[proof] Winter 2022

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kenna gallagher interview by arati periyannan

Kenna Gallagher, new photography and graphic design teacher, on her inspiration and experimentations


right blotches of lime green and baby blue paint fall onto the white shirt, creating a vivid teal. Instead of a paintbrush, then eight-year-old Kenna Gallagher had a brown, speckled sanddab in hand. “We went down to the market and got a fish. We painted with acrylic paint, and we essentially stamped the fish onto a T-shirt,” Gallagher said. “It was really gross.” Gallagher is Palo Alto High School’s new photography and graphics design teacher. Her interest in art only expanded from her childhood experiments. Being homeschooled, she was encouraged, and many times required, to explore art. She would spend hours drawing in a sketchbook and writing in a journal with her cousins. Gallagher also skateboards and is heavily involved in the skating community, bringing her inspiration.


kenna gallagher