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Arknoutlrhgntrttt5 1\'ow /hat f!l e- Cl11l1 lws final/!f co nd esce ncl ed to ha 11cl in its writeup; t h e photorfm}Jii er hand ed Its th e la st si.?:C life pict11re; th e E11grau er e:r plai·ll ed ll'h!f Co p!f No. 1 .~7 //'as onlu half a.-; l.arg c as ord ered, t he IJu s iness JlllaiWfJCI' to ld 11 s 1/' e .'i]JCIIt too nw ch III Oneu ewe/ th e Ja11 'ito r clw.sed us ou t of the P e ut rian ojj'ice for th e la .-;t ti111 e-w e ar e thankflll that it's all ov er. Jl! e CCI?! 1/ 0//' hreak th e Pr e-and Post-L ent en fa st fi'0/11 stlld!J awl proceed to ma k e lt}J a ho11t 'ste en 1/' Ce ks of reading.

It ca 11110 t !f et s ee /)/ possibl e that th e 19.'22 P en11·ian is a. realitu.

Onc e ·we ll' e l' e of tlu:' opinio11 that it 1/'0illd be child's plau to put ou.t an cmnual; la.te1·, w e t lWilrJllt that it co11ldn't li e don e in nin e short months; now, we can look /Jack a11d say "It //'as eas y" .

Th e 1·e a l' e 111a 11 !/ to ll'hO/)/ lt' e are grat eful for th e u·oJ ·k that has bee n drm e r!'ll this /wok. W e ca111/0t, for wcmt of space, speak of as many as ll' e should l·i k e . but to the folloll'i·ng i?l particular zc e 'll'ant to e:r press our sincer e tho 11 ks a,/1( / appreciatir)}l: Nil'. J. J. Sh er rd th e IJ11r ea1t of Engraring , who se suggestions hav e pl'ot· ed i 111 ·allla!Jle : F.· W. Nliles of th e Clafiiit P!·int·i11g Co ., 1l'lwse help awl co-op e 1·cttirm Jws h elp ed gr eatly i11 pllbl.ishing th e book; to Landen Whitfi eld, his Tol 1le l', RIIIIJJ Laztre?ICC awl Esth er R out fo1~ the e.rcel/.ent dra~c­ ings ll'hich app ear hi the a11illtal.. Th e e·nt'ire P en wicw Staff ha ve at all tim es .CJil· e 11 th eil' 11 ntiri ng effort s rtnd are dese rring of much commendat·i on fr)} · the 1/'ol'k 11 ·hich th e!J hae c dou e. To all th c:·; e (1'/1{{ more. li' C are grat eflll. Th e pa st uea.r has been o1w of pleci.'Htrabl e a.~s ociatiml.'; a11d ha)'(/ IL'OI'k , Cl'll(/ ·i f we ha.c e bee n forc ed to gic e up oth e r thin.r;s for th e P enr ria11, ·i t ha s bce11 emi·n cntlu u•o1·th 1/'hile.-THE EDITOR.

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1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska