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DESIGN FOR WORLD Davide Chiesa PROMOTEDESIGN.IT is now recognized as the most dynamic and interesting reference portal for the promotion of design and creativity. It is identified by many operators in the sector, such as architects, designers and creatives in general, as well as technical or commercial representatives of companies operating in one of the most important sectors for the establishment and consolidation of the Made in Italy in the world. is the web portal through which the protagonists of design have the opportunity to get in touch with institutional, editorial and productive realities with the aim improving and expanding their professional network and to build real and effective professional opportunities. DESIGN FOR Today’s world design scenario has radically changed compared to former decades; the demands of the international market of consumers using design objects are directed towards a need for unique, personalized, even almost artisanal products. In this environments the great companies put forward catalogues which exclude self-production and selfpromotion processes, especially for those creatives who interact with products in a manner different from that of the industrial production. The task Design For has taken on since 2012, during its first six editions, has been to facilitate the collaborative flow between designers and companies aimed at creating new concepts and thus amplify the network of the professional relationships of the creatives. For its seventh edition, Design For proposes a radical change in its promotional activity: as of 2019, Design For deals with selecting and promoting the marketing of products, and not just concepts.


This radical change in the Design For activity transforms the network developed in every edition from a communication complex to a commercial one; in this new configuration Design For aims to create sales opportunities for the products and designers published. These opportunities are realized through a series of strategies precisely aimed at this objective and studied ad hoc to provide visibility and distribution at an international level, involving all the actors sitting at the negotiating table. The main and most important strategy to obtain the most tangible results is the capillary distribution of the catalogue. The 2018 edition of Design For will be strategically distributed to: - 5000 international architectural firms, which will have the opportunity to take advantage of a new and heterogeneous catalogue of products to select and include them in the projects related to their activities. - 500 concept and furniture stores all over the world that will act as a physical showcase for the products offered by Design For, allowing their customers to personally experience the quality of the objects. - 2000 international journalists who will be able to mention new products from Design For in thier articles and thus increase the brands visibility on a communicative level. - 2000 bookshops throughout Europe, where Design For can be exhibited and purchased by all design and interior decor enthusiasts. With a total of 9,500 economic entities physically reached by the 2018 edition, Design For is a fundamental commercial tool for those who pursue the objective of marketing their products, independent designer and consolidated companies alike. This objective is achieved through a plurality of commercial actions carried out at 360 degrees, with a strong impact on the market as no aspect of communication and promotion

is neglected. In addition to the international distribution in architectural firms, concept stores, editorial offices and bookshops, a selection of brands will be put directly on sale in the concept stores in partnership with The sale and dissemination of the selected products will be further amplified through the e-commerce Treneed. com, a well-established retailer’s platform for all the design oriented buyers. Naturally, no commercial strategy is successful without effective and constant communication supporting the sales tools in the correct presentation of the products proposed; the communicative effort of Design For 2018 will therefore be carried out to support sales and promotion actions through the massive and specific use of social networks, the creation of ad hoc sponsored campaigns and the constant publication of news and updates according to a precise marketing strategy, developed for this dynamic market. 360 degrees promotion also means activities in exhibitions; Design For 2018 offers opportunities of great value and of guarenteed interest: among all the participants in the 2018 edition, 40 between artists and companies will be selected to show their products during some international design events. Ten will be exhibited during the next Milan Fall Design Week from 12 to 21 October and the remaining thirty will be invited to the Czech Design Week from November 28th to December 2nd in the city of Prague. PRODES ITALIA GROUP The Prodes Italia Group is the main actor in a series of initiatives involving two creative sectors of strong interest: design and contemporary art. The group’s activities take place through a series of

actions involving publishing, the organization of events and exhibitions, the creation of advanced and dedicated communication strategies and the management of platforms dedicated to e-commerce. Prodes Italia has devised and manages: -, a web portal designed specifically for the design world, aiming to create a professional network connecting artists production companies. - Din - Design In, the exhibition created during Milan Design Week, which has reached its sixth edition in 2018 and is the reference point for emerging international companies in the lively and innovative Lambrate Design District. - Design For, the annual publication collecting an anthology of new design products for the promotion and marketing of the selected brands. -, the e-commerce website dealing with the marketing and distribution of design products with highly innovative and technological content. - Artistar Jewels, the promotion project of the contemporary jewellery world with international scope and the desire to create a showcase for young emerging designers. -, the distribution and marketing portal entirely dedicated to contemporary jewellery. - Artistar Jewels Annual, the publication devised to illustrate the of selected, most promising artists. - Artistar Jewels Exhibition, the international exhibition which supports and exhibits the creations contained within Artistar Jewels Annual. -, the website dealing with contemporary art in all forms, which offers a showcase of the different instances of an artistic reality in constant movement. Design For aims to create a commercial network with the realization of sales and collaboration opportunities for selected and published products and designers.


ANNA JAROSZEWICZ - FREUNDLICH Graduated in Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, in Poland, Anna Jaroszewicz has always wanted to create something new, being involved in creating reality. She is an observer of the world and she likes to analyze reality and human behavior. Design for her is a combination of these two things. As a designer, she creates something new while is answering the needs of the people.


These are the spatial ceramic tiles that are used to compose different paths on the wall, inspired by the maze. The tiles are hexagonal shape allowing 6 different arrangements. Anyone can arrange their own pattern and get a unique effect. 28

Poland > +48 696472032 > >


Porcelain vase inspired by a bent piece of paper. It is made of two basic shapes and some of them have been felled after purposely damaged in different ways leading the vase to be unique.The aim of the project is to play with form. 29

CAROLINE FICKER - ION PROJECT She holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, a degree in Interior Design and a specialization in Environmental Comfort and Energy Preservation. After five years working for a renowned architect in SĂŁo Paulo, Caroline decided to open her own studio, where she could develop all the elements of the project, from architecture up to the conception of objects.


Composed with triangular modules, this handcrafted line of pendants is inspired by the concept of modular furniture. The configuration of the modules allows infinite shapes, creating true light sculptures and can be made in different types od wood. 44

Brazil > +55 11994051536 > >


Inspired by the antique streetlights of SĂŁo Paulo, these two lamps allies the round domes and warm lights to a strong concrete base. The base refers to a specimen, cylinder piece used by engineers to prove the quality of the concrete before using for construction. 45

CHENDĂ™ Creative studio for interior, product and brand design. Founded by Ernesto Cesario, a product, interior and computational designer and Elisabetta Mariani, a visual, verbal and communication designer, ChendĂš creates solutions beyond your imagination. It is an Italian brand that designs, develops and manufactures original furnishing accessories. It tells emotions, generates innovation, pursues beauty.

E.GO Bookcase

These hexagons are modular wall systems made of lacquered iron and durmast wood. The front has three different shapes and the back is made of durmast wood. Your own style creates a unique decorative game playing with the modules. 46

Italy > +39 3355352153 > >


This product is a 3 millimetres bended and carved iron sheet that generates a combination of recesses, solids and voids. Durmast inserts and the other details make this great table a piece of furniture with a unique and refined style. 47

DAM The company is about design, craft and furniture. It’s about products that tell stories. The brand has high quality furniture and accessories which are oriented to distributors, retailers and interior designers who develop hospitality, corporate and residential projects. DAM combines traditional techniques and materials with creative drawing. It appeals to emotions, simplicity and quality of life.


This sofa refers to the serenades under the balcony dedicated to a maiden, carrying us directly to a fairy tale. Its light and turned structure and the delicate curves of the upholstery express the ideal serenity that makes any environment unforgettable. 54

Portugal > +351 256004124 > >

PIPO Stool

It refers to the traditional wood barrel used for the transport and storage of wine. The mobility of the product is associated to the commercial expansion of the wine and it is as if each person carried this cultural history when carrying Pipo. 55

DORIS DARLING The Vienna based upcoming studio offers unique and beautiful light objects produced on demand. These beautiful lights are handcrafted and the client can choose out of a wide range of glasscolours and finishing of the metal parts. In her studio, Doris personally desig pendant, table and floor lamps, that are perfect for enhacing any interior projects. These products are perfect for anyone who wants a light with a wow effect.


This product is part of an exclusive lights collection handcrafted in Vienna. The client can create his own lamp choosing the different glasscolours and finishing. The lamp can be suspended as single lamp or in a group to create an impressive light object. Photographer - Klaus Pichler, K&K Architecture 68

Austria > +43 6506347097 > >



This lamp takes its name from the shape and the colour variation you can choose from. It is produced on demand and entirely handmade. Very interesting for architects and interior designers if they need something special for their project. Photographer - K&K Architecture 69

ENEA The brand designs and manufactures contemporary furniture for commercial and domestic spaces. Through collaborations with designers and clients, they produce pragmatic, progressive and durable furniture. Combining knowledge and experience with innovation and experimentation, Enea pursues excellence, creating furniture that uphold the upmost quality, design sustainability and versatility.


Engineered wood takes centre stage in this chair. The combination of sleek, subtly curving oak with high quality upholstery make Kaiak cozy and elegant. The relaxed feel makes it suited to domestic, public and professional settings. 76

Spain > +34 943806275 > >

EMA Chair

Strong with structure in aluminium but lightweight and supremely stackable, this chair reinvents a classic form, adding innovative engineering to forward-thinking design. Highly refined technology makes it adroit, adaptable, stylish and robust seating. 77

ENIO CATALANO The designer creates contemporary design aimed at beauty, combining modern production techniques with artisan quality. After a twoyear experience as a technical designer, he began his creative training in Florence where he graduated with honors in 2013. As his own thought, he declared that “I intend to help companies to be more competitive, creating objects sensitive to emotions and to human needs “.

ADATA Armchair

An in-out and high-back armchair born to introduce solid surface material in outdoor furniture field. Its design is inspired by nature’s ability to adapt, due to its sinuosity and asymmetries. Marked by high comfort and a striking material and formal contrast. 78

Spain - Italy > +34 634543186 > >

GOLF Mirror

A solid ash wood freestanding mirror designed for contemporary open spaces. Golf mirror can be used either in the bathroom or in the living room. Created with an iconic and versatile design as a new approach to a common home accessory. 79

ERGOLAIN & PLAZMA This Lithuanian manufacturing company is celebrating its 20 years anniversary. With cutting edge technologies and innovations ERGOLAIN has won numerous awards for furniture and office systems. Company contributed to the interior of Barclays, Swedbank, Adform Lithuania, Danske bank, Microsoft Lithuania. It often collaborates with Plazma studio, a renowned design studio with Rytis Mikulionis as a head.


This product helps to concentrate on attention-demanding tasks or simply to relax. Perfect for offices or public spaces. Designed by Rytis Mikulionis and AgnÄ— GylytÄ— from Plazma studio. Boxy is available in several colors and textures. 80

Lithuania > +370 66357440 > > Lithuania > +370 61223170 > >


It is one of the most popular product in standard office table market. Various table tops, different legs with two or three segments, many sizes and colours options create a unique product on a market. Goes with additional drawers block as well as sitting option, serving as a visitor chair. 81

ESTÚDIO LABUTA It is a design studio based in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. With human-centred methodologies, it designs products and experiences that bring meaning and emotion to people’s lives, providing full filling moments and more interesting interactions. It works alongside with the industry, supporting them through design to find their relevance to the market, developing ideas to this new connected world we live in.

JÔ LAMP Lighting

This lamp is based on the dynamics of the toy Joao Bobo, which combines together a friendly look with a minimalist appearance. Perfect for everyone: for the laid back, it’s a fun light fixture and, for the bumbling, hard to knock over. 82

Brasil > +55 21998333054 > >

FILTRO GONZAGA Kitchen accessories

The clay filter, traditionally present in Brazilian houses, it was left out by its outdated look. Its low cost raw material has properties that maintain fresh water using the gravity filtration system, one of the most efficient in the world. 83

ESTĂšDIO PARRADO Founded by the Brazilian sisters Lilian and Luisa Parrado, the studio designs and manufactures contemporary interior products and furniture with focus on a clean, simple and original aesthetic. Working with concepts such as innovation in structural systems, modularity and customization they aim to transform and generate value in ordinary materials bringing a new point of view to design and its processes.


Three materials and an unusual structural system. Through a precise fit the steel frame is attached to the concrete base only by a pin. With no need of glue, screws or welding, its system allows a particular and elegant aesthetic. 84

Brasil > + 55 11983220520 > >


A modular system that makes it possible to create a three-dimensional green panel with most varied combinations. Made of steel and concrete, their irregular shape allows flexible compositions according to taste, purpose and destination. 85

FABRIZIO DE GAETANO Born in 1980, after his mechanical engineering studies, he moved from working in a pipe line design studio to a freelance designer job. Since 2010 he has dedicated himself to the design of interior furnishings tailored to individuals and businesses. He is CEO and founder of the stringimi design brand, a modular and interlocking furniture line based on the principles of simplicity, functionality and quality.


Made with an iron structure, this table is designed with iron profiles already existing on the market. The possibility of disassembling the legs allows an easy transport and reduced size for storage. Simplicity, elegance and functionality contained in a detail. 88

Italy > +39 3299387212 > >


This wooden furniture uses only joints and strips without nails or screws. Easy to assemble and available in different models and sizes. Stringimi design combines the simplicity of a furniture industry to the infinite possibilities of a customized one. 89

FLAPSTUDIO - ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LAB It is the place where ideas are born. Created by a dynamic duo composed of Alberto Pancotti and Juan David Mendez y Patino, it is a creative laboratory of architectural, interior and product design that wishes to achieve goals with commitment, perseverance and patience. Their work is based on a fusion of different ways of thinking, style and education, leading to a linear, friendly and handmade product.


It’s a symbol of the union of two people who work for the same goal. The vase is the sign that when you work as a team you can do anything. Thanks to its shape it is a stable object that gives elegance and a modern style to the interior space where it is used. 92

Italy > +39 3401402939 > >

TRIPTICUBE Storage furniture

It’s designed to create an interactive experience between users and objets. Inspired by the construction system of lego and their combinations, the modular system offers multiple configurations that allow you to change the space as many times as you want. 93

GIACOMO GIUSTIZIERI Eclectic figure that embraces all the aspect of design: from self-production to serial production, developed with European companies in the field of furniture and accessories. Lover of any form of art, from painting to literature, passing through music, sculpture, ect. Curious observer, the designer likes to define himself as a “worker of creativity� and his projects are clean in shape and attentive to feasibility.


Supports for shelves available in two variants to provide a range of different loading dock. Simple yet recognizable, solid and with a minimal shape. It is made in different materials, variable thickness and with an adjustable fixing. 94

Italy > +39 3387972885 > >

GIOTTO Coat-hanger

Supports for shelves made in different materials, with variable thickness and with adjustable fixing. There is the possibility of hanging clothes, creating a small equipped wall. This product has a simple and solid shape, minimal and multi-purpose. 95

HOCK DESIGN E.K. In 2008 Kristof , an experienced product manager and award-winning advertising creative came up with a innovative business idea. He found a niche in a seemingly saturated market, the fitness one. Most products were available with very high standards of design, quality and materials. But fitness equipment was the exception. Why shouldn’t dumbbells and gym balls be desirable too? Hock created then HOCK and VLUV.


It’s the more upbeat and youthful version of the VLUV. Its polyester fabric is hardwearing but still light and soft. You can sit upright on it and adopt a balanced position. Ideal alternative piece of furniture for the office or home. 104

Germany > +49 2262707516 – 0 > >


The world´s first felt seating ball/gym ball made of warm and cozy merino wool felt. VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and healthy seating for your home or work space. All VLUVs have been certified as “ergonomical” for a correct seating and back training in one. 105



This pouf is the comfortable fabric version of the VLUV ball concept. The cover is made of a sturdy yet soft polyester fabric. VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and warm seating for your home or work space. 106

Germany > +49 2262707516 – 0 > >


This product is the surprising alternative of our VLUV concept. The cover is made from an innovative leather imitatation. The new material feels and looks like aged leather but it is made from a coated polyester fabric. 107

IMPERFETTOLAB Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli are the founders of this multifaceted place. Verter, receptive to the world around him but faithful to the hazard of his own sensitivity, experiments with materials, shapes and colours for an innovative design. His intuitive and visionary research is carried out with the support of his brother Erich. Emanuela connects Imperfettolab with the outside world while respecting its identity.

BIOMA Armchair

This product brings a new landscape into the house, perfectly balancing nature and artifice. It is the synthesis of a resistant and bold metamorphosis. Seat in fiberglass with a metal base. It’s totally black and in limited edition. 108

Italy > +39 054757167 > >

OLMO Bench

Symbol of resistance, it extends into space at length and consolidates the time of a petrified forest. A light installation, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bench made in fibreglass in black colour. 109


EPOCHE’ Armchair

Its name in ancient Greek means suspension. When seated, it feels like being comfortably suspended, in the absence of judgment from the outside world. Armchair with fiberglass seat, cushion upholstered in leatherette. 110

Italy > +39 054757167 > >

NIDO Armchair

Its shape surrounds and embraces. It’s an invitation to stay comfortably in a parenthesis, free from all worries. All uses are allowed: waiting, resting, relaxing. The shell in fibreglass rests on a metal base. 111


OMBRA Armchair

When a modern design meets the archaic element, a shape of original vigour is born. It is a shadow of an ancient force. Sophisticated in the fibreglass version and elegant in the leatherette one. Base made in metal. Design by Verter Turroni. 112

Italy > +39 054757167 > >


This elegant bench takes its inspiration from nature. The seat has a curvilinear and smooth shape that recalls river pebbles. The different models that make up the series allow infinite combinations. 113

JAANUS ORGUSAAR Inventor and designer from Tallinn inspired by nature’s geometry. His trademark is constructing three-dimensional objects from sheet material. As a passionate experimenter Jaanus plays with structures resulting in surprising objects. His sculptural interior designs are both practical and beautiful offering a unique spatial experience. Just as nature strives for order, the designer does the same.


It consists of identical vermiforms, a sequence of dots that create a beautiful atmospheric lighting piece, even a spiritual object. It is a self-constructing bionic structure. Many sacral buildings have a similar bionic structure. Photographer - TĂľnu Tunnel 118

Estonia > +372 55534850 > >


The spherical shape protrudes from the wall like a sculpture while offering a practical and eye-catching way to store and showcase items. The bookshelf is shaped like a hexagonal comb with expanding crossing surfaces. Photographer - TĂľnu Tunnel 119

JACOBSROOM Kathrin Charlotte Bohr has a background in music, philosophy and advertising. Her approach to design in 2012 resulted in her pieces presented at Salone del Mobile. In 2017 she opened her studio, Jacobsroom. Kathrin’s work experience in film reveals a mindset of conveying space through memories and sensations - of storytelling and its potential to arrange inconspicuous details into visuals of excellence.


Folding table available in three versions. Each table can be used alone or arranged in a row like petals of a necklace, with four seats each for a larger table. Like a natural puzzle, a wiring liana with wooden veins and meshes. Photographer - Lorenzo Poli 120

Italy > +39 3408277299 > >


Thin and tiny: both a wardrobe and a mirror. The asymmetrical shapes and grids of this product play with perception. Decorative or functional, a wall picture or an assistant, ready to hold your robes, with independent hangers and boxes. Photographer - Lorenzo Poli 121

KAUCH The Slovenian brand loves to think of tradition as something that tirelessly defies time and never submits to change. In their opinion change is the essence of tradition, its only consistency. Spaces are playgrounds of possibilities. Their mind is always rearranging its fragments. Always searching. With the goal of the client’s comfort. Comfort of aesthetics and touch with a pinch of charming.


Designed by Luka Debevec, this is the modern sofa that can turn itself into a bed. This couch, owing to its high-quality mechanism, can be turned into a bed before you can say ‘knife’. A bed for you in your living room or an extra bed in your guest room. Photographer - Peter Skrlep, studio Primer 132

Slovenia > +386 31685788 > >


Designed by Matic Treven, this product is a unique KAUCH, inspired by the past, enjoying the present moment and looking into the future. In this sofa the modern living style combines itself with the retro inspiration from the last century. Photographer - Peter Skrlep, studio Primer 133

LANZI Their collections are the result of the long experience of Luigi Lanzi, designer and consultant in the development of reference brands of made in Italy. By combining experimentation with the passion for furnishing to always find new forms, the designer wants to reflect in his products a precise vision of research and linearity with a refined exercise of essen-tiality. All the products are the result of a strong personal inspiration.

ART. L 202 Chair

This product is the interpretation of the essentiality of the chair without being a chair. It can be placed near the bed or as a clothes stand, in a corner like a bookcase, in the bathroom as a towel rack and finally, eventually, can be used to sit down. Photographer - Paolo Panzera 134

Italy > +39 3496768639 > >

ART. L401 Table

Linear table in the shape of a four-leaf clover made of iron, steel and bronze. With a vintage flavor, the engravings on the edges of the table wish Good Fortune in nineteen different languages as the symbol from which the table is inspired. Photographer - Paolo Panzera 135

LAURA ITKONEN Finnish designer working in a diverse range of design and art projects. The main focus of her work is on visually detailed, tactile architectural ceramics designed to enrich both private and public spaces. The ideas are formed and the final products are made in her studio in Helsinki, that’s to say the prototypes, the initial experiments with forms and materials and the small series of finalised products.


Handmade ceramic mural perfect to enrich both private and public spaces. The composition of Marquis is an exploration to the world of visually strong outcome; reflecting metallic surface combined with vivid glazing and playful forms. 136

Finland > +358 407688948 > >

SCULPTURAL SERIES Kitchen accessories

Unique sculptural and decorative porcelain containers which are handmade with one of a kind details. Artwork in use. Lustre decoration gives the product a luxurious finish. Food safe as well as perfect to keep your small treasures. 137

LÍGIA NARCISO - THAT PLACE The brand is a love story between two creatives. From the unlikely combination of the minds of a Designer and a Materials Engineer, a passionate brand is born in Porto. Simplicity and fluidity are explored between fibers and resins functionality with no boundaries. The good name of Portuguese design lives in each piece and tells a story of beauty and dedication. That Place represents were you have been and won’t forget.

DROP Lightning

A water DROP has the ability to reflect potentiated images by creating an augmented reality. The pendent DROP Lamp is An approach to XL objects reflecting the representation of a hipper-reality and a contained duality, its sources of inspiration. Photographer - João Mamede 140

Portugal > +351 912351090 > >

SUNNY Armchair

It’s the evolution of the MOON collection, allowing its detachment from the floor and the elevation of the lines through the conical feet. The harmony can hardly be guessed in the conjugation between the main body and its association with the feet that support it. Photographer - João Mamede 141

LY OSLO The brand is a design duo consisting of the Norvegian Vilde Hagelund and Sovei GiĂŚver, both master students in product design at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science. They love to create and hope that their passion shows through their design. They create interior objects that differentiate in style and function; making every piece extra enjoyable to use and look at.


This products come in a range of different materials and colors and expression can vary according to the customer’s style. By rearranging the modules the use of the forniture can be changed e.g. turning a coffee table into a TV-bench. 148

Norway > +47 46445408 > >


It has a slim art deco inspired form, making it elegant and timeless in its look. The dimensions have been carefully selected taking into consideration that a module should easily be transformed from one piece of furniture to another. 149

MASAFUMI ISHIKAWA. DESIGN. He established Masafumi Ishikawa. Design. in 2007 after graduating from Chiba University. At the same time he had been working for TOTO LTD as in-house designer. Through his design activity, he won many awards such as iF Design Award, Lexus Design Award and ANA creative Award. “Designing what happens between people and objects, services, or the environment” is his design concept.


Stay connected through time with your loved ones in different time zones. Simply rotate the clock to the desired city. Once selected the hour the hand of the clock will automatically set to the correct position for that city’s time zone. Photographer - Jun Takano / NEUT 152

Japan > +81 5053084036 > >


This product combines a primitive structure and a thin LED, resulting in a very flexible design with a soft indirect illumination. You can enjoy various expressions but its simple appearance remains unchanged. Available in three different dimension. Photographer - Jun Takano / NEUT 153

MAXIMILIAN MOOSLEITNER Austria based designer and artist. His work is based on holistic design thinking with the goal to create emotions for the participants. He loves to work in different ways and fields and always seeks the uniqueness of a project, breaking rules and boundaries and creating appealing and well-conceived designs. Maximillian’s designs were selected to be shown at the Salone Satellite at Salone del Mobile 2016.

HEXAGON Coffee table

It can be used as a table or stool. It’s made out of six single folded and compound brass, copper or steel sheets. The idea was to give it a shape that plays with the perception of the viewer to create an industrial and warm look. 156

Austria > +43 6643862784 > >

OCTAGON Coffee table

It is the bigger version of the hexagon sidetable. Made out of eight single folded and compound steel sheets, the materials gives it a warm and urban look. The shape plays with the perception of the viewer. Avaialble in copper and brass too. 157

MONICA GASPERINI Architect and designer, she has collaborated with major fashion brands: Alberta Ferretti, Narciso Rodriguez, Gaultier, Pollini, Moschino and Armani. She deals with projects for residences, hotels and concept stores in Europe, United States, United Arab Emirates and around the world. From 2017 it’s on Artemest, that takes care of the Italian excellence of Made in Italy design in the world, with exclusive objects inspired by the art deco style.

L1 FLOOR LAMP Lighting

Made by hand black marble and covered in thin white and golden veins. The structure in brass complements the stone and comprises a square base and an internal shaft. The black linen shade at the top continues the geometric patterns. 166

Italy > +39 3335832756 > >

C3 CABINET Storage furniture

Thanks to its minimalistic silhouette this product will complement any dĂŠcor. Its timeless allure is given by the brushed brass structure and handles that frame the cabinet doors, upholstered with a precious silk jacquard fabric in green. 167


S1 SCREEN Separè

This screen has a reflective surfaces and geometric patterns. The metal bushed brass frame rests on a base in mirror with a light bronze finish. The front panels are covered in an elegant dark blue fabric with inlays in gold and black. 168

Italy > +39 3335832756 > >

C4 TALL CABINET Storage furniture

It features a structure in wood with edges in brushed brass with a golden finish that is also used for the striking elongated handles. The front and side panels are covered in a precious velvet fabric in an elegant indigo blue. 169


S4 SCREEN Separè

The structure of the screen is made of brushed brass with a golden finish. The panels covers a shimmering silk and linen fabric in neutral tones and a deep brown velvet. Two of the back panels feature a mirror. 170

Italy > +39 3335832756 > >

L4 TABLE LAMP Lighting

The shape is highlighted by brushed brass elements at the base and at the top, while the latter one covers the light source. The thin body of the lamp is in black marble, whose background complements the golden hues of the brass. 171

MORPH DESIGN CO. Morph’s team of architects and designers work holistically on design and execution. Their focus is on creating timeless, classic spaces paying attention to evolving their work with the client’s needs. Three are the areas they mainly work in: interior design, furniture and window dressing. Morph works sustainably with the best materials and craftsman to deliver signature eclectic style locally from Bangalore.

THE TRI-TABLE Coffee table

The frame is the key design element of this table that represent an old Italian detail in a modern design. The frame can be dismantled and it’s easy to assemble it for transportation. The top is available in two finishes i.e. black or white ash veneer. 172

India > +91 9535843815 > >


The exposed skeleton of this chair brings out transparency in the design. The pouff was made as an accessory to add comfort and character to it. The couple can be placed both in homes and commercial and it’s easily adaptable in almost any design concept. 173

OFFICINE CATENA Noble metals and cement, iron and precious woods, recovered fabrics and woods, are the materials that cohabit in equilibrium in the company’s projects. They believe in essential, concrete and elegant design. “Less is more”, the motto of Mies Van der Rohe, is the common thread from the idea to the product: removing rather than adding allows them to concentrate on the care of details and finishes.


The project was born from the deconstruction of a 70s electric keyboard and consequent “rebirth” in the function of a desk, as in the style of the brand. The original shapes have been reinterpreted with the materials of the Orchestrion collection. Photographer - Barbara Corsico 174

Italy > +39 3386476462 > >

ORCHESTRION 6 CASSETTI Storage furniture

A core of six drawers, dressed on the top and on the sides by fabric panels with soft lines. The drawer fronts are in walnut and a thin iron upstand completes the whole. The project foresees the development of variants with other materials. Photographer - Barbara Corsico 175

PATRICIA LASCANO - ESTUDIO LASCANO With a direct stripped style she unifies a diversity of typologies and features into a rational language with extreme attention to detail. On her unprejudiced contemporary view, traditional items like a fire-place grill, or a high tech polo saddle share their place. Innovations in applications and languages reveal Patricia’s interest in the knowledge that catalyse from a generation into the next.


This unique saddle combines high quality and traditional craftsmanship. With an innovative naked structure, its very lightweight carbon fiber frame frees the spine of the horse from its load and it is dismountable to replace parts. 182

Argentina > +54 91150604922 > >

SAKU Chair

Wooden deckchair with an upholstered made of poliéster and linum textile seat and a leather plaited strips backrest. Saku’s double curvature’s tension conforms a hyperbolic paraboloid resulting in a very comfortable support while sitting. 183


ZERO Stool

This stool holds all the charm of simplicity. A thin solid Lenga wood seat with double curvatures surfaces built by 3d cnc router. It rests on a chromed bent structure of rod iron or epoxi podwer coat. Despite its dimensions, Zero is very lightweight. 184

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SUD Armchair

Solid wood chair inspired by danish typologies based in chinese classics. The stripped morphology has been designed for the local technological options. The size and the fact of being stackable are ideal for bars and restaurants. 185

PHORMY.COM This Polish brand was founded by the architect Max Kobiela. The first drafts of furniture were the answer to the private needs of the designer. They were created out of conviction that if there is no suitable form in the market, it has to be designed. Soon after, further projects of furniture were developed and over the time the idea of gathering them all, and put them on the market, under one brand name PHORMY.

UMAMI Storage furniture

Furniture family inspired by Japanese simplicity. Just as the umami taste was distinguished from the salty taste, the designer has exposed the internal body of the furniture. It has become the decoration of the external form. Made of oak, American walnut and laquered steel. 188

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LOWBO Storage furniture

This product represents simplicity and minimalism. The name is an abbreviation from low-board what is mirrored in its proportions. Parametric design of LOWBO furniture allows to produce units from 120 cm up to over 220 cm of length. 189

RECYCLED STONES The brand enhances the irregularity of stone offcuts, transforming them into art and design objects. In collaboration with designers they give value to irregular forms, looking for unicity and pureness, in an exterior and interior journey. The brand recycled stones came to life in 2015 with an emotional balance between ethical and aesthetic beauty, to express happiness and a radical and yet poetic gesture.

SATELLITI Candle holder, Vase

Unique pieces created with recovered stone. Handcrafted vases and candlesticks with similar yet unique forms, orbiting within the domestic space for pleasurable daily rituals. Available in different dimensions. Designed by Ghigos. Photographers - Viviana Falciola, Nicolò Panzeri 194

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GAME OF STONE Coffee table

An uneven block is transformed into a project of poetic design. Handcrafted side tables and centerpieces with different heights that are inspired by the nature: from each end there’s a new beginning. Designed by Josefina Muùoz. Photographer - Baptiste Coulon 195

SHERRY JIEKUN QIAN She’s an award winning designer with an outstanding reputation as one of the top ranked designers in her field through her work at a world famous kitchen & bath design brand. She cultivates her passion for houseware and furniture designs. Sherry holds an M.F.A. in industrial design degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and a B.E. in industrial design degree from Beijing Forestry University.


Design Toy for preschooler kids. Kids can stretch their imagination to create shapes by joining the parts in different ways. The magnetic attachment makes it easily assembling. It has a second life as a decoration after kids grow up. 206

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Veneer stool that has high utility with low production costs. A variation of forms are presented when looked from different angles thanks to its dynamic twisting design. Costs are strongly reduced using one mold to produce all three legs. 207

SHIR AVRAHAM - S.A Product designer graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology. Her life has been about creating and constructing materials, colors, textures, and crafts. In her work, she combines different kinds of local crafts and she always creates unique and customizable products. One of her main goal is to support the local industry of her country and all of the products are designed and manufactured handmade in Tel Aviv.


These products were created as a multifunctional furniture for small apartments. They can also function as a sculpture when assembled, made of four different stools and with a tray that can be stacked in various ways to suit the user’s personality. Photographer - Nimrod Ganisher 208

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Each stool of these is different, adding character to the room as well as to the person who sits in it. The Cord Stools are handmade mixing the embroidery. They were created a multi-purposes products for all the apartments. Made of rubber cord. Photographer - Nimrod Ganisher 209

SIDERIO Italian family-run company focused on industrial-chic furniture and contract projects. They work with different kind of metals to make superb things for everyday use, from bookcases to tables and wine racks. It all started in a factory in Italy fifty years ago where they developed vanguard technology, that combined with their creativity, helped them projecting and making things they love.


The shape of the seat is inspired by an ellipse, which recalls the orbit of a planet. The legs are conical and it’s a recall of the the furniture of New York lofts of the Fifties, ideal for furnishing contemporary and original spaces. 210

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GIADA Coffee table

This product is a unique coffee table with sinuous and minimal lines. It’s proposed in the new “iron grey” color, ideal both for outdoor environments (thanks to the special finish that prevents it from rusting) and for indoor environments. 211



The perfect shape offline this produc can fill the corners of amy environments and it also doesn’t take much space allow. This shelf takes its cue from the classic geometry to develop an innovative idea in a piece of furniture with a high modernity. 212

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TALIA MIX Storage furniture

The linear silhouette of this product will make it perfect for any kind of bathroom style, from vintage to contemporary. Its elegant and fluid shapes will be a favorite of everyone and will never let you down in terms of versatility. 213

TOMAZ VIANA The designer studied cabinet-making at FRESS in Lisbon. He designs and makes contemporary and modern furniture using the classic construction methods. All pieces are unique or part of small series, numbered and signed. He works with hand tools and finishes the products by blade or plane without the use of sandpaper. The design process is marked by a search for beauty, sculptural forms and elegance.

JFAR Console

It is designed as a support table to hold wine bottles and sommelier instruments. Its volumetric angles play with the notion of horizontality creating the sensation that the top is tilted in a way that a bottle would not stand upright and fall. 222

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With a helix shaped plan, this shelf´s sculptural geometric lines are hided and revealed as it’s rotated in its central axis. An open knot in one of the supports was intentionally used to give a sense of fragility and to mark its uniqueness. 223

TRISTAN HIBBERD - MILO GIBSON The two designers are based in London. They develop products through a hands on approach, making and interacting with materials to influence the design. They value simple, useful objects that can bring value to a space. Whether it is through use of colour, form or materials the aim is to give their products personality. They strive to be inventive with how they approach projects, always pushing forward.


This series features this unique form in four colours. Designed to hold tea light candles, each piece can be used in a variety of environments. Available in any quantity and colour combination and in slip-cast stoneware or porcelain. 226

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A48 TRAYS Office Storage

This product offers desk storage designed around international paper sizes. Designed for flexibility, the trays can be moved to suit the user’s needs. The colourful set aims to bring personality to the office or home environment. 227

VENETICA The brand is a melting pot of languages: art, design, light and play. An ancient language that today draws new meanings. The products are all handcrafted in Veneto with noble and environmentally friendly materials. Venetica’s creativity combined with a careful selection of artisans leads to the creation of unique and timeless products always in harmony with their surroundings.

ANSALDO Children’s toy

It takes the name from the first biplane ever made in Italy. This outdoor swing is made by a main wooden structure, an adjustable backrest made of eco-friendly leather branded and a hemp rope. Born to let kid’s imagination fly! 230

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OCO Children’s toy

Swinging duckling composed by a main wooden structure made of phenolic birch wood painted. The seat and beak are coated with eco-friendly leather. Tail and grip made of beech wood, completed with resin-coated adhesives. 231



This metal dynamic lamp is for an external use: it performs and it also looks like a grass stem moved by the wind, harmonizing its movement together with the wind, creating many beautiful effects with light and shadow. 232

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NOLINA Ashtray

Inspired by “smoke-eater plant�, this product is a design ashtray. Nolina is composed by a terracotta handmade branded vase, a metallic structure that compose the leaf, welded and polished entirely by the hands of expert artisans. 233


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