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Life Matters

Winter 2021 · Vol. 29 Issue 1

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Catholic Pro-Life Community | Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas

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Adapt, Adjust, and Act Calling all Disciples for Life Meet our Bishop’s Dinner Chairs Teach4Life Virtual Conference In Her Words: A Unique Story

CPLC Board of Directors Mike Weller Chairman of the Board

Adapt, Adjust, and Act

Jennifer Baugh Joshua Briones Father Jason Cargo

CPLC Pro-Life community responds during uncertain times.

Carmen Grant Daniel Hennessy Deacon Gregg Kahrs

Dear Friends of Life,

Dr. Elizabeth Heyne

During these past months of uncertainty and hardship, CPLC has been truly blessed. Because of your generosity and support, dear friends, our ministries have been able to adapt, adjust, and act.

Mary Ann Niles Tom Ruedi Bill Sladek Dr. Mayra Thompson

CPLC Administrative Team Mike Weller Interim Executive Director Meg Finley Director of Development Annette Kearns Director of Communications

Joe Marshall Director of Operations Aurora Tinajero Director of Multicultural Dept. Patricia Vasquez Director of Human Resources

CPLC Ministries Convert-to-Life / Sidewalk Counseling Director: Joanne Underwood

Healing after Abortion Director: Eileen Kuhlmann

Project Gabriel Director: Ingrid Meyer

Education Speakers Bureau: Crystal Koll Youth For Life: Jacquelyn Smith

Community Outreach Director: Susan Platt

Hispanic Pastoral Ministry Director: Aurora Tinajero

Ministries Respond Our sidewalk counselors continue to be a visible presence on the front lines and are using state-of-the-art geofencing and texting technologies to reach moms inside the abortion facilities. Project Gabriel sought out and provided additional resources to help moms through illnesses, job losses, and the threat of evictions. Gabriel Education Ministry & Support (GEMS) classes adapted to online meetings enabling mothers to continue their training, and four of these moms to receive scholarships to further their education. Working amid safety and health protocols, material assistance was made available through dropoff donations and porch pickups. And our Gabriel Angels found creative ways to maintain contact to reassure moms that they were not alone. With the shutdown of in-person schooling and closures of our churches, presentations came to an immediate halt. To adapt, our Education and Hispanic Pastoral ministries have recorded presentations available through YouTube, and speakers are now available virtually to ensure that the good news of the Gospel of Life continues to spread. The isolation and hardships of these past months have created tremendous challenges for many of us, and most especially for those suffering in the aftermath of an abortion. But, thankfully, our Healing after Abortion ministry continued to connect with those needing guidance and the merciful hand of Christ, expanding their reach across the country and internationally in Argentina, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, and Ecuador. CPLC’s commitment to life is second only to that of the generous and loyal community that supports it. We would not be able to do this without you. You are the reason that, even in a pandemic, the “most important work on earth” continues!

Roe Memorial Although this year’s March for Life and Rally were cancelled, we memorialized the day through prayer. We are grateful to Principal Celebrant and Homilist of the 48th Roe Memorial Mass, Bishop Edward Burns. Thank you to everyone who prayed, participated in the Rose Procession, donated diapers, attended the Mass, watched online or listened on GRN radio. Finally, we know you’re accustomed to seeing Becky Visosky’s picture and byline in this section. However, Becky resigned from CPLC in December to focus on time with her family. We will greatly miss her On the Cover: 7-year-old Andrew places roses at the Cathedral altar to memorialize babies passionate pro-life leadership, but wish Becky lost in the 48 years since Roe v Wade was many blessings in this time of transition. Blessings to you and your family!

passed, making abortion legal in the United States.


Calling All Disciples for Life Inaugural Pro-Life Activism Conference Set for May 22, 2021

In May, CPLC will present its inaugural Disciples for Life Conference. This is the first pro-life conference of its kind and will provide complete and comprehensive immersion into what it means to be a Disciple for Life. It will focus on ways to develop spiritually, grow in knowledge, and discern how to be involved as we Pray, Learn, and Serve the Gospel of Life.

Disciples for Life Conference Saturday, May 22, 2021 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Faith Formation Building 3100 W. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano

WOW! What can we say but Thank YOU! In a Fall still deep in the throes of COVID-19, trying to set fundraising goals was difficult at best. So much need, so much hardship and isolation, so many charitable organizations closing their doors. Yet YOU had CPLC’s back! Our first fall fundraiser, North Texas Giving Day, resulted in an amazing 50 percent increase in giving compared to last year. Then, not be outdone, the CPLC Annual Pro-Life Golf Classic brought out a record number of registered golfers and was a tee-riffic success!

Health protocols in effect at the time will be adhered to.

Sessions will include information on: •

Power of Prayer – prayer grounds us and make us spiritually effective in pro-life work. Persevering in prayer is persevering in life. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to listen to the voice of God.

Exploring John Paul II’s Gospel of Life to find a pathway to service, including presentations on various ministries with volunteer opportunities. How do we recharge so we don’t get burned out? Making the words “This is God’s Battle” more than an empty phrase.

Practical pointers on how to communicate effectively with family and friends, participate in the public square, and protect and prepare our young people to become cultural leaders.

And finally, how do you put your call into action?

Our panel discussion and testimonials will take you behind the scenes of counseling at the abortion facilities, helping transform moms and their families from crisis to a Christ-centered life, and providing a path to healing for those traumatized by the heartbreak of abortion. Who should come to the conference? If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’m pro-life, but I don’t know how to get involved,” this conference is for you. We want everyone to come, and encourage their friends and family. Is there someone in your parish who might truly benefit from this conference? Someone who, armed with more knowledge, might be able to more clearly hear their call? Would you invite that person? Those people? Join us for one day and become a disciple for a lifetime. Registration is $20 per person or $80 for five people. Online registration will open soon at

November is the Christ Child Market & Luncheon, one of our most popular events benefiting not only CPLC’s Project Gabriel, but Mater Filius Dallas and Bella House. You stood with us as we overhauled the event into a virtual market and presentation. You logged on to shop during the two-week market, bought raffle tickets, bid on silent auction items, and tuned in to our presentation to hear our GEMS moms’ powerful testimonies. Our promise to you for your generosity is to be the best stewards of your gifts by continuing to proclaim the Gospel of Life, assist moms, save babies, and heal the hurting.

Create a Legacy of Life Consider adding the CPLC to your will to build and sustain a Culture of Life in the future. For information on bequests and other non-cash contributions, contact CPLC Development Director Meg Finley at 972-267-5433.

In Her Words

This mom’s story is unique, but it’s made her who she is today

My name is Lynette Harding, I am 33, and a single mom with a unique story. My first son, Xzavier, was born when I was 21. When Xzavier turned 8, I found out I was pregnant again. After an exhausting and complicated delivery, my son, Ryder, was born. But during labor my blood pressure dropped and Ryder became distressed. He fought for his life and after two months in the NICU, he passed away. I was devastated, and grief took a toll on my husband and me. Six months later, I found myself unexpectantly pregnant and absolutely terrified. By the time my daughter, HartlyMae, was born I had left my husband Project Gabriel Mom Lynette and her daughter HartlyMae and filed for divorce. I made the choice to move in with at a GEMS meeting and Christmas party prior to COVID. my mother. Shortly afterward we found out she had kidney failure and she would be starting dialysis. I started working at a bridal boutique. Still lost and feeling like I had few options, I wanted to make a plan for myself and my kids, only I wasn’t sure what that plan was yet. Then I met a bride named Katy who worked for the CPLC. Little did I know that day we would be helping each other – me helping her to find the perfect bridal dress and she telling me about Project Gabriel & GEMS. After several attempts from Project Gabriel to contact me, I finally answered and talked to Sahira. She was so sweet and soft spoken. I explained my story to her. She gave me the date of the next GEMS class and ended our conversation with a prayer. My first class was about Nutrition. Another class I really enjoyed was about natural birth control. I never knew the harm birth control can do to a woman’s body. Twelve years later, I learned the correct information through the GEMS education program. Those are life lessons that are important to a woman. Now halfway through the program, I started therapy with Mrs. Bernice Simmons, a licensed counselor who works with Project Gabriel. For the first time in my life I had someone who could handle hearing everything I had to say—all that I felt, and anything I had experienced. She helped me work through my grief so “For the first time in I could function again.

my life, I have finished something that I have started.”

Using all that GEMS had helped me with, and with my mom’s support, I felt ready to take the next step and move into my very own apartment, to be an adult and to raise my kids independently. I was figuring out that I needed me to be the best version of myself for my kids. GEMS assigns every mom a Gabriel Angel, and my Angel’s name is Karina. She continues to check on me weekly. I’d like to think of Karina as my big sister and very good friend. My mom, not ready for the transition, tried to convince me to stay. I will admit she almost got her way except Carolina, Susan, Ingrid, Maria, Jessie Anne, and Karina stood by my side and gave me the confidence to take the step. My mom passed away last summer from COVID-19. It was hard, yet I’ve learned that grief is not a fatal condition and that life continues, only now I carry two holes in my heart. GEMS has brought me moments of pure joy and education. I’ve developed deep and meaningful friendships since joining GEMS. This has left a lasting impact on me and will shape the way I continue to make decisions as I move forward in my life. For the first time in my life, I have finished something that I have started. By Gabriel Mom Lynette Harding

For more about our Project Gabriel Ministry, visit

Teach4Life Conference Made for Freedom: Forming Our Youth to Avoid the Culture Trap

The need for freedom is imprinted on our human nature. It runs deeper than simply being able to do what we want, it directs us toward choosing the truth. When we freely choose the truth, it perfects our exercise of freedom and our ability to choose life as God offers. Society would have our youth believe that truth is whatever a person wants it to be. As a result, teens and young adults are being ensnared in a cultural web that turns them away from God’s truth and promotes personal freedom above all else. On April 9-10, the CPLC Speakers Bureau will host a virtual presentation of its biennial Teach4Life Conference. This year’s theme is Made for Freedom: Forming Our Youth to Avoid the Culture Trap. National and local speakers will be presenting on the hard issues facing our youth today such as Transgenderism and Homosexuality, the Failed Promise of Abortion and Pro-life Apologetics, Dating & Relationships, and the Power of Human Dignity in Our Schools. “We will address the hard issues that our youth are facing in today’s culture and offer faith-filled truth to help them live and thrive in authentic freedom,” said Speakers Bureau Director, Crystal Koll. What is Teach4Life? This conference is a gathering for educators — teachers, youth ministers, parish catechetical leaders, clergy, counselors, parents, and anyone working with teens and young adults — that provides counter-cultural information based on the Word of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church to empower youth to become Ambassadors for Life. This year’s conference will include recognized speakers, Q&A, networking breakouts, prayer, and giveaways! For questions contact Crystal Koll at To learn more about Teach4Life, visit We look forward to seeing you!

Representing Many of You JoAnn and Michael G. Murray to chair 28th Annual Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner

JoAnn and Michael G. Murray attended their first Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner 20 years ago at the invitation of the Knights of Columbus. This year, they will serve as Honorary Chairs of the 28th Annual Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner. “We had always been committed to pro-life, but had not yet participated in any activities,” said JoAnn. “That night at the dinner I signed a card volunteering to pray at an abortion facility. I prayed on Tuesdays and Michael prayed on Thursdays.” As JoAnn says, “in pro-life, one things leads to another.” And so it did. Michael went on to volunteer with the Speakers Bureau for 10 years, and became KC pro-life liaison with his council. JoAnn was asked to temporarily fill in as pro-life coordinator at her parish, which lasted 15 years. In 2005 JoAnn helped found and still leads the annual Christ Child Gift Market and Luncheon benefiting CPLC’s Project Gabriel and other pro-life partners. JoAnn and Michael were educated in Catholic schools and both graduated from the University of Dallas. They have five children and 14 grandchildren, all of whom attended Catholic schools. “We are here because we represent so many of you who always faithfully came to help and pray,” said JoAnn. “We are honored to chair this year’s Dinner and hope to see you all on March 20.”

Roe Memorial Withstands COVID Meaning of the day is acknowledged through prayer

There may not have been 10,000 people marching through the streets of Dallas, but no doubt this year’s bilingual Roe Memorial events were as powerful as ever! With health precautions in place and a moratorium on city permits, a sizeable crowd began the day praying in front of Southwestern and Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. Even without a march and rally, the Rose Procession and Memorial Mass brought out an almost full cathedral while hundreds more watched and listened via livestream and GRN radio broadcast in English and Spanish. The somber meaning of this annual event is so deeply rooted in our community that even a pandemic can’t diminish the call of the faithful to mark the day. Our thanks to Bishop Burns, Bishop Kelly, Fr. Bierschenk, Fr. Strong, O.Cist, the Knights of Columbus, the Diocesan Office of Worship, Cathedral Staff and lay ministers, Edith Ramos and all rose processors, Dave and Lauren Moore, Guadalupe Radio Network, volunteers, and everyone who participated in this important event.

Bishop Burns presides over Roe Memorial Mass

Aurora Tinajero welcomes all

Bishop Burns gives the homily Lauren and Dave Moore provided music

The Knights of Columbus provided health check-in Mass participants Rose Procession

We Honor... IN HONOR OF:




Bob Baillargeon

Terry and Mary Dawes

Graciela Vela Cuellar

Gonzalo and Ellyn Amador

Jeff Nelson

Marguerite Nelson

All Unborn Babies

Valerie Aldrete

Catherine Garduno

Dolores Garduno

Jim Otto

Laney and Mike Sherburne

Birthday of the Blessed Mother Born & Unborn with Special Needs Mary Burkhardt

Jose and Carmen Moreno

Maxine and Ralph Harkenrider Kendall Harrel

Anthony and Monica Radoszewski Rose Arceneaux

Father Frank Pavone

Jose and Carmen Moreno

Pope Francis

Gabriel Godinez

Doug and Peg Weisbruch

Pro-Life Mothers, Fathers and their Babies

Robert and Carol Baca

Alison Theresa Holleman

Mrs. Barbara Brummitt

Quinn and Barbie Cook

Kris and RW Holleman

Doug and Peg Weisbruch

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jose and Carmen Moreno

Betty Koch

Susan Power

Father Andrew Semler

Jose and Carmen Moreno

Jose and Carmen Moreno

Kimberly and Adam Sherburne For my Unborn Son, Jose Maria Aurora Tinajero

Laney and Mike Sherburne

Julie & Jay Tinert

Lisa Seawright

My Unborn Baby

Maria Garcia

Our Unborn Family Member Intentions for Wayne and Vicki Doug and Peg Weisbruch

Pedro Angulo

My 5 Living Children

Teresa and Philip Ferrara John and Donna Burkhardt

Cheryl Spooner

Tom Clark

Robert Repka

St. Maximilian Kolbe

Mrs. Barbie Cook

Quinn and Barbie Cook

Culture of Life

Robert and Carol Baca

Dr. Cristina Valdez

Sharon McDougall

Denise Davis

Brian & Shelley McPheeters Maggie Medina

Rev. Msgr. John Bell, MDiv

Connie Meyer

Doug and Peg Weisbruch

Moms, Dads, and Babies

Robert and Carol Baca

My Mother

Todd and Vivienne Kamp

Mothers Who Gave Life

Frances Trojacek

Cristina, Adriana & Miguel

We Thank... IN THANKS FOR:


Our Three Angels

Jorge Lara

Baby Peyton Idicula

Cheryl Thomas

Laney and Mike Sherburne

We Remember... IN MEMORY OF:


Nola Arceneaux

Rose Arceneaux

Frank and O'Rilia M. Auddigan Four Babies Lost to Abortion M's baby

Robert and Carol Baca



Adriana Altamirano Dolores Garduno

Joseph Hill Brian and Meg Hastings




Jennie Belle

David and Elizabeth Ayres

Terry McDonald

Robert and Mary Criswell

Jose Jimenez

Thrive Women's Clinic

Jose Jimenez

David and Megan Martinez

Dianne McDowell Mary Ann Little McGregor

Judge Pat McDowell John and Patricia Kishpaugh

James King

Patricia King

Kevin and Judith Rohr

Mrs. Betty Koch

Patrick Erwin

Margaret Baillargeon

Terry and Mary Dawes

Joseph Bevilacqua

Frances Bevilacqua

Leona Lehman Leona Lehman

Sr. Mary Brian Bole, SSND

Anthony and Monica Radoszewski

Leona Lehman

Kenneth Asleson Bert and Harriet Chamberlain Phillip and Kathleen Doepfner Hon. Thomas and Josephine Fuller

Cheryl Spooner

Mrs. Barbara Brummitt

Quinn and Barbie Cook

Our Son Carlos

Juan and Carmen Amador

The Catholic Church and Pope Francis Lost Children

Gabriel Godinez

Mrs. Diane Cook

Leona Lehman Leona Lehman

Yvonne Grothues

Dave Schauf

Leona Lehman

Paula Heckler

Quinn and Barbie Cook

Leona Lehman

Jerry and Carole Klement

Jim Courtney

Laney and Mike Sherburne

Leona Lehman

Fr. Joseph Lehman

Dad, Mom & Baby

Robert and Carol Baca

Leona Lehman

Amy and Thomas Luttrell

Mrs. Frances DeSouza

David and Shana Druffner

Leona Lehman

Tom and Terry McDowell

Theodore Donahue

Leona Lehman

Mary Jo Montagno

Leona Lehman

William and Diana Morin

Priscilla Duffy

Dr. Stephen and Carolyn Donahue Rose Arceneaux

Leona Lehman

Kelly Parma

My Father and Mother

Todd and Vivienne Kamp

Leona Lehman

Mark Scott

Zuzanna Fennell

Jim Fennell

Leona Lehman

Bill Fetzer

Veronica Fetzer

Leona Lehman

Jeremy Fulbright

Edward and Patty Fulbright

Patrick G. Gentry

Mary Gentry

Marv and Leona Lehman

Mary Frances Haba

Marjorie Haba

Les, George and Charlotte

Joe and Freddie Clark

Winifred Haegger

Denise Davis

Culture of Life Heroes

Robert and Carol Baca

Mark Harman

Tom and Terry McDowell

Ernest T. Lopez

Mary Helen Harman

Mary Ann Harman

Kimmie K Herman

Ann Herman

Mae Holleman Jeff

Doug and Peg Weisbruch Marguerite Nelson

Michael McGuinness Jr. Rita Meister Deacon Brian Mitchell Gloria Morris My Mother Minority mothers and babies Dawn Ann Murphy Jeff Nelson Rory S. Nunley and Spenser J. Nunley Pam

John Kopicki Douglas and Heather Dreher Mrs. Sharon Mitchell George & Barbara Woodroof Dr. Cristina Valdez Mateo Perez Leo Murphy Marguerite Nelson Tracy Nunley Robert and Carol Baca

Susan Parks Robert Steven Patrick II

Rose Arceneaux Robert & Rosemary Patrick

Varvel & Schott families

Anthony and Nancy Picolla Marty Posey Caroline & Ben Radoszewski Leah Mae Shea

Charles and Marge Wick Robert and Mary Criswell Anthony and Monica Radoszewski Raymond & Virginia Fraser

Doug and Peg Weisbruch

Leah Shea

Dennis and Joyce Houlihan

Bill Travis

Leah Shea Hilary Reiff Norma & Brusle Sherburne Laney and Mike Sherburne Ann Shimek

Laney and Mike Sherburne

Isidra J. Lopez

Arden Smith Paul Billy Trinh

Jeffrey and Renee Smith Teresa Bui

Loren & Michael

Daniel Christie

Charles and Ruth Wick

Charles and Marge Wick

Anna & John Luby

Doug and Peg Weisbruch

Dr. Mary Winston

Richard Winston

Jorge Lopez Magaña

Esmeralda Lopez

Jackie Markwald

Laney and Mike Sherburne

Ruth Yale Rafael Zapiain, Sr.

Richard and Dana Noon Rafael Zapiain

Gifts may be made in honor or memory of, or in thanksgiving for a special person or intention, and remembered at daily Mass for CPLC’s intentions. Recipients of your generosity will be notified at your request. Names are listed as of printing. In case of an error, please notify Meg Finley, Director of Development, or 972-267-LIFE (5433). Thank you.

Join Bishop Burns as the Bishop’s Pro-Life Dinner returns on March 20, at the Renaissance Dallas-Addison Hotel. Due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols and limited seating, the Dinner is expected to sell out fast! We are working tirelessly to ensure all state and local health guidelines are followed and all precautions are taken to ensure everyone's health and enjoyable experience. Grammy award-winning performer Francesca Battistelli headlines this year’s evening. She will join us in-person performing her well-loved songs, intermingled with her personal testimony and witness to the pro-life mission. Special guest is film producer and pro-life activist, Jason Jones. Jason produced the award-winning movie Bella, which starred a previous Dinner keynote Eduardo Verásteguí. Jason is a unique and dynamic spokesperson for life and will share his inspiring words on life.

Plus, all the favorites are back: Live Auction, Raffle, and Jewelry/Wine pulls. Reserve your spot today at

Mark Your Calendars

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Visit us: Follow us @prolifedallas

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