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CALENDAH- (Continued) Tu es.

\V e a r e r elieved of a few d o I 1 a r s-class du es du e. D odo and Hig nea rl y Thurs . decide not to t a k e a football trip to Doan e . Fri. 4 Sad but true. Doane 3-Peru 0. W ed . Fall vacation for all but football boys . Fri . 11 Of course they couldn 't win w it h ou t u s here to ch eer them on. \Vayne GPeru 0. Mon. 14 Everyone back and so a nxi ou s t o get t o wo rk. Thurs . 17 First Girls' Club tea. Dramat!c Club p lays very mu ch of a success. F ri. 18 Another victim of the Bobcats. Ha stin gs 7-Peru 32. Wed. 23 Th e Bobcats' la s t fo otba ll ga m e. Cotner 3-Peru 28. Thurs. 24 Thank sgiving-Celeb r a t ed b y Dorm party. Mr. Schoenike decides to b e s in g le no longer. Fri. 2"i Freshmen h ave a wonderful time a t a h a rd time p arty. Sat. 2G Girls' Club give party fo r fa culty a nd boys of school. Wed. 30 Fath er a nd Son Banquet at Dorm. "Girls, in your r ooms t hi s evening." 1


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Thur s .



3 5

Wed. 1 Thurs. 9 10 Sat. 11 Sun. Wed . 14 Thurs . 15 Fri. Sat.

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Tu es. W ed.

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Thurs . 22 30 Fi.


Coach S peer g ives the football boys a banquet. Willy is cap tain-elect. Our class has a big party . Casler wins a place in the h earts of many . Basketball practice beg in s in earnest . We find out Who 's Who on the a ll -state tea m .

Football squ ad a r e enterta ined by Mr. Linn. Uppe r classmen, Juni ors and Seniors, h ave pa rty at Mrs. Ma rdi s '. How w e enjoy th ese Saturdays. Mr. Ji sa will b e up to practice Chri stmas Carols . Y. W. and Y . M. have charge of con vocation a nd b egin drive f or re li ef of European college stud ents . Pretty Chri s tmas tea given by Girls' Club. Dramati c Club g ives two exce ll ent plays. Boys' Club have big "feed" in dinin g hall. Dorm. Girls ha ve Chri s tma s party a nd th e J. U. G. h ave party in Library ba sem ent. Th e story of the Chri s t Child presented by mu s ic a nd pageant. Ju s t thre2 more clays after t his one. 72 hours- 4320 minutes. Beebe practi ces "Pr incess Gera nium " . Mr. B eebe , th e band. a nd t he or chest ra g ive co nce rt in ch apel. Everyon e off for h om e. Mi ss K ell y send s her r e tu rn tic k et bac- k to P e ru .

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1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska

1922 - The Peruvian  

1922 yearbook for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska