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Really, really smooth High-end writing system for demanding writers: The new Premium TechGlide® low-viscosity refill is exclusively for the DS8 in the DS8 Writer’s Box. The new TechGlide® refill incorporates the know-how and experience of our best engineers and technicians. The low-viscosity ink reduces the rolling resistance and allows for an exceptionally smooth writing experience. Everything matches perfectly.

Remove wax ball from tip before use

TechGlide® low-viscosity jumbo metal refill with a 1.0 mm tungsten-carbide ball in a high-tech corrosion resistant stainless steel tip. Ink: blue or black. Complies with DS7272-1/ ISO 11540

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

Why quiet is the new loud, why canyoning trips in Ticino are so breathtaking, what search engines reveal about Switzerland, what the new DS9...