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Girls' Athletic Association ~H E Girls' Athletic A ssoc iation was organizeu in the fall of 1924, under the \....) di1-ection of Ruby Damme, the head of the Girls' Physical Edw.:ation D epartment. Th is organi:atinn origi nall y was the Olympic C lub. The purpose of this orga nizatinn is to enlist the in terest of as many college g irls as possible in athletics, both indoor and outdoor sports; to give them executive experience in handl ing these sports anJ in the cond uct of meetings, and tn foster :-chool consciousness and school spirit. In previous years basketball was the only sport on the campus. This yea r keen inte rest was ¡. :quall y shown hy all students in soccer, volley ball, track, basketball , baseball, hiking, sw imming, a nd tennis.

Soccer was the first :>port pla yed . In the final tourney the Fr..:shmen won fro111 the Sophomores. Dora \Voodward was C.1ptain of the Freshmen team and Selma Stahen was Captain of t h•.: Sophomor..: t c:~ nl. H el.::n Jones was soccer sport leader . Volley hall enlisted the intere:-t of :;tmlcnts from all classes. In the tou rnament th e Sophomores won from the Freshmo:n, the Juniors and Se niors being on the Sophomore tea m. T he losers en t..:rtain..:d the win ne rs at a kid pa rty in the little Gym. Such cute little kids, Oh my, ye:-! ()f w urs: they had their barber pole stick ca ndy. Alfie Nicholas was Captain of t he Fresh men team and Muriel Scheuer was Captain of the Sopho more tea m. V ..:rna Sparks was volley hall sport leader. Fou r teams played basketball in the cnlnr tournament, the Colds and the W hit..:s w inning frnm the Reds. The victory. In th.: class tourney, the Freshmen were winners. of the F reshm en tea m a nd Ruth Ernst was captain of the V a n Winkle w as basketball sport leader.

the Blues winning from W hites copped the final Iva Reagan was capta in Sophomore team . Lettie

In hasehall the Sophomores won from the Jun ior-Senior team, as the Freshmen u rew a bye. They played the Sophomores. Fern War..: w as captain of the Sophomo re tea m and Ida H eywood was captain of the J unior-Senior team . Selma Stabc n was baseball sport leau e r. A g reat number of cr irls arc out for track, swimm ing, hiking a nd tennis. Fern Ware is t ra..::k sport lead; r, Muriel Sche uer sw imming spo~-t leader, and Marion Overholt te nnis sport k:ader. Points a n: earned hy n;a king tea ms and individual work . F ive hund red poin rs a re re4uired to earn a letter, ca..::h additiona l live hundred points e ntitles the earner to a har. The air! receiv incr the hi"hcst numbe r llf !Joints is awa rded a trophy. A ny b ..::ollege g irl may become a membe r of the association hy earn ing one hundred point:;. ~


]. Nita Dillon hau charge of concessions. Representatives of the G. A. A . conducted successful candy sales at the various g:~mcs. The careful g uida nc..:, coaching, a nd d irecting of Ruhy Dammc, sponsor and adviso r , anu Mary H ;1rrison, president, manifested a successful organi: cd society. If each year is as successful in c r..:ating ath letic spirit and enthusiasm among the college girls, it w ill not he lo ng unti l girls' athletics a rc put on par with t he hoys' athletic:;. Pnge

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