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jBy Darrell Wellman "cording .to Mary ·Ruth · n, Director .of CdntinEducation, there are · ral classes in next se'.ter's pr9gram that may J interest. to Peru State nts. Most classes can • ken for either credit or redit. ses for credit are to be d i.n by using regular ent procedures in the ar' s Office. -credit classes can be ed in by pi\!king up a ujng Education Card 213. This milst be done . rmine class size and .. t in specific classes. ''me co.urs~ that may be ·terest to students are: )ertiveness Training up to help you make up own mind and not let s always influence you. ee. to PSC students for edit.. w Testament History Literature - Thi~ is a of the ero.erging Chriscommunity. Tuition of 3 hours credit. ding and Writing le - Special Ed stu-


dents take note because this will · help you learn much about teaching the use .of Braille. .Tuition is $10 for non-credit. Intro.du.ction to.Alcoholism - First time offered and may be of specjalinterest to those majoring in s~ial work and psych()logy. Cost ts $51 for 3 hours·credit. Disco Dancing. - :faught by a former instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Studios in Omaha. Non credit, $25 single and $40 couples. Care and Use of Hous·e Plants - For. those with a green thumb: · One hour credit- $17. Beginning Spanish - Just the thing for those desiring to learn a foreign language. $51 for 3 hours credit. Horsemanship ~ For you interested in horses it may be just the class you are looking for. $12 for 1 hour credit. You may enroll in Fine Arts 213 or 214 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from now .until the classes begin for the noncredit classes.


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of Peru was also 'eked out, Except for gentors, lanterns and canthe entire town was ceful and dark. There n't any looting reported

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01ce of the Bobcats

Peru State College, Peru, Ne. 68421


December 14, 1978

Senators discuss drinking age ~and~ ~s-tate aid to education

ackout leaves many. dents unprepared By Harold Benson. ru .State College experd its first black-out of year December 2. The r outage occured at oximately 5:30 p.m. and · d for more than an . This darkness caused ;.e uncertainty among residents to. whether were safe or not.


but an armed guard was on campus in the Science Building. Little or qo warning W(!S given bef9re the lights went out .and after flickeri!lg several times the electric~ty was gone.)t was surprising to see how many students had no alternate forms of lighting such as candles and flashlights in their possession. Although the . (larkness .brought discomfort to some there were a few .students who enjoyed the outage. It gave them a chance to go sleigh riding and to have a good.time on the ice.

· -- By C. Russell Mittan A discussion of the issues facing the 1979 Nebr(!ska Legislature was open to the public at 7:30 p.µi,, Wednesday, Nov. 29, at the ].>eru State College stµdent center. Item~ of particular .concern at the . Legislative Forum ipcluded the possibil· ities of the State Colleges ever becoming a part of the University system; whether the drinking age in Nebraska. should be raised to 2.1 and if State Aid to Education is meeting expectations.

The senators all seemed to agree that the State College are fl!nctioning sa tisfactorily at the present and there would be no reason for a merger.It was agreed that they hope that we never see such a change need to take place. About the drinking age, they agreed that it should be

raised but there is no easy· way to i~tall such a change and doubt whether a bill abol!t it WO\.!ld pass .. State Aid to Education is .experiencihg no µiajor prob- !ems and doubt whether much action . to . totally revamp it. will be taken. "Legislative Forum:79" was c0:sponsored by _the Southeast Nebraska United Chamber of Commerce and Peru S.tate College. J:i'our southeast Nebraska state senators were In attendance: George Burrows of Adams, Cal Carsten of Avoca, Nelson Merz of Falls City, and Jerome Warner of Waverly. Questioning the senators were four media panelists: Kent Thomas of the Beatrice Sun, Diane Siefeld of KTNC Radio in Falls City, Vicki Miller of Maverick Media, and Ivan Beaumont of the Nebraska City News-Press. One tooic of major impor-

tance that was discussed was the advocacy of raisirig the drinking .age in Nebraska to 21. This qqestion _was brought before the senators by Diane Si~eld. _Senator Warner had this to. say, "There is a very practical problem in raising the dril)king age. I would have to oppose raising it now, even though I opposed the initial lowering of the drinking age." Senator Carsten, on the other hand, expressed that he favored the idea. And Senator Burrows said, "I would support raising it with the consideration that the privilege would not have to be forfeited by those who are presently 19."

ly underground." He also added, "We have a. plan, but it's just a. plal), to bring water to sout)least Nebraska from areas that have an abundant supply of good water." Diane Siefeld then asked the senators to comment on a proposed litter bill. "I'm in fa v0r of a jitter bill," said Sem~tor Carsten, "but a good one that'll work." Senator Burrows then added, "I !)aw a lot of problems with the original bill and I don't t)link it solved all of the litter problems."

A brief question and answer session was held with the audience, and several questions were phoned in by The poor water c@ndition radio listeners. The moderin southeast Nebraska was ator for the evening was brought up by Vicki Miller, James Bradley, executive and Senator Carsten said, vice · president of the "The. problem is that we Beatrice Chamber of Comdon't have good water direct- merce.

Boar's Head Feaste a Success •· By Lori Last Despite .the poor weather conditions the Boar's Head Feaste was December 3 at 6:30 p.m. . The program opened with the choir singing '.'Deck the Halls,'.' followed by the tradi. tional toaste, and "Glouceshire Wassail" was also . sung. The Boar's Head was then earried into the hall by Dee D~ttmer and P,ei:ry Biaggi. It was displayed to the audience and the singing of the Boar's Head Carol followed. Next, the meal was served, consisting of ·!loaste of Beefe, Mashed Potatoes and

Gravye, Greene Beans Almodyne, Steam Poddying, Bread wyth Sweete Buttyr and assorted Drynkes. During the meal the .choir sang various Christmas songs accompanied by . the Fiddles and Viojs and the Brass instruments. Members of the Fiddles and Viols we~e Perry Biaggi, Dr. Camealy, Nick Guinan, Dee Dettmer and Robert Svoboda. The brass instruments group, directed by Dr. David M. Edris, consisted of Dee Dettmer, Nick-Guinan, Jan Hammers, Brad Rausch and Robert Svoboda. Direeted by Dr. Eckert,

the play of St. George foilowed. It was performed by Jody Neubaue·r, Dale Thomas, Kim D. Sharp, Harold Benson, Anita Cole, Aaron B. Larson, Rob McKercqer, Tom Whitney, Mimi Mell.or, Mary Gail Beccard and Steve Dunn. "The Songs on Chrystmasse Night" and "Angyls From The Realms of Glory" were played by the Sweete Flutes, which consisted of Dee Dettmer, Lori Stortenbecker, Sharon Bartels, Nick Guinan, ·Margaret · Mohrbutter and Keith Rippe. To finish the program four glourious pipers from the

Omaha -Council Bluffs Scottish Pipe and Drum Association played selected numbers. These received a standing ovation from the audience. The choir then sang their final song, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Student Conductors for the groups were Lori. Stortenbecker, Sharon Bartels and Dee Dettmer. These three are the officers of the choir. Perry Biaggi was the roving mynstrel who provided song as he walked thr01.ighout the audience. The part oi the Lord and Lady were played by Dr. Camealy and Lori Stortenbecker.

rmer P.S.C. student ·esents show De.e•. 13 . . ountain elilt)ber - J>h!)-: gu\'syari01,IS m~. ... , -· .. her and .a · musicial .< •.. Thi>mpson uses a vari.ety a ,}:leru State Colleg¢ .of -soi.ttces for .his mw;ical developed aunique ·pie~;. inclu<Ung .a .su~statl.· ·• ic~.program tbat . tial. number .that he has it! the Fine. Atts coqiposed himself. . . . . UIIl,.Decewbe,rl3: ..''Jamiesonand Uii;st trie<;I Thomps()n (he ma/ . ulis unusual presenGi:tion as . in Music at' PSC)· a kind of experiment when ·his' we were ..working .With a ob Jamieson who has group of smp.mer campers in · · major mountains in Colorado last year," Thomp. and South America. son said. "The campers .were so enthusiastic about the prepson appeared as a sentation we polished it and rformer before an have been using it before • stic.PSC audience a audiences of nearly all ages," he said. ''E<1ch time we present our o performers comguit(ir, sl.ides .and a concert we discover someentation that ta)rns thing new that we'd not seen of · the . breath- before, so our act is changing ine scenes and the all of the time." '


Bob Davis [Blick) argues with Steve Dunn [Nick) about some of his customers that visit Nick's Place· regularly. Also in the picture at the bar: Joe Primm [Willie), Dave RosselL[Dudley R, Bostwick] and Joe Waters [Arab}.

Norm Parish [Harry) can be seen ancmg and Lenny· Mazour [Wesley) is at the piano. Rob McKercher [Joel is seated at the table looking on. This scene was taken from ...The Time of Your Life."

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1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska