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Spring 2006

PSIA-W Ski Education Foundation PSIA - Western Division - AASI

Notes from the President: Dave Achey

Thank You for What Has Been a Wonderful Experience

I am writing now after a wonderful week of sun and winter cold snow conditions in the Lake Tahoe region. These are the days we all long for, the cold snow and sunshine, and the lingering twilights exhibiting the beautiful colors of alpenglow. Every time I get to slide and feel the ski work underneath my foot it is hard to come back indoors. It is times like these that make all the hardships Mother Nature can bring worthwhile. In Tahoe it was a very tough December. It refused to snow, except in the extreme higher elevations. With Mammoth capturing the most snow, the Northern California resorts had to wait until early January before the winter season kicked into full operation. Fortunately, the older one gets the more adept one becomes enduring adversity.

‘Thank you for a wonderful experience, one that I shall never forget.’ — Dave Achey

I received today “Tactics for AllMountain Skiing,” a new book by my close friend and colleague, Chris Fellows. I found myself reflecting over the past twenty-five years in this division. The friendships that have been made over these years are priceless. It gives me great pleasure seeing the innovation and passion Chris continues to share with all of us. After many years of writing articles for the “Edge,” most of my opinions, editorials and technical information have been expressed. All I have to say this time is thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve and try to give back some of the inspiration this organization has given me. I especially thank my wife Suzanne. Without her support and un-

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2006 Convention Back at Mammoth On April 28-30

By Mike Hafer The Farmer’s Almanac was correct once again. We have had a very interesting winter thus far with all of the warm storms that brought relatively high snow levels in the Tahoe region. Lucky for us we are heading to Mammoth for the Spring Convention where the base elevation is at (Continued on page 2)

10 candidates are seeking your support and vote for 4 spots on the Board of Directors. Find out more about the candidates beginning on Page 10 and cast your vote. ■

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Sunny, snowy Mammoth again hosts Convention.

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Spring 2006 By Mike Hafer The Farmer’s Almanac was correct once again. We have had a very interesting winter thus far with all of the warm s...

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