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3c Gr oup, a w ell k now n r eal estete or ganization that is r esponsible for for ming the sk y line of souther n r egion I ndia has added another exciting pr oject in its list w ith its new est demonstr ation 3c Gr eenopolis. T his pr e-launched ventur e is the best expr ess of style, beauty and r elaxation. T he w hole pr oject is developed w ith complete level of sensitivity for your needs and ambitions. T his new ventur e is ver y near to natur e, yet pr ovides you all the moder n featur es and ser vices. T he 3C Company Offer s – 3c Gur gaon Pr oject 3c Gr eenopolis Gur gaon the new upcoming pr oject in Sector -89 Gur gaon. 3c offer s only "Gr een Residential str ategically" located at 3c Gr eeno polish Sector 89 D w ar k a Expr essw ay gur gaon.

3c Gr eenopolis Gur gaon Pr ice per fectly matches your pock et and r elaxing w ithin your budget, it gives you an oppor tunity to ow n a home of your ambitions. T he location, being one of the hot places of the tow n featur es ever ything that one needs for happy and r elaxing lifestyle. N ot only the place, but the ser vices, the envir onment and the atmospher e, all tak e you to the new level of r esiding, mak ing sur e that you live a enjoyable lifestyle. T he ventur e pr ovides you the choice of 2 and 3 BH K high-class apar tments. All the flats of the complex ar e designed by tak ing gr eat car e of your ambitions and imagination and offer you something that you ar e look ing for your ideal r esidence. T he ventur e is a per fect example of high-class r esiding M or e I nfo @ Call 9811004272 , at r easonable pr ices.

T o ensur e that you get appr opr iate value of money, this new pr oject is situated at the excellent place of Gur gaon. When it comes to ser vices and featur es, the ventur e does not have now her e ar ound. T he ventur e has been car efully cr eated to ser ve all your needs. Some of the ser vices that the ventur e pr ovides ar e gym, fitness center , pool, exer cises ar ea, yoga exer cises ar ea, supply for outdoor and inside games and also an in-house comfor t stor e. I n addition to, the highend r equir ements, fur nishings and huge r ooms w ith appr opr iate air flow and str eaming natur al light not only contr ibutes to your oomph factor but also impr oves your r elaxation. All this guar antees that 3c Gr eenopolis gur gaon is situated M or e I nfo at one @ Call of the 9811004272 most convenient , 9910007460,9910002540 places of the tow n and can handle near appr oach to all the

T he 3C Company is the only team in Asia w hich has to its cr edit T hr ee PL AT I N U M Rated & T w o GOL D r ated L EED CERT I F I ED GREEN BU I L D I N GS by U SGBC (U nited States Gr een Building Council) T he 3C Company br ings together the unpar alleled occur r ence of thr ee nationally acclaimed pr ofessionals fr om the fields of Ar chitectur e - M r . Vidur Bhar adw aj, Constr uction - M r . Sur pr eet Sur i and D evelopment M r . N ir mal Singh. I t w as their far sightedness that has led them to be pioneer s of envir onment fr iendly cr eations. L ed by these thr ee highly qualified and exper ienced specialists is a team of 400 pr ofessionals w or k ing tow ar ds the cause of r educing the car bon footpr int on the ear th. T oday w hen, a lot of major player s in the constr uction and development industr y ar e still accumulating their r esour ces to develop envir onment fr iendly constr uction solutions 'T he 3C Company' has alr eady set ver y high standar ds and cr eated benchmar k s in the concept of GREEN CON ST RU CT I ON for other s to follow . Pledged tow ar ds r educing the car bon footpr int on the ear th, the company has been cr eating buildings that ar e tr uly sustainable in for m, function and use. T hese sustainable developments not only use far less natur al r esour ces and ener gy in the pr ocess they ar e built but ar e also mor e dur able and r equir e M or e D eails @ 9811004272, 9910007460, and 9910002540 We Ar e Author ized Chanel Par tner Pr op Wor ld Realty is the br ainchild of D eepak Batr a, a tw o blend of youth and exper ience. T he captain of Pr op Wor ld i.e., the dir ector

T he 3C Company Offer s – 3c Gur gaon Pr oject 3c Gr eeno polis Gur gaon the new upcoming pr oject in Sector -89 Gur gaon. 3c offer s only "Gr een Residential strhttp:/ ategically" located at 3c Gr eeno polish Sector 89 D w ar k a / 3c-GreenoPolis-Sector-89-gurgaon.html Expr essw ay gur gaon.

T he 3C Company is a pioneer in conceiving and executing Gr een D evelopments in D elhi and N CR. With the pr ime focus on deliver ing state of the ar t ener gy efficient buildings the gr oup has alr eady deliver ed over 12 M illion Sq. F t. of niche developments and is pr esently w or k ing on pr ojects w or th over Rs. 15000/- Cr or es.

http://w w w .pr opw or gaon.

3c Greenopolis 3c Greenopolis Gurgaon 9811004272 3c Greenopolis sector 89 Gurgaon  

More Info @ Call 9811004272 , 9910007460,9910002540 The 3C Company Offers – 3c Gurgaon Project 3c Greeno polis Gurgaon the new upcoming proj...