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He makes class very interesting and fun. He knows his material well and is very informative. He is easy to approach if you have any questions, and is willing to help as much as he can. Alan Brown is another of my favorite professors at OU. He is liberal, understanding, and makes classes fun, interesting, and worthwhile. I would recommend him to any student. Dr. Brown makes his lectures very interesting. He can give examples from his own research to help students understand the material. Class was a little on the unstructured side. Also, our GA flaked out and left in the middle of the semester taking some of our homework with him- but I know that wasn't Br. Brown's fault. He used many different ways of getting us to learn material. He really knew what he was teaching us and was accessible for questions and wanted our feedback. Alan was one of the best Profs I’ve had the pleasure of taking. He was always enthusiastic about the material, he always engaged the class in a thoughtful and intelligent way and he made learning the material fun. He was entertaining and made going to class easy for me. Alan was extremely helpful and informative. His passion and enthusiasm for the material as well as the students was obvious. This course can be stressful at times because it promotes debate and discussion- He welcomed people’s participation and always made you feel supported if students challenged you. He helped students feel comfortable to speak their minds in exploring sociological theory. Warning Very liberal!!! Has very good examples and also some ones that you might not want to know about! Has experienced a lot firsthand that most of us will never see. Alan is an eye opener, is very blunt, but that makes his classes interesting. Is very fair on grading also. I would recommend his class just to have something different. There a few teachers that actually change your perception about how you learn. Dr. Brown made me a better student, and I would recommend his class to anyone. Overall this was an excellent course I have had two courses with Alan Brown and he is one of the best instructors that I have had at Concordia. He is a very effective instructor and his teaching still engages the class and helps us understand and learn the material very well. Alan is a great instructor. He taught boring subject matter with infectious enthusiasm. Great attitude. Alan Brown is not only a fantastic teacher, but he is what I consider and mentor as well. This course would not have been the same if someone else taught it. The readings for the course broadened my horizons and were more than relevant for the course. Horrifyingly eye opening, please return the wool over my eyes.

I was terrified to take methods. I think everyone was. Once we got to interact with the professor, he made it all seem ok. The reading list was huge, but the way we approached it made it interesting—at first I was overwhelmed, but with reading questions, notes and ways to work with other people in class, I looked forward to it. He never gave us stuff to read that wasn’t interesting and relevant to the course, current events, or our lives. He is a great teacher. He covers a lot of material during class. I learned more from his research class then other classes. He would give daily quizzes. His tests are not bad if you take notes and go to class. He is a great Prof. He knows his stuff, gives great examples, and makes you think. He made the class very interesting. I enjoyed the class a lot. Great! I learned so much! He encouraged us to comment during class and challenge him. He always made our points seem valid. I wish more professors took the time to really listen to their students. An excellent class, the material was engaging and relevant. The instructor was very enthusiastic and communicated ideas clearly. It can be a lot of work if you approach it like a traditional class. He really made me think as opposed to memorize. Alan is an excellent teacher. He made students feel like every answer mattered. This made it easier and made me more willing to participate. I wish there were more people in the sociology department like him. Alan is brilliant… an intelligent person and cool with the students. He connects with the class. Loved the way he encouraged all students to think on their own and come up with their own ideas. His enthusiasm for the subject matter and his teaching kept me interested in the course. He always encouraged feedback and was genuinely interested in what students had to say. Alan came to class every day with an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. It was infectious and helped make this class an enjoyable experience. Excellent. Such a wonderful addition to the department. Students are lucky to have him. This Prof is so amazing. He actually tries to teach us stuff without reading right off of the PowerPoint. He has insightful discussions and likes to know what people think. If you can, take his class!!!!!

He is the best Prof I've ever had!! He made learning the most fun it's ever been for me. All Profs should be like him. Not only is he modern in his teachings, he provokes and encourages new thoughts and discussions. Amazing teacher... U of O is lucky to have him. Great teacher. Was clear on what was expected on assignments and midterms. AWESOME!! If you have this Prof, you hit gold.Talked about issues no other Profs would dare discuss. Attending class IS important.don't be intimidated by the textbook (use less then half).lots of papers, but he will revise them for you BEFORE you hand them in and give you TONS of feedback.can't say will love him. AWESOME class. Very interested in students. I wish there were more like him. Too bad it was not until my third year Absolutely flawless! You couldn't ask more in a professor. He was enthusiastic, never beat around the bush, and encouraged class discussion, always available for help whether it was regarding class discussion or personal issues. Classes were always intriguing; you'll never want to miss it. Really opens your eyes to issues otherwise discredited. Loved it! Best professor ever!!! There needs to be more professors like him. He covered complicated topics in a very effective way. I can't say enough good things about him. This is what a professor should be. Hire more Profs like this! We had interesting, thought provoking, uncensored discussions every class. There was never a dull moment and I learned so much from him. This course was amazing! The prof. was excellent, the best I’ve had in three years. I liked the discussions, videos, and the jokes and stories. It really was a super course. So, I have no criticisms at all. Alan Brown rocks. I like how you are so outgoing and you are not scared to say what is on your mind. These things make your class super interesting and fun. I especially enjoyed the lectures on sex, sexuality, and deviance. The course was great and Prof. Brown was an amazing Prof. I want to take him again—he keeps me interested and wanting to come to class. He is interested in the welfare of his students. Great Guy. Can’t be improved. There is nothing you can do to improve this course. The teaching was awesome. Overall the class was very interesting. Best on I’ve had this semester. Thanks. • • •

Prof is very stimulating and interesting Course topics are also interesting Use of videos very good

Class participation and discussion was excellent o More effective in what he wants us to write down as notes o Almost more structured as far as note taking, but without taking away from the Profs unique and effective teaching style.

I loved the material used in this course. It really opened my eyes to the realities of our culture. The course could be improved by making sure there is time to get through all the materials I didn’t mind the taking out of one of the midterms, but just the future courses maybe. Discussions were interesting—I loved how you would bring in relevant examples form what’s going on in the world today. The only negative would be the course pack—too big, too expensive, and too heavy. Great class. Professor Brown is a great addition to the faculty/department and we are lucky to have him. The reader is a little daunting and the required reading load is a lot heavier than average 3rd year courses, but the workload/assignments required THOUGHT, so thank you for requiring more than regurgitation of course notes. I found this class to be excellent. I actually looked forward to class. We learned about real life issues and didn’t just sit and take notes all class. Professor Brown is an excellent professor. What really made this class was his teaching. He addressed issues that most people feel uncomfortable discussing. He opened my eyes to view the world differently. I learned a lot. He taught us to think differently. He was always available for out of class discussion and sincerely cares about his students and is so passionate about what he does. He even took the time to learn almost all 30 students’ names. It could be a little clearer about what readings need to be done in the course reading pack. It didn’t need to be so big because I didn’t use it consistently It was pretty expensive. Hey Alan. Thanks for being such a great Prof. We really needed someone like you. I have learned so much about the different ways you thought of minorities and justice. You have a stimulating teaching method and I hope you will be teaching more upper division courses this year. I have to admit that before taking this class, I didn’t think homosexuals had it bad like us (blacks and visible minorities) Thanks to you, I’ve come to realize that you do not only get marginalized because of your colour—homosexuals have to deal with all of this bullshit that I have to put up with. Fighting for justice is my lifelong cause. God Bless!

On the real, Prof. Brown is great. I found his method of delivery really outstanding. He ensures clarity on all subject matter; he makes himself available for questions/discussion his is STRAIGHTFORWARD-kudos for that, say what it is. Furthermore he relates personal stories which most definitely help the class to engage. Alan thanks for a GREAT semester! ONE LOVE! I loved everything about the course. I liked the way the course was organized. The teacher was honest, straight to the point and knew how to keep the class focused on what he was saying. I like the fact that we were able to voice our opinions and maintained a good open relationship with the professor. I think nothing should be changed. The course is perfect as it is. No other professor should teach this course other than him. I think everyone should take this course. Professor Brown was/is the most passionate, provocative, controversial and stimulating professor ever. This is exactly what was needed to teach a course with this subject matter. This is by far, in my two years here, my favourite course, and I don’t think anything else will top it. He is not afraid to teach in controversial ways, and in this regard, he conveys the material (racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc…) more effectively. The only disappointment is that there is no follow-up to this course. I would retake Crim Intro to have Professor Brown again. This school and any other would benefit greatly with more professors like Professor Brown. He is freakin awesome. It was always a very stimulating discussion and the professor always brought up points and issues to guide students to reasonable conclusions. I think the course was amazing and in no need of improvement. I hope Professor Brown stays for a LONG TIME. I wish we could learn more about how to solve issues rather than just hearing about all the complaints. We know there is a problem…now what do we do about it? The lectures were easy to get involved in. The informal style made it easier to pay attention and kept me interested. It would be great to have more up-to-date films concerning course material. This is the best course I have taken in University. You have enabled me to express my opinion and views in assignments without the fear of being penalized. Your enthusiasm toward teaching is great. I think it was wonderful that you were able to incorporate personal experiences in your lectures (most Profs just read out of the book). Thanks for an amazing experience. Best course I have taken in University. Keep on doing what you are doing.

I really liked the format of the course. It was my most interesting class this year. The Prof is really enthusiastic and makes you want to care about the issues discussed. It would have been nice to have some midterms or a test format along with the papers. One week to write the papers is not enough, especially when you have midterms and other papers due that week Fabulous! Loved every second of it. You really shed light on some very interesting issues. Best class/Professor I have had in my 3 years at University. I only wish you had been hired earlier. This course and your teaching was a form of validation. Validation of my life. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in my way of life, in my line of thinking and in the work that I do. This has been a very positive experience not just in my process of schooling and acquiring knowledge, but it is also a positive in my life. Thank you for being such a great teacher, mentor and person.

He makes class very interesting and fun. He knows  

Alan is a great instructor. He taught boring subject matter with infectious enthusiasm. Great attitude. Alan was one of the best Profs I’ve...