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July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Corporate Events

Leading the way in compassion and discovery.

Taking sail - day outing for rehabilitation patients

 Staff Forums

11 Sept., Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital Cafeteria 12 Sept., Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Mental Health Services Cafeteria 13 Sept., Friday 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. Providence Manor Cafeteria

 Staff Golf Tournament

23 Sept., Monday 3:30 p.m. Start Colonnade Golf & Country Club $60 includes 9 holes + dinner To register, contact: SMOL/MHS - Janet Hunter PM - Regina Mitchell Community - Ben Gooch

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Medical Staff Association Executive Providence Care Foundation presents cheque Staff bursary recipients ePR Champions Suicide intervention training Patients: Effective hygiene needs Providence Manor volunteers receive award Congratulations Dr. Ruth Wilson Wi-Fi: Keeping up with technology Research earns recognition Words of appreciation ancing Quality of Lif e E nh for over 150 years

On June 20th, patients from our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital participated in a day of adapted sailing in Trenton, at Quinte SailAbility. The weather was beautiful, and the participants ranged in ability from seasoned sailers to first timers. Although the abilities of each individual varied, the experienced staff and volunteers at Quinte SailAbility were able to customize the boat, controls, and sailing mechanisms to capitalize on each person’s strengths. The goal of this outing was to introduce participants to a community leisure opportunity that is accessible, affordable, active, and without barriers. Community reintegration is a crucial component in the rehabilitation process. Through reintegration experiences such as this one, participants have the opportunity to practice and utilize the many skills and strategies they have been learning with daily therapy interventions- in a community setting. The outing was greatly enjoyed by all participants, as one patient wrote, “It was a wonderful day. One hardly expects such a splendid outing during a hospital stay. The sailing was very well handled in all details, and I am sure it lifted the spirits of everyone who participated, as it most certainly did mine.” Events such as these take a great deal of planning and collaboration. Thanks goes out to the Gibson 2 Rehab team at St. Mary’s for supporting and empowering patients to spend the day away from the hospital in order to have this amazing experience! Thanks also to Dave Baldwin and Michelle Smith from Spinal Cord Injury Ontario for attending and supporting our patients at this event. For more information about Quinte SailAbility, check out their website at - Shannon McCallum, Recreation Therapist

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

July/August 2013 ď ˇ Vol. 11 ď ˇ Issue 5

Providence Care Medical Staff Association appoints new executive

Announcing members of our 2013 Medical Staff Association, from left to right: Dr. Stephen Bagg, Dr. Richard Millson, Dr. Kathy Furst, Dr. Stephen McNevin, Dr. Joy Wee, Dr. Chris Frank (Past President), Dr. John Rapin (new Vice-President), Dr. Fulvio Paolucci, Dr. Valerie Goff, Dr. Casimiro Cabrera-Abreu (new President), and Dr. Dusan Kolar. Missing from photo: Dr. Agata Szlanta (Secretary).

Providence Care Foundation presents cheque in support of our programs and services Jennifer Fisher (right in photo), Chair of the Providence Care Foundation presents a cheque in the amount of $256,617 to Glen Wood, Chair of the Providence Care Board of Directors. The presentation took place at the annual bursary luncheon June 19th. The monies represent the total sum raised in the last year by the Providence Care Foundation, in collaboration with the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, in support of the programs and services of Providence Care.

Providenc e Ca re Con n e c ti o n s

July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Congratulations! Providence Care Foundation Staff Bursary & Iva Speers Endowment Bursary recipients!

Each year our Providence Care Foundation awards a number of bursaries to Providence Care employees furthering their education or attending conferences to enhance their various roles within the organization. This year’s recipients of the Providence Care Foundation Staff Education Bursaries received their bursaries at a special luncheon at The Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Restaurant, June 19th. Also awarded at the luncheon were the Iva Speers Endowment Bursaries in support of staff education at Providence Manor. These bursaries included the:  Iva Speers Bursaries  Sherwin Lunn Bursaries  Mancel Lunn Bursaries  Zelma Silver Bursaries

Congratulations to all!

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July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Meet our league of ePR champions

While Providence Care transitions to our new electronic patient record (ePR), staff are working hard getting ready for the big “go-live” day. Some are even leaguing together to form a group of super-users that will help implement this new technology. Their mission: to support the rollout of our electronic patient record system this fall. They have been recruited by the ePR team for their great computer skills, their great knowledge of inter-professional and multidisciplinary teamwork and their robust knowledge of the new standards and guidelines related to their scope of

practice through practice issues and trend monitoring. The “champion” league is learning the system inside-out before September 25, so they can lend an extra hand to colleagues when the system goes live at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. Champions will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and identify possible improvements to the ePR as new functionality are added to the system. Our ePR champions are key to the success of our ePR system working properly,

especially as we launch in the fall, and to Providence Care’s broader commitment to high quality care. Not only is the implementation of the new electronic patient record a step towards state-of-theart technology, but it is also a significant step towards the best care through a patientcentred approach. It will help improve the patient/client/resident journey in the health care network. - Véronique Scott Communications Officer ePatient Record

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July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Suicide intervention training - YOU could save a life! Courses offered by our Learning & Leadership Services, Clinical Education “I’m a very strong advocate for training in suicide intervention,” states Sue Lewis, a Social Worker at Providence Care for the past 23 years. Her strong commitment is evident in talking about three such training courses offered at Providence Care: “ASIST” and, new this fall, “ASIST Refresher” and “SafeTalk.” So key has Sue’s involvement been with suicide intervention training, that the role of instructor has become a regular part of her work at Providence Care and through LivingWorks. LivingWorks is the award winning suicide-intervention company which has developed programs such as ASIST and SafeTalk, both part of national, regional and organizational suicide intervention strategies around the world. Sue estimates that she has led approximately 70 ASIST workshops across the province and 20 Safe Talk workshops. Other ASIST instructors at Providence Care include Murray Hillier, Dr. Michela David and Kathy Heer. All three courses are available to staff and are open to the public. Sue has also been instrumental in the development of Providence Care’s policy on suicide intervention. “Everyone can benefit from suicide intervention training and learn to identify the signs of someone with suicidal thoughts,” states Sue. “I firmly believe that it is not only vital for workers in a health-care setting but also for anyone in their everyday lives. The skills and knowledge I learned through this training enabled me to identify those signs in someone in my own family and to help them. A year later, that person called to thank me for saving their life.”

ASIST: Learn suicide INTERVENTION skills Comments from workshop participants:  “This is the most practical, useful workshop I have ever attended. Thanks for giving me more tools to put in my tool box.”  “Awesome workshop – I recommend it to anyone working directly with people with mental health issues.”

 “ASIST makes you feel much more comfortable and confident helping someone who is thinking of suicide.” Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day training course for front-line clinical staff. The program provides skills and knowledge to help caregivers feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. It is a highly interactive, practical and practice-oriented workshop.


ASIST Refresher A shorter course, to keep skills fresh and updated, is available to those who have already attended the two-day ASIST course.


SafeTalk: Learn suicide ALERTNESS skills Comments from workshop participants:  “I feel much more confident in regards to my ability to recognize a person who is at risk of suicide and in knowing what to do when I do recognize it.”  “Best 3-hour training ever – you walk away with practical skills and knowledge.”  “Awesome workshop – now I want to take ASIST so I can learn more!” SafeTalk is a three hour training course for anyone over 15. The program provides skills and knowledge to help identify individuals who have thoughts of suicide. It also teaches how to apply the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and KeepSafe) to connect suicidal individuals to suicide first aid resources. This training initiates more open conversation and understanding about suicide, decreasing the stigma associated with it. All staff are urged to watch for notices of upcoming suicide intervention training workshops. “It is about helping to establish and maintain a suicide-safe community

and treating other people with compassion, respect and dignity – Values that we uphold at Providence Care,” states Sue. “This training could have a powerful impact, not only in your everyday contacts at Providence Care but also in your personal life with family and friends. Simply by recognizing the signs of someone at risk of suicide, being comfortable in talking about it, and knowing what resources are available -You could save a life!” - Cathy Clark Communications Officer

Upcoming sessions SafeTalk

Instructor: Susan Lewis, MSW, RSW 13 September 2013 (Friday) OR 14 November 2013 (Thursday) 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon Learning & Leadership Centre Mental Health Services $20 - Providence Care staff $40 - Outside registrants

ASIST Refresher

Instructor: Susan Lewis, MSW, RSW 4 October 2013 (Friday) 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon Learning & Leadership Centre Mental Health Services Free - Providence Care staff $40 - Outside registrants

Contact For further details and to register: Susan Beck, Learning & Leadership Centre

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Hands up! Patients speak up about what they need for effective hand hygiene washing.” Jim said he talked to the patient about how important it would be for him to clean his hands before meals, after touching his face and when entering or exiting his room. “He was shocked that this was the first time anyone had talked to him about hand hygiene. He’d been using a wheelchair for a long time before coming to Providence Care, and the importance of clean hands had never come up before.” Shortly afterwards, our Infection Control Practitioner team received a letter from a different patient who had recently left our hospital. This patient, who also had VRE when she came to Providence Care, offered advice on how health care staff can strengthen their efforts to promote hand hygiene by engaging patients in the campaign. “She suggested putting hand cleaner within reach of meal trays, and hand wipes on the meal tray for easy access,” said Ann McFeeters, Infection Control Practitioner. “Because some patients arrive at Providence Care from another hospital after surgery or stays in the Intensive Care Unit and are in pain, she said infection control practitioners should connect with them again and discuss hand hygiene when the ‘brain fog’ has cleared. She was telling us ways we can help patients be more involved in infection control – which is our goal.”

Jim Gauthier and Ann McFeeters, infection control practitioners at Providence Care, have found ways to collaborate with patients to promote regular handwashing, particularly patients with specific needs because they use a wheelchair or have just had surgery. Our Providence Care Infection Control Practitioner (ICP) Team always talks about hand hygiene with patients. It is their job to increase awareness and prevention of drug-resistant bacteria and infectious diseases in our hospitals. But while they have these conversations on a regular basis, for some patients – washing their hands is not as easy as it is for others. “I was talking to a new patient who was being admitted with Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE), and who used a wheelchair,” said Jim Gauthier, Infection Control Practitioner. “Patients who use wheelchairs are touching the wheels or other parts of the chair frequently throughout the day, and their hands are often visibly soiled and need regular

Inspired by these patient interactions, our team implemented new strategies to make sure patients are as empowered to support hand hygiene as hospital staff. Infection Control Practitioners and nursing staff speak with each newly admitted inpatient about the importance of hand hygiene, and to understand the patient’s specific needs and physical and cognitive ability to wash his or her own hands. The team put together a brochure for patients and visitors on hand hygiene and a second pamphlet for those patients using wheelchairs. For those patients who need help with hand hygiene – a “hand hygiene logo” is placed above their bed, to remind staff to provide assistance. “Sometimes we forget it is not easy for a patient to keep their hands clean in our environment,” said Kathleen Poole, Infection Control Practitioner. “We need to make sure their hands are clean too!” - Ann McFeeters Infection Control Practitioner

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Providence Manor volunteers receive Ontario Volunteer Service award

July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5

Congratulations Dr. Wilson!

Several Providence Manor volunteers received the Ontario Volunteer Service Award on June 18th for their outstanding contributions to their community. The Ontario Volunteer Service Award recognizes individual volunteers for continuous years of commitment and dedicated service to an organization.

Adults are recognized for five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30+, 40+, 50+ and 60+ years of continuous service. Youth (under the age of 24) are recognized for two or more years of continuous service. The award recipients were: Garnet Huff, Frank Maloney, Josephine Quesnel, Dianne Dutcher, Hayley Maloney, Michele Cadieux, Kirsten Snider, Theresa Miller, and Sandra Murchie.

Providence Care’s Vice President of Medical and Academic Programs, Dr. Ruth Wilson, has been elected President of the North American region’s World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Association of General Practitioners/Family Physicians (WONCA). The election was announced at the recent 20th Annual World Conference of WONCA - also know as the World Organization of Family Doctors - in Prague.

Keeping up with the technological age Major step will contribute to availability of ePatient Record Do you feel like a part of you is missing if you forget your cell phone at home? Do you use your laptop instead of loose paper to take notes during meetings? These are signs we are living in a society where technology is an integrated part of the lifestyle. Upgrading your technological environment is a key element to following the digital revolution. In the health care system, technology advancement is reshaping and benefiting patient care. Back in December, the Wireless LAN (WLAN) service was made available to corporate devices at our Mental Health Services facility, following on the footsteps of St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital. This upgrade has become an important piece to

the technological changes that will come to Providence Care in the Fall of 2013: the electronic Patient Record (ePR). Because of our WLAN major upgrade, the ePR will be accessible and available in more places, specifically at the point of care. The benefits don’t stop there; just in the past six months WLAN has already enhanced the everyday work of our staff. Having Wi-Fi hotspots spread out across both our hospital sites means that staff can now bring their laptop and connect to the network without having to use a cable. They can access files from their different drives anywhere, at any time, in a timely manner. Staff can also access their calendar via Wi-Fi on their Blackberry from any

hospital location. Presentation and working documents can be edited from any laptop during meetings and working sessions. Whenever staff need to print at a distant colour printer, they can take their laptop with them, make edits and print right at that printer. The Wireless LAN service has proven to be a valuable asset and a necessity in keeping up with the new technological age. Remote access is one of the major steps undertaken by Providence Care to improve patient care in the long run and enhance the everyday work of our staff. - Véronique Scott Communications Officer, ePatient Record

Providence Care Conn e c t io ns

Cutting edge research earns national status for Queen’s Department of Psychiatry and Providence Care Recognition highlights locally-based mood and anxiety disorder research

July/August 2013  Vol. 11  Issue 5


Get the latest news at:

PROVIDENCE CARE HOSPITAL: Bringing together the programs and services of St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital and Mental Health Services in one new hospital located at 752 King Street West in Kingston.


The innovative and cutting-edge mental health research underway at Queen’s University and Providence Care has attracted national recognition. The Queen’s Department of Psychiatry at Providence Care has been granted Accredited Clinical Research Centre status by the Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT). The accreditation was awarded to the clinical research site based on the research centre’s program strength and caliber of the research team. “This accreditation acknowledges the importance and high quality of the research we are doing and the impact it is having for people living with mental illness,” says Roumen Milev, head of the Department of Psychiatry. “We have a strong team and this type of recognition rewards us for our research. We have been working for many years on multi-site trials, working with teams of researchers right across Canada and internationally to enhance the quality of life for people living with various psychiatric disorders.” Dr. Milev says one of the most exciting ongoing research projects is aimed at helping patients with major depression get effective treatment, sooner. The CAN-BIND study involves participation at five academic hospital sites across Canada, including the Mood Disorders Research and Treatment Service at Providence Care’s Mental Health Services. “We are investigating whether there are biological markers - something that will show up in a scan or a blood test - that can tell us what medication the patient will respond to best,” says Dr. Milev. “Right now, finding the most effective medication for someone with major depression can take months of trial and error.” Dr. Milev adds that it is not always understood why there is so much variation in how different people respond to different anti-depressants. “The research and the trials we are doing right here in Kingston have the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of many people,” he says.

Published by: Providence Care Communications Dept. Editor: Cathy Clark, 613-548-5567, ext. 5995


 From a family member of a resident of Providence Manor:

“The meals are great, delicious and served by friendly staff on the floors. The Easter Feast, Christmas dinner, Alzheimer’s tea were most enjoyable.”

 From a family member of a client of

Adult Treatment & Rehabilitation Program, Ward 14 at Mental Health Services:

“We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of the doctors, lawyers, social workers, all the nurses and staff on the floor. We appreciate your care for our brother more than you know!

 From a patient of the Physical Medicine

& Rehabilitation Program, Stroke Rehab at St. Mary’s of the Lake Hospital:

“My sincere thanks to everyone who looked after me so splendidly during my recovery. I admire you all for your highly professional skill and patience mixed with so much humanity and humour. You are a magnificent group, indeed.”

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