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COMMUNITY SUPPORT Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Martins Mr. James L. Marvin Wendell Matt Mr. and Mrs. Robert McClelland Dr. Jerrald McCollum Rex and Nina Mcgehee Virginia and Bill McGehee Carla E. McKennett Mrs. Bridget McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Harold “Bud” Meadows Mrs. Ethel and Mr. Lee Mendel, and Mrs. Barbara Mendel Virginia Messick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Metzger Ms. Ronnie Mitzner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Monks Ms. Cheryl Montanio Cheryl L. Moody Mr. Douglas G. and Dr. Laura B. Moran J. Gregory Morrell Ms. Rossann Mosher Mr. David Mullikin Kenneth and Gloria Mundell William and Rosemarie Murane Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mytton Mr. and Mrs. Ron Nadel Mr. and Mrs. James Nalven Bill and Barbara Nash Mr. Robert Nauman and Ms. Liz Goodman Ms. June P. Nay Katherine Nazzaro Mary Neidig and Ms. Janet West Hans E. and Margaret C. Neville Mr. Paul Nicholas Ms. Tricia Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Nicoulin Richard L. Nielsen Ms. Decker Swann and Mr. Charles Niemczura Ms. Sally Ochsner Jamie Henderson and Ray O’Loughlin Bonnie M. Orkow, Ph.D. Mr. Steven Otsuki Mary and Art Otten

Mr. John Parfrey Kelly Parker Susan S. Parkhurst Ginny Passoth Ms. Joyce Paul Mr. Howard L. Paynter Mr. and Mrs. Neil Peck Mr. Tom Persing Marjorie Petersen Ms. Marie M. Pfister Mr. and Mrs. George C. Pickering Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Pierce Tom Pierce and Lu Ann Dillon Ms. Sally G. Plummer Dr. Barbara Pollack Ms. Nadine Popham Ed Post Ms. Barbara Powell Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Praetorius Libby Printz Robert and Sarah Przekwas Mr. Michael L. Raggio Mr. and Mrs. Ted E. Rains Dr. and Mrs. Pablo Ramos Richard M. Randall Sandra Rapley Ralph Ratcliff Ms. Joan Ratz Melinda H. Reed Mr. and Mrs. David Reinecke Mr. Robert B. Renfro Mr. Kent Rice Nancy and Gene Richards Dr. Susan B. Rifkin The Ritz-Carlton, Denver Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roberts Michael Rodel Mr. Bernie Rogoff and Ms. Jean Greenberg Bernard and Beverly Rosen Ms. Mary Ann Ross Ms. Molly O. Ross Ms. Jennifer Rowe Paul D. Rubner and Vicki D. Jensen Mr. Stanley Rudeen Ms. Carol L. Rust Judy and Ron Ruth James and Carol Salbenblatt Stanley and Karen Saliman Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sandt


Dr. Donald W. Schiff, M.D. Ms. Astrid Schmidbauer Ms. Ann Schmidt Mr. Gary Schneider Ms. Shirley A. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Karl O. Seller Charles and Shirley Anne Sheets Patsy Skrabanek Mr. Daniel Sloan Mr. David Sloan John and Kathleen Sloan Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Smith Jackie Solis Poli Soong Mrs. Susan Spangler Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Stanko Ms. Ruth M. Stark Mr. and Mrs. Tim Stegink Mr. Jackson T. Stevens Mary L. Stewart Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stienmier Mrs. Donna Stiles Mr. Herbert Stoeger Arthur and Stephanie Strasburger Mr. Stephen D. Straub Ms. Cle C. Symons Vincent and Gay Tagliavore Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Talley Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tate Dr. and Mrs. John Taubman Erik and Frances Taylor Mr. James Taylor Mr. Larry Taylor Mr. Tom Teske Dr. Marsha Tharakan Ms. Barbara Thorngren Skip Thurman Mr. Roger Tinklenberg Ms. Martha Tracey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Trask Robert and Kelli Tregemba Donald and Mary Tucker Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Roberto J. Valdez Tim van Binsbergen Ms. Phyllis Vandehaar Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vaughey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Virtue

Soundings Magazine November 1-3, 2013  
Soundings Magazine November 1-3, 2013  

In-theater magazine produced for the Colorado Symphony