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Technology in focus

Wire-free CCTV and PIR unit launched

HD-SDI product range introduced Santec has introduced a product range for video surveillance using HD-SDI technology. The new HD-SDI products include HD-SDI cameras, camera sets and speed domes. Moreover, a new SanStore HD-SDI recorder has just been launched which features auto detection at D1, 960H and HD-SDI (1080p, 720p). The recorder is available as 4-channel, 8channel or 16-channel model and is equipped with up to 4TB storage. Regarding cables, Santec offers an HD-SDI coax cable for transmitting HD video signals for up to 180 m distances. Matching accessories such as highquality plugs, repeaters and converters are also available. www.santec-video.com

New IP range in two formats Genie CCTV has launched a new range of IP surveillance products in two recording platforms (Professional and Performance) and a portfolio of cameras to fit the majority of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. With a minimum of 2.1MP the new Genie cameras ensure the capture of full ONVIF conforming 1080p images; and the range includes a Mini PTZ with a 5x Optical Zoom capability. PoE is standard throughout, as is Micro SD Card support – and models with integral Varifocal Lenses come with the Smart Focus feature which allows engineers and operators to remotely zoom a camera in or out – via the camera’s dedicated web page – and the camera then automatically re-focuses. Genie has developed two separate recording solutions, the NVRPRO Professional Range is available with 9, 16 or 32-Channels and the NVRX Performance with 4, 8 or 16-Channels – the new cameras can obviously be used with either NVR. www.geniecctv.com

ESP has added to its growing range of External Area Protection systems with a wire-free version of its GuardCam. According to the company, the GuardCam WF provides an ideal solution for the surveillance and protection of external areas around domestic or light commercial properties. Images are captured by wire-free CCTV cameras built into PIR controlled security lighting units and digitally transmitted to a choice of indoor receivers with integral SD card recording and user controls. GuardCam operates on a 2.4GHz frequency featuring FHSS digital technology to eradicate interference from other wire free devices and provides a range of up to 150m. Up to four transmitters (GuardCam WF-T) can be paired to a single receiver (GuardCam WF-MR with built in 7 inch screen or (GuardCam WF-SAR) for direct connection to a television.it One of the most popular features of the GuardCam range is that they don’t appear to be cameras. Users - especially in domestic installations - may not wish to create a high security prison look to their home. However they are happy to have socially acceptable security lights installed. This semi covert nature of the GuardCam range also fools the intruder. A natural reaction is to look toward the source of a triggered light and therefore also directly into the camera. www.espuk.com

EN54-3 and EN54-23 approved AV range KAC Alarm Company has developed ENscape, a range of EN54-3 and EN54-23 approved conventional AV warning devices for use in fire detection systems. With electronics and optics providing high light output at low current draw, ENscape beacons and sounder beacons minimise the overall number of devices required. The sounder-only devices are approved to EN54-3 with a global tone set of 32 tones, and flexible alarm settings allow for phased evacuation. ENscape beacons provide building occupants, particularly the hearing impaired, improved warning of fire alarm or evacuation conditions, whilst increasing safety in areas where high ambient noise levels render sounders ineffective. Separate sounders, beacons and combined sounder beacons fit a variety of bases. Any of the devices can be installed on a wall or ceiling, reducing stock requirements and saving installation time. KAC’s first fix capability allows wiring to be tested without the active devices being installed; this interchangeable modular design enables simple system set-up and later reconfiguration if required. www.kac.co.uk



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Risk UK April 2014  

In the April edition of Risk UK we look at efficient evacuation in the event of an incident. Topics also covered include transport security,...

Risk UK April 2014  

In the April edition of Risk UK we look at efficient evacuation in the event of an incident. Topics also covered include transport security,...