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The Sophomore is about as s mall a cla ss as there is in the Hig-h SchooL How 0ver, we believe in the proverb, "Little, but oh my!" The following offi<.:ers were elected for th e current year: Bartlett Vance, Pres ident; Marion Ov erholt , Vice President; Grant Casey, Secretary; and Philip Hoyt, Treas urer. A great deal of credit is due our sponsor, Mr. Brown, who has guided us through a successful year of our life and left us none the worse for it. On "High School Nite" the Sphomoes "Brought Up Father", and while doing it held the audience in speechless awe throughout the entire performance . The Sophomores also had charge of a party after one of the d ebat es, and even the Juniors concede our program was better than theirs . March 10, we h e ld ou1· first class party of the year. Sandwic-hes, coffee, wafers, Ben Hur so up, and ice cream were se rv ed. vVe left as th e li g·hts g·ave a warning win]\ , and everyone declared they had had a rare old time. The Sophomores are well represented in all activities. In basketball, John Adam s held down a place on second team, while on the girls' t ea m, we find Gladys Sean; among the fir st. In debating we arc represented by Celia Kizer, Grant Casey and Avery Stevens . W e feel that the Sophomore c-lass ha s a brig·ht outlook for 192:~.

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1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska