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Meet the Members

Mary Beth Sasso My art is my life, my passion for living. I eat, breath, sleep art. It defines my being and I devote gratitude everyday for this gift that has been bestowed upon me. One of my other passions is sharing my gift with others from ages 8-98. Nothing gives me more gratification when I see the sense of accomplishment on a student’s face when they have just finished a portrait something they told me they couldn’t do. I was born an artist. My earliest memory at age 3 was sitting with mother while she taught me to draw three circles to create a kitty cat. From that point on I never stopped creating art. My favorite subject in school was art class and at age 15, I began studying under the guidance of my mentor, Claudia Post, who introduced me to pastel painting. She polished me like a diamond in the rough bringing out the talent and passion she saw in my soul. Claudia nurtured me to become the artist I am today and I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her gift. Right now I have a portrait of 2-year-old Noah that I’m working on sitting patiently on my easel. Plus dozens of other projects that are waiting in line to be next! Baby By Mary Beth Sasso

Mr. B By Mary Beth Sasso

PSWC Magazine | Spring 2019