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ISO20000 Toolkit Version 10




00. Implementation Resources

None None None None None None SMS-DOC-00-1 SMS-DOC-00-2 SMS-DOC-00-3 SMS-DOC-00-4 SMS-DOC-00-5 SMS-FORM-00-1 SMS-FORM-00-2 SMS-FORM-00-3 SMS-FORM-00-4

Toolkit Completion Instructions CERTIKIT ISO20000 Implementation Guide v10 CERTIKIT ISO20000 Toolkit Index CERTIKIT ISO20000 Toolkit v10 Release Notes ISO20000 2018 Diagram Colour ISO20000 Implementation Process Diagram Service Management System PID ISO20000 Benefits Presentation ISO20000 Project Plan (MS Project) ISO20000 Project Plan (MS Excel) ISO20000 Introduction Presentation ISO20000 Gap Assessment Tool ISO20000 Assessment Evidence ISO20000 Progress Report Certification Readiness Checklist

01-03. Scope, Normative References, Terms and Definitions


This folder is intentionally left blank

04. Context of the Organization


SMS Context, Requirements and Scope

05. Leadership

SMS-DOC-05-1 SMS-DOC-05-2 SMS-DOC-05-3 SMS-DOC-05-4 SMS-DOC-05-5 SMS-DOC-05-6

Service Management Policy Service Management Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities Top Management Communication Programme Service Requirements Executive Support Letter ISO20000 Service Management System Presentation

06. Planning

SMS-DOC-06-1 SMS-DOC-06-2 SMS-DOC-06-3 SMS-DOC-06-4 SMS-FORM-06-1 SMS-FORM-06-2 None

Service Management Plan Risk Assessment and Treatment Process Risk Assessment Report Risk Treatment Plan Opportunity Assessment Tool Risk Assessment and Treatment Tool EXAMPLE Risk Assessment and Treatment Tool

07. Support of the SMS

None SMS-DOC-07-1 SMS-DOC-07-2 SMS-DOC-07-3 SMS-DOC-07-4 SMS-DOC-07-5 SMS-FORM-07-1 SMS-FORM-07-2 SMS-FORM-07-3 None

SMS infographic SMS Documentation Log Procedure for the Control of Documented Information Skills and Training Needs Assessment Knowledge Management Process SMS Documentation Overview Meeting Minutes Template Skills Development Survey Skills Development Survey Response Analysis EXAMPLE Skills and Training Needs Assessment

8.1 Operational planning and control


SMS Process Overview

8.2 Service portfolio

SMS-DOC-082-1 SMS-DOC-082-2 SMS-DOC-082-3 SMS-DOC-082-4 SMS-DOC-082-5 SMS-DOC-082-6 SMS-DOC-082-7 SMS-DOC-082-8 None None

Process for Control of Parties Involved in the Service Lifecycle Service Catalogue Configuration Management Policy Configuration Management Process Asset Management Policy Definitive Media Library Catalogue Configuration Management Presentation Service Catalogue Management Process EXAMPLE Definitive Media Library Catalogue EXAMPLE Service Catalogue

8.3 Relationship and agreement

SMS-DOC-083-1 SMS-DOC-083-2 SMS-DOC-083-3 SMS-DOC-083-4 SMS-DOC-083-5 SMS-DOC-083-6 SMS-DOC-083-7 SMS-DOC-083-8 SMS-DOC-083-9 SMS-DOC-083-10

Business Relationship Management Policy Business Relationship Management Plan Service Complaint Procedure User Satisfaction Survey Report Business Relationship Management Presentation Service Level Management Policy Service Level Management Process Service Level Agreement Operational Level Agreement IT Service Card

08. Operation of the SMS


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SMS-DOC-083-11 SMS-DOC-083-12 SMS-DOC-083-13 SMS-DOC-083-14 SMS-DOC-083-15 SMS-FORM-083-1

Service Level Management Presentation Supplier Management Policy Supplier Management Process Supplier and Contracts Database Supplier Management Presentation User Satisfaction Survey

8.4 Supply and demand

SMS-DOC-084-1 SMS-DOC-084-2 SMS-DOC-084-3 SMS-DOC-084-4 SMS-DOC-084-5 SMS-DOC-084-6 SMS-DOC-084-7 SMS-DOC-084-8 SMS-DOC-084-9 SMS-DOC-084-10

Budgeting and Accounting for Services Policy Budgeting and Accounting for Services Process Service Costing Model Budgeting and Accounting for Services Presentation Capacity Management Policy Capacity Management Process Capacity Plan Demand and Capacity Management Presentation Demand Management Policy Demand Management Process

8.5 Service design, build and transition

SMS-DOC-085-1 SMS-DOC-085-2 SMS-DOC-085-3 SMS-DOC-085-4 SMS-DOC-085-5 SMS-DOC-085-6 SMS-DOC-085-7 SMS-DOC-085-8 SMS-DOC-085-9 SMS-DOC-085-10 SMS-DOC-085-11 SMS-DOC-085-12 SMS-DOC-085-13 SMS-DOC-085-14 SMS-FORM-085-1 SMS-FORM-085-2 SMS-FORM-085-3 SMS-FORM-085-4 SMS-FORM-085-5 None

Change Management Policy Change Management Process Change Management Presentation Service Design and Transition Process Business Case Project Initiation Document Service Requirements Specification Service Design Specification Project Post Implementation Review Service Design and Transition Presentation Release and Deployment Management Policy Release and Deployment Management Process Release and Deployment Plan Release and Deployment Management Presentation Change Request Form Service Acceptance Checklist Project RAID Log Project Progress Report Software Catalogue EXAMPLE Service Requirements

8.6 Resolution and fulfilment

SMS-DOC-086-1 SMS-DOC-086-2 SMS-DOC-086-3 SMS-DOC-086-4 SMS-DOC-086-5 SMS-DOC-086-6 SMS-DOC-086-7 SMS-DOC-086-8 SMS-DOC-086-9 SMS-FORM-086-1 SMS-FORM-086-2 SMS-FORM-086-3 SMS-FORM-086-4 SMS-FORM-086-5

Incident Management Policy Incident Management Process Major Incident Management Process Service Request Management Policy Service Request Management Process Incident and Service Request Management Presentation Problem Management Policy Problem Management Process Problem Management Presentation Incident Model Request Model Major Incident Report Problem Dashboard Major Problem Report

8.7 Service assurance

SMS-DOC-087-1 SMS-DOC-087-2 SMS-DOC-087-3 SMS-DOC-087-4 SMS-DOC-087-5 SMS-DOC-087-6 SMS-DOC-087-7 SMS-DOC-087-8 SMS-DOC-087-9 SMS-DOC-087-10 SMS-DOC-087-11 SMS-DOC-087-12 SMS-DOC-087-13 SMS-DOC-087-14 SMS-DOC-087-15 SMS-DOC-087-16 SMS-FORM-087-1 SMS-FORM-087-2 SMS-FORM-087-3 SMS-FORM-087-4 SMS-FORM-087-5 SMS-FORM-087-6 SMS-FORM-087-7 SMS-FORM-087-8 SMS-FORM-087-9 SMS-FORM-087-10

Service Continuity Management Policy Business Impact Analysis Process Service Continuity Plan Service Continuity Test Plan Service Continuity Test Report Availability Management Policy Backup Policy Incident Response Procedure Service Continuity and Availability Management Presentation Information Security Policy Information Security Summary Card Information Security Management Presentation External Organization Information Security Agreement User Access Management Process Data Centre Access Procedure Service Continuity Test Schedule Business Impact Analysis Tool Post Incident Report Personal Commitment Statement Incident Response Contact Log Incident Response Action Log Plan Activation Log Message Log Internal Contact List External Contact List Incident Impact Information Log


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None None

EXAMPLE Business Impact Analysis Tool EXAMPLE Backup Procedure

09. Performance evaluation

SMS-DOC-09-1 SMS-DOC-09-2 SMS-DOC-09-3 SMS-DOC-09-4 SMS-DOC-09-5 SMS-DOC-09-6 SMS-DOC-09-7 SMS-FORM-09-1 SMS-FORM-09-2 SMS-FORM-09-3 SMS-FORM-09-4 None

Process for Monitoring Measurement Analysis and Evaluation Procedure for Service Management Audits Service Management System Audit Plan Internal Audit Report Service Management System Review Spreadsheet Service Reporting Policy Service Report Internal Audit Schedule Internal Audit Action Plan Management Review Meeting Agenda Internal Audit Checklist EXAMPLE Service Level Statistics

10. Improvement

SMS-DOC-10-1 SMS-DOC-10-2 SMS-DOC-10-3 SMS-FORM-10-1 None None

Procedure for Continual Service Improvement Service Improvement Plan Procedure for the Management of Nonconformity Nonconformity and Corrective Action Log EXAMPLE Nonconformity and Corrective Action Log EXAMPLE Service Improvement Plan


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