under a rigorous scientific methodology accepted worldwide for the publication of results that includes high-resolution Doppler ultrasound and measurement scales such as the NSSS-S or the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI).

More orgasms as a couple and greater sexual satisfaction Thus, one of the main findings was the statistically significant increase in the percentage of women who reach orgasm as a couple, with a probability of error less than 0.001. “Specifically, 38% of the participating women claimed to always achieve orgasm as a couple in the initial phase of the study. However, that figure increased to 50% in the post-use phase of SONA 2 Cruise. This represents a P value = .01, which indicates a statistically significant increase”, explains Dr. Maite Fernández, gynecologist and sexologist at Tufet Clinic and one of the main researchers of the study. In addition, she emphasizes that these results correspond only to the use of

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“SONA 2 Cruise is our bestseller in Spain. Now, with this study, in LELO we managed to debunk certain myths and scientifically demonstrate the benefits that the use of this clitoris massager can bring to the pleasure of Spanish women" Ana Gutiérrez, Business Development Manager at LELO in Spain.

"Although the sample of women in this vital stage, menopause, was small, these results open the door to future research in which we delve into the positive impact that the use of SONA 2 Cruise could have in this specific stage of the life of women" Dr. Maite Fernández, gynecologist and sexologist at Tufet Clinic

SONA 2 Cruise, the data cannot be extrapolated to other similar devices. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that women exposed to the use of SONA 2 Cruise enjoyed a significant increase in the intensity of their orgasms. Specifically, an average of 6.85 in the initial phase, compared to 7.34 in the post-use phase. In addition, a significant increase in sexual satisfaction was observed, both individually and as a couple. After two months of frequent use of SONA 2 Cruise, desire, arousal and the total score on the sexual function scale, as measured by the FSFI scale (Female Sexual Function Index) also increased statistically significantly. From LELO they assure that these data help to make it clear that suckers and sex toys overall - do not replace sexual partners, but are tools that can help reinforce rapprochement, trust, communication and erotic dynamics in couple.

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"These sex toys can be the perfect partner to improve intimate intercourse and strengthen relationships. It is shown that using it 2-3 times a week does not make it difficult to reach orgasm, as many say, but, in fact, increases the frequency of orgasms and their intensity " Valérie Tasso, sexologist and LELO ambassador

“This study has been very useful to learn more about the benefits of the SONA 2 Cruise Sonic Clitoral Massager in female pleasure. The results not only are revealing, but also open the debate on how much we really know about the clitoris and the need to study it more deeply and exhaustive " Adriana Di Ippolito, Marketing and Communications Manager at LELO in Spain

Possible benefits during menopause In the study carried out by the Sexological Studies Unit of the CERNEP Research Center of the University of Almería, it was observed that the 15 women in the menopausal phase who participated also experience various benefits. Among them, an improvement in subjective excitation, lubrication and the total value of the FSFI. The results also showed an increasing trend in the percentage of women who reached orgasm with her couple, as well as significant differences in the diameter of the clitoral artery and the volume of blood flow in the clitoris. These changes could be related to the increase in excitation and lubrication noted after two months of use using the FSFI scale.


SLOW SEX erotic cosmetic line was created with the aim of eliminating social pressure so that all sexual encounters must end with penetration and orgasm. Oral sex, masturbation, erotic massages and even the care of our intimate areas are the sexual practices by which Bijoux Indiscrets bets to erase the “previous” meaning of the word “foreplay”. SLOW SEX has been designed and formulated to make the most of all our sexual relations, emphasizing all that we like to do during sex: lick, touch, play, intensify… Massage gels, lubricants, intensifiers, moisturizing oils and other original formulas are the bet of the brand so that our legs shake with pleasure in different sexual practices. All the exclusive formulas that make up SLOW SEX are vegan, free of animal cruelty, without sugars, without parabens, without gluten or artificial colors and subtly scented with a delicious coconut aroma. Bijoux Indiscrets has taken care of every detail of this line, with special emphasis on the materials available to professionals. The brand is not only launching a new line of erotic cosmetics but it offers all its clients, whether physical stores or online, all the materials necessary to know, promote and market SLOW SEX.






Shimmer intimate oil: Specially designed for skin and hair, contains coconut oil and mica which hydrate and highlight the sexiest areas of your body: glutes, underarms and pubic area.

Anal Play: This water-based gel contains a combination of soothing and hydrating ingredients that not only reduce friction but prepare the area for play.

Clitoral Balm: A warming-effect balm exclusively designed for the clit that will take you to climax! Contains ginseng and arginine which heighten sensitivity and sensations.

Full Body Massage: A silicone gel that leaves skin silky smooth, perfect for body-on-body fun. Use your chest or glutes to glide over your partner. It is 100% compatible with genitals.

Mouthwatering spray: This Mouthwatering Spray has a citrus flavour that will get your mouth wet, wet, wet when applied to your tongue.

Intimate Solid Perfume: Coconut-scented perfume stick, solid, long-lasting and alcohol-free. Its coconut oil base hydrates and nourishes the intimate area, respecting the natural pH of the vulva and penis.

Finger Play: This sweet, water-based gel allows you to manually stimulate erogenous zones such as the vulva or penis friction-free, in order to heighten arousal (erection or natural lubrication).

Nipple Play: This cooling effect gel comes with a metallic roll-on applicator that heightens the fun. It was formulated and designed to ensure that nipple play is more than an added extra in your sexual encounters.

Warming Massage oil: A classic with an exotic aroma, sweet flavour and tantalising texture that invites caresses, licks and kisses...from head to toe.

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Oral Sex Balm: Oral pleasure! A balm with a gentle cooling effect that helps your lips to glide over your partner's penis, reducing friction during oral sex for fantastically fluid fellatio. - - Pol. Ind. Los Palillos c/Uno, 3 - 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla-Spain) - Tel. +34 955 630 377

ELECTRASTIM CELEBRATE THEIR 20TH ANNIVERSARY! Starting life in 2001 at the hands of Andy Smith, Cyrex Ltd and the flagship brand ElectraStim was created to bring a new sense of creativity to the electro-sex category based on Andy’s experience working as an electronics design engineer for medical e-stim companies.

ElectraStim welcomes Dreamlove as a brand new Distribution Partner Despite the rocky year that 2020 was, the adult industry has boomed and ElectraStim are proud to announce Dreamlove as their latest distribution partner. Based in Andalucia, Spain- Dreamlove boast over 20,000 premium sex toys in their range and now offer ElectraStim as a premium toy line. “We’re delighted to start working with Dreamlove” said Claire at ElectraStim. “Dreamlove and their team are a perfect fit for us at ElectraStim as we share a lot of the same values like their passion to put consumers first. Spain is also a European territory that we’ve wanted to grow into for a long time so this partnership has come at a fantastic time for us all. The adult industry has not only survived, it’s thrived for many of us despite 2020 so we’re really excited to keep that momentum going.”

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Andy’s role in managing clinical trials of these devices resulted in some unexpected feedback that test subjects were getting turned on by the electro sensations! From there, he was inspired to start a ‘for pleasure’ electro-stimulation brand and ElectraStim was born. The last two decades have seen ElectraStim grow from a burgeoning name in a niche category, to one of the world’s leading electro sex manufacturers; taking home numerous product design and ‘Best Of’ awards in the process. The small, specialist team based in Hertfordshire, UK handle almost all functions of the business from design to production to shipping; favouring an ‘in house’ approach to most aspects of life at ElectraStim. “Personally I attribute this to a lot of ElectraStim’s success.” said Claire Blakeborough, Marketing Manager for Cyrex “You could say we’re all control freaks but the truth is that no one knows our products and processes better than we do, so the holistic approach just works for us. It also gives us the flexibility to develop new products to our own timeline which is an enormous bonus. We all chip in with whatever needs doing and it’s worked out well so far!” Taking huge pride in their ability to introduce something completely new to the industry, ElectraStim have become known for their innovation with products, most recently with the AXIS Stimulator and its multiple input sensors and accessibility options. With rave reviews from bloggers and industry names alike, AXIS broke new ground on what is possible from a consumer e-stim device.

ElectraStim’s owner and chief designer Andy Smith: “It doesn’t seem that long ago that I gave a up a good career working for the same medical electronics company I'd been with for some 17 years. Looking back, it was a bold and almost naïve decision which could so easily have blown up in my face but as it happens it was the most life changing decision I have ever made, in a very positive way. Harmony Oxford Street was my very first wholesale account and as such we owe a lot to Jamie for taking a punt on a new start-up and gave us the confidence boost and belief to keep on going. Some of our longest standing customers will remember the ElectraStim EM32 stimulator which took the market by storm and allowed us to grow and develop the business. The brand has developed ten-fold over the past 20 years but the values are still the same - high quality products backed by high quality service.” Never content to rest on their laurels, the ElectraStim team are yet again developing and honing their products and in the process of creating something new. In fact, to celebrate twenty successful years in business, ElectraStim will be releasing a very special anniversary edition of two bestselling products to be announced very soon. Plus, during the first half of 2021 a brand new addition to their stimulator offering- this time specifically geared towards beginner players- will be unveiled, as well as a top-secret collaboration with one of the industry’s biggest names later this year. To all ElectraStim stockists, distributors and supporters the entire team at Cyrex would like to thank you for your trust, friendship and feedback over the last two decades. Here’s to another 20!

Anniversary Edition Camouflage Prestige ElectraLoops come to ElectraStim for a Limited Time Consistently one of the most popular products in the ElectraStim range; the conductive rubber Prestige ElectraLoops have had a makeover for ElectraStim’s 20th anniversary.

Prestige ElectraLoops Camouflage are available for a limited time only so place your order soon to avoid disappointment! All orders should be sent to or placed via distributors.

Utilising hydro-dipping technology (the team at ElectraStim have been dying to experiment!), the solid aluminium adjustment choke on each loop now sports a seamless forest camouflage design that adds a fun novelty factor and a pop of eye-catching colour. Due to the nature of the hydro-graphic process each set of loops are totally unique; showing off a different part of the camo pattern each time. In use, the Camo Prestige ElectraLoops work in exactly the same way as the classic ElectraLoops with a unipolar connection and 6.5mm thick conductive rubber that delivers strong yet smooth and controllable sensation. Adjustable up to 60 mm/2.35 inches in diameter. 2 mm pins- compatible with all ElectraStim stimulators (sold separately) This anniversary edition of the Prestige ElectraLoops will be available while stocks last alongside the classic Red, Silver and Gold original designs. ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops can be worn in a variety of different ways. Two of the most popular configurations are shown below; both loops worn on the shaft or one on the shaft and one around the scrotum.

Playlove by Dreamlove - 45 - - Pol. Ind. Los Palillos c/Seis, 25, 27, 29 - 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla-Spain) - Tel. +34 955 630 377 - - Pol. Ind. Los Palillos c/Seis, 25, 27, 29 - 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla-Spain) - Tel. +34 955 630 377 - - Pol. Ind. Los Palillos c/Seis, 25, 27, 29 - 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla-Spain) - Tel. +34 955 630 377 - - Pol. Ind. Los Palillos c/Seis, 25, 27, 29 - 41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla-Spain) - Tel. +34 955 630 377


If you think that having a smart sex watch is not necessary because one already works with a normal remote control, you are very wrong!

Watchme is a sex smart watch that will help you control the top sex toys, synchronizing with them using Watchme technology to control vibrations and sex toy functions. With Watchme you can activate and deactivate the vibration and modify the patterns and intensities of each vibration mode. When we have sex, we are focused on giving and receiving pleasure. When using remote control toys we can sometimes lose sight of the remote. With Watchme this will not happen and you can focus solely on giving or receiving pleasure. It is made of soft and very comfortable silicone and is designed to be the future of remote controls. Watchme is very discreet and goes completely unnoticed and is the only watch on the market that allows you to vary the intensities in each vibration mode, offering an endless number of vibration modes from soft to strong. Each watch is available in 4 colors, selected from a survey of couples of different ages and sexual orientation. Do you practice any sport? Use the color white. Do you go to an elegant dinner? Use the color black. Are you going to buy casual? Use the color green or pink. Each color fits for a different occasion or mood. The use of Watchme is an invitation to sex and complicity. Sex with your partner can always get better, and for this reason we recommend that you try games and fantasies

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using Watchme that will help you increase your passion. In a recent survey of couples of different ages and sexual orientation, complicity and play triggered sexual fantasies and morbidities. Fantasies are just fantasies and why not use the Watchme remote while you see how your partner enjoys? You just have to let your imagination fly. All the technology of the Watchme products is a Dreamlove exclusive, and will be available from January 2021. The watches can be purchased separately. The distribution price is EUR 9.95 and RRP of EUR 19.95 Dreamlove is developing a wide range of sex toys that are fully compatible with Watchme technology, a safe bet for your business.


BDSM is a lifestyle that invites you to explore intense sensations that border on pleasure, excitement and pain.

Imagine that you are in the examination room of a laboratory in front of a screen that plays a pornographic film. Your body is wired: electrodes on your chest and fingertips monitor your heart rate and skin conductivity; your genitals are connected to a sensor that measures sexual arousal. Also, a thin wire coming out of your arm leads directly to an electrical stimulator. Three small lights light up on the television screen, showing signals randomly: the first announces a high probability of receiving an electric shock; the second, too, but with the difference that only if your sexual arousal does not exceed a certain value, and the last light signal has no consequences.

Despite the success of erotic novels like “Fifty Shades of Gray”, couples who openly live out their sadomasochistic fantasies continue to be frowned upon, do they differ from other people with more common erotic tastes? Sadomasochism is defined today by the term BDSM, an acronym for “Bondage [“ play with ropes “] and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.” This form of sexual relationship includes various consensual practices between the couple, which are related to power, games of submission and pain for pleasure. Most fans of BDSM sexual practice stand out for their tendency to search for sensations. These are people who tend to be more responsible, outgoing, open to new experiences, but less neurotic, according to studies. For a long time, psychologists have considered sadomasochism a psychological disorder. Even today, the international ICD-10 diagnostic system includes it under the category of “paraphilia”. The DSM-5 manual qualifies BDSM as a paraphilia, but only considers it a disorder if it causes harm to oneself or to others.

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What seems like a bizarre erotic tale is the description of a psychological experiment carried out in 1983 by sexology researcher David Barlow of the State University of New York at Albany. Together with his collaborators, he explored how 12 male subjects reacted to fear conditioning. The anticipation of painful stimuli did not seem to interfere with sexual arousal, on the contrary, at the signal of the first and second light the volume of the penis of these subjects briefly increased, to the great surprise of the participants themselves, who had predicted opposite effect. This result was in direct opposition to the prevailing view of the time: fear was expected to cause the loss of sexual desire. It should be noted that Barlow has a dubious position within sexuality research (among his scientific interests was the “treatment” of homosexuals). Yet his study shows that not only positive feelings (such as joy or security) can be associated with sexual arousal, but also fear and tension are capable of acting as stimulants in the right context. In recent years, BDSM has gained popularity. However, BDSM is one of the oldest sexual practices in the history of mankind. Currently there are groups, master classes and guides for beginners. Find out what you need to know about it if you are curious about BDSM.

Currently there are data that evidenced the presence of BDSM, at least bondage and domination from the beginning of Mesopotamia (4,000 - 3,100 BC). Data were found confirming celebrations with domination practices, cross-dressing, altered states of consciousness and many activities that combined ecstasy and pain. Eventually, in Greece and Rome there were multiple examples of flagellation rituals during the 9th century BC. in religious areas like Sparta. The Tomb of the Lashes was even found in what was Etruscan from the 5th century BC, where there were images of two men whipping a woman in a sexual practice. Thus, there is much more information about bondage, domination and other practices that mix pleasure and pain in this ancient time. Even in the Middle Ages, there were practices that today we would call sadomasochism. However, it took a few centuries for the distinguished Marquis de Sade at the time of the French Enlightenment. The writings and books of the Marquis de Sade are distinguished by describing in detail the sadistic sexual practices of the wealthy characters of his generation. Hence the term “sadism” was born in honor of the most noble writer. While the term “masochism” came up with the book Venus in Furs (1870) by the Austrian Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and his second wife Fanny Pistor. These three characters became famous for their “libertine sexuality”, baptizing the practices of sadism and masochism as part of eroticism, pleasure and sexuality.

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Currently, BDSM has three main trends (Bienvenu, 1928, 1934 and 1950): European fetishism; American fetishism and gay leather or homosexual skin. These trends differ in the types of adult clothing, materials, and toys that their participants typically wear. However, with the birth of the Internet, BDSM trends became unified, and bondage, submission, soft-bondage, and other practices were added to the rich variety of sexuality. There are different “levels” to leading a BDSM lifestyle. You can start by investigating what sensations you want to experience and share in your next BDSM sessions. Discover more in our catalog of erotic toys specialized in BDSM. From this editorial that we explain you about BDSM, at Dreamlove we have launched the Fetish Submissive Origin & Dark Room product line, a collection of accessories for fetish made of vegan leather, nickel-free metals and resistant to hard play. The new line of accessories is engraved with the name Fetish Submissive on each accessory. Handcuffs, masks, gags, whips, shovels and much more, will be the perfect complement in the exciting adventure of playing BDSM.


Who uses penis extensions?

With Viril XL you will get greater thickness, length and resistance with a unique technology for the extension of the penis through exclusive materials. Contrary to what some people tend to think, penis extenders are not just for those who are insecure about their penis size. This type of product can actually be used in many different ways. They actually serve to enhance the sexual experience with the partner. The size of your penis does not matter. The penis extension is a type of product that is placed on the upper part of the penis in order to lengthen its length, its diameter, or both, during sexual intercourse. Penis extenders or penis sleeves are in this category. Each option has a slightly different use. All are intended to add girth, length, and in some cases texture as well. For Viril XL, a unique technology has been developed for penis extension through exclusive materials. Penis extenders add more diameters to the penis when worn on the shaft. Also in Viril XL there are several models available that will add additional texture. Models with bumps can be found along the shaft that adds additional

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stimulation to the receptor during intercourse. The G-spot can also be more accessible with this type of toy. Always use a large amount of lubricant with any textured extender to make the experience even more enjoyable. In most cases, penis extenders are a natural desensitizer. Because they are worn over the penis and are much thicker than a condom, they will reduce the sensitivity of the user and allow the user to go much longer without reaching orgasm. This is perfect for those experiencing premature ejaculation or for people who just want to last longer or make sure their partner orgasms first. Viril XL is a great way to temporarily extend penis size. You can add diameter and you can also add a lot of length. With Viril XL you can bring your penis size fantasies to reality or address any concerns you may have about it. It is the perfect temporary solution. The models in the Viril XL collection are made with extra flexible silicone that adapts quickly to body temperature, is water resistant and totally safe for the body.



Then you have to meet Cock Miller, the new realistic dildo that adapts to the shape you want, allowing total ergonomics and quickly adapting to body temperature.

Do you want to have a realistic silicone dildo, articulated and with a dense silicone inner body? The Cock Miller collection offers a range of dildos with a super-soft silicone skin of the highest quality, with double density and filled with dense Cocksil™ silicone that also includes a resistant central body that allows its articulation, to achieve an effect, texture and extremely realistic touch and an experience of incomparable pleasure. The revolutionary patented formula of the Cocksil™ material, used to fill all the products, allows a better flexibility and density of the dildo, giving it a magnificent elasticity and manageability. Cock Miller offers the best quality silicone on the market: Platinium does not contain

phthalates or latex, it is hypoallergenic and non-porous, which makes it much more durable and easy to clean. Firmness, realism and pleasure are the best words to define the new Cock Miller brand, a top quality product at an affordable price with a perfect combination of quality, price and... pleasure! Its distribution price is from € 9.89 with a recommended retail price of up to € 49.95

Material and care The Cocksil™ material (Silicone dual density and dense silicone), which does not harm the skin, is not porous and therefore is very hygienic. The soft and flexible texture ensures that the silicone is pleasant to the touch and easy to glide on and also quickly absorbs and stores body heat. For use with lubricants, we recommend a Waterfeel waterbased lubricant, which is also very soft and ensures that the texture is maintained for a long time. After its use, it must be cleaned with Waterfeel Toy Cleaner or with neutral pH soap and warm water to achieve a perfect cleaning.

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COSMETICS COQUETTE Vegan lubes to enjoy

Lubricants are a very common sexual accessory but are usually only used to improve vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse. Using the right lubricant and doing it right can completely change our sex lives by reducing friction, increasing sensitivity, and experiencing new emotions. In fact, there are many people who claim that sex with a lubricant is much more pleasant than without it. There are several types of over-the-counter lubricants, in erotic stores, pharmacies or par pharmacies, which we can classify into four groups: • Water-based. They are the most used and economical. They do not stain and are kissable without risk. They are good if only the condom is used, since it does not break. • Oil based. They include vegetable and nut oils, usually sold in supermarkets. They can be ingested without risk, but some can stain the sheets and are not recommended. They should not be used with a condom under any circumstances because they can break them. • Based on silicones. They are silky to the touch and last longer. They do not stain and can be used with latex condoms. Yes; they are not good to consume or to use with silicone condoms, as they will break. • Petroleum based. They are petroleum jelly or baby oil, and obviously they are not good to use in intimate areas,

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especially in the vagina, since there is a risk of infection. In addition, these lubricants dissolve latex, so they are not suitable for condoms.

Why choose Coquette lubricants? The use of Coquette lubricants is fully recommended in sexual intercourse and perfect for use with sextoys. They are 100% water-based and also contain Aloe Vera to increase vaginal and anal hydration. They are lubricants 100% free of sugars, gluten and parabenos and their packaging has the “Airless” system. Another of the main reasons to buy a Coquette lubricant is the formula of its flavors, and that they are made with totally natural components and suitable for vegans. They are available in five flavors: Space Sativa (marijuana heat effect muffin), Candylicious (candy and donut shake), Coockiefrutti (cookie and tropical fruit shake), Chocobrownie (chocolate and sponge shake) and Womansensitive (neutral, sweet). In the Coquette range you can also find the new SENSE PULSE GEL products, with vibration effect. You just have to apply them to the skin, like any other conventional lubricant or erotic massage gel, but their effects are surprising. When this liquid of pleasure contacts the skin, you will feel its vibration waves running through your nakedness and awakening your skin to make it more sensitive to erotic pleasure.

THE TRADITION OF PLEASURE For lovers of taboos, Rithual is born, a line of innovative sex toys that serve both for self-stimulation and masturbation and to intensify pleasure with the partner.

Rithual is an innovative range of products made of slippery hypoallergenic silicone with a very pleasant silky touch in Rithual color. They are waterproof, USB rechargeable and can be controlled with a remote control. What can you get with Rithual? Find out what you like, where you like it and in what way. Get to know yourself better and discover new erogenous zones and enjoy them. Explore the full range of sex toys in the collection. Break playing and trying new sensations. Complement your sex life. Free yourself from the stress accumulated during the day. Activate your sex life and enjoy relationships with your partner.

• Kama Double stimulation with two motors that bring the penis, clitoris and vagina to ecstasy and a U-shaped design that adapts perfectly to the body and generates additional tightness and direct pressure on the most sensual points.

• Shushu Sucker with a spectacular technology that combines vacuum and energetic pulsations that stimulate the clitoris without touching it to reach orgasm. It has incredible vibration and suction power (3 patterns and 4 levels each), it is ergonomic and perfect to take anywhere

• Anusara A Rabbit vibrator with 2 motors that can be used separately, 10 vibration speeds, 10 different patterns and a considerable diameter, which together with its shaft will achieve a perfect fit.

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• Kriya It is a for the G-spot, with a large diameter that fits perfectly in the hand. It has 10 powerful vibration speeds and 10 different very quiet and discreet patterns.

• Nisha Rechargeable vaginal balls that help strengthen the pelvic floor.

• Akasha Is an external massager with a discreet size and a very flexible head with 20 different vibration modes and 8 speed intensities.

• Deva Set Deva is a training kit with 4 balls of different weights and a 10-step exercise program, to tone the pelvic floor muscles, providing better orgasms, better lubrication, greater sensitivity and control over the vaginal muscles.

• Vibrating Bullets With 10 vibration programs, they are the first remote controlled bullets with unique innovative functions: - Up & Down, it moves within the genital area allowing complete stimulation. - Rotation & Vibration: rotary movement for G-spot stimulation. - Rotational Pearls & Vibration: balls that rotate and vibrate inside and stimulate every genital corner. - G-Spot + Vibration: g-spot stimulation and simultaneous rotation.

EACH KIT IS A WORK OF ART With a discreet size, an elegant design and a perfect combination of surprises inside, the Secretroom Kits are the perfect gift.

Secretroom kits are available in three versions with all the essentials that can not be missing in a sexual relationship. Specially designed for couples who want to make a romantic getaway, a passionate weekend trip or for a night out of the city, they are ideal to carry in your travel bag or suitcase. What can you find in the Secretroom kits? To start playing we present the Bronze kit, with everything necessary for couples who begin to introduce objects of pleasure or sexual games in their relationships and that will allow them to feel, stimulate and play. This kit includes a hand made blind mask, Spartan couple gel, a stimulating gel for couples based on an orgasm enhancer cream, the Nina Kikí lubricant with marshmallow flavor, edible and perfect for use in relationships and the Nina Kikí Womanfly special stimulant for woman. All kits are available in two versions that vary slightly: level 1 with exclusive cloth and metal handcuffs and black nip covers and level 2 with handcuffs to tie your lover to the mattress or the headboard to master it at ease and pleasure and take absolute control of the situation.

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Then we have the Silver kit, for couples with more advanced knowledge and who want to climb in the sexual senses, an essential ideal kit with which you can surprise your partner before starting an erotic games session to cause an explosion of sensations. The kit includes, in addition to everything included in the Bronze kit, a cock ring and a powerful Gold vibrating bullet. The Gold kit is the most complete one and it’s created for couples those who already have a good knowledge of sexual games, for those who want to climb to a higher level or couples wanting to have fun but who have already used some type of toy sexual or stimulating on occasion. This kit adds to the Bronze kit products, everything necessary to stimulate all the senses: a dice with Kamasutra postures, a timer, a feather to excite, a vibrating cock ring, a stimulating vibrator and the Olympia liquid vibrator for couples, a perfect stimulant that will make both of you vibrate.


Place a coin-sized drop in the palm of the hand

Spread the disinfectant and rub the palms of the hands

Rub the palm of the other with the fingertips of each hand

STERGEL hydroalcoholic sanitizing gel is a disinfectant gel that will allow you to wash your hands without the need for water. Its formula based on alcohol and aloe vera removes dirt effectively while ensuring optimal levels of hydration.

Rub your hands until they are dry

hydroalcoholic gel complies with: Bactericide according to EN1500 Standard (Hygienic Hand Disinfection by Friction), EN 12791 Standard (Surgical Hand Disinfection) and viricide according to EN14476.

Indicated for preventive hygiene in situations of contact with pathogenic organisms destroying around 90% of skin bacteria: gram-negative, gram-positive, microbacteria, fungi, and lipid-coated viruses (including COVID-19, HIV and hepatitis B). Apply on the hands and rub for at least 30 seconds until it is completely impregnated, reaching its maximum effectiveness after 2-3 minutes. It does not need clarification and its format is convenient for travel and bag. Its formula cotains Ethanol, Water, Carbomer, Trolamine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Hyaluronic Acid. This

How to choose a disinfectant gel? The first step is to distinguish between a bactericidal and a virucidal gel. The function of the antibacterial gel is to repel bacteria or fight against them so that they do not proliferate and in the case of the coronavirus, being a virus, we should speak of virucidal capacity. When making this distinction, it is very important to know that the gel is not only bactericidal, but virucidal, and this can be verified on the product labeling. 70% alcohol is bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal and virucidal, but it does not act on spores. If the gel only contains alcohol, do not it will eliminate viruses but bacteria. In order for it to act against viruses, it must contain ethanol since it has a stronger and broader virucidal activity compared to other types of alcohols such as propanols. The spectrum of virucidal activity of 95% ethanol, however, covers most of the clinically relevant viruses. The aforementioned viricidal activity can also be corroborated on the labeling: the product must comply with the UNE EN 14476 standard.

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