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20 _ I oT E V E N T _ T H I N K T H I N G S 2017

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How do you present an event in a proactive way that is visually attractive? The answer is IoT. A technological concept that (almost) no longer needs an introduction and that can turn out to be surprising on several levels. Here's an overview.

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1. Proximus ambassadors can be traced live via sensor tracking. 2. When the CO2 emmissions in the room rise too quickly, the windows can be opened automatically. 3. The heat map indicates where the participants are mainly located. 4. We define a stay-time per zone on the partner booth.

Solution Manager at Proximus

Think multi-technologies From registration of the participants to feedback from an event, technology is a real ally. “Think Things 2017 was the ideal time for us to combine the Beacon technology, Wi-Fi (CMX data), our IoT sensors (and the LoRa network), NFC tags, mobile data and text messaging. Among other things, this mix allows us to improve the experience of the participants and of our partners,” explains Joke Tisaun, Solution Manager at Proximus. …and data come to life The advantages of notification by text messaging, micro-geolocation of persons and the management of the air quality in a space will soon be a must in the event sector. “But not just there. These are added values that can be directly applicable to the retail sector, for example. Who comes from where to buy what, and where they go in the store. All while ensuring data protection, of course,” Joke says. Read an extended report of the event on or learn more about the posiblities of IoT and go to

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