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\ VU!-.I ER. Tac~ le

T. D. \\'c11m:r. , ,[ H<t rd y. ,·a iled the gtant tackle." led all ta<"kl c:< for : \II ·S tatc h o n o r~. "Ted" \\Ieimer is a tra<"k man \\'h o .:arric:< 196 po unds o f well develo ped ph y~ i<j uc . H e played Ill >' tir:'t football in 1923. This .-ca ~ on he h a :< h..:cn n n e of Craf' ~ greatest men. In the Chadro n gam e h e p ro, ·cd a po wer o n olfcn sc and de· fc n ;.c. \\'c un..: r :<h o uld h.: the mo:<t feared lineman in Nch r<t, k<t n ex t :<ca:<o n .

'vV tLLI:\1\ IS. G ~ta rd

R . T . \ V dlt<tlll:' \\'<tS a l<ttc :<ca:<o n find . H e <"<~ me o ut for f•JOtha ll in I'J~3: thi:' >C<tSun he .:am c o ut regularl y <~nd worke d fa ithfull y. One day he gut his chance. and m <tde good . fro m th a t d ay h e played a regul ar gu <trd. H i:' <tggres,;i\'ene:<s ..:aught the eyes uf the ..:o<t..: h c, and :<Jllll t; writ er:'. and \ Vi llia ms wa s me ntion ed fllr A ll -St ate.



\Vilhert Zor n . c<tpt a in o f the All·Suuth eastcrn elev.:n in 1'J23. is fro m Fall ~ City . " Dut..:h" has been a nother ~ peed m c n:hant in the Craf ha..:kficld. H e has d e· vcloped mu..:h as a football pla yer: a n d vied with Ed ie in making se nsati o nal run :<. He will m<tkc a valuable hal fba .:k next sc<tson.

CLI\Rl:.NCE G R ..\ NDY,

S tudent Mmwger

"Sk ip" was appointed :<tudcnt man<tge r u f t he 19 2 'i foo tha ll team by the Athletic Board . His duties in th i:< capac it y we re tu make arrangements fur visiting team s and offi c ials. to look after fin a nces u n trips. and to ta ke .:arc o f the correspo ndence of the Ath letic D e· pa rtment . H :s fait h ful work was rewa rd ed with h is le tte r.

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1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1925 - The Peruvian  

1925 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska