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the half·milc relay. half·rnilc relays.

At the Drake Relays they again took third place in the first section o f the

The squad will go to Tarkio May 2. for a dual meet, and to H astin gs on May 9. The State meet at Nebraska Stadium on May 15 will complete the season. \Vc arc sure they will give a good acco unt of thcmsei\'CS. and th at this season' s reco rd will be very satisfactory to those who arc interested in Athletics at Peru.

The New Track This spring a contract was let to widen and lengthen the athletic field. and to construct a cind er track around the fo otball field. The track is 400 yards in length and when completed will be the best in the state. with the exception of that at the Nebraska Stadium. It was not .:omplcted in time to be in the best of shape but was used tempo rarily . With this new track in per fect shape, with a number o f this year's squad back , and the new material that will be avail· able, Peru should come into her own next year.



N the spring of 1925 the Tennis Club completed the most successful season in tcnms that has been kno wn at Peru. Th e regulars of the team were Willh o ft , H oyt. Dahl· strom, Beck. with Speich. Ste,·enson and Williams as alternates. Under the leadership of Advisor Beck th e season o pened with a horne match against Tarkio College. Beck won a hard·fought thrce·set mat ch againH V isse r. \Villhoft trounced Raines two st raigh t sets. and Hoyt added to the Peru s.:orc by defeating \Vaugh. Speich and Stevenson succumbed after a heroic st ruggle. The doubles were won easil y. H oyt and \Villho ft pairing against the M cMullcm, and Beck and Dahlst rom beating Nuckoii·Waugh. Fin al score. five to four, Peru's fav or. On May 2 the Peru team im·aded Tarkio ground and evened the count by losing, four to three . Beck returned the favo r o f playing V isse r by beating him another three·set match, and Willho ft again won from Raines in two hard- fought sets. 6·4. 6·4. H oyt. Dahlstrom an!! Spei ch lost their singles to the M cMullens. The do ubles broke even , Holt and Willhoft losi ng. while Beck and Dah lstrom defeated Nuckoii·Waugh.

On M ay 8 Tabor College suffered an ignominious defeat at Peru. 6 to 0. Tabor's star, Uyemu ra, reputed to have been champio n of T okyo University. Japan , permitted Willhoft to ca rry off every ga me, 6·0. 6 ·0. Peru was represented durin g the match by Beck, H oyt, Dahl· strom .and Willhoft. Each played a stell ar brand o f tennis against Tabor. The final encounter for the season wa' Tournament held at Lincoln on May 14 and represented at a State meet, and the results. encouragin g. In a few more years Peru will a team to a State meet.

the part pla yed by th e Peru team in the 15. This was the fir st ti me Peru has ever in spite o f th e in experience of the players, cause more than one discussion when th ey

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1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska