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:w. 23. 2 ). 28.

A G 1rb" C lub birthd ay pa rt y. \Vc arc all invited. \Vc all went. cat cx.:cpt two little t uflic ~. Th e part y wa~ in ch apel. Everet t> meet. Th ey have H>mcth ing up th eir sleeves.

N o one got a bite to

Mr. C hur.:h cxpo~t ulatc~ in chapel. M ount Vernon H all bur~t > fo rth in to son g. Some unsuspected talent is d isco,·ercd. don't they :<crcnad c th e fellll\\ >' ~o m e cold ni g ht ? S uperint e nde nt N. C. ; \hhot t le..:tures o n an "Unconventio nal Outli ne." T h e l a~ t day of a ~ h o 1t month- a nd it ~;nuwcd.


M :\R C H 2. 3. ·!. 5. 6. 9.

Some more mus1c. Esther H nyt. vo.:al solos. M r~. Church. piano solos. \Vho broke Er nestine's watch c rysta l? 1\ to urna m ent ra ll y. ?vlo re fun! M o re people kill ed! ·· H ig'' is now ned the ca mpu~ shie k unanim o usly . Va.:atiun. \Viii wonders neve r .:case? Girl~· and M e n's Club~ mee t.

10. II .

Ted's mu::tac h c is now in fu ll bloom . High School Orchc~tra tun es up.

13. 1·1.

The Gi rls' Club advertises th eir com in g play. "Prin ce~s Ki Ku." An almo ~t Sp rin g Da y.

16. 17 . 18. 21. 23. 2-1 .

A comm un ity sing. Even Olin jo im in ou r harmless li'l pleasure. Th e T ..: rriblc Trio get .: ha ~e d h y a cow . .A .w·gwan. H o nest! Gi rls' 4uartct o perate. Not ~o worse. girls . Girls' C lub play "Princes::- Ki Ku ." Sh riner t ries to vamp a Jap unwittingl y-oh very! Roy Chamberl a i n is beginning to show signs of sp ri n g. a new tic and a new way to part h is hair. "Nobody Kn ows \ V hat a R cd· H caded Mama \Viii Do." A i n't it the truth ?

One at a time. line u p!


E s M c Knig ht was ejected from th e library.

26. 27.

A good nig ht for a murder. The boys serenad ed the dorm. Vacation. New spring dud s.


E verybod y back. Grand reunions at the station.

A penn y a look. Some cu te li'l J a ps.

An awsome sight.

"Did you mi~s Me?"

"\Vhy didn't you write?"



Colfer Mtllcr Players ad,·atisc th cmsch·cs in c hapel. Sounds good. Their even ing pcrformatll'C of t he "Rival ~" g-oes over big. Th e fomtccn t h robin was seen . and almo~t sa lted by Za yda. b ut it wa~ an elusive little rowd y. The tnost represen tative !'tudcnts of Peru 5pi rit \Vcrc chosen. Is it you or is it me?

I I. 1 3.

Hot zig! The g ol d ba s ketball ~ i\rc presented to o ur noble heroes . Dramatic Club give,; th eir an n ua l pla y. Sh a kespeare's "Co medy of Error~... V..f c modestly admit its su ccess. Everett and Phi lo again toss the Parlia mentary Ball. Miss Dammc·s Class of Dan cers do their stuff at chapel time. When's the next exh ib it? High School n ig ht io a big ~ucccss ! Did ~o m co nc say Blue Mice·! Pro f. E. C. Beck talks cx t c n ~ivcly upon "Little Ol d Concord." \Vc feel much enli gh tened.

14 .

Louise Smidt has <t conference with Miss Glass.

6. 8. 9. 10.


Buzz ! Pa ~c


Profile for Peru State College Library

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska