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How to recover inaccessible Oracle Database Files

Oracle is a Relational Database Management System widely used and trusted relational database system. Through the help of query language like SQL query language you can directly access the data objects in the way is stored in the database. This scalable relational database is used globally for managing and processing data across wide and local area network to fulfill its purpose of restoring and retrieving related information. Oracle is designed for grid computing to provide operation to manage information and application in most flexible and cost effective manner. It easily runs on most of the popular platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux OS

How Oracle File gets Corrupted and Reasons behind the corruption Sometimes Oracle database files may get corrupted or damaged, the reasons behind this corruption are – • Through virus infection that’s leads to damage and corruption of database and results to inaccessibility of database files. • Due to damage occurred in the operating system. • Malfunctioning of the hardware and software problems can leads to damage of database. • Corruption and damage occurred in storage media where Oracle is installed. • Occurrence of sudden memory error. • While opening the database there is Network Failure.

Issues with Oracle Database while accessing corrupt and damaged Oracle Database— • • • •

Occurrence of frequent error messages that leads to Improper Memory configuration. Due to improper Index Usage. Due to improper disk setup. Due to improper initialization of parameter usage.

If you come across to these Oracle Database related errors then it is likely that file has been damaged and needs to repair. The Oracle Repair Tool helps to you to restore back data that gets damaged and corrupted. Once the Oracle database files gets corrupted it is very hard to repair but this Oracle Repair Tool helps you to solve all the problems related to Oracle database. This software helps you to restore your original data directly from the database and even from the backup files. This software saves the recovered data as Trasact-SQL script which helps to create quick database recreation.

Features of Oracle Repair Tool Generate Log report of the Recovery Process After completion of repairing process this software provides you with detailed log report of the entire recovery process. This report consists of various information such as time, records process, start date, end date and objects recovered in the process. Selective Recovery of Database components The software allows you to recover the entire Oracle database or database objects that you want to recover by its selective recovery feature. You can recover selected objects by marking and repairing them from the database objects tree that is generated after the scanning process. Recovers Queries of Database Components in Text File If the database gets severely damaged then recovery is not possible then this recovery software recovers the views, procedures, functions, package body and database links in text files. Preview database components before recovery This repair tool efficiently scans the corrupted database files and lists all the recoverable objects in a form of tree you can see the files by previewing them. Recovery of Oracle database and objects This software is designed to recover the inaccessible and damaged Oracle database files and helps to restore the Tables, Tablespaces, Nested Object Types, User Names (schemas),

Materialized Views, Triggers, Roles, Packages, Package Body, Indexes, Stored procedures, Clusters, User-defined functions, Nested Tables, Nested Array Types, Various privileges for Roles, Queries of Database Links etc. Selective Recovery of Oracle Database This software features a “Search Database� option that helps to find all the Oracle Database files in the system. By filtering creation date, modification date and time alongside the

database names helps you to distinguish the database files. Recovers XML Contents from Oracle Database

This software features to recover XML data in Oracle Database and easily recovers the columns in tables and views by XML data type. It also recovers XML schemas that are used to validate data types of the XML.

Steps to Repair Oracle Database using Oracle Repair Tool Step 1. Firstly install the Oracle Repair Tool you will see the following user interface with popup windows message that says to select or search corrupt and damaged Oracle database from the computer.

Step 2. Then Click on the Scan File to start the scanning process after selecting the Oracle database. The recovered database objects are listed in the left side of the pane.


Step 3. Then Click on the object to see the preview

Step 4. Then click on the Start Repair option from the icon bar to start the repair process. After this you will get a pop window that displays steps needed and click on the next and continue option.

Step 5. Provide the user name, password and path of the blank database where you want to save4 the repaired database objects.

Step 6. Repair and restore the database objects after establishing the connection with blank oracle database.

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How to recover inaccessible oracle database files  
How to recover inaccessible oracle database files  

Oracle Repair Tool helps to you to restore back data that gets damaged and corrupted. Once the Oracle database files gets corrupted it is ve...