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January 2021 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER Matthew Stanley of Astra Security

ACCESS CONTROL Mobile is the key

PRODUCT TEST Hikvision ColorVu

EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

SCRUTINISING SECURITY Do video doorbells require legislation?

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Motion Detection

Night Vision, up to 60ft/18m

Built-in Siren, 100dB


Two-way Talk

Putting security in the spotlight Illuminating and verifying, with the power to act Light up dark spots and ward off potential intrusion by adding another layer of perimeter protection, the LightCamera.

View via Mobile app

Dual Lights, 2500 Im

Pyronix Training On-Demand View the LightCamera training course now! Knowledge is power!

Don’t just verify, act. see it in action now!


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January 2021 – £4.00

January 2021 www.psimagazine.co.uk



Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial Will spending so much time at home in 2020 lead the British public to value domestic security more? If so, they need to be wary of cheap systems and self-installs

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire sectors

11 Appointments Movers and shakers from the security industry

MEET THE INSTALLER Matthew Stanley of Astra Security

ACCESS CONTROL Mobile is the key

PRODUCT TEST Hikvision ColorVu

12 TESTED - Hikvision ColorVu The latest addition to the Hikvision camera range is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

17 News Extra A technology integration sees a new name enter the UK surveillance market

19 Celebrating installer success Dahua UK & Ireland held a virtual awards ceremony to recognise installation achievements

20 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products with information from the manufacturers and handy QR codes

23 Growing in the UK PSI caught up with Mark Massie of Fortus UK to find out more about the company’s plans



A look at the best new products

Do video doorbells require legislation?

Scrutinising security systems Poor quality technology and bad password management have led one consumer group to recommend that government legislators target the growing video doorbell market

25 Social media What caught our eye on the PSI Instagram feed this month (minus the sport)

27 The key to security What role will the smartphone play in the future of access control?

31 The PSI Panel This month we asked the experts if video doorbells needed government legislation

35 The appeal of CCTV A recent study has shown that the majority of customers want to upgrade their CCTV

37 Meet the installer


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Life in the security business with Matthew Stanley of Astra Security

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40 The return of trade shows?

ADMINISTRATION Tracey Cole Tel: 020 8295 8306 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: tracey.cole@proactivpubs.co.uk

We talk to an event organiser about getting back to normality after a year of postponements

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All your motion detection needs. Captured.


Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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3HUIRUPDQFHZKHQb\RX need it most


Opportunity rings? At almost the same time that Ring announced a new line aimed at installers, some began calling for video doorbell legislation


Reliability you can depend on

Install in seconds

et’s all agree to put 2020 behind us and move on with positive thoughts for a return to normal life in 2021. It will be interesting to see what impact 2020 has on the market going forward but one area that is likely to continue to develop is that of video doorbells. Now I know that there are some of you that think these are just DIY products so why am I even talking about them, but if my Instagram feed is anything to go by, plenty of you are fitting these for customers. And with the news that the people behind Ring have now come up with a range aimed specifically at the premium professional installer market then we have to sit up and take notice - a bit like all of the manufacturers out there did launching their own variants of the kit once they realised the market potential of domestic video doorbells. The new range is not only aimed at the installer, but with the cost of each unit to the consumer including fitting by a Ring approved installer, the new range also appeals to the DDDIY market. (For those of you not up to speed with your acronyms, that’s the people who Don’t Do Do It Yourself.) With the vast majority of the UK workforce spending more time at home in 2020 than ever before this may have an impact on the domestic security market. The hope is that people will have realised that internal security based largely on small cameras dotted around the front room isn’t going to do much to prevent someone from breaking in, it just films them when they pop in for a look through your unopened Xmas presents. This is where the video doorbell market (either DIY or DDDIY) is potentially the first step towards external security and better protection for those who don’t yet have an alarm or CCTV. Unfortunately with every new technology trend comes the cheaper options for those who don’t want to pay for a known brand and would prefer to go for an online purchase of something that looks similar, but costs far less. This type of buyer has led us to a situation today where some are calling for government legislation to protect the consumer from “unsecure” IP doorbells, but as we all know, it is often the consumer that is the problem in the security of a system. It doesn’t matter what you are putting onto your network, if you don’t use good IT practice and password management new regs won’t help. An online purchase from an overseas website of kit fitted by a homeowner who can’t read the foreign language instructions is going to be difficult to legislate against - yet alone police. Perhaps the government would be better off pushing the benefits of professional installation and quality rather than trying to standardise badly fitted cheap kit from online sources. Andy Clutton EDITOR



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Tickford Security Systems secures funding

In brief

Global Fire Equipment (GFE) has announced a new distributor for the UK in STS Distribution. Brivo is partnering with Reliance High-Tech to accelerate growth of Cloud-based access control to enterprises across UK and Europe.


Tickford Security Systems has secured a £120,000 Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) loan from NatWest, to help safeguard the future of the business. The funding from NatWest has enabled Tickford Security Systems owners Andrew and Linda Furber to retain all current staff and invest in personal protection equipment (PPE) and additional health and safety measures to protect the team, whilst continuing to grow. The NSI Gold firm has also employed a further six staff to meet increased demand for security services as commercial buildings

Lodge Service opens London Intelligence Centre Lodge Service has opened a new LODG-IC Intelligence Centre at offices in Ladbroke Grove, London. The new intelligence centre will monitor and manage CCTV, EPoS, access control, alarms and offer other services. Stuart Lodge, owner and CEO at Lodge Service said: “The demand for security services has changed because of the impact of COVID-19 on the retail and corporate sectors in particular, and we are responding to that with internet-

remain vacant during lockdown. Plans are underway to hire two new engineers next month to support the increase in residential security installations as lockdown eases. Andrew Furber said: “Like many businesses, when the pandemic hit, we were planning for the worst case scenario but the support from NatWest enabled us to safeguard the business from any market fluctuations. Fortunately, the demand for our services has remained at prepandemic levels and we have received more business enquiries than ever before for our commercial services. “Last year was our best to date and we have ambitious growth plans going forward. We’ve strengthened the team with six new hires and our plans to employ two new engineers in the coming months will support both our commercial and residential work.” Kevin Howe, Relationship Manager at NatWest, said: “Andrew and Linda are passionate about their business and have a proven track record of providing security services to customers across Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire. We wanted to support the business over the lockdown period to enable it to maintain its growth trajectory and drive forward plans for expansion. We look forward to supporting the firm in the future as it continues to grow.” based services that offer fast connectivity and mobile guarding services, often within 24 hours of an enquiry. We are seeing particular demand for securing empty premises, warehouse and logistics networks and the remote monitoring of properties of all types. We help through the integration of online security, protection and building management services within an intelligent, connected system, managed from our intelligence centre. “Building use and occupancy have changed as Government rules and safety guidelines have shifted during the pandemic. This means that the threats and risks are different and there are new needs arising – such as for queue and crowd management, to supervise social distancing for office and shop visitors and to ensure that they are masked appropriately.”


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Banham Academy apprentice makes the grade Banham Academy apprentice Elliot Veheary has passed the End Point Assessment Level 3 for the Fire, Emergency and Security Systems Apprenticeship Standard. Elliot’s achievements marks a significant milestone, not only for his career, but also for the skills training provider as Elliot is the first Banham Apprentice to pass their assessment at the Banham Academy. The End Point Assessment is no mean feat and takes place over two days, involving formal measurement of practical skills; knowledge and behaviours via a professional discussion. Once successfully completed, the apprentice is then able to apply for membership of the Institution

COP UK signs distribution deal with Hikvision Hikvision has announced a new UK distribution agreement with COP UK, which will see them offer the full range of Hikvision products as an authorised distributor from early 2021. Gary Harmer, Hikvision Sales Director – UK & Ireland, said: “We are delighted to be working with COP UK as we move into 2021. This appointment offer their existing customers a wider choice of solutions from our total portfolio, we look forward to working with the COP UK team in the years ahead.”


of Engineering and Technology, as an Engineering Technician (EngTech). This demonstrates to employers that the person has had their competence independently assessed and their credentials verified. Also, the apprentice will have accredited prior learning for a gold card under the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS). Kevin Faulkner, Head of Banham Academy said: “Elliot’s achievement in passing the Apprenticeship Standard through our End Point Assessment Centre is a proud moment for us all at Banham. Not only is Elliot the first Banham apprentice to pass, but his achievement showcases the quality of talent that is being cultivated through our specialist training programme. The level of skill and knowledge being demonstrated by young apprentices like Elliot is setting a new benchmark in the fire and security industry. “I strongly encourage all employers in our industry to take on more apprentices, there are so many capable young people who are motivated and committed to bettering their futures who simply require an opportunity. These home-grown, talented, young apprentices are truly shaping the future of our industry.” Elliot Veheary commented: “I am really proud of passing the Apprenticeship Standard and also being the first apprentice at Banham to do this! This is a huge personal achievement for me and I’m really thankful to Banham for all their support they have given me along the way. Since joining the apprenticeship scheme I have learned so much and everyone has made me feel welcomed and included as part of the team. Within three years I am able to install, commission and maintain even the most complex security systems and I look forward to continuing my career with Banham.”

COP UK, based in Greater Manchester, has a newly refurbished demonstration facility and offers training either online or at their headquarters. Chris Bentley, Managing Director at COP UK, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Hikvision and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us.”


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THE BOTTOM LINE UK installers are advised to prepare for phasing out of the CE mark in 2021 Union is urging security installers to ensure they are ready for the new UKCA mark, which is replacing CE marking for products sold in Great Britain. This includes products such as fire-resistant and emergency locks, panic exit devices and door closers. The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is the new product marking system that will be used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain. It covers most goods that previously required the CE marking. From 1 January 2021, all new products launched in Great Britain must be UKCA marked, with the CE mark no longer being recognised in the UK from 1 January 2022. For existing CE marked products, there will be a ‘coexistence’ period until 31st December 2021, where these goods can continue to be sold in Great Britain until then. During this timeframe, it is expected that manufacturers will take steps to ensure existing CE marked products will have the UKCA mark applied in time for 1 January 2022, when the CE mark will cease to be recognised in the UK. Products being sold in Northern Ireland will be subject to a different set of criteria, covering UKNI and CE marking under the Northern Ireland Protocol. UKCA marking must be undertaken by a UK-recognised ‘approved body’. An EU notified body, which would previously have been called upon for CE marking, cannot be used for UKCA marking. Richard Bromley, Business Development Director at the Assa Abloy Door Hardware Group, said: “Understanding the new rules and regulations surrounding the UKCA mark, and the deadlines when CE marking will no longer apply for products sold into Great Britain, can be a lot for security professionals to get their heads around. It is everyone’s responsibility throughout the supply chain to ensure that properly certified products are specified. As such, we would urge security installers to make sure they do have a solid understanding of what the correct product marking entails and the timescales that are being worked towards. It is vital that security products and door opening solutions with the appropriate product marking are being specified and installed.”


The interview that gets the facts from the top This month Simon Banks looks through the most memorable quotes from the Bottom Line interviews of the last 12 months. Christian Watts, Director of Fire & Security Systems, Mitie Security Value does not mean cheap. It means the right solutions to show successes in preventing and reducing crime against our clients. Jenny Cooper, Director of Private Clients and Insurance Liaison, Insafe International We also see technologies, such as 4G Connectivity, allowing us to upgrade older products to make the most of the newer connected benefits of IoT. Adam Spain, Head of Customer Services, CSL We have implemented a clear training structure to enable our entire support team to meet the expectations of our customers. Carl Meason, Managing Director, Fenix Monitoring We believe a partnership must exist across the entire supply chain, offering opportunities for open discussions for us all to learn and develop systems that work for everyone. Rashid Khan, CEO, Calipsa Businesses are seeing the financial and security benefits of integrated technology and several countries are introducing laws requiring any security alarm to be accompanied by video verification. David Davies, Chief Technical Officer, DVS Many IT departments are unwilling to allow installers to connect systems to a business network. In these instances, 4G routing provides secure and stable connections to allow flexibility whilst not being reliant on IT to make changes or limit their capacity. Darren Rewston, Creator, CheckMyCCTV™ Remote maintenance checks allow Installers and ARCs to create a proactive service for their customers, reducing the need for the end-user to report faults and ensuring systems are working and fit for purpose. David Scott, Managing Director, Skills for Security With government incentives, a huge talent pool out there and the potential for high-level qualifications, there has never been a better time to be or recruit an apprentice in the Fire & Security industry. David Barnes, Managing Director, Black Box Security & Fire Solutions We always recommend monitoring as a “no brainer” for our customers. If no-one is on-site, wouldn’t you still want the fire brigade to respond to limit the damage and evacuate adjacent buildings? Ben Linklater, Sales Director, OPTEX It is of great benefit to ARCs to be able to visually verify events and avoid dispatching keyholders or the police if there is no real threat. Neil Hughes, Engineer, Moray Fire Protection By guaranteeing that all the products we provide are robust and fit for purpose, we can guarantee a level of service for our customers.

YOU SAID IT! “Genuinely impressed with the presentation, but also the personal commitment from you all. It stands out!” James Brown (Trinity Fire & Security Solutions) – Email – 8th Dec

Get Social Tweet us @CSLGroupLtd


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Always Connected. Always Secure. Always Live.

Take control of your connected devices, wherever you are.

For more information: t: +44 (0) 1895 474 474 e: sales@csl-group.com visit: www.csl-group.com

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he Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-LU camera is an IP67, 8MP bullet camera from the Hikvision ColorVu range. It is designed for 24-hour colour imagery with warm-white visible LED illumination support for zero light scenes. A wide 2.8mm lens version is standard with 4mm and 6mm options. The ColorVu system advantage is built around the use of the latest very highperformance sensors (in this case 1/1.2” CMOS) coupled with large aperture F1.0 lenses.

Getting started

What’s in the box? Bullet camera Quick start guide 3 x Wall plugs and screws Security Torx wrench RJ45 connector cover Drilling template

The ColorVu system advantage is built around the use of the latest very high-performance sensors (in this case 1/1.2” CMOS) coupled with large aperture F1.0 lenses 12

The camera is PoE (maximum 8.5W) or 12v DC powered. It is given an operational temperature rating of -30° to 60°C. The Quick start guide gives limited information on mounting the camera and fitting of a micro-SD card with a QR code provided for “Activation” and access to the camera. Alternatively, the Hikvision SADP software can be downloaded and this provides a discovery function and can be used to Activate the camera and change its IP address. DHCP is disabled by default. Browser connection gives access to the live view from the camera along with configuration menu access. At first use the camera must be “Activated” to set a secure password. This can be set through the browser if not via the QR code or SADP route. At the right of the browser window banner line is a button to Download the necessary Plug-In. Once loaded and executed this gives access to Playback and Picture options in addition to the basic Live View and Configuration and allows the display to remain on Stream 1. To the right of the Live window are three icons for “PTZ” controls that are inactive for this model, “General” settings for Display, OSD and Video/Audio then a “VCA” tab for video content

Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-LU ColorVu Bullet Camera

analysis resource allocation. Ideally these will be set through the Configuration menu settings. The camera can be directly wall or ceiling mounted or attached to an optional Junction box, Corner or Pole mounting bracket. A small cover plate in the underside of the body is held in place with two security screws and gives access to the Micro SD card slot and a reset button (>10 seconds at power-up for full reset).

Menu options From the browser the Configuration menu can be selected and lists the following options at the left of the window: Local: Live View parameters, Record File Settings, Picture and Clip Settings. System: System Settings, Maintenance, Security, User Management. Network: Basic and Advanced Settings. Video / Audio: Video, Audio, ROI, Display Info. On Stream, Target Cropping. Image: Display Settings, OSD Settings, Privacy Mask, Image Parameters Switch. Event: Basic Event, Smart Event. Storage: Schedule Settings, Storage Management. All menu options are reasonably intuitive, however some of the options store immediately while others require the Save button to be pressed. As this is at the bottom of the window it may be missed so care is required to ensure all changes are permanently stored. The browser view supports extensive help files for all functions but also includes details that are only available on other models such as RS485 communications and alarm inputs that are not provided on this camera. The Security and Network settings allow a high level of security to be introduced.


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(continued from p12)

Where there is no available light the two built-in LED illuminators allow a good colour image. These illuminators have a wide range of control with just a small amount of light adequate for impressive results

Some features are mutually exclusive and must be carefully considered during setup. The full wide dynamic range can only be used with shutter speeds of 1/25th second or faster so limits the maximum sensitivity when used. A flexible range of pre-set and custom scenes can be set and linked to the day / night switching function or scheduled to provide optimum performance in differing conditions. This allows the features such as the wide dynamic function to be used during the day and sensitivity to be raised or highlight compensation for night use. The camera has some impressive detection capabilities that are relatively straightforward to set up. VCA resources must first be specified for either Smart Event, Face Capture or Monitoring. The Smart detection allows Human and Vehicle targets to be specified for improved reduction of false alerts along with video tampering and network and recording exceptions. If Face monitoring is used an additional browser option of “Smart Display” is given to display captured faces in real time and allows the full images to be viewed. Triggered events can be stored on an internal Micro SD card (up to 256GB), network attached storage and / or notified to an appropriate recording or management system. A “Device Auto Maintenance” option is included though not shown in the help file or manual; this appears to force a re-boot at a specific time on a specified day each week.


9.0 out of 10 NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result


The 8MP sensor gives excellent image detail with a high level of sensitivity. The initial colour image is quite vivid, but its saturation level can be reduced if considered unrealistic. The 2.8mm lens is given a stated field of view of 102° (H) x 52° (V) which does not match the sensor’s 3840 x 2160 pixel count 16:9 aspect ratio. When measured a result of 102° (H) x ~58° (V) was noted. Even with such a wide angle of view, an impressive amount of detail can be seen with scope for electronic zoom from the recorder or video management system. However possibly due to the F1.0 aperture the focus range is from 4.5 m to infinity so close objects may not resolve too well. In the case of the 4mm and 6mm lens versions this increases to 7m and 13m to infinity respectively. The built-in microphone is very sensitive, with an environmental noise filtering option but no audio level event detection is included. The video event handling once configured, works well and provides detailed pre- and postevent recordings. The high resolution main stream does mean that storage and recording duration must be

carefully considered, however the use of H.264+ or H.265 can be implemented to increase the level of data compression. The main stream works to 20 fps at maximum resolution or 25 fps at 2688 x 1520 and lower. Only the main stream supports H.264+ and H.265+ compression. The Sub stream can be up to 640 x 480 at 25fps, and the third stream up to 1280 x 720 at 25 fps. The wide dynamic feature works well, and without the lack of contrast that is sometimes seen with such modes, but as stated above is only available beyond 1/25th second. By default, the camera is set to 1/12th second and this gives very good results with limited motion blur on moving subjects. The sensitivity can be further increased by switching to 1/6th or 1/3rd second although these will suffer significant motion blur. Sensitivity is quoted as a minimum illumination of 0.0005 Lux or 0 Lux with the LED light on. While such a figure is quite meaningless, the actual performance is very impressive. While looking out over very dark parkland it is possible to discern the green of the grass and any objects, at close to midnight where nothing can be seen with the human eye. Though it must be said that performance does vary depending on the amount of light scatter from clouds. Positioning is important to ensure that the camera does not view too much skyline as the light from this in built-up areas will likely reduce the overall gain of the camera. Where there is no available light the two builtin LED illuminators allow a good colour image. These illuminators have a wide range of control with just a small amount of light adequate for impressive results. A range of 40 metres is stated for the illuminators and while this can be achieved in perfect conditions at maximum brightness, the reality is that any close objects may flood the scene with light and average out the image. The low light-level colour images give a much better evidential view than conventional infrared supported cameras and if built-in illumination is not used are more discrete. Just a small amount of site lighting is sufficient to ensure good detection of subjects. A further advantage of the use of visible light is that the camera is less prone to problems with insects and light reflections from rain and mist.

Conclusion An extremely sensitive 8MP high-resolution camera with advanced detection capabilities, 24hour colour capability and a wide range of security features.


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Why is Data Recovery Important? Protect your CCTV video recording with SkyHawkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s included rescue plan

3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services. Under the protective wing of Skyhawk, losing key evidence or video due to vandalism, viruses, For SkyHawk products

Surveillance Rescue DriveCare

accidents and natural disaster are no longer the end of the world.





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OPEN, RELIABLE & SECURE CAMERA SOLUTIONS Introducing the Sarix® Enhanced Family of Fixed Range Cameras. Pelco, a Motorola Solutions Company is leading the market in capability and coverage. The latest Sarix® Enhanced Fixed Range Camera Series provides a best-in-class user experience. FEATURES 4K Resolution IP69 Rated

A global leader in imaging technologies, Pelco is trusted worldwide. The Motorola Solutions Company applies the latest innovations in video and security technology to allow users to focus on their business and security operations. SOLUTIONS Mitigate Risks

3D Noise Filtering 130dB WDR Giro Image Stabilisation Adaptive IR IK10++

Increase Operational Efficiencies Achieve 100% NDAA Compliance

PELCO.COM CONTACT US Please contact EET to find out more and to arrange a remote or onsite demo of Pelco’s solutions:

pelco@eet.co.uk 0333 241 9251

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Partizan and Orisec announce UK partnership

CCTV and access control manufacturer Partizan has announced a new UK partnership this month. Intruder alarm manufacturer Orisec’s ControlPlus app now integrates with Partizan cameras. This means that installers can easily add cameras to a system without the need for IP address or port forwarding


risec has upgraded its ControlPlus mobile app to support P2P Cloud integration with Partizan CCTV cameras. Partizan now is the only CCTV brand fully supported by Orisec with native Cloud connectivity. The two brands have confirmed that the partnership is a statement of intent to provide the best experience for security systems installers. The integration means that installers will be able to connect Partizan CCTV cameras to the Orisec app without the problems and time consuming effort of requiring static IP and port forwarding; cameras can now be added by its mac address. For the end user, the partnership means that they will be able to use a British alarm system from Orisec and Czech CCTV system from Partizan all together in one app to easily check incoming alarm notifications or verify intrusion. The ControlPlus App gives complete visibility of a system, including camera streaming, allowing total operational control, system event notifications and monitoring from anywhere, at any time. Jon Green, CEO of Orisec said of the partnership: “We are really excited to announce our partnership with Partizan. We are working exclusively with them to provide full CCTV


integration into our ControlPlus app. We chose to work with Partizan as it is imperative for Orisec to partner with another European brand that also recognises the importance of customer experience. We believe by working together we will be able to provide a superior experience to our customers without static IP and port forwarding hassle." Also commenting, Dmitry Danilchenko, CEO of Partizan told us: “Our main goal is to make our security systems simple and since we are not producing alarm systems, this integration was really great step towards all our UK customers. I’m sure they will enjoy new possibilities of ControlPlus app powered by Partizan CCTV cameras, which they will be able to watch remotely to control their premises in case of alarm events or any time they like. It was really our great pleasure to work with Orisec team who were able to implement our protocol to their app amazingly quickly and smoothly. We are looking forward to adding new services to their app in the near future." The aim is to enlarge the cooperation between Orisec and Partizan in the near future and provide the ability for all Orisec users to watch playback and use secured Cloud recordings based on the Partizan CCTV Cloud platform.

“We believe by working together we will be able to provide a superior experience to our customers without static IP and port forwarding hassle”


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WE UNDERSTAND WHAT INSTALLERS NEED Whether that’s access to leading brands delivered within 24 hours or extra support when quoting for complex jobs. From our tender consulting service to our technical support, we’re there to take the headache out of researching products that integrate successfully, leaving you more time to do what you do best.

TALK TO US TODAY 01462 708 820 sales@fortusuk.com



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Dahua celebrates with installation partners

James Wang, Olivia Hastings, Michael Lawrence and Simon Nash toast a year of success

Luxury food and drink hampers, an online quiz and prizes galore were all part of a virtual gala evening for Dahua Technology’s Key Installation Partners, which took place towards the end of 2020


eld online this year due to the pandemic and streamed from Dahua’s own Innovation Centre in Maidenhead, the event celebrated the best in technology, applications and customer service, with almost 240 people participating. Sponsored by Seagate, the evening began with James Wang, General Manager of Dahua UK & Ireland, speaking on the theme of ‘Creating an AIoT Future Together’. He thanked partners, customers and colleagues for their efforts and achievements in 2020, which saw a 70% growth in revenues for Dahua UK & Ireland. Other presentations followed from Simon Nash – about AIoT, growth factors in the industry and the company’s value creation strategy – and from Michael Lawrence on the Key Installation Partner Programme and the wide range of marketing activities supporting it. These include the launch of the Dahua Innovation Van engaging with partners across the UK and Ireland, as well as a new Innovation Centre in Leeds and the delivery of over 100 webinars with over 5,000 attendees. Other product and solutions highlights for the year were the TMAC (Temperature Monitoring and Access Control) solution, the TiOC automated monitoring and surveillance solution and the Next Generation PTZ – a step change in motion detection and tracking. Further developments included the Dahua IP camera range being awarded Secure by Default status, a sponsorship deal with Celtic FC, a 50% increase in the staff of Dahua UK and Ireland and raising almost £14,000 for NHS charities. An interactive


online quiz was also held and all event participants were entered into a prize draw. “The gala event provided the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our Key Installation Partners during 2020 – which took place in spite of the challenging circumstances of the pandemic – and to reinforce their membership of the wider Dahua Technology family,” said Michael Lawrence, Marketing Director for Dahua UK & Ireland. “It also gave us the chance to look ahead to our exciting plans for 2021.”

James Wang thanked partners, customers and colleagues for their efforts and achievements in 2020, which saw a 70% growth in revenues for Dahua UK & Ireland

The Dahua Key Installation Partners 2020 winners: NHS Charities Together award: Ricoh UK and Pointer Creating a Safe Environment award: Astron Fire and Security and Almas Industries Innovation award: Optimal Risk and Star-FM New Product Promotion award: Videcom Security and ES Plus Marketing Promotion Support award: Metro Security and Advanced Security Alarm Protection Growth award: Stanley Security Solutions, RS 5 Star Security, and Securitas Security Services Special Efforts Award: Plexus Buying Group Breakthrough Project Award: Norse Security and Seakel Fire and Security Project Award for Safe City: DSSL Group, Bryan Enterprises and Total Integrated Solutions SMB Project Award: Prime Security, GCS Alarms and CCTV Monitoring Project Award for Transport: VPS Site Security and P&D Specialist Services Project Award for Retail: SGS Systems and Link CCTV Holdings Project Award for Energy: G4S Fire & Security Systems and Camloc Technical Services Group Project Award for Education: DMI Fire and Security and Crime Prevention Services Group Project Award for Commercial: Amthal Security, Gratte Brothers and Fortress Security Alarms Project Award for Healthcare: Marlowe Fire and Security Group and Acctive Systems Project Award for Banking: Case Security Project Award for Residential: NACD and Shaun Bell Engineering


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Ring launches profesional range for installers

Ring X Line is a premium line of Ring devices and subscription bundles for customers who prefer to use professional installation. Each X Line bundle is built around a Ring Video Doorbell or Security Cam and includes a Ring Protect Basic subscription for the lifetime of the device, along with a four-year limited warranty. Devices available in the UK through distributor AWE include Video Doorbell Elite X a professional-grade flush mount PoE doorbell, Video Doorbell Pro X, a hard-wired surface mount solution with power either coming from the included DIN Rail transformer or the optional Ring plug-in adapter and also Video Doorbell 3 Plus X a battery powered unit that can be hardwired to an 8 to 24 volts AC circuit. The range of cameras includes the mains powered Floodlight Cam X with two directional LED lamps, the Spotlight Cam Wired X for smaller outdoor areas with a single beam LED lamp and the Stick Up Cam Elite X powered either by micro USB supply or by PoE. The Ring Partner accreditation programme includes an online training programme and partner approval process. awe-europe.com

ANPR camera features AI and deep learning capabilities

TagMaster has launched the first camera in its new family of ANPR cameras called TagMaster CT. The new camera family is IP-based with in-house developed software that enables solutions based on AI and deep learning. The camera family is designed for applications within parking, access/security and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). The first camera in the family, the TagMaster CT45, is launched initially in the UK, the Nordics and the US and later on in 2021 onto the French market. TagMaster is also developing more cameras within the CT family that will be launched later in 2021. With software for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning, the camera offers solutions for automatic counting of vehicles going in and out of a parking lot, automated access for vehicles that are allowed to enter an area and barrier control, alarm management and ticketing integration. Using a Linux based operating system, CT45 is equipped with PoE + which means that mains power is not required and that it can be supplied with power via solar cells. tagmaster.com 20

Corner camera for safety and security ITS Products has released the CMD4 antiligature non-grip corner custodial camera. It has been developed for prisons, secure mental hospitals, custody suites, immigration detention centres, juvenile facilities and other estates for challenging and vulnerable occupants. The CMD4 has been designed to offer a wide field of view minimising room blind spots. The camera can help staff demonstrate duty of care with problematic prisoners. Highresolution recordings ensure appropriate treatment of room occupants while also protecting authorities from spurious lawsuits. The CMD4 delivers megapixel image resolution in full colour while the room is lit and during darkness the near invisible IR illuminators allow comprehensive monitoring of vulnerable inmates. It maintains a safe working environment that minimises unnecessary physical proximity. its-products.co.uk

Concealed threat detection solution is released

Radio Physics has announced the global launch of Optracon, stand-off threat detection solution. Optracon is an automated multi-sensor fusion solution for detecting concealed mass casualty threats at distances of up to 30m. Harvesting data from radar, video analytics, LiDAR, machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to produce the concealed threat detection solution. Optracon tracks people in crowds by fusing 3D video analytics and LiDAR technologies to provide a multi-sensor digital understanding of groups and flows of people – as a collation of 3D objects with previous and forecast coordinate paths. This contextual view provides both a human and machine-based view of people that can/should be, or already have been, scanned by Radio Physics mm-wave MiRTLE OM30 threat detection radar sensors. Each radar has its own boresight camera that uses the same video analytic software as the context setting overhead camera(s) to focus on relevant body areas for mm-wave scanning as well as post scan tagging. If necessary, a direct drive gimbal moves the radar unit through either small or large angular rotations at speed to target and scan individuals within a region of interest. radio-physics.com


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EDITOR’S CHOICE Adapter now able to send 4K video to cloud Videoloft has added a new video quality mode to its software platform, allowing users to send up to 4K (8MP) video to the cloud. This update reportedly overcomes the key remaining hurdle of pure cloud based surveillance systems. Until now, recording to the cloud traditionally meant resolution needed to be capped at 1080p in order to make it affordable and reliable over real world internet connections. Now ditching the need for a local recorder and recording up to 4K (8MP) straight from the cameras to the cloud is possible with the Videoloft Cloud Adapter. Should a network struggle, a queue of video forms is saved to the Videoloft Cloud Adapter and automatically sent up to the cloud when the network conditions improve. This also happens in the case of complete network redundancy. videoloft.com

The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at a few of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Three door closers address installation challenges Union has announced the launch of three new door closers designed to help solve a number of critical challenges faced by installers. The SC-CE3F door closer is a concealed solution that allows buildings to benefit from the advantages of a fixed power size 3-door closer without compromising on aesthetics, making the SC-CE3F the choice for high-end residential and commercial applications. The CE26V rack and pinion door closer is an easyto-fit solution that can be set to any power size between 2 and 6, in line with the EN 1154 standard governing the requirements of controlled door closing devices. The CE4F-E electromagnetic door closer is a dual-function solution that can be

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

Capture Grade 2 sensors now available in the UK Texecom has announced the UK availability of its Capture Grade 2 internal security motion sensors. The range has been designed to provide an improvement in detection performance, reliability and ease of installation, when compared to prior Texecom detector models. With a choice of EN Grade 2 wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing, Capture suits a variety of security environments. Grade 3 anti-masking wall and ceiling mount models will be available in the New Year. With a volumetric coverage pattern featuring 42 individual detection facets, each wall mount Capture model features double the number of detection points compared to previous Texecom detectors. This optical system makes the entry-level Capture dual element detector perform to the same level as a quad PIR, and the Capture quad element detector perform higher again. Ceiling mount models feature the same optical upgrades with over double the number of detection facets compared to previous Texecom detectors. All Capture ceiling mount models use omni-directional quad element PIR sensing for true 360° pickup. capture.texe.com


set to one of two modes: hold-open or free swing. When in hold-open mode, the CE4F-E allows people to walk through the doorway without opening the door, offering a barrier-free solution. uniononline.co.uk


Project1_Layout 1 21/12/2020 21:21 Page 1


Cloud. Wi-Fi. Yes/No Style Menu. Designed with the UK installer in mind.

GT Plus is a powerful and flexible hybrid wired and wireless system, featuring an advanced scalable control panel for any type of application - residential, small business or commercial, with maximum flexibility, up to 512 zones. Furthermore, GT Plus has been designed in response to feedback from UK installers and takes inspiration from the much-loved GT range, with the addition of Cloud and Wi-Fi.

Visit store.riscogroup.com to view the full range. Call RISCO today on +44 (0)161 655 5500 or email sales@riscogroup.co.uk @riscogroupuk




Wi-Fi Enabled

Cloud Connectivity

UK-style Yes/No Menu


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Growing the UK business This month we speak to Mark Massie of Fortus UK about growing the company through acquisition and taking on the right people to drive business forward in 2021 Mark Massie is the Commercial Director UK at distributor Fortus UK. In 2019 the Fortus Group acquired ezCCTV to form the new business with ambitious plans for growth. Mark has a long history in the UK security market after working for big names such as ADI, Norbain and Avigilon, we caught up with him to talk about the company and the future. What trends are you seeing in the market today? Apart from the obvious slowdown for a couple of months due to Covid over the summer, we are now starting to see people trading up on CCTV megapixels. By this I mean where traditionally they might have been using a 2-megapixel camera they are now using 4- or 8-megapixel devices because the cost of the units has become more acceptable. We are now beginning to see lower resolution camera sales dropping off and the higher megapixel cameras being more prevalent in the marketplace. The second area of growth surrounds smart home products including video doorbells and lighting. The big challenge is going to be how our installers monetise that sector because a lot of these systems are DIY products. Are there are any technologies that have become popular during the pandemic period that will continue to prosper after it's all over? My personal opinion is that some aspects of access control have become a lot more popular such as people counting and mask detection and features like that. In fact, I personally believe that face masks will become part of any 'new normal' and become a permanent sight in public areas so the technology that we have seen develop during the pandemic will continue to be used. What's the latest on ezCCTV? Fortus acquired ezCCTV on Christmas Eve 2019 as almost the last bit of business for the year and now we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fortus Group. This means that the ezCCTV name has all but disappeared and we are trading as Fortus UK. Because of the acquisition


“Fortus acquired ezCCTV on Christmas Eve 2019 as almost the last bit of business for the year and now we are a whollyowned subsidiary of the Fortus Group. This means that the ezCCTV name has all but disappeared” we became part of the largest privately-owned distributor in the country. Are there any plans to acquire more distributors and brands? Our focus has two phases. One is on growing organically, which is the same for most people, but clearly to get to our goal of being one of the larger players in the UK we will have to acquire →


EDIT Interview psi jan21_PSI_mar15 21/12/2020 23:27 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

other parties as well, which is the second phase of our development. We are currently looking at other distributors and opportunities at the moment and may have announcements to make very soon! What kinds of businesses and brands appeal to you? Those two areas actually go hand-in-glove; acquiring distributors brings new brands and new service levels into our business. So if you look at the ezCCTV deal, this company was acquired predominately to give Fortus a UK footprint, but more importantly so that they had access to one of the large, established Chinese brands. We will be looking for future acquisitions that will be a good fit with our business model and those that will give us more brands to bring to the UK market. At the moment we trade solely on a single brand and have the aim of moving into lots of other brands and sectors such as the intruder control and fire markets. I noticed on the website you put a big emphasis on being a people oriented company rather than being technology oriented, why is that? The lines between ourselves and our competitors are getting narrower every day and I think that one of the ways in which we can differentiate ourselves is by hiring the right

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Acquiring distributors brings new brands and new service levels into our business. So if you look at the ezCCTV deal, this company was acquired predominately to give Fortus a UK footprint, but more importantly so that they had access to one of the large, established Chinese brandsâ&#x20AC;? people. These are the experts who are able to create really good relationships with our end customers, and therefore we have placed an emphasis on changing the company to make our people happy and to enable them to do their job to the max. Over the last six months we've put a lot of effort into developing a good work environment, especially after the big change in personnel and bringing on the people that we believe are able to look after customers in a far more professional and better way than our competitors. Looking forward, whilst we've all got accustomed to the Zoom culture during the pandemic period, the security industry is still very much a people oriented and face-to-face business and I'm sure that next year we will see that returning. That is why we invest in our people. Talking about the New Year then, what are you most looking forward to in 2021? I think I'm probably the same as everybody else in that the first thing I'll be looking forward to is putting 2020 behind me! Once we can put the challenges we've had with Covid behind us, it's going to allow us to focus on and really getting stuck into executing our extension plans because we've got a lot of things going on right now as a business and Covid has been a distraction and slowed our plans. For me 2021 will be just more about being able to focus on growth and forgetting the past. I'm also looking forward to getting back to trade shows and of course, while we all enjoy the social side of our business, I'm also equally looking forward to actually re-engaging face-to-face with customers and partners. Listen to the interview with Mark in the PSI Security News Podcast



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SECURITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA A look at what’s been happening on PSI’s Instagram feed this month (apart from all the sport...)




Project1_Layout 1 24/11/2020 11:04 Page 1














Ideal for... RETAIL









OF ±0.3ºC





Ideal for... WAREHOUSES








E detectandprotect@videcon.co.uk

W www.videcon.co.uk

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Access control goes mobile ccess control is an entirely different beast than the other security technology staples of intruder and surveillance in that there are many different ways to achieve the same result. There may be lots of camera types, but they all function in pretty much the same way, whereas for access control there is a range of options. You could use a card, a fob, a key, biometrics, a QR code, Bluetooth and the list goes on. Depending on whether your customer wants to simply secure a door or restrict access to certain people and build an audit trail of visitors/times there are a number of ways you can choose to deliver access control. But now that smartphone ownership is so widespread and after a year like 2020 could the tide be about to change? Things certainly donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t look good for measures that involve human contact so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no surprise that 2N is predicting that mobile credentials are set to become the mainstream choice for access control of residential and office buildings. Concerns around



There are more options with access control than any other security technology but are we about to experience a game-changing moment? There is an opinion that the pandemic of 2020 and security concerns will lead to smartphone credentials becoming the mainstream choice for access control in buildings security and COVID-19 are forcing organisations and businesses to reconsider their approach to access control and use technology that offers a safe and secure living and working environment for residents and occupiers. The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought new challenges for buildings with multiple occupiers and high frequency touch points. Smartphone credentials offer an effective and convenient contactless solution for access control which reduces safety risks for end users. Security and privacy concerns around facial recognition technology have also raised the profile of mobile credentials as the credible and secure

Concerns around security and COVID-19 are forcing organisations and businesses to reconsider their approach to access control 27

EDIT Access psi jan21_PSI_mar15 21/12/2020 16:13 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

“Organisations and businesses need to ensure they have the right access control solutions in place to keep pace with changing consumer needs and concerns”

alternative to touchscreens and key cards. Tomas Vystavel, Chief Product Officer at the IP access control systems company 2N, said: “Although intercom systems with touch screens or key cards are still commonplace solutions for access control into multi-occupier buildings, the world is changing fast. Organisations and businesses need to ensure they have the right access control solutions in place to keep pace with changing consumer needs and concerns. We expect to see mobile credentials become the mainstream choice for many organisations and businesses looking to improve access control.” PSI spoke with Gareth Robinson, Access Control Product Manager at 2N to find out more about the use of smartphones for access control and to discuss the security of the technology: Why do you think smartphone credentials will replace established forms of ID? We already see them gaining traction after a sluggish beginning. The number of mobile credential unit shipments set to grow by almost tenfold by 2024. Driving that are some clear advantages of a mobile based access control system. A single mobile device is capable of holding an almost unlimited set of credentials. We already see how plastic store loyalty cards are being replaced by apps – nobody wants to carry around so many cards; people expect they can be handled digitally. It is the same for access credentials, especially for those who may have to use credentials in a range of


different locations; the apartment block, a variety of work locations, the gym. Phone base credentials offer added convenience in other ways, too. They enable us to control our physical contact with the access control system and create a frictionless access experience. Added to the convenience is the security factor; mobile based access solutions can offer strong encryption, not just of the credential but of the communication channel, preventing them being compromised, as is such a huge problem with prox cards. The security features of the phone itself, like screen lock, can be further leveraged to ensure a lost phone cannot be used to get unauthorised access. Our behaviour, too, adds to the security. How many times have you left your RFID card on your desk at work over the weekend? It’s really not likely to happen with your mobile! In the short to mid-term though, it’s about complementing established ID forms; offering the convenience of mobile credentials alongside the established forms to give flexibility as the migration to mobile credentials continues. Are there any IT or physical security risks in using mobile credentials? As a technology; mobile based access systems offer many great security advantages. If the solution is implemented properly; it should carry no additional risks. For example, there have been some attacks demonstrated on Bluetooth communication generally, but our own mobile access solution doesn’t use standard Bluetooth communication. Instead, we merely establish a connection via Bluetooth; our app then creates an encrypted tunnel through which communication takes place using our proprietary technology. Similarly, in a high security environment, security managers can enforce our ‚tap in app‘ mode of door opening, and enforce a screen lock on corporate smartphones to ensure lost phones can’t be used for access abuse. Such digital credentials may also be remotely revoked from a mobile device. Perhaps one of the bigger challenges comes with totally contactless ‚proximity‘ modes, where the door opens as the user approaches. We purposely chose not to support this mode as we were not comfortable with the security trade-off – how to ensure the phone doesn’t cause unwanted door opening as a user walks by. Having said that, the work we have undertaken in our Reliable Bluetooth project


EDIT Access psi jan21_PSI_mar15 21/12/2020 16:13 Page 4


takes the technology a drastic leap forward, so we expect to be able to eliminate the risk of unwanted door opening. Will the change in ID technology require new system installations? Not necessarily. For example, our modular IP Verso intercom offers a range of totally interchangeable reader modules. An RFID reader module can be switched for a Bluetooth capable one in a matter of minutes, without needing to replace the intercom itself. Additionally, our reader range includes options which support multi technology credential types. By choosing a reader which supports both RFID and Bluetooth, or PIN codes and Bluetooth, people can migrate to the more convenient mobile based credentials over time, without there needing to be an overnight change for all people who use the reader. As for the platform itself, support of mobile credentials is increasingly becoming a core feature. Our own Access Commander software supports enrolment and management of Bluetooth credentials and has done for some time, so all that is required is to ensure the software is up to date. Choosing a system which offers flexibility is the key in transitioning to new technology, like mobile credentials, as they emerge. Why do you think there is resistance to biometric technology? There are several risks with biometric technology. Firstly, there is a perception that biometric credentials represent some invasion of privacy – they are tied to immutable and personal physical characteristics and people feel uncomfortable knowing that data is out there, beyond their own control. There’s also the problem that, once compromised, biometric credentials cannot be simply ‚changed‘ and limiting the damage potential of a breach can be difficult. Biometric credentials also tend to make people feel a little exposed, especially in the case of facial recognition, where the cameras that are ubiquitous in our modern age can track us wherever we go, they can’t be disabled by simply turning off your phone! Furthermore, there’s a risk from the legislative uncertainty surrounding biometric credentials. The introduction of GDPR caused a big headache in the handling of such personal data and the local laws governing use of biometric data is a very dynamic landscape, subject to sudden changes. This uncertainty translates into a risk in the


financial investment required to fit a biometric access control system. Could smartphone credentials eventually be adopted in domestic applications? Mobile based access technology is already popular in domestic environments such as single villas or multi-family homes. And we are currently working on a new solution which will offer a flexible, intuitive platform for facility managers to manage their resident’s access credentials and rights, whilst delivering an application to tenants which will enrich their living experience at the property; handle video door calls remotely, enable mobile based access, and grant access to guests and visitors. We certainly plan to further develop that platform to provide even more convenience to residents by answering a broader range of their domestic needs within a single interface. Do you think CCTV will one day carry out all security and fire functions for premises including access control? From an access control perspective; no, I don’t believe this will become the norm. An important consideration of credentials is how they are enrolled and paired with a person. Mobile credentials offer the great advantage that they can be provided to users remotely. To enrol a face into a system, the user must attend some enrolment station – they must physically travel to that location, where they must interact with an admin or an automated system to capture their face for use by CCTV based access control. This fails totally to accommodate visitors and guests, who may need credentials attributed to them before they arrive on site, in order to gain access. It also poses a massive barrier in terms of convenience to the user, as well as meaning additional cost for the facility managers, since enrolment facilities are rarely totally automated. There‘s also the problems we already covered with the resistance to the biometric credentials required for CCTV access control, coupled with the accuracy problems of a camera based access system, especially if the camera doesn’t face the approaching user. So if there needs to be a camera at or near every door, why not simply use a more cost-effective mobile credential reader?

“By choosing a reader which supports both RFID and Bluetooth, or PIN codes and Bluetooth, people can migrate to the more convenient mobile based credentials over time” 29

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NEW! 16:9 HDCVI Turret Cameras 5MP

> > > > > >


5MP resolution 16:9 ratio image Built-in audio IR distance up to 30m CVI/CVBS/AHD/TVI switchable IP67 rated 4:3




Make Sure You Upgrade To The Latest Firmware



NEW! Tioc HDCVI Active Deterrence Turret Cameras 5MP








> 3-in-1 camera - full colour, active deterrent and AI technology (when paired with an AI XVR) > Deters intruders with a loud siren, with red & blue strobe lights > IP67 dust & moisture protection > Audio enabled SIREN ACTIVE > Up to 5MP/8MP resolution DETERRENCE > ColourView+











Features Include:

Download The FREE QLS App Now! To View Latest Product Information, Demos & So Much More!

Ezee Switch WhatsApp Tech Support Quote Builder Exclusive Promotions How To Guides/Videos

www.qvis.co.uk â&#x20AC;¢ For further information - Call 02392 488300

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Ringing the changes? A study by Which? magazine and reported widely online has reportedly found security flaws in some video doorbells, such as weak password policies or a lack of data encryption. Do we need more government legislation to protect consumers? he consumer group tested eleven devices being sold online and found that the kits could easily be hacked or switched off by criminals. As a result Amazon has apparently removed at least seven product listings. Brands tested included Qihoo, Ctronics and Victure and common flaws were listed as weak password policies, and a lack of data encryption. Kate Bevan, Which? Computing editor, was quoted at the time of the report release saying that better regulation was needed: "Government legislation to tackle unsecure products should be introduced without delay and must be backed by an enforcement body with teeth that is able to crack down on these devices." But do we really need more legislation to tackle this issue? We put this question to the PSI Panel:


Richard Cunliffe – CSL

In recent years, cybersecurity has moved up the agenda to become a focus for the government and the professional security industry. The BSIA, BSI and other industry bodies have long been working in partnership with government on this and levels of working now exist. However, the challenge remains from those systems that sit outside of the professional sector, which we would categorise as ‘lower-end’ or DIY. DIY solutions have always existed, and they have their place, but not when it comes to network-based systems that require encryption and high levels of resilience. The professional security industry is best placed to deal with these vulnerabilities, and we hope people look to us for advice on how to overcome these challenges. One of the required measures is password management and two-factor authentication. Often, this is not seen in DIY solutions and therefore increases their vulnerability. Unsecured IP-enabled devices, such as cameras and access control panels, are potential gateways for hackers to exploit. The threat is to the security industry as a whole if the trust is lost because of poorly implemented DIY solutions.


In the future, the government can assist us to ensure that the leading benefits are exclusively for professionally installed systems, such as police response and the use of evidence. We may also be presented with opportunities when DIY systems ultimately fall short – although this could be after a vulnerability has been exposed! The challenge remains, however, how do we make sure these high standards apply to anything being considered as ‘security’. Everything coming into our sector, professional or DIY, should be subject to the same restrictions. We expect the same in sectors like food and beverage, don’t we? We must embrace these new products and features, but raise them to our standards and show people why they should always choose a professional installer!

“DIY solutions have always existed, and they have their place, but not when it comes to network-based systems that require encryption and high levels of resilience”

Mark Massie – Fortus UK

With the rise in popularity of smart home technology, it was inevitable that there would be an increase in fraud from systems being compromised. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise that if a smart doorbell is connected to their home wi-fi network, once the security is breached, it gives access to personal information (eg, bank details). Although it’s easy to pass some of the responsibility onto Government to better legislate, ultimately they can only educate of the risks and it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure their system is password protected; as a minimum this means changing the factory code setting to a ‘strong’ passcode. Some of the better-known automation products on the market have a higher level of authentication as they use Google credentials. Additional security could come in the Secure by Design accreditation being extended from professional CCTV systems to cover smart home solutions. Also, in the future technological advances could mean systems automatically ask for a passcode reset or two-factor authentication within a 24-hour period upon installation. Unfortunately, any security measures can be exploited if your reputable security company → 31

EDIT panel jan21_PSI_mar15 21/12/2020 23:12 Page 3


(from previous page)

has unknowingly employed less that trustworthy contract staff.

David Davies – DVS

I don’t believe the government needs to take control over the issue of device security. Many of these devices are fitted domestically and therefore they would not have the resource to even police this, but I do believe there should be a minimum standard that manufacturers globally should meet, which in turn can help drive down unwanted activity from devices with no password or default ones. But this logic would need to be applied for any device that could connect to a network including phones, laptops etc as they have just if not more potential for harm to a connected network. We should always work with manufacturing to help drive the increase in security functions and as I said there are many reputable vendors that meet and exceed what I would call minimum standard; at the very least upon activation of any network based device it should allow you to set a password that we would deem more complex,

“Many of these devices are fitted domestically and therefore they would not have the resource to even police this, but I do believe there should be a minimum standard that manufacturers globally should meet”


and give the option to allow notifications of failed attempts to access the device. The issue I see is not always the product that connects to the network but the actual network itself, there are so many networks out there that are not protected in any way with access to other devices and data is just far too simple. There are many steps that could be taken to setup a more secure network and this in simple terms is just not being done. We should look to improve this more than the device itself as I see this as the bigger win and getting device manufacturers to comply with security functions should not be that difficult as they to do not want to end up as a target in the press.

Michal Kratochvíl – 2N

The importance of robust safeguards and high security standards to protect smart buildings and critical data from potential hacking attacks should not be underestimated, but we think that government intervention through regulation would be too strong a policy response at this stage. Instead, there are steps that both consumers and manufacturers can – and should – take which would help limit the problem and avoid regulation becoming necessary. First, consumers. IP technology has many benefits. These devices are easy to install and


EDIT panel jan21_PSI_mar15 21/12/2020 23:13 Page 4

can be administered remotely or connected to third-party systems. IP-based systems are therefore ideal for access control and door communication. But making use of these internet-enabled features doesn’t come riskfree. Consumers must do their research before choosing a video intercom device and should look for excellent security standards, not just a good user experience. There are various simple rules that they can follow to avoid problems. Second, manufacturers. Cybersecurity starts with an acknowledgement that today’s world is connected. It’s not only about a product, it’s about the whole chain of products that are integrated into one system. A weakness of a single product can put the whole system in danger. That’s why it’s crucial to focus on the security of each product and application.

Jamie Evans – Oprema

With the IOT/Smart home industry growing exponentially each year, by no means does the topic of insecure network security devices surprise us. It does, however, remain a looming concern when discussing privacy and comfortability for consumers. As we connect more devices within our homes to stay close with friends and family, we only become more aware of the vulnerability and exposure of our data. So, how can we ensure our safety – does the government need to get involved? As always, security falls into two categories – Physical and Digital. On production, manufacturers ensure all their products are safe and secure for the end user. However, the line becomes blurred when defining what manufacturers deem as safe and secure. Leaving the question: what measures can


consumers put in place at home to deter security risks? Physically, measures such as security fixings and the ability to lock a device to an account, will deter what would be thieves, from stealing these devices for a quick sale. Digitally, this continually poses a challenge. Exploits such as Heartbleed, Shellshock and Spectre are constantly being found, even in the most common libraries with which the world relies on for secure communication. There’s still no excuse for making critical mistakes, such as transmitting or storing sensitive data in plain text – it’s nothing more than lazy development. Strong security development should not be overshadowed. Devices and software should be designed with security being the forefront of the developer’s mind – not shoehorned in as an afterthought. Brands towering over the safety aspect have fallen foul to security breaches previously, making it harder for consumers to understand their best option through the jargon presented. The possibility of government involvement to help improve the posed risks facing us today is an open debate. The market for these consumer devices is so spread globally, it would be difficult to govern. However, an initiative such as the “Secure by Default” scheme – displaying a standard for when configuring software, is a step in the right direction for peace of mind.

“With the IOT/Smart home industry growing exponentially each year, by no means does the topic of insecure network security devices surprise us. It does, however, remain a looming concern when discussing privacy and comfortability for consumers” 33

Project1_Layout 1 21/12/2020 21:19 Page 1

Do you need a powerful management tool? InstallerPro is the product of over a decade of creating specialist business solutions for Service Companies here in the UK. We have now brought all of that experience to you in the Security & Fire Industries. With pricing starting at ÂŁ495 per year, why not request a free demonstration to see how our software can help you to take control of your business.

F E AT U R E S 100% Cloud based - run your business from anywhere with an internet connection ion Dedicated Engineer Portal built in for paperless reporting BS9263, NSI & SSAIB Compliant reporting built in A full suite of tools to help you manage GPMIRXWGSRXEGXWERH[SVOĆĽS[

Designed, written and supported from right here in the UK



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Customers look to upgrade An England-wide study by NW Security has found that 97 per cent of medium and large-sized businesses wanted to make significant improvements to their existing CCTV systems ver a third (36 per cent) of firms captured in the study executed by Opinium in 2020 wanted their CCTV systems to be integrated better with other security-related systems such as access control, fire and intruder alarm systems.


Faster access to data Nearly one in five medium and large-sized firms (19 per cent) wanted their CCTV systems to find and retrieve footage of incidents easier and quicker. This group expressed dissatisfaction that it was taking too long to find video following known security incidents.

Reducing false positives Almost one in ten firms (eight per cent) wanted to dramatically reduce the number of false positives that their CCTV systems were flagging - admitting that false alarms were consuming too much of their time. False event triggers used to be much bigger problem than it is today. NW Security thinks it’s


good news that 92 per cent of CCTV system managers are happy with the accuracy of event triggers as a result on analytics improvements and better configuration of systems as Frank Crouwel, Managing Director of NW Security explained: “False positives used to be a massive problem in first generation video analytics software, but it should be possible now to deploy and tune next generation video analytics tools to reduce false positives dramatically.” Connected with this, a further eight per cent of firms captured by the study wanted their CCTV systems to be upgraded to add intelligent video analytics to better support post-event decision-making.

“False positives used to be a massive problem in first generation video analytics software, but it should be possible now to deploy and tune next generation video analytics tools to reduce false positives dramatically” 35

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“Integration should be driven by a genuine operational requirement and not just by the desire to integrate “cutting edge” technologies for the sake of it”

GDPR compliance

Opinium executed the survey which was completed by 101 IT decision makers of firms with more than 50 employees based in England. Only firms with CCTV systems were invited to complete the survey.


Five per cent of those surveyed were concerned that their video systems needed to have GDPR compliance baked into it, to ensure compliance in the way video surveillance data is collected, stored, accessed and processed. And over one in ten (12 per cent) wanted to improve resilience and back-up systems around surveillance recordings. NW Security queried why so many firms wanted full system level integration between intruder and fire alarm systems with CCTV. It believes some of this demand tends to come without considering the real relevance for individual company’s security needs. Businesses must work out the real operational requirements of each and every camera they have installed. Then they must base modifications and integrations on what is really needed in security terms. According to Frank: “Integration should be driven by a genuine operational requirement and not just by the desire to integrate “cutting edge” technologies for the sake of it. If you’re not careful, you can end up with a system which is over-specified and underperforming. The other factor at work here is vendor hype. Marketing materials from vendors endlessly promote the twin mantras of innovation and integration. However, the reality on the ground is that getting systems to work well together is still difficult work. It can still be challenging to maintain systems over the long term due to

often unsynchronised software and firmware updates.”

User training NW Security attributes the fact that one in every five firms were struggling to access relevant video recordings following incidents, to the need for more user training, highlighting the importance of user training when new video management systems are being deployed or when new staff are joining. “VMS search capabilities today are generally very good at helping the user locate relevant video sequences today. But operatives need to know how to use the on-screen tools to the fullest,” says Frank. “It’s also worth looking at how much ‘empty data’ you are collecting. It’s easy enough to set up recording on relevant event triggers using detection analytics for example, so that only relevant activity is collected. This configuration change alone often reduces the amount of data captured by over 50 per cent. “Although the expectation of systems is rising rapidly, our findings show the need to get back to basics: investing in user training so that all your security team can put VMS’ increased functionality to work, and configuring cameras in line with defined operational requirements, both remain important but often neglected areas for optimising CCTV systems,” he concludes.


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together raising standards

Meet the installer What would be a typical project for you? For Astra, there is no such thing as a typical project, our engineers have to be adaptable as they move from working a large RDC installation one day, to maintaining a small retail unit the next, to carrying out a reactive call at a commercial property the next. Every day and task is different, Astra invest heavily in ensuring that our engineers are kept up to date on the latest product updates in order to provide our customers with the high levels of service that they expect from us. Is third party accreditation beneficial? Absolutely. Having third party accreditation is essential and beneficial to us. It provides a level of reassurance to our clients, partners, and customers that they are working with a company who deliver to the highest standards across a range of competencies. Having certain accreditations also facilitates additional openings for various work with Government and other key bodies. The team at NSI provide us with an invaluable source of support across many areas. What is the best thing about working in security? The daily challenge. Every job, no matter how big or small, has its unique properties. I work with a team of project managers and we can bounce ideas off each other, drawing on each other’s experiences to develop bespoke solutions to each unique requirement. Recently we have been working with a software company based in Germany for a bespoke PoS solution for one of our large retail customers. Being involved in the development of this unique solution and seeing how this will enable the stores to monitor, detect and deter theft at self- checkout trolley areas has been enjoyable.


Security life with Matthew Stanley of Astra Security in Bristol Name: Matthew Stanley Job title: Senior Account Manager Time in security/fire: Over 20 years in both the public and private sectors Company: Astra Security Location: Bristol Areas of expertise: CCTV, access control, remote monitoring and retail tagging systems plus we have specialist capabilities in sport view; ANPR; POS transaction event monitoring; heat mapping and construction time lapse cameras Accreditations: NSI Gold, Safe Contractor, Cyber Essentials, Constructionline Gold

Do you have any 'go to' technology? We are independent of manufacturers, and over the years have developed extraordinarily strong relationships with a range of suppliers. This allows us to provide the right product at a competitive price for our customers. Our distribution network provides products on a ‘next day’ delivery service, which is a key requirement for many of our customers.

“We are independent of manufacturers, and over the years have developed extraordinarily strong relationships with a range of suppliers”

Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? Identifying the right candidate is a timeconsuming process, but ultimately worth it, Astra need to ensure that the candidate will fit in with our business ethos. Keeping up-to date with new and incoming technologies is a challenge for both Astra and the engineers. Anyone in this industry


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together raising standards (continued from previous page)

“Our trained project managers identify the safest means of carrying out installation works and by working in conjunction with our customers, we look to deliver cost effective systems that meet with the specification and can be installed in a safe manner” needs to ensure that they keep their personal development up-to date with advancing technologies. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? Cost is always a driving factor for customers. We understand that our customers are working hard to ensure that they deliver value for money to their business. When specifying an installation, access equipment can appear to be a costly item for a customer. Our trained project managers identify the safest means of carrying out installation works and by working in conjunction

with our customers, we look to deliver cost effective systems that meet with the specification and can be installed in a safe manner. The safety of our customers, the public and staff is at the heart of everything we do. What impact has smart/home automation had on your business? The market is constantly changing, updating, and improving. Advancements in technology have meant simplification of user interactions with installed security systems within their premises. This simple user interaction is great for the end user but is only possible because a trained engineer has correctly installed and integrated the technologies. We ensure that our engineers are kept up-to date with these emerging technologies to ensure that our customers can operate their systems with ease. What would make your job easier? Historically engineers would complete handwritten job sheets upon completion of works which they would then scan and send to us at the end of each day. This practice changed for us a long time ago with the introduction of Smart phones and Apps to allow us to better manage workflow on site and provide real-time information on the progress of works to our customers. The next step will be for the integration between these management tools and accounting software which will have a dramatic impact on speeding up the entire workflow process. What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security/fire product? The advancement in secure wireless technology means that you don’t need to network cable each device to the recorder, however the key remains power to the device. My fantasy product would be a battery powered Wi-Fi camera with long mission life. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Don’t sacrifice your personal life, family and friends for work. Try to keep a good balance between work and personal life. You only get one life. Will England ever win the World Cup again? Ever is a long time, England will undoubtedly win the World Cup again, whether it will be in my lifetime is another matter. I hope that all the home nations get their opportunity to bring home a trophy from a major international tournament. All that I ask is that they go into these tournaments and play to the best of their ability. Make us proud! If you won £25,000 what would you do with the money? The same as most people in the UK I guess, pay off debts and go on holiday.



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What’s so good about PSI Magazine? Do you want to target security installers with your next marketing campaign? Here are some handy points to consider: PSI is the only UK magazine aimed solely at the installers/integrators of electronic security technology PSI is the only UK magazine that carries independent, third-party product testing PSI was the first UK security magazine to launch a regular podcast PSI interviews NSI Gold approved security installers to promote excellence PSI is the host of the Premier Awards, recognising innovation and contribution to the industry PSI has targeted advertising campaigns that include print, online, podcasts, e-blasts and social media PSI was the first magazine to launch an Open Door programme giving advertisers control over their online presence on the PSI website

From our own research we discovered that: Two thirds of PSI readers claim to have been influenced by the magazine when it comes to purchasing decisions Almost 40% of installers that read PSI do not regularly read any other UK security magazine

November 2020 – £4.00

These are just a few of the reasons why PSI (Professional Security Installer) is the best platform for you to promote to security installers. And we didn’t even mention the PSI Golf Day!



Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER Iain Stringer of Synectics Security

PSI PREMIER AWARDS 2020 The winners are announced!

PRODUCT TEST Camect Camera Hub

If you want to reach installers, PSI should be your first choice Contact David Lewis on 0208 295 8309 | david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk


EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

FACING THE FUTURE How 2020 could change the security industry

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Planning the big return As a result of the 2020 pandemic it has been a long time since the security industry hosted a trade show. Here we talk to Peter Poole of the Security Event about postponements and plans for 2021 ack in April 2019 no one would ever have thought that the next time we would be returning to the NEC in Birmingham for an event would be almost two and a half years later in September 2021 (if all indeed goes to plan). A global pandemic was not on anyone’s list of predictions for 2020, but here we now are with news of a vaccine being administered and new dates in the diary. PSI caught up with Peter Poole, Sales Director at The Security Event to find out how everything has been for him in the gap between shows and how much he’s looking forward to finally welcoming exhibitors and visitors through the door.


“I’ve been organising shows for over 15 years and for the huge majority of us, the postponing and rescheduling of shows is completely new; we’ve never experienced or had to deal with these challenges before so it was a rapid learning curve”


How frustrating is it to have to keep moving the show dates due to the pandemic? It’s hugely frustrating. It’s frustrating for us, as organisers, but also for our exhibitors, our visitors, our supporters, the entire UK security community. I never thought for one moment we would ever have to postpone a series of shows once, never mind three times in succession! If I look back to the middle of March, when COVID-19 started to really take hold in the UK, it was a really tough time. We began our plans to postpone the show, we spoke to every single exhibitor across the series, announced our decision and before we knew it, lockdown began. Our biggest frustration at that time was that we had gained so much momentum since we launched The Security Event (TSE) in 2019 – the size of the show had more than doubled and our pre-registered visitors had increased by 66%YOY. Word had spread about TSE and we were weeks away from hosting a blockbuster. That said the health and well-being of everyone involved in the show is paramount, from the suppliers who help create the show, to the exhibitors, the visitors, our show partners and us as the organisers. Based on the information we had at the time, postponing the event was the correct decision.

How have your exhibitors taken each change? I’ve been organising shows for over 15 years and for the huge majority of us, the postponing and rescheduling of shows is completely new; we’ve never experienced or had to deal with these challenges before so it was a rapid learning curve. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any major show in the security sector being postponed before so given the circumstances I think everyone has managed and adapted well to the situation. To stimulate growth for their businesses, exhibitors often plan their yearly marketing activities around participating at trade shows in various geographical territories around the world, so any blocker can be frustrating and challenging. We have regularly kept in contact with every exhibitor, listened to their views, responded to the changing landscape and kept each one informed every step of the way. To help our exhibitors we launched our KIT (Keeping In Touch) programme and, more recently, Connect+ that enables our exhibitors and visitors to stay connected over this time and to engage and discuss ongoing projects. Prior to the pandemic, over 150 companies had already committed to participating at the next edition of TSE and over 100 companies had committed to The Fire Safety Event. Following the lifting of lockdown and subsequent ‘return to work’ in July/August, we’ve added another 20 exhibiting companies to both events, so the appetite to get back together to drive business forward and participate at our shows remains very high. We are very grateful for the support of the entire UK fire and security sector. When we do all meet up again, C-19 will be behind us so what will be the trends at the show? Inevitably, the new technologies that have been fast-tracked to market to overcome the challenges faced by businesses in a new ‘Covid secure’ world will feature heavily! Businesses seem to have woken up to the benefits and true functionality that a well-designed security system


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can provide, such as: access control manufacturers integrating internal ‘track and trace’ technology within buildings; AI built into video surveillance systems to monitor people numbers and integrate with traffic light entrance systems in retail etc; and the monitoring and remote maintenance of systems. Another big trend will be the adoption of the raft of new BSI standards, which are due to come into force in 2021, in particular the new Cyber Security standards in Access Control and Intruder Alarms. Is there anything planned at the event specifically for installers? Absolutely, our entire show proposition was founded and built around the professional installer community. By the time we open the doors in September 2021 I expect we will have around 300 businesses participating. The installers will have the ability to meet all of their favourite manufacturing brands across the entire spectrum of security. They’ll get hands on with the manufacturers’ existing product portfolios and see – for the first time in nearly 2.5-years – all the latest technology and discover what to look out for in the near future. We currently have a strong following from the supply channel exhibiting, with many distributors – regional and national – discussing how their support can add real value to the installer each and every day. I think we can all agree that distributors are trusted supply chain partners, with


“A big trend will be the adoption of the raft of new BSI standards, which are due to come into force in 2021, in particular the new Cyber Security standards in Access Control and Intruder Alarms” extensive industry expertise. Offering technical support, pre and post-sales support, as well as access to huge stock levels, much improved delivery capabilities and return procedures, security distributors have evolved in recent years to become huge support to the installers. In addition, we are thrilled to have the support of industry partners, the likes of the NSI and SSAIB, participating at both events. They collectively add so much to raising the standards in our sector by ensuring the compliance of their respective accredited companies and safeguarding the ‘professional’ aspect of the fire and security sector against those that sadly are a drain on our sector. On top of all that, we have many professional training providers, service and solution providers who can all help in the day-to-day running of an installer’s business to enable them to flourish and gain the competitive edge. We will be hosting several free-to-attend education platforms on the show floor, where the installers can gain valuable knowledge, helping them to grow, to get creative, to overcome challenges and gain insight into the future of the sector. →


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“I’m hoping by the summer we’ll be taking a giant leap to normality, rather than a ‘new norm’. We can enjoy our holidays in July/August and come back together like we have done before”


In your time in the industry how have events changed? Personally, I don’t think the fabric of trade shows has hugely changed over the years. The real tangible benefits for visitors remain very clear: the ability to source new suppliers/partners; getting hands-on with all the latest technology; learning and gaining market insight; and looking for opportunities that enable them to implement this new-found knowledge and develop their businesses. Trade shows bring communities together to ultimately stimulate business and while the tangible benefits are clear, it’s the intangible benefits that are sometimes initially unrecognised but are just as rewarding. Those chance conversations, meeting old friends, networking with their peers, all provide stimulation from which opportunities arise, adding to the visitors’ overall experiential satisfaction. I genuinely believe show organisers have a tendency to over complicate things, to continually add new facets to the show, to try and cover every base or eventuality. Ultimately, it’s overwhelming for visitors. With all of our trade-shows, less is more and our focus is on making the ‘less’ become ‘more’ impactful, rewarding and enjoyable. We spend huge amounts of time engaged with all

stakeholders, creating a show for the UK security community and hence our audience continues to grow. Are you concerned that trade shows might be affected going forward as we’ve now got used to video calls, virtual events etc? It doesn’t keep me awake at night! For me all ‘live events’ are irreplaceable – trade shows, sporting events, concerts/theatres, fairs, weddings, the list goes on. There is no substitute for the face-toface interaction, the experience days/nights out, the laughs, the high-fives, the hugs; human contact is our natural instinct. Video calling isn’t new. Of course we have used them more as we have had to adapt to stay connected during these times and I fully expect our usage of this technology will revert backwards at some point. Virtual trade shows, equally, aren’t new either. I recall launching a series of these around ten years ago and their overall performance was very mixed. Again, I expect the volume of those to diminish as the world recovers from the pandemic. The news of the vaccine is hugely promising and I’m hoping by the summer we’ll be taking a giant leap to normality, rather than a ‘new norm’. We can enjoy our holidays in July/August and come back together like we have done before to TSE in September 2021.


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Grow your dealership with a cloudbased security platform Enjoy a closer customer relationship and recurring monthly revenues In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, if you’re a dealer or an installer in the security sector, you’re probably facing several difficult challenges. The first of these lies in finding the best way to streamline and consolidate your business. To ensure future success, you might also need to grow your business and develop a stronger, long-term relationship with your customers wherever possible. However, an increasing number of your customers are likely to be young, tech-savvy business owners who are looking for simple, instant security solutions that can be easily updated. You’re therefore likely to be facing growing demands for these types of solutions, and you will need to offer a better alternative than the DIY solutions that are readily available and are flooding the market. A cloud-based security platform not only meets this need but will also enable you to manage your customers’ requirements and systems more effectively. This will make you more proactive and will increase the opportunities for recurring monthly revenues (RMR). This is why at Honeywell, we’ve been investing heavily in our own cloud-based security solution, which offers a range of benefits to both dealers and end users. Our new MAXPRO Cloud platform makes life easier for your customers because it enables them to manage the security of multiple sites via the cloud – from wherever they are. But for dealers and installers, the beauty of this solution is that it provides a useful route towards healthy future growth. For more visit: mymaxprocloud.eu/MPC/Signin

Strategic focus on cyber security for Inner Range Security system manufacturer Inner Range is announcing a new strategic focus on cyber security, after auditing and formalising several existing cyber security measures. The award-winning firm, which has not had a single reported cyber security breach in its 30-year history, has been working with a leading global software service company to develop a comprehensive cyber security governance program that can grow and evolve to meet ever-changing cyber security challenges. The new program includes: • A dedicated cross-functional cyber security governance team • Coordinated penetration testing of all networked products by independent accredited laboratories • Product development process that includes cyber threat assessment • Deployment of hardened cybersecurity technologies • Supply of cyber hardening installation guidelines for Inner Range products Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, said: “Cyber security is one of the major challenges facing organisations today and it’s critical that networked security and access control systems provide customers with the safest possible solution. “Our new program shows our absolute commitment to cyber security, not as a ‘extra’ level of security but as a core element running through every stage of the design, manufacture, installation and management of our security systems.” Visit: www.innerrange.co.uk



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Open Door is an online service from PSI that provides in-depth information from a selection of market leading companies. Here are some of the highlights from the pages of Open Door.....

Texecom Cloud – Manage, configure and control your alarm portfolio Remote maintenance - Save money by automating system maintenance – reduce engineer call outs and identify issues in advance. On-site programming - Speed up on-site programming using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Access anywhere - Add value to customers by updating programming from anywhere in the world. Managed access - Control access and make sure the right engineers have access to the right systems. Custom branding - Own the customer experience. Add your company branding to the Texecom Connect app. (Coming soon for Gold level membership) Sign up for your free Texecom Cloud account today! - Get ready for the next wave of digital services from Texecom and join the thousands of systems already benefiting from remote cloud management and control. Visit: www.cloud2.texe.com

Bosch extends interpretation product lineup in its IP-based conference system portfolio The new DICENTIS Flush language selector from Bosch is a user-friendly solution for multi-lingual meetings where simultaneous interpretation is required. This launch extends the interpretation product lineup in the Bosch IP-based conference system portfolio. The intuitive language selector serves passive listeners such as meeting delegates or journalists, making it an ideal choice for parliaments and international conventions and events. Visit: www.boschsecurity.com/gb/en

IDIS Video tech drives patient welfare at Hampshire care centre A national centre of excellence for children and young people with mental health needs has been secured by a comprehensive security system from IDIS. The £7 million refurbishment of Austen House, a 14-bed forensic hospital in Hampshire run by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, prioritised keeping both staff and patients safe from harm, given their specialised needs. Working with main contractor Kier Construction, ISD Tech and IDIS replaced an outdated security setup with an affordable cybersecure system which is easy to operate and maintain. Almost 100 IDIS 12MP Super Fisheye cameras, plus a mix of 5MP bullet and PTZ cameras, connected to 32-channel NVRs guarantee evidential-standard video coverage with a 360º view of all communal areas, a choice of 6 view modes and the ability to dewarp footage after the event. For more visit: www.idisglobal.com



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INTELLIGENCE MAGNIFIED KEEP YOUR VISION ON THE MOVE WITH DEEP LEARNING AI AUTO TRACKING • Monitor and Identify objects with optical 40x, 30x Zoom • Up to 200 meters with Wise IR • Enhanced Preset Accuracy ±0.1˚ • Quick Pan / Tilt correction (within 1 second) • Easy and Safe Installation with Compact Design and Lighter Camera • AI Deep Learning based Object Auto Tracking (Optional Target-Lock Tracking with right click)


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Storage and smart systems A new report exploring consumer views on smart technology and data storage shows excitement around smart technology innovation but a need for education on data storage


estern Digital has worked with Loudhouse to conduct 6,084 online interviews with citizens in the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, UAE and Saudi Arabia to discover their level of understanding and opinions regarding the development of smart infrastructure in the home, and in towns and cities.The positive news for technology designers and manufacturers is that interest in smart technology innovations, whether in the home or the city, is high. A substantial 90 per cent of those surveyed across EMEA said that they are looking forward to at least one forthcoming form of smart technology. The smart innovations for the home that drew the most excitement in EMEA include: home security cameras (36 per cent), entertainment streaming services (35 per cent) and lighting/heating controls (35 per cent). Whereas interest in smart city infrastructure is centred around electric vehicle charging points (39 per cent), driverless vehicles (38 per cent) and security cameras (37 per cent). Consumers see the key benefits of security cameras as keeping them safe (52%) and reducing crime (40%). This is similar to smart highway cameras, with keeping them safe (46%) and reducing crime (28%) highlighted as the key benefits. Effective and compliant data storage obviously plays a role in helping realise these benefits.


Davide Villa, business development director for EMEAI at Western Digital, commented: “One of the biggest storage challenges with security cameras is the fact that they’re always on. Storage technology therefore has to be able to keep up, delivering reliable high-performance data transfer and data writing speeds to ensure high-quality video is captured and analysed.” The research also found a clear gap between consumer awareness of, and appetite for, smart technology applications, as well as the level of adoption for these products. On average, 83 per cent of those surveyed across Europe and the Middle East were familiar with smart infrastructure technology for homes and 81 per cent were also aware of smart city technology. And yet, when it comes to usage, only 35 per cent had used smart home technology and 31 per cent had come into contact with smart city technology. In terms of geographical breakdown, UK consumers are positioned in the middle of the group surveyed for awareness of smart home (79 per cent) and smart city (76 per cent) technologies. This is in comparison to countries where consumers were more aware like Italy (91 per cent) and the Middle East (87 per cent) for smart home and smart cities respectively. According to the research, that barrier to adoption would appear to be based on a lack of understanding of how consumers’ data is captured, stored and used. Just 19 per cent of UK

The smart innovations for the home that drew the most excitement in EMEA include: home security cameras, entertainment streaming services and lighting/heating controls 47

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(from previous page)

“This is an opportunity for all those in the value chain, including installers”

consumers believed they knew more about personal data capture than others, highlighting a general lack of awareness and the need for reassurance and clarity from smart technology vendors on this issue. In addition, consumers also have concerns about whether their data is at risk, with the Western Digital research revealing that as many as one in four consumers have no trust in organisations to keep their data safe. When asked about their priorities for managing and storing smart technology data, consumers across EMEA identified the following as being the most important: • That the data is secure against breaches or hacks – 73 per cent • That the data is stored on drives that are safe and reliable – 70 per cent • That the data complies to regulations – 70 per cent • That the data is used in the right way by the business – 70 per cent Davide Villa added: “The next few years should be an exciting time for smart technology providers. The market is growing, consumers are excited for what’s coming next, but a lack of

knowledge around smart technology infrastructure threatens this progress and the gains that will go with it. “The report shows a real consumer interest in smart technology and an opportunity to educate consumers on data storage and protection parameters to turn this interest into uptake. This is an opportunity for all those in the value chain, including installers. If they can advise customers on not only the best smart technology, but also the most appropriate storage to meet their needs and ensure they’re in control of their data, they can help address any concerns and ensure customers have the smart security systems that give them the best possible experience. “Local storage and encryption can play a key role in reducing the knowledge gap. Educating customers on solutions such as consumer storage devices will put them back in control of their data in smart technology in the home. In addition, the implementation of the right storage infrastructure and technology and subsequent education on this will help consumers to feel that their information is more secure and remove doubt around these new technologies. The appetite is clearly there.”


@psimagazine follow PSI on Twitter for news, views & comment 48


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Get Recognised Get Registered

The Professional Register Raising Professional Standards in the Security & Fire Industry Recognising Competence and QualiďŹ cations for Individuals who Install & Maintain Security & Fire Systems.

Find out more or Register now at:


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New casino in Manchester installs end-to-end security

“The use of Axis Zipstream technology meant that Cat5E cabling could be used, meaning no need to upgrade. This represented an immediate cost saving for the casino’s owners” 50

Axis Communications has developed a security solution to protect a new casino site in Manchester, UK. The complete end-to-end solution offers protection at the perimeter, entrance and exit points, as well as close monitoring of the gaming hall and individual machines, guarding against break-ins and criminal damage as well as tampering and fraud. Napoleons Casinos & Restaurants has premises across the North of England. Owners, The A&S Leisure Group, sought to employ a system that would incorporate security without the need to use multiple providers. Casinos must be adequately protected, not just to secure the premises and protect against fraud or theft, but also to fulfil legal requirements set by the Gambling Commission and local authorities. Axis, together with its partner Brock Business Support, specified and deployed a solution which was customised to fully support the casino’s requirements. Guy Hewson, Head of Security at The A&S Leisure Group, explains: “When looking at the requirements of the new site, integration between the surveillance and access control systems was important, together with high quality images from the cameras, and immediate video play back with audio. We turned to Brock Business Support who, through its close working partnership with Axis Communications, was able to specify a system that could be tailor made for our requirements.” One hundred cameras were installed at the

site, requiring six Axis T8524 PoE+ network switches and recording on three servers, all driven by the Axis Camera Station software running over four viewing stations. The staff entrance utilises an Axis A8004-VE network video door station, and all staff are admitted after scanning using a biometric reader. Inside, Axis M3065-V network mini dome cameras cover back of house areas, providing a wide-angle view. Gaming tables, money exchange areas, bars and slot machines are monitored by Axis P3375-V network cameras with built in two-way audio functionality. At the roulette wheels Axis F1015 sensor units sit inside the table displays, providing a discrete full view with recording capabilities and images that are clear and sharp. Externally, the perimeter is covered by Axis P3245-LVE fixed dome network cameras with Axis Lightfinder technology, ideal for variable lighting and weather conditions. Dave Brock, Managing Director, Brock Business Support, commented on the new solution: “Multiple factors were taken into consideration during the installation of the many cameras and sensors across the Napoleons Casinos site, which meant meticulous planning, right down to considerations around connectivity. For example, the use of Axis Zipstream technology meant that Cat5E cabling could be used, meaning no need to upgrade. This represented an immediate cost saving for the casino’s owners.” The A&S Leisure Group now plans to review the technologies at its other four sites, implementing variations on the design employed at the Manchester premises.


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Life safety technologies for Pullman Sharjah Hotel The Pullman Sharjah Hotel and Residential Unit, a twin tower block located in the United Arab Emirates, is benefiting from a range of life safety technologies from Hochiki. The 43-storey property is home to a 5-star hotel in one tower and residential apartment block in the other, with a communal basement connecting the two. With approximately 1,500 occupants, installation firm, Dafoos Fire Protection turned to Hochiki Middle East to provide a hospitality solution that met the required standards and could be installed with minimal disruption. Dafoos Fire Protection specified Hochiki’s L@titude system and FIREscape emergency lighting. The life safety platform, L@titude, has been installed by Dafoos Fire Protection across the numerous floors of the hotel and residential units, to ensure controlled and ultra-reliable protection for occupants and their possessions. The control panel with colour display has been designed to maximise usability and ease of operation for end users, so facilities management and maintenance teams can instantly locate safety breaches in real-time from any location. The modular nature of the system allows all field wiring to be connected to a passive mother board, enabling addition, re-configuration or replacement of electronic hardware without the

Fire alarm system installed at logistics site in County Durham C-TEC’s Cast XFP addressable fire alarm system has been specified for a logistics site in County Durham. Stiller Warehousing & Distribution is a specialist in the storage and distribution of palletised goods with a turnover of £14M. The purchase of a new 94,000 sq ft site to accommodate existing client growth led to the company approaching Key Security Group to design, supply and install a fire system to meet the site’s specific requirements. However, due to a major order and a delivery that would fill up the entire warehouse, the installation had to be completed within two weeks. Tony Leck, Key Security’s Head of Systems said: “The tight two-week timescale presented a big commitment due to the sheer size of the building. As a swift installation was required, we specified CTEC’s Cast addressable system. With a shortcircuit loop isolator in each device to simplify


need to disconnect older wiring. This, in turn, allowed for a quick and easy installation process, with minimal disruption. Subin Suhas, Territory Sales Manager at Hochiki Middle East, explained: “This project was quite challenging due to the infrastructure and the number of devices that would be needed throughout the buildings. As we were working within a hotel as well, the client wanted to ensure the products used were known for fewer false alarms, so we knew L@titude was the perfect solution.” Dafoos Fire Protection installed seven L@titude panels, each of which had eight circuit loops, and around 3,500 fire alarm devices throughout the towers. Eight emergency lighting panels and 1,200 devices were installed. fault-finding, multi-level addressing for easy device addition and two speedy programming options, we were confident Cast could be installed quickly and meet the requirements for the site.” In a project undertaken by Key Security’s own fire engineers and managed by Tony Leck, a twoloop 32-zone Cast addressable fire panel connected to over 500 Cast detectors, sounder VADs and multi-sensors was installed. Thirdparty manufactured beam detectors were also interfaced to the system via Cast input output units to cover the warehouse space. The system was then commissioned by Key, all within the two-week deadline.


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New door entry system for residents at Crown Heights Residents at Crown Heights, an apartment development offering a ‘city lifestyle’ in the heart of Basingstoke, can now benefit from smart door entry thanks to Comelit’s ViP solution. Crown Heights is a purpose-built development, introduced by FirstPort property management

Surveillance solution protects cannabis cultivation facility Vivotek has collaborated with Existo, a collective of cannabis industry professionals, to establish an IP surveillance solution for a cannabis cultivation facility in Northern Michigan, the United States. The results allow for licensing at the state level and add a level of comfort concerning building security to the owners. The state of Michigan has placed stringed demands on camera coverage and recording quality for this industry, so a camera system is essential for the licensing of this business. Challenges in the project were related to distances within the building, coverage in unique spaces and varying climates and light exposure within indoor grow rooms. Existo chose Vivotek


services. It is split into two crescent buildings around a new urban plaza and includes 288 apartments close to the town centre. The blocks rise from four storeys in the southern part of the site to 14 storeys in the northern area. Comelit was recommended to FirstPort as an opportunity to enhance door entry systems and present a smart solution for residents that linked directly to concierge services, without having to install new cabling or replace any of the apartment internal receivers. Laura Edwards, FirstPort Property Manager said: “At FirstPort we know that residents have a rapidly-evolving set of priorities. For example, many now expect that the technology infrastructure where they live will allow them to stay connected at all times.” Gary James, Electrical, Security and Fire Division Manager of Lynx Maintenance added: “When it came to door entry, systems had to be considered in line with how to coordinate installation with minimal cabling, link to concierge services and not having to replace the receivers in the apartments.” Comelit’s VIP platform with a Multi User Gateway can be managed either from the building manager or remotely. and a total of 70 of its indoor and outdoor security solutions, NVRs and VMS to monitor the cannabis cultivation facility. In the grow room, which includes a long hallway with tight spaces and climate concerns, Seven 180-degree panoramic network cameras, the CC9381-HV, were installed to combat high contrast lighting environments and armed with WDR Pro function to ensure 24/7 surveillance coverage. For exterior corners, four SD9364-EHL speed dome cameras were utilised. The cameras adopt Vivotek's Smart IR II technology which is designed to provide low light images in the most challenging situations. Fouteen FE9181-H fisheye cameras and 40 FD9380-H cameras were installed throughout the rest of the indoor and outdoor facility. The facility is also utilising Vivotek’s 16-CH ND9541 Linux-based embedded standalone NVR to set up and manage IP surveillance systems. It also supports remote and mobile access, via VIVOCloud and iViewer app, for both iOS and Android handheld devices, providing users with an open NVR for seamless use in small to medium-sized video surveillance applications. “The flexibility we gain from the quality and variety that Vivotek offers pays off tenfold in our business because there is no standard building design for cannabis businesses,” said Chris Hernandez, Existo director of operations. “Unique buildings with unique layouts but with highly standardised expectations put forward by state licensing expectations can be a stumbling block for many cannabis businesses. Our ability to utilise Vivotek’s solutions allows us to create systems that exceed state expectations while still being used to achieve safety goals set internally by our customers.”

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KERI SYSTEMS UK LTD Tel: +44 (0) 1763 273 243 Fax: +44 (0) 1763 274 106 Email: sales@kerisystems.co.uk www.kerisystems.co.uk

FRONTIER PITTS LTD +44 (0) 1293 422800 marketing@frontierpitts.com



NORTECH CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. Nortech House, William Brown Close Llantarnam Park, Cwmbran NP44 3AB

Tel: 01633 485533 Email: sales@nortechcontrol.com www.nortechcontrol.com ACCESS CONTROL – SPEED GATES, BI-FOLD GATES

HTC PARKING AND SECURITY LIMITED St. James’ Bus. Centre, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington Cheshire WA4 6PS

Tel 01925 552740 M: 07969 650 394 info@htcparkingandsecurity.co.uk www.htcparkingandsecurity.co.uk



ALTRON COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT LTD INTEGRATED DESIGN LIMITED Integrated Design Limited, Feltham Point, Air Park Way, Feltham, Middlesex. TW13 7EQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 890 5550

sales@idl.co.uk www.fastlane-turnstiles.com

Tower House, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre, Carms. SA18 3SJ

Tel: +44 (0) 1269 831431 cctvsales@altron.co.uk www.altron.co.uk

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PLETTAC SECURITY LTD Unit 39 Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3XH

Tel: 01788 567811 Fax: 01788 544 549 Email: jackie@plettac.co.uk www.plettac.co.uk


ADI GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION Distributor of electronic security systems and solutions for over 250 leading manufacturers, the company also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a suite of training courses and services. ADI also offers a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified time delivery, next day or collection from any one of 28 branches nationwide. Plus, with an ADI online account, installers can order up to 7pm for next day delivery.

Tel: 0161 767 2990 Fax: 0161 767 2999 sales.uk@adiglobal.com www.adiglobal.com/uk




GUK Independent security provider offering CCTV monitoring, CCTV Data Protection Assessments, Key Holding, Alarm Response. Competitive trade rates for Installers. ISO 9001, 27001 Accredited.Innova House, Innova Park, Enfield, EN3 7XH

www.guk.co.uk monitoring@guk.co.uk 01992655659

Fortus is a distributor of security and fire solutions. We are the largest privately owned, B2B security distribution company trading across the UK & IRE within the key industry verticals of CCTV, Intruder, Access and Fire products. With more than 20 years’ experience in technology distribution with key brands, we can support you with any size project as well as offering next day delivery.


DISTRIBUTORS MAYFLEX Our product range not only covers IP security products but also incorporates the cabling infrastructure and the Ethernet switching products necessary for a comprehensive security installation. We have a knowledgeable team of sales and technical experts that provide advice and support with system design and product choice. You can also order online up to 8pm for next day FREE delivery.

Excel House, Junction 6 Industrial Park, Electric Avenue, Birmingham, B6 7JJ


NORBAIN SD LTD 210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP

Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 www.norbain.com Email: info@norbain.com

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BRITISH SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Tel: 0845 389 3889 Email: info@bsia.co.uk Website: www.bsia.co.uk Twitter: @thebsia


Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 Email: sales@optex-europe.com www.optex-europe.com SECURE CONNECTIVITY PROVIDERS


CSL GROUP HONEYWELL COMMERCIAL SECURITY Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 securitysales@honeywell.com

T: +44 (0)1895 474474 @CSLGroupLtd www.csl-group.com




INNER RANGE LTD Units 10 – 11, Theale Lakes Business Park, Moulden Way, Sulhampstead, Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001 ireurope@innerrange.co.uk www.innerrange.com


ADEPT POWER SOLUTIONS LTD Adept House, 65 South Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hants SP10 5AF

Tel: 01264 351415 Fax: 01264 351217 www.adeptpower.co.uk sales@adeptpower.co.uk



C-TEC Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867 Website: www.c-tec.com PERIMETER SECURITY

TAKEX EUROPE LTD Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8PE

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 475555 Fax: +44 (0) 1256 466268 Email: sales@takex.com Web: www.takex.com


Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8LH


Tel: 020 8752 0160 Fax: 020 8992 9536 E: info@contractsecurity.co.uk sales@contractsecurity.co.uk www.contractsecurity.co.uk

6a Hazel Court, Blidworth, Nottingham NG21 0RY

0115 7149990 sales@webeyecms.com www.webeyecms.com

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Hanwha Techwin Europe has appointed Jeff (Chae Won) Lee as its new Managing Director. Having worked for the Hanwha Group for over 21 years, most recently as Hanwha Techwin Europe’s Sales Director, he has an exceptional track record of delivering on strategic objectives and a wealth of knowledge and experience of growing businesses. Jeff takes over the role of Managing Director from Bob (H.Y.) Hwang, who is returning to Korea to take up another senior management position. “I am confident that with the valued support of our business and technology partners throughout Europe, we will achieve great success during 2021,” said Jeff, also stating that the company is looking towards harnessing technology advances such as Deep Learning AI to develop new video surveillance solutions.

Stuart Bishop & Nick Daman Vemotion Interactive has appointed Stuart Bishop as Head of Channel Recruitment, and Nick Daman as Channel Partner Manager. Stuart’s new role will see him supporting UK and global markets. His previous experience includes twenty years in senior sales/management roles across IT/Telecoms, mobile, cloud, IoT and channel development fields, with globally recognised brands, including NTL Fujitsu, Vodafone and IBM. Nick’s appointment will encompass working with Vemotion partners in all areas of the industry, assisting with sales and support of the Vemotion software and hardware solutions range.


Mark Emery Evolution has appointed Mark Emery as its new Service Operations Manager. Mark’s main task will be to manage service delivery in the UK, bringing Evolution’s various branches together through service and operations. As well as overseeing regulatory requirements of engineer training and familiarity with key legislation, Mark will work with Evolution’s Scottish and Irish teams. He joins the business with more than 30 years’ experience in the fire and security sector, previously working as Business Manager and National Service Manager at a leading UK technology security business. Mark said: “I’m looking forward to getting started and working with my new colleagues in the group to enhance the company’s service delivery and customer satisfaction levels.”

Steve Constantine Security distributor Quality Essential Distribution (QED) has appointed Steve Constantine as Product Development Director. Steve previously held the role of Technical Director at QED. This news comes shortly after the appointment of Matt Philp to Managing Director of QED in October. Matt Philp said: “Steve is the right person for this role with his extensive technical experience and product knowledge. His skills will help us strengthen and grow the product portfolio and develop our technical and training service. Steve’s appointment will help us move forward with our ambitious plans for the business with his focus on building a strong product portfolio and keeping abreast of new emerging technology in this field.” Steve Constantine commented: “I’m delighted to accept this position and excited to meet the challenges ahead. My technical background and product knowledge will definitely help us maintain the high standards and quality product offer our customers have come to expect from the QED team.”

Gboyega Obafemi Stanley Security has appointed Gboyega Obafemi, known as Femi, as General Manager-Managing Director for Great Britain. Femi will be responsible for accelerating growth in Great Britain and driving the company’s XaaS product strategy. Femi has worked for Philips, Siemens, GE, Toshiba-Carrier and Watts Water Technologies joining Stanley Security from Johnson Controls – Hitachi where he held the role of Managing Director UK & Ireland. Femi said: “It’s a great honour to have been appointed as Managing Director for Stanley Security across Great Britain, especially at such an exciting time for the company.” 11

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