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White zones: boosting coverage

Digital trust

White and rural zones are less economically attractive. However, we want to make the opportunities of the digital world accessible to everyone, everywhere. We are doing this by using new technologies and co-investing with public authorities.


Privacy & data security

Today’s digital world offers many opportunities, but also new threats. Trust is a prerequisite for people and companies to embrace the many opportunities of digital and to enable a digital future. As a leading digital company, Proximus is actively involved in developing a safer digital society through data protection, privacy and awareness initiatives.

We invested an additional EUR 18.5 million in 2017-2019 to offer high-speed fixed broadband services and highdefinition digital TV and to increase outdoor 4G mobile coverage in Wallonia.


In 2019, we have installed and upgraded 43 mobile sites to boost 4G mobile coverage in Wallonia. We have also worked with Tessares on innovative solutions to connect remote areas. We are implementing microwave ROP technology, connecting VDSL2 street cabinets through wireless microwave technology, and we have installed 97 remote optical VDSL2 platforms in white zones to increase VDSL coverage significantly. Thanks to the investments we made, 35 municipalities out of the 39, reach at least 60% high bandwidth coverage (> 30 Mbps), including 10 municipalities with a coverage above 80%.

International recognized certifications related to cyber security (ISO 27001 and Trusted Introducer certifications) Phishing exercises - employee awareness result: employees who informed CSIRT

Result 2019

Result 2018





Cyber security: safety first In developing infrastructure and digital services, safety is our top priority. That is why we offer our customers solutions to protect themselves and keep our employees up to date with the latest security practices . Threats in digital surpass national borders. To this end, we work closely with national and international cyber authorities.

In 2020, we will further increase the fixed broadband coverage and explore the possibilities of increasing the mobile coverage in white zones.

1 Our ISO certificate ‘Workplace-as-a-Service’ has become redundant in 2019 due to the implementation of the Microsoft certification.

Proximus Group I Annual report 2019


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Proximus annual report - 2019  

Proximus annual report - 2019  

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