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Dear Reader When asked what she loves so much about writing, the author Cornelia Funke once responded “Cornelia is suddenly so many characters at once”. She relishes the opportunity to think herself into new figures time and again. We at Prodir are also somewhat familiar with this feeling. When you tell your stories with our pens, they themselves become players in your story. They tell of your brand, your products and your projects, your colours and materials (p. 11–17), your values and visions. We not only watch you implement your ideas, but also do our utmost to constantly provide you with new options to tell your stories in a credible way.

they are intended for. Moreover, “beautiful things”, says Christoph Schnug, “do not cry out for attention.” They catch it all by themselves. This concept ties in with the analysis of Laura Bazzali (p. 46), who anticipates a trend towards a more understated approach in the personalisation of advertising media: if everyone and everything gets loud, in the end people pay attention to the quiet things. Without clear values nothing is possible, and the same also applies to sustainability (p. 36). The new Open features all of this and much more besides. Happy reading!

Therefore, we at Prodir, are also many different things at once – and yet always Prodir. That is the common theme running through this first issue of our new magazine Open.

Warm regards from Ticino,

In all of the stories that you tell with our pens there is also a part of us - and we take meticulous care in attending to this part (p. 2). This is also built into the genetic code shared by the new DS9 and the other members of the Prodir product family. Indeed, this DNA is something which designer Christoph Schnug very consciously draws on (p. 8). Two sentences in particular caught my eye when reading his interview. “Good products,” he says, “have a soul”. And it is precisely this soul which we attempt to integrate into our products, ensuring that your stories touch those

Eckhard Sohns Marketing Director

PS: Don’t forget to take part in both of our competitions! Maybe you find out something about yourself through a handwriting analysis (p. 34/35) or you can experience the beautiful landscape in our home region of southern Switzerland as part of a canyoning tour in Ticino.

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

Why quiet is the new loud, why canyoning trips in Ticino are so breathtaking, what search engines reveal about Switzerland, what the new DS9...