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– Without longevity there is no sustainability – that is our message. –

approach is the only way which allows us control over all production steps. For the company’s goal of sustainability, this means that we produce in line with one of the world’s most demanding environmental legal frameworks. When we talk about corporate social responsibility, there can be no misunderstandings at Prodir due to our location. We have exemplary working and social standards. And don’t forget the logistics. As we produce in the heart of Europe, we have no need to send containers half way around the globe to transport our goods. We are located where our customers are. This, again, reduces our carbon footprint. “Swiss Made” is credible proof of sustainability and socially-responsible conditions. Thank you for your time, Mr Dreher.

Sustainability, as we see it.

1. Nothing is possible without clear values. 2. Do away with the superfluous. 3. Produce good design, don’t compromise. 4. Functionality is the best ecology. 5. Seek longevity. 6. Take responsibility socially, commercially and environmentally. 7. Be close to your customers. 8. Produce where they are. 9. Think in short distances.

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

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