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2015–2016 Annual Report to Donors July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016



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Mission Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve Jesus Christ as faithful and effective Christian leaders in ministries marked by FAITH, INTEGRITY, SCHOLARSHIP, COMPETENCE, COMPASSION, and JOY, equipping them to serve worldwide in congregations and the larger church, in classrooms and the academy, and in the public arena. Princeton Seminary is a professional and graduate school of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and stands within the Reformed tradition.


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Mission From the President From the Board Chair A Look Back at Reunion 2016 Conversations with New Faculty Recruiting New Students Imagining the Future Faculty Books Beyond the Campus By the Numbers Serving the World This is Princeton Seminary Our Faculty Our Partners Thank You to Our Donors Connecting with Princeton Seminary Message of Gratitude

On the Cover: Princeton Theological Seminary held its 204th commencement on May 21, 2016 in the Princeton University Chapel. One hundred sixty-three students were awarded degrees. Inside Cover: Built in 2013, the Princeton Theological Seminary Library is a place of welcome for the community, a place of culture and learning, a place to engage ideas, and a place where scholarship comes to life. This past year, professors, alumni, and special guests led conversations about film, politics, the environment, and the American religious landscape. Visit ptsem.edu/events to learn about upcoming events. ANNUAL REPORT TO DONORS

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From the President

Each fall semester President Barnes teaches a course. He is pictured teaching Parish Leadership and the Practice of Ministry in Stuart Hall. He also preaches weekly in Miller Chapel. To listen to Dr. Barnes’ sermons visit ptsem.edu. 2|


Dear Princeton Theological Seminary family, One of the great privileges of my role as president is to hand out diplomas at commencement. As I watch students walk across the front of the chapel to receive their diplomas, I see leaders who are eager to fulfill their calling in the world in service to Jesus Christ. These faithful women and men have made tremendous sacrifices to pursue theological education. They are the newest generation of alumni who become part of the tremendous legacy of our graduates. As you know, Princeton Theological Seminary is a remarkable community. It is comprised of students, faculty, and staff from all over the world. We have different theologies and different first languages. We are of different ages, races, and cultures. We have different stories. But at the center of our life together is Jesus Christ. Christ unifies us amidst our beautiful diversity. He is the anchor of our teaching and learning, of our service and worship. We believe that the experience of living and learning in this diverse community of faith is essential for the formation of leaders who are equipped to serve the church of Jesus Christ in a complex global society. The residential experience of theological education at Princeton Seminary uniquely prepares our students for leadership. In the pages of this Annual Report, you will read more about the shape of this community in 2016 and some of the stories of those who teach, learn, and serve here. As alumni and friends of the Seminary, you are a vital part of our community. Your stories are part of our story. Your faithful support makes it possible for students to follow the call of God in their lives. We are deeply grateful for your partnership in this sacred mission. With joy and gratitude,

M. Craig Barnes President



From the Board Chair Faithful friends of the Seminary, Generally, our Annual Report reviews the preceding year and says thank you to all who supported the Seminary through prayers and resources. We want you to see the relationship between the quality of our students’ experience and the faithfulness with which you offer your prayers and support. The year 2015–2016 proved to be exceptional in both respects. As you will read, life on campus was vibrant, and your annual support increased dramatically. Thank you so much! Typically, annual reports zero in on what can be seen and what can be measured. But our reason for being lies beyond what we see and what we measure on campus. Ultimately, our mission consummates in congregations, homeless shelters, hospitals, boardrooms, farming communities, NGOs, soup kitchens, schools, prisons, and everywhere that the impact of our extended Seminary community can be felt. The Princeton Seminary Board of Trustees offers all of you who read this Annual Report our deepest thanks. Through the hard work of our gifted faculty and talented staff, we believe God is doing good work in the lives of our students. With your prayers and support, Princeton Theological Seminary will continue to generate amazing stories through the power of Christ’s gospel and the faithfulness of his church.

William P. Robinson, Chair Princeton Theological Seminary Board of Trustees



William Robinson, board chair, speaking at the Legacy Society breakfast during reunion. ANNUAL REPORT TO DONORS


A Look Back at Reunion 2016 EQUIPPING ALUMNI FOR LEADERSHIP THAT MATTERS There’s something so nostalgic and exciting about being on campus those few days leading up to commencement. You can feel the energy in the air! This year’s reunion was moved from the fall to the spring to give alumni the opportunity to meet students, reconnect with faculty, and share in the excitement of commencement.

Designed to support and enrich alumni in their ministry, renowned speakers, authors, and preachers shared insight on current theological issues. Workshops offered alumni an opportunity to see what’s new at the Seminary and to experience life as a student. They got their hands dirty at the Farminary, were introduced to new tools to improve the worship experience, and learned strategies for building community.


Lauren Winner Plenary Speaker Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality, Duke Divinity School 2015–2016

Kathleen O’Connor ’84 PhD, Professor professor of Old Testament Emerita, emerita at Columbia Theological Seminary Seminary, was She was awarded awarded the 2016 the 2016 Distinguished Alumna Distinguished AwardAlumna for her work Award relating for her trauma workresearch relatingand trauma present-day research and intercultural present-day andintercultural ecumenical issues and ecumenical to biblical studies. issues to She biblical discussed studies. She using discussed Genesis as using a resource Genesistoas a resource interpret to disaster interpret anddisaster loss, and and ways loss, to offer andhope waysduring to offer times hopeofduring tragedy. times of tragedy.



A Look Back at Reunion 2016 Princeton Seminary alumni are leading theological schools around the world. Eight alumni who are presidents of theological schools returned to campus for a conversation about the future of the church and the changing landscape of theological education.

“We are all providing leadership to very different schools— in very different contexts. But we are all doing it with common dynamics. One of them is keeping an eye on the changes in society, and the ways that impacts the church and the schools that train leaders.”

“A more excellent education is created in a classroom with racial diversity. It gives us a fuller sense of the body of Christ at our seminaries. It is exciting and dynamic for the classroom.” —Carol Lytch ’80, President,

—M. Craig Barnes ’81, President,

Lancaster Theological Seminary

Princeton Theological Seminary



(left to right) M.Craig Barnes ’81, Princeton Theological Seminary, Leanne Van Dyk ’92 PhD, Columbia Theological Seminary, George Sabra ’80, Near East School of Theology, Jeffrey Carter ’06 DMin, Bethany Theological Seminary, David Lose ’00 PhD, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Ajit Prasadam ’94 ThM, ’05 PhD, India Sunday School Union, Frank Yamada ’95, ’05 PhD, McCormick Theological Seminary, Carol Lytch ’80, Lancaster Theological Seminary, and Dale Irvin ’81 New York Theological Seminary

Visit reunion2016.ptsem.edu to learn more about the President’s Panel.

“The more we can engage the realities of where the church is going and the quicker we can adapt our programs to this reality and leverage our expertise, the better the change will stick.”

“We have more Muslims than Methodists at our seminary. As a Christian seminary, we are learning how to educate students whose spirituality is not primarily defined as Christian.”

—Frank Yamada ’95, ’05 PhD,

—Dale Irvin ’81, President, New York

President, McCormick Theological

Theological Seminary



Yolanda Pierce, Elmer G. Homrighausen Associate Professor of African American Religion and Literature and Director of Black Church Studies, led a plenary session on the intersection of race and religion for the American church.

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Enrich your ministry. Lectures and presentations from reunion are available at av.ptsem.edu. Save the dates May 15–17 for Reunion 2017!

A Look Back at Reunion 2016 ANNUAL REPORT TO DONORS

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Conversations with New Faculty


How will your classes prepare

should own The Women’s Bible

Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of

students to be Christian leaders?

Commentary (Westminster John

New Testament

It may be easier to see how someone

Knox Press, 2012), edited by Carol

preaching every week is drawing

Newsom, Sharon Ringe, and

What unique perspective do you

upon what they learned in my

Jacqueline Lapsley.

bring to Princeton Seminary?

classes. But my hope is that all

I devoured books as a child and

students, no matter what kind of

I have learned so much from

developed a love for story as a way

calling they pursue, will hear the

Matthew Skinner’s Intrusive God,

to narrate what God is doing in the

echoes of Scripture in their everyday

Disruptive Gospel (Baker Publishing

world through us. But it was also my

encounters. I hope they will hear

Group, 2015) and Brian Blount’s

experience as a Latino growing up

God’s voice sharpened by the stories

Invasion of the Dead (Westminster

both in Puerto Rico and in various

of Scripture as they encounter the

John Knox Press, 2014). I’m

parts of the U.S. that sharpened my

needs of the world.

anxiously awaiting Beverly Roberts Gaventa’s When in Romans (Baker

understanding of how stories can shape and reshape us.

What is a resource that you

Publishing Group, forthcoming) and

recommend to students and alumni?

Willie Jennings’s Acts commentary in

I would point students and alumni

the Belief series (Westminster John

to websites like workingpreacher.org

Knox Press, 2016).

and onscripture.org. Everyone 12 |


DR. GERALD LIU Assistant Professor of Worship and Preaching How will your classes prepare students to be Christian leaders? I emphasize worship design. The traditions of Christianity offer many resources assembling together for the love of neighbor and glory of God. But the cinematic violence, relentless discrimination, and religious confusion we see today also requires regular and skillful use of liturgical imagination and invention. If you could teach your students one thing, what would it be? If I could, I would teach students how to love. It sounds trite to say that, but so much of the curriculum in theological education attempts to transmit lessons intended to deepen the love of God and neighbor. Learning how to love with theological sophistication requires not only an excellent curriculum, but a lot more. I hope that some of what happens in the classroom strengthens the incandescence of the students as they shine a light on divine love and grace in the world. What is one book that you recommend to students and alumni? One title worth knowing is Southern Cross the Dog by Bill Cheng (HarperCollins, 2010). Cheng is a Chinese American author who writes a gothic novel set in Mississippi with an African American protagonist. This book models how it is possible to imagine yourself in the shoes and lands of others and produce accessible beauty of the highest order. ANNUAL REPORT TO DONORS

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Studies, Religion and Social Theory,

What is one book that you

Philosophy of Social Science, and

recommend to students and alumni?

Associate Professor of Congregational

Religion and Resilience. I’ve always

I recently read Esther de Waal’s


enjoyed mentoring my students in

Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict

their vocational journeys, and I look

(The Liturgical Press, April 2001). It

How will your classes prepare

forward to sharing my intellectual

reminded me that holiness is about

students to be Christian leaders?

and spiritual journey with them.

seeking God in all things, even the smallest daily tasks. I was also

I’ve always had a commitment to engaged scholarship—that is,

If you could teach your students one

reminded that we can grow from the

working with community leaders

thing, what would it be?

tensions in fulfilling our many roles.

and pastors to reflect on social

Your work is God’s work. If

We are children of God and can find

issues and propose new pathways

something doesn’t work out, put your

rest in the awareness of God’s mercy

forward. As a faculty member, I plan

trust in God and keep moving.

and grace.

to teach courses like Congregational

Conversations with New Faculty 14 |


DR. MARK S. SMITH Helena Professor of Old Testament Literature and Exegesis What unique perspective do you bring to Princeton Seminary? Perhaps my sense of human commonality and cultural difference between various religious communities and their members. My experience combines a lifelong commitment as a Roman Catholic Christian, an active engagement in Jewish ritual and tradition for more than three decades, and successive and substantial interactions with Reformation Christianity. If you could teach your students one thing, what would it be? What you know most deeply about yourself or about anyone else or about the world, will change. A lot. So, for now, embrace who and what you newly encounter and try to understand (and enjoy) the limits of what is known. And practice forgiveness, kindness, and mercy. What is one book that you recommend to students and alumni? I’d suggest Mother Nature: A History of Mothers, Infants, and Natural Selection (Pantheon Books, 1999) by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. It offers a long and thoughtful look at mothers, fathers, and children through the lens of anthropology, primatology, and evolutionary theory.

Visit ptsem.edu/newfaculty to read the full Q&A, and biographies for the new faculty members.


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RECRUITING THE NEXT GENERATION OF CHRISTIAN LEADERS Sera Chung ’14, director of recruitment, and Julia Sprague

“Our mission is to serve the mission of the church,” Chung said. “We are looking for students who are open to all aspects of the seminary journey and are ready to embrace the formation that happens at Princeton Seminary.”

’16, recruitment associate, are

As they travel the country, the

traveling around the country

recruitment team is highlighting

recruiting the next generation of

what’s distinctive about Princeton

Christian leaders.

Seminary—the academic excellence, field education program, diverse community, and financial aid program. As alumnae Chung and Sprague have a unique perspective to share. They can tell prospective students from first-hand experience what they valued most about Princeton Seminary—the exposure to diverse worship styles, the benefits of living on campus, and the network of friends and mentors that lasts well beyond graduation.

Special thanks to Steven Nieranberg for accommodating the photo shoot at the Princeton Airport. 16 |


Recruiting New Students The team is excited about using

but could very much excel and be

students and are vital to Princeton

the Seminary’s newly designed

a good fit at Princeton Seminary,”

Seminary’s future,” Chung said.

website to support recruitment

Chung said.

Sprague added, “We wouldn’t have

efforts, implementing social media

students without our alumni. They

campaigns, deepening relationships

Sprague added, “We prepare

encourage prospective students to

with alumni, and having a strong

Christian leaders for traditional and

pursue a theological education and

presence at seminary fairs, as well as

new forms of ministry by teaching

become Christian leaders.”

the Seminary’s continuing education

them to think critically and to

and prospective student events.

communicate what they believe.”

Chung and Sprague understand the journey that is ministry, and see their

“In addition to recruiting students for

Alumni at universities and

work recruiting Christian leaders

parish ministry, we are also targeting

theological schools as well as those

as their calling. “Walking alongside

students who come from different

in churches and diverse ministry

students on their journeys, listening

trajectories of life and are pursuing

settings play a critical role in the

to called stories, and providing

nontraditional forms of ministry,

recruitment process. “Alumni are

pastoral care—that is ministry,”

by far the best recruiters of new

Sprague said.

See where the recruitment team is headed next. Follow them on Facebook, or email admissions@ptsem.edu. They are excited to meet prospective students in your town. Invite them to speak at an event, preach at your church, or speak with students at your school.


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Imagining the Future A LABORATORY FOR CHURCH LEADERS Students in Kenda Creasy Dean’s class are exploring the church’s role as a social innovator. In her course, Laboratory for Sustainable Models of Ministry, students imagine entrepreneurial forms of ministry and learn how to make concrete plans for launching them.

Winners of “Shark Tank” micro-grants, Leanne Ketcham ’17, Sarah Logemann ’18, Michael Cartledge ’17 MDiv/ MACEF, Daniel Amoako ’18, and Kristen Levens ’18 MDiv/MACEF with Professor Kenda Creasy Dean. 18 |


“Not all seminarians have the opportunity to design their dream ministry and then develop it, but I wonder what the church would look like if they did.” —Michael Paul Cartledge ’17 MDiv/MACEF, second place winner of the “Shark Tank”

Dean, Mary D. Synnott Professor

“Young people see huge creative

In the future, Dean hopes to

of Youth, Church, and Culture, said,

possibilities in entrepreneurial

teach the class in a creative

“This class is a response to a moment

ministry—they’re tentmakers,

workspace—a “collaboratory”—where

in the North American church

but not just to fund ministry—

students can conspire about new

when more churches are willing to

their tentmaking is their ministry,”

ideas for ministry.

explore new forms of sustainability,

she said.

and engage with people outside

“The typical classroom setup—desks

their congregations through

Throughout the semester, students

in rows—is 150 years old, from an

entrepreneurial forms of ministry.”

develop ministry and business

era when schools were supposed to

plans for a project that they could

prepare future factory workers. It

Since the course’s introduction two

potentially launch. As part of their

works against much of what we’re

years ago, several of the students’

final projects, they present their

teaching in practical theology,” she

projects have turned into actual

plans to a panel of judges—the

said. “It’s subtle, but space and

ministries—church plants, coffee

Seminary’s own “Shark Tank,”

design can either reinforce or

shops, art studios, after school

named after the popular television

undercut what students are learning.”

programs, and food trucks.

show that funds entrepreneurial businesses. The winning students are

This class is just one of the ways

Through her course, which Dean

awarded micro-grants to help launch

Princeton Seminary is preparing

describes as a “hands-on lab,”

their projects.

Christian leaders to think

students are thinking about the relationship between ecclesiology,

pragmatically about the unique “The aim of the class is not to set

sustainability, social innovation, and

students up to actually carry out

faith formation.

their project. The goal is to teach

challenges that ministers face in the twenty-first century.

them the process for translating an idea into a theologically grounded, sustainable form of ministry,” Dean said.

Learn more about the winning “Shark Tank” projects. Visit ptsem.edu/sharktank.


| 19

Faculty Books Members of the faculty have written or edited the following books between January 2015 and September 2016. DALE C. ALLISON JR., Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament

ERIC D. BARRETO, Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament

SALLY A. BROWN, Elizabeth M. Engle Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship

Night Comes: Death, Imagination, and the Last Things (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016).

Thinking Theologically (Foundations for Learning) (Fortress Press, 2015). ed.: Writing Theologically (Foundations for Learning) (Fortress Press, 2015).

with Luke A. Powery, eds.: Ways of the Word: Learning to Preach for Your Time and Place (Fortress Press, 2016).

RAIMUNDO CÉSAR BARRETO JR., Assistant Professor of World Christianity with Ken Sehested, Luis RiveraPagán, and Paul Hayes, eds.: Engaging the Jubilee: Freedom and Justice Papers of the Baptist World Alliance (2010–2015) (Baptist World Alliance, 2015). with Ronaldo Calvalcante and Wanderley Pereira, Cristianismo Mundial Como Religião Pública (Editoria UNIDA, 2016).

20 |

with Michael J. Chan, Exploring the Bible (Foundations for Learning) (Fortress Press, 2016). JOHN R. BOWLIN, Robert L. Stuart Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics Tolerance Among the Virtues (Princeton University Press, 2016).

ELLEN T. CHARRY, Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Systematic Theology Psalms 1–50 (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible) (Brazos Press, 2015). KENDA CREASY DEAN, Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture with Christy Lang Hearlson, eds.: How Youth Ministry Can Change Theological Education, If We Let It (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016).


F.W. “CHIP” DOBBS-ALLSOPP, Professor of Old Testament On Biblical Poetry (Oxford University Press, 2016). DARRELL L. GUDER Called to Witness: Doing Missional Theology (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2015). DEBORAH van DEUSEN HUNSINGER, Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology Bearing the Unbearable: Trauma, Gospel, and Pastoral Care (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2015). GEORGE HUNSINGER, Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology The Beatitudes (Paulist Press, 2015).

JACQUELINE E. LAPSLEY, Associate Professor of Old Testament

MARGARITA MOONEY, Associate Professor of Congregational Studies

with Patricia K. Tull, eds.: After Exegesis: Feminist Biblical Theology in Honor of Carol A. Newsom (Baylor University Press, 2015).

Taming the River: Negotiating the Academic, Financial and Social Currents in Selective Colleges and Universities (Princeton University Press, 2016).

CLEOPHUS J. LARUE JR., Francis Landey Patton Professor of Homiletics Rethinking Celebration: From Rhetoric to Praise in African American Preaching (Westminster John Knox Press, 2016). ELSIE ANNE McKEE, Archibald Alexander Professor of Reformation Studies and History of Worship The Pastoral Ministry and Worship in Calvin’s Geneva (Librairie Droz, 2016).

RICHARD R. OSMER, Ralph B. and Helen S. Ashenfelter Professor of Mission and Evangelism with Angela H. Reed and Marcus G. Smucker, Spiritual Companioning: A Guide to Protestant Theology and Practice (Baker Academic, 2015). PAUL E. ROREM, Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Medieval Church History The Dionysian Mystical Theology (Fortress Press, 2015). MARK LEWIS TAYLOR, Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Theology and Culture The Executed God: The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America, second ed. (Fortress Press, 2015).


| 21

Beyond the Campus TAKING THEOLOGICAL EDUCATION BEYOND THE CAMPUS While teaching a class at the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility in Yardville, New Jersey, Melanie Webb ’09 ThM, ’16 PhD was approached by one of the inmates who asked, “Will the Seminary teach us? I’m a theologian, and the choir director at the prison.”

Struck by his question, Webb presented the idea to Dayle Rounds ’89, ’97 ThM, associate dean of continuing education. They partnered with the Reverend Charles Atkins ’00 MDiv/MA supervisor of chaplaincy services, New Jersey Department of Corrections, to imagine what the program could look like. Now, in its second year, the Certificate of Theology and Ministry: Inside (C:TM Inside) gives “inside” students in the prison and “outside” students—community members and leaders of local congregations—a deeper understanding of the Old

Professor Dennis Olson in Templeton Hall teaching an online class for the Certificate in Theology and Ministry Program. Templeton Hall contains classrooms and administrative and faculty offices. It was completed in 1989 and is named in honor of Sir John Templeton, who served as a trustee and financial advisor for more than thirty-seven years. 22 |


Testament, New Testament, theology,

Olson said. “The inside students are

In just two years, a total of twenty-

World Christianity, and the practices

eager to deepen their knowledge

four inside and outside students have

of faith and leadership. C:TM inside

of the Bible, God, and the world.

completed the yearlong C:TM Inside.

is a cohort of Princeton Seminary’s

They share their engagements and

This program is just one of the ways

Certificate in Theology and Ministry

struggles with God, faith, justice,

Princeton Seminary is equipping

Program (C:TM), a 14-week online

and life. Their perspectives are fresh,

Christian leaders to respond to the

curriculum designed for ministry

earnest, sometimes raw, and often

theological, pastoral, and social

leaders with no formal theological


challenges related to the realities of

education and taught by the Seminary’s faculty.

mass incarceration. This program brings together students from different perspectives

“The prison culture cannot stop

to learn from one another. Although

God’s gift of faith, but it can hinder

differently about who our students

the participants in the course may

a person’s search to understand how

are,” Rounds said. “We are offering

have different life experiences, they

their faith can inform their lives,”

theological education in a new

share a common commitment.

Atkins said. “C:TM Inside provides

“C:TM Inside forces us to think

setting, and we are providing it for students who have an interest, but have not had opportunity.”

the space, time, and resources for the “Both the inside and outside students

inside students to engage in critical

share the identity of Christian faith

thinking and to become agents of

leaders,” Webb said. “C:TM Inside

God’s love, peace, and wisdom.”

Dennis Olson, Charles T. Haley

creates a space in which incarcerated

Professor of Old Testament

status is not the most salient

Theology, said he plans his lessons


to incorporate topics from Scripture

“Programs like this that get students and professors out into the world— in congregations, neighborhoods,

that will be useful to Christian

Olson added, “The outside students

hospitals, and prisons help us

leaders, but that also touch on the

provide a network of support and a

link our academic study with the

students’ real-life struggles.

commitment of friendship as they

struggles of everyday people,” Olson

study alongside the inside students.

said. “Christian leaders need to

As people of faith, they often serve

practice the art of interpreting the

forgiveness offer students a space

as mentors. It creates a sense of

Bible for the sake of the community

to reflect on their own interactions,”

community and a rich learning

they lead.”

“Biblical stories of revenge and

environment.” Visit ptsem.edu/CTM for a Q&A with Professor Olson.


| 23

By the Numbers The fiscal year 2016 Annual Fund raised $969,417 ($166,952 more than last year) — This marks the steepest rise in ten years, and the

a 20% increase .

best dollar total we have seen in five years.

These gifts have come from 1,651 donors (compared to 1,283 donors the prior year). We are thrilled with this

29% increase in participation . Celebrating Your Support of the Annual Fund Gifts to the Annual Fund go directly into the Seminary’s operating budget to fund our current programs and provide money for important new initiatives. These critical unrestricted funds allow us to sustain our generous scholarship program, enrich our residential model of formation, meet unexpected challenges, and seize new opportunities. Every gift to this fund helps strengthen Princeton Seminary’s capacity to meet its highest priority needs.

18% 10%

Tuition and Fees $8,722,793.71

Auxiliary Enterprises (Food Service, Housing, Campus Store) $4,848,865.36


Gifts and Grants $1,055,796.16


Miscellaneous (Funds Held by Others, Other Revenue) $775,994.21


24 |


Distribution from Endowment $34,014,400.00



Scholarship/Student Aid $7,470,806.63


Auxiliary Enterprises (Center for Children, Food Service,Housing, Campus Store) $2,130,315.12


Instruction $11,232,080.70


Operations and Maintenance $9,337,160.81


Library $3,779,195.82


Student Services $3,767,651.76


General Administration $8,847,944.27



Educational and Instructional Technology $2,681,775.12

Thank you for what your gifts made possible.

Gifts received during the fiscal year 2016 total $3.25 million. Income from our endowment, major gifts, and annual fund allow us to offer all students generous financial support and a world-class education. Every donation helps us prepare faithful Christian leaders. The incredible legacy inherited by Princeton Theological Seminary students is made possible by the seeds of generosity sowed since the Seminary’s founding in 1812. We are thankful for donors like you who continued this legacy by planting seeds this past year.


| 25

Serving the World



(see inset)







St. Vincent & the Grenadines

6 1





3 1 1

10 1


2 1 6

Alumni in Service to the Church in the Nation and the World More than 10,000 alumni are serving throughout the U.S. and territories, and 892 alumni are serving internationally.

# 26 |

Indicates number of alumni serving each location. 2015–2016





5 12






Northern Ireland


Russian Federation






1 2 23


3 8

1 19 1

3 3 7















Hong Kong






4 Sri Lanka










17 2

3 1 1


37 13

16 361 Washington Oregon



25 931 California












45 Texas




18 Louisiana



Illinois Indiana





Oklahoma New Mexico




West Md. Virginia




North Carolina






62 56


District of Columbia



South Alabama Mississippi Georgia Carolina


New Jersey


Kentucky Tennesee



New York




N.H. Vt.


289 Michigan



19 Alaska







12 South Dakota



North Dakota







10 Military Zips



Puerto Rico Florida


2 U.S. Virgin Islands

17 Hawaii


1 Samoa


| 27

This is Princeton Seminary 1,340,876 BOOKS, periodicals, databases, microform, and media are in the library

1,479 PEOPLE participated in continuing education events and courses

51 VARIETIES of fruits, vegetables, and flowers are grown in the 8,400 square foot garden at the Farminary

70 VOLUNTEERS spent time turning soil, planting seeds, and harvesting vegetables at the Farminary

12,940 POUNDS

36 ACRES is the size of the main campus

85% of STUDENTS live on campus

6 DEGREE PROGRAMS are offered

of spoiled produce from Mercer Street Friends Food Bank has been composted at the Farminary. It will become the nutrient-rich soil in which crops will grow.

346 SEATS for conversation and fellowship are in the Main Dining Room of the Mackay Campus Center

28 |




is the faculty to student ratio

are currently enrolled

45 FULL-TIME FACULTY members are on staff

11 NEW FACULTY members have joined the Seminary since 2013

13 SCHOLARS were awarded Fulbright Scholarships in the last ten years

241 COURSES were taught during the academic year and of them 46 were new courses




are represented in our student body

sermons in Miller Chapel

in the Joe R. Engle Organ in Miller Chapel



were held in Miller Chapel

enjoyed the Carols of Many Nations services


| 29

Our Faculty FACULTY M. Craig Barnes, PhD, LHD (Hon.) President and Professor of Pastoral Ministry (Presbyterian)

James Franklin Kay, PhD Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs and Joe R. Engle Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics (Presbyterian)

Afeosemime (Afe) Adogame, PhD Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Christianity and Society (Anglican)

Dale C. Allison Jr., PhD Richard J. Dearborn Professor of New Testament (Presbyterian)

James Hamilton Charlesworth, PhD, LHD (Hon.) George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature (Methodist)

Ellen Tabitha Charry, PhD Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Systematic Theology (Episcopal)

Kenda Creasy Dean, PhD Mary D. Synnott Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture (Methodist)

James Clifford Deming, PhD

Kenneth Glenn Appold, PhD, Dr.theol.habil

Associate Professor of Modern European Church History (Presbyterian)

James Hastings Nichols Professor of Reformation History (Lutheran)

Heath Dewrell, PhD

Eric D. Barreto, PhD Weyerhaeuser Associate Professor of New Testament (Cooperative Baptist)

Raimundo César Barreto Jr., PhD Assistant Professor of World Christianity (National Baptist)

Carl Clifton Black II, PhD Otto A. Piper Professor of Biblical Theology (Methodist)

Lisa M. Bowens, PhD Assistant Professor of New Testament (Pentecostal)

Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Episcopal)

Frederick William “Chip” Dobbs-Allsopp, PhD Professor of Old Testament (Presbyterian)

Nancy Janine Duff, PhD Stephen Colwell Associate Professor of Christian Ethics (Presbyterian)

Robert Craig Dykstra, PhD Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology (Presbyterian)

Lawrence Gordon Graham, PhD, FRSE

John Rennell Bowlin, PhD

Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts (Episcopal)

Robert L. Stuart Associate Professor of Philosophy and Christian Ethics (Presbyterian)

Nancy Lammers Gross, PhD

Michael Allen Brothers, PhD

Arthur Sarell Rudd Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry (Presbyterian)

Associate Professor of Speech Communication in Ministry, and Director of Masters’ Studies (Presbyterian)

Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger, PhD

Sally Ann Brown, PhD Elizabeth M. Engle Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship, and Director of the Joe R. Engle Institute of Preaching (Presbyterian)

30 |

Charlotte W. Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology (Presbyterian)

George Hunsinger, PhD Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology (Presbyterian)


William Stacy Johnson, PhD, JD, DD (Hon.)

Richard Robert Osmer, PhD

Arthur M. Adams Professor of Systematic Theology (Presbyterian)

Ralph B. and Helen S. Ashenfelter Professor of Mission and Evangelism (Presbyterian)

Jacqueline Evangeline Lapsley, PhD

George Lewis Parsenios, PhD

Associate Professor of Old Testament, and Director of the Center for Theology, Women, and Gender (Presbyterian)

Associate Professor of New Testament (Greek Orthodox)

Yolanda Pierce, PhD Cleophus James LaRue Jr., PhD, DD (Hon.) Francis Landey Patton Professor of Homiletics (National Baptist)

Elmer G. Homrighausen Associate Professor of African American Religion and Literature, and Director of the Center for Black Church Studies (Pentecostal)

Gerald C. Liu, PhD

Brian Rainey, PhD

Assistant Professor of Worship and Preaching (Methodist)

Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Episcopal)

Bo Karen Lee, PhD

Paul Edward Rorem, PhD

Associate Professor of Spiritual Theology and Christian Formation (Presbyterian)

Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Medieval Church History (Lutheran)

Bruce Lindley McCormack, PhD, Dr.theol.h.c.

Mark S. Smith, PhD

Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology (Presbyterian)

Helena Professor of Old Testament Language and Exegesis (Roman Catholic)

Elsie Anne McKee, PhD Archibald Alexander Professor of Reformation Studies and the History of Worship (Presbyterian)

Mark Lewis Taylor, PhD Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Theology and Culture (Presbyterian)

Kathleen Elizabeth McVey, PhD Joseph Ross Stevenson Professor of Church History (Roman Catholic)

Sonia E. Waters, PhD

Gordon Stanley Mikoski, PhD

Richard Fox Young, PhD

Associate Professor of Christian Education, and Director of PhD Studies (Presbyterian)

Elmer K. and Ethel R. Timby Associate Professor of the History of Religions (Presbyterian)

Margarita A. Mooney, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology (Episcopal)

Associate Professor of Congregational Studies (Roman Catholic)


James Howell Moorhead, PhD

Deborah Kerr Davis, MDiv

Mary McIntosh Bridge Professor of American Church History (Presbyterian)

Dennis Thorald Olson, PhD

Director of Field Education (Presbyterian)

Martin Tel, DMA C.F. Seabrook Director of Music (Reformed)

Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology (Lutheran)


| 31

Our Partners BOARD OF TRUSTEES Officers William P. Robinson

Spokane, Washington

Chair Ruth Faith Santana-Grace

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vice Chair Deborah A. McKinley

Craftsbury, Vermont

Secretary Fred R. Anderson

Bethlehem, New Hampshire

F. Carter Karins

St. Petersburg, Florida

Darrell L. Armstrong

Trenton, New Jersey

Dennis M. Kass

Vero Beach, Florida

Leslie W. Braksick

Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Hana Kim

Seoul, South Korea

Paul A. Branstad

Chicago, Illinois

Don D. Lincoln

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Amy Woods Brinkley

Charlotte, North Carolina

Blair R. Monie

Dallas, Texas

Mark J. DeVries

Nashville, Tennessee

Camille Cook Murray

Washington DC

Michael G. Fisch

New York, New York

Phebe Novakovic

Falls Church, Virginia

John T. Galloway Jr.

Villanova, Pennsylvania

Jeffrey V. O’Grady

San Marino, California

Nancy Oliver Gray

Roanoke, Virginia

Scott D. Renninger

Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Heather Sturt Haaga

La Cañada, California

Laird J. Stuart

Saugatuck, Michigan

Peter J.M. Henry

Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Mark P. Thomas

St. Louis, Missouri

Craig A. Huff

New York, New York

Jonathan L. Walton

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Karen Jackson-Weaver

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

George B. Wirth

Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas R. Johnson

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sung-Bihn Yim

Seoul, South Korea

Todd B. Jones

Nashville, Tennessee

Alison McCord Zimmerman

Cincinnati, Ohio

32 |


PARTNERS IN FIELD EDUCATION Princeton Seminary gratefully acknowledges the congregations, institutions, agencies, and individuals who provided field education opportunities and supervision for our students in 2015–2016. INTERNATIONAL


Ethiopia Evangelical Theological College of Addis Ababa

Alabama Birmingham, Inverness Vineyard Church

France The American Church in Paris

California Orange, St. Joseph Health Turlock, Central Valley Presbyterian Church

India Aizawl, Academy of Integrated Christian Studies (AICS)/Gilead Baptist Church India Sunday School Union

Colorado Denver, Platt Park Church

Jamaica Hope United Church Japan Asian Rural Institute Korea Rok Won Church Shin Yang Church Scotland Elgin St. Giles and St. Columba’s South Presbyterian Church South Africa Mowbray Presbyterian Church

Connecticut Bridgeport, Bridgeport Hospital District of Columbia The Center for Public Justice Institute of Biblical Justice and Prayer Delaware Hockessin, Grace Lutheran Church Florida Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church Miami, First United Methodist Church of Miami Illinois Libertyville, Advocate Condell Medical Center Peoria, First United Methodist Church, Peoria Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana University Health Louisiana Shreveport, First Presbyterian Church Massachusetts Boston, New England Seafarers Mission Worcester, Armenian Church of the Martyrs Maryland Baltimore, The Center Minnesota Minneapolis, Westminster Presbyterian Church North Carolina Durham, Duke University Hospital Highlands, First Presbyterian Church of Highlands Salisbury, W.G. (Bill) Hefner VAMC New Jersey Allentown Allentown Presbyterian Church First Baptist Church of Allentown Augusta, Frankford Plains United Methodist Church Blawenburg, Blawenburg Reformed Church Bordentown, Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility


Burlington Acacia Hospice Broad Street United Methodist Church Cranbury, St. David’s Episcopal Church Dayton All Nations Mission Church First Presbyterian Church at Dayton Edison New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park JFK Medical Center Elizabeth Korean Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth StreetLight Mission Englewood, Calvary Full Gospel Church Ewing Abiding Presence Lutheran Church Ewing Presbyterian Church Worship Church Ewing Township Kingdom Church Flemington, Hunterdon Medical Center Hamilton, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton Hamilton Square, First Presbyterian Church of Hamilton Square Highland Park, Reformed Church of Highland Park Hillsborough Christian Community Chapel Hillsborough Reformed Church at Millstone Hopewell Capital Health Medical Center Hopewell Presbyterian Church Kingston Kingston Presbyterian Church Kingston United Methodist Church United Methodist Church Training Hub Lawrenceville Hope Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville Slackwood Presbyterian Church Youth and Campus Ministry Leonia, The New Jersey Onuri Community Church Mendham, The First Presbyterian Church of Mendham Millburn, Wyoming Presbyterian Church Moorestown, First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown Morganville, Gateway Church of Christ Morristown, Calvary Baptist Church Mountainside, Liquid Church New Brunswick Taiwanese/American Fellowship Presbyterian Church Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Milford, Top Stone Church New Providence, Presbyterian Church at New Providence Oakhurst, First United Methodist Church of Oakhurst Pennington Pennington Presbyterian Church Pennington United Methodist Church Princeton Community Church Perth Amboy, Cathedral International (The Historic Second Baptist Church)

Plainsboro, First Presbyterian Church of Plainsboro Plainsboro Township Princeton Alliance Church Princeton Korean Presbyterian Church Princeton HealthCare System Princeton HealthCare System— Princeton House Behavioral Health Princeton All Saints’ Church Baptist Chaplaincy at Princeton University Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA) Princeton Good Grief, Inc. International Students Inc. Manna Christian Fellowship at Princeton University Nassau Presbyterian Church Orchard Farm Organics Princeton Church of Christ Princeton Meadow Church Princeton Presbyterians Princeton University Chapel Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative Princeton YMCA St. Paul Parish Stone Hill Church The Episcopal Church at Princeton University Trinity Episcopal Church Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Princeton United Methodist Chaplains Corp Young Life Princeton Princeton Junction First Presbyterian Church of Dutch Neck Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Ringoes, Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church Skillman, Graceway Presbyterian Church Somerset Praise Presbyterian Church (KC) First Baptist Church at Lincoln Gardens South River, First Reformed Church of South River Titusville, Grace Presbyterian Church Trenton African United Methodist Church Arm in Arm Covenant Presbyterian Church Grant Chapel AME Church St. Bartholomew Lutheran Church Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Turning Point United Methodist Church UrbanPromise Trenton Westminster Presbyterian Church Voorhees, The Church in Acts Wenonah, Memorial Presbyterian Church of Wenonah West Trenton, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital West Windsor Township, Nextgen Church Yardville, Garden State Youth Correctional Facility

| 33

New York Brooklyn Emmanuel Baptist Church VA New York Harbor Healthcare System Buffalo, Sisters of Charity Hospital Mayfield, Mayfield Central Presbyterian Church New York Academy for Christian Thought Bellevue Hospital Central Presbyterian Church Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church FiveStone Judson Memorial Church Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations The Brick Presbyterian Church The Riverside Church New York Presbyterian Hospital Ozone Park, Epiphany Marthoma Church Rochester, Asbury First United Methodist Church

Ohio Columbus, Ohio Health Middletown, First Presbyterian Church of Middletown Oklahoma Lawton, St. John Missionary Church Oregon Portland, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Pennsylvania Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church Doylestown, Doylestown Presbyterian Church Erie, Benedictine Sisters of Erie Forest Grove, Forest Grove Presbyterian Church Greencastle, Greencastle Presbyterian Church Langhorne, St. Mary’s CPE Program New Hope, Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church

Newtown Newtown United Methodist The Lutheran Church of God’s Love Palmyra, Palmyra First United Methodist Church Philadelphia Arch Street Presbyterian Church Beacon Broad Street Ministry Cedar Park Presbyterian Church Christ’s Presbyterian Church Christian Association—University of Pennsylvania Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia Germantown Mennonite Church Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia Korean United Church of Philadelphia Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill The Whitefield Society at the University of Pennsylvania Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Wayne, St. David’s Episcopal Church

Rhode Island Block Island, Harbor Church Tennessee Cordova, Hope Presbyterian Church, Memphis Nashville Trevecca Urban Farm Vanderbilt University Medical Center Texas Lubbock, Covenant Health System San Angelo, St. Paul Presbyterian Church of San Angelo Washington Puyallup, MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital

Members of the Class of 2016 express gratitude to donors.

34 |


Thank You To Our Donors Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in the 2015–16 Annual Report. Please notify the Department of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or advancement@ptsem.edu if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions. This publication reflects all gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

The Rev. Dr. David R. Aaronson ’51

Mrs. Judith Attride

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Bickel ’77

The Rev. Dr. George F. Abdo ’72

The Rev. Carol E. Atwood-Lyon ’71

Mrs. Richard A. Biggs

The Rev. Joy Evelyn Abdul-Mohan ’93

The Rev. Donald C. Austin ’71

Mr. Uwe E. Bilger ’98

The Rev. Joan L. Abell ’69

The Rev. Mary E. Austin ’94

Ms. Barbara W. Billings

The Rev George F. Aberle ’61 & Ms.

Ms. Sushama Austin-Connor and Mr.

The Rev. Dr. Dwight R. Blackstock ’71

Dr. C. Edward Brubaker ’41

The Rev. Dr. Sally A. Brown ’80 and Mr. Peter T. Dunbar† The Rev. Dr. Patricia L. Brown-Barnett ’82

The Rev. Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson ’83

The Rev. J. Raymond Brubaker ’60

The Rev. Lucille E. Abernathy ’84

Ms. Kathryn K. Avery ’78

Dr. Jack J. Blanco ’65

Dr. David R. Brumbaugh ’86

Miss Danna Abramov

Dr. James E. Aydelotte III ’60

Mr. Alan R. Blatecky ’72

The Rev. Steven W. Brundage ’96

Mrs. Judith K. Acer

The Rev. Dr. Jack W. Baca ’82

Dr. Mary S. Blaufuss ’00

The Rev. J. David Burgess ’01

Dr. Marilyn McCord Adams ’84

Ms. Karen Sue Bachman ’16

The Rev. ’72 and Mrs. Bruce G. Boak

The Rev. Dr. Michael Patrick Burns ’83

Dr. Robert M. Adams ’62

Mrs. Anna Lee Dooley Bachtell

The Rev. Dr. ’64 and Mrs. Donald P.

Mr. David A. Bush ’04

Mrs. Gloria Agate

Mr. Mark J. Baker

The Rev. Lloyd Stanley Alamsha

Mr. Jose E. Balcells

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Boell

The Rev. Zane K. Buxton ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aldag

Mrs. Barbara B. Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. John Bogle

Mrs. Margaret McDaniel Byers

The Rev. Blan C. Aldridge ’64

Ms. Janet M. Bamford

The Rev. Robert Karl Bohm ’66

The Rev. Dr. David W. Cabush ’94

Mr. Fred L. Alessi

Dr. Hwa-Ja P. Bang ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Bokelman

The Rev. John A. Cairns Jr. ’64

The Rev. Julian Alexander Jr. ’53

The Rev. Dr. ’81 and Mrs. M. Craig

The Rev. Michael Edward Bongart ’92

The Rev. Lynn D. Cairns ’71

Mr. Abraham Bonilla-Estrada

The Reverend Dr. ’58 and Mrs. C. Samuel

Mary E. Martin

The Rev. Dr. William A. Alexander ’93

Robert Connor



The Rev. Dr. Randall Kevin Bush ’88

Dr. William M. Alexander ’61†

The Rev. Prentice H. Barnett ’53

Mrs. Jean I. Booker†

Ms. Cheryl S. Ali

Dr. Eric Daniel Barreto ’04

Mr. Nicholas P. Boolukos ’80

Mrs. Janet I. Cameron

The Rev. Cynthia J. Alloway ’03

The Rev. Dr. John N. Bartholomew ’58

The Rev. Lindsay Borden ’07

Mrs. Joan Walsh Campbell

Mr. Antonio Eduardo Alonso

The Rev. Charles R. Barton ’66

Dr. Ernest E. Bortner Jr. ’56

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell

Ms. Xochitl Alvizo

The Rev. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Barton

The Rev. Dr. Greg R. Bostrom ’83

The Rev. Richard D. Campbell ’79

The Rev. Canon Dr. Noel Justin

The Rev. Dr. ’63 and Mrs. Charles L.

The Rev. Dr. Kathleen S. Bostrom ’83

Dr. and Mrs. Twining F. Campbell Jr.

The Rev. Dr. William L. Bowers ’70

The Rev. Dr. April Marie Davis

Amadi ’69



Mr. Gregory K. Ammon ’85

The Rev. Sara Chapman Batson ’95

The Rev. Charles W. Bowman ’79

The Rev. Janice S. Ammon ’90

The Rev. Dr. Sidney F. Batts ’79

The Rev. David F. Bowman ’84

Mrs. Patricia B. Carleton

The Rev. Carl David Anderson ’67

The Rev. Dan J. Baumgartner ’96

The Rev. William M. Boyce Jr. ’52†

Dr. Nathan Steven Carlin ’05

Ms. Elisabeth Evans Anderson

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Bayley ’73

The Rev. Jane Tanaskovic Brady ’99

The Rev. E. Luke Carlson ’51

The Rev. Dr. ’73 and Mrs. Fred R.

The Rev. Dr. Ashley J. Beavers ’80

The Rev. Mark S. Brainerd ’02

The Rev. Dr. William D. Carr ’69

The Rev. John K. Becker ’02

Dr. Leslie W. and Mr. Matthew Braksick

Dr. Jackson W. Carroll ’70

The Rev. Joicy R. Becker-Richards ’90

The Rev. D. Calvert Brand ’68

Mrs. Irene H. Carson

The Rev. Richard C. Brand Jr. ’68

Mrs. Linda Carter

Mr. Paul A. and Mrs. Christine W.

The Rev. Charles B. Casper ’85

Anderson The Rev. Dr. Gregory M. Anderson ’80 Mrs. Holly Ann Anderson ’86

and Mr. Timothy Richards

Miss Janice I. Anderson ’65

Ms. Amy Julia Truesdell Becker ’10

The Rev. Dr. Sherwood W. Anderson ’53

The Rev. Helen ’63 and Mr. Edward

The Rev. Dr. Jerry D. Andrews ’78



Campbell ’04

Professor Herbert W. Cassel ’63

The Rev. Mrs. Caroline C. Braskamp ’01

The Rev. Dr. Fred W. Cassell ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Paul Andrieu

The Rev. Gerald L. Bell Jr. ’61

Mr. Steven W. Braskamp

The Rev. Kathryn L. Castle ’92

Ms. Elizabeth Angelucci

The Rev. Kenneth P. Bell ’79

The Rev. James D. Brassard ’84

The Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Cavicchia ’54

The Rev. Larry A. Angus ’65

The Rev. Natalie Williams Bell ’98

Dr. Carole Zippi Brennan ’72

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence A.


Ms. Teri Bell

The Rev. T. Webster Brenner Jr. ’71

The Rev. Mary Beth Anton ’89 & Mr.

The Rev. William H. Bender ’54

The Rev. Christa Rebecca Brewer ’06

Ms. Caryl E. Chambers

Chamberlain ’65

Mr. Ronald G. Benham ’74

Ms. Tracy Beck Briggs

The Rev. Peter M. Chang ’81

Mrs. Doris L. Apperson

Mr. Rowland F. Bennett ’73

Mrs. Amy Woods and Mr. Robert

Professor Ellen T. Charry

Mr. Ruben Javier Arjona Mejia ’11

The Rev. Byron LeaVance Benton ’09

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Armstrong

The Rev. Caroline East Berardi ’09

The Rev. Dr. Michael A. Brothers ’86

Mr. Kim-Tsong Chen ’71

The Rev. ’99 and Mrs. Darrell L.

The Rev. Christopher Michael

Mr. Robert C. Brower ’71

The Rev. Dr. James H. Chesnutt ’54

Ms. Cheryl J. Brown ’70

Mr. Sam H. Childers

Jeffrey D. Hewett


Berardi ’09


Dr. Harriet R. Chase

Dr. James F. Armstrong ’54

Dr. ’00 and Mrs. Shane A. Berg

Mrs. Christi Owen Brown ’08

Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Chinn

The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Armstrong ’58

The Rev. Robert A. Beringer ’61

The Rev. Dr. George Brown Jr. ’71

The Rev. Moongil Cho ’00

The Rev. John Thomas Ash III ’62

Mrs. Alisoun Davis Bertsch ’00

Ms. Mary Brown

Archbishop Oshagan Vardapet

The Rev. Amy Barlak Aspey ’04

The Rev. Dr. Larry L. Bethune ’78


† Deceased

Choloyan ’76

| 35

Ms. Un Mi Elise Chong ’00

Mrs. William Lipscomb Davis

The Rev. Jonathan V. Eastman ’82

The Rev. Dr. Howard E. Friend Jr. ’65

The Rev. Dr. George E. Chorba III ’63

Mr. William T. Davis ’72

Mrs. Patricia Murphy Eastman

The Rev. Stephen P. Fritz ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Arne C. Christensen

Christopher and Ellen Day

Mrs. Edna M. Egerton

Dr. Elizabeth Ann Frykberg ’77

Ms. Jeanette Dori Christianson ’15

Dr. and Mrs. Rimmer de Vries

Mrs. Amy Ehlin

Ms. Marie Gerda Frykberg ’88

Mrs. Margaret M. Christopher

Ms. Geraldine Kort Deac

The Rev. Constantine Eliades ’65

The Rev. William J. Fuerstenau ’62

The Rev. Dr. Floyd W. Churn Jr. ’68

Dr. and Mrs. E. Fred Deal

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Elliott

The Rev. Dr. Wallace T. Fukunaga ’64

Ms. Sharon Cichocki

The Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean ’97

The Rev. Stewart E. Ellis ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Fulton

The Rev. Dr. Pedro Cintron-Lamourt ’58

Dr. Neomi D. DeAnda

Mr. H. Glen Ellison ’52

The Rev. Shirley Rakacs Funk ’69

Dr. George S. Cladis ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Noble S. Deckard

The Rev. Erica Yin-Ling Liu Elsdon ’04

Mr. Kurt A. Gabbard

The Rev. Robert J. Clark ’54†

The Rev. Dr. Lindley G. DeGarmo ’08

The Rev. Mark A. Elsdon ’04

The Rev. Meghan Kathleen

The Rev. Melanie Hammond Clark ’84

The Rev. ’60 and Mrs. Eugene P. Degitz

The Rev. Dr. James G. Emerson Jr. ’49

The Rev. Patricia A.F. Clary ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Deitrick

Mr. John B. Emerson

The Rev. Cheryl D. Galan ’97

Mrs. Ellen Clark Clemot ’12

The Rev. Roberto Delgado ’57

Mr. Peter E.B. Erdman

Mr. Kenneth Shannon Gallagher ’73

The Rev. Brian H. Cleworth ’52

Dr. Teresa Delgado

Mr. Michael P. Erdman

Ángel J. Gallardo Villafan

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Clifford

Mrs. Christine Deming

The Rev. Dr. N. Dean Evans ’75

The Rev. Dr. ’66 and Mrs. John T.

The Rev. Edward A. Clydesdale ’62

Dr. James C. Deming

The Rev. E. Lloyd Evans ’64

Mrs. Margaret H. Coats

The Rev. John Daniel Dennehy ’02

Mrs. Marilyn J. Evans

Mrs. Sarah Belk Gambrell

Dr. Kelton A. Cobb ’85

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Denning

Mrs. Rosemary Hall Evans

Dr. Aurelio A. Garcia ’83

The Rev. Donald L. Collins ’81

The Rev. Dr. ’72 and Mrs. Gary O. Dennis

The Rev. Dr. Abigail Rian Evans ’61

The Rev. Dr. Francisco Oscar García-

The Rev. Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer ’80

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Dent ’66

The Rev. Dr. David M. Evans ’72

Dr. Mary Lee Fitzgerald ’61 and Mr. J.

The Rev. William H. Dent Jr. ’63

Mrs. Margaret P. Everett

Dr. Leroy J. Garrett ’48†

Gage-Finn ’04

Galloway Jr.

Treto ’62 and Ms. Bonnie Flake

The Rev. Dr. David H. DeRemer ’79

The Rev. Dr. William A. Evertsberg ’85

The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Garwig ’80

Mr. Kevin J. Conner

The Rev. Mark James DeVries ’86

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander G. Ewing

Ms. Gladys E. Gassert

Mr. Christopher Robert Conway ’05

The Rev. Raymond J. De Vries ’94

Ms. Marianne Magers Farrin ’07

The Rev. Dr. Aaron E. Gast ’53

The Rev. James U. Cortelyou ’63

Dr. Miguel H. Diaz

The Rev. Augustus Scott Feather III ’63

Dr. Beverly Roberts Gaventa and Mr.

The Rev. Kelby K. Cotton ’80

The Rev. Sarah Katharine Dickinson ’99

The Rev. ’58 M. Dwight and Mrs. Donna

Ann S. Courtenay

Mr. and Mrs. Brian DiDonato

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Cousins

Miss Dorothy C. Diem

The Rev. Eloise A. Cowherd ’65

The Rev. Peter Wilson Dietz ’02

The Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Coye ’73

The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Dill ’72

The Rev. Dr. Whitworth Ferguson III ’99

The Rev. Richard M. Craig ’59

The Rev. Dr. Larry Eugene Dixon ’73

Mrs. Katherine P. Felmeth

The Rev. Dr. Timothy C. Geoffrion ’83

The Rev. Robert L. Crall ’79

Professor Chip W. Dobbs-Allsopp ’87

The Rev. Dr. Henry J. Ferry ’63

Mrs. Carol C. Gerdel

Mrs. Barbara Sturgis Crawford ’51

The Rev. Leslie A. Dobbs-Allsopp ’87

Ms. Jasmin Elise Figueroa

The Rev. Dr. Brewster H. Gere Jr. ’70

The Rev. Marilyn J. Crawford ’80

The Rev. George R. Doering Jr. ’65

The Rev. Dr. William P. Findlay ’66

The Rev. Frederick P. Gibbs ’61

The Rev. Ronald L. Creager ’65

The Rev. Dr. David Donaldson ’05

Mr. Robert W. Finertie ’60

The Rev. John D. Gibbs ’77

Mrs. Barbara M. Creskoff

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Donelik

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Fisch

The Rev. Gregory C. Gibson ’73

The Rev. Robert E. Criswell ’66

Miss Mary H. Donelik

Ms. Faith Fish

The Rev. Dr. M. Randall Gill ’77

The Rev. Robert J. Cromwell ’83

The Rev. Nancy S. Donnelly ’95

The Rev. Allen H. Fisher Jr. ’81

Mrs. Barbara Gillespie

Dr. Donald A. Crosby ’56

Ms. Michelle Doran-McBean ’00

The Rev. Anne E. Fisher ’82

The Rev. George F. Gillette ’51

Mr. Joel R. Crosby ’71

The Rev. Alan Dorway ’01

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Fite Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Harlan L. Gilliland ’62

The Rev. Thomas Henry Cross ’87

The Rev. Dr. Charles J. Dougherty ’54

Mrs. June S. Fitton

Mr. W. Woodrow Gilliland ’69

The Rev. Dr. John P. Crossley Jr. ’54

The Rev. Dr. Barry H. Downing ’63

The Rev. Amanda G. Fleishman Wilson

The Rev. Gaylord S. Gillis ’66

The Rev. Beverly J. Crute ’84

The Rev. Heather Prince Doss ’06

The Rev. Charles L. Cureton III ’60

The Rev. Ellen H. Dozier ’70

The Rev. Joan E. Fleming ’79

Mr. John W. and Mrs. Linda Gilmore

The Rev. Dr. Keith M. Curran ’81

The Rev. Dr. David R. Drain ’69

The Rev. Dr. Donald R. Fletcher ’43

The Rev. Linda Dalrymple Goeddel ’09

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Christian Currie ’04

The Rev. Pamela G. Driesell ’98 and Mr.

Ms. Angela R. Fochtman

Dr. Robert R. Goffrier ’69

The Rev. Raymond J. Foley ’56

Ms. Masumi Gonda

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Droppa

Dr. ’64 and Mrs. Dean E. Foose

Mr. Henry J. Goodspeed ’74

Dr. David D. Cuttino ’69

The Rev. Keith W. Drury ’71

Mr. Justin Bennett Forbes ’15

Dr. Michael J. Gorman ’82

The Rev. Emily M. Berman D’Andrea ’97

The Rev. Dr. Arlo D. Duba ’55

The Rev. Kenneth H. Forbes ’84

The Rev. J. Beth S. Goss ’00

The Rev. Patricia L. Daley ’83

The Rev. Dr. Cheryl F. Dudley ’83

The Rev. Mark Hollis Ford ’98

The Rev. Kenneth E. Graham ’65

Mrs. Emma L. Dana

Mrs. Irene M. Duncan

Dr. Richard Q. Ford ’64

The Rev. Krystin S. Granberg ’94

The Rev. George E. Daniels ’65

Mrs. Mary Katherine Hamelin Duncan

The Rev. William E. Foreman ’62

Mrs. Marie E. Grasso

Dr. David William Danner ’65

The Rev. Guy W. Dunham ’78

The Rev. E. Dickson Forsyth ’68

Mr. Carl C. Gray Jr. ’71

Mrs. Adele Giardina Darocy

Dr. Rose Ellen Dunn

The Rev. Dr. James E. Forsythe ’71

Mrs. Frances B. Gray

The Rev. Cress Darwin ’03

The Rev. Frank Gasque Dunn ’70

The Rev. Dr. Stillman Allen Foster Jr. ’64

Ms. Leslie Gray

The Rev. Dr. Al T. Davies ’55

The Rev. Dr. Roger Lee Dunnavan ’62

The Rev. Dr. Sarah M. Foulger ’79

The Rev. Svea Blomquist Gray ’59

Mrs. Wylene Young Davies ’55

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Duffett ’81

The Rev. Donald Hardie Fox ’85

Mr. Richard Greenburg

Dr. Maria Teresa Davila del Valle

The Rev. Daniel Dupree ’83

The Rev. Marlene Wright Fox ’04

The Rev. Dr. Cecelia Evelyn Greene

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Cook Davis ’85

Dr. Dale Allan Dykstra ’72

The Rev. Dr. E. Quinn Fox ’89

The Rev. Dr. David A. Davis ’86

The Rev. Dr. Craig R. ’73 and Mrs.

The Rev. Dr. Harry A. Freebairn ’62

The Rev. Charles L. Greenwood ’57

The Rev. Ernest W. Freund ’65

The Rev. Dr. Carol M. Gregg ’84

Mr. R. Wayne Frey ’70

The Rev. Emily A. Griffin ’01

Martin Comey

Dr. Winnifred Cutler and Thomas E. Quay Esq.

The Rev. Deborah Kerr Davis ’79 The Rev. Gregory J. Davis ’80

36 |

Joseph Loveland Esq.

Elizabeth A. Dykstra Mrs. Mona Jeanne K. Easter

G. Ferguson Rev. Dr. Philip L. ’60 and Mrs. Norma D. Ferguson


William C. Gaventa Dr. Heidi Gehman ’94 The Rev. Dr. David P. Gellert ’67 The Rev. Dr. Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion ’83

The Rev. Dr. George H. Gilmour ’57

Barr ’96


The Rev. Dr. J. Scottie Griffin ’60

The Rev. Dr. Gordon C. Hess ’67

The Rev. Kristen Rouner Jeide ’82

The Rev. Richard Carl Klein Jr. ’80

The Rev. Dr. Guy D. Griffith ’86

Chaplain Brigadier General David H.

The Rev. Dr. Robert W. ’56 and Mrs.

Ms. Donna R. Kline

Mr. Michael Remedios Grigoni

Hicks ’74

Audrey Jackson Jewett

Chaplain Jo Ann P. Knight ’91

The Rev. Dr. Lincoln T. Griswold ’55†

Ms. Ann Hidalgo

The Rev. Steven Y.S. Jhu ’91

The Rev. Dr. Robert M. Knight ’88

Ms. Doris M. Groch

Ms. Jacqueline Michele Hidalgo

The Rev. Caroline Anderson Jinkins ’10

The Rev. Sharan M. Knoell Rosso ’14

Mrs. Fredrika S. Groff ’66

Mr. and Mrs. George K. Higuchi

The Rev. Jeremy Michael Jinkins ’10

Dr. Calvin H. Knowlton ’84

The Rev. Dr. Kent Ira Groff ’67

The Rev. C. James Hinch ’62

Mrs. Dorothy A. Johnson

The Rev. Keith L. Koch ’79

The Rev. Richard L. Gronhovd ’61

Mrs. Phyllis Mann Hinderliter

The Rev. George B. Johnson ’61

The Rev. Anne Eldridge Koehler ’02

Mr. Michael John Gross ’07

Ms. Elinor Kirkland Hite ’66

The Rev. Harold E. Johnson ’64

The Rev. I. Henry Koh ’69

The Rev. Lance V. Grothe ’80

The Rev. Sung Kee Ho ’89

The Rev. Dr. Harvey O. Johnson ’62

The Rev. J. William Kokie ’71

The Rev. Kenneth F. Gruebel ’72

The Rev. Robert W. Hoag ’54

Chaplain Kermit D. Johnson ’60

The Rev. Stephen C. Kolderup ’79

The Rev. Maynard Grunstra ’69

The Rev. Julie Evonne Hodges ’89

The Rev. Louise Upchurch Johnson ’76

Mrs. Grace Koopmans

Dr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Guder

The Rev. J. Houston Hodges ’54

Mr. F. Martin Johnson

The Rev. Andrew Thomas Kort ’03

Dr. Dennis A. Guenther ’71

The Rev. Michael J. Hodges ’92

Dr. William Stacy Johnson

The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Kort ’73

Ms. Lauren Frances Guerra

The Rev. Dr. Miles H. Hodges ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Johnson

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Kovacs ’90

The Rev. Alan B. Guffey ’86

The Rev. David W. Hoeldtke ’63

Mrs. Leslie S. Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. Johannes R. Krahmer

The Rev. Gemechisa Guja ’02

Mr. Peter Hogeland

Dr. Letitia M. Johnston ’87

The Rev. Emily Kirsten Krause

The Rev. Catherin Ann Gumpert ’00

Ms. Frances Walker Holladay

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Jonas

The Rev. Nancy Jane Hagner ’13

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Holman

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs H. Jones

Mr. John E. Kresge

The Rev. Carlton Craig Hall ’66

Dr. Michael W. Holmes ’84

Mr. Dale E. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kretzing

Ms. Dana B. Hall ’15

The Rev. Ann Case Holt ’80

The Rev. Dr. David Lee Jones ’82

The Rev. Richard E. Kreutzer ’85

The Rev. Melinda Lauren Hall ’10

Mrs. Patricia Holvick

The Rev. Robert H. Jones ’63

Ms. Evelyn L. Kurtz

The Rev. Ralph S. Hamburger ’58

Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Homan

The Rev. Stark G. Jones ’64

Dr. Roger A. Kvam ’57

The Rev. Dr. Dennis R. Hamilton ’80

The Rev. Dr. David H. Hopper ’53

The Rev. Timothy K. Jones ’79

The Rev. Dr. Sunhee Kwak ’65

Mr. Ray Hamilton

The Rev. Sharon D. Horne ’90

The Rev. Dr. ’79 and Mrs. Todd B. Jones

The Rev. Larissa L. Kwong Abazia ’07

Mrs. Nancy L. Hampton

Miss Nancy L. Howard ’64

Mrs. Lynda S. Juel

Mr. and Mrs. Kary R. LaFors

Ms. Dorothy Hanle

Richard F. Howden Jr.

The Rev. George C. Kandle ’61

Lake Junaluska Women’s Club

Dr. Shauna Kay Hannan ’11

The Rev. James H. Howell ’54

The Rev. Yong Hoon Kang ’94

The Rev. Robert E. Lakey ’52

Mr. Alexander Emil Hansen ’73

The Rev. John Floyd Howell III ’12

Mr. F. Carter Karins

The Rev. Samuel P. Lamback Jr. ’76

The Rev. Diana Drew Harbison ’82

The Rev. William C. Howell ’52†

Mr. Dennis M. Kass

Dr. John Lancaster ’69

The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryant

The Rev. Dr. Donald G. Howland ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Katen

The Rev. Donald C. Landis ’70

The Rev. Dr. Ching-Fen Hsiao ’64

The Rev. Richard Stanley Kauffman ’63

The Rev. Peter Carlson Lane ’03

The Rev. Patrick Joseph Hardy ’68

Miss Eleanor G. Hubbs

Dr. Chi Young Kay ’70

Mrs. Eleanor Burke Lane ’63

The Rev. Dr. John W. Hart ’84

The Rev. John E. Huegel ’54

The Rev. Dr. James F. Kay

The Rev. Richard A. Lanford ’84

The Rev. William A. Hartfelder Jr. ’76

Mr. Craig A. Huff

The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Keefer ’82

Mrs. Gladys E. Lang

The Rev. Dr. Brian T. Hartley ’83

The Rev. Dr. John A. Huffman Jr. ’65

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Keiter

Mr. Harris T. Lang ’54

The Rev. James R. Hartsoe ’61

Mr. David H. Hughes

The Rev. F. Marsh Kellegrew ’89

The Rev. Dorothy Churn Lapenta ’02

The Rev. Dr. Norman Hatter ’02

Mrs. Nancy Dodge Hughes

Msgr. Leo Aloysius Kelty ’96

Dr. Jacqueline E. Lapsley ’94

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hartung

Dr. Robert F. Hull Jr. ’77

The Rev. Alick M. Kennedy ’58

The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Larson Jr. ’65

Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Hathaway

The Rev. Winston R. Hull II ’71

Mr. Calvin A. Kent

The Rev. Barbara M. Laucks ’68

The Rev. H. Davis Haw ’63

The Rev. Dr. James W. Hulsey ’76

The Rev. Gregory J. Keosaian ’73

The Rev. C. Philip Laucks ’69

The Rev. Dr. Lewis S. Hay ’55

The Rev. Chase S. Hunt ’61

The Rev. Patricia Budd Kepler ’58

The Rev. Dr. James R. Laurie ’66

The Rev. David P. Haydu ’74

The Rev. Dr. Ramon Eugene Hunt ’76

The Rev. Thomas F. Kepler ’58

Rayford William Law

Mrs. Judith W. Heagstedt

Mrs. Chung Ok Hur

The Rev. Keith Charles Kerber ’96

The Rev. Dr. Keith D. Lawrence ’88

The Rev. Randall Hedeman ’76

The Rev. Dr. ’81 and Mrs. Edwin Gray

Mr. Robert J. Kestyus Jr.

The Rev. Vernard R. Leak ’90

The Rev. Samuel Y. Khalil ’74

The Rev. Eileen Eagle LeCluyse ’14 and

Hardwick ’99

Mrs. Joan P. Heim


Corzine ’08

Ms. Elizabeth Margaret Hein ’06

The Rev. Blake Robert Hutson ’04

The Rev. Heather Lynn Jordan Khan ’80

The Rev. Paul R. Heins ’91

Dr. Alexander Yoon Hwang ’98

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Grun Kibben ’86

The Rev. Dr. Lonnie H. Lee ’73

Mrs. Margaret E. Hellgren

The Rev. Kimberly L. Hyatt ’96

The Rev. Lewis Timothy Kidd ’86

The Rev. Paul Byungsoo Lee ’85

Dr. R. Melvin Henderson ’64

IBM Corporation

Mr. Charles Sung Kim ’97

Drs. William K. and Hwain C. ’88 Lee

The Rev. Dr. Anita Elizabeth Hendrix ’78

Mrs. Carolyn R. Range Ingles ’67

The Rev. Dr. Hana Kim ’05

The Rev. Dr. Paul A. Leggett ’71

Mr. Craig W. Hendrix ’75

The Rev. Mary Jane Inman ’97

Ms. Jane Y. Kim ’97

Mrs. Gloria N. Lehmann

Dr. and Mrs. Scott H. Hendrix

The Rev. Dr. Christian T. Iosso ’79

Mr. Jinsoo Kim

Mrs. Virginia H. Lemen

The Rev. Kathryn P. Henry ’02

Mr. Oscar Valle Irizarry

Mr. and Mrs. Man J. Kim

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Lenocker ’78

Mr. Paul B. Henry ’69

Mrs. Rosanne Jacks

The Rev. Pan Young Kim ’92

Mrs. Carolyn V. Leon

Dr. Peter James Henry ’96

The Rev. Donna Lynn Frischknecht

The Rev. Rachel Mihee Kim-Kort ’04

The Rev. Gordon E. Letizia ’67

The Rev. Philip David King ’97

The Rev. Dr. Virstan Choy ’74 and Ms.

Mr. Cullan Herald-Evans ’74

Jackson ’07

Mr. Joe LeCluyse

The Rev. Allison J. Herman-Beaulieu ’03

Dr. J. Calvin K. Jackson ’53

The Rev. Cynthia M. King-Guffey ’88

Mr. Abner F. Hernandez Fernandez

The Rev. Dr. William N. Jackson ’67

Ms. Ann Hughes Kinsman

The Rev. Karen Burke Lewis ’98

The Rev. Christine W. Herrin ’97

Dr. Karen Yvette Jackson-Weaver ’06

The Rev. Dr. John L. Kipp ’64

Mrs. Mary T. Libbey

The Rev. James R. Herrington ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jacobs

The Rev. Noelle Elizabeth Kirchner ’05

The Rev. Donald D. Lincoln ’80

The Rev. Dr. J. Richard Hershberger ’57†

Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Jamison

The Rev. Richard Kirk ’58

Mr. Glenn W. Lindberg

Dr. Thomas Sebastian Herwig

Mrs. Janith H. Janssen ’75

Mrs. Lola Shiflet Kirkland


† Deceased

Marina Lew

| 37

Dr. James T. Mathieu ’59

The Rev. Nancy Allison Mikoski ’89

The Rev. Lois T. Murray ’01

Mrs. Carol P. Matthews

The Rev. Dr. David E. Milam ’85

The Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Muth ’79

The Rev. Michael L. Lindvall ’74

Dr. Christian W. Matthews Jr. ’65

Dr. Theodore Patrick Milas

The Rev. Norman E. Myer ’65

Mrs. Joann D. Ling

Mr. N. Ross Matthews

Mrs. Barbara B. Miles

The Rev. Jeffrey I. Myers ’74

Mr. Robert F. Lisi ’60

Mrs. Nancy Matthews

The Rev. Dr. O. Thomas Miles ’51

Ms. Margaret L. Myers ’65

The Rev. Daniel William Little ’59

Chaplain (Major) Thomas E.

The Rev. James Dean Millar ’01

The Rev. Dr. Larry Thomas Nallo ’92

The Rev. Victoria Lynne Millar ’01

Dr. Hart M. Nelsen ’63

Dr. Cara Rae Taylor Miller and Mr. G.

The Rev. Dr. John M. Nelsen ’79

The Reverend ‘67 and Mrs. Ray I. Lindquist

Mr. Michael D. Livio The Rev. Michael E. Livingston ’74 The Rev. Anthony Thomas Livolsi ’11

Mattingly III ’75 Dr. Nancy Oliver Gray and Mr. David Maxson

Matthew Miller ’04

The Rev. Arthur W. Nelson ’56

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Loetscher

Dr. Marlynn L. May ’66

Mrs. Catherine Boand Miller

Ms. Barbara E. Nelson ’66

The Rev. Dr. James H. Logan Jr. ’81

The Rev. Jeffrey William Mays ’81

Mr. Grant Matthew Miller

The Rev. Dr. Kathy J. Nelson ’80

Mr. Murray Lopdell-Lawrence and Mrs.

Mr. John F. McAloon

Mrs. Mary C. Miller

The Rev. E. Lee Nelson Jr. ’55

Dr. G. Daniel McCall ’61

The Rev. Neale L. Miller ’79

The Rev. Susan Patricia Nelson-

The Rev. Dr. J. Raymond Lord ’61

Dr. John Swift McCall ’84

The Rev. Dr. Patrick D. Miller

The Rev. Anthony David Lorenz ’07

Mr. Noble McCartney Esq.

The Rev. Stephanie Miller ’94

The Rev. Julie E. Neraas ’79

Mr. and Mrs. Jan Louisse

Captain Robert Poore

Mr. Theron A. Miller ’86

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Newman

The Rev. Richard A. Mills ’59

The Rev. James A. Nichols ’55

The Rev. William J. Mills ’56

Ms. Elizabeth Hudson Niehoff ’14

The Rev. Robert W. Millspaugh ’55

Mr. Wesley S.T. Niles ’01

Nikki Li Hartliep-Lawrence

The Rev. Dr. Berlinda A. Love ’92 The Rev. Daniel H. Love ’95 The Rev. David E. Lovelace ’94

McClanahan Jr. ’99 The Rev. Dr. William Lester McClelland ’67

Colaneri ’08

Mrs. Betty Meyers Lowe

The Rev. James C. McCloskey III ’83

Mr. James C. Milne

The Rev. Thomas W. Nissley ’58

Ms. Jane Willoughby Lowrey ’03

The Rev. Brian K. McCollum ’10

The Rev. Carrie Neff Mitchell ’02

The Rev. John M. Noah ’68

Mrs. Suzanne Lu

The Rev. Matthew Sidney McCollum ’01

Ms. Elizabeth B. Mochel

The Reverend Dr. ’79 and Mrs. Robert

Mrs. Jane A. Luchies

The Rev. Dr. James Walborn

Ms. Martha D. Mochel

Mr. Paul A. Lutz ’55

McCormack ’70

S. Norris

Mrs. Patricia L. Mochel

Ms. Chelsea Nunziato

Bishop Ernest S. Lyght ’70

Dr. William B. McCullough ’56

The Rev. Betsey Ann Moe ’03

Mrs. Carolyn Giroud Nygren ’61

Mr. Alvon F. Macauley Jr.

The Rev. Maryann McFadden

Mrs. Ann S. Moffett

The Rev. Dr. Richard E. Nygren ’60

Mrs. Eileen Flower Moffett ’54

The Rev. Donald L. O’Dell ’67

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Mace

Meador ’95

Mrs. M. Eileene Johnson MacFalls ’64

The Rev. Lauren J. McFeaters ’90

Ms. Constance R. Mogavero

The Rev. James D. O’Dell ’64

The Rev. James M. MacKellar ’55

The Rev. Michael L. McGehee ’70

Ms. Wendy Michelle Mohler ’12

Dr. Margaret H. Ogilvie

The Rev. Dr. Iain S. MacLean ’85

Ms. Denise M. McGough and Mr. Tom

Dr. Paul D. Molnar

The Rev. ’88 and Mrs. Jeffery V. O’Grady

Ms. Carol Momjian

The Rev. Canon Dr. Dennis L. Okholm ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. McIlvain

Dr. Blair R. Monie ’73

Dr. Shawn Oliver

The Rev. Dr. John H. MacLeod ’48

Mr. Gordon Andrew McKay ’71

The Rev. Carolyn J. Montgomery ’76

The Rev. Dr. Dennis and Mrs. Carol

The Rev. Dr. Robert C. MacSwain ’95

Dr. Elsie Anne McKee ’82

The Rev. Rebecca Montgomery

Mr. Tito Madrazo

The Rev. Dr. Gerald P. McKenny ’82

The Rev. Frederick Albert Magley ’48

The Rev. Mary McKey ’96

Dr. Robert L. Montgomery ’55

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Onstot ’79

The Rev. Leslie Allan Malakian ’71

Mr. Daniel K. McKeon

Ms. Susan Montoya-Sledge ’05

Mr. Eric Grant Osborne ’07

The Rev. Dr. Thomas Malek-Jones ’83

The Rev. Deborah Ann McKinley and

The Rev. Charles D. Monts ’86

Mr. P. Wayne Osborne ’86

The Reverend David Rich ’82

The Rev. Richard J. Moore ’70

Mrs. E. Louise Osbrink

The Rev. John H. Maltby ’62

The Rev. Gary L. McMichael ’78

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Moran

Mrs. Nancy N. Ost

Mr. Robert A. Manchen

The Rev. Laurie A. McNeill ’88

Mrs. Ellen L. Morehouse

The Rev. Dr. Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm ’86

Mrs. Emilie B. Manning

The Rev. Dr. Alan M. McPherson ’64

Ms. Carie Stanley Morgan ’00

The Rev. Harold E. Owens ’71

Dr. Amy Ellen Marga ’98

The Rev. William A. McQuoid ’62

The Rev. R. Christy Morgan ’54

The Rev. John R. Owens ’71

Mrs. Mary Ann Marks ’79

Mr. John R. McQuown

Mr. James F. Morgan

The Rev. Earl F. Palmer ’56

Mr. Daniel Marrazzo

The Rev. Dr. Paige Maxwell McRight ’71

The Rev. R. George Morrison ’58

The Rev. Victor Pandian ’76

The Rev. Brian Leslie Marsh ’00

Dr. Lara Medina

The Rev. Jane Mills Morrison ’84

The Rev. Dr. Peter J. and Mrs. Adrienne

The Rev. Donna Marsh ’98

Mrs. Ruth C. Mehl

Dr. Robert W. Morrison ’69

The Rev. Dr. Steven M. Marsh ’82

The Rev. Gary H. Meier ’65

The Rev. Hibbert W. Moss Jr. ’53

The Rev. Dae Woong Park ’02

The Rev. Dr. Loida I. Martell-Otero

Ms. Pamela Elizabeth Meilands ’14

The Rev. Don John Mossa ’01

The Rev. Sung-Joo Park ’92

Chaplain Bruce A. Martin ’85

The Rev. Matt D. Meinke ’01

Mr. Kenneth L. Mott Esq. ’79

The Rev. Dr. Kenneth N. Parker ’65

Ms. Ellen L. Martin

The Rev. Merry Hope Meloy ’99

The Rev. William C. Mounts ’65

Thomas D. Parker ’65

The Rev. Joe Walton Martin Jr. ’58

Mr. Erick Alexander Mendieta Soza

Ms. Marguerite Mudd Walter ’13

The Rev. Denise Diane Pass ’06

The Rev. Leslie E. Martin ’00

The Rev. Leslie Merlin ’76

The Rev. Dr. Merideth S. Mueller ’04

Mrs. Molly Pau

Mrs. May D. Martin

The Rev. Dr. Harland C. Merriam Jr. ’75

The Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Mulder ’82

Dr. Jerrold D. Paul ’65

The Rev. Richard B. Martin ’59

Mr. John R. Merrick

The Rev. Dr. David E. Mulford ’56

Mrs. Ruth G. Paul

The Rev. Stacy Lois Martin ’03

Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Mertz

The Rev. Dr. Donald C. Mullen ’91

The Rev. Chips Charles Paulson ’86

Mr. German Martinez Jr.

Mrs. Mary Louise Y. Meyer

The Rev. Judith Ann Muller ’73

Dr. Luis G. Pedraja

The Rev. Terry O. Martinson ’72

Dr. Alan G. Meyers ’72

The Rev. Dr. Baron Anthony Mullis ’00

The Rev. W. Donald Pendell Jr. ’55

The Rev. Jacob Grandia Marvel ’01

The Rev. Dr. ’59 and Mrs. Daniel L.

Dr. Paul Eston Mundey ’08

Dr. George A. Pera ’55

The Rev. Robert Clinton Murphy ’67

Dr. Zaida Maldonado Pérez

The Rev. Dr. ’66 and Mrs. Robert S. MacLennan

The Rev. Stephen Gessner Maling ’00

The Rev. Dr. David C. Marx ’83



Morad ’08

Olson The Rev. Philip Neil Olson ’84


The Rev. Dr. Conrad H. Massa ’60

Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Migliore

Mrs. Sharon L. Murphy

The Rev. Dr. Mary Carol Perrott ’04

The Rev. H. Scott Matheney ’82

Dr. Philip Victor Migliore

The Rev. Dr. Camille Cook Murray ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Pershing

The Rev. Stephen J. Mather ’74

The Rev. Dr. Gordon Stanley Mikoski ’88

The Rev. James C. Murray ’62

The Rev. Kathryn B. Pettersen ’94

38 |


The Rev. Dr. Allison Krahling Seed ’77

The Rev. Tyler Chapman Pettigrew ’10

The Rev. Dr. Nathaniel C. Roe ’50

The Rev. Roy Pfautch ’60

Mrs. Elizabeth Byers Roghair

The Rev. Douglas S. Phillips ’81

The Rev. Dr. James E. Roghair ’68

The Rev. Ed Seeger ’71

The Rev. Dr. Anne Whitaker Stewart ’08

Ms. Ellyn C. Phillips

The Rev. Kelly Lynne Roman ’11

The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Seel ’48

The Rev. Marlin B. Stewart ’57

Mr. Samuel Donovan Land Picard ’07

Professor Paul E. Rorem ’80

The Rev. Michael R. Seely ’81

The Rev. Mr. Richard K. Stewart ’65

Mr. Juanito Pierre

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rosser

Mrs. Delphine M. Sefcik

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Stewart

The Rev. Jean B. Pinto ’80

The Rev. Dayle Gillespie Rounds ’89 and

The Rev. Dr. John L. Setzler ’72

Mrs. Cecil Stickle

The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Shaner ’64

Ms. Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales ’57

The Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Poetter ’88

Dr. Stephen Rounds

and Mr. Robert M. Seed

Professor Peter K. Steinfeld ’78 The Rev. Dr. John H. Stevens ’65

Mr. and Mrs. David N. Poinsett

The Rev. Dr. Richard F. Rouquie Jr. ’76

Dr. Joseph M. Shaw ’58

The Rev. Dr. Thomas L. Stiers ’81

The Rev. Dr. Chester Polk Jr. ’95

The Rev. Dr. Charles Howard Rowins ’87

Mr. Willard E. Shearin Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Donald M. Stine ’56

Mr. Robert B. Pollsen ’80

Dr. Richard F. Rowley ’53

Dr. Robert M. Shelton ’59

The Rev. Dr. Gerald T. Stone ’70

The Rev. Frank H. Poole ’66

The Rev. Nathaniel Wade Royster ’09

Dr. Beth M. Sheppard ’91

Dr. Ralph J. Stoudt Jr. ’53

The Rev. Dr. Douglas Edward Portz ’83

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rudert

Mrs. Virginia B. Sheppard ’88

The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Stover ’52

The Rev. Lynn M. Portz ’81

Mr. Gilberto Alfonso Ruiz

Chaplain Brig. General Barbara K.

The Rev. Dr. S. Brian Stratton ’84

The Rev. John W. Potter ’03

Mrs. Wilma Thompson Rule

The Rev. John ’71 F. Potter and Mrs.

Ms. Peggy Rush

Mrs. Joanne K. Shipley

The Rev. William H. Stryker ’56

The Rev. Jill R. Russell ’95

Mr. John Charlton Shipley Jr.

The Rev. Dr. ’68 and Mrs. Laird J. Stuart

Mrs. Donna J. Potts

The Rev. Lana Elizabeth Russell ’03

Ms. Lauren Jo Shipley

The Rev. Charles Richard Stults ’56

Mr. John L. Powell ’81

Mr. Key Sun Ryang ’59

Dr. G. Franklin Shirbroun ’73

Mrs. Heather Sturt and Mr. Paul G.

Dr. John R. Powers ’63

The Rev. Elizabeth Rose Ryder ’10

The Rev. Dr. Roger D. Sidener ’58

Mrs. Carolyn D. Preische

The Rev. Dr. William J. Sadler Sr. and

The Rev. Alfred Otto Siegel ’59

The Rev. David F. Suetterlein ’56

Mary Potter

Mrs. Susan Monroe ’66

Sherer ’82

Mrs. Kathryn Jones Strohm


Ms. A. Martha Sievers

The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Sullivan ’81

The Rev. Allen R. Sager ’70

The Rev. Marion Nimick Silbert ’82

The Rev. Renée Lawler Sundberg ’98

The Rev. Davis B. Price ’72

The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld

Mrs. Patricia Hawes Sime

Dr. Richard A. Sundeen Jr. ’65

The Rev. Joan W. Priest ’88

Mr. Scott M. Saletta

The Rev. Robert E. Simpson ’63

Mrs. Rosemary Edwards Sundeen ’64

Mrs. Nancy E. Prince

The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Sallquist ’93

The Rev. Gary F. Skinner ’62

The Rev. Dr. Arthur E. Sundstrom ’72

Mrs. Constance E. Proffitt

Dr. Dennis M. Salmon ’72

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Skinner

The Rev. Amy P. Sutherlun ’05

The Rev. Dr. Roger P. Rabey ’82

Dr. John M. Salmon ’59

Mr. Philip J. Skotte ’87

The Rev. Joshua Charles Sutherlun ’05

The Rev. Ronald H. Radden ’81

Ms. Wendy Sample

Ms. Kate Skrebutenas ’78

The Rev. Seth Ray Svaty ’06

Mrs. Sara M. Rand ’90

Chaplain Kenneth Leroy Sampson ’96

Ms. Sabrina Ing Slater ’15

The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Swan ’54

The Rev. Erin Rebekah Raska ’09

The Rev. Robert A. Sams ’97

The Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Sloan ’60

Ms. Mary Jane Swanson

The Rev. Dr. Richard Dennis Raum ’75

The Rev. Michael McCall Samson ’05

The Rev. John W. Sloat ’57

The Rev. James H. Swartz ’68

Mr. Albert Re

Dr. Leopoldo A. Sanchez

The Rev. Joseph D. Small III ’71

The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Swift ’49

Ms. Jean MacDonald Rea ’79

The Rev. Edward J. Santana-Grace ’92

The Rev. John B. Smiley ’52

The Rev. Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt ’06

Dr. Clarence L. Reaser ’57

The Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace ’94

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Smith Sr.

The Very Rev. Msgr. John B.

Mr. R. Norman Reeves

Mr. Carmelo Rolon Santos

The Rev. Kellen Andrew Smith ’11

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Reiche

The Rev. Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter ’91

The Rev. Kent L. Smith ’70

The Rev. Dr. Wilfred E. Tabb III ’76

Mr. Hubert Stanley Reid ’14

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Sass

The Rev. Phillip G. Smith ’75

The Rev. Toshio Takami ’68

The Rev. Jonathan H. Reinink ’14

Ms. Laura D. Savenelli ’00

The Rev. Raymond W. Smith ’75

Miss Ruth Shok-Yiu Tang ’75

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Renninger

The Rev. Anna Clock Saxon ’86

The Rev. Dr. Robert B. Smith Jr. ’72

Mr. and Mrs. J. Taylor

The Rev. Dr. James S. Rettig ’69

The Rev. Dr. Randall Lee Saxon ’73

Mr. Ronald Gordon Smith

The Rev. Leigh P. Taylor ’55

The Rev. Dr. Robert C. Reynolds ’70

The Rev. Dr. Charles A. Sayre ’44

The Rev. Dr. Wesley W. Smith II ’87

Dr. Martin Tel

The Rev. Dr. Ronald B. Rice ’61

The Rev. Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. ’71

The Rev. David R. Snyder ’66

The Rev. Dr. ’73 and Mrs. Thomas K.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Richards Jr.

Mr. David M. Schalk

Mrs. Esther D. Snyder

Dr. David B. Riddle ’65

Mr. Richard J. Schenck

The Rev. Dr. John S. Snyder ’57

Dr. Paul Theophilus ’72

The Rev. Florence Ridley ’78

The Rev. Dr. Audrey L. Schindler ’86

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Millie Snyder ’91

The Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese ’87

Mrs. Margaret P. Riesz

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Hurd Schluter ’89

The Rev. Dr. Chandra Shekar Soans ’90

The Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. ’75

The Rev. Dr. Randolph T. Riggs ’71

The Rev. Dr. John A. Schmidt ’70

Mr. Roshan Shubhakar Soans ’16

Dr. Judith Fey Thomas ’65

The Rev. Dr. Peter William Riola

The Rev. Harold H. Schnedler ’72

The Rev. Dr. Philip W. Sommer ’70

The Rev. Dr. ’80 and Mrs. Mark P.

The Rev. Judith Calvert Ritchie ’83

The Rev. Gail B. Nicholas Schneider ’84

Dr. Angella M. Pak Son ’89

Mayra Rivera Rivera

Ms. Angela M. Schoepf

The Rev. Dr. Timothy D. Son ’90

The Rev. Dr. A. Don Robb III ’55

The Rev. Nancy L. Schongalla-

The Rev. Charles L. Sorg ’52

The Rev. Dr. Neal D. ’04 and Mrs. Grace Rhie Presa

The Rev. Dr. Shane E. Roberson ’98

Bowman ’79

Szymanski V.G. ’78


Thomas The Rev. Susan C. Thomas ’80 and Mr. Curt W. Kochner

The Rev. Frank Spada ’80

Mr. Timothy I. Thomas ’90

The Rev. Dr. F. Morgan Roberts ’53

Ms. Doris V. Schoon

The Rev. Dr. Richard LeRoy Spencer ’65

Captain Joseph J. Thompson ’59

The Rev. Mary Putnam Roberts ’80

The Rev. Paul E. Schrading ’66

Mrs. Barbara Ann Spina

The Rev. John W. Thomson III ’56

The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Roberts ’80

Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Schuller

Mr. Matthew R. Spina

Mrs. Virginia J. and Mr. Richard

Mr. Bruce M. Robinson ’83

The Rev. Dr. Frederick J.

The Rev. Dr. John R. Springer ’60

The Rev. Constance Wiegmann

Schumacher ’78


The Rev. Dr. Scott R.A. Starbuck ’88

Mrs. Virginia Thorne

Dr. James A. Schumacher ’59

The Rev. William C. Starr ’60

The Rev. Dr. Laurie P. Tiberi Esq. ’86

The Rev. George Robinson Pomeroy ’63

Professor Walter H. Schuman ’63

The Rev. Paul Speros Stavrakos ’69

Miss Nancy L. Tindall

The Rev. Harry R. Robinson ’57

The Rev. Pamela Ann Hanson

The Rev. Kathryn Ward Stear ’82

The Rev. Dr. Rick D. Tindall ’78

Mrs. Marcena Mead Steele ’65

Foochern Ting

The Rev. William M. Steinbrook Jr. ’77

The Rev. James W. Tinnemeyer Jr. ’01

Robinson ’84

Dr. ’75 and Mrs. William P. Robinson

Sebastian ’99

Ms. Joanne Rodriguez ’99

Mrs. Gladys M. Seebald


† Deceased

| 39

The Rev. Michael A. Toburen ’84

Dr. Sonia E. Waters ’13

The Rev. David Sang Chil Yi ’01

Mr. Gregory F. Todd

The Rev. W. Gale Watkins Jr. ’83

The Rev. Dr. ’94 and Mrs. Sung Bihn Yim

Dr. Robert J. Tollefson ’54

The Rev. Stuart C. Wattles ’76

Chaplain Jeffrey Martin Young ’78

The Rev. Margaret LaMotte Torrence ’98

Mr. Warren D. Watts

The Rev. Michael R. Young ’68

Dr. Theresa L. Torres

The Rev. Charles Stewart Weaver ’66

The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Young ’89

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Trimble

The Rev. James S. Weaver ’53

Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Young

The Rev. Thomas K. Trutner ’61

Dr. Arthur D. Webster Jr. ’69

The Rev. Francis A. Younkin ’55

The Rev. Dr. Jacob Cheung-Sun

Mrs. Joan M. Webster

Ms. Jaime L. Zamparelli

The Rev. Dr. Hermann I. Weinlick ’62

The Rev. Herand Ron Zargarian ’03

The Rev. Samson C. Tso ’06

The Rev. Anne L. Weirich ’98

The Rev. George N. Zigich ’89

The Rev. Joyce C. Tucker

Dr. Donald R. Weisbaker ’56

Mrs. Alison McCord Zimmerman and Mr.

Mr. Thomas Reed Turnbull II ’87

The Rev. Laura Marie Welch ’05

The Rev. William M. Turner Jr. ’81

The Rev. Kenneth A.B. Wells ’60

Dr. Gail Zimmerman

The Rev. Dr. Robert F. Tuttle ’61

Ms. Shawn Bechtold Wells

Ms. Joan Merrill Zimmermann ’82

Ms. Karen Ulisse

The Rev. Denise Condon Welsh ’11

The Rev. Jill Zook-Jones ’79

The Rev. Lloyd F. Umbarger ’73

The Rev. Walter L.C. Wenhold ’56

Ms. Lorelei L. Zupp

The Rev. Laurel A. Underwood ’96

The Rev. X. Peter Wernett ’70

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Unruh

Mrs. Kathleen P. Whalen

The Rev. John H. Valk ’60

Mrs. Mary Downing Wheeler ’49

Ms. Alison Kendall VanBuskirk ’15

The Rev. Myron L. Wheeler ’49

The Rev. Dr. David R. Van Dyke ’78

The Rev. Dr. John E. White and Mrs.

Tsang ’82

Mrs. Barbara M. Van Dyken

Alicia Jay White

The Rev. Dr. Jack R. Van Ens ’72

The Rev. Leon W. White ’63

The Rev. E. Nicholas Van Gombos ’79

The Rev. Dr. Ronald C. White Jr. ’64

Chaplain Angelina D. Van Hise ’93

The Rev. Dr. Peter Evans Whitelock ’89

Ms. Martha Van Hise

The Rev. James D. Whitlock ’63

The Rev. Vernon Larry Van Hise ’96

The Rev. David T. Widmer ’94

Chaplain Ronald N.H. Van Schenkhof ’70

The Rev. Dr. Warren C. Wiggins ’67

The Rev. Karol Lynn Van Wulfen ’97

The Rev. Holly S. Wildhack ’87

The Rev. Dr. Robert P. Vande

Captain William A. Wildhack III ’85

Kappelle Sr. ’70

The Rev. Dr. Kenyon J. Wildrick ’58

The Rev. Dr. Susan E. Vande Kappelle ’75

The Rev. Ralph K. Willers ’56

Ms. Bertha Anna van der Bent Hamel ’83

Mrs. Beverley Williams

The Rev. Allison Brown

Ms. Gwendolyn Williams

VanderLinden ’79

The Rev. Harold G. Williams Jr. ’59

The Rev. Calvin D. VanderMeyden ’73

The Rev. Walter Ernest Williams ’66

Mr. Hector M. Varela-Rios

Mrs. Erma Polly Williams-Fischler ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Vawter Jr.

Mrs. Elizabeth Furst Williamson

Dr. Angel Luis Velez Oyola

Professor David W. Wills ’66

Mr. and Mrs. Virginia Winthrop Vieira

Mrs. Gail H. Wilson

The Rev. Henk S. Vigeveno ’52

The Rev. John M. Wilson Jr.

Ms. Rachel Philipp Vione ’05

The Rev. Paul H. Wilson ’46

Dr. John H. Visser ’55

Ms. Lauren Frances Winner

Mrs. Eugenia J. Vogel

The Rev. Keith A. Wintermute ’78

Mr. Donald M. Vorp† and Mrs. Dorothy

The Rev. Dr. ’72 and Mrs. George B.

L. Vorp


Mr. George Allan Vorsheim Jr. ’79

The Rev. J. David Wiseman ’73

Pastor Deborah M. Wagner ’84

Mrs. Jeannine W. Wiseman ’75

The Rev. Dr. Walter Hermann

Mr. Matthew J. Witkowski Jr.

Wagner ’88

Dr. H. Stanley Wood ’70

The Rev. Dr. David Glenn Walker ’52

The Rev. Terry D. Woodbury ’72

Mr. David H. Wall ’80

Ms. Jean Woodman

Mrs. Betty Wallace

Patricia Kelsh Woolf

Dewey D. Wallace Jr. ’60

The Rev. Elaine L. Woroby ’86

Dr. Jeremy David Wallace ’06

The Rev. Charles E. Wright ’78

Dr. Jonathan Lee Brian Walton ’02

Dr. Dana R. Wright ’99

The Rev. Dr. John Pearce Ward ’86

Mrs. Jane C. Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Warner

The Rev. Matthew Parker Wrzeszcz ’09

The Rev. John David Warren ’55

Mr. Ralph M. Wyman

The Rev. Arthur Jack Wartes ’45

The Rev. Dr. Steven Toshio

The Rev. Dr. ’77 and Mrs. Paul Gustav Watermulder Mrs. Ruth G. Watermulder

40 |

Yamaguchi ’88 The Rev. Dr. In Yang ’89 The Rev. Dr. David V. Yeaworth ’54

James M. Zimmerman

GIFTS MADE IN HONOR OR MEMORY To the Annual Fund in Honor of: Ms. Betty Angelucci The Rev. Dr. Richard Armstrong ’58 Attending students The Rev. Richard Avery ’59 The Rev. Dr. Craig Barnes ’81 The Rev. Dr. George R. Barr’s General Assembly Election ’00 Dr. Shane Berg ’00 Dr. C. Clifton Black The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Blount ’81 Dr. Timothy Brennan Dr. Gimmie Brennan Dr. Michael Brothers ’86 The Rev. Dr. Scott Bruzek ’95 Mrs. Jo Cassell The Rev. Dr. Fred W. Cassell ’54 Dr. S. David Chambers Jr. ’45 Class of 2016 Mr. Christopher E. Day The Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean ’97 Mrs. Amy Ehlin The Rev. Dr. Abigail Evans ’68 The Rev. Diane Jamison Fitch ’93 Dr. Freda A. Gardner Dr. Darrell L. Guder Mrs. Heather Haaga Mr. Paul Haaga The Rev. Dr. Geddes W. Hanson ’72 The Rev. Kenneth Hockenberry ’84 The Rev. Judith Hockenberry ’86 Hudson Memorial Presbyterian Church Mr. Chase C. Hunt C. Nolan Huizenga ’06 and Aimee Moiso’s Marriage Dr. Todd B. Jones ’79 Professor James F. Kay Anna Kort Desmond Kort Oswald Kort Mr. Frederick F. Lansill Dr. Inn Sook Lee The Rev. Dr. Sang Hyun Lee Gwen Little Dr. Thomas G. Long ’80 The Rev. Anthony Lorenz ’07 Dr. Bruce L. McCormack ’89 The Rev. Kennedy M. McGowen ’89 The Rev. Dr. James A. Mays ’58 Dr. Daniel L. Migliore ’59 Dr. John M. Mulder ’70 The Rev. Dr. Camille Cook Murray ’06 Mr. Trevor Pantezzi Ms. Hilary Grace Ritchie The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld Dr. C. Leong Seow ’80 The Rev. John “Jack” Shepherd Jr. ’02 Mr. Matthew R. Spina The Rev. Dr. Anne Stewart ’08 The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Streeter ’59 Dr. Martin Tel Mrs. Sherilyn Tel The Center for Scottish Philosophy Mr. Dane Tucker Mr. James A. Unruh Mr. Carl Voth Ms. Jamie Zamparelli To the Annual Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Marilyn L. Alamsha ’80 The Rev. Victor I. Alfsen ’43 The Rev. Dr. Diogenes Allen Dr. Bernhard W. Anderson The Rev. Dr. James F. Anderson ’52


The Rev. Robert W. Andrews ’54 The Rev. Thomas W. Apperson ’65 Mrs. Margaret Childs Armstrong The Rev. Dr. Donald S. Bachtell ’57 Dr. Dalton B. Baldwin ’63 The Rev. Dr. William C. Barger ’62 The Rev. Dr. J. Christiaan Beker The Rev. Dr. W.J. Beeners ’48 Mrs. Carolyn K. Boak The Rev. William Newman Boak ’57 The Rev. Dr. Arthur V. Boand ’20 The Rev. Robert B. Boell ’38 The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Bracken ’56 and family Mr. William Brower The Rev. Dr. Arthur M. Byers Jr. ’50 The Rev. Dr. J. Paul Cameron IV ’70 Dr. Ernest T. Campbell ’48 The Rev. Dr. Donald Capps Mr. and Mrs. David W. Carr The Rev. George W Carson ’47 The Rev. Harry E. Chase IV ’51 The Rev. Walter R. Coats ’49 The Rev. Dr. David L. Crawford ’47 Mrs. Mary Ann Cureton ’63 The Rev. Charles Darocy ’52 The Rev. Clarence J. Davis Jr. ’69 The Rev. Park Dickerson The Rev. Thomas Duncan ’72 The Rev. Wallace Edward Easter ’47 The Rev. Frederick W. Evans Jr. ’47 The Rev. Dr. Lewis M. Evans ’54 The Rev. Paul F. Everett ’64 The Rev. Dr. William Felmeth ’42 The Rev. Walter A. Fitton ’54 Mrs. Martha Fletcher Ms. Rita Foley The Rev. Dr. Philip W. Furst ’35 Mrs. Susan Hall Galloway ’66 The Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Gillespie ’54 Mrs. Betsey Grau The Rev. Dr. Gerhard H. Grau ’70 The Rev. Dr. Alan Hagenbuch ’58 The Rev. Dr. Neill Q. Hamilton ’51 The Rev. Edler G. Hawkins The Rev. Robert P. Heim ’55 The Rev. Bruce A. Hinderliter ’67 The Rev. Richard C. Hughes ’61 The Rev. Bruce G. Ingles ’66 The Rev. Dr. G. Robert Jacks ’59 The Rev. Dr. Samuel Allen Jackson ’32 The Rev. Dr. Stephen H. Janssen ’75 The Rev. Henry F. Jonas ’52 The Rev. Norman S. Kindt ’41 The Rev. Dr. Bryant Kirkland ’38 The Rev. Dr. Theodore Koopmans ’38 Mr. Howard T. Kurst Dr. Martin E. Lehmann ’48 The Rev. Dr. Richard Hayward Leon ’62 The Rev. L. Blaine Libbey Jr. ’63 The Rev. David E. Ling ’52 The Rev. Dr. James E. Loder ’57 Dr. C. Marshall Lowe ’55 Mrs. Gloria G. McCollum The Rev. Dr. James I. McCord The Rev. Dr. Richard J. Manning ’55 Ms. E. Aminta Marks ’51 Mr. Donald Marsh The Rev. Kenneth Matthews ’61 The Rev. George S. Maxwell ’29 The Rev. Dr. Bruce M. Metzger ’38 Dr. Paul W. Meyer The Rev. Wesley Miles ’55 The Rev. Charles C. Miller Jr. ’53 Dr. William Miller Mr. David Stevenson Moessner

The Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Moffett ’42 The Rev. W.D. Niles ’66 Mr. Stephen Louis Nusser Ms. Ramona Olmedo The Rev. Leonard J. Osbrink ’45 The Rev. Dr. Warren W. Ost ’51 The Rev. Willard C. Paul ’43 Mr. James A. Polk Mr. Robert Carl Pollsen The Rev. Lee Poole ’60 The Rev. Russell D. Proffitt ’58 Minnie and Bob Putnam Mrs. Anne M. Re Dr. Muriel Osgood Roe ’50 The Rev. David M. Rogge ’66 The Rev. Dr. H. Edwin Rosser ’45 The Rev. David Eugene Rule ’53 The Rev. Felix Santana Mrs. Victoria Heiser Shaw Mr. Gene P. Sickle Mrs. Lois J. Sorg The Rev. Dr. R. David Steele ’55 The Rev. Barbara Sterling ’76 Robert John Stine Dr. Cullen IK Story ’64 The Rev. Scott Strohm ’84 The Rev. George A. Thomas ’64 The Rev. Dr. G. Hall Todd ’38 The Very Rev. Professor Thomas F. Torrance Mr. George Tychsen Dr. Seymour Van Dyken ’63 The Rev. G. William Vogel Jr. ’51 The Rev. George A. Vorsheim ’50 The Rev. R. Stanley Wallace ’55 The Rev. Mr. Jay F. Walters ’56 The Rev. Dr. David B. Watermulder ’45 The Rev. Dr. Charles S. Webster Jr. ’41 The Rev. Dr. Compton Williams ’88 Dr. D. Campbell Wyckoff


† Deceased

To the Continuing Education Certificate in Theology and Ministry in Memory of: Mrs. Alice Olson Mr. Raymond Olson To the Scholarship Fund in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. John E. White The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Young ’89 To the Scholarship Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Alexander T. Coyle ’30 The Rev. Dr. Leonard Grant ’55 Dr. Bickford Lang ’48 The Rev. Joseph J. Lemen ’50 To the Theological Commons Digitalization Initiative in Honor of: Mr. David Wall ’80 To the Princeton Seminary Archives in Memory of: The Rev. Thomas L. Thorne ’58 To the Hispanic Theological Initiative in Honor of: Dr. Eric Daniel Barreto ’04 To the Hispanic Theological Initiative in Memory of: Dr. Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz Ms. Ramona Olmedo

To the Edler G. Hawkins Prize in Memory of: The Rev. Edler G. Hawkins To the Bicentennial Campaign in Memory of: The Rev. Albert G. Butzer Jr. ’80 Mrs. Susan Hall Galloway ’66 The Rev. Dr. Bryant Kirkland ’38 The Rev. Dr. James I. McCord The Rev. Dr. Edward Louis Schalk ’42 To the Bicentennial Campaign in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson ’73 The Rev. Dr. Gordon Boak The Rev. Dr. Fred W. Cassell ’54 Dr. Joanne Cassell The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Holst ’74 Mr. Robert Thomas Sharman To the New Residential Apartments Project in Honor of: Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago To the Princeton Theological Korean Mission Room in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Moffett ’42 To the William Harte Felmeth Chair for Pastoral Theology in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. William H. Felmeth ’42 To the Bryant M. Kirkland Minister of the Chapel Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Bryant Kirkland ’38 To the Rimmer and Ruth de Vries Chair in Reformed Theology and Public Life in Memory of: Dr. Max L. Stackhouse To the Buck Breland Memorial Medical Emergency Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Osmond P. “Buck” Breland ’00 To the Class of 1970 Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Diogenes Allen The Rev. Carol Ames ’69 To the John S. and Mary B. Linen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. John S. Linen Mrs. Mary B. Linen

To the Charles Delmar Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Charles F. Delmar To the Reverend Dr. Samuel Allen and Anne McMullan Jackson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Dr. Thomas C. Jackson ’52 To the International Students Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: The Rev. George B. Wirth ’73 To the Salvatore and Clara Migliore Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Ms. Clara Migliore Mr. Salvatore Migliore To the David Livingstone Crawford Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. David L. Crawford ’47 To the Class of 1952 Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. James F. Anderson ’52 To the G. Robert Jacks Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. G. Robert Jacks ’59 To the Benjamin Franklin Farber Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Charles W. Farber To the J. Thomas Kort Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Kort ’73 To the J. Thomas Kort Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. Normal James Deac Mrs. Pauline D. Kort To the Joanne and John Shipley Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mr. John C. Shipley Sr. To the Henry James Sr. Prize Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Donald Capps

To the Richard H. Lackey Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: Mrs. Richard H. Lackey Jr.

To the James G. Emerson Jr. Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. John K. Sefcik ’53

To the Robert Doran Young Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of: Mrs. Louissa Young The Rev. Dr. Robert Young

To the 2014 Graduating Class Gift in Honor of: The Rev. Janice S. Ammon ’90 The Rev. Rosemary C. Mitchell ’77 Ms. Ava Grace Williams

To the Ansley G. and Jane R. Van Dyke Scholarship Endowment Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Ansley G. Van Dyke ’42 Mrs. Jane Van Dyke

To the Memorial Gift Fund in Memory of: The Rev. Dr. Lincoln Griswold ’55 To the Women in Ministry Program Initiatives in Honor of: The Rev. Dr. Abigail Evans ’68 The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld

| 41

CONGREGATIONS, CHURCHES, AND CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS Gifts received from congregations, churches, and church organizations. Thank you for supporting the next generation of church leaders. UNITED STATES ALABAMA Tuscaloosa First Presbyterian Church CALIFORNIA Burlingame First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame Chico Bidwell Memorial Presbyterian Church Lafayette Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church Laguna Beach Laguna Presbyterian Church Long Beach Covenant Presbyterian Church Los Gatos Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos Mission Viejo Presbyterian Church of the Master Newport Beach St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Panorama City Synod of Southern California and Hawaii San Marino San Marino Community Church COLORADO Boulder First Presbyterian Church of Boulder Denver Christian Ministry in the National Parks CONNECTICUT Waterford Crossroads Presbyterian Church DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington Georgetown Presbyterian Church FLORIDA Sarasota Church of the Palms St. Petersburg First Presbyterian Church GEORGIA Atlanta First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta North Avenue Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Greater Atlanta Trinity Presbyterian Church Marietta Bethany Korean Presbyterian Church ILLINOIS Chicago Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago Edwardsville First Presbyterian Church Libertyville First Presbyterian Church Naperville Knox Presbyterian Church

42 |

Springfield Great Rivers Region of the American Baptist Church INDIANA Boonville St. John’s United Church of Christ Indianapolis Second Presbyterian Church Jasper Lincolnland Association United Church of Christ Jeffersonville Committee on Theological Education KANSAS Prairie Village Village Church LOUISIANA New Orleans St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church Shreveport First Presbyterian Church MARYLAND Gaithersburg Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Potomac Potomac Presbyterian Church Rockville National Capital Presbytery MICHIGAN Byron Center Classis Grand Rapids South Dearborn Littlefield Presbyterian Church Flint Detroit Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Grand Rapids Classis Grand Rapids East Grosse Ile Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church MINNESOTA Brooklyn Center Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota Grand Rapids Community Presbyterian Church Minneapolis Westminster Presbyterian Church MISSISSIPPI Greenville First Presbyterian Church MISSOURI Columbia United Methodist Church St. Louis Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church Third Baptist Church NEBRASKA Alliance Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Church NEW JERSEY Englewood Top Stone Presbyterian Church Fair Lawn Warren Point Presbyterian Church

Hamilton Township Christ Presbyterian Church Lawrenceville Slackwood Presbyterian Church Metuchen First Presbyterian Church Milford Holland Presbyterian Church Morristown Presbyterian Church in Morristown Ocean City Ocean City Tabernacle Association Paramus Armenian Missionary Association of America, Incorporated Point Pleasant Beach Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church Princeton Christ Congregation Nassau Presbyterian Church Princeton United Methodist Church Trinity Episcopal Church Ridgewood West Side Presbyterian Church Somerdale First Presbyterian Church Summit Christ Church Trenton Diocese of New Jersey New Jersey Region of the American Baptist Church Shiloh Baptist Church Woodbridge First Presbyterian Church of Woodbridge Yardville United Presbyterian Church NEW YORK East Syracuse Synod of the Northeast Loudonville Loudonville Presbyterian Church Mattituck Mattituck Presbyterian Church New Rochelle Korean Presbyterian Church of Westchester New York Church of the Master Episcopal Diocese of New York Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church United Church Foundation Orchard Park Orchard Park Presbyterian Church Watertown First Presbyterian Church NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte Covenant Presbyterian Church First Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Charlotte Sardis Presbyterian Church Greensboro Westminster Presbyterian Church Lenoir Fairview Presbyterian Church Raleigh White Memorial Presbyterian Church Winston-Salem Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

OHIO Cleveland Shiloh Baptist Church Marietta First Presbyterian Church Troy First Presbyterian Church OKLAHOMA Stillwater First Presbyterian Church Tulsa First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa PENNSYLVANIA Allentown First Presbyterian Church of Allentown Kittanning Grace Presbyterian Church Lansdale Eastern District Conference Mennonite Church Newtown Newtown Presbyterian Church Perkasie First Baptist Church Philadelphia Grace-Trinity United Church of Christ Presbytery of Philadelphia Pittsburgh Third Presbyterian Church Valley Forge American Baptist Churches West Chester Westminster Presbyterian Church SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Westminster Presbyterian Church TENNESSEE Nashville First Presbyterian Church General Board of Higher Education in Ministry TEXAS Irving Synod of the Sun VIRGINIA Arlington Calvary United Methodist Church Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg Harrisonburg Eastside Church First Presbyterian Church Virginia Mennonite Conference Lynchburg First Presbyterian Church McLean Immanuel Presbyterian Church Richmond Synod of the Mid-Atlantic WASHINGTON Redmond Meadowbrook Church Sammamish Sammamish Presbyterian Church Snohomish First Presbyterian Church Vancouver Cascades Presbyterian Church


Yakima Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church WISCONSIN Neenah First Presbyterian Church WYOMING Gillette First Presbyterian Church



Bank of America Foundation IBM Corporation PNC Bank Foundation The Merck Company Foundation The Prudential Foundation Verizon Foundation

In gratitude for their lives, Princeton Seminary recognizes men and women who have joined the Church Triumphant. The following gifts have been received and special funds have been established in their memory. We honor their legacy of faithfulness and excellence as pastors, church leaders, and educators.



Adora S. Jones Ministerial Trust Winston-Salem, North Carolina

CF Foundation Inc. Charles Delmar Foundation Christine and Paul Branstad Family Foundation Chu Investment Counsel Inc. Commercial Cleaning Corporation Deighton Christian Fund EwingCole Faith, Hope & Love Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Foundation for the Carolinas Frederick Buechner Center Gallery 353 Grace Charity Foundation, Inc. Grace CM-Foundation

Duke University Divinity School Durham, North Carolina

Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Henry Luce Foundation, Inc. J.B. Redding & Son, Inc. J.G. Nasile Painting Co. Inc. Jeffrey A. Fleisher Architect John N. Bergstrom Endowment Fund John Templeton Foundation Kalla Enterprises, Inc. M.L.E. Foundation, Inc. Mennonite Foundation, Inc. Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Mount Olivet Foundation National Academy of Science Network for Good Olivet Nazarene University Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation Optimist International Panwy Foundation Inc. Pittsburgh Foundation Public Service Electric and Gas Company Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Raymond James Charitable Regent Floor Covering & Carpet Roothbert Fund, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Scudder Association, Inc. Shepherds for the Savior Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation Southwest Florida Community Foundation Inc. Texas Presbyterian Foundation The Epiphany Now Foundation TIAA Trinity Cafe Corporation UBS Donor Advised Fund Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program W.K. Kellogg Foundation

International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons Chautauqua, New York


Erwin T. Koch Charitable Trust Clayton, Missouri Franklin W. and Helen S. Bowen Charitable Trust Wilson, North Carolina

Estate of George H. Bowman Estate of Acheson J. Duncan Estate of James L. Hartman Estate of Jean Richards Estate of Anne W. Shirer Estate of Robert L. Shirer Estate of Daniel Theron Estate of William V. Waterman Jr. ’58 Estate of Eleanor V. Weld Estate of Emily H. Windows

Henry P. Bridges Ministers’ Trust Baltimore, Maryland Herbert B. Davison Trust Princeton, New Jersey

Jimmie Ullery Charitable Trust Dallas, Texas Joe R. Engle Trust New York, New York Komarek Charitable Trust Henderson, Nevada Margaret D. Chubet Trust Princeton, New Jersey Moravian Academy Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Order of the Eastern Star Grand Chapter of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland The Symposium Ringoes, New Jersey United Way of Spokane County Spokane, Washington William A. and Eugenie H. Sullivan Trust Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

| 43

Pictured above: (left) Martha Banyar Le Roy, (right) William P. Robinson, chair of the board of trustees, thanked members of the legacy society during their gathering at reunion 2016.

CELEBRATING 200 YEARS OF PLANNED GIVING AT PRINCETON SEMINARY The Martha Banyar Le Roy Legacy Society recognizes friends and

Martha Banyar Le Roy was one of

of her generous gift came to the

the Seminary’s earliest benefactors.

Seminary in full, endowing the two

Two hundred years ago, in February

scholarships. Today, two hundred

1816, it was announced that an

years after the award of these

anonymous donor had endowed the

two first scholarships, Princeton

first scholarship to be awarded at

Seminary students continue to

the Seminary. Three months later

benefit from her generosity and

the same person endowed a second

the legacy she seeded. The Legacy


Society has been named in honor of

alumni who have made planned

this remarkable woman, her “pious

and life income gifts to the

In 1818, Martha Banyar Le Roy

Seminary through provisions in

was named in board minutes as the

their will and/or one of the life income arrangements offered

liberality,” and the legacy she seeded.

benefactor. Scholarships were to be a legacy named after her husband and her father—the Le Roy and

through the planned giving

the Banyar Scholarships. When


Martha died in 1829, the principal

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in the 2015–16 Annual Report. Please notify the Department of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or advancement@ptsem.edu if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions This publication reflects all gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

44 |


The Martha Banyar Le Roy Legacy Society If you would like to make a planned gift, or have made such a provision and are not listed below, call Murray Lopdell-Lawrence, director of planned giving, at 609.497.7978. CLASS OF 1942 Dr. James F. Moore CLASS OF 1943 The Rev. James Stuart Dickson† The Rev. Dr. Carl J.C. Wolf CLASS OF 1944 The Rev. Richard B. Hardy† The Rev. Dr. Charles A. Sayre CLASS OF 1945 The Rev. Joseph T. Sefcik CLASS OF 1948 Mrs. Dorothy P. Beeners† CLASS OF 1949 The Rev. Dr. James G. Emerson Jr. The Rev. Dr. Charles S. MacKenzie Jr. The Rev. William R. Stackhouse The Rev. Dr. Donald D. Swift CLASS OF 1950 The Rev. Dr. Nathaniel C. Roe CLASS OF 1951 The Rev. George F. Gillette The Rev. Dr. O. Thomas Miles CLASS OF 1952 The Rev. William M. Boyce Jr.† The Rev. Richard G. Douse The Rev. Charles L. Sorg The Rev. Dr. Robert E. Stover The Rev. Henk S. Vigeveno CLASS OF 1953 The Rev. Dr. Richard J. Oman Dr. Ralph J. Stoudt Jr. CLASS OF 1954 Dr. James F. Armstrong The Rev. Dr. Fred W. Cassell The Rev. Dr. John P. Crossley Jr. The Rev. David B. Lowry Mrs. Eileen Flower Moffett The Rev. R. Christy Morgan The Rev. Dr. E. John Roof The Rev. Dr. Allan H. Swan The Rev. Dr. David V. Yeaworth CLASS OF 1955 The Rev. Dr. Arlo D. Duba The Rev. Dr. Lincoln T. Griswold† The Rev. E. Lee Nelson Jr. The Rev. Dr. A. Don Robb III The Rev. Francis A. Younkin


CLASS OF 1956 The Rev. Dr. C. Frederick Horbach The Rev. Dr. David E. Mulford The Rev. Paul G. Palmer The Rev. Dr. Jong Sung Rhee CLASS OF 1957 The Rev. Dr. Robert J. Armstrong The Rev. Kayton R. Palmer The Rev. Harry R. Robinson Ms. Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales CLASS OF 1958 The Rev. Dr. Richard S. Armstrong The Rev ’58 M. Dwight and Mrs. Donna G. Ferguson The Rev. James L. Mechem CLASS OF 1959 The Rev. Richard M. Craig Ms. Jane Frist The Rev. Sung Chik Han† The Rev. David C. Jamison The Rev. Richard B. Martin The Rev. Alfred Otto Siegel CLASS OF 1960 The Rev. Samuel Baez The Rev. ’60 and Mrs. Eugene P. Degitz The Rev. Dr. Philip L. ’60 and Mrs. Norma D. Ferguson Mrs. Clara Joe Minarik Fisher The Rev. Dr. Conrad H. Massa The Rev. Dr. Richard E. Nygren The Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Roche CLASS OF 1961 Professor Rolf W. Ahlers The Rev. Dr. ’61 and Mrs. Robert W. Bohl The Rev. Chase S. Hunt The Rev. George B. Johnson The Rev. Dr. Richard R. Johnson The Rev. Dr. Robert F. Tuttle CLASS OF 1962 The Rev. Dr. Roger Lee Dunnavan The Rev. Dr. Francisco Oscar GarcíaTreto and Ms. Bonnie Flake The Rev. Robert M. Undercuffler The Rev. Alfred W. Wilson Jr. CLASS OF 1963 Miss Joyce Marilyn Harmony CLASS OF 1964 The Rev. Brent Washburn Fisher The Rev. Dr. ’64 and Mrs. Dean E. Foose Miss E. Ann Jackman The Rev. Dr. Wayne R. Whitelock

CLASS OF 1965 The Rev. Dr. David L. Beck Dr. Christian W. Matthews Jr. The Rev. Dr. Richard LeRoy Spencer CLASS OF 1966 The Rev. Dr. Clarence B. Ammons The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Dent The Rev. Dr. ’66 and Mrs. John T. Galloway Jr. Mrs. Fredrika S. Groff The Rev. Carlton Craig Hall CLASS OF 1967 The Rev. Elizabeth D. Beck The Rev. Dr. Kent Ira Groff The Rev. Dr. William Lester McClelland Mr. Ronald Roberts CLASS OF 1968 The Rev. James E. Clark The Rev. Barbara M. Laucks The Rev. Dr. Laird J. Stuart CLASS OF 1969 The Rev. C. Philip Laucks The Rev. Dr. Donald Maddox The Rev. Vern E. McCarty Mr. Richard E. Nathan Dr. Arthur D. Webster Jr. CLASS OF 1970 The Rev. Elaine Peck Africa Mr. William L. Carlton The Rev. Vincent C. deLalla The Rev. Dr. Brewster H. Gere Jr. The Rev. James S. Lawton The Rev. Dr. Joseph B. Mullin The Rev. Dr. John R. Tobian CLASS OF 1971 The Rev. Donald C. Austin The Rev. Dr. L. Richard Bradley Dr. L. Dudley Field III Mr. Carl C. Gray Jr. The Rev. James A. Lacy The Rev. Dr. Paige Maxwell McRight The Rev. Dr. Randolph T. Riggs The Rev. Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. The Rev. Ed Seeger Dr. James E. Tuckett The Rev. Dr. Gerald L. Tyer CLASS OF 1972 The Rev. ’72 and Mrs. Bruce G. Boak The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Dill The Rev. Dr. Marcia J. Graham The Rev. David H. Johnson The Rev. Jean Anne Swope The Rev. Dr. Jack R. Van Ens

CLASS OF 1973 The Rev. Dr. ’72 and Mrs. Fred R. Anderson The Rev. Dianna Pohlman Bell The Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Coye The Rev. Gregory C. Gibson The Rev. Donna Hitner Gray The Rev. Dr. J. Thomas Kort The Rev. Dr. Robert G. McCreight The Rev. Judith Ann Muller The Rev. Dr. Randall Lee Saxon CLASS OF 1975 The Rev. Charles F. Holm The Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. CLASS OF 1976 The Rev. Dr. Brent J. Eelman The Rev. William A. Hartfelder Jr. The Rev. John S. McAnlis The Rev. Dr. Kari Turner McClellan The Rev. Carolyn J. Montgomery CLASS OF 1977 The Rev. Gary L. Burdick The Rev. John D. Gibbs The Rev. Dr. M. Randall Gill The Rev. Mary L. Marcus The Rev. Dr. Denise LeFebvre Stringer CLASS OF 1978 The Rev. Patricia C. Alexander The Rev. William J. Alexander The Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Chapman Mr. Mark A. Convoy Dr. George H. McConnel The Rev. Rodger L. Pettichord Mrs. Trudy Murin Pettichord Mr. Robin A. Rayner The Rev. Florence Ridley CLASS OF 1979 The Rev. Dr. Philip M. Jones The Rev. Dr. Nigel J. Robb CLASS OF 1980 The Rev. Dr. Kathy J. Nelson The Rev. Mary Putnam Roberts The Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Roberts The Rev. Gary J. Watkins CLASS OF 1981 The Rev. Laszlo Muzsnai The Rev. Douglas R. Nettleton The Rev. Ronald H. Radden

| 45

CLASS OF 1982 The Rev. J.W. Cejka III The Rev. Dr. William M. Hoyle The Rev. Deborah Ann McKinley and The Rev. David Rich Chaplain (Colonel) Barbara K. Sherer

CLASS OF 1990 Mrs. Dolores Bedford Clarke The Rev. Dr. Suzanne Watts Henderson The Rev. Linda A. Knieriemen The Rev. Dr. Kenneth E. Kovacs The Rev. Dr. Cleophus J. LaRue Jr.

CLASS OF 1983 The Rev. Dr. Edward A. Black The Rev. Dr. Stuart D. Broberg Dr. Shin Chiba The Rev. Dr. David C. Marx

CLASS OF 1991 The Rev. William Lee Kinney The Rev. Dr. Steven B. Miller The Rev. Elsie Armstrong Rhodes The Rev. James W. Wheeler

CLASS OF 1984 The Rev. Deadra Bachorik Ashton The Rev. James D. Brassard The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Gustafson The Rev. Jane Mills Morrison The Rev. Constance Wiegmann Robinson The Rev. Barbara Price Rolph Pastor Deborah M. Wagner

CLASS OF 1993 Dr. Ann I. Hoch The Rev. Peter J. Loughman The Rev. Dr. Gary A. Sallquist

CLASS OF 1985 The Rev. Dr. Deborah G.A. Brincivalli Mrs. Doris Becroft Havran The Rev. James Scott Hogue CLASS OF 1986 The Rev. Mark James DeVries The Rev. Dr. Guy D. Griffith The Rev. Dr. Audrey L. Schindler The Rev. Dr. John Pearce Ward

CLASS OF 2004 The Rev. Dr. Mary Carol Perrott CLASS OF 2006 The Rev. Thomas Leet Harmon CLASS OF 2007 The Rev. Kelley Anne Angleberger

CLASS OF 1994 Mrs. Kathleen Jean Loughman The Rev. Melissa Anne Rogers CLASS OF 1995 The Rev. Maryla K. Meagher The Rev. James R. Wilken CLASS OF 1996 Mr. Justin Dan Sundberg CLASS OF 1997 The Rev. Gregory P. Alford Ms. Pamela L. Kling

CLASS OF 1987 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Crilley The Rev. Dr. Julie A. Johnson The Rev. Dr. Brian R. Paulson Dr. Fu-Ya Wu

CLASS OF 1998 The Rev. Eric Paul Lemonholm The Rev. Donna Marsh The Rev. Renée Lawler Sundberg The Rev. Elizabeth Ann Terrill The Rev. Anne L. Weirich

CLASS OF 1988 The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Henderson Jr. The Rev. Dr. Kasonga Wa Kasonga The Rev. Carl R. Lammers The Rev. Dr. Walter Hermann Wagner

CLASS OF 1999 The Rev. ’99 and Mrs. Darrell L. Armstrong The Rev. Jane Tanaskovic Brady The Rev. Dr. Whitworth Ferguson III

CLASS OF 1989 The Rev. Thomas C. Cramer

CLASS OF 2000 The Rev. Dr. Charles Sealy Thorp III CLASS OF 2002 The Rev. Carrie Neff Mitchell

NON-ALUMNI FRIENDS Mrs. Barbara S. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Armstrong Mrs. C. Elaine Barger Mrs. Richard A. Biggs Mrs. Amy Woods and Mr. Robert Brinkley Mr. and Mrs. John D. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. John H. Donelik Mrs. Edna M. Egerton Mrs. Suzanne P. Egloff Mrs. Joanne B. Erb Mrs. Donna G. Ferguson Mrs. Kathleen S. Fulton Mrs. Mary Beth Gibson Mrs. Barbara Gillespie Mrs. Heather Sturt and Mr. Paul G. Haaga Dr. Robert J. Heaney Dr. James S. Irvine† Mrs. Dorothy A. Johnson Mr. F. Martin Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Johnson Mrs. Dorothea A. Johnston Mr. John E. Kresge Mrs. Jane A. Luchies Mr. Noble McCartney Mrs. Mildred L. McClellan Mrs. Ruth W. McFall Jr. Mr. Daniel K. McKeon Mr. Kenneth N. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Guy E. Millard Mrs. Barbara Carlson Niebruegge Mrs. Mary Helen Norton† Mrs. Miriam C. Overton The Rev. Dr. Peter William Riola Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Rosser Ms. Carolyn Sener Rusk The Rev. Dr. Katharine Doob Sakenfeld Mrs. Gladys M. Seebald Mr. John D. Stewart† Mrs. Remer L. Strong Mr. Antonio Manuel Vidal Mr. Paul W. Whitney Mrs. Elizabeth Furst Williamson Mrs. Elizabeth R. Wilson Mrs. Jane C. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Young We would also like to express our grateful appreciation to nearly one hundred additional donors who have remembered Princeton Seminary in their estate plans, but wish to remain anonymous.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the gifts listed in the 2015–16 Annual Report. Please notify the Department of Advancement at 609.497.7756 or advancement@ptsem.edu if you notice any discrepancies or have any questions This publication reflects all gifts made to Princeton Theological Seminary during the fiscal year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

46 |


2015 AND 2016 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS Princeton Theological Seminary is grateful to the following alumni who contribute their time, energy, and talents by serving as members of the Alumni Association Executive Council. During all or part of 2015–2016, the following alumni served on the Alumni Association Executive Council:

Region 1:

Region 7:

The Rev. Dr. R. Scott Herr ’87

The Rev. Edwin Gray Hurley ’81




(Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands)

Region 2: The Rev. Michael L. Lindvall ’74

Region 8:


The Rev. Dr. Dwight R. Blackstock ’71

(Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,


New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island,

(Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North

and Vermont)

Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming)

Region 3:

Region 9:

The Rev. Berlinda A. Love ’92

The Rev. Dr. April Marie Davis Campbell ’04



(Delaware and New Jersey)

(Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin)

Region 4: The Rev. Donna Marsh ’98

Region 10:


The Rev. Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt ’06

(Washington DC, Maryland, and


Eastern Pennsylvania)

(New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas)

Region 5:

Region 11:

The Rev. Dr. Peter Henry ’96, ’01 ThM,

The Rev. Dr. Christopher Lenocker

’09 PhD

’78 ThM



(Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio,

(Arizona, Hawaii, and Southern California)

West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania) Region 12: Region 6:

The Rev. Kendy Easley ’82 MA, ’87

The Rev. Bianca Robinson Howard ’05



(Alaska, Northern California, Nevada, Oregon,

(Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,

Washington, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands,

and Virginia)

and American Samoa)

Members-At-Large The Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick ’99, ’07 PhD, chip.hardwick@pcusa.org Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter ’92, sarah@wellesleyvillagechurch.org


| 47

Welcome to Our Newest Alumni!

The Class of 2016 in front of Miller Chapel. Built in 1834, Miller Chapel is the heart of worship life at the Seminary. It is named for Samuel Miller, the Seminary’s second professor. Master of Divinity Crystal Amber Arellano Fryer Robert William Arrington Andrew Robert Ekow Ayetey Karen Sue Bachman Gina Jungyeon Bae Adam Benjamin Banks Jeremiah Frederick Snyder Barker Lisa Rose Battaglia* Meghan Alexander Beddingfield Katherine Joy Bedford Steve Santos Belo David Murdock Filippini Bibee Sarah Ann Bixler Nikolaus Charles Breiner* Christi K. Brennan Aliya Frances Browne Gerald Anthony Cameron Sheena Marie Cameron James Lee Carnes Christopher Joon Choi Mina J. Choi Wendy Lee Christianson Hayley Lang Cohen Theron David Cook Megan Lian Corbi Carlos Armando Corro Scott D. Donahue-Martens Daniel Stephen Dorrow* Terence Batten Dougherty Jacob Leon Douylliez Andrew Robert Wenger Buckwalter Fairfield Jacqueline Jenelle Fowler Nelson Markey Chea Gray Aida Haddad Dana B. Hall* Taylor Steven Hall Kathryn Lee Heidelberger Max William Heidelberger Jennifer Kay Herold Barry David Hill Anna Catherine Irwin Ki-Woong Jin Nathan Loren Jumper Justin Daniel Karmann Elizabeth Anne Kearny James Dexter Kearny III 48 |

Noha Tamam Khoury Ba Wool Kim Alison Fraser Kling David Alexander Kling Lisa S. Lee Jarad Lorne Legard Daniel James Levy Carol Leslie Loyd* Jodie Fesler Mack Kelsey Marshall Anthony Matias Erik Christian Matson Scot Alexander McCachren Christopher James McCloskey Christopher Ward McNabb Calli Margaret Micale Eliseo Morales Jr. David Howard Morrison Clinton Carter Mosley Jason Wayne Myers Aaron Thomas Neff Joshua Ryo Nelson Mary Gardiner Nickel Adam Johnen Ogg Hyun Wook Park Dontae Timothy Phillips Hannah Nielsen Quick Adam Christian Reinhardt Jung Min Roh Michael Scott Rotolo Jr. Seth Weldon Saathoff Alexander Clark Serna-Wallender Anastassia Catherine Sharpe Benjamin Andrew Shaw Scott Leonard Sherrill Jennifer Shin Jacqueline Marie Small Jordan Kinsey Smoak* Roshan Shubhakar Soans Julia Anne Sprague Geneva Rae Steck William Martin Stell Michael Samuel Sterns Merlene Isabel Taylor Alan Bernard Thorne Codie Nathaniel Todd Colleen Marie Tolan Colleen Ritchie Toole Donald Patrick Van Antwerpen

Cinthia Geomara Vera Philip James Viebeck Christopher James Voorhees Christopher Mark Waks Douglas Paul Walters Matthew Robert Westermayer Michelle Jean Angele Wildridge Pui See Wong Daniel Hee Woo Joel Michael Wood Adam Stephen Yaros Luke Daniel Zerra Emily Louise Zimbrick Rogers Dual-Degree: Master of Arts/Master of Divinity Verónica Cotto Walter Ferido De Gunya Wesley Wayne Ellis Victoria Jane Etherington Robert Seney Gillette III Samantha Jeanne Gilmore Peter Alan Hawisher Ryan Matthew Irmer Theodore Donaldson Jordan Kelsey LeeAnn Lambright Peace Pyunghwa Lee Caroline Alexandra Louise Newman Phoebe Lorraine Quaynor Doran Leigh Stucky Adam Kemp Tobey Andrew Isaac Wall Master of Arts Antonin Ficatier Master of Arts (Theological Studies) Rola Al Ashkar Andew Philip Borozan Orlando Allista Broomfield Taylor David Wilkerson

Master of Theology Sheng Wei Chang Khukheshe Nifato Chishi Jong Dae Choi Siaw Fung Chong Jacob Hanbin Eun Robert Rocco Fuggi Jr. Joel Micah Geer Tara Shebree Gibbs Michael Andrew Huffman Daniel Martin Hutton Gwangsu Jo Rochhuahthanga Jongte Hanna Kang Hyun Joo Kim Kangsan Kim Yoon Ki Kim Abraham Kuruvilla Elijah MinJung Kwak Christopher Andrew Lane Marcia Y. Lewis Bonnie Elizabeth Lin Michael Henry Lyle Sudie Elisabeth Niesen Thompson Bryan MacLeod Stafford Tasha Renee Striker Charles Garry Taylor Jesse Christopher Tosten Kiran Irene Young Wimberly Jae Jin Yang Bong Yeon Yeo Doctor of Philosophy Sunder John Boopalan Thomas Perry Dixon Adam John Eitel Philip Michael Forness Christiane Marie Lang Hearlson Courtney Faith Palmbush Donald James Pedersen James Edward Walters Melanie Gibson Webb *(received degree October 2015)


THANK YOU TO ALUMNI Gifts for the Annual Fund, scholarships, capital projects, endowments, and other special purposes have been made by the following alumni:

CLASS OF 1941 Active Members: 1 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $100 C. Edward Brubaker CLASS OF 1942 Active Members: 3 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $50 Cedric H. Jaggard CLASS OF 1943 Active Members: 4 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $300 Donald R. Fletcher CLASS OF 1944 Active Members: 3 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $100 Charles A. Sayre CLASS OF 1945 Active Members: 12 Donors: 4 Total Giving: $325 Douglas W. Gray Luis A. Quiroga Arthur Jack Wartes James D. Yoder CLASS OF 1946 Active Members: 7 Donors: 1 Total Giving: $100 Paul H. Wilson CLASS OF 1947 Active Members: 13 Donors: 3 Total Giving: $125 Pattie Moore Gray Howard A. Redmond John Edwin Slater Jr. CLASS OF 1948 Active Members: 18 Donors: 4 Total Giving: $515 Leroy J. Garrett† John H. MacLeod Frederick Albert Magley Robert E. Seel CLASS OF 1949 Active Members: 28 Donors: 5 Total Giving: $325 Robert W. Bruns Harry E. Colwell Gerald E. Hollingsworth William R. Stackhouse Donald D. Swift

CLASS OF 1950 Active Members: 22 Donors: 5 Total Giving: $610 Fitzhugh Mc M. Legerton Dean R. Montgomery Nathaniel C. Roe A. Thurston St. Clair Jr. Russell C. Tomlinson Jr. CLASS OF 1951 Active Members: 35 Donors: 9 Total Giving: $1,650 David R. Aaronson E. Luke Carlson Barbara Sturgis Crawford George F. Gillette Donald C. Hawthorne Elene Roussey Hawthorne Frank C. Marvin Jr.† J. Bruce Melton O. Thomas Miles CLASS OF 1952 Active Members: 32 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $3,285 William M. Boyce Jr.† Brian H. Cleworth H. Glen Ellison William C. Howell† Robert E. Lakey John B. Smiley Charles L. Sorg Robert E. Stover Henry B. Strock Jr. John E. Turpin Henk S. Vigeveno David Glenn Walker CLASS OF 1953 Active Members: 55 Donors: 17 Total Giving: $5,165 Julian Alexander Jr. Sherwood W. Anderson Prentice H. Barnett Virginia H. Beach W. Edmund Carver Aaron E. Gast Roy A. Harrisville Jr. David H. Hopper J. Calvin K. Jackson James A. Langley Hibbert W. Moss Jr. Dr. F. Morgan Roberts Newton M. Roberts Richard F. Rowley Alfred A. Schlorholtz Ralph J. Stoudt Jr. James S. Weaver CLASS OF 1954 Active Members: 61 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $12,565 James F. Armstrong William H. Bender


Martin J.T. Buss Fred W. Cassell Thomas H. Cavicchia James H. Chesnutt Robert J. Clark† John P. Crossley Jr. Charles J. Dougherty Robert W. Hoag J. Houston Hodges James H. Howell John E. Huegel Glen C. Knecht Harris T. Lang David B. Lowry William H. McGregor Eileen Flower Moffett R. Christy Morgan Robert F. Smylie† Allan H. Swan Robert J. Tollefson David V. Yeaworth CLASS OF 1955 Active Members: 67 Donors: 22 Total Giving: $10,770 Al T. Davies Wylene Young Davies Arlo D. Duba Victoria Mott Garey Lincoln T. Griswold† Lewis S. Hay Suzanne Arend Hewett Paul A. Lutz James M. MacKellar Robert W. Millspaugh Robert L. Montgomery E. Lee Nelson Jr. James A. Nichols W. Donald Pendell Jr. George A. Pera A. Don Robb III Leigh P. Taylor James F. VanDyke John H. Visser John David Warren Laurence N. Woodruff Francis A. Younkin CLASS OF 1956 Active Members: 74 Donors: 20 Total Giving: $5,912 Ernest E. Bortner Jr. Nancy M. Buss Donald A. Crosby Raymond J. Foley J. Robert Hewett Robert W. Jewett Donald N. Matthews William B. McCullough William J. Mills David E. Mulford Arthur W. Nelson Earl F. Palmer Donald M. Stine William H. Stryker Charles Richard Stults David F. Suetterlein

John W. Thomson III Donald R. Weisbaker Walter L.C. Wenhold Ralph K. Willers CLASS OF 1957 Active Members: 74 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $3,360 Richard E. Brewer Paul D. Clark Roberto Delgado George F. Forner Arlen L. Fowler George H. Gilmour Charles L. Greenwood D. Paul Hackett J. Richard Hershberger† James W. Kesler Roger A. Kvam Robert W. MacGregor David C. Meekhof Donn D. Moomaw Clarence L. Reaser Daniel W. Reid Harry R. Robinson John W. Sloat John S. Snyder Marlin B. Stewart Mary Virginia Stieb-Hales CLASS OF 1958 Active Members: 83 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $18,180 Richard S. Armstrong John N. Bartholomew C. Samuel Calian Pedro Cintron-Lamourt M. Dwight Ferguson Ralph S. Hamburger Elsie Bowie Harber Margaret E. Howland Alick M. Kennedy Patricia Budd Kepler Thomas F. Kepler Richard Kirk Joe Walton Martin Jr. James L. Mechem R. George Morrison Thomas W. Nissley Jeanne Audrey Powers Joseph M. Shaw Paul Giok Bee Shih Roger D. Sidener Kenyon J. Wildrick CLASS OF 1959 Active Members: 106 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $4,290 Leonard B. Bjorkman Marguerite C. Bronkema-Allen Richard M. Craig Robert W. Crowther Jr. Robert E. Dodson Svea Blomquist Gray Daniel Gordon Jewett Raymond E. Judd Jr.

Michael Kalafian Daniel William Little Robert Ira Long III Richard B. Martin James T. Mathieu Christopher M. Meadows III Daniel L. Migliore Richard A. Mills Key Sun Ryang John M. Salmon James A. Schumacher Robert M. Shelton Alfred Otto Siegel Lee C. Theodore Joseph J. Thompson Harold G. Williams Jr. Louise Smith Woodruff CLASS OF 1960 Active Members: 110 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $40,792 Jacob B. Adams III James E. Aydelotte III J. Raymond Brubaker William S. Causey Charles L. Cureton III Man Singh Das Eugene P. Degitz Philip L. Ferguson Robert W. Finertie J. Scottie Griffin Donald G. Howland Kermit D. Johnson Robert F. Lisi Conrad H. Massa Kenneth F. Morris Richard E. Nygren Roy Pfautch Ronald J. Sloan John R. Springer William C. Starr M.K. Thomas John H. Valk Dewey D. Wallace Jr. Kenneth A.B. Wells Erma Polly Williams-Fischler CLASS OF 1961 Active Members: 106 Donors: 27 Total Giving: $4,395 George F. Aberle William M. Alexander† Gerald L. Bell Jr. Robert A. Beringer Judith Kingston Bjorkman Dhyan M. Cassie Howard F.M. Childers Abigail Rian Evans Frederick P. Gibbs Richard L. Gronhovd James R. Hartsoe Chase S. Hunt June L. Jewett George B. Johnson George C. Kandle John Lloyd Larson J. Raymond Lord

| 49

James M. Marsh G. Daniel McCall Carolyn Giroud Nygren Ronald B. Rice Lawrence F. Selig Bruce H. Swenson J. Bob Thornton Thomas K. Trutner Robert F. Tuttle Bruce R. White CLASS OF 1962 Active Members: 104 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $7,337 Robert M. Adams John Thomas Ash III Edward A. Clydesdale William Thomas Cunningham John D. Dennis Roger Lee Dunnavan William E. Foreman Terry E. Fouse Harry A. Freebairn William J. Fuerstenau Francisco Oscar García-Treto Harlan L. Gilliland† C. James Hinch Harvey O. Johnson David C. Kaminsky John H. Maltby William A. McQuoid James C. Murray Edward D. Schneider Gary F. Skinner A. Russell Stevenson Hermann I. Weinlick Patricia Davies White Alfred W. Wilson Jr. David J. Woehr

CLASS OF 1963 Active Members: 129 Donors: 31 Total Giving: $11,248 Richard B. Anderson Charles L. Bartow Helen M. Beglin Herbert W. Cassel David G. Cassie George E. Chorba III James U. Cortelyou William H. Dent Jr. Barry H. Downing Augustus Scott Feather III Henry J. Ferry George F. Fry Joyce Marilyn Harmony H. Davis Haw David W. Hoeldtke Robert H. Jones Richard Stanley Kauffman A. Douglas Lamb Eleanor Burke Lane John C. Mather John S. McCall John H. McFarlane Hart M. Nelsen Benton M. Newcomer George Robinson Pomeroy John R. Powers Walter H. Schuman Robert E. Simpson George G. Toole Leon W. White James D. Whitlock CLASS OF 1964 Active Members: 124 Donors: 26 Total Giving: $12,180 Blan C. Aldridge

Donald P. Boardman John A. Cairns Jr. E. Lloyd Evans Dean E. Foose Richard Q. Ford Stillman Allen Foster Jr. Wallace T. Fukunaga R. Melvin Henderson Robert P. Hoover Nancy L. Howard Ching-Fen Hsiao W. Harvey Jenkins Jr. Harold E. Johnson Peter Rhea Jones Sr. Stark G. Jones John L. Kipp Helen Copeland Lynde M. Eileene Johnson MacFalls Alan M. McPherson William McElwee Miller Jr. James D. O’Dell Donald W. Shaner Rosemary Edwards Sundeen Ronald C. White Jr. Raymond Wyppich CLASS OF 1965 Active Members: 122 Donors: 40 Total Giving: $21,150 Janice I. Anderson Larry A. Angus David L. Beck Jack J. Blanco Lawrence A. Chamberlain Eloise A. Cowherd Ronald L. Creager George E. Daniels David William Danner Nancy Schumacher Dennis George R. Doering Jr.

Constantine Eliades J. Harold Ellens Ernest W. Freund Howard E. Friend Jr. Peter B. Funch Kenneth E. Graham John A. Huffman Jr. James E. Janke Robert E. Larson Jr. Kenneth J. Lynde Christian W. Matthews Jr. Eleanor Ruth McKelvie Gary H. Meier William C. Mounts Norman E. Myer Margaret L. Myers Kenneth N. Parker Thomas D. Parker Jerrold D. Paul David B. Riddle J. Cy Rowell Richard LeRoy Spencer Marcena Mead Steele John H. Stevens Richard K. Stewart Richard A. Sundeen Jr. Judith Fey Thomas James S. Welch Thomas C. Witter CLASS OF 1966 Active Members: 121 Donors: 30 Total Giving: $14,091 Eugene R. Augustine Jr. Charles R. Barton Elizabeth G. Biggers Robert Karl Bohm Robert E. Criswell Robert W. Dent William P. Findlay

John T. Galloway Jr. Gaylord S. Gillis Fredrika S. Groff Carlton Craig Hall Willard R. Harstine James R. Herrington Elinor Kirkland Hite S T Kimbrough Jr. James R. Laurie Robert S. Maclennan Marlynn L. May Paul A. Mickey Howard L. Milkman Jr. Blair Moffett Barbara E. Nelson Frank H. Poole William J. Sadler Sr. Paul E. Schrading David R. Snyder Philip J. Sorensen Charles Stewart Weaver Walter Ernest Williams David W. Wills CLASS OF 1967 Active Members: 127 Donors: 28 Total Giving: $2,775 Carl David Anderson Jeff M. Archer Elizabeth D. Beck Robert J. Collins Stewart E. Ellis David P. Gellert Kent Ira Groff Barry J. Gruver Charles A. Herrick Gordon C. Hess Walter C. Hunting Carolyn R. Range Ingles William N. Jackson Earl S. Johnson Jr. Gordon E. Letizia Ray I. Lindquist William Lester McClelland Robert Clinton Murphy Szabolcs S. Nagy Philip D. Needham Donald L. O’Dell Roderick D. Olson George L. Reed Jr. Delores F. Richardson Ronald Roberts Theodore S. Voelker Warren C. Wiggins Nancy W. Wood CLASS OF 1968 Active Members: 147 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $14,577 Charles M. Beck III D. Calvert Brand Richard C. Brand Jr. Floyd W. Churn Jr. E. Dickson Forsyth Patrick Joseph Hardy Earl William Kennedy Daniel A. Klement Barbara M. Laucks John M. Noah Joseph Oscar Rand Jr.

Members of the Class of 1966 celebrated their fiftieth anniversary at reunion 2016.

50 |

† Deceased


Vernon Jerome Rice J.R. Richardson James E. Roghair Craig W. Rule Henry E. Snedeker Gordon L. Sommers Laird J. Stuart James H. Swartz Toshio Takami Raymond F. Weigle Andrew H. Woods Michael R. Young CLASS OF 1969 Active Members: 156 Donors: 30 Total Giving: $4,650 Joan L. Abell Noel Justin Amadi Peter L. Amerman Thomas S. Baker Dale E. Bilbrey William D. Carr James S. Crawford David D. Cuttino David R. Drain Richard W. Dutton Elizabeth Collins Ferrard Shirley Rakacs Funk W. Woodrow Gilliland Robert R. Goffrier Maynard Grunstra James Harold Harris Jr. Paul B. Henry Thomas F. Johnson M. Jacob Kaufman Jr. I. Henry Koh John Lancaster C. Philip Laucks Donald Maddox Peter A. McWilliams Robert W. Morrison James S. Rettig Constance Leean Seraphine Kenneth W. Smith Paul Speros Stavrakos Arthur D. Webster Jr.

CLASS OF 1970 Active Members: 156 Donors: 32 Total Giving: $6,670 William L. Bowers Cheryl J. Brown Jackson W. Carroll Ellen H. Dozier Frank Gasque Dunn R. Wayne Frey Brewster H. Gere Jr. Irene R. Getz Chi Young Kay Donald C. Landis James S. Lawton Ernest S. Lyght James Walborn McCormack Michael L. McGehee Robert A. Miller Richard J. Moore John M. Mulder Robert C. Reynolds Allen R. Sager John A. Schmidt Kent L. Smith Philip W. Sommer Gerald T. Stone

Byron R. Swanson John R. Tobian Melchior H. Van Hattem Ronald N.H. Van Schenkhof Robert P. Vande Kappelle Sr. C. John Weborg X. Peter Wernett Stanley Wood Kenneth A. Wotherspoon CLASS OF 1971 Active Members: 165 Donors: 31 Total Giving: $8,391 Carol E. Atwood-Lyon Donald C. Austin Dwight R. Blackstock T. Webster Brenner Jr. Robert C. Brower George Brown Jr. Lynn D. Cairns John Crosbie Carr Kim-Tsong Chen Joel R. Crosby Mark A. Davies Keith W. Drury James E. Forsythe John L. Glosser Carl C. Gray Jr. Dennis A. Guenther Winston R. Hull II J. William Kokie Paul A. Leggett Leslie Allan Malakian Gordon Andrew McKay Paige Maxwell McRight Robert E. Noble Jr. Harold E. Owens John R. Owens John F. Potter Jerry C. Rettig Randolph T. Riggs Clarence V. Scarborough Jr. Ed Seeger Joseph D. Small III CLASS OF 1972 Active Members: 155 Donors: 29 Total Giving: $6,280 George F. Abdo Alan R. Blatecky Bruce G. Boak Carole Zippi Brennan Bruce J. Cannon Daniel L. Consla William T. Davis Gary O. Dennis Gary A. Dill Dale Allan Dykstra Ezhamalil Eapen David M. Evans Kenneth F. Gruebel Terry O. Martinson Alan G. Meyers Davis B. Price Dennis M. Salmon Harold H. Schnedler John L. Setzler Robert B. Smith Arthur E. Sundstrom Herbert R. Swanson Jean Anne Swope George Reeves Taylor Paul Theophilus Jack R. Van Ens


James M. Van Hecke Jr. George B. Wirth Terry D. Woodbury CLASS OF 1973 Active Members: 176 Donors: 31 Total Giving: $24,296 Fred R. Anderson Robert G. Bayley Dianna Pohlman Bell Rowland F. Bennett Wayne C. Blaser John V. Carlson Thomas R. Coye Larry Eugene Dixon Craig R. Dykstra Kenneth Shannon Gallagher Donna Hitner Gray Alexander Emil Hansen Ed Kaiel Gregory J. Keosaian J. Thomas Kort Lonnie H. Lee Jeffrey J. Mohr Blair R. Monie Judith Ann Muller George L. Rolling III Randall Lee Saxon Carl D. Shankweiler G. Franklin Shirbroun Warunee Deetanna Swanson Thomas K. Tewell Dale G. Tremper Lloyd F. Umbarger John F. Underwood Calvin D. VanderMeyden J. David Wiseman Thayyil M. Zachariah CLASS OF 1974 Active Members: 169 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $3,450 Ronald G. Benham Virstan Choy Ronald A. Crouch Robert A. Edmunds Stephen Davey Glazier Julio Gomez Henry J. Goodspeed David P. Haydu Cullan Herald-Evans David H. Hicks D. Keith Hinson Kirby N. Keller Samuel Y. Khalil John J. Koch Michael L. Lindvall Michael E. Livingston Stephen J. Mather Jeffrey I. Myers John C. Poling Bruce R. Pullen Richard J. Ramsey Harold B. Sanderson Jr. David S. Simmons Warren G. Soare Donald C. Warren CLASS OF 1975 Active Members: 179 Donors: 20 Total Giving: $7,930 Mary Eno N. Dean Evans

Craig W. Hendrix Janith H. Janssen John P. McDowell Harland C. Merriam Jr. David P. Moessner Thomas C. Oxtoby Christine Erway Phillips Robert J. Phillips Jackie Cottington Poling Richard Dennis Raum William P. Robinson Phillip G. Smith Raymond W. Smith Jeanne McCarley StevensonMoessner Ruth Shok-Yiu Tang Daniel C. Thomas Jr. Susan E. Vande Kappelle Jeannene W. Wiseman CLASS OF 1976 Active Members: 154 Donors: 25 Total Giving: $4,250 Christina L. Bruun-Horrigan Oshagan Vardapet Choloyan William A. Hartfelder Jr. Randall Hedeman Theodore Hiebert R. Kevin Horrigan James W. Hulsey Ramon Eugene Hunt William M. Jaap Louise Upchurch Johnson Samuel P. Lamback Jr. Robert L. Lowry John A. MacDougall Priscilla R. MacDougall Shanda M. Mahurin John S. McAnlis Leslie Merlin Paul H. Moessner Carolyn J. Montgomery Victor Pandian Donald E. Potter Richard F. Rouquie Jr. Wilfred E. Tabb III Aristides Simos Varrias Stuart C. Wattles CLASS OF 1977 Active Members: 208 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $2,460 Kenneth R. Bickel Marshall J. Brown Jeffrey K. Erb John D. Gibbs M. Randall Gill Robert F. Hull Jr. Louise L. Kingston Barbara S. Koch Jonathan T. Lange Mary L. Marcus Luke S. Martin Allison Krahling Seed William M. Steinbrook Jr. Larry K. Waltz Paul Gustav Watermulder CLASS OF 1978 Active Members: 191 Donors: 32 Total Giving: $6,108 Jerry D. Andrews Kathryn K. Avery

Hilary H. Battle John C. Berghorst Larry L. Bethune Patricia A.F. Clary Mark A. Convoy Peter R. Del Nagro Guy W. Dunham J. Mark Frederick Jr. Diane Schmidt Hayes Anita Elizabeth Hendrix Christopher M. Lenocker Charles R. Leonard Stephens G. Lytch Gary L. McMichael Dennis L. Okholm Rodger L. Pettichord Trudy Murin Pettichord Florence Ridley Stephen Calder Row Thomas Samuel Frederick J. Schumacher Kate Skrebutenas Peter K. Steinfeld Christopher P. Stewart John B. Szymanski Rick D. Tindall David R. Van Dyke Keith A. Wintermute Charles E. Wright Jeffrey Martin Young CLASS OF 1979 Active Members: 234 Donors: 37 Total Giving: $12,283 Sidney F. Batts Kenneth P. Bell Charles W. Bowman Richard D. Campbell Robert L. Crall Deborah Kerr Davis David H. DeRemer Charles F. Farmer Joan E. Fleming Sarah M. Foulger Gregory L. Hayes Robert G. Hunsicker Christian T. Iosso Timothy K. Jones Todd B. Jones Keith L. Koch Stephen C. Kolderup Mary V. Larkin Beverly J. Leach Mary Ann Marks Richard Snyder McDermott Neale L. Miller Robert H. Morris Kenneth L. Mott Nancy E. Muth John M. Nelsen Julie E. Neraas Robert S. Norris Kenneth E. Onstot Peter R. Powell Jr. Jean MacDonald Rea Nancy L. Schongalla-Bowman E. Nicholas Van Gombos Allison Brown VanderLinden George Allan Vorsheim Jr. Louise F. Westfall Jill Zook-Jones

| 51

CLASS OF 1980 Active Members: 206 Donors: 36 Total Giving: $8,081 Gregory M. Anderson Ashley J. Beavers Charles F. Bogar Nicholas P. Boolukos Randall B. Bosch Ralph T. Brackbill Sally A. Brown George S. Cladis Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer Kelby K. Cotton Marilyn J. Crawford Gregory J. Davis Robert A. Garwig Lance V. Grothe Dennis R. Hamilton Ann Case Holt Anna E. Jones Heather Lynn Jordan Khan Richard Carl Klein Jr. Donald D. Lincoln Carol Eichling Lytch Elizabeth K. McDermott Kathy J. Nelson Jean B. Pinto Robert B. Pollsen Norma S. Ritterspach Mary Putnam Roberts Thomas P. Roberts Stuart D. Robertson Paul E. Rorem Rande W. Smith Frank Spada Mark P. Thomas Susan C. Thomas David H. Wall Stephen C. Williams

CLASS OF 1981 Active Members: 202 Donors: 27 Total Giving: $26,375 M. Craig Barnes L. Lang Brownlee Willem C. Bynagte Peter M. Chang Donald L. Collins Keith M. Curran Robert G. Duffett Allen H. Fisher Jr. Edwin Gray Hurley Richard A. Kauffman James H. Logan Jr. Hugh James Matlack Jeffrey William Mays Douglas G. McClure Mary L. Mild Douglas R. Nettleton Douglas S. Phillips Lynn M. Portz John L. Powell Ronald H. Radden Suzanne E. Schafer-Coates Daniel Schipani Michael R. Seely Stephen W. Starzer Thomas L. Stiers Thomas P. Sullivan William M. Turner Jr. CLASS OF 1982 Active Members: 224 Donors: 42 Total Giving: $6,727 Ann Clay Adams Sue S. Althouse Ronald W. Baard Jack W. Baca Bradley A. Binau Patricia L. Brown-Barnett

J.W. Cejka III Daniel A. Corretore III Nancy Guthrie Ditmars Jonathan V. Eastman Keith E. Edwards Anne E. Fisher V. Kimble Forrister Michael J. Gorman Barbara G. Hager Diana Drew Harbison Joseph T. Hourani William M. Hoyle Kristen Rouner Jeide David Lee Jones Robert A. Keefer Steven M. Marsh H. Scott Matheney Michael J. McKay Elsie Anne McKee Gerald P. McKenny Deborah Ann McKinley Steven D. Metcalf Timothy J. Mulder David Alan Perkins Roger P. Rabey Barbara K. Sherer Marion Nimick Silbert Virginia B. Smith Rochelle A. Stackhouse Kathryn Ward Stear Richard G. Thayer Jacob Cheung-Sun Tsang Ben R. Wagener Randolph L.C. Weber Stephen M. Wilson Joan Merrill Zimmermann CLASS OF 1983 Active Members: 233 Donors: 29 Total Giving: $23,270 Mary E.B. Baard

Carlton M. Badger Jr. Guinn Blackwell-Eagleson Greg R. Bostrom Kathleen S. Bostrom Michael Patrick Burns Anthony J. Chvala-Smith Robert J. Cromwell Dale H. Crouthamel Robert A. Crowell Patricia L. Daley Cheryl F. Dudley Daniel Dupree Julio Filomeno Aurelio A. Garcia Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion Timothy C. Geoffrion Brian T. Hartley Jefferson Lee Hatch Sarah A.R. Kimbrough† Thomas Malek-Jones David C. Marx James C. McCloskey III Douglas Edward Portz Judith Calvert Ritchie Bruce M. Robinson Carolyn W. Spanier-Ladwig Bertha Anna van der Bent Hamel W. Gale Watkins Jr. CLASS of 1984 Active Members: 234 Donors: 40 Total Giving: $7,212 Lucille E. Abernathy Marilyn McCord Adams Fred R. Archer Jr. Steven A. Becker David F. Bowman James D. Brassard James W. Campbell Melanie Hammond Clark

Cynthia E.W. Crowell Beverly J. Crute Gary L. Davis Kenneth H. Forbes Carol M. Gregg Robert W. Gustafson John W. Hart Karen B. Helmeke Michael W. Holmes Calvin H. Knowlton Richard A. Lanford Ann Ferrell Lewis Barbara B. Lucia Bradley D.P. Martin Timothy S. Maxa John Swift McCall Jane Mills Morrison Thomas J. Mullelly Eleanor M. Nimmer Philip Neil Olson Gayle B. Parker Thomas C. Parker Constance Wiegmann Robinson Gail B. Nicholas Schneider William Robert Sharman III Peter C.S. Sime Aland D. Smith S. Brian Stratton Douglas M. Thorpe Michael A. Toburen Deborah M. Wagner Claire Ervin Williams CLASS OF 1985 Active Members: 205 Donors: 24 Total Giving: $4,614 Gregory K. Ammon James Bibza Richard D. Buller Charles B. Casper

Members of the Classes of 1985 and 1986 celebrated their thirtieth and thirty-first anniversaries at reunion 2016. 52 |

† Deceased


Kelton A. Cobb Timothy Paul Coombs Catherine Cook Davis Richard K. Eckley William A. Evertsberg Donald Hardie Fox Scott A. Kramer Richard E. Kreutzer Paul Byungsoo Lee Charles E. Lewis Iain S. MacLean Antonia S. Malone Bruce A. Martin Kelli Ann Masters David E. Milam John Edward Morgan Timothy L. Rogers-Martin Edwin R. Sumner Robert D. Thurston-Lighty William A. Wildhack III CLASS OF 1986 Active Members: 210 Donors: 24 Total Giving: $8,015 Holly Ann Anderson Michael A. Brothers David R. Brumbaugh David A. Davis Mark James DeVries Kathleen P. Gorman-Coombs Guy D. Griffith Margaret Grun Kibben Alan B. Guffey Lewis Timothy Kidd Frederick J. Mendez Theron A. Miller Charles D. Monts P. Wayne Osborne Dawn Ottoni-Wilhelm Ann R. Palmerton Chips Charles Paulson Barbara J. Price-Martin Julie Rogers-Martin Anna Clock Saxon Audrey L. Schindler Mary Elizabeth Shields Laurie P. Tiberi Elaine L. Woroby CLASS OF 1987 Active Members: 216 Donors: 18 Total Giving: $2,006 E. Terrence Alspaugh Thomas Henry Cross Chip W. Dobbs-Allsopp Leslie A. Dobbs-Allsopp Donna J. Garzinsky Reiche Young Chul Hong Virginia S. Hubbard Letitia M. Johnston Hannah A.D. Miller Joseph C. Miller Jr. Richard A. Moyer Charles Howard Rowins Philip J. Skotte Wesley W. Smith II Barbara Therese Thomas Reed Turnbull II Holly S. Wildhack David E. Young

CLASS OF 1988 Active Members: 216 Donors: 22 Total Giving: $25,799 Robert C. Berger Randall Kevin Bush David W. Dietsche Lynn Elliott David J. Huegel Cynthia M. King-Guffey Robert M. Knight Keith D. Lawrence Hwain C. Lee Laurie A. McNeill Gordon Stanley Mikoski W. Bradley Munroe Jeffrey V. O’Grady Thomas S. Poetter Joan W. Priest Virginia B. Sheppard Scott R.A. Starbuck Douglas E. Turner Walter Hermann Wagner John W. Walker Gregory L. Wortley Steven Toshio Yamaguchi CLASS of 1989 Active Members: 176 Donors: 24 Total Giving: $4,075 Mary Beth Anton Hwa-Ja P. Bang Zane K. Buxton E. Quinn Fox Stephen P. Fritz William N.A. Greenway Jr. Sung Kee Ho Julie Evonne Hodges Miles H. Hodges Philip J. Hughes F. Marsh Kellegrew Kennedy M. McGowan Nancy Allison Mikoski Amy Louise Na Kang-Yup Na John R. Norwood Jr. Angella M. Pak Pak Son Cynthia L. Rigby Dayle Gillespie Rounds Nancy Hurd Schluter Peter Evans Whitelock In Yang Richard L. Young George N. Zigich CLASS OF 1990 Active Members: 210 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $3,430 Janice S. Ammon Joicy R. Becker-Richards Kyewoon Choi Nancy Cormack-Hughes David J. Crowley Sharon D. Horne Kenneth E. Kovacs Vernard R. Leak Lauren J. McFeaters Stephen Z. Perisho Alan C. Ramos Sara M. Rand Chandra Shekar Soans Timothy D. Son Timothy I. Thomas


CLASS OF 1991 Active Members: 208 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $7,117 Stephen L. Cureton Thomas S. Hansen Paul R. Heins Edmund L. Hoener Jr. Steven Y.S. Jhu Jo Ann P. Knight Donald C. Mullen Sarah Jo Sarchet Butter Susan C.M. Scott Beth M. Sheppard Ruth Millie Snyder Andrew G. Vaughn CLASS OF 1992 Active Members: 184 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $2,055 Michael Edward Bongart Kathryn L. Castle Donovan Drake Kevin E. Finch Rachel Elizabeth Hamburger Michael J. Hodges Pan Young Kim Berlinda A. Love Larry Thomas Nallo Sung-Joo Park Edward J. Santana-Grace CLASS OF 1993 Active Members: 205 Donors: 16 Total Giving: $875 Joy Evelyn Abdul-Mohan William A. Alexander James B. Bennett David Sukwon Choi Rebecca G. Dodson Mark A. Douglas James T. Gottwald Eun Joo Kim Jin S. Kim Lucia Kendall Lloyd Osvaldo Daniel Nuesch Gary A. Sallquist Robert C. Spach Angelina D. Van Hise Amy Scott Vaughn Nancy K. Young CLASS OF 1994 Active Members: 192 Donors: 18 Total Giving: $3,275 Lindsay P. Armstrong Mary E. Austin Nathan L. Byrd David W. Cabush Andrew J. Carlson Judith A. Cuthbertson Raymond J. De Vries Heidi Gehman Krystin S. Granberg Yong Hoon Kang Jacqueline E. Lapsley David E. Lovelace Mark B. McFadden Stephanie Miller Kathryn B. Pettersen Ruth Faith Santana-Grace David T. Widmer Sung Bihn Yim

CLASS OF 1995 Active Members: 209 Donors: 11 Total Giving: $1,926 Sara Chapman Batson Nancy S. Donnelly Christian G. Holleck Michelina M. Laws Daniel H. Love Robert C. MacSwain Maryann McFadden Meador Rodger B. Murchison Chester Polk Jr. Timothy Donald Roberts Jill R. Russell CLASS OF 1996 Active Members: 217 Donors: 26 Total Giving: $4,164 James C. Alley Clifford B. Anderson Dan J. Baumgartner Steven W. Brundage Phillip G. Camp Sarah Cho Hyun Kyung Choi Hye Jin Chon Rebecca Jane Dean Donna L. Giver-Johnston Cecelia Evelyn GreeneBarr Marilyn K. Hale Peter James Henry Lisa Nichols Hickman Tiffany L. Nicely Holleck Kimberly L. Hyatt Bertram G. Johnson Leo Aloysius Kelty Keith Charles Kerber George P. Liacopulos Mary McKey William E.W. Robinson Kenneth Leroy Sampson Maria Alene Stroup Laurel A. Underwood Vernon Larry Van Hise CLASS OF 1997 Active Members: 233 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $4,645 Emily M. Berman D’Andrea Kenda Creasy Dean Cheryl D. Galan Christine W. Herrin Mary Jane Inman Charles Sung Kim Jane Y. Kim Soon Pac Kim Philip David King William Robinson Merriman Karen Ruth Nelson Laurel Kristine Oswalt Michael S. Poteet Robert A. Sams Karol Lynn Van Wulfen CLASS OF 1998 Active Members: 186 Donors: 19 Total Giving: $5,331 Rosanna P. Anderson Natalie Williams Bell Uwe E. Bilger David M. Carlson Pamela Grice Driesell

Mark Hollis Ford Robert Mansel Hammock Alexander Yoon Hwang Kelly Beckham Kannwischer Richard R. Kannwischer Karen Burke Lewis Amy Ellen Marga Donna Marsh Ute S. Possekel Shane E. Roberson Renée Lawler Sundberg Margaret LaMotte Torrence Anne L. Weirich Karen Patricia Willis CLASS OF 1999 Active Members: 191 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $8,745 Kent James Annan Darrell L. Armstrong Jane Tanaskovic Brady Jason Hurtado Daniels Jennifer Hurtado Daniels Sarah Katharine Dickinson Whitworth Ferguson III Charles Bryant Hardwick Darren Michael Kennedy Elisabeth Robertson Kennedy Matthew Lawrence Koenig Sara Malmin Koenig Robert Poore McClanahan Jr. Merry Hope Meloy Joanne Rodriguez Kathryn Brown Schafer MacHenry George Schafer Pamela Ann Hanson Sebastian Joan Attaway Stevens Warren Alexander Stevens Dana R. Wright CLASS OF 2000 Active Members: 226 Donors: 24 Total Giving: $9,895 Shelly Lynn Annan-Satran Laura Penney Bade Shane A. Berg Alisoun Davis Bertsch Mary S. Blaufuss Ryan D. Brodin Moongil Cho Sunwoo Choi Un Mi Elise Chong Michelle Doran-McBean Peter Gavin Ferriby J. Beth S. Goss Catherin Ann Gumpert Stephen Gessner Maling Brian Leslie Marsh Leslie E. Martin Carie Stanley Morgan Baron Anthony Mullis Jennifer J. Rome Laura D. Savenelli Daniel Hyun Myong So Jeya J. So William C. Webster Zachary O. Wilson CLASS OF 2001 Active Members: 188 Donors: 20 Total Giving: $3,666 James E. Blankespoor Caroline C. Braskamp

| 53

J. David Burgess Alan Dorway Emily A. Griffin Jason Warren Hickman Michael Dene Langford Jacob Grandia Marvel Matthew Sidney McCollum Matt D. Meinke James Dean Millar Victoria Lynne Millar Don John Mossa Lois T. Murray Wesley S.T. Niles Danny L. Thomas Mark Andrew Tietjen James W. Tinnemeyer Jr. Elizabeth Anne Vander Haagen David Sang Chil Yi CLASS OF 2002 Active Members: 181 Donors: 17 Total Giving: $5,534 Virginia Alvarez John K. Becker Mark S. Brainerd Ryan S. Byers John Daniel Dennehy Peter Wilson Dietz Amanda G. Fleishman Wilson Gemechisa Guja Norman Hatter Kathryn P. Henry Anne Eldridge Koehler Dorothy Churn Lapenta Jocelyn McWhirter Carrie Neff Mitchell Dae Woong Park Timothy James Power Jonathan Lee Brian Walton

CLASS OF 2003 Active Members: 189 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $14,080 Cynthia J. Alloway Cress Darwin Matthew G. Gough Allison J. Herman-Beaulieu Andrew Thomas Kort Virginia Ware Landgraf Peter Carlson Lane Jane Willoughby Lowrey Stacy Lois Martin Betsey Ann Moe John W. Potter Lana Elizabeth Russell Herand Ron Zargarian CLASS OF 2004 Active Members: 203 Donors: 22 Total Giving: $3,722 Amy Barlak Aspey Eric Daniel Barreto David A. Bush LuNing Laura Choi Stephen Park Choi Thomas Christian Currie April Marie Davis Campbell Erica Yin-Ling Liu Elsdon Mark A. Elsdon Marlene Wright Fox Meghan Kathleen Gage-Finn Blake Robert Hutson Rachel Mihee Kim-Kort Cara Rae TaylorMiller Merideth S. Mueller Zoltan Ormoshegyi Mary Carol Perrott Neal Dionida Presa Parimal Roy Alicia C. Taylor-Byers

Karen Hagan Webster Travis Allen Webster CLASS OF 2005 Active Members: 235 Donors: 23 Total Giving: $5,302 Nathan Steven Carlin Christopher Robert Conway Luke W. Ditewig David Donaldson Elizabeth Winder Ferguson Bridgett Arnice Green Bianca Robinson Howard Christina Jean Keller Hana Kim Noelle Elizabeth Kirchner Christiane Marie Lang Hearlson Kelly Taylor Langford Susan Montoya-Sledge Riley O’Brien Powell Michael McCall Samson Renn Joline Turner Sanderman Barbara Gail Simons Paul Vincent Sorrentino Amy P. Sutherlun Joshua Charles Sutherlun Laura Christine Sweat Holmes Rachel Philipp Vione Laura Marie Welch CLASS OF 2006 Active Members: 205 Donors: 21 Total Giving: $5,573 Christa Rebecca Brewer Chad Lee Christensen Heather Prince Doss Brent Alan Ferguson Thomas Leet Harmon Elizabeth Margaret Hein Julie Maria Hoplamazian

Karen Yvette Jackson-Weaver Young Chul Jeon Steven Luke Jones Molly Kathryn Logan Camille Cook Murray Denise Diane Pass Jana Rae Reister Jeremy Michael Sanderson Seth Ray Svaty Susan Ann Sytsma Bratt Angela Elizabeth Townsend Samson C. Tso Jeremy David Wallace Kathryn Marie Walsh CLASS OF 2007 Active Members: 210 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $10,070 Kelley Anne Angleberger Lindsay Borden Debra Leigh Cox Marianne Magers Farrin Donna Lynn Frischknecht Jackson Michael John Gross Kevin William Hector Larissa L. Kwong Abazia Penny Gayle Liles Nicole Elizabeth Lock Anthony David Lorenz William Starr McLean Eric Grant Osborne Lisa Annette Parnell Samuel Donovan Land Picard CLASS OF 2008 Active Members: 199 Donors: 15 Total Giving: $2,977 Christi Owen Brown Lindley G. DeGarmo

M. Edwin Green III Benjamin Robert Gulker Adam Wayne Hearlson David Russell Komline Han-luen Kantzer Komline Emily Kirsten Krause Corzine Amy Laurel Long Elizabeth Miriam Michael Rebecca Montgomery Morad Paul Eston Mundey Susan Patricia Nelson-Colaneri Anne Whitaker Stewart Sarah Eugenia Watermulder CLASS OF 2009 Active Members: 197 Donors: 12 Total Giving: $2,987.50 Byron Lea Vance Benton Caroline East Berardi Christopher Michael Berardi Keon Allen Gerow Linda Dalrymple Goeddel Shawn Hyska Charles Lee Luff Matthew Paul Nickel Erin Rebekah Raska Nathaniel Wade Royster Rachel Landers Vaagenes Matthew Parker Wrzeszcz CLASS OF 2010 Active Members: 201 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $2,682 Eric David Barnes Amy Julia Truesdell Becker Karen Elaine Crawford Melinda Lauren Hall Benjamin Edward Heidgerken Caroline Anderson Jinkins Jeremy Michael Jinkins

Members of the Classes of 2010 and 2011 celebrated their fifth and sixth anniversaries at reunion 2016.

54 |


Brian K. McCollum Emma Cathlyn Nickel Liliana Patricia Pastas Tyler Chapman Pettigrew Elizabeth Rose Ryder Laura Jean Thelander CLASS OF 2011 Active Members: 164 Donors: 16 Total Giving: $1,245 Ruben Javier Arjona Mejia Ashley Anne Birk Shauna Kay Hannan Christopher Timothy Holmes Anne West Kesner Suchon Lee Anthony Thomas Livolsi Lisa Magaly Lopez-Marcial Margaret Amiko Mitsuyasu Mark Alan Plunkett Kelly Lynne Roman

Andrew Thompson Scales Lenore Turner Scales Kellen Andrew Smith Adrian Luke Vaagenes Denise Condon Welsh CLASS OF 2012 Active Members: 180 Donors: 10 Total Giving: $1,349 Jacob Allen Raymond Buchholz Ellen Clark Clemot Matthew Roberts Gaventa Eric Stewart Hedges John Floyd Howell Sarah Ann Huyck Megan Alyse LeCluyse Alexander James Lenzo Annie Elizabeth McMillan Helms Wendy Michelle Mohler

CLASS OF 2013 Active Members: 165 Donors: 9 Total Giving: $4,236 Megan Nicole Cullip Mary Catherine Jones Fenner Nancy Jane Hagner Mary Katharine Herbig Francisco Javier Pelaez-Diaz Chad Ryan Schwickerath Marguerite Mudd Walter Sonia E. Waters William Robert Whitmore CLASS OF 2014 Active Members: 169 Donors: 13 Total Giving: $2,905 Kabanga Robert Bomasi Erin Eileen Counihan Sharan M. Knoell Rosso Eileen Eagle LeCluyse

Pamela Elizabeth Meilands Arthur George Murray Nancy Joanne Nalepa-Skibo Elizabeth Hudson Niehoff Hubert Stanley Reid Jonathan H. Reinink Elizabeth Calvert Reynolds Nancy Rivera-Laboy Ruth Herron Smalt

James Steven Klotz Kari Anne Olson Sabrina Ing Slater Jasmine Leanne Smart Elizabeth Ann Reif Soto Mary D. Stevenson Taylor Ann Telford Michael Jonathan Toy Alison Kendall VanBuskirk

CLASS OF 2015 Active Members: 180 Donors: 17 Total Giving: $1,660 Nicholas John Babladelis Sylvia Christine Bull Timothy James Burge-Lape Chui-Shan Chow Jeanette Dori Christianson Justin Bennett Forbes Dana B. Hall Melanie Ann Howard

CLASS OF 2016 Active Members: 156 Donors: 3 Total Giving: $300 Karen Sue Bachman Phoebe Lorraine Quaynor Roshan Shubhakar Soans

Connecting with Princeton Seminary Through events like reunion, Brian McCollum ’10, director of alumni relations, is focusing on strengthening relationships with alumni. “I’m looking forward to adding more opportunities for alumni to connect with each other and the Seminary— in Princeton and around the country,” McCollum said. members and people of faith across

example, taking a continuing

Larissa Kwong Abazia ’07, director

the country. We are creating new

education course, attending lectures

of church relations, is rethinking the

programs and course offerings as

or events, becoming a field education

ways the Seminary can serve as a

well as hosting events so that the

supervisor, serving as a prayer

resource to support the church.

Seminary can remain relevant and

partner for a student, hosting a


guest lecturer, or encouraging a

“Our mission is to educate faithful Christian leaders. This not only

prospective student to visit the “There are so many ways alumni,

Seminary. We look forward to

means training those who serve

members of churches, and

sharing everything that Princeton

as congregational pastors,” said

community members can connect

Seminary has to offer.”

Kwong Abazia, “but also church

with us,” said Kwong Abazia. “For

Learn more about the resources Princeton Seminary offers, and how you can become more engaged. Email brian.mccollum@ptsem.edu or larissa.kwongabazia@ptsem.edu.


| 55

Message of Gratitude Dear Princeton Theological Seminary family, The most important part of my work as vice president of advancement is to say thank you. I am so grateful for all of the ways that you generously support Princeton Theological Seminary. As I travel around the country to meet with our alumni and friends, I am overwhelmed by your commitment to our mission of educating the next generation of Christian leaders. And as I see current students on campus, soon to become the next generation of alumni, I witness your gifts bearing fruit in the lives of these talented and faithful leaders. Alumni and graduates came together last year during a few special days in May. As part of our new reunion experience, which took place just days before the 2016 commencement, alumni helped to celebrate the newest class of Princeton Seminary alumni. These days were a sacred time on our campus. They symbolized the convergence of legacy and promise that make Princeton Seminary such a special place. Alumni from many different generations told stories of their experiences in ministry, and new graduates prepared to set forth from this place to follow God’s call. As I talked with these alumni, I witnessed the profound impact that Princeton Seminary makes in the church and in the world through the faithful service of our graduates. It is your support—and the support of generations of alumni and donors—that makes this possible. Thank you for your incredible partnership in this mission. With gratitude,

Jaime Zamparelli Vice President for Advancement

56 |



| 57

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pennsville, NJ Permit No. 90

Vice President for Advancement P.O. Box 821 Princeton, NJ 08542-0803 ptsem.edu

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2015-2016 Annual Report  


2015-2016 Annual Report  


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