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Six Sigma journey Six Sigma can well be defined as a journey that every professional must experience. It is a universal best practice not just about reducing errors and re-works that cost time, money, opportunity and customers. Six Sigma practice asks hard questions about your processes and the variation in their results. Variations cause defects and wastes. Eliminating variations means eliminating dis-satisfaction. Six Sigma helps to understand your processes better and guides you to implement solutions to eliminate wasteful variation through structured problem solving approach supported by statistical tools and techniques.

Overview Our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program is a two days instructor led crash course which is designed to have the right mix of theory and practical exercises where the participants gets a chance to experience the DMAIC framework usage and the associated statistical 1 | ProjectingIT |

Course Duration Six Sigma Green Belt : 8 hrs (4hrs each for 2 days) Self - study : 8 hrs

Format •

Instructor Led Live Training

Eligibility/Qualification: Graduates / Post Graduates / Diploma Holders

Who should attend? Professionals seeking Six Sigma Green Belt Certification for their career growth and building competency Corporate nominated employees to drive the workplace innovation through Six Sigma programs in their Organization


ProjectingIT tools. We select problem/s that are relevant to the target audience to work through them while learning the DMAIC methodology and associated tools, checklists in order to achieve an effective learning.

Benefits For Six Sigma to work, Leaders at all levels must commit to investing resources, promote and practice Six Sigma program. This means providing their employees training, knowledge, motivation and opportunities to work on quality projects that help improving productivity. Human capital is the greatest asset for any organization. Six Sigma training can give them the limitless potential to transform your organization from complacency to accomplishment. Organisations that implement Lean Six Sigma correctly achieve significant benefits that contribute to competitive advantage and to changing the culture in an organisation from reactive problem solving to proactive problem prevention. Proven benefits include:

ProjectingIT | Six Sigma Green Belt

• Creates a common language for quality throughout the organization • Achieve world class standard For the employees: • Improved knowledge and skills • Adapt methodical approach to problem solving • Ability to use a wide range of statistical tools and techniques • A status / certification that is recognised world wide.

Program Delivery We explore the DMAIC methodology in theory and practice through examples, case studies, group activities, games and Q&A sessions having a strong focus on delivering in depth knowledge of the Six Sigma approach and the quality tools for implementing the DMAIC methodology to a project. Few quality tools and their purpose are stated below: Histogram: Helps to portray the frequency of problem occurrence giving a good visual impression of the data distribution.

For the Organization: • Bottom line cost savings by slashing the hidden costs • Improved quality of product or service as perceived by the customer (internal and external customers) • Reduction in process cycle times • Development of staff skills


Run Chart: Shows variation and trends with time. Provides baseline data, and helps to | ProjectingIT | 2


Six Sigma Green Belt | ProjectingIT

determine if a process is improving or not. Control Chart: Statistical process control tool to determine whether the process is in a state of statistical control or not.

Affinity Diagram: A creative process focused on finding the major themes affecting a problem by generating a number of ideas, issues or opinions. Pareto Diagram: Visually portrays problems and causes in order of severity or frequency. Helps prioritize which problem or cause to tackle first. Cause & Effect Diagram: Portrays possible causes of a process problem. Helps determine root cause to provide permanent solution.

3 | ProjectingIT |

Program Deliverables • • • • • • •

Course materials Templates & Checklists Sample Green Belt Project Documentation Pre Assessment Post Assessment Test Participation Certificate by ProjectingIT Course Completion Certification by ProjectingIT after successful passing in the Assessment Test.

Our Trainers Our trainers are Six Sigma Black Belt certified practitioners with more than a decade of experience across industries like IT, Manufacturing, Telecom spearheading Workplace Innovation Programs to drive quality projects to achieve productivity benefits for their organization and its customers. They also mentored hundreds of quality projects using DMAIC, DMADV methodologies and helped their team in getting Yellow, Green and Black Belt certifications.


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Six sigma Green Belt  

ProjectingIT has a wide range of Six Sigma and Quality Management training and certification courses to choose from including Overview of Si...

Six sigma Green Belt  

ProjectingIT has a wide range of Six Sigma and Quality Management training and certification courses to choose from including Overview of Si...