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December 2020 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER Tom Allerton of Frocester Group

TRENDS FOR 2021 Distributors deliberate

PRODUCT TEST Tyco Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera

EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

OPEN BENEFITS The advantages of standardised platforms

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Motion Detection

Night Vision, up to 60ft/18m

Built-in Siren, 100dB


Two-way Talk

Putting security in the spotlight Illuminating and verifying, with the power to act Light up dark spots and ward off potential intrusion by adding another layer of perimeter protection, the LightCamera.

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Dual Lights, 2500 Im

Pyronix Training On-Demand View the LightCamera training course now! Knowledge is power!

Don’t just verify, act. see it in action now!

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December 2020 – £4.00

December 2020


Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial Last month we said that we weren’t out of the woods yet with Covid-19 and then lockdown 2 happened. Will this continued situation change next year’s trends?

6 Industry news

MEET THE INSTALLER Tom Allerton of Frocester Group


News and events from the security and fire sectors

Distributors deliberate

11 Appointments


Movers and shakers from the security industry

Tyco Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera

12 TESTED - Multi-sensor camera The latest addition to the Tyco Illustra camera range is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

16 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products with information from the manufacturers and handy QR codes

19 Planning for growth PSI caught up with Matt Philp, the new MD at distributor QED, to discuss his plans for the company now that he is in the big chair



A look at the best new products

The advantages of standardised platforms

23 Social media What caught our eye on the PSI Instagram feed this month (minus the sport)

25 The PSI Panel This month we asked a selection of security systems distributors for their thoughts on the technology trends we’ll see in 2021

Open relationships What are the benefits of open platform systems and what exactly is an ‘open’ technology anyway? We talk to the experts about why open is better than closed

33 Open for business What are the benefits of open platform technology and why should you install it?


36 The surveillance checklist A look at the key points to consider for an efficient and robust CCTV installation

33 Meet the installer Life in the security business with Tom Allerton at the Frocester Group

41 Making sense of sensors Not all fire detection systems are the same

44 Grow your service business The final part on the series from Jim Rathbone looking at how you can grow your installation business

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50 Tried & Tested - CCTV

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A round-up of some recent camera reviews


57 The PSi Directory Your guide to vendors and service providers

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All your motion detection needs. Captured.


Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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3HUIRUPDQFH ZKHQb\RX need it most


The next big thing Last month this column began with “by the time you read this the Covid situation in the UK could be entirely different” and how right I was. Lockdown 2.0 came along as we were being printed and we’re still in it as I write this


Reliability you can depend on

Install in seconds

o matter what your political views are or whether or not you think people who wear masks are sheep or public safety minded, nobody wanted the second lockdown. We were looking at the light at the end of the tunnel at one point in the late summer, but all that has gone to pot for the moment. We are still no closer to knowing when the industry will see another trade show that you can actually attend and shake a hand at. In fact the day that I sat down to pen this random meandering came the news that The Security Event has been postponed again until September 2021. This is really sad for the industry as we thrive on interaction and networking, but until the vaccine is here and distributed, organisers of any events in any sector are hamstrung by the pandemic. While we await signs of the vaccine, one thing that definitely is being distributed at the moment is security technology. Installers have told us that they’ve stayed busy in 2020 and some new projects have been green-lighted too. In light of this continued buoyancy I thought it would be interesting to get the views of some of the UK’s main security distributers this month to find out what systems and technologies will not only see out the Covid situation but thrive next year too. As a technology-led industry we have a regular supply of market trends, some are driven by consumer tech, some by software capabilities and some even by nationwide illness, but we’re always evolving. Last month I had my tuppence-worth with the prediction that once we’ve bashed C-19 on the head we’ll no longer be pointing thermal cameras at people in shops so we can march them out of the building and away from their “essential” purchases just because they look a bit warm. I do think that non-contact (or as it is also delightfully called, frictionless) access control has blown fingerprint biometrics away for the foreseeable and has a rosy future ahead of it. Although to be honest, as I discussed with Neill Williams of Smart R Distribution in the November podcast, access control has to be the most diverse technology there is. There are so many ways you can open or lock a door, let alone how you grant access in the first place, so who knows how the sector will evolve? This month the people who actually know about this stuff, because it is their job to sell it and because they know what is in the pipeline, have their moment in the sun and tell us which systems they think we’ll be hearing lots about, and buying, next year. What is really interesting, they don’t agree on everything which always makes for a cracking read. However you end up celebrating it, have a good Xmas. Andy Clutton EDITOR


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Are you looking for...



Access Control



Tavcom Training celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2020 In brief Following the latest OS Malevich 2.10 update, Ajax becomes compliant with the PD 6662:2017 standard to help aid countering false alarms. From January 1st, 2021 onwards, all Siqura activities will continue under the banner of TKH Security. Both are already members of TKH Group NV.


Accredited security systems training provider Tavcom Training, part of the Linx International Group, is celebrating its 25-year anniversary. Since 1995, the company has trained and certified in excess of 50,000 learners (in over 100 countries), across its portfolio of more than 100 classroom and online courses.

Optex and DS Security announce monitoring partnership Optex Europe has entered a new partnership with DS Security Group. The collaboration will see monitoring of the new Optex Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution done via DS Security’s recently opened Alarm and Video Monitoring Centre, DS Operations Centre (DSOC). Secondly, it will involve the adoption and promotion of Optex sensors as part of DS Security’s intrusion detection portfolio. Ben Linklater, Sales Director at

Intruder +44(0)29 2064 1509

With the growth in manufacturers of security technology in the mid to late 90’s, including CCTV, access control, alarms, and IP networking, there was a demand for expert vendor agnostic training, regarding the design, installation, management and use of these increasingly complex systems. Tavcom Training was founded by Mike Tennent to meet this need. Today, the pace of technical innovation is faster than ever and Mike’s commitment to delivering relevant high-quality training is a large factor in Tavcom’s continued success 25years on. Kevin Matthew, Operations Director at Tavcom Training recalls: “In 1995 there were training courses which were accredited by a variety of industry bodies, but there were no standardised vocational qualifications, that were universally recognised by employers in the UK and overseas.” A key milestone came in 2001 when Tavcom’s BTEC courses were accredited by the Edexcel Foundation. Kevin concludes: “We are immensely proud of our rich 25-year heritage and as the security market and technology continues to evolve and grow, Tavcom is committed to being a trusted and respected training partner for learners at every stage of their career, whatever their training needs, circumstances, and requirements.” Optex Europe, says: “When we presented our new solution to add video to monitored alarm systems to Stephen Smith and the rest of his team, it was clear our companies were aligned about the benefits it could bring to the customers.” Stephen Smith, Director and Chief Operating Officer at DS Security Group, says: “Having launched our new monitoring centre, it was very interesting for us to meet with Optex and understand more about their Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution. We could see how implementing their intrusion sensors and linking them to IP cameras will provide an easy visual verification to our customers. We are pleased to become an Optex Monitoring partner and add their sensor range to our portfolio. We look forward to working closely with them on new projects.”

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Look no further

In brief Suprema has announced a new UK distribution partnership with DVS. By becoming DVS’s first dedicated access control and biometric partner, Suprema aims to expand its customer base, providing UK customers with security solutions inclusive of security video cameras. Dahua Technology UK has announced that Weststone, with the tradename of COP UK, has ceased to be an authorised distributor of Dahua Technology in the United Kingdom after five years. ACRE has announced the acquisition of Razberi Technologies thus enhancing the plans for strengthening its video and communications business and product portfolio.


Study shows intent to use CCTV for remote management A new study of CCTV system managers, commissioned by NW Security, found that nearly half (46 per cent) of medium and largesized businesses across England, plan to use their CCTV systems to support remote management of processes and people in the workplace. The study also uncovered the fact that the primary reason for investing in CCTV systems in the workplace is to keep staff safe whilst working. One clear finding was that CCTV systems are increasingly being used for a new purpose during the pandemic: remote management. Many businesses from manufacturers to distribution centres have physical operations which need ongoing visual monitoring from wherever managers are based during the pandemic. Frank Crouwel, managing director of NW Security explained: “CCTV systems can provide the eyes and ears for managers working from home or elsewhere. CCTV can help them to make sure systems and processes are running smoothly, ensuring staff are working safely and with sufficient support.” NW Security’s survey also asked medium and large-sized firms whether they expect their existing surveillance systems to be able to

support a safe return to the workplace for most employees, in the light of COVID control measures. Over half (52 per cent) of businesses felt CCTV could be used to provide another method of identification in support of some workplaces’ drive for contactless access to work premises and buildings. And half (50 per cent) felt CCTV systems ought to be able to help manage and enforce social distancing in the workplace. In addition, just under half (48 per cent) thought CCTV ought to be usable to trace all people movements in and around the office to ensure that staff were following directional arrows around buildings and wearing face masks for example. Frank Crouwel, Managing Director of NW Security, added: “Our study uncovers key areas where CCTV systems are being used to help businesses manage through the pandemic. Video surveillance systems are now supporting observance of COVID control measures associated with ‘back to the office’ pushes after lockdowns for example. CCTV is also enabling more effective remote management during ‘full’ lockdowns when most of us need to be operating from home and minimising travel. “It seems that there is a new realisation of the role of video in managing businesses. The increase in use of CCTV as a remote management tool has been running in parallel with the exponential rise of video conferencing during the last seven months. The pandemic has forced us all to use these existing video technologies, and it has simultaneously accelerated the demands placed on CCTV systems by managers right across businesses.” The survey was executed by Opinium and was completed by 101 IT decision makers of firms with more than 50 employees based in England. Only firms with CCTV systems were invited to complete the survey. Respondents were heavily-weighted towards senior operations as well as security and IT heads of medium (50-249 staff ) and large-sized (250 or more staff ) firms: 29 per cent were IT Managers, 33 per cent IT directors, 10 per cent CTOs, eight per cent CIOs and seven per cent Operations Directors. The balance were Operations Managers or equivalent.

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Over ÂŁ5m worth of stock on site Pre noon next day delivery as standard

supported by +44(0)29 2064 1509


The interview that gets the facts from the top

ECHO completes successful first end-to-end testing with the Banham Security ARC ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations), the industry backed alarms handling operator, has completed the first ‘end-to-end’ testing of its new automated alarm signalling transmissions between an ARC and the Essex Police Control Room. Over recent months ECHO, with support from network providers BT Redcare and CSL, has set up resilient connectivity to handle alarm signals from approved ARCs recognised by the police, enabling onward transmission to police control rooms via secure networks, as they become ECHO-connected. Working with the Banham Security ARC, its software provider Monitor, and Essex Police, live alarm signalling traffic is now being handled seamlessly between the ARC and Essex Police control room despatch desk via ECHO. For a pilot period Banham will now transmit confirmed alarm signals directly to Essex Police to check system resilience. The NPCC estimate that ECHO-connected police forces will save on average 1-4 minutes in responding to intruder and hold up alarm activations. Their aim is to provide a faster response to confirmed alarms installed by approved companies. ECHO is currently gearing up to provide this service on a commercial basis in any ECHO-connected Police area with a full service offer from early 2021. Martin Herbert, Managing Director, Banham Security said: “The new technology offered by ECHO will transform the way our industry responds to alarm activations. Through our testing we have seen first-hand the benefits that ECHO can bring in reducing response times, supporting the Police, and giving additional peace of mind to our customers. Banham is delighted that our Alarm Receiving Centre has been an integral part of the successful end to end testing of ECHO.� Martin Harvey, Director, ECHO declared: “Reaching this important milestone has taken ECHO a little longer than we had first envisaged when the project started a number of years ago. Since those early days a number of people have given their time and expertise to ECHO that has enabled this successful end to end beta test to go ahead. I would like to thank everyone involved to date and look forward to rolling the system out nationwide over the coming months.�

This month Simon Banks talks to Neil Hughes of Moray Fire Protection. Based in Elgin, the company provides fire detection and protection equipment and services to companies, government organisations and individuals throughout Scotland. How important is EN54 certification for Fire Systems? EN54 certification is critical when dealing with life safety systems. By utilising solutions that meet this certification and ensuring all our Fire systems adhere to the highest standards, we can demonstrate our commitment to the sector. As part of the BAFE scheme, we are also demonstrating to our customers that we are always focused on moving the business and our practices in the correct and positive direction, giving the public reassurance when selecting a fire alarm company. By guaranteeing that all the products we provide are robust and fit for purpose, we can guarantee a level of service for our customers. When systems do fail, they need to fail safely, for example by providing an output to make Installers aware that the system is not fully functioning. Today, many Fire Systems are not connected to an ARC. What is the value offered by professional monitoring? We all know that a fire alarm is designed to save lives by alerting those on-site so they can evacuate as quickly as possible. This idea of speed also applies to a monitored system. Having a fire alarm that will alert an ARC and then the fire brigade – even when no-one is on-site – can help to save a property’s contents, the building itself and ultimately someone’s home or livelihood. For us, a monitored fire system, with all the wide-ranging benefits it can offer, is well worth the investment. The peace of mind, knowing that being on or off-site, any alarm and fault signal transmitted is processed and actioned at the earliest possible time. At Moray, we have many installations at rural locations, where time is crucial and every second counts when a fire occurs. As a company that covers many rural areas, how important are radio-only systems for these remote locations? Radio communication is of crucial importance to rural communities. In many instances, public safety, critical communications and other emergency services rely on this. Wireless digital technologies offer costeffective solutions to remote areas, improving the access to professional systems which historically have depended on older, wired connections. Moreover, we are seeing these older connections becoming redundant as part of the UK’s All IP (Digital Voice) programme. Some rural sites still offer challenges to the Installer. Some extremely remote areas have limited mobile network availability or low signal strength and we sometimes have to adjust the installation to meet customer requirements. But with the ever-increasing availability of 4G coverage, roaming SIMs available as standard to access all networks and High Gain Aerials to ensure we get the best signal, we can install with confidence knowing that we can provide the highest level of resilience for that system. This combination offers a better service than older wired systems, and access to sites that previously did not have it.

YOU SAID IT! “CSL's My Base App! What an absolute gem. CSL Group – Tech Support is amazing, quality products and meets all our requirements. #innovation at its best đ&#x;‘?â€? Murtaza Kinili (Falcon Electronics) – LinkedIn – October

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Bosch IP 3000i cameras. Extend smart video surveillance to general surveilance applications. Bosch all-new IP 3000i cameras offer high-quality, 24/7 performance and something never seen before in such competitively-priced cameras; built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. Micro dome, mini dome, bullet and turret options are available with resolutions of up to 5MP for indoor and outdoor use. This intelligent solution is an industry first for general, cost-effective video surveillance.

Find out more at

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Delivering quality, service and reliability all year round and especially this Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at CSL



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Tyco Illustra Multi-Sensor Dome

What’s in the box? Dome unit 4 x Sensor modules RJ45 environmental cover Security Torx driver Analogue output lead Quick Start Guide Moisture absorber pads


he Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera provides four 4MP camera views from a single location over a single network cable using just one IP address. The cameras can be flexibly positioned within the housing for full 360° coverage. It is suitable for internal or external locations and is rated to IP66 environmental and IK10 vandal resistant protection. Johnson Controls branding is additionally given on the box and quick guide.

Getting started

The unit has a good Quick Start Guide that shows the default IP address and initial password along with a link to the Illustra website 12

The unit has a good Quick Start Guide that shows the default IP address and initial password along with a link to the Illustra website. The dome must be fitted to an optional mounting bracket as the base does not allow for direct surface mounting. Brackets for Ceiling (pendant), Wall, In-Ceiling and Surface (junction box) are available with clear fitting guides. The dome has two large keyholeslot bolts in the base to lock it into the mount; a centre security bracket is fitted for attaching a safety wire or lanyard. Before use, the four sensor modules must be fitted into their holders in the base of the unit. Four captive security Torx screws hold the dome cover in place on the base and once removed and the internal packaging is taken out the sensor modules are fitted by simply aligning the arrow guide and clicking into place. It is not clear why these are not pre-fitted as there only appears to

be a 2.5mm lens available so no alternatives would be used, but it is a relatively straightforward operation. A small fan in the centre between the four modules permanently runs and has numbers to identify the individual sensors. The clear dome, which is of a dimple design and therefore has a lower profile than a conventional dome, is tied to the base with a safety wire held with a single crosshead screw at each end, so can be easily removed if necessary. Each of the sensor modules is held in place by a magnetic base that holds it to a soft-coated metal plate in the unit’s base. Four individual Micro SD card slots are provided, one adjacent to each module and these can accept up to 128GB cards. Within the base is a small PCB with a socket for an analogue CVBS video output using the lead provided. The output appears to be 4:3 NTSC format 30 fps only, but most modern test monitors should be able to display this. An adjacent surface mount switch sequences through each module’s image to allow individual scenes to be optimised, though the output does not show the full image area. A further switch on this PCB is available for restoring factory settings. Connection is advised using IE10 (or greater) or Chrome browsers, others may work but must support the 32-bit VLC player. No mention is made of a discovery tool in the guide but “Illustra Connect” software can be downloaded from the Illustra website and this will discover Illustra cameras including any additional local subnet

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WE UNDERSTAND WHAT INSTALLERS NEED Whether that’s access to leading brands delivered within 24 hours or extra support when quoting for complex jobs. From our tender consulting service to our technical support, we’re there to take the headache out of researching products that integrate successfully, leaving you more time to do what you do best.

TALK TO US TODAY 01462 708 820


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(continued from p12)

ONVIF devices. DHCP is set by default so various properties and a fixed IP address can be set using this software or via the browser setup option. Power is supplied as either PoE+ or 12v DC and once connected the unit goes through a quick start-up routine and is then accessible. A small green LED on the external RJ45 connector flashes to show network activity. Maximum PoE power demand is just under 18W. On first connection the default password must be changed with an indication given as to the strength of the chosen password.


An interesting approach to the provision of multicamera highly detailed wide-angle views from a single housing with straightforward installation and configuration Menu options

The four sensor modules each have a pixel count of 2560 x 1440 (approximately 3.7MP) giving a 16:9 aspect ratio. Each has three streams available. The first has four options from the default maximum resolution down to 1280 x 720, all at 16:9 and using H.264 compression. The second stream has five options from the default 352 x 240 up to 704 x 576, all close to 4:3 and again using H.264. The third stream has eight lower resolution options from 352 x 240 up to 1280 x 720 with a default of 764 x 432, however the 1280 x 720 is only available if stream 1 is reduced from its highest setting. All but the default setting of stream 3 are close to 4:3 aspect ratio and all use M-JPEG compression. Named profiles can be stored for specific camera settings, although this would generally be managed by a compatible video management system. Panoramic views are not supported due to the flexibility of camera positioning. The modules have a 2.8mm lens that gives a

The browser view Setup button opens an additional window showing the menu tree with the following options: Video and Audio – Video, OSD, ROI, Audio and Privacy mask settings. Camera – Profile, Image Adjust, Exposure, Day & Night, Backlight, White Balance, Image and Video Enhancement. Network – Status, Network settings, Auto IP, ONVIF, UPnP, DDNS, FTP, SMTP, SNMP and RTSP information. Trigger actions – Action rules, Image transfer, Relay output. Events – Event rules, Schedule, Motion, Temperature, Alarm input. Record – Management, Record list and Storage. Security – IP address filter, RTSP authentication, IEEE802.1x, HTTPS, Certificates and Service. System – System information, Diagnostics, Firmware update, Date & Time, DST, User management, Log, Language, Factory reset, Restart and Open source information. All menu text is shown in capitals but is relatively easy to follow. Unfortunately, there was no operator manual available through the website at time of testing, just a blank “Manuals” placeholder, though other support documentation was provided. This reduces the information available to set the motion sensing and activation features as there is no on-line help from the camera. The image enhancement option is just for Mirror & Flip of the image and 3D Noise reduction. The noise reduction is very effective at reducing image swirl on complex backgrounds. Video enhancement just gives a 50 / 60 Hertz Flickerless selection option.


viewing angle of approximately 90° (H) x 55° (V). The sensitivity is stated as 0.41 Lux colour and 0.022 Lux monochrome and performs well in a range of lighting conditions. While small, the sensor modules do include switching infrared filters for true day / night operation. All operate independently so are likely sensing video level. No “hunting” was observed at lower light levels; Slow, Middle or Fast switchover transition times can be selected along with a 1-10 value for both colour and monochrome switch levels. The unit does not include any infrared illumination, but the cameras are IR sensitive so supplemental lighting can be used. Date & Time which is initially set to US East Coast time of GMT-5 are given date display options of yy-mm-dd or mm/dd/yy only, so not in a UK preferred display format but the year does show as four digits. It is not stated why the separators are different. Time & Date can be turned on individually for each camera. The text is orange with black edging and while not clear in the quad view is fine in single image display. Several NTP server options are offered or a manual entry can be input. The browser display allows individual images to be taken to full screen but not the quad view. Up to 16 privacy zones can be set for each image. These are set with a drag and release of the mouse button and appear as black rectangles. Similarly, up to 4 motion detection zones can be allocated per camera. RTSP stream authentication is not turned on by default so should be turned on in the Security menu settings. Channel allocation is 1 to 3 for Camera 1 streams 1 to 3, then 5 to 7 for Camera 2’s streams, 9 to 11 for Camera 3 and 13 to 15 for camera 4. The Micro SD card slots are very accessible and can be used for continuous or event recording. Recordings have a .ts extension that can be played with a variety of media players.

Conclusion An interesting approach to the provision of multicamera highly detailed wide-angle views from a single housing with straightforward installation and configuration. Needs to be used with a compatible NVR or VMS to gain the full benefits of this approach.

8.0 out of 10 NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result

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See More.

Purpose-Built for Smart Video

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sยดรทรฟยดรณร ร ยฟร รฟย ร ฬฏรท [ร ย รณรฟ rร ยฐยดรค [รฟรครณย ยฟยด [รคร ฤ รฟร รคร รท ย รณยด รณยดย ยฐฤ รฟรค ยดร รฐรคฤ ยดรณ ย ร ยฐ ย ยชยชยดร ยดรณย รฟยด รฟร ยด ยดฤ รฐร รครทร รคร ร ร รณยดย ร ฬ รฟร ร ยด ฤ ร ยฐยดรค ยฐย รฟย ย ร ยฐ ,หป cร ยด รฐรณรคฤ ยดร ย ร ยฐ รฟรณฤ รทรฟยดยฐ s Tฤ รณรฐร ยดฮซ รฐรครณรฟยพรคร ร รค ร รท รฐฤ รณรฐรครทยดฬ ยฉฤ ร ร รฟ ยพรครณ รทร ย รณรฟ ฤ ร ยฐยดรค รทฤ รทรฟยดร รท รฟร ย รฟ รครฐยดรณย รฟยด ษธษบฬ ษฝหถ รฐรณรคฤ ร ยฐร ร ยฟ ฤ ร รฟรณย ฬ reliable and durable smart video recording from camera to cloud.

Learn more at

*As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment. sยดรทรฟยดรณร ร ยฟร รฟย ร หถ รฟร ยด sยดรทรฟยดรณร ร ยฟร รฟย ร ร รคยฟรคหถ ร ร #รณย ร ยด ย ร ยฐ s Tฤ รณรฐร ยด ย รณยด รณยดยฟร รทรฟยดรณยดยฐ รฟรณย ยฐยดร ย รณร รท รครณ รฟรณย ยฐยดร ย รณร รท รคยพ sยดรทรฟยดรณร ร ยฟร รฟย ร รครณรฐรครณย รฟร รคร รครณ ร รฟรท ย ยพล ร ร ย รฟยดรท ร ร รฟร ยด g[ ย ร ยฐฬ รครณ รครฟร ยดรณ ยชรคฤ ร รฟรณร ยดรทหป cร ยด ร ร ยชรณรค[ ร ย รณร ย ร ยฐ ร รคยฟรค ย รณยด รฟรณย ยฐยดร ย รณร รท รครณ รณยดยฟร รทรฟยดรณยดยฐ รฟรณย ยฐยดร ย รณร รท รคยพ [ ฬ ษน หถ ;; หป ร ร รครฟร ยดรณ ร ย รณร รท ย รณยด รฟร ยด รฐรณรครฐยดรณรฟฤ รคยพ รฟร ยดร รณ รณยดรทรฐยดยชรฟร ฤ ยด รคฤ ร ยดรณรทหป Tรณรคยฐฤ ยชรฟ รทรฐยดยชร ล ยชย รฟร รคร รท รทฤ ยฉร ยดยชรฟ รฟรค ยชร ย ร ยฟยด ฤ ร รฟร รคฤ รฟ ร รครฟร ยชยดหป Tร ยชรฟฤ รณยดรท รทร รคฤ ร ร ย ฤ ฤ ย รณฤ ยพรณรคร ย ยชรฟฤ ย ร รฐรณรคยฐฤ ยชรฟรทหป ฮจษธษถษธษถ sยดรทรฟยดรณร ร ยฟร รฟย ร รครณรฐรครณย รฟร รคร รครณ ร รฟรท ย ยพล ร ร ย รฟยดรทหป ร ร รณร ยฟร รฟรท รณยดรทยดรณฤ ยดยฐหป

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Camera range is expanded

Johnson Controls has expanded its Tyco Illustra range with the launch of a new Flex multi-directional camera. Designed to provide monitoring over wide open spaces, the second generation, ONVIF Profile S compliant Illustra Flex multi-directional camera is equipped with four separate image sensors which can be individually positioned and angled to provide up to 360 degree coverage via four separate nonstitched video streams. Each of the four sensors are able to capture 4MP images, enabling the camera to cover an area which might normally require four separate high definition video surveillance cameras. The Illustra Flex multi-sensor camera’s magnetic base enables each sensor to be independently placed and a three-axis gimbal on each sensor allows their individual fields of view to be finely tuned.

New professional wireless security system is launched RISCO Group has released WiComm Pro, a wireless professional security solution designed to deliver an enhanced performance for UK installations. The system features a range of new accessories and is fully Wi Fi enabled with the inclusion of a new ‘slot in’ module, designed to improve system communications and installer efficiencies. A new modular design means that configuring the panel, adding communications modules and mounting it on a wall requires less time to be spent on site than earlier RISCO wireless solutions. WiComm Pro includes ‘presence zone’, a capability in which users can configure the system to receive push notifications in specified zones such as gardens and driveways, whilst the system is unset. Powered by RISCO Cloud, WiComm Pro allows installers to upsell visual verification solutions such as VUpoint and PIR camera detectors, as well as home automation. The new system is launched in parallel with Piccolo, a new PIR and pet friendly PIR detector, designed with detection performance, simple installation and maintenance in mind. 16

Intercom station delivers HD voice and HD video

Zenitel has launched the TCIV+ (Turbine Compact Intercom Video) Station. Combining the audio of the company’s Turbine Compact Series with video, the TCIV+ provides users with a communication solution that allows for integration with other security systems. A wide-angle lens captures the area around the station, and a 30-per-second frame rate provides a natural look of any movement caught on the camera. For performance, the 4x Cortex CPU cores, 4 Gbit RAM, and 1 Gb flash memory ensure that the TCIV+ series is quickly processing data. The station is well protected from damage and destruction, thanks to its solid aluminum, die-cast frame.

Upgrade monitored alarms with visual verification Optex has launched its new Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution in the UK and Ireland, powered by CHeKT – a hardware and software solution that takes separate intruder and CCTV technologies installed on the same site, but acting independently, and ‘bridges’ them to create one, seamless, integrated visual monitoring solution. Monitored intruder alarms can now be visually verified within seconds, without impacting the integrity of the technology installed, or its Grade. When an alarm occurs, a signal is instantly sent to the ARC whose operator can view images pre and post the alarm event as well as the live view via a dedicated portal to determine whether the alarm is genuine. Camera locations can be overlaid with a map of detection zones, thus helping the ARC operator to quickly and easily ‘see’ where the incident has occurred and take the appropriate action. Images can also be sent directly to the customer’s handheld device for further verification if, for example, the alarm is genuine but the ‘intruder’ is known to the customer or has a legitimate reason for being on site.

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EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at a few of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Cameras enable colour imaging around the clock

Simple access control using built-in PIN-pad For those looking to secure rooms in busy public spaces, Code Handle from Assa Abloy Door Hardware features a built-in PIN-pad for a convenient access control solution. Access is granted to authorised individuals via a fourdigit code on the handle’s keypad. Code Handle also automatically locks when a door closes. Code Handle is battery-powered and so requires no wiring, and works together with an existing locking unit – users can keep the current cylinder or lock, and upgrade almost any interior door to Code Handle by securing it in place with simply two screws.

Hikvision has announced new Pro Series cameras featuring 4K as well as its ColorVu and AcuSense technology. 4K ColorVu technology enables cameras to produce colourful videos reportedly even in extremely dim environments. In addition, Hikvision has added varifocal cameras (the DF8T-Z series) to the new Turbo HD Analogue models with ColorVu to create 24/7 colour imaging in all focal lengths. The newly released cameras integrate AcuSense technology to help users, via deep learning algorithms, to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects such as rain, leaves and animals. Alarms will only be triggered when the pre-set intrusion type takes place.

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

Suite of hardware and software video solutions is announced 3xLOGIC is launching its VIGIL suite of video solutions across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The ecosystem, comprising software and hardware such as cameras, recorders, thermal imagers, people counters, and accessories, is designed to provide a scalable security solution tailored for every need. Business leaders have increasing amounts of data available to analyse, with the total amount of data in the world forecast to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020. The 3xLOGIC ecosystem taps into this, by capturing and analysing these ‘big data’ elements and combining disparate data sets. This helps business leaders to optimise their operations, find efficiencies, secure their buildings and assets, and solve problems they never knew they had. The video suite additionally integrates with security systems, point of sale systems, alarm management platforms, and cloud-based management systems.


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Planning for growth This month we speak to Matt Philp, the new Managing Director at distributor QED, who steps up after a long spell in a different role within the company ack in the October 2020 edition we reported that Quality Essential Distribution (QED) has appointed Matt Philp as Managing Director. Matt had previously held the role of Product Development Director and for over 20 years he had been at the forefront of the company’s product and technology development. Dave Arrowsmith and Ian Smith, Joint Owners made the announcement saying: “We are delighted to announce Matt as the new Managing Director of QED. This appointment reflects a newfound vision and our commitment to customer service, which is the most important part of our business.” Reflecting on his appointment at the time, Matt said: “I am very excited at the prospect of leading QED as it continues to grow.” It was also stated that Matt would “hit the ground running” in his new position, with ambitious plans to expand the product portfolio, launch a new corporate identity and drive the business forward. Therefore it seemed like a good idea to catch up with him to find out more about his plans and what these might mean for installers.


What is it like to be sitting in the big chair now? I'm delighted to take on the role. It's been a bit of the baptism of fire, coming at such a challenging time, but it started well, I'm enjoying it and every day seems to be a school day. Have you got any immediate plans in mind – any changes for the company? Oh yes! First and foremost though I want to get empowerment into the team; giving them the self-belief needed to gain and maintain a mutual trust between us all and increase honestly via open and productive communications between everyone. Will customers notice any changes at QED? Yes, we've set out the plans and everybody here understands what we're looking to do and more importantly what success for the business looks

“First and foremost I want to get empowerment into the team giving them the self-belief needed to gain and maintain a mutual trust between us all” like. We've made some quick changes, such as Steve Constantine taking over my previous role. He'll do brilliantly in that position and has made a great start already. We've also taken on a new senior finance manager who is more businesscentric, rather than being a cautious accountant, as we needed somebody that will take into effect the risk based on what we're looking to achieve and how we are looking to grow.


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“We need to give good and clear communication to make sure installers know what's happening and when it's happening so that they can organise their jobs and we can help make them more profitable�

How will your time as the product development director aid you as MD? That role is a fantastic position to learn about business because you have to cover every single element from the supply chain right through to the customer. What I always used to do was ask "why, what and who?" For example, why is the product useful? Why are we doing it? What benefits does it give and who does it give those benefits to? And are these real benefits, in terms of is that actually a benefit, an advancement or an increase in costs that isn't actually needed for the customer? How do you think the demands of installers have changed since you started at QED? Time has become more and more valuable; they have less and less time so service is everything. Installers need things to happen first time and correctly. We need to give good and clear communication to make sure installers know what's happening and when it's happening so that they can organise their jobs and we can help make them more profitable. Also because of the time demands they don't have the wherewithal to be able to sit back and learn about all of the products because the picture is changing that fast that they don't have the time to learn them like they used to when product could be around for up to five years. Nowadays it can be four or five months before the technology changes again. As a result the technical support that we

offer is vital to them because they haven't got the time to get that in-depth knowledge on some of the products that they're installing. It's essential that we've got fast, reactive technical teams in order to support them. So given that everything does change so quickly, how do you successfully stay ahead of the trends? To do that we have to get close to both the customers and the suppliers and find out what problems are keeping installers awake at night and then look to solve them. We need to make sure that our team are empowered to make decisions quickly and get answers back to people so that they can move on with their part of the installation. We need to make sure that we have the right facilities, like our website that we are relaunching in Q1 2021 so that we can get more information to installers, quicker because they're often now working from home and it's no longer a 9 - 5 job - more like a 24/7 job. We need to be able to get information to people when they need to get it. Are there any technologies that you think have a rosy future and that you think might be on the way out? There is a number of products that we're currently looking at with one being security drones. While we don't know how the government is going to approach that technology going forward, I think that for certain types of property drones could be a really good solution. We've got products like the Agora and IndigoVision collaboration, which brings a superb addition to what was already a marvellous platform. I think that will do really well, especially in the short-term. In regard to products that I think that might be coming to an end, I think I'd have to propose heat tracking cameras. These are not really there for the mass market, once the Covid situation lessens that demand will drop off and anyway I'm not convinced it's the right technology for a lot of the applications that it's been thrown at. The products themselves work, but certain applications suit them better and I think there's been a clambering on the mass market where it doesn't suit and it's not actually solving the problem at hand. Listen to the full interview with Matt in the PSI Security News Podcast


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SECURITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA A look at what’s been happening on PSI’s Instagram feed this month (apart from all the sport...)



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What you’ll be buying in 2021 This month we have a special PSI Panel consisting only of security systems distributors. We thought it would be interesting to ask the technology providers to give us their predictions on which types of systems will be going strong in 2021 and which ones might falter s the entire nation has experienced, 2020 has been a strange year, touching every aspect of our lives. The security industry has not escaped without seeing trends change overnight with thermal cameras currently being used for health screening and non-contact access blowing fingerprint technology away. But the rumours of a vaccine being ready very soon are growing and we might just be looking at a light at the end of the tunnel. So what will our industry be doing next year? We asked UK distributors to give us their predictions for the technology trends for 2021; what they think will be selling well and what might be taking a backward step as Covid comes under some kind of control.


David Davies – DVS Well, 2021 is set to be a year packed full of technologies either being bought to the marketplace or certainly seeing a larger presence. We are already seeing a migration to 4K technologies end to end, from recorders to monitors , while the cost impact is now smaller than ever and the advancement of colour, night time imaging means we are seeing the benefits of this being widely installed and I must say the results are simply outstanding. From protecting property to people to public spaces and even wildlife , the quality of the images is now so good at any time of the day or night that fewer cameras can be installed to actually help lower the cost of ownership but the evidence quality now has never been so good. This trend will continue to rise with 8MP becoming more of a default resolution within twelve months which is really exciting given that five years ago 1080P was a luxury. I do think there will be a rise in AI use , where added value can be gained from either updating firmware or adding a interface , but cameras are not just here to keep us safe with great images, more and more AI is being designed to make our life simpler or add value, like colour searching or alert, object counting, falling down, distress, fighting, over crowding , and the list goes on.

This gives a much wider application base past simply CCTV and adds to the ROI. There are so many AI applications coming through now that it’s almost standard practice to have some sort of AI deployed even if it helps reduce false alarms alone. AI is also helping bridge that gap with smart home installers that want more than just CCTV, whereas the AI or CCTV will now integrate into a much wider use. Many have invested in their smart home tech since CV-19 and this trend is set to continue and grow over the next twelve months, certainly with more and more innovation for this smarter home, smarter life coming to the market place. Whilst I think there is still a market place for cloud systems in CCTV , the uptake has been slower than I expected, but maybe 2021 will see a shift towards this driven by ease of use, security and off site storage. With costs decreasing and more AI being added, maybe they go hand in hand, there is certainly a focus on this from some manufacturers. I have my own theory on what it will take and what the domestic market will look like moving forward and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. I am really excited to see what 2021 brings to the table and where, as an industry, we are heading. But for now wherever you are stay safe and have a very merry Xmas.

8MP will become more of a default resolution within twelve months, which is really exciting given that five years ago 1080P was a luxury

Mark Massie – Fortus UK

As the Covid-19 vaccine becomes widely available we expect to see a further decline in thermal camera opportunities. Although sales for this range were positive at 25

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(from previous page)

“False alarms are expensive, so we believe remote monitoring will become a growth area – whether that’s via receiving centres or homeowners taking responsibility using the Cloud”

the start of the pandemic it quickly became clear that they were unsuitable for identifying asymptomatic people. Therefore, other complimentary products are needed. With this in mind we’re anticipating a rise in technology that identifies people wearing facemasks as well as people counting cameras. We’ve seen larger supermarkets and retailers adopting the traffic light system and would expect smaller retailers to adopt these practices too. There will also be more demand for smarter analytics. False alarms are expensive, so we believe remote monitoring will become a growth area – whether that’s via receiving centres or homeowners taking responsibility using the Cloud. Although there has been some resistance to Cloud based security, we believe that this will gain traction as more people understand the technology and especially when they return to office-based working. It’s worth mentioning that there is an overall trend for higher resolution video. Historically, the price of higher megapixel cameras was prohibitive for some, however as prices become more affordable, we believe that there will be a trade tech up theme throughout 2021.

Neill Williams – Smart R Distribution

I predict 2021 will see organisations look to enhance the value of their existing access control and CCTV systems. This will be achieved through a higher level of integration of the respective technologies, as well as the utilisation of face recognition video analytics. To a large extent, this will be driven by a need to promote social distancing and wherever possible, to avoid individuals coming into close contact with each other. Remotely managed door entry systems, for example, which can be installed and maintained without needing access to individual residences, will continue to grow in popularity, as will access control systems managed and updated via the cloud or remote management portals over cellular networks. These integrated solutions will remove the need for a security or facilities manager to be on site to enrol users and make changes to the system. This will save the time and cost associated with doing so, as well as reduce the risk of the pandemic spreading. The recent development of mobile access decals and plug-in modules which enable existing card readers to be upgraded without 26

incurring the cost and disruption of replacing them with “mobile access enabled” models, will I believe, accelerate the acceptance of mobile access credentials remotely loaded onto a smartphone. As a director of a distribution company which has championed and extolled the benefits of the technology, it pains me to predict that sales of fingerprint biometric access control readers will significantly be affected for the foreseeable future. However, with positive news in respect of effective vaccines on the horizon, we should not perhaps permanently write off a technology which has offered such a highly accurate and convenient way to verify someone’s identity.

James Vian – Mayflex

One of the most exciting development trends I’m watching is Cloud CCTV. Direct to cloud seems the most simple as the camera is directly connected to the internet to streams all or some data, such as alarm events to the cloud. Poor reliability/availability of broadband and lack of built-in security features such as VPNs limit this option in the real world. Cloud management is probably the most exciting trend, we see devices connect generally via a hub/recorder/server to the cloud allowing useful features such as health reporting, configuration access and viewing via standard web browser – great for total compatibility. Hybrid cloud really is where it’s at for me and I think is going to have the biggest impact and growth. High quality recording on site, thus there is a buffer in case of internet congestion/outage top prevent loss of images, plus some or all the data can be sent to the cloud. We can send a snapshot every few seconds to maintain evidential continuity and alarm/event recordings which can be either native to the recorder or from the camera – whichever gives us the best results. Intelligently switching from cloud to local viewing means improved performance and can reduce data costs. It’s easy to manage access to the live and recorded footage from wherever we are in the world! Aggregating sites in the cloud allows the creation of multisite cause and effect scenarios. For example if a security officer is motionless on Site A, then an alert can be sent to Site B allowing continuous monitoring until

EDIT panel dec20_PSI_mar15 23/11/2020 18:00 Page 4

help arrives. The onsite hardware also gives us opportunities for more security such as a builtin VPN, and potentially more security features like rotating encryption keys to ensure perfect forward secrecy - if one key were to get cracked then the maximum a bad-actor could obtain is only 90 seconds! It also opens the possibility of collaborative, bolt-on additional services such as AI cloud analytics. For me, the game changer is the security, adaptability and flexibility. The time is now right for this technology to come of age!

Buzz Coates – Norbain

Due to the current climate, video makes it easy to analyse the image for overcrowding/social distancing so I expect the current trend of utilising video with analytics to carry on. In addition, with recession crime increases further adoption of people detection, traffic monitoring and behaviour analysis in town centres is expected. Also facial recognition will still be on the agenda and will carry on so for some time. Due to the above I also see IP audio systems being deployed more as it goes hand in hand with the analytics, whereby voice annunciation can be used to inform people of overcrowding etc. Cloud technology will be used more and more in 2021 especially with the current crisis.

“Cloud technology will be used more and more in 2021 especially with the current crisis. Security installers have adjusted to more remote servicing and this has maybe encouraged business leaders to change old habits” Security installers have adjusted to more remote servicing and this has maybe encouraged business leaders to change old habits. For new installs the cloud option is now requested more frequently in video applications. Business broadband at 500/500Mbits and Gb/Gb has dropped considerably and now larger systems are seen as more affordable than before – although geographical reach can still be an issue for most parts of the country away from the large conurbations. In 2021, I also expect to see more integration/interoperability in the industry. Integration has mainly been seen at the Enterprise end, but of late, and as manufacturers broaden their product line up – sometimes by acquisition, more and more systems are requiring a better ROI, and integration of Access/CCTV/Intruder/Audio etc is helping to overcome that. The one adoption I don’t see happening much in 2021 is 8K cameras. I feel it will be a slow uptake similar to that of 4K – whereby even now 4K still has very low quantity sales compared to that of 1080HD or 4Mpixel cameras.

Jamie Evans – Oprema

As we bid farewell to a rather eventful 2020 and roll into what we hope will be a more ‘normal’ 2021, I believe the security industry will continue the great strides that were taken before the pandemic. Artificial intelligence (AI) will become more efficient as neural engines and algorithms get more advanced. There will be other exciting advances to compliment the AI improvements such as, better ultra-low light cameras and higher video resolutions. These improvements will flip CCTV from a post event system into a real-time active deterrent system which means minimal false alarms and better quality images of events – day and night. With the industry moving at such a fast pace it is important to ensure engineer training is kept up-to-date and relevant so that companies are deploying this new technology correctly. We seem to have been talking about the cloud for a while and we are moving towards the ultimate goal of a cloud-based storage system. I think 2021 might be too soon for this but as the UK keeps making promises to improve broadband speeds and the advent of 5G mobile networks – we must be close. That’s not to say that we won’t see companies take advantage of cloud-based technologies more in 2021, especially to harness the power of servers with GPU hardware to provide even more advanced video analytics than is currently possible using on site hardware.


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+44 (0)29 2064 1509

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together raising standards

Meet the installer

Security life with Tom Allerton of Frocester Group in Gloucestershire

What would be a typical project for you? We don't have a typical project. It all depends on what the client needs and wants. We pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative to adapt to the specific requirements of each job. On the high-end residential side, we focus on installing high spec systems with aesthetics in mind. We work closely with the client and architects to ensure all needs and requirements are considered, whilst retaining the desired look and feel of the property. For retail and commercial, we can adapt to the scale of the project without having to adjust our working processes, teams or crucially our standards of high service. Then there are the challenging projects. The exciting ones where clients ask for a solution that is not on the market yet. These projects get the teams' brains ticking and working on creating bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs of the client.

Name: Tom Allerton

Do you have any 'go to' technology? We only like to use the equipment best suited to the client needs on each project. We put forward various options to the client explaining the pros and cons of each. We consciously do not oversell equipment that the client will not get full value for money out of, but at the same time ensuring we are installing equipment we feel is well made, reliable and will reflect well both on ourselves as installers, and the manufactures themselves. For intruder alarms panels, we regularly use Texecom and Galaxy Dimension. Access control is a big market these days, but Gallagher, Lenel and C-Cure are the big hitters we usually install. Along with BQT and Assa Abloy for the locks themselves. CCTV is variable depending on the system needed. For many jobs, Dahua fits the bill,

Job title: Director - Security Time in security/fire: 16 years Company: Frocester Group Location: Tetbury, Gloucestershire Areas of expertise: Fire, intruder, CCTV, access control, data for high end residential and commercial properties in the UK and abroad Accreditations: NSI Gold, BAFE, Safe Contractor, ISO 9001 but for the more advanced systems, we use Avigilon and Hanwha to make use of the various integrations and advanced analytics. Is third party accreditation beneficial? These days I think it is essential to have third party accreditations. There is nothing better than having someone else approve of your work. It gives you, customers and other companies you work with the understanding of what to expect from you not only the NSI but also third-party manufacturers accreditations through training or Channel Partner programs. This confidence is essential to help us grow our client base and business.

“We only like to use the equipment best suited to the client needs on each project. We put forward various options to the client explaining the pros and cons of each�

What is the best thing about working in security? The best part is driving things forward through innovative solutions. Year on year the solutions we develop and utilise provide more and more tools for so many sectors to improve not only their security but also things like productivity, data analysis, staffing efficiency and health and safety.


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together raising standards (continued from previous page)

“I think that the current uncertainty around COVID and implications for the future doesn't make life any easier for any of us. But opportunities are arising as a result”

Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? We are fortunate to have a loyal, highly skilled team, as well as many reliable contacts through our years in the industry. I think the main skills going forward will be in training up enthusiastic young school and college leavers. Finding the right individuals will be the most challenging part, but I'm confident, once identified, we have the resource and knowledge to produce the technicians for the future. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? Apart from unrealistic timeframes, (we would like it done by yesterday types!) I feel we have the background among the team to confront any problems head-on with solutions in hand. Of course, you never know what the next issue might be, but not being afraid to accept the challenge is our mentality. What is the industry’s biggest myth? That we are just big brother watching everyone and reporting back to the boss about teabags being left on the coffee table. Some employees still have the impression that we are out to catch them for doing nothing. But the truth is these systems are in place help improve safety and working environments. What impact has smart/home automation had on your business? If anything, it is has improved things for us. Integrations with systems like Crestron only improve the end-user experience. I'm all for the improved functions of the combined systems, and

it gives more reach and opportunities for both sectors. What would make your job easier? I think that the current uncertainty around COVID and implications for the future doesn't make life any easier for any of us. But opportunities are arising as a result. To make life easier, I think we all need to know how the land will lie once this pandemic is under control. What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security/fire product? Fantasy products would be ones that incorporate AI effectively and analyse data and manage third party systems intelligently, providing capacity to the client to perform other tasks safe in the knowledge that their fire and security systems are performing their duties…and more! What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Be brave enough to trust in your capabilities and challenge yourself more. You learn from your mistakes, don't shy away from anything. Will England ever win the World Cup again? I'm optimistic, and I think we'll probably win the next three World Cups! If you won £25,000 what would you do with the money? There are some local charities that would benefit from the money, so we'd help them out. We'd also improve our inhouse training facilities to help us bring along the next generation of security technicians. Tom (left) with James Joyce, Frocester Group Fire Director and their NSI Gold certificates


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Access Control

Intruder Alarm


Multiple Devices

No Software Required

Easy Setup with Checklist Prompts

Send IP Alarms via Multipath-IP Network



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Open for business? We asked Johan Jubbega, President of the Open Security and Safety Alliance (OSSA) and Senior Vice President and General Manager at Bosch Security Systems to tell us why security systems need to be ‘open’. Here he explains how openness drives next developments and establishes trust in the security and safety industries


ver the past year it felt like so many things around us were closed – from retailers and restaurants to travel plans, employment opportunities and more. Amid this downturn, threads of opportunity have been fashioned within the security and safety market, and good things are developing around the concept of an open ecosystem economy. This necessary movement toward open platforms – specifically for video security devices – is centred around harmony, trust, customisation and reduced market friction, and is available today for installers to tap into to impress and ‘wow’ customers.

Why solutions should be open Once upon a time, the security and safety market was dressed in grey-scale analogue technologies. Over the decades, we’ve moved from tape to digital to cloud-based systems, with each step along the assembly line accompanied by tremendous improvements, both for installers and for end customers. As we speak, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way humans interact with the devices and things around them. However, what remains is that different market segments require different types of (custom) solutions. And changing conditions in multiple markets, such as the latest COVID-19 pandemic, require installers to swiftly react by changing the functionality of security and safety systems. Let’s focus on the video security market. In a market where camera systems are predominantly proprietary, the earlier mentioned changes in solutions and functionality require heavy involvement from the camera manufacturer. What if we could design a structured and standardised way that enables others, such as software companies, to develop software functionality for security and safety devices, so that customised and add-on software functionality can be easily realised as a

complement to the basic functionality provided by the manufacturer? In this way, hardware devices that share a certain commonality could enable third parties who have the right skill-sets to develop customised, varying or add-on software solutions. This would tremendously reduce industry complexity and, as a result, fuel innovation beyond the limits of one single company. In such a situation: what about cyber security and privacy? In an increasingly connected world where data-driven solutions become leading, we need to take the topics of data security and privacy dead serious. As openness emerges, companies cannot keep handling these topics individually. This is an opportunity to join forces. By designing a common approach towards cyber security and privacy, we can enforce a sound, industry-wide minimum level of both for all of those involved, because in a world of openness, your system’s cyber security will only be as strong as the weakest link.

The FD9392-EHTV-O from Vivotek is one of the first cameras to be ‘Driven by OSSA’

By designing a common approach towards cyber security and privacy, we can enforce a sound, industry-wide minimum level of both for all of those involved

Three steps to industry openness Reaching this level of openness for video security cameras requires heavy cross-collaboration between industry participants – both to accommodate easy third-party software development that caters to evolving and customised customer requirements, and to establish a common approach to cyber security and privacy. There are three important steps: 33

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Open security ecosystems fuel newfound flexibility for installers and unlock value through a range of options that eventually will seamlessly integrate into systems

First of all, we need to build precise harmony across brands of cameras, including the development of a commonly used Operating System (OS) for the entire industry. This makes software development easier, especially when this OS is open source. In addition, we need standards – those that define a set of interfaces (aka APIs) that collectively enable third-party software applications to run on video security cameras. Another is required to define a core set of system requirements for security cameras, such as minimum processing power and storage. Second, we need to accommodate unity of supply and demand for third-party software applications. We need an IoT infrastructure that involves at least three elements: 1) Developer tools, which an app developer can use to start building software apps, 2) a device management portal, which contains crucial device (health) information for the installer, and 3) most importantly, an app store, through which software applications can be offered, purchased, downloaded and installed, like a smart phone. Third, we need to define and implement a common approach towards data security, privacy

and product performance to establish a baseline for the industry to provide end users and installers with peace of mind. All three steps are equally important. And to enforce them, OSSA was founded in late 2018. Today, nearly 40 security and safety companies have joined the initiative. Based on the three steps above, in 2020 we’re seeing the first ‘Driven by OSSA’ video security camera models making their way to market from leading manufacturers including AndroVideo, Bosch, Hanwha Techwin, Topview/Qisda and Vivotek.

Suited for success By choosing openness, device manufacturers, VMS providers, app developers and installers can all work side-by-side to imagine and engineer hardware, software and services that enable new levels of success. Open security ecosystems fuel newfound flexibility for installers and unlock value through a range of options that eventually will seamlessly integrate into systems for unmatched levels of customised, varying or add-on security solutions. And that’s a good fit for all involved.

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Introducing the new

Touch Intruder Keypad With Capacitive Touch Screen

Ha^b! ZaZ\Vci XdciZbedgVgn egdÃ’aZ! YZh^\cZY id XdbeaZbZci bdYZgc ^ciZg^dgh# ;ZVijg^c\ Vc ZVhn id gZVY \gVe]^XVa Y^heaVn VcY XVeVX^i^kZ idjX] hXgZZc#


;jaan XdbeVi^WaZ l^i] Vaa =@8 HZXjgZLVkZ

Xdcigda eVcZah


Je id - l^gZY `ZneVYh eZg hnhiZb


JhZg hZaZXiVWaZ XdadjgZY ig^bh


Size: 180mm x 112mm x 22mm


Weight: 215g


>:C *%&(&"( <gVYZ ' 8aVhh >>


BS 8243 & PD6662


Temperature: -10 to +40°C

Proximity tag compatible

Get in touch by calling 01706 373560 or email

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The surveillance checklist

Kenny Long, UK Business Development Lead at Digital Barriers believes the PLANT checklist is key for the successful installation and operation of surveillance technology


urveillance technologies such as live streaming enabled body worn cameras are hugely valuable tools. The ability to live stream video directly from a body camera or CCTV camera to a control centre gives unparalleled situational awareness and allows control centre


staff to make fully informed mission critical decisions. These kinds of technologies can also be a lifeline for overstretched and underresourced frontline security and law enforcement teams and the communities they serve. Throughout my career in policing and beyond, the PLANT acronym has served me well in ensuring technology is deployed responsibly, for the right reasons and with no undue cause for concern. Considering whether activities are proportionate, legal, accountable, necessary and transparent is the best way to build public trust and avoid any unforeseen issues arising further down the line. The value of video surveillance is irrefutable, but police and security personnel must ensure it’s used appropriately. To start with they must ensure that the use of the security tool is proportionate. For instance, live streaming enabled body

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cameras can help police forces with limited resources work more effectively, allowing them to better uphold public safety – a proportionate use. The legality of deployment is another key factor that must be considered. This is very simple when operating on private land at a closed event, however, on public land there are much more stringent legal considerations and permissions that need to be observed before deployment. The next stage is accountability – who can be held to account if something goes wrong? Let’s not forget that as smart as technology has become, the decision making, and therefore culpability, will always lie with security personnel. So, it’s vital these operators are trained sufficiently with the tools they are using and fully understand the steps they can take and when. The next stage of the process is to decide whether the deployment is necessary. Video surveillance tools can undoubtedly help security officers uphold public safety but the necessity of these devices must still be assessed. For example, adopting live streaming enabled body worn cameras can enable security personnel to spend more time in the field and less time transporting video evidence from record-only

cameras back to the station – allowing them to make better use of their valuable time. Transparency has to be one of the main considerations when deploying surveillance technology due to any privacy concerns people may have. But it also goes beyond privacy, as announcing that video surveillance is in use with signs and readily available information reassures people that they are entering a safe, secure environment and can even act as a visible deterrent against anti-social behaviour. The PLANT acronym will never be a one size fits all strategy, but security and law enforcement personnel must always consider the use of surveillance before deployment – or more specifically, ensure it’s proportionate, legal, accountable, necessary and transparent. Video surveillance tools will always be a vital element of security, but deployment must be considered and careful to avoid ethical and legal concerns. By leveraging the PLANT mentality, security and law enforcement organisations can ensure each deployment is proportionate, legal, accountable, necessary and transparent – putting those with privacy concerns at ease and enhancing public safety.

Video surveillance tools will always be a vital element of security, but deployment must be considered and careful to avoid ethical and legal concerns


@psimagazine follow PSI on Twitter for news, views & comment

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Reduce unwanted alarms Innovision Security‘s Intruder Watch software uses AI and Deep Learning for accurate detection minimising false alarms. It analyses movement, ignores ordinary background motion and supports false alarm filters. Here we take a closer look:


“To date we have not yet had a device locked out due to false alarms and all sites have had 100% protection”

alse alarms are a real problem for all parties in the security industry, emergency services and the end users. Being able to verify alarms not only reduces the levels of unwanted alerts but it also identifies what threats may be occurring giving responders key information. Intruder Watch technology is a video analytics software solution that delivers verification security solutions for real-time, accurate detection and the prevention of crime. The system detects and identifies threats within seconds, providing the opportunity to prevent the crime from happening via live deterrents and immediate response. The solution supports the integration of a range of desired responses to meet the requirements of the customer depending on the application.

How it works Virtual perimeters and motion detection in restricted areas detects intruders and suspicious activity such as loiterers, unauthorised vehicles,

or system tampering. The system differentiates between people, animals, shadows and vehicles using thermal surveillance, facial recognition and movement tracking. Once a threat is correctly verified in real-time, designated alerts for key holders, security team (RST) and/or police are automatically activated. Correct identification triggers a live deterrent to prevent or delay the crime from taking place. Immediate response is actioned in real time via the 24/7 monitoring station, such as panic room activation, Private Security Team response and/or police response. To delve a little deeper into the technology and its benefits we spoke to Ben Lewis, Managing Director at Innovision Security: Why should installers be interested in Intruder Watch? Because it’s extremely easy and straight-forward. You don’t require any extensive knowledge or understanding of video analytics - we do it all for you. How does the system work with existing installations? Quite simply it’s a plug and play server solution that can be added to any new or exisiting ONVIF compliant IP camera setup. Is there an app? Everyone loves an app! Yes we have an app that allows the end user to arm and disarm their system manually as well as having the option to setup schedules if required, better still the app can also be used for other devices too such as opening their electric gates. What is Innovision’s involvement in the installation? We log in to the system remotely on completion of the installation in order to set up the analytics and to check everything is fully operational, system healthchecks are running in the background and in the event of a problem the installer is notified immediately, we also offer ongoing 24/7 support should you need it. What is a typical application in which you’ve seen genuine results? We have seen great results for residential and commercial properties when used for intrusion detection; historically sites have had devices locked out for several hours due to countless false alarms which then leaves the site vulnerable to attack. To date we have not yet had a device locked out due to false alarms and all sites have had 100% protection at all times.


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4MP IPC 100M IR Smart Auto Tracking PTZ Perimeter Protection • PFA Technology • SMD Plus • Starlight Technology

Starlight Technology

25x Optical Zoom

Face Detection



Vehicle Tracking

Human Tracking


Download The FREE QLS App Now! To View Latest Product Information, Demos & So Much More!

Features Include: Ezee Switch WhatsApp Tech Support Quote Builder Exclusive Promotions How To Guides/Videos • For further information - Call 02392 488300

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Ideal for... RETAIL









OF ±0.3ºC





Ideal for... WAREHOUSES










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Making sense of sensors PSI recently caught up with Barry Sargent of Nittan who revealed four things you may not know about multi-sensors and fire detection


ptical detectors may be the number one fire detector in the market today, but the popularity of multi-sensors has increased dramatically over recent years and prices have fallen, making them all the more attractive. “Multi-sensors combine two sensor types within one alarm, most frequently optical smoke and heat sensors,” explains Barry Sargent. “As different sensors detect different types of smoke and heat, and therefore different types of fire, combining more than one sensor in a single unit potentially makes for an improved response to real fires (as opposed to false alarms). It also reduces unit and installation costs, makes alarm specification far easier and, let’s face it, looks a whole lot better than having two alarms on the ceiling.” That much you may well already be aware of, but here are four aspects of multi-sensors that Barry thinks you may not have considered before:

1. Multi-sensors vary “Not all multi-sensors are born equal!” says Barry. “Just because you specify / fit a multi-sensor, don’t assume it will perform better than all single

sensor detectors. A good quality optical alarm that has been correctly specified and installed will more than likely outperform a low cost, basic multi-sensor; and by outperform I refer to their ability to detect fires whilst discerning false alarm sources.” That’s because, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Multi-sensors vary dramatically in design, from basic models where there is limited cross evaluation of the sensor values, through to highly sophisticated devices featuring advanced algorithms to assess the variation in values from each sensor in order to determine the nature of the potential fire. The Building Research Establishment’s (BRE) ‘The performance of multi-sensors in fire and false alarm tests’ Briefing Paper is quite clear about this: “The use of multi-sensor technology has the potential to reduce certain types of commonly encountered false alarms. However, the extent to which this can be realised depends on the particular implementation of features designed to improve false alarm immunity. It cannot be assumed that use of simply any multisensor detector will impact significantly on the occurrence of false alarms from every form of firelike phenomena.” “If you want to reap the benefits a multi-sensor can bring, it’s imperative you invest your budget wisely and don’t automatically go for the lowest cost option,” advises Barry.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Multi-sensors vary dramatically in design, from basic models where there is limited cross evaluation of the sensor values


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(from previous page)

E-cigarettes have proven particularly problematic. They generate water vapour which, in an enclosed space where there are a number of people vaping, can have the same effect as steam causing a sensor to go into false alarm 2. False alarms could be reduced According to ‘Fire and rescue incident statistics, England, year ending March 2020’, of all incidents attended by fire and rescue services, fire false alarms made up 42% compared to actual fires at 28%. That’s 231,431 wasted visits; a waste of precious resources. And if that doesn’t bother you, then consider the cost implications for end users: problems that stem from false alarms are estimated to cost UK businesses around a billion pounds per year! Reducing false alarms is therefore a major task the fire industry has been attempting to address over the years and one of the reasons for the development of the multi-sensor. The BRE Briefing Paper referenced above, reporting on its test of 35 different optical heat multi-sensor detectors (representing the full range of those available in the marketplace at that time), estimates that potentially 38.1% of observed false alarms could have been reduced if multi-sensors had been present. That means a potential reduction in UK business losses of £381 million per annum.

3. Immunity to non-combustion materials Whilst offering improved performance over standard optical detectors, multi-sensors have limitations. In fact, the BRE research demonstrated that, although delayed somewhat,


in all cases alarms were given from noncombustion materials such as steam, dust or aerosol. The delay might allow for any transient false alarm sources to disappear before the fire threshold is reached, but it does not entirely stop a false alarm in these instances. Furthermore, to ensure this delay, some multi-sensor detectors have been configured (or can be configured by the installer) to be less sensitive which is a compromise that is not always acceptable or ideal. It should also be noted that not all known causes of false alarms could be tested by the BRE. False alarm tests covering long-term dust build up, condensation, cigarette smoke, synthetic smoke and insect ingress were not possible due to difficulties with developing repeatable tests. In fact, e-cigarettes have proven particularly problematic. They generate water vapour which, in an enclosed space where there are a number of people vaping, can have the same effect as steam i.e. can cause a sensor to go into false alarm. A standard multi-sensor will struggle to identify this.

4. Sensor combinations Whilst smoke and heat sensors are the most common combination, there are others available, including some that include carbon monoxide sensors and some that use more than two technologies. One of the less well-known combination, but highly effective, is a heat sensor and two optical sensors, albeit each using very different sensor technologies. “Some multi-sensors feature dual optical alarm technology plus a heat sensor,” says Barry Sargent. “The dual optical alarm technology is based on particle light scattering theory, but instead of just using the standard Infra-Red light, found in optical alarms, it also employs blue LED to provide a more accurate measurement of particles within the chamber. Using a complex algorithm to calculate the ratio of these light sources, which operate at different wavelengths, the detector can determine the particle size and thus distinguish between smoke and noncombustion products such as steam, aerosols and dust, which is where most typical multi-sensors struggle. Using this method, there is no need to lower the device’s sensitivity to actual combustion products.” So, what can we learn from this? Multi-sensors can indeed be a good solution, especially in areas prone to false alarms, but only if you buy sensibly. Look for devices that have specific features designed to improve false alarm immunity, rather than units that simply contain two sensors that essentially work separately from each other.

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Measure your service business 1. Service Growth – factors to track include: • Value of maintenance contract base • Recurring income as % of total sales (e.g. Maintaining, testing, inspecting, monitoring, certifying and remedial service income) • New maintenance contracts quoted and sold • Value of maintenance contracts cancelled • Service works (sometimes called small works or remedials) • Number of leads • Number of leads generated by engineers • Number of quotes • Conversion rate % quote to order • Average order value

The final article in the series compiled by Jim Rathbone of Rathbone Results designed to help you grow your installation business

I would encourage you to review your service operations dashboard and reporting system and see which KPIs you should introduce 44


easure Your Service Business is the last in this seven-part series offering advise on how you can grow your service business and recurring income. So far, we have looked at these critical success factors:

1. Develop the service business mindset. It is vital to develop a service business and growth mindset when the installation activity can be so time consuming. 2. Set service goals. Goals keep us energised and focused on what we are trying to achieve. 3. Increase sales from customers. Your customers are the easiest, most profitable group through whom you can increase your service sales. 4. Retain service contracts. Service contracts can be retained for many years, if the customer sees he/she is getting value for money, continues to have a good experience and feels valued as a customer. 5. Generate leads for new accounts. To accelerate growth in service sales you need to develop, test and measure new lead generation methods for winning new customers. 6. Increase profit through pricing. Clear pricing policies and effective pricing management will positively impact your profits. Measuring your service business is a cornerstone of growing your service business. Every service business is full of detail. The most important should be measured across the three dimensions of service growth, service quality and service efficiency. Goals and improvement activities can then be developed for the area(s) you wish to focus on. This will enable you to better manage the growth, customer experience and cost efficiency. You may need to develop or enhance your service business reporting and dashboard. Let us consider some of the measurements and KPIs you might track under the three dimensions:

2. Service Quality – factors to track include: • Annual maintenance contract attrition % • Cancelled contract value • Call out 1st time fix rate % • Number of repeat corrective call-out visits • Number of outstanding preventative maintenance visits • Number of goodwill call-outs • Number of complaints/issues 3. Cost Efficiency – factors to track include: • No of engineer visits per day • Average revenue per engineer per annum / per day • Service gross profit % • Service direct labour % • Engineer utilisation % on fee earning work • Number of free of charge (goodwill) corrective call outs • Number of warranty calls • Average corrective call out value In the light of the above, I would encourage you to review your service operations dashboard and reporting system and see which of the above KPIs you should introduce. Check that you have targets in place for each of the service KPIs. Confirm that there is clear ownership and accountability for delivering the targets. Where the actual result is below target, confirm improvement actions are in place and they are sufficient to deliver the target. I hope you have found this series on Growing Your Service Business helpful and it has given you some practical ideas and tips on how grow your recurring income and improve the profitability and performance of your service business. If you have missed any articles in the series you can check them out on the PSI website. Jim Rathbone is the Managing Director of Rathbone Results which supports security installers to increase profits and grow recurring income

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More than just a distributor... SITE SURVEYS







...Your project support partner THAT’S THE ADI DIFFERENCE Award winning project support Speak to your ADI Account Manager Call: 0161 687 8787

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Grow your dealership with a cloudbased security platform Enjoy a closer customer relationship and recurring monthly revenues In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, if you’re a dealer or an installer in the security sector, you’re probably facing several difficult challenges. The first of these lies in finding the best way to streamline and consolidate your business. To ensure future success, you might also need to grow your business and develop a stronger, long-term relationship with your customers wherever possible. However, an increasing number of your customers are likely to be young, tech-savvy business owners who are looking for simple, instant security solutions that can be easily updated. You’re therefore likely to be facing growing demands for these types of solutions, and you will need to offer a better alternative than the DIY solutions that are readily available and are flooding the market. A cloud-based security platform not only meets this need but will also enable you to manage your customers’ requirements and systems more effectively. This will make you more proactive and will increase the opportunities for recurring monthly revenues (RMR). This is why at Honeywell, we’ve been investing heavily in our own cloud-based security solution, which offers a range of benefits to both dealers and end users. Our new MAXPRO Cloud platform makes life easier for your customers because it enables them to manage the security of multiple sites via the cloud – from wherever they are. But for dealers and installers, the beauty of this solution is that it provides a useful route towards healthy future growth. For more visit:

Remote connectivity with Integriti Managing access control and security remotely is essential in the current climate. Inner Range’s Enterprise level intelligent access control and intruder detection system comes with a range of options for remote connectivity, as technical manager Dave Ash explains. Fixed client - Most Integriti customers benefit from our Integriti Pro software on the system server that allows one fixed client connection. A client connection can be made to the server from any computer on the same network, or can be routed from an external network in various ways including via VPN A security manager could install the client software onto their work laptop and connect – remotely if need be – to the server in the office.Fixed (and floating) client access provides a more secure link to Integriti than a web client connection, especially if customers use a secure encrypted VPN or tunnelling protocol as well. Fixed client access allows greater control over system actions than a web client too. Floating client - Some customers prefer to set up a floating client licence, which is installed on the server as well as the computers or laptops of employees who will need to access the system. It allows an agreed number of operators to connect simultaneously. For example, a team of 20 people could be allowed to use the system and have the relevant software on their computer but only five could be logged in at any one time. This is obviously helpful for larger teams that share duties 24/7. A floating client licence offers the same security and functionality as a fixed client. Web client - A web client gives customers a more flexible way to connect with Integriti via a web browser. The access is not fixed to a particular computer but is linked to a person’s identity credentials. A web client licence gives secure access to Integriti and allows a security manager to do the majority of tasks they could do via a fixed or floating client connection. Multiple licences are required if more than one person needs access at the same time. Visit:


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Open Door is an online service from PSI that provides in-depth information from a selection of market leading companies. Here are some of the highlights from the pages of Open Door..... Texecom Cloud – Manage, configure and control your alarm portfolio Remote maintenance - Save money by automating system maintenance – reduce engineer call outs and identify issues in advance. On-site programming - Speed up on-site programming using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Access anywhere - Add value to customers by updating programming from anywhere in the world. Managed access - Control access and make sure the right engineers have access to the right systems. Custom branding - Own the customer experience. Add your company branding to the Texecom Connect app. (Coming soon for Gold level membership) Sign up for your free Texecom Cloud account today! - Get ready for the next wave of digital services from Texecom and join the thousands of systems already benefiting from remote cloud management and control. Visit:

Making data visible and usable with Intelligent Insights Using data to improve security, safety, and business decisions has become increasingly important to the market and continues to grow. Now, Bosch has introduced an affordable software solution called ‘Intelligent Insights’ that enables customers to use data in new ways. It completes the data journey from scene to screen and helps users quickly understand the context of various situations, enabling them to make informed decisions. When, for example, the maximum number of people allowed to be in the area is reached, Intelligent Insights can immediately inform users. This is very helpful when considering public health issues like the rapid spread of viruses such as COVID-19. Intelligent Insights can be used standalone or seamlessly integrated with other systems to enhance situational awareness further. Visit:

IDIS helps video users adapt to fast changing site requirements with app Video surveillance users can adapt to the challenges of working more flexibly between home, office, stores, and the control room with the newly released IDIS Mobile Plus app. Mobile Plus now integrates the company’s popular IDIS Mobile app with its network and digital recorders, network cameras, and IDIS Solution Suite VMS, for improved and more powerful functionality, anytime and anywhere. It gives users remote situational awareness of single and multiple sites. The app enables up to 4K live streaming on remote mobile devices, with high image quality in H.264/MJPEG and H.265 formats. Recorded footage can be played back in the same high definition that operators and managers are used to from their control rooms or client software. Users can choose from a range of viewing options – including portrait or landscape, dark mode, simultaneous 1/4/9/16 split screens, and a four-channel synchronized 2 x 2 split screen mode – to quickly receive multiple camera events. For more visit:


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Simple but tough new mechanical lock

Customised cloud functionality for video Arcules has announced the addition of its new Edge Cloud solution to its platform, which will address the changing needs of an organisation’s video surveillance and security data capture and storage. With the introduction of the Arcules Edge Cloud solution, businesses now have the ability to store all video data locally to address low-bandwidth challenges and usage for their video management while still benefiting from the value of the Arcules cloud approach to remote security services. The new Arcules Edge Cloud solution is designed to deliver customised cloud functionality based on specific security priorities, risk environment and operational priorities. It also addresses some of the main challenges that customers face when considering cloud-based options: Internet issues, high camera counts and the need for network traffic optimisation.

PTZ equipped with AI object tracking AI based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive IR illumination and enhanced cyber security are a few of the features which have been built into the new Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras launched by Hanwha Techwin. Designed for perimeter protection and large open area applications the new 2MP, 6MP and 4K cameras are able to capture evidence grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres regardless of the lighting conditions, with the help of adaptive IR technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom. At the heart of the new Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras is Wisenet7, Hanwha Techwin’s proprietary chipset.


Codelocks has released the KL15 KitLock, a keyless access solution for personal lockers and cabinets. The KL15 mechanical lock joins the KitLock by Codelocks range. It features an anti-vandal handle and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Specifically for personal use and ideal for storage lockers, the KL15 is a Private Function lock. The user can set their own fourdigit code and change this as often as they wish – making it easy to use. The code is entered via four wheels (allowing for up to 10,000 unique combinations) and the red and green indicators denotes whether the locker is locked or unlocked. The KL15 also features a code retrieval function, allowing the user to determine the combination with a code finder key, in case of a forgotten code.

New interface expands system functionality LenelS2 has announced an interface between the OnGuard physical access control system and the DMP XR550 and XR550E intrusion detection systems. Leveraging the new interface, the OnGuard platform can now centrally manage and link cardholders with users for both systems minimising manual and redundant input of user profile information. Additionally, the interface provides command and control of the DMPmonitored areas, zones and devices within the DMP panels. OnGuard users will now be able to arm and disarm the system as well as quickly see all alarm events within the OnGuard interface.

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CCTV – TRIED & TESTED An overview of some of the products we have featured in PSI independent test reports. This month we highlight recent CCTV reviews; products are listed in no particular order. As always, manufacturers and distributors have no input in the test reports or results Bosch – Flexidome NDE-3503-AL Part of the Bosch Flexidome IP 3000i IR range, this fixed dome camera is impact resistant to IK10 with IP66 protection rating and has a 1/2.9” 5MP CMOS sensor, 3.2 to 10mm motorised lens and a range of “Essential” video analytic functions. It has a diameter of 137mm and height of 122.5mm. It has an operating temperature of -30°C to +50°C. Review: A very capable dome camera with a wide range of configuration options.

IDIS – DC-S6283HRXL The DC-S6283HRXL dome is an external IP66, IK10 rated, 1/2” CMOS 2MP Lightmaster PTZ ONVIF compliant dome with 36 times zoom lens and long range IR capability. Review: A well featured PTZ dome with simple setup, excellent optical performance and enhanced IR illumination.

Concept Pro – CP-HSD20-AHD This Concept Pro IP66 IK10 rated speed-dome is based on the Starvis 1/2.8” CMOS sensor, giving a 2MP (1920 x 1080p) image with a 20x zoom lens and in-built infrared illuminators with a stated range of up to 150 metres. A 30x zoom version is also available. The camera provides outputs for all the main analogue HD formats such as AHD, CVI, TVI along with the digital over coax SDI standard. Review: An interesting highly sensitive HD speed dome that gives a potentially easy route to changing from analogue HD to IP based viewing and control, compatible with all key analogue HD systems. Some of the camera’s core configuration options are not currently accessible via the browser but possibly may be included in a future firmware version.

Optio – OPA4ED28V12IRG

The OPA4ED28V12IRG camera is an IP67 rated, 4 Megapixel (2560H x 1440V) Eyeball style analogue camera with a varifocal 2.7mm to 12mm lens. It consists of an aluminium body and mount available in a dark grey or white finish. Optio products form a subset of the Vista range. Review: Working with all of the key analogue HD formats and providing up to 4MP resolution this camera is relatively simple to install and set up. When combined with a compatible recorder, this camera allows simple and cost-effective upgrades for legacy analogue systems using coaxial cabling.


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Hikvision – DS-2CD4A26FWD This camera is a high-end outdoor bullet camera identified as part of Hikvision’s DarkFighter range. The camera offers very high sensitivity and 1920 x 1080p HD performance with pre-installed firmware to provide video analytic functions. These can be selected from options including Audio Exception, Defocus, Scene Change, Face, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Region Entrance, Region Exiting, Unattended Baggage and Object Removal Detection. Review: The wide range of detection methods mean that this camera can fulfil the majority of current security video tasks. Its built-in Infrared illuminator range and high sensitivity provide very good image quality even in challenging conditions.

Tyco – Illustra Flex IFS02P6INWIT This Indoor HD PTZ dome is from the Illustra Flex range and has a 30 times optical and 12 times digital zoom range with IR illumination up to 25 metres. An external variant has IR support to 150 metres. Review: A very well constructed PTZ camera unit with straightforward connection and configuration. Some minor issues encountered with setup functions and lens performance but overall, good image quality and extended zoom range.

Hanwha Techwin – Wisenet XNV-8081RE

The XNV-8081RE is from the Wisenet X range and incorporates a PoE extender capability to simplify cabling infrastructure when installing a second camera within 80 metres of an existing position. The dome is based on a 1/2.8” 5MP CMOS sensor with a stated 0.07 Lux colour sensitivity and IR LED monochrome illumination.

Review: A very installer friendly ONVIF compliant external dome camera with ease of set-up and an ability to simplify network cabling when retrofitting for additional cameras, installing two cameras to a single location or when needing to install an adjacent PoE device such as lighting or PIR detection.

Dahua - DH-SDT-5X225-2F-WA-0600

The DH-SDT-5X225-2F-WA-0600 is promoted as a 2MP Starlight IR Dual PTZ external network camera. It is from the Dahua WizMind range and is based on 2 x 1/2.8” CMOS sensors, one with a wide angle view and one with a 25x optical zoom lens. “Deep Learning algorithms” are used to support detection functions such as smart tracking of vehicles or humans with automatic filtering of false alarms. . Review: An interesting ONVIF compliant dome with high sensitivity and capable of tracking subjects while still maintaining an overview of the scene of interest. Good differentiation of targets to track humans and/or vehicles while preventing false alarms.

Uniview - IPC2325EBR5-DUPZ

Promoted as a 5MP WDR Starlight Varifocal IP67 network bullet camera, the unit is based on a 1/ 2.7” sensor with a 2.7 to 13.5mm auto-focus motorized zoom lens giving a horizontal angle of view from 93.28° to 28.56°. Review: A versatile solidly built external bullet camera with a wide range of configuration settings. The security settings allow the camera to be suitably locked-down but the lack of a forced “strong” password is a concern; perhaps a future firmware update will remedy this.


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CCTV installation improves life on the farm A new CCTV system installed by WLS at Vauxhall City Farm, is according to its Chief Executive, Monica Tyler, being used to its full potential to ensure that the 50,000 visitors who visit the farm every year, are able to safely enjoy all its facilities. “Our previous CCTV was well past its ‘use-by’ date. Although it was still working, it lacked the functionality we needed to ensure around the clock security of our animals and property, as well as ensuring compliance with our health and safety procedures,” said Monica. “The new CCTV system installed by WLS has transformed our working lives by providing us with peace of mind in knowing we can monitor every area of the farm, including our recently opened eco-garden, without any blind spots. “The quality of the images captured by the Dahua cameras enable us to see close up detail of any activity or incident, whilst I and other colleagues are able to use an app running on our

Key management increases up time for telecoms giant When telecoms provider Gigaclear required an electronic locking solution to audit cabinet access and reduce costs, it turned to Abloy UK and its electronic key management system CLIQ for the solution. Since the installation of eCLIQ, Gigaclear has been able to audit cabinet access, resulting in a complete drop in hardware outages caused by their own contactors. It is


mobile phones to remotely keep an eye on the farm when it is closed and if there is an alarm event.” Vauxhall City Farm is one of the oldest and most central urban farms in London. The farm was established in 1976 when a group of architects began working on a vacant plot of land and made it available to local residents for them to grow vegetables and care for livestock. From those humble beginnings, the farm has continually grown and is now the home for over 100 animals, a riding centre and a cafe, and with the enthusiastic support of a large team of volunteers, conducts dozens of education and youth projects. WLS’s connection with Vauxhall City Farm spans over 15 years, during which it has installed and maintained the farm’s fire and intruder detection systems, as well as the now superseded CCTV system. Alison Ewen, the wife of WLS managing director Jeremy, also has a close bond with the farm. Having been a volunteer for over 20 years, Alison has been appointed a trustee specialising in Riding for the Disabled activities. also now benefitting from lower operational costs, thanks to not having to respond to major incidents, and their overall network up time has increased. Luke Pain, Network Operations Manager at Gigaclear, said: “We’ve had no problems to date. I’m very pleased with the new system, which has increased up time and overall made our operations more efficient.” Jenny Littlewood, CNI Market Development Manager for Communications at Abloy UK, said: “The importance of security is paramount within communications – as it is with all aspects of CNI. Providers cannot afford the impact of downtime affecting their reputation, and continuation of services is vital to keep the country running. “It is a pleasure working with Gigaclear and we’re delighted that the new system has made such an immediate impact.”

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New Opportunities Electronic Security Professionals in DIO Security Services Group Security Services Group (SSG), which is a business area within the MOD Defence Infrastructure Organisation are now recruiting at their offices during December.

Senior Project Manager £33000 + £1800 Market Skills Allowance Project Manager £26350 + £4000 Market Skills Allowance Security System Technician £27000 + £4000 Market Skills Allowance Subject to location, successful applicants for the above posts will be based either at a regional SSG office (Shrivenham or Sealand) or at the Client’s base of Aldermaston1, where an Environmental Allowance is also payable. Security System Technicians will be tasked from home. See Civil Service Jobs for full details of the benefits package which includes a substantial pension, additional allowances and vehicle. 1

Market Skills Allowance is only payable for staff based at Aldermaston

For further information please contact: • Steve Gore 07824 433958

For more details and to apply online, please visit ff

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Business members' club invests in automated security Empire House, the luxury business members' club in West Yorkshire has invested a five-figure sum in an automated security systems to create a slick customer experience, intensify site security and help protect clients from COVID-19. In readiness for opening in a few weeks’ time, the Slaithwaite-based business centre – which will incorporate offices, a ‘lounge’ area with stocked bar and corporate and event facilities – is set to attract businesspeople from all over West Yorkshire and offer 24-hour access to tenants. Recognising a need to heighten client

UNESCO World Heritage site protected by wireless system Ajax Systems in cooperation with Elotec, a Norwegian distributor of security systems and manufacturer of wired fire alarms, won a tender from the municipality of Bergen in Norway for the supply of a wireless fire security system. The project aims to protect the wooden architecture of the city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wireless Ajax detectors will provide an opportunity to protect the city centre without disturbing the interior of the buildings. Bergen has been affected by multiple fires over centuries, but the city is still one of Europe’s largest historical centres with wooden


experience and reduce the manpower required, Empire House has invested in CCTV, access control, fire and intruder alarm support from Centurion Fire & Security. The automated system has been designed to make the management of the building simple. Able to be programmed to allow and deny access around the building, the system ensures that no unauthorised individuals can gain entry. It is wholly integrated with the CCTV and intruder system, permitting ‘triggers’ and pushnotifications to key holders when an area has been ‘breached’. The access control, which can screen visitors via a camera, also offers the option of Covid-19 functionality, allowing or denying entry based on whether they are wearing a mask or not. Amy Byram is the founder of Empire House. Commenting on the investment, she said: “We wanted to provide the utmost security for our clients, whilst ensuring that their experience is slick and uninterrupted – the last thing that people want is to feel that their privacy is being intruded, and we have got that balance just right. “I am impressed with the functionality of the software, which will allow the management team to ensure security is maximal at all times, without the costly need for manned onsite teams. We can lock and unlock doors directly from an app, whilst enabling us to mark people as safe or missing in an emergency. We hope our clients will be as equally as impressed by the technology as we are.” architecture. The city has twelve districts with old wooden buildings located close to each other, and about 11,000 residents. The project is funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. The implementation is supervised by Elotec in cooperation with the Bergen Fire Department. Every resident or business owner in the protected area of Bergen had an opportunity to apply for the installation of a fire alarm system and to connect to the fire monitoring station free of charge. In total, 13 street fire detection cameras and 640 Ajax security kits (consisting of Hub control panels, FireProtect fire detectors, and Button panic buttons) will be used to protect the areas.

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What’s so good about PSI Magazine? Do you want to target security installers with your next marketing campaign? Here are some handy points to consider: PSI is the only UK magazine aimed solely at the installers/integrators of electronic security technology PSI is the only UK magazine that carries independent, third-party product testing PSI was the first UK security magazine to launch a regular podcast PSI interviews NSI Gold approved security installers to promote excellence PSI is the host of the Premier Awards, recognising innovation and contribution to the industry PSI has targeted advertising campaigns that include print, online, podcasts, e-blasts and social media PSI was the first magazine to launch an Open Door programme giving advertisers control over their online presence on the PSI website

From our own research we discovered that: Two thirds of PSI readers claim to have been influenced by the magazine when it comes to purchasing decisions Almost 40% of installers that read PSI do not regularly read any other UK security magazine

November 2020 – £4.00

These are just a few of the reasons why PSI (Professional Security Installer) is the best platform for you to promote to security installers. And we didn’t even mention the PSI Golf Day!


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FACING THE FUTURE How 2020 could change the security industry

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Domestic fire systems specified for MoD facility C-TEC’s new Hush ActiV BS 5839-6 Grade C domestic fire alarm systems are providing topgrade fire protection at several Ministry of Defence-managed residential properties in North Wales. Located on the banks of the Menai Strait, the stretch of shallow tidal water that separates Angelsey from the mainland, the spacious homes are part of The Joint Service Mountain Training Centre Indefatigable, a facility designed to provide affordable holiday accommodation for members of the Armed Forces and their families.

Security system helps unlock zero waste targets Axis Communications has partnered with metal recycler EMR to deploy security system at one of its key UK sites. The installation of the integrated end-to-end solution which comprises network cameras, access control and IP audio products integrated with a hosted software application allows the close monitoring of not only the site’s premises, but also every aspect of onsite operations. This will enable staff to identify improvements in processes and take major steps towards achieving EMR’s sustainability goals. EMR, which produces in excess of 10 million tonnes a year of recycled materials, approached Axis to design a dual purpose solution. The resulting system provides security across access points and the wider perimeter, while also enabling greater visibility into the efficiency of


Each of the three-bedroomed properties is equipped with Hush ActiV smoke detectors in the entrance hall and stairs, a heat detector in the kitchen and sounder beacons in the bedrooms, all connected to a Hush ActiV controller. With its easy-to-operate low level controller, the system offers simple detection, alarm, silencing and test facilities at light-switch level - occupants simply press ‘HUSH’ on the controller to silence an unwanted alarm. Darren Morrell, Director of Olympian Fire, the installation company that completed the project said: “ We specified Hush ActiV as it offers greater levels of protection than the unmonitored battery alarm Grade D systems typically used in these properties and virtually eliminates false alarms." operational processes, including the monitoring of onsite machinery, to identify opportunities to better manage waste in line with the organisation’s sustainability targets. “With such a substantial operational environment, there is much to consider,” stated Roger Hewitt, Head of Security at EMR UK. “We needed a better monitoring status of the site’s security but also, and equally important, greater visibility of every stage of the recycling process. Axis cameras mounted on our weigh bridge, for example, can assist in the calculation of loads. Thermal imaging cameras can monitor for excess heat, not just inside the machinery, but also within the piles of metal and material that we have on site, notifying operators if rising temperatures are detected. The image quality of the Axis cameras is excellent and allow us to monitor our entire operation while also ensuring the highest levels of safety.” The end-to-end solution includes a range of Axis technologies comprising an AXIS Network Door Station and a A1601 Network Door Controller to manage all entrances and exits, while a network audio system incorporating horn speakers is capable of playing pre-recorded alerts triggered in the event of unauthorised access. A range of cameras are employed to protect the site perimeter and monitor operations, including AXIS P5624E dome cameras and an AXIS Q2901-E Temperature Alarm Camera which has been installed to detect heat for the purpose of identifying fire risk. Axis’ Nick Platt-Higgins, UK Key Account Manager, said of the project: “This is perhaps one of the most all-encompassing solutions we have designed and installed to date. It really provides a real world opportunity to see a significant number of Axis technologies out in the field, using cloud connectivity to provide a overview of EMR’s entire operations at this site.”

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KERI SYSTEMS UK LTD Tel: +44 (0) 1763 273 243 Fax: +44 (0) 1763 274 106 Email:

FRONTIER PITTS LTD +44 (0) 1293 422800


NORTECH CONTROL SYSTEMS LTD. Nortech House, William Brown Close Llantarnam Park, Cwmbran NP44 3AB


HTC PARKING AND SECURITY LIMITED St. James’ Bus. Centre, Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington Cheshire WA4 6PS

Tel 01925 552740 M: 07969 650 394



ALTRON COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT LTD INTEGRATED DESIGN LIMITED Integrated Design Limited, Feltham Point, Air Park Way, Feltham, Middlesex. TW13 7EQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 890 5550

Tower House, Parc Hendre, Capel Hendre, Carms. SA18 3SJ

Tel: +44 (0) 1269 831431

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PLETTAC SECURITY LTD Unit 39 Sir Frank Whittle Business Centre, Great Central Way, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3XH

Tel: 01788 567811 Fax: 01788 544 549 Email:



ADI GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION Distributor of electronic security systems and solutions for over 250 leading manufacturers, the company also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a suite of training courses and services. ADI also offers a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified time delivery, next day or collection from any one of 28 branches nationwide. Plus, with an ADI online account, installers can order up to 7pm for next day delivery.


MAYFLEX GUK Independent security provider offering CCTV monitoring, CCTV Data Protection Assessments, Key Holding, Alarm Response. Competitive trade rates for Installers. ISO 9001, 27001 Accredited.Innova House, Innova Park, Enfield, EN3 7XH 01992655659

Our product range not only covers IP security products but also incorporates the cabling infrastructure and the Ethernet switching products necessary for a comprehensive security installation. We have a knowledgeable team of sales and technical experts that provide advice and support with system design and product choice. You can also order online up to 8pm for next day FREE delivery.

Excel House, Junction 6 Industrial Park, Electric Avenue, Birmingham, B6 7JJ


DISTRIBUTORS NORBAIN SD LTD 210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP

Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 Email:


BRITISH SECURITY INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Tel: 0845 389 3889 Email: Website: Twitter: @thebsia

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Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ

Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 E-mail:

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 Email:



INNER RANGE LTD Units 10 - 11, Theale Lakes Business Park, Moulden Way, Sulhampstead, Reading, Berkshire RG74GB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44(0) 845 470 5000 Fax: +44(0) 845 470 5001

CSL GROUP T: +44 (0)1895 474474 @CSLGroupLtd LIFE SAFETY EQUIPMENT


C-TEC Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 Fax: +44 (0) 1942 829867 Website: PERIMETER SECURITY

ADEPT POWER SOLUTIONS LTD Adept House, 65 South Way, Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hants SP10 5AF

Tel: 01264 351415 Fax: 01264 351217


TAKEX EUROPE LTD Aviary Court, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8PE

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 475555 Fax: +44 (0) 1256 466268 Email: Web:


CONTRACT SECURITY SERVICES LTD Challenger House, 125 Gunnersbury Lane, London W3 8LH

Tel: 020 8752 0160 Fax: 020 8992 9536 E:

WEBEYE LTD 6a Hazel Court, Blidworth, Nottingham NG21 0RY

0115 7149990

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Evolution has promoted Richard Desay to the role of Technical Solutions Architect to further enhance its risk and design capabilities and expertise. Richard is responsible for the design and production of detailed technical security systems – including intruder detection, perimeter protection and fence line and security lighting – modified and bespoke to meet specific customer requirements and in accordance with relevant regulatory legislation and standards. Richard joined Evolution in 2016 as a Technical Sales Engineer. Prior to joining the business, he spent over ten years at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) as a Security Systems Engineer and Designer. He will report directly into Evolution Head of Risk and Design, Brendan McGarrity.

Craig Carton 360 Vision Technology has appointed Craig Carton to the role of Customer Support Manager. Craig brings a wealth of experience in customer support gained across a variety of telecommunications applications. Alongside his passion for technology, Craig’s specialist knowledge of systems and infrastructure networks is set to further strengthen 360 Vision’s commitment to customer support. Craig said: “I have a huge passion for technology, with experience gained in a variety of sectors, including gaming, retail, hospitality and leisure. I am looking forward to supporting 360 Vision Technology customers.” “We are extremely happy to have someone of Craig’s calibre on-board in this new and significant role within the business,” says Mark Rees, Managing Director at 360 Vision Technology.

Scott Harrison Veracity UK has recruited Scott Harrison as Systems Sales Manager, focusing on new business opportunities in the UK. Alastair McLeod, Veracity’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to have Scott joining our existing team. With a successful career in our industry of over 25 years, primarily on integrated video management systems, Scott’s brings great knowledge and experience of understanding the security challenges and risks faced by customers, and how the right technology solution can help organisations manage and mitigate such risks.” Scott’s career, working within other security industry groups including ADT and Honeywell, brings significant experience in developing systems through a hybrid approach, in combining old and new technologies onto a single cost-effective platform.

Colin Butlin Synectics Security has appointed a project management and planning specialists to join its senior team as Operations Director. With over 20 years’ experience in UK operational and security-focused project delivery, spanning both service provider and client-side roles, Colin Butlin is the first external appointment announced as part of the new-look company. Colin joins from Kier where, among other responsibilities, he led a multi-millionpound programme of security upgrade works for Critical National Infrastructure sites across the UK. Colin said: “I’m privileged to have worked both sides of the fence in terms of managing major security projects. I know, first-hand, what a customer expects, but also how service delivery should be structured, monitored, and managed to ensure those expectations are met in the most efficient and effective way possible. At Synectics Security I have the amazing opportunity to use this experience to ensure new levels of customer satisfaction but also to help shape and steer the business.”

Ian Bennett Ian Bennett has been appointed as UK Sales Manager with Fortus. Formerly with Honeywell Commercial Security for 33 years, Ian has a wealth of industry experience primarily with intruder products and in more recent years with CCTV, access control, integration and Cloud-based services. Ian has joined Fortus with the focus on developing the Field Sales team, expanding its customer database by working closely with installers and integrators across multiple vendor portfolios. Ian said: “I’m excited to join Fortus and manage a great team of sales professionals. The company has ambitious growth plans in which the Field team will play a pivotal role, transforming our business into a true multi-vendor distributor.” 11

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