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.EXCUSE ME ... By Beth Propst As a journalism student it is my duty to print information that is important and should be known by the students at Peru State College. I am obligated to write in an unbiased manner in order to present the facts to you. It was my contention that, the administrative staff wou.ld rem.ain unbiased and strive for the protection of all Student's Rights. About two weeks ago I went to Mr L. David Eaton, D.irector of Residence Life and asked him for information on a student suspension case. He refu~ed to, release inforI!lation on the grounds .that h~ an? his office are obligated to keep informat10n conf1dent.1al. . . . . . I contend ~at the nght to a fair and 1m~ar~1al hearmg 1.s one of our nghts. I contend that anyone 1s mn~ent unt.1! proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. I also contend t}1at it is not only my duty but Mr ~ato~'s and Dr. Apil~do's duty as well, to a~tempt .to extingmsh .rumors w~ic~ could endan~er. a fair and im~artial heanng .or preJµ<J,ice any Comm1ss10n member agamst a student bemg brought before the .SAC. . Little ~ffort was. ~ade on this student's behalf \!Oncerning these pomts. Adm1mstrator~ were ~orried about th~ ima~e of the college, as well as their ow.n images, when their mam concern s~ould .have been to the student. After ?emg gi~en the run-around by Eaton and Apilado I sought mfoi:mat1on elsew~er~. I appJ:'.o~ched Mr Roger ~landers, Director of Institut1?nal Relations. He made a smce~e to get me anythmg he could. Flanders. called m,e with th~,~tatement that appeared in the last Ped. I thank him·for 41~,time and trouble.

/ And thanks to Terry Gilliland I was' informed of the hearing,on October 23 in which appeal of the suspension would be heard. As a member of t}1e SAC, Gilliland investigated the case very thoroug}1ly. I thank him for his concern for all PSC students' rights and the proper use 9f. the Due Process System. He showed me that lawyers aren't the only ones who stand up for students anymore. · I commend the other administrative and staff members of · the Commission. Most of them were wil\ing ·to,., hear all information, question, and c.orrect any injustices. . I must, however, criticize the Student Representatives. I was disappointed that so few questions and comm~nts were made by them. YOU are OUR representatives on the SAC and I ask you to represent us. It has been called to my attention that certain SAC members feel that I, Kent Propst, sports editor for the Ped, and other guests may have been disruptive during:the hearing. Speaking for myself, if YQU f~l I wa& disruptive I invite you to contact me and review the tapes with me. I ask you to show me where and how 1 was di~ruptiv~. In conclusion, I was very proud when the ~tatement "nobody won and nobody lost" was made. Jus_tice was served. The student was punished and a conflict in the Student Handbook was resolved. 1 was proud to see people gettmg ~nvolved even wnen u meant putting their own reputations at stake. 1 Wf!S pleased to see people realizing a mistake and being willing to reverse an original decision. This is an ability many people lack. -------

D.W.I. Darrell Wellman Involved There seems to be a parking problem a Peru State and it is time that a solution be Students are not parking straight in pa stalls and are leaving their cars in places . they shouldn't be. The space that this haph" parking is taking up could be used by more:,. d h 1 ·ct f th• di an e p rI US 0 IS OVercrOW ng. .:, From what I have learned about surrou · colleges they have similar parking problems;(' also use ticketing as a method of stopping~ problem. I know persons at UNL who walk': blocks just to reach their dormitory and we 1 in Peru don't realize J. ust how lucky we are f.·.··..• so close to classes. Commutors should have fi priority to parking places because they are~ important part of our college. Teachers shct" probably be next in line and those who live ou · th C ·1C f e entenrua omplex next. A ter loo around Peru State on the busiest days there still some places to park despite the construe crews and dorm residents. · When snow covers the ground we all will h

to make some sacrifices. Car pooling, wal From page I direct the woodwind choir at 9:40 a.m. will present and using available parking places correctly for its Nov. 't'I performance music students with limited be a must! altered at Residents of Clayburn- picked up food already pre- at s: 15 p.m. in the fine arts perfo.rmance experience and The parking situation has been d f is not graded. The student Complex this semester an a ew pers Matbews had a hayrack ride pared by Food Services and auditorium, Closing the November recital scheduled for Nov. 30 evidently do not understand the rules. The sp and picnic last month in an ate the meal at Neal Park. effort to become better About 20 persons took part in music activities will be two at 8 p.m. features music in front of the dorms is reserved for resident h acquainted with their neigh- the meal that consisted of recitals featuring several majors_and is the final exam directors and for service trucks. I'm not sure Peru State students. The for advanced students, said bors. The group rode around h b am urgers, hot dogs, buns, f1·ve parking places for trucks are necessary,. the outskirts of Peru and chips and punch. convocation recital Nov. 29 Dr. Wilson. . h Al th f This event was partially it is a rule that we must abide wit . so, e l enjoyed a chilly hour of fun. _ Mike Dambrosia was . the paid for out of dorm fees and ...------~~~~~~-----,spaces to the south are reserved for visito , The l driver of the pickup used in also the student lunch pro- -. THE PEDAGOGIAN Persons with "A" stickers are not to use the" .Oaks > the ride and it was much gram. Fut:.Ireeventswillbe ManagingEditor .......................... DarrellWellman and have been ticketed for violating the rul ~Peri appreciated by all. announced when they have Associate Editors ... · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·, · · · · · ·::: ~:og!~! Let's just consider how lucky we are to be ~ble N:b;; After the ride, the fungoers been planned. f d d b d \,) Sports Editor .................................. KentPropst park within a block 0 our Orms ~n a 1 .e I..! vision News Editor ................................... Becki Youn the rules. It may even make the ticket writer ne:tda~ Artist ............. ···.··· .. ··· .. · .. ··· .. ········ ·~esi Klin job easier. Photographer .................................. M1ckOs~on .. DARRELL WELLMA Thursc Advisor .................................. EverettBrowmng l gi~,~~< Advertising Manager ...................... Darrell Wellman l Friday, November3 Lunch: Chicken-Rice Published 10 times a semester by students of Peru State Thanki Breakfast: Fried Eggs, Soup, Cheeseburger, Beef College, the Pedagogian is the sounding board of the student propri< French Toast, Hash Browns. Mac and Tomato, French body and is sensitive to the problems of the college I of this Lunch: Tomato Soup, fries. i I college h Ed·t [ d 300 words] ·l Roger Tuna Noodle Casserole, Dinner: Chicken-Rice community. All comments and letters to t e 1 or un er By Becki. Young . d' ecto Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Soup, Fried Chicken, Pork should be sent to Clayburn 15A, Peru State College, Peru, Although I saw and heard many things at the Ed Connel.l~ t{~ns. , Dinner: Tomato Soup, Chop Suey, Whipped Potato. Nebraska, 68421. hearing that made me mad and outraged, I also saw ma1 are thi Baked Ham, Spanish Rice. Wednesday, Novembers things that made me proud. . . . t' Saturday, November4 Breakfast: Scrambled I saw a faculty member willing to put his prof~SIO~ Lunch: Scrambled Eggs, Eggs, Waffle, Fried Eggs, credibility on t?e line a.nd .st~n~ up for not only one studen.· Sausage, Chicken Ala King, Hash Browns. but students' rights as md1V1duals. . ·. . l Hash Browns. Lunch: Bean Soup, Sloppy Friday November3 Career ADM 304· I saw members of tile Student Affairs Comm1ss~on ~ ·. Sunday,November5 Joe, Chicken Ala King, Volleybail - AIAW State 5:30 p.m. Circle K, WDR. stand - despite pointed opposition from _David Eato~ . . Lunch: Roast 42{13.e~f, Potato Chip. Tournament. s p.m. p .S. Students for Director of Residence Life and Dr,,Myron J\p1lado, D.e~ {~ T~ir Broiled Shriiijlettes, Dinner: Bean Soup, Spa2- 5 p.m. Well Child Clinic, Christ, TV Lounge. Student Development. Most members. were .at least w1,lling ~· &.o:rs Whipped Potato. · ghetti and Meat Sauce, Ham . H 11 . Wednesday,November8 listen to what Terry Gilliland. had. to say. S9me ~tude, ~oir 1 Maiors a . dBl k Dinner: Chicken Fried, Steak. .Saturday, November.4 6:30 p.m. Concerne ac representatives however, weren't as tolerant. i l:Jtjr .24 Steak, Ravioli, Whipped Thursday, Novemher9 9 - 12 . Noon. Innovative Students, WDR. . · representatives failed to even get involved. .: · j C~mr i Potato. Breakfast: Scrambled ideas Math and Reading 7 - lO p.m. Cookmg (cont. It was shown at the meeting that ~d Connelly bflsle§.l,11vl S'C~ Eggs, Soft Boiled Eggs, Bis- . Workshop AD 210. ed) ED 3121 from his mistakes and misjudgements ~nd I hopethat:Jh~.• S~ell~:. ·' · · 6 30 Dance commission members who made earlier, tiasty ancl..~ras. City,.~· Monday, November 6 , ; ~uits:and Gravy; Sailsage, 2. p.m .. Football vs North: - 7·30 · .pm "n. Room Breakfast: Scrambled Lunch: Cream of Potato western at Orange City, Ia. Class - Neal.Dim g · decisions, will learn from their mist\lkes. For\unate1y,Jt.~ , Cla~ Eggs, Fried Eggs, Biscuits soup, Grilled Ham a~d Volleyball - AIAW State .s p.m ~tyct~~ A;;d Our shown by an overwhelming 7-1 vote that the St?den.~ Affa1~ (MJS$fJ and Gravy. Cheese, Grilled Cheese, \!hip. Tournament Commission was also willing to learn from their. mistakes.~ (Om.ail Violent 8oc1e · Lunch: Vegetable Soup, Dinner: Cream of Potato Sunday, November 5 Thursday, Nove.mber 9 So far this year at PSC I have heard.a lot about i:rtes .an' se~F~ Hot Turkey Sandwich, Seal- soup, Turkey and Dressing, Volleyball - AIAW State 9 a.m. -.5 p.m. High School regulations, but very little abQUt what IS good Or fair for th~ C-Omm Band Chmc and 7 p.m., student. If a person is not here to help ~e student, he sho~~ s:s), loped Potato and Ham. Diced Beef .with Noodles, Tournamen.t Dinner: Vegetable Soup, Whipped Potato. not be here at all. This is not a pnson and we are n1 NOI'llle Monday, Novembers Concert. . · Corned Beef and Cabbage, Friday, NovemberlO ·t. g FA 1:30- 3ADM p.m. Life Planmng criminals. . . .w mnWI 7 - 9 p.m. Croehe m 304 . Beef Stew, Tater Gems. Breakfast: Scrambled 104 . Career, Hopefully this kind of "crintinalization" of the s~udent "".lt TM . Eggs, Fried Eggs, Biscuits Tuesday, November 7 ! - lO p.m. Old Testament be avoided in the future. For if the Director of R~s1den~e Lif~ edued and Gravy, Sausage. Tuesday, November7 Mental Health Clinic 9-12 History, FA 104 · and the Dean for Student Development are, m ,~heir ow\··. Breakfast: Scrambled Lunch: Tomato Soup, Foot noon, Health Center. 7 :3o p.m. Bible Study words, "College advocates", then who are the .student Eggs, Fried Eggs, Long Hot Dogs, Macaroni 1:30 - 3 p.m. Life Planning TV Lounge. advocates"?? · ·.• Toast, Bacon, Boiled Eggs. and Cheese.

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1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1978-1979 Peru Pedagogian - issues 1-15  

1978-1979 newspaper issues 1-15 for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska