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Mom’s Day Gifts You’ll Love... Promise!

A Conversation with Emily Blunt A Role Mommnye Magazi MAY 2012

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Table of Contents 4 Editor’s Note

Mother’s Day 5 Gifts to Ask For

Getting Gorgeous offers ideas every mother will love

7 Tips for a Happier Life

Ditch your emotional baggage and enjoy what lies ahead

8 Tweet the Lines

How to Celebrate When You’re Expecting

10 Nothing to Wine About

A bottle of red, a bottle of white….

Between Us

Summer Ready

11 A  Conversation with Emily Blunt

23 Throw a Graduation Party

The Five Year Engagement star talks about life’s complications.

13 Prom Night’s Here

How to Keep Your Kids Safe

15 A Mom’s Dream

The best laid plans...can be done in your sleep....sort of.

16 The God Box

Following one woman’s innermost thoughts

Fun Stuff


17 S  omething to Meditate About

How to unwind your inner voice and relax

19 O  ne of a Kind Gifts Items Mom will love...Promise! 20 Quirky Hotels

Looking for someplace unique this summer? We’ve got a not-to-believed list

22 T  he First Mother’s Day Brunch Words to know from

Everything you need for a graduation party

25 Summer Fitness Lunge away – and eat healthy – for a body that will do you proud

26 Entertaining Made Easy Meal solutions for busy nights

28 My Biggest Loser Diet It’s not just TV hype: Here’s what worked for me

29 10 Spring Cleaning Tips Get rid of the “choctchkies”

30 Beach Bag Musts The pool beckons with these have-tohave items

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editor’s LETTER

Happy Mother’s Day!


t’s May and that can only mean one thing. Mother’s Day fast approaching and I’m about to celebrate my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! While I’ve been steadily crossing a million things off my to-do list, this month we remain committed to you. Here at Project You, we’re not just celebrating moms for one day, we’re all about celebrating moms all month long. Heck, even all year-long. In this issue, we’ve got a weight loss plan that actually works (Thank you e-diets and The Biggest Loser Meal Plan; I actually lost 15 pounds in preparation for my daughter’s big day!). We also offer “happy bitch” tips that work (you have to read the story to get the real scoop) as well as ways to tap into your inner self and learn how to meditate as well as—ta da—gift ideas for Mother’s Day. What we love most about May is that means summer is right around the corner and we’re jumping the gun by offering a few must haves for your beach bag. And if you need to whip your body back in shape, celebrity trainer Gwen Lawrence offers important suggestions on how to get that beach body. Our celebrity of the month is none other than the fabulous Emily Blunt who stars in two films this month. While we missed the movie about Salmons in Yemen or something to that effect, we laughed until our sides hurt after watching “The Five Year Engagement.” Check out our Q&A with Emily and her co-star Allison Brie who shares how they managed to keep it together even when Jason Segal and Chris Pratt had them in hysterics. We’d like to thank all our contributors this month including Partybluprints, Getting Gorgeous, Sarah Peppel at Genesis Moments, Jenny Isenman Baitch and the KidDictionary. We like to think we cover the gambit for all moms: from those expecting to those empty nesters. Hope you enjoy the read and have an absolutely fabulous Mother’s Day. Best wishes,

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A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Beth Feldman Editor in Chief

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Mother’s Day

By Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney

Gifts to ask for. . .

It’s here! The one day a year we can claim as our own. Sure, the toast might be burnt and all that breakfast in bed will result in several loads of laundry, but isn’t that what Mother’s Day is all about? This year, we want moms everywhere to embrace the moment. Take a deep breath in and scream, “I deserve this”! Getting Gorgeous has picked out a handful of fan-tabulous gifts that we think would satisfy any mom’s wants. Here are our top picks:

images courtesy of vendors

Summer Scarf Summer scarves can make an outfit – plain and simple. Throw on a neutral tee and then wrap a luscious summer scarf like this one from Nordstrom and watch how easily you can transform your everyday look. ‘Painterly’ Scarf Bold Lipstick You know it! This Spring / Summer is all about bright, bold and beautiful. Why not completely step it up a notch with a great new lipstick shade. We adore CoverGirl’s LipPerfection line because with over 40 shades to choose from – we can guarantee that anyone can find their perfect shade. CoverGirl LipPerfection projectyou



project you Get Mad… Men Mad Men has certainly inspired fashion trends over the last few years. Polka Dots certainly being one of them. Opt for a great shell or skirt but remember – the dots should be at least an inch apart. Otherwise, the design can look blurry and confusing. Big Shot Dot Circle Skirt Something Tangerine Have you heard that Tangerine is THE color of 2012? If you are feeling really brave, opt for a great pair of skinny jeans like these from JBrand. Want to turn it down a notch? No problem! Why not put on a great statement necklace or ring highlighting the color? J Brand 811 Mid Rise Luxe Twill Skinny Jeans in Tangerine

Let Me Entertain You! Now that you are ready for the warmer weather, why not throw a party?? Consider giving your serving pieces an upgrade! You can completely change the feel of your table with just a few adjustments. Consider this amazing chip and dip bowl from Crate and Barrel. Raya Chip and Dip

J oin us ok! on Facebo ous G o rg e

Blazer Love Yes my lovelies. The colorful blazer is back. Sure a black blazer is timeless, but why not opt for something a little more special? I just bought a great hot pink blazer from Ann Taylor. You can get the look for less with this option from Bloomingdales. Aqua Blazer – One Button 6


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

images courtesy of vendors


Tips for a Happier Life Ditch your emotional baggage and enjoy what lies ahead. By Keryl Pesce


fter suffering a trifecta of losses – losing a cherished job, having a husband say “I love you” – to someone else, and forced to move into a friend’s spare bedroom—I admit I was in a death grip with my pillow and swilling antacids instead of food. Along the way, I discovered I had the strength and willpower to change my circumstances. I remarried and wrote Happy Bitch – The girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside offers ideas for a happier life.

Happy Bitch Mar- tini ❑ 2 parts raspberry vodka ❑ 1 part amaretto ❑ 2 parts cranberry juice

❑ Generous squeeze of fresh lime ❑ Garnish with 2 almonds

This delectable martini represents what a Happy Bitch is about. She’s strong, yet sweet. She’s delicious, pretty in pink and of course, a little nutty. Shake this baby good on ice to get it nice and cold and frothy and then pour yourself Happy.


Take responsibility

Choose to take 100% responsibility for the state of your life and happiness. Living your happiest life is in your hands, dependent on how you choose to view that which happens to you and how you respond. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t control the thoughts and behaviors of other people. But whose can you? Yours baby!


Ditch the blame and regret

Quit carrying around unnecessary baggage. Blame is useless. It renders you powerless when you are not. Same for regret. If you screwed up something in the past, own it and be done with it. I guarantee you it served you somehow.


Take the pressure off

If you’re feeling down, stop beating yourself up for feeling the way you do. Often the pressure we put on ourselves to feel differently than we do is worse than the negative feeling itself. Acknowledge that is how you feel right now without judging.


Think in terms of what you want

Do you spend the majority of your time thinking about what you don’t want and what’s wrong or what you do want? What you focus on expands. Every time you catch yourself thinking about what is wrong with your life, stop. Interrupt your thought pattern and start asking “What do I want?” You will be amazed at what opportunities present themselves!


Make your happiness a priority

©www.istock. com/diane39

Mother’s Day

Studies show that every aspect of the human body functions better when we’re happy. What makes you happy? Start doing more of that without guilt. You were literally designed for happiness. Set some time aside for you and what you enjoy. ■

Keryl Pesce is the founder of the brand Happy Bitch and author of Happy Bitch – the girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside. She is also the coowner of Happy Bitch wine, a fun chardonnay/pinot noir blend (Pink of course!) just released last November. Keryl is happily remarried and lives in New York with her husband. projectyou



project you

Tweet the Lines

don’t know about you, but the minute I got pregnant, I shared my pregnancy test with my husband and then saved it for several years as a memento. From there, I saved the sonogram photos and would show the grainy black and white peanut image to parents, friends and fellow commuters.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see moms and dads sharing the big news sooner than ever before. Call me crazy, but there used to be a time when you’d wait three months before announcing to the world that you had a little bundle of joy on the way. But with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, everyone and their uncle is now tweeting the lines! So how can you share the joy and celebrate your pregnancy? Try one of these ideas on for size:

Gender Reveal Cakes

Ask your ultrasound technician not to tell you the results. Instead, have them seal the gender results in an envelope. Then, take the envelope to a bakery, which can

tint cake batter pink or blue, then cover it with icing. At a special party, cut into the cake to reveal the baby’s gender.

Dadchelor Parties

Moms-to-be aren’t the only ones getting celebrated. Dadchelor parties, also known as man-showers, diaper parties and daddymoons, are fun ways for expectant fathers to celebrate their last, child-free months, as well as the upcoming baby. Make sure the date of the party is at least one month before the baby’s due date. Start planning at

Pregnancy Portraits

Professional photographers are receiving more visits from moms-to-be as they pose for portraits and immortalize their pregnancy as a treasured keepsake. Many maternity photos are taken at the beginning of the third trimester. Review the photographer’s portfolio to ensure their style is a good fit with yours. Discuss the types



How to Celebrate When You’re Expecting... By Beth Feldman

19228717 ©; ©

Mother’s Day

of photos you want, what to expect at the shoot and options for albums, prints and other photo-related merchandise.


These vacations are when parents-to-be take a trip before the arrival of their baby. It can be an exotic excursion or a quiet weekend getaway close to home. Whatever you chose, make sure you minimize your travel time and maintain access to medical facilities.

Themed Baby Showers

Celebrities are taking this event to an extreme, as seen with Jessica Simpson’s over-the-top Charlotte’s Web-themed extravaganza. For unique shower ideas, visit the Hostess with the Mostess (www.hwtm. com). You’ll find suggestions for boy and girl parties, as well as gender-neutral, themes for twins and multiples, and styles that range from fancy to casual. ■

First to Know

For those who want to start planning for your baby’s arrival sooner rather than later, check out the Early Result Pregnancy Test by First Response. It’s the only test that tells you six days before your missed period, allowing you plenty of time to tell loved ones that a bundle of joy is on its way. For more information, visit




project you

Nothing to Wine About


This Mother’s Day, get mom a gift she’s sure to love— a bottle of the best red, white, or sparkle! By Katie Schlientz

bottles are.) I know this is NOT the way to very year, I grow increasingly frusgo. I would love to carry around a pocket trated with my mom’s Mother’s Day Natalie, so I could whip her out at a mogift requests. While some mother’s smile sweetly while they open the latest gift ment’s notice and get her advice on the basket from Bath and Body works (for the display of bottles in front of me. But that’s FIFTH year in a row), I genuinely try to not really possible… Or is it? I’m in luck. Natalie is launching treat my mom to something differher free mobile application just ent every year. My mother—whose in time for Mother’s Day. The gift requests always base on practicality and functionality— Wine Picks & Pairings: Natalie MacLean app offers not only commonly asks for new pantythe perfect gift ideas for mom, hose, socks, and the latest James but also the perfect pairings for Patterson novel. your Mother’s Day brunch. Serving I don’t get it. a spinach and bacon quiche? Try a SauviOkay, okay. I KNOW it’s HER day, but gnon Blanc. Or serve up some champagne seriously? Socks? Hi Mom. Thank you for with that raspberry-topped French toast. everything you have done for me. You are a wonderful mother. Raised three beautiful Don’t know what goes with bagels and daughters. Here are a pair of socks for all of lox? Natalie suggests a fine Pinot Noir. With Natalie’s app, you can instantly your hard work. Really?!?!? access tasting notes, prices, recipes, and This year, I’m taking a note from wine expert Natalie MacLean (NatalieMacLean. food pairings for wines at retailers across the country. With over 150,000 bottles to com), and grabbing my mom the best choose from, I am sure to find a wine my bottle of Reisling (her favorite) or Pinot Grigio (her second favorite) I can find. I am mom will be happy with. Pass the Reisling please! ■ the furthest thing from a sommelier. (Hi, my name is Katie and I purchase wines based on how pretty their

Katie Schlientz has written for a variety publications including Woman’s World Magazine, InTown Westchester, and The Bridal Book. She graduated from Canisius College and is the proud owner of a Master’s Degree from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. When she’s not writing, Katie is designing for her company, SophistiKate Design.

Don’t Forget Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner! While you may want to skip the traditional brunch and plan more of a backyard BBQ for Dad’s day, you still want to pick the perfect sip. Check out Natalie’s top five favorites for a grilled menu: ● Serving seared pepper steak? Try Shiraz! ● Reisling goes perfect with planked salmon. ● Nobody can resist a flame-broiled burger. Pair it with Zinfandel. ● Chardonnay is the perfect wine for grilled chicken. ● Enhance the tangy flavor of BBQ pork chops with Merlot. 10


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Download the app! You can download the Natalie’s app for iPhone and iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry. Other smartphones can use the mobile site.


Katie Schlientz

project you

Between US A Conversation with Emily Blunt

courtesy of universal studios


here’s nothing better than watching a romantic comedy that literally makes you laugh until you cry. And this spring, the film that will keep you in stitches is the Five Year Engagement. Jason Segel and Emily Blunt star as Tom and Violet, a newly engaged couple who leave their seemingly perfect life in San Francisco behind when Violet convinces Tom to give up his job as a sous chef so she can pursue a fellowship at the University of Michigan. When he’s forced to take a job at a trendy sandwich shop (there aren’t any chef jobs up for grabs in Michigan), Tom’s life begins to unravel as the pair continually get tripped up on the long walk down the aisle. For anyone who lives for inappropriate comedy - guilty as charged -

then “The Five Year Engagement” is definitely the must see wedding film of the season. I recently got the chance to meet two of the stars of the film, Emily Blunt and Alison Brie and they confided how they managed to keep it together despite the fact their costars oftentimes had them in hysterics. From a cringeworthy scene where Violet gets shot in the leg with a crossbow, to several improv moments that had them rolling on the floor, it’s hard to believe Emily and Alison held it together. So how did the they keep a straight face during filming? Emily Blunt: We didn’t. Alison’s a pro. She works on “Community” and she’s surrounded by funny people all projectyou



project you

the time but I have no self control. But Alison out of the whole cast was the best at not breaking and I was by far the worst. Alison Brie: But when I break it’s the worst because I start crying immediately and Emily would look over at me and would say “stop crying, you’re always crying.” At the beginning of the film, Suzie is a hopeless screw up who gets knocked up after a one night stand with Tom’s cheesy best friend, while Violet seems to have the perfect life. How do both characters change during the movie? Alison: The entire character changes during the course of the film. Suzie is a disaster but as her life progresses, she becomes more responsible by circumstance. Emily: Tom and Violet keep getting it wrong and life keeps getting in the way of making things perfect. It’s interesting how the dynamic shifts between them. 12


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

While Tom’s life falls apart after he moves to Michigan and loses himself in tacky sweaters and deer hunting, Emily shares her take on what makes a successful relationship. Emily: Life is complicated and it’s shape shifting all the time and you have to be able to roll with the punches. Something that I found hard to learn as a British person was communication. It’s a word that we all are terrified of in England. I think if you’re in a relationship, you have to talk to each other and you have to be forever generous and I think the best relationships that I’ve seen of my friends and hopefully that I’m in is that you don’t clip each other’s wings. You have to really empower the other one to be everything they can be. The Five Year Engagement is currently in theaters nationwide. Check out the site’s hilarious wedding blog (www. and convince everyone you know (except your kids) to go see this film! ■

courtesy of universal studios

(Below) Violet and Tom (Blunt and Segal) are hopelessly in love, but can’t seem to find the right time to tie the knot. (Right) Emily confides that she and co-star Alison Brie had a hard time keeping a straight face during filming

Prom Night: Keep Your Kids Safe

Between us

Start talking to your kids now to make this evening a fun night to remember.


By Erika Katz

Give your kids a curfew. There is rom night is the most anticipated nothing your kids can do after 2 a.m. night of the year for many high school seniors, and often the most dreaded by that they can’t do before 2 a.m. It’s not a parents. It’s a high-pressure night full of trust issue, it’s a safety issue. Do you really want your kids roaming around after angst over the dress, hair, makeup, 2 a.m.? and of course the guy (or gal). So, while we can all talk about great Remind your child that evhair and makeup looks (and you eryone has a camera. With know I will) I really want to talk Bonding Over Beauty cameras hidden everywhere, it about the safety aspect of prom is so important your child realnight. Here are some guidelines izes not to behave in public in a to help every parent keep their way that might cause them shame child from making poor choices. if it ended up on YouTube.

Erika Katz

Get the phone numbers of your child’s Colleges can take away what they ✓ prom date and at least five friends so ✓ have offered. A college acceptance you can reach someone. Inform your child can be revoked for illegal behavior and for


that you expect them to answer their cell phones and texts should you call them.

getting expelled from high school. Prom night is not Vegas. What happens on prom

Try these tips to keep your teen safe this prom season.




project you

Erika Katz is the author of the book Bonding Over Beauty, A MotherDaughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust (Greenleaf Press, March 2011). She uses her beauty expertise to help moms bond with their ‘tween daughters. A former child model and actress, Erika appeared in over 100 commercials, print ads, and films. As the mother of a ‘tween girl, she now writes a popular beauty blog for mothers tackling the drama of the ‘tween years. 14


Inform your kids not to go to a hotel ✓ room with friends if there are drugs and alcohol present. If police enter the hotel room and there are illegal drugs present, your child could be arrested even if he/she was not using. Do not serve alcohol to minors in your home. If you think you are being the smart parent and serving minors alcohol so they don’t drink elsewhere, guess again. If a minor gets alcohol poisoning or leaves your house and comes to harm, you could be responsible because you served them alcohol.

Sex is not a must on prom night. There is a lot of pressure on girls to lose their virginity on prom night. It is really important you talk to your daughter about sex on prom night, her expectations, and the expectations of her date.

A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Who is going to drive? Drinking and ✓ driving is one of the scariest parts of prom night. Make sure you are comfortable

with who is driving and where they will be going. Talk about driving safety, seatbelts and not getting into a car with anyone who has been drinking or getting high. Tell your child they can call you at any ✓ time during the night and you will get them, no matter where they are and

what the circumstance is. It’s better to be picked up by mom than the police. If your child is a freshman, sopho✓ more, or junior and they are asked to the prom, proceed with caution. After-

prom parties are not appropriate for the typical 15-year-old. They will face unnecessary pressures and situations they might not anticipate. If they want to go to the actual prom it is OK, but they must come home right after. ■


night could jeopardize their future.

A Mom’s Dream

The best laid plans...can be done in your sleep....sort of. By Jenny Isenman



’ve Figured out a Way to Add More Hours to the Day After watching a talk show where people complained that they did things in their sleep like cooking, cleaning, and jogging, which I found quite enviable, I set out to acquire a productive sleep disorder for myself. For the last couple days I’ve given myself subliminal messages about accomplishing tasks in my sleep, I wrote phrases on flash cards and taped them around the house, reading them every time I walked by. Things like “tighten butt,” “scoop cat litter,” “clean house,” “make dinner,” and “esta es una lampara (this is a lamp).” What?  I’m also trying to learn sleep Spanish. Anyway, the first night… nothing. I did the usual: went to asleep, fell off some kind of ledge, confronted an old elementary school friend about calling me a weirdo, and made out with George Clooney, who was about to take me to his villa in Tuscany on a spaceship piloted by Brad Pitt, when I was rudely awoken by my son wanting me to make lunch for school. Why do I have an account with the cafeteria anyway? Last night was different. I didn’t dream at all. No revenge, no superstar rendezvous, no awards ceremonies, or nightmares about planes, sharks, or sharks on planes. I woke up feeling funny, disoriented.

My souffle was not rising. My bed was not made. My buttocks were not tightened. My cat litter was not scooped… Apparently, while sleeping last night, I cooked my running shoes, cleaned my neighbors house, tightened her daughter’s braces, and ate my cat. Now, this may seem like a setback. Many people would give up, especially after eating their cat, but not me and the Vietnamese. I’m looking at the silver lining and calling it a success. So, things didn’t go as planned, and my son needs a little therapy. Life is about learning and opening new doors and in that vein, I am opening a night housekeeping/orthodontics service, at the very low cost of ahem, achem, cha cha, kak. Sorry, hairball. Call for an appointment. Your money back if I eat your pet. GUARANTEED. Refund subject but not limited to pets deemed reasonable. Tarantulas, snakes, lizards, and gerbils not included. Only half refund for mid-sized rodents i.e. guinea pigs, ferrets and bunnies. Price where prohibited. You pay me if I eat anything shelled, like hermit crabs, snails, and turtles, or bacon, I mean pot belly pigs, except George Cloony’s, which I will spare in return for sexual favors…. bla,bla,bla,bla…. ■

Between us

Jenny Isenman is a humor columnist and Lifestyle/ Generation X expert (Jen X pert). She’s known as Jenny from the Blog at her site The Suburban Jungle (please put in link www.  She guarantees that reading it will make you tanner, smarter, and reduces cellulite. projectyou



project you

The God Box

A bittersweet memoir makes us realize the importance of letting go. By Sarah Peppel

W If you’re interested in receiving an advance copy of The God Box, send us an email to ProjectYouMagazine@ Check out the book trailer!

Sarah Peppel is a freelance writer, columnist, mom blogger (Genesis Moments & DIY Frugal), communications professor, speaker, actress and plain ole’ mom to her two growing teen girls. She is also president of womens ministries in her presbytery and president of the neighbor homeowner’s association. 16


hen Mary Finlayson said, “I’ll put you in my God Box,” you knew a prayer was being written and tucked away for safe keeping. In Mary Lou Quinlan’s recent book release, The God Box, she shares the skin prickling, heart tugging experience of pulling box after box from the top of the closet after her mother’s death. As each box opened, dated prayers of every sort spilled out, written on tiny scraps of paper from notepad slivers to the backs of note cards and receipts. Mary Lou found a chronology of her family’s life laid out before her in the beautiful, compassionate, loving hand of her late mother. Prayers covered everything from the right flooring to a cure for Mary’s own blood cancer. Mary Lou first shared her mother’s story in a magazine article in Real Simple. The response was so positive, Mary Lou knew she needed to do more, take it further, share with more people. Thus, The God Box came into being. . . a book about Mary Finlayson who shared her innermost thoughts scrap by scrap, timestamped so the journey could once again be followed by those who knew her best. In the book, Mary Lou shares

A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

her mother’s prayers and then fills in the details behind each customized piece of paper as she shares a riveting, poignant tale of the power of family and the permanence of love. Vivid and colorful images in the book show her mother’s prayers written in so many different ways along with pictures of Mary Lou’s family as she was growing up. This book is a delightful read and {SPOILER ALERT} you will need tissues. Though Mary Lou says she isn’t a spiritual guru herself, she has been inspired by her mother’s “God Boxes” to help others. “My mother inhaled a worry and exhaled a prayer,” writes Quinlan, as she hopes the book will help others understand the power of releasing one’s worries and the process of healing through writing down one’s passions and anxieties. It’s also a beautiful way to let others know they have been remembered too. To find out more about The God Box Project, which includes the book, a one woman show performed by Mary Lou Quinlan, a short documentary and a soon to be released app, visit ■

project you

Fun StuFF Something to Meditate About How I learned to unwind that inner voice inside and relax.. By Katie Schlientz



hen I first sat down to write this article, I started off talking about how much I work. “I have a full-time job. I have a part-time job…” Delete, delete, delete. Nobody wants to hear about the amount of work I do, because everyone is in the same boat, if not another-fully overloaded one. I know there are plenty of woman out there—mothers, single ladies, newlyweds— who suffer from hectic schedules. I don’t need to make a list to justify my workload, but if you can identify with any or all of the following, please read on: ● An incredible wave of guilt flows over me whenever I sit down to “relax.” ● I chose renting a flick over a trip to the movie theater because I’d rather accomplish the 12 things I can multitask while “watching” at home. ● I am currently writing this article on flight from Syracuse to New York City because, hey, it’s 50 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time where I can get things done. Everyone around me is watching TV. Thanks, JetBlue. ● I can’t “turn off” when I go to sleep. I run through my to-do list over, and over, and over again.




project you

There is one thing that helps clear my mind; one thing that lets me sit back and say “ahhhhhhh.” Although, it’s really more like “ooooohhhhmmmm.” Yes, it’s yoga time. I know some of you may be rolling your eyes, sighing, and thinking, “no, I am not going on someone else’s spiritual journey.” I don’t consider myself a yogi, I will not sit here and try to convince you to take up a class, and this article won’t accompany pictures of me bending myself like a pretzel. What I DO want you to identify with is the fact that we all need a few minutes per day (be it 5 or 50) to unwind and quiet that inner voice in our minds that says go, go, go! While yoga is an exercise regimen I take fairly seriously, it is important to me be-

cause it is sometimes the only hour I get three times a week to think about absolutely nothing. The practice is my time for meditation. It calms me. It clears my mind. It helps me let go of things I shouldn’t be holding on to. It improves my health, my overall well-being, and—most of all—I SLEEP BETTER! I can throw studies and statistics your way to prove my point. But we all know the facts—you need to insert “me” time in your daily routine. It’s vastly important. Why not use that time to center yourself? Let go of the things that bog you down and adjust your perspective. Trust me: putting some positive thoughts in your head will only help the way you think, feel, and live better. ■

Don’t know what to think about?

The Chakra Deck by Olivia H. Miller A great combination of yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises that will enhance both the body and mind.



A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Inner Peace Cards by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer A great collection of inspiration quotes and affirmations to keep you focused and moving forward!

Essential Mediations Deck Don’t know what to think about or have your to-do list running through your mind? There are 50 different guided meditations to make things easier and to help clear your mind.

Photos courtesy of

All you need is five minutes and these (yes, I own and use them all!):

➋ Fun Stuff

➌ ➍

By Maria Colaco

One of a Kind Gifts

Photos courtesy of vendors

From all the advice to the warm home cooked meals to the boo boo fixing’s it takes more than just one day to say THANKS to your mom. This year lets celebrate our moms with something picked out just for her. Your mom is unique, so this year let’s get her something especially picked out for your one of a kind mom. Your gadget-loving Mom means everything to you so give her your heart..on a USB Drive. Load this gorgeous pendant with pictures or videos so mom can brag about you on the go. Swarovski USB HEART $75

What does a mom on the run need? Personalized Water Bottle of course! BPA FREE water bottles can be personalized with your photo on the front so mom will always remember that YOU, not sister Sally, is her favorite kid! $24.99

A gal can never have too many earrings. And with these gorgeous baubles, she can dress up any outfit and has you to thank. Staya Petal Chandelier Earrings $108

The New Mom – Keep baby close to mom’s heart with this personalized necklace. Heather Moore Personalized charms. www. $270 - $2000

The crafty mom will certainly love this neat vintage organizer to display her carefully selected collections of ribbons and lace. This little hutch is the perfect must have for your ‘ I can make that” mom. Japanese Gift Market $49.99

➍ ➎

For that Classic Mom who doesn’t steer too far out of the lines, how about a gorgeous pop of color with traditional leather and brass details found on this oh so stylish Long Champ Au-Sultan handbag. $590 longchamp. com

➎ Maria Colaco

M om NewYork

Maria Colaco writes about her life at NewYorkMom. WordPress. com. She is a dancer and choreographer in NYC and lives in the burbs with her husband, kid and giant dog. You can find her on Twitter at @pluslily. projectyou



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Tired of staying in typical, traditional hotels – the kind with large lobbies and hundreds of identical rooms? Then you may want to consider one of the eccentric alternatives from’s list of Top 10 Quirky Hotels . Some are different in their concept, while others in their construction. Either way, staying at one these unconventional hotels will definitely make your next family vacation one heck of an adventure. 



A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

● Liberty Hotel - If you’re going to spend a night – or more – in jail, this is the place to serve your time. Acting as the Charles Street Jail in Boston starting in the mid-1850s, the Liberty Hotel at the foot of historic Beacon Hill was extensively renovated and opened in 2007. Sporting an ultra-stylish interior design, Italian restaurant and upscale lounge, the present-day hotel makes it hard to imagine it as a home for hardened criminals. Along with extensive in-room amenities boasting stunning views of downtown Boston, the Liberty hosts nightly events like fashion shows and parties. Search and compare cheap flights to Boston. ● Hotel de Glace - Even though it’s built from snow and ice, Hotel de Glace in Quebec remains a red-hot place to stay. Completely rebuilt each winter, the hotel has 36 rooms and suites and is the only ice hotel in the Americas. It also boasts the famous Ice Bar, a perfect spot to warm up, where even the drink glasses are made from ice. More than 85,000 visitors take tours of the frozen accommodations each year, and 4,000 stay overnight. Guests get to choose from a wide array of winter activities including dog-sledding, snowshoeing, ice-skating and cross-country skiing.


Quirky Hotels

Hotel de Glace in Quebec is the only ice hotel in the Americas. Yes, folks, it’s built from snow and ice.

Our one piece of advice: bring gloves! Search and compare cheap flights to Quebec.

Courtesy of Desert Cave hotel

● Kennedy School - You won’t mind staying after school at the Kennedy School hotel in Portland, Oregon. A former neighborhood elementary school, the Kennedy was transformed into a luxurious and funky hotel, with guest rooms in former classrooms – complete with school-related décor like blackboards and coatrooms. After-school features include a restaurant, multiple bars, a brewery and a movie theater. Set in an up-and-coming residential neighborhood, the Kennedy draws locals and visitors alike. Search and compare cheap flights to Portland. ● Desert Cave Hotel - As the world’s only internationally rated underground hotel, Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy is an exciting change for surface-dwellers. Set in an opal-rich region of the Outback, the hotel is hewn from sandstone and stays cool and dry, and the luxurious rooms are perfect to return to after a long day exploring the scorching and beautiful surroundings. You’ll feel snugger than a baby kangaroo in its pouch when you turn in for the night under down under. Search and compare cheap flights to Adelaide.

● Jumbo Hostel - Jumbo Hostel gives a whole new meaning to sleeping on a plane, and you don’t need a ticket or to take off your shoes to board. A decommissioned 1976 Boeing 747 has been converted into a 27-room hostel on the grounds of Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. Completely rebuilt from the inside, Jumbo Hostel has “passenger” rooms in the cockpit and cabins, a bar and café, and a first-class lounge-turned-conference room that holds up to eight people – the next best thing to having your own 747. Search and compare cheap flights to Stockholm.

Fun Stuff

The remaining quirky hotels to make the list all have themes that are so out of the ordinary, you have to see it to believe it. These include the dog-themed Dog Park Bark Inn in Idaho; the library-themed Library Hotel in New York City; the whimsical cottage retreat Winvian in Connecticut; the 1950s-themed Rendezvous in Palm Springs and the futuristic Qbic Hotel in Amsterdam. (We also included a bonus 11th hotel, the autogeared V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, as it was too fun to leave out.) To read the details on these unconventional hotels and’s complete list of Top 10 Quirky Hotels, visit http:// ■ Desert Cave Hotel, in Adelaide, Australia, is the world’s only internationally rated underground hotel.




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By Eric Ruhalter


Places You Shouldn’t Take The Mother of Your Children for Mother’s Day ● YOUR Mother’s house. ● Any restaurant with

warming lamps or scantily clad waitresses

● A ne’er do well

cousin’s drug intervention

● Timeshare


● The Museum of Foul


● Novice dance recital

featuring kids she does not know.

● DMV ● Someplace you think

she might like but aren’t really sure

● A movie you think is


● Inner-city Police

squad ride-along



have a theory that the first Mothers Day was the result of one of those dramatic instances where a Mom just got so fed up with parenting and the lack of cooperation from kids and husband that she “Quit.” Late one Sunday morning, a Mom was just so done with all the insanity and madness and futility of being a Mother and getting no help at all from Dad, so she just walked off the job, leaving them to fend for themselves.

KidDictionary Word:


(TWUHR-puhl) v.: When a young child playing baseball gets to third base on a hit that didn’t make it out of the infield. And she went to a bar. And she drank. And of kids that she was appreciated. So he went really tied one on. And then she said to the out and got flowers for her and a card expressing heartfelt sentiments of their apprebartender, “Hey!  You!  Bart-toonder! Make me some ciation. Meanwhile back at the bar, Mom was eatfood!” ing, raving about this delectable new To which he replied, “But breakfast cuisine they’d invented, wonderis over, and lunch hasn’t started!” ing what to call it. “I don’t care Buster, just get your Right about then the husband apron on and go make me someTheKid tracked her down and walked thin’!  Somethin’ GOOD!” into the bar, went up to her and The customer was always right presented her with the flowers back in those days so he hopped to and card he’d bought and said, I’m it. sorry honey, I’ve Benedict.” “Hey Lady, you want breakfast or Lunch?” And that was the first Mothers Day. And he asked “I want both!!! Make some ham & eggs and the first Brunch. And the first time I’ve used put something lunchy on ‘em!  Hollandaise such an awful pun in a story. Forgive me?  Happy Mothers Day. ■ sauce!” “Yeah?” Eric Ruhalter’s book The Kid Dic“Yeah!  And make it snappy!” tionary: Hilarious Words To Describe By now back home, her heal of a husband the Indescribable Things Kids Do had gotten to thinking, and feeling repen- is debuting everywhere in March tant. He wanted to start showing the Mother from Sourcebooks.

A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Eric Ruhalter


The (d.a.) D-LIST of

The First Mother’s Day Brunch

project you

Summer Ready Throw a Graduation Party

Tis the season of graduations. Be it elementary school, middle, high school or college, we provide all the fix in’s for a fabulous event.

© partybluprints

By Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno

Graduations run the gamut from pre-school and kindergarten to high school and college. Whatever the age, I love a graduation as it signifies a young child/adult moving onto a new phase in their life where they will be greeted by more freedom and experiences, but also new challenges and struggles – the end result, an opportunity for growth. So regardless of what graduation you and your family are celebrating this year, make sure to mark it in some way – even if it’s only with a sweet treat (see recipe below for Graduation Cap Cakes). For those of you hosting a graduation party, focus on making the graduate feel comfortable and honored in a way that’s right for them. READ ON projectyou



project you

Here are a few DIY projects that serve as décor and keepsakes:

● Display a series of pictures of the graduate from different stages of their life and allow your guests to take a walk down memory lane. ● Create a wish banner and have all the guests write what “they wish for the graduate” as they move into the next phase of their life. Hang it as decoration and later on store it away as a keepsake. For DIY instructions on making your own wish banner, click here. ● Decorate with a personalized canvas print. Send in a picture of the honoree to an online site that produces canvas prints such as, . They do all the work – all you have to do is hang the work of art. ● Collect all the undistributed teeny tiny school pictures (all the ones that come in the portrait package, but are too small to give out) and hang them from the chandelier creating a memory mobile.

Elizabeth Mascali and Dawn Sandomeno are party and lifestyle authors, bloggers, and social media hostesses. Their first book, PLAN TO PARTY, (Yorkshire Publishing) offers ideas from their blog andis a go-to resource for home entertaining. 24


Add some fun sweets to your graduation celebration with these Graduation Cap inspired cupcakes – they are so festive and so easy to make. Simply turn your cupcakes on their heads and dress them up for graduation with a mortarboard. Ingredients vanilla frosting ❑1  box chocolate cake ❑ 1 bag Pull ‘n’ Peel mix (+ ingredients Twizzlers listed on box for ❑ 24 chocolate preparation) covered graham ❑1  can prepared crackers Instructions Prepare cupcakes according to directions on the box. Set aside to cool thoroughly. Peel apart several strands of licorice and cut into 2- ½ inch pieces. On the end of each piece, make two ½” cuts up the length of licorice and fan out to create the tassel. Set aside. Assembling the Graduation Cap Cupcakes: Remove completely cooled cupcakes from their wrappers and place upside down on serving tray. Place 1 Tbs. of vanilla icing in center of each cupcake, top with chocolate covered graham cracker and gently press down to distribute frosting. Place a dab of frosting in center of chocolate covered graham cracker and adhere uncut end of licorice to center. ■

A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

© ; © partybluprints

Graduation Cap Cupcakes

Summer Fitness

Summer ready

Lunge away – and eat healthy – for a body that will do you proud. By Gwen Lawrence


ummer is on my mind -- and surely yours as well – which means thinking bikini bodies. But no matter what I tell you (or your friends tell you), if you’re not healthy on the inside, all your hard training will be moot. I’m not suggesting the pre-chewed bird feeding rituals of Alicia Silverstone, or crazy starvation cleanses, or even the strict vegan commitments of Russell Simmons. However, I do propose sensibility and long-term dedication to health.

©; ©

Remember to:

● Cut out sugar ● Avoid white foods ●G  ive your body a 12-hour fast every day (8pm-8am) - the true meaning of breakfast is “break the fast.” ● Get regular exercise ● Eat organic whole foods ● Eliminate processed foods ●E  liminate chemicals in food – avoid anything with ingredients that you’re unable to pronounce or unsure of what it is Do this and you will start making your body the healthy alkaline machine it’s meant to be complete with better energy, improved sleeping and less illness. One more thing: Because summer means legs (the first thing to peek out from your shorts), think lunges for busting cellulite, creating sexy tone, and losing the thigh jiggle.

Check out more from Gwen!

Remember to:

● Breathe consistently ●W  hen you land, track your knee in the same direction as your foot ●T  ry to maintain a 90-degree angle with the front leg ● Do 20 reps on each leg in each direction ●T  ry a hop to add power when switching sides The great thing about lunges is you’ll get great benefits even if you do them without weights. So, NO EXCUSES – lunge away while watching TV, chatting on the phone, etc. It’s a small price to pay for an efficient—and gorgeous— summer-ready body. ■

Gwen Lawrence is a celebrity yoga coach who works with professional athletes in the New York area, including her Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants. You can tweet her questions and comments at @GaiamTV #GwenatGTV or Facebook.




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Entertaining Made Easy Meal solutions for busy nights. By Alma Schneider

Alma Schneider TakeBackThe

Roasted Lemon Artichoke Dip Ingredients: ❑ About 5 or 6 artichokes, steamed and hearts removed OR 1 14 oz. can artichoke hearts in water, drained (can also use in oil but wash them with water ,drain them, and dry them) ❑ 1-2 lemons cut up into 1/2 inch pieces with the rind (the more lemon, the more lemony it

❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

is-I use 2 lemons b/c I like it really tart) 1  /3 cup plus 2 TBS mayo 2 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese or other block kind About 1/2 cup or so of bread crumbs mixed with a little butter or olive oil s alt and pepper

Instructions: Roast lemons and artichoke hearts on a parchment paper lined baking sheet until they turn fragrant and brown, maybe 20 minutes but only you know the power of your oven so watch them! Let cool. Put lemons, artichokes, mayo and cream cheese in a food processor and pulse until it all combined. Bake in a small baking dish at 350 degrees with the breadcrumbs until bubbling, about 20 minutes or so. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with pita chips, bread, crackers, etc. Enjoy! 26


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Summer ready Swiss Chard and Sausage Stew Ingredients: ❑ 1 TBS olive oil ❑ 1 med. onion, chopped ❑ 3 carrots, choppped small ❑ 3 cups chopped and washed swiss chard ❑ 4 chopped chicken, pork or vegetarian sausage ❑ 4 cups cooked chick peas ❑ 1 cup water ❑ 1 cup chopped, washed cilantro ❑ 1 can or 2 cups fresh, diced tomatoes


Instructions: In a big, heavy pot, heat up olive oil over a medium flame. When it is hot, add the onions and carrots and cook while stirring for about five -ten minutes until carrots start getting soft and onions translucent. Add all the other ingredients and cook for about 20-30 minutes, stirring periodically. Stew is done when carrots are fully tender. Serve with rice, cous cous or quinoa. ■

Alma Schneider is a Licensed Clinical Social worker, food writer and chef . She is the founder of, a blog and consulting business helping people overcome their practical and psychological obstacles to cooking. She lives in Montclair , NJ with her husband and four children projectyou



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My Biggest Loser Diet It’s not just TV hype! Here’s what worked for me. By Beth Feldman


After 28


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

his May, my daughter will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah and as she practices her torah portion and finishes her mitzvah project, I’ve been busy finalizing everything from the menu, to the seating plan to the goody bags. But as a woman, I have to admit - I’ve also been laser focused on slimming down for the big day. You see, I have what I’d like to call a sliding wardrobe. Sometimes I’m a 4, other times a 6 and about six months ago, I was hovering between an 8 and a 10 and to say I was unhappy about the way I looked was the understatement of the year. While I didn’t have to lose a huge amount of weight, sometimes it’s the final 10-15 that are truly the hardest to shed. After searching online for a weight loss plan - I stumbled upon the Biggest Loser Diet plan and as I perused several articles and success stories, I decided to give it a whirl. The great thing about the plan is they ship you the meals each week and you can select your favorite dishes online or go with the meal plan they’ve already pre-selected for the week. Over the past three months, my favorite dishes were the french toast, turkey chili and macaroni and cheese. The best part about the plan is that I never felt deprived, the food didn’t have any preservatives or unnecessary ingredients and best of all, before I knew it, I was losing weight! Within a month and half, I had lost nearly 10 pounds and dropped a pants size. And now, as we approach the finish line, I am thrilled to be fitting into a size 6 and for the first time in years, I’m actually going to feel good about how I look even as the dreaded shorts and bikini season rear its ugly head. If you’re busy mom like me, I’m a big supporter of using a meal plan to get you jump started but then supplement your meals with a few of these filling snacks: ● Fage blueberry or strawberry yogurt ● Sunflower seeds with raisins ● Non-fat frozen yogurt - eat your fro-yo in the afternoon but make sure you cut out dairy at night - it can cause a lot of bloating ● Craving sweets? Then purchase Jell-o pudding or Jello-O gelatin, spray some Reddiwhip on top of your dessert and you’ve got a sweet after hours treat ● Popcorn, rice cakes and pop chips, oh my! Want to feel full while jump starting your system? Then make some popcorn, toss in a few raisins and you are good to go. To find out more about the Biggest Loser Diet, visit ■ Befo re

10 Spring Cleaning Tips that Will Make You Happier

Summer ready

How to get rid of all the extra “stuff” you have­—and feel better. By Barry Dennis


o you have too much “Chotchky” in your life? Most of us do! Chotchky is anything that intrudes, clutters, or distracts us from our soul’s highest purpose. This includes material things, unhealthy substances we consume, meaningless information and distractions, and even unsupportive people. Being surrounded by useless stuff robs us of our energy. The good news? Clearing away what’s cluttering your life will leave you feeling lighter, clearer, calmer, healthier, and more connected. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips to re-energize your life and make you happier.

Fill up “glad” bags.

Grab three “glad” bags--one to donate, one for recycling, and one for the dump. Find places in your house that are weighing you down. For example, how many hair products, lotions, makeup items, and pills do you really use in your bathroom?


Build in a pause.

Before you make a decision to bring something into your life, whether it’s dessert, a relationship, a pair of jeans on sale, or a mindless TV show, ask yourself: Does my heart truly desire this? Pausing before you acquire or consume can prevent clutter from overtaking your life.

Hold a storage unit sale.

This is one of the easiest ways to lighten your load. If you’re actually paying someone to store your unused junk, you don’t need it.

Throw a sale and use the money for something that will add to the quality of your life, like a nice dinner out with your family.

Declutter your closet.

Your closet should have no more than one hanger every 2 inches to avoid overload. Don’t let your closet exceed 80% capacity. Give that dress, belt, or pair of boots to a friend, or donate it to Goodwill.

Clean up your diet.

Look in your pantry, freezer, and cupboards and get rid of all the food that’s not empowering you. Try to consume food that makes you healthy and energized, not clogged up, toxic, sluggish, and fat.

Clear your mind.

If you respond to every ding, ring, and buzz of your mobile device while you’re eating breakfast with your wife or kids, you remove the possibility for meaningful conversation. If you text while you walk, you’re not observing the world around you. Manage your technology consumption to allow for empty mental space.

Invest in your soul.

Every time you are tempted to part with your money for something you really don’t need, stop. Write down the amount and walk away. At the end of the month, tally up your savings. Put that money toward a dream, your favorite charity, or anything else that lifts your spirit. ■

Barry Dennis is an internationally known inspirational speaker and spiritual teacher. His new book is The Chotchky Challenge: Clear the Clutter from Your Home, Heart, and Mind… and Discover the True Treasure of Your Soul (Hay House, April 2012). Learn more at www.

Adapted from “The Chotchky Challenge.” projectyou



project you By Danielle Feigenbaum

Must-haves for your Beach Bag Summer is right around the corner and before you know it, you’ll be packing up and heading to the beach or the pool or maybe to a lounge chair in your backyard! Here are few items that are essential for your beach bag. Let’s begin with the bag itself... this is one of my favorites, functional and sparkly! You can go straight from the beach to happy hour. Next, you need a cool pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun, and, to look cool. Here’s a celebrity favorite that looks great on everyone. Its all about orange this spring and summer. If you don’t feel bold enough to wear the color, you should get an orange towel. Ralph Lauren makes a great one... We all know that the sun can be damaging to our skin and it’s very important to wear suntan lotion at all times... these cases make the perfect accessory to carry your SPF, some lip gloss and anything else you need. Speaking of protecting yourself from the sun, how about a fabulous hat? We all want to keep our skin looking young, so throw on a great straw hat like this one from J Crew!. Danielle Feigenbaum, former a Television Marketing and Promotion Executive at CBS and ABC Networks, joins Role Mommy and Project You as a regular contributor. Danielle lives in Westchester with her husband, Andrew and their two kids daughter Alexa, 8 and son Jordan, 5. 30


A Role Mommy Magazine l May 2012

Worried about how to get dinner on the table when you’re NOT a cook?

So were these other busy moms...who found solutions in Dinner for Busy Moms (Plain White Press): Your book is chock-full of wisdom and humor. I really appreciate how your advice helps assuage the guilt I often feel when I serve takeout…again. I now have a firm conviction that no matter what ends up on the table, my family and I will eat dinner together.

­—Marsha G., New Rochelle NY

You have made brilliant use of other’s tips, etc. Your approach to the whole book is fabulous. This should go viral.

­—Laurie Z., San Francisco, CA

I started the book at 1 a.m. and finally put it down around 2:15 a.m... LOVE IT! ... makes me want to head out to the grocery store and fill my empty cabinets!

­—Jenn K., Indianapois, IN

Go to for more info.

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project you Pursue yo one drea ur passion m at a tim e.

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How Happ y Are You?

Holiday 2011

Discoverin g Your Inner Yogin i

HoLIDAY How-ToS De aling with Left pping on a overs Bud ● Gif ts that Giv get e Back

● Sho

Project You Magazine, May 2012  

This is this the May 2012 issue of Project You Magazine. This magazine is about YOU and the joys and challenges you face while also being nu...

Project You Magazine, May 2012  

This is this the May 2012 issue of Project You Magazine. This magazine is about YOU and the joys and challenges you face while also being nu...