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We Are Range Club Faith Syfrett, Louis Mendive, Ashley Huntsberger, Ashley Cale and Emily Harmon - University Nevada Range Club


he importance of young men and women to get involved in natural resources at a young age is critical for future management of these great rangelands. The Range Club at the Figure 3. Range Club student taking a break of helping out with daily chores out at the Gund Ranch. University of Nevada Reno is an excellent avenue for young men and women entering the University or already enrolled in The University. The University Nevada Range Club currently consist of young men and women pursuing degrees various disciplines from rangeland management, wildlife conservation, forestry, education, veterinary science, and everything in between. What has brought such a diverse group together is the common passion for the beautiful rangelands our state has to offer. Whether our background came from a rural setting or bigger city setting, our love and appreciation for the outdoors only grows. Some of our students fell in love with the cattle and the way of life on the range, others love the scenery and smell that our sagebrush rangelands have to offer, or the passion of habitat that provides such great outdoor opportunities. The unique characteristics the Silver State brings enhances the passion to help in the conservation and restoration of these great rangelands. During the academic year, the Range Club prepares themselves educationally and financially for the annual Society for Range Management National Meeting. The Society for Range Management national Meeting is hosted annually at various locations from California to Florida. In 2017 the meeting was held in St. George, Utah, 2018 in Sparks, Nevada and in 2019 in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Along with our personal academic studies, the Range Club has to take time out of their busy week to study up for various individual as well as group tests in the range. In studying these plants, we are able to identify a plant based off that are held at the Society for Range Management Meetings. The group meets of the characteristics each plant has and we are then able to determine the to study plant identification of plant species that we would commonly see out scientific name of the plants family, genus, and species. Other academic studies we participate in include becoming efficient in Figure 2. Range Club student, Louis Mendive, helping out with branding activities at the Gund Ranch. determining and calculating a sustainable stocking rate, basic practices of management of the rangelands, and familiarizing ourselves with native plants and wildlife of our area. Our students also prepare ourselves to participate in extemporaneous speaking contests, research projects, and a booth competition in where we get to show others what our club does during the year. All under the representation of the University Nevada Reno (Figure 1). Along with spending months studying for the meeting we spend time fundraising to help pay for our attendance. This year we have participated in several events that we have put on as a club. Our big fund-raising event is the gun raffle that takes place every year, and this year we have been lucky enough to be able to raffle off a hand crafted saddle custom made by a local Nevadan, Duane Coombs. In 2017, the Society for Range Management-Nevada Section donated $2,000 to help us travel to The Society for Range Management Meetings in St. George, Utah, as well as another $2,500 to help pay for the custom made saddle that the club could raffle off and raise funds for future activities such as these annual meetings. The Range Club has also spent quite a bit of time chopping, selling, and delivering firewood to customers around the area. Another traditional event is sending Range Club students to the Gund Ranch, operated by the University Nevada College of Agriculture, in central Nevada to help brand cattle, repair fence, learn some of the basics of being a ranch hand for those who have not had that experience, and help educate ourselves of range management during a hands on experience (Figure 2 and 3). © Noppadol Paothong 24 March 2018

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