Procurement Magazine - September 2021

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A BEST-OF-BREED APPROACH TO A DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM Why a best-of-breed approach to procurement digital transformation? We give the floor to some of the best-inbreed to tell us just that WRITTEN BY: LAURA V. GARCIA


best-of-breed approach to digital transformation can, at first, seem daunting and perhaps, not worth the effort. How could juggling a myriad of different tools ultimately provide better outcomes than their long-standing powerhouse competitors offering full suite solutions? Sure, you enjoy specialised functionality, which can increase adoption rates and make for faster ROI. But what about the data challenges that come with multisystem integrations and the disjointed user experience? Yet, many procurement functions are now choosing to take exactly this approach. Why? To help us answer that question, we gave the floor to the admittedly bias experts to share their thoughts. 90

September 2021