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Dirty Work: 12 hardest Industry Jobs



COMMENTARY WHY PROLIFICK and WHY NOW ? PROLIFIC (SYN.) fertile, rich, fruitful, teeming, fecund, bountiful, luxuriant, productive, plentious Many have questioned the need for a new internet site/e-magazine that caters to the Urban community, especially in this time of "financial instability" within our nation. They ask, "Why?" and I respond, "Why not?" The Urban lifestyle has continued to grow in leaps and bounds and continues to permeate cultures around the world. Unfortunately, there are, also, many stereotypes and misconceptions, "urban myths", if you will, and PROLIFICK will be the beacon that will dispel many of those falsehoods. We are here to challenge those that believe the URBAN COMMUNITY can be defined by one type of music, one type of look, one type of thought, and one type of future. We ARE multi-faceted, creative, professional, ambitious, and unable to be stopped ! We are not a force to be feared but an energy to be utilized. PROLIFICK promises to be a guide to those unfamiliar with the Urban lifestyle and a refreshing change to those who live the Urban lifestyle. The difference between us and other similar entities is that while others may focus on the latest trends, groups, and music, we will, also, give poignant commentary, life changing information, and credible advice. We will strive to be the best source of information that is available for our Readers and illustrate the fact that Urban does not equate to ghetto, ignorance, or vileness, but in fact, produces style, beauty, and elegance. This is our PREMIER ISSUE and we anticipate many, many more; and we want our Readers to remember, this is YOUR e-magazine and you are going to be a very important part of this adventure that we have initiated. You can look for more upgrades and updates to this site over the coming months and we want to hear from you on our blog, as well. Make sure and take advantage of all the ways to be a part of our "corner of the internet", because I am PROLIFICK, YOU are PROLIFICK, WE are PROLIFICK. Only the Best,

Alfonso BLURB Media/Promotions

Born and raised in Philadelphia Lehigh Bound at thirteen. Four daughters all attended Saucon Valley High School Started my business three years ago, found my niche and I'm loving it. I'm a photo journalist like no other. You will get to know me through my photos and my writings. I shoot with passion and it shows. Devine Images By Lizz I get to travel all over. So with cameras strapped around my neck I hit the roads. I have been to many towns and many states , but there is no place like home. Follow you hearts and follow your dreams But never forget where you came from, That has made you who you are today.

By Lizz "Why Do The Good Ones Live So Far Away"? This is an internet question put to me every day. Is it that they are far away that makes them good? I'm on the road to find out. I will be traveling from the Lehigh Valley to Texas. Why Texas You May ask ! This is the one place I have always wanted to be and never knew why. so why not start there? I'm a photo journalist. I travel on the backs of bikes and shoot. I'm on An Internet socializing and dating Network. Not much different then others, except that we ride motorcycles. I shoot Tuesday nights at Maingate Bike night Here In Allentown Pa. It was what I call home. I meet hundreds of bikers, Normal everyday people who ride bikes. Follow me on my journey as I go to see if what I say to be true "The grass is always never greener on the other side"



For those of you who are not in "those circles" or living in a place that lacks internet, cable, or newspapers, New York City's Fashion Week is currently in high drive and Philadelphia's Fashion Week begins next month. They are the proverbial "Clash of the Titans" of the fashion world. It is a time of glitz, glamour, and glory where the winners will be worn by the celebrities of times past, present and future while the losers will disappear into obscurity. Here are some FALL TRENDS to watch for:

MEN The smoking jacket is making a return appearance! It has been made famous by celebrities such as Hugh Hefner and television characters like Fred G. Sanford of "Sanford and Son". It has been a timeless symbol of sophisticated style that has been displayed on runways by Salvatore Ferragamo, Shipley and Halmos, and Louis Vuitton.


-Ties are on their way OUT. -Blazers and vests are IN -Military-style jackets are being spotlighted in different fabrics and colors -Scarves are the new must-have accessory.



-Wide shoulders and cinched waists are returning, along with trendy polka dots and the boldness of red. -Power belts ( a 1960's influence) are returning for business and casual wear. -Solids are OUT. Paisleys, florals and abstract designs are IN. Textured velvet dresses will be highlighting many events. -1980's influences are strong this season with outfits representing power dressing and rocker chic -Blazers and leggings are in high demand this year


"The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion." - Giorgio Armani

Street Buzz


p Vera

era of Redlight Entertainment is one of the hottest emerging artists in the Tri-State.

He recently collaborated with veteran performers like DJ P. Cutta of Rooftop Records and Hurricane G. of Bad Boy Records. He was featured on the smash hit singles, "Darkness Attacks" and "Stay Fly" on the CD, "So Far, So Close" featuring RED, a highly sought-after producer of New Jersey. The self-proclaimed "Leader of the new era of Hip-Hop" makes no apologies when it comes to his dissatisfaction with the current state of the music. The following interview is honest and will bring you closer to learning about this artist who is bound for greatness.....and he DARES you to "try" him.

Q&A ARTIST / GROUP NAME:P.Vera/Redlight Entertainment MUSICAL GENRE: Just music. "I'm a beast" HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PERFORMING?:1 year GOALS (LONG TERM) FOR ENTERTAINMENT CAREER:To own the game. (Anything I touch I destroy.) FAVORITE PART OF ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS: The expression people give me when I "kill" a rhyme. WHO/WHAT WAS BIGGEST INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE: My Mom. She is a strong Black woman. Also, being from Brooklyn, which is a plus, everyone knows we breed stars. HOW DO YOU FEEL YOUR MUSIC EFFECTS YOUR LISTENERS/FANS: I hope they take the game I "spit" and use it to better their lives. I, also, want them to learn from my trial and errors. ARE THERE ANY PLANS TO BECOME INVOLVED IN ANY FUTURE TOURS/MUSICAL COLLABORATIONS/EVENTS? IF ALREADY DOING SO, WHAT ARE THEY: It's whatever and whoever wants to work with me. Let's do it but I'm going hard, so don't get "roasted" on your own track... HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GROWTH OF THE ENTERTAINMENT/VIDEO INDUSTRY? ANY FUTURE PREDICTIONS? I want to give a shout out to my man, JayZ... He is doing him. Hip hop has no age ... Get your bars up, suckas! HOW DO YOU THINK THE INDUSTRY WILL EFFECT THE LEHIGH VALLEY? Hopefully, the INDUSTRY will spotlight talent like myself. And since I moved from Brooklyn a few years ago, Dudes might think I ain't got "it". So, it's a good look. HAVE YOU SEEN ANY IMPROVEMENT WHEN IT COMES TO THE QUALITY OF TALENT IN THE INDUSTRY? I mean, in my opinion, the "game" is real "soft" right now and I don't just mean the music. Dudes are really soft..then you have bums taking "shots" at legends. What part of the game is that ? But that's where we are at with it. Don't try me. I'm a animal. Ya dig...

"Vera, the definition of dominance / On these tracks I snap and glow like halogen / Big player for the bread I cover the margarine / I charter men in cardigans then hit up your squadron / Cause every verse breathes life and is promising"

Jay-Z Shawn Carter has come a long way since rhyming in his Hawaiian Sophie days alongside former mentor Jaz-o. His first breath into hip hop began one summer in 1996 with the debut release of his critically acclaimed debut album, "Reasonable Doubt". Despite high praise from the streets alone combine with cameos from established artists Mary J. Blige, Foxy Brown, & the late Notorious B.I.G. , the classic album, with spawned hits such as "Ain't No Nigga", "Dead Presidents" & "Can't Knock The Hustle".

The Blueprint To Success

still fell on deaf ears. Nevertheless that didn't stop Jay from earning the proper respect he earned during the years releasing "In My Lifetime, Vol. 1" "Streets Is Watching" soundtrack & "Vol. 2 Hard Knock Life" which features the Annie sampled "Hard Knock Life" song selling the album to 6 million copies & garning national recognition.The Brooklyn born Marcy projects raised mc didn't stop there,

releasing a string of multi platnium albums(Vol. 3 Life & Times of Shawn Carter, The Dynasty Roc La Familia) dropping or being featured on number 1 singles( Big Pimpin' Give It To Me, Best Of Me remix with Mya) engaging in hip hop beefs(2pac Nas TheThe Game) & touring all over the world. His 2001 album "The Blueprint" came at a gloomy time as it was released the same day as the 911 attack on the world trade center in New York.Ironically the album did very well, as it was his official stamp as the top tier mc in the game.

I'm not a 'Business-Man'! I'm a Business... man! Let me handle my business, damn!

Infused by soul samples from up & coming producers Kanye West & Just Blaze, & with hit songs such as "Izzo(H to the) "Takeover" & "Renegade", the album established Jay as an worldwide superstar. The sequel "Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse" soon followed.But then suddenly Jayz annouced a sudden unexpected retirement, dropping "The Black Album" & stating he was fed up with rap because of lack of inspiration & focusing on his other business endeavors such as his clothing line (Rocawear), nightclubs (40/40), sneakers(S. Dots Carters), then helming duties as President of Def Jam.

But Jay learned that his heart was really in the music as he made a surprising but triumphant comeback in 2006 releasing "Kingdom Come". He later followed with "American Gangster" inspired by the movie starring Denzel Washington based on the life of drug kingpin Frank Lucas.Now Hov is back with the third installment of the Blueprint, releasing it September 8 then throwing a concert at New York's Madison Square Garden on Septemeber 11 dedicating it to the victims who lost families in the attack.Jay-z is hip hop's reigning king doing everyhting from having "the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain"(then marrying her......Beyonce for those that don't know) bringing the late great Michael Jackson to Hot 97's Summer Jam,he even brung the one & only Oprah Winfrey to his native Brooklyn New York Marcy housing projects, which make people wonder......what will he do next????!!!!!!!

Hot Internet Sites to Visit and


Information researched from eBIZMBA - The eBusiness Knowledgebase


After years of proving himself as an artist and producer, making beats,

releasing project after project, and performing at various venues across the country, Red feels he is...

Q. How long have been making & producing music?? for about 8 or 9 years now about to hit that decade (grins) Q. Who are/were your influences growing up?? I always looked up to people like the RZA, Pete Rock, 2Pac, and my older brothers and cousins as far as hip hop goes, but where I'm from only people there are to really look up to are the dealers outside driving by in the benzes and BMWs. Q. Tell us about your label, Redlight Entertainment. How did you come up with the name for it, what other talents does the posess & who's on the roster?? Redlight Entertainment is a label I started about 5 years ago, and its built from people that are either family or close friends that I feel are talented enough to stick it out on this road to the riches. There has been some artists that didn't make it to where we are now, but Redlight consists of Myself, Jay Sweetz, P Vera, Bones, Initial, and Army Gunz as of now. Q. Being an artist, producer, & Ceo of a record must be hard work, but you don't make it that look way. How do you make multitasking look so easy?? (laughs) believe me it is hard work, but I guess I figured out a method to my madness, I learned to pace myself where I'm not rushing my work yet taking my time to make sure all projects are being handled properly with the right amount of creativity. because at the end of the day I feel like our label should be known for delivering quality music that can be heard for years to come, basically everything to be considered "timeless" if you will. Q. If you had a choice which one is your real passion, Rapping, Producing, or being a Ceo?? Hmm, that's a very hard question for me to answer (leans back in chair with hand over face) .. I would probably say producing because I know theres more money in it and it allows me to show my creativity more because there is a difference between being a beatmaker and a producer. A producer is actually someone who puts his or her effort and creative mind into a song or project to make that song or project sound the best possible, a beatmaker will just make that beat, sell it to you, and go about his or her way. Q. A lot of artists had a nickname that's significant to them. Explain your nickname "The Rising Sun" The alias "The Rising Sun" comes from my background of being Japanese and Black mixed. The sun is the closest star to earth, and I feel like I'm definately a rising star so therefore I'm the Rising Sun. Q. What projects have you released thus far & have coming up that people can look forward to?? So far, I've released 2 group albums, "Hood Ties" & "Redlight Chronicles" a solo album (Unsung Legend), my mixtape (So Far So Close), and Initial's solo album (Hip Hop Revived). Coming soon, I have Jay Sweetz albuming coming soon, Initial is set to drop an album in the next 2 months, and P Vera has a mixtape dropping soon. Next I will be helping Bones and Army Gunz drop their Albums as well which I'm excited about. You can also expect a full album from me next year which wil be another Redlight Classic!


The 12 Hardest Industry Jobs

The Urban Daily wanted to highlight some of the hardest jobs in the

music business. In no particular order we list the gigs that all college guidance counselors should steer their students away from.

Limo Driver/Chauffeur-Forget driving Ms Dazy, when it comes to shuttling around celebrities it’s more like driving Ms Crazy. Not only do you have to drive the getaway car after nightclub shootings and take bribes to say the gun is yours, you might even get killed by a dumb ass basketball player playing with his gun.

Radio Program Director-This job is a magic trick to pull off because you have to dictate what people hear on the air but at the same time insist that you’re “giving the people what they want” when you play the same songs 20 times a day. Mixtape/Mixshow/Club DJ-Not only are you at the mercy of the Program Director who insists you play bullsh*t, you have to sneak in some actually good music during your 1am to 4 am time slot and still have to confront the drug dealers turned record execs at your club gig who want to know why you aren’t playing their records at the day job. A&R-You are essentially a hired scapegoat who is charged with finding new talent that the label will ultimately not release music from or totally under-promote. With Tom from Myspace trying to make you completely obsolete you pay your bills by leaking music. (see Product manager) Radio Promotions-The record label pays you to make sure a crappy record gets airplay no matter what. (See Program Director.) Publicist-You are paid to convince us that this artist is worth a damn when you know deep down they’re a tax write-off for the label. Your artists miss appointments and scheduled interviews forcing you to take editors to lunch and send apologetic Tweets. (See Blogger/Journalist) Road Manager-When the publicist is off of baby-sitting duty you are the day-to-day pacifier for the artist and their entourage of ten. Your foreign currency conversion skills are unmatched because your artists insist on buying the latest Air Force Ones in Germany with Euros they won in backstage dice games. You may have to break the occasional paparazzi camera as well. Product Manager-When your artist is too hung-over from a night of Patron and pill popping to take photos for their album cover you must find a way to Photoshop them in or take one from their Myspace page. And pray to God that the record doesn’t leak or it’s your head. Weed Carrier-Not only must you have the best Sour on you at all times, you must carry jewels and run to the store for Redbull and condoms at any hour of the night. You must also facilitate liaisons between the rapper and groupies. If you’re not smart enough to get yours first you must settle for sloppy seconds. Do your job well and you may get a verse or two here or there. Lawyer-You are the busiest person in entertainment. Whether it’s challenging paternity, civil suits for wrongful death or a nightclub shooting (see limo driver) your Bat phone rings constantly. Even if you don’t win your case you must negotiate the rights for the reality TV show of their prison bid. Party Promoter-You negotiate around outrageous bar guarantees with club owners and spend your days printing flyers and blasting emails about your events. Your hope is to get way more people to come than can actually fit in the venue and that no one gets shot waiting on the line outside. Blogger/Journalist-You never sleep. Ever. You get dozens of emails a day from publicists to cover their artists but there are fewer and fewer outlets willing to actually pay you for your work. You’ve had to trade in your pen for an iFlip camera having to compete with the same artists and their Youtube channels for scoops. And thanks to Word Press everyone thinks they can do what you do. If it weren’t for open bar parties and checks from Google ads you’d quit today. Taken from: Musically, Damani J. Goodson & Jerry Barrow

Art 101

HOW I SEE IT In these trying times, the one question I get asked, without fail, is,“ So, how is the art world holding up ?” “Not great – we are suffering,” I say. They say, “ Yeah I guess artists have it rough right now.” and I agree; although, I am not an artist, but an art consultant/curator and sometimes I write stuff. Last October, when it was announced that America and the World might end up in an economic downward spiral --- past recession all the way to depression ---- several galleries I know had sales in progress come to a screeching halt. The big auction houses couldn’t sell most of the reliable sellers and items that did sell, sold for less then estimated, and estimations were low to begin with. Big sellers and works often seen at auction that represented Pop Art: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Wesselman, Haring, etc., even started deflating from their highly inflated prices. (They were averaging up to 500% gain over 10 years) with an all time high in 2007/08 before the bank collapse.

Kutztown, PA native, Pop Artist, Keith Haring (American 1958-1990), who’s work started to appear prominently in the secondary market after his death in 1990, peaked at an unprecedented 2.5 million dollars; this was, by far, the most expensive work ever sold by the artist. Yet, value was not sustained the following year representing a 45% decline. I knew Keith in New York, back in the 1980's when Pop Art was continuously gaining viable support from collectors and institutions. He was just a young artist who had fun doing graffiti-art on walls and subways--notably “crack is wack” (which is still there) at a playground on Harlem’s eastside; and many interior and exterior doors -- in his very own signature style. Similar to most artists, Keith’s motivation was not about making a profit, but making a living in order to continue to make more art. So, it seems pretty crazy to me when marketing of art self-perpetuates to the level that we have seen in most recent years, especially when the artist gets only a fraction of these profits (if they are even alive).

It was not only the Pop Artists that achieved unprecedented prices in 2007, but it seemed the entire art market was in a frenzy! For example, at auction, eight of the nine paintings by Abstract Expressionist artist, Mark Rothko (American, 1903– 1970) that sold above 18 million dollars, sold that year and early 2008, the highest at the hammer price of 65 million. In comparison, Rothko’s most expensive painting in 2009 was bid up to ONLY 3.2 million --- though these are probably different works of art, but it clearly indicates that the market, even for Rothko, wouldn’t support 8 figure sales. My point in all of this is that, investment in art had become insane and irresponsible and very far removed from art or artists, but all about the money and inflation of value. For me, the culmination of outright greed in how to establish value was, when Damien Hirst (British, born 1965), supported by a group of hedgefunders, got bid up (most notably: "shark in formaldehyde" -literally!) 353% in 2007 and another 201% the following year. That’s 554% gain in value in 2 years! And these numbers - 17 million for a "living artist", are unheard of. Hirst’s work has been at auction (don’t forget we are talking about a young guy here) 1,524 times. Jackson Pollock (American 1912-1956) and Mark Rothko combined were sold at auction 300 times. So, this Hirst business has made a lot of people a lot of money over a pretty short span of time. While I can’t help but think about the many artists that I know with solid 20/30/50 year careers, that can barely get a large-scale painting sold for $30,000 dollars, I find this kind of flaunting of power and money highly disturbing. The way I see it, this art market may have to crumble, considerably, more, because like so many factions of our society, art and specifically the art market, money drives everything, and there needs to be a serious regrouping and reassessing of priorities; and the way it is going, we may get there yet. THIS is the upside of the art market not doing well.

Having just reported on the escalation of what can happen when there is some kind of frenzy in the collector-ship, I should point out that the art world is also made up of collectors that don’t drop millions of dollars. There are labors of love, sometimes combined with a really good eye, or a good adviser, that quietly amass a special collection. Such is the case for Julius Rosenwald a Chicago philanthropist, who not so much collected, per se, but provided fellowships, thus, the ability to advance one's purpose as an artist to "artists of color". In the 1920's and 1930's when the plight of African-American artists, in many ways, was not even acknowledged, Mr. Rosenwald – his motto was, "Give while you live", was a visionary with extraordinary belief in a better future. He invested into that culture to help this future along. He didn’t invest so he could flip the art two years later. I like to believe he invested for a higher cause and left a legacy. Some of this legacy, on view at the Allentown Art Museum entitled, A Force for Change: African American Art and The Julius Rosenwald Fund organized by Spertus Museum, Chicago is represented in works by sculptresses Augusta Savage and Elisabeth Catlett, Photographer/ Filmmaker (Shaft!) Gordon Parks, painter/printmaker Jacob Lawrence, painters Hale Woodruff, Aaron Douglas and others. Just by virtue of one man making a difference in so many artists’ life, this exhibit ought to be an inspiration to all of us. While I am familiar with many of the artists listed in this show, I have not seen the exhibition. I can say that these pioneer African-American artists are worth exploring. I will make a point of seeing this show and report back. Another collection exhibit at the Allentown Museum, a joint exhibition with Zoellner at Lehigh University and the Williams Center at Lafayette features black and white photography from the collection of Anne and Arthur Goldstein. “New Visions” the title of this show, was organized at the Zimmerli at Rutger’s University. According the names attached to this exhibit, I can promise a wide and thought-provoking range of points of views, in addition to a rare opportunity to see a private collection of a scale of 100 or so works. So let’s not miss this one either. Stay tuned… by Kiki Neinaber


EXCLUSIVE MUSIC AND MAGAZINES at 331 N. 7th Street in Allentown, PA is making it's marks as the "spot" that is putting "a dent in the mixtape game." They are, also, known for their urban literature, magazines, and recording location known as EXCLUSIVE Sound Studio. It is known as the place where "PREMIERE" artists come and record.

NAME: Marquis Moore(P. Vera)& Dess. Prosper (Ty Money) OCCUPATION: Investors, business owners, marketing specialists, record label co-


NAME OF BUSINESS: Exclusive Music and Magazines/Exclusive Tattoos/Redlight Ent. HOW LONG HAS BUSINESS BEEN IN OPERATION: Almost two years GOALS (LONG TERM) FOR OCCUPATION/BUSINESS: Just to be great at what we

do..and hopefully make a lot of money..

FAVORITE PART OF OCCUPATION/BUSINESS: The people we provide services and

like to be known as the best at what we do.


Haters". They are the steam to our engine.

HOW DOES YOUR BUSINESS EFFECT THE SURROUNDING COMMUNITY: I think it allows the youth to see that people, who are similar to them, can be anything they choose to be.


deal directly with the public. We don't like to give our money to charities and not be able to verify our contributions go to the cause, so we get involved in things like giving away free school supplies, hosting Stop the Violence block parties, and sponsoring future field trips for at-risk teens.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE GROWTH OF LEHIGH VALLEY? ANY FUTURE PREDICTIONS? It's hard right now, but you have to "go hard for yours". Nothing is being given but I believe the Valley is the place of the future.


I'm not too fond of gambling, so I'm not sure, but it should bring some life to the Valley.




n the Urban community, many

often believe health and beauty are for those who have the money to join gyms/spas, the time to exercise, and a mindset to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle. In reality, this is not just for "those" people, it is for "all" people. Statics show high blood pressure, cancer, hyper tension and various other diseases and illnesses are disproportionately higher in "persons of color" and, yet, education and preventative action is not always a priority in the lives of those highly affected. This monthly column will highlight some problems and solutions for those who may have questions when it comes to health issues, stigmas, and fallacies. In addition, beauty tips and guidelines will be profiled for those who not only like to feel their best, but look the part, also. It must be noted, that this is NOT a column to take the place of your doctor or physician. In fact, it is RECOMMENDED that you have your regular check-ups and don't base your health on self-diagnosed exams. "As long as you live, keep learning how to live." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

THE FAMOUS AND THE INFAMOUS ENTERTAINMENT SCENE Rapper Jay-Z paid homage to the 9/11 victims by headlining a sold-out concert in Madison Square Garden entitled, "Answer the Call." It included performances by Beyonce', John Mayer, Rihanna, and Kanye West. All proceeds will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Widow's and Children's Benefit Fund.

An album featuring the Black Keys and some of the biggest names in hip-hop will be released November 27 (the so-called "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving) under the name Blakroc. The project was spearheaded by rapper Jim Jones and has contributions from Mos Def, Q-Tip, RZA, Raekwon, Ludacris, Pharoahe Monch, NOE, Nicole Wray, Billy Danze and the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. Sessions began in the early summer in Brooklyn, N.Y., with Mos Def's songs among the first put to tape. A video teaser featuring in-studio footage is now live at It is unclear who is releasing the project, although sources say hip-hop veteran Damon Dash may be involved.

Actress Tina Fey, recently, won an Emmy award for her portrayal of former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin on the show, "Saturday Night Live" and entertainer, Justin Timberlake was recognized for his appearances on the NBC comedy series, also.

Michael Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame, recently,

and was quoted as saying,"One day you might look up and see me playing a game at 50. Don't laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

New York's Fashion Week has started! Some of the most prominent names that will be gracing the catwalk include: Alexander Wang, Christian Siriano, Jason Wu, Charlotte Wonson, L.A.M.B., Rosa Cha, and BCBG.

Woody Harrelson, the actor best known for his work, "White Men Can't Jump" and "Money Train", with costar Wesley Snipes, will be in a new superhero movie entitled Defendor. This film is part drama and part comedy. It's theme explores real issues of social justice and mental health.

Kanye West stole the show at THE 2009 Video Music Awards even though he didn't perform or even win a statue. Depending on your point of view, he is the man who was protecting, the singer, Beyonce's honor or is now the man you "love to hate." Either way, he will ALWAYS be the man of controversy. R.I.P. Patrick Swayze 1952-2009


Urban Music Conference of The Lehigh Valley

NOvember 7, 2009

Hamilton Business Center

1101 W. Hamilton Allentown, PA 18102 484.274.5852

Presented By

Blurb Media /Promotions 484.274.5852



QUINCEAÑERA Celebration EXPO Produced By Miracles Production Inc July 24, 2010 The first Expo on the East Coast that is EXCLUSIVELY FOR QUINCEANERA PRODUCTS ONLY! This expo is designed with you in mind! It features Quinceañera products and services for quinceaeras and their families. Plan your day in an easy and convenient day of shopping to reach more than 1,000 customers.

(484) 764-4037

Exclusive REcording Studios 331 N. 7th St. Allentown, PA 610.351.7324 $30 per Hour $50 Beats $5 Instrumentals




"House on the Lecha"



Moravian Museum

Courtyard Market

Bethlehem, PA

Merchants Square Mall

Allentown, PA

"Roll Out the Barrel"/ Bethlehem Brew History Groundie House New Visions: Black and White Photography

Bethlehem, PA

Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA

New Visions: Black and White Photography Lafayette College New Visions: Black and White Photography Harvest Festival

Allentown Art Museum

Downtown Bethlehem

"Salute Local Firefighters"

Allentown, PA

Bethlehem, PA

America On Wheels Museum


Easton, PA

Crocodile Rock

Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA


Southside Bethlehem

Bethlehem, PA


Allentown Art Museum

Allentown, PA



NEW YORK, NY EVENT N.Y.C. Oktoberfest





Lexington Avenue/42nd-57th Street

Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show AVON Walk for Breast Cancer

New York City, NY

Metropolitan Pavilion Manhattan

New York City, NY

New York City, NY

FREE Walking Tours of the Lower Eastside Historic Lower Eastside Columbus Day Parade

Begins 5th Avenue and 44th Street

New York, NY New York, NY




Warren County Winery Train



Lehigh Station

Delaware River Railroad Excursions "What's Cooking?" Display

Phillipsburg, NJ Phillipsburg, NJ

East Brunswick Museum


New Brunswick

Fall Harvest Creamery Tours Whoopi Goldberg Show Tony Danza Show

East Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick, NJ

Long Valley

Long Valley, NJ

Tropicana Casino

Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City Hilton

Atlantic City, NJ

Comedy Explosion: Arnez J./Sommore Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Sunday Gospel Brunch

House of Blues-Atlantic City

Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City, NJ


TOBER 2009






Billy Crystal 700 Sundays Show Theatre League of Philadelphia Zoloworld's Toy & Comic Extravaganza Los Lonely Boys Concert Yonder Mountain String Band Philadelphia Fashion Week

Holiday Inn - Select

Keswick Theatre Keswick Theatre Various city locations

Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA


Sept. issue


Sept. issue