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April 2021 – £4.00

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Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER David Salisbury of Zicam

PSTN MAKES WAY The big switch begins


EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

TALENT SPOTTING Nurturing the next generation of installers

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HomeControl2.0 Extending the capabilities of security control.

Find out more

Built on a new and intuitive interface, HomeControl2.0 makes security easy, convenient and simple for both user and installer, while delivering extensive protection and peace of mind. With new features such as geofence alerts and biometric login, HomeControl2.0 offers a completely new level of monitoring, control, interactivity and a great upselling opportunity. New features:

Biometric login

Geofence alerts

Great new look and feel

Built to evolve over time, HomeControl2.0 provides the solution for now and the future.

www.pyronix.com HomeControl+ Advert (4) Folder.indd 1

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April 2021 – £4.00

April 2021 www.psimagazine.co.uk



Professional Security Installer

5 Editorial This month a survey about the installation of burglar alarms across the UK has raised a few talking points

6 Industry news News and events from the security and fire sectors

MEET THE INSTALLER David Salisbury of Zicam

PSTN MAKES WAY The big switch begins

11 Appointments Movers and shakers from the security industry

12 TESTED - 2N IP Verso


The 2N intercom is put through its paces by an independent reviewer

16 Social media The posts that caught our eye on the PSI Instagram feed this month (minus the sport)

18 Editor’s Choice The pick of the latest security products with information from the manufacturers and handy QR codes

21 Connecting the industry PSI catches up with Gerry Dunphy of Informa to find out what he’s been up to since IFSEC 2019

24 NDAA in the UK? The significance of the NDAA for installers in Europe

26 The big switch is on! Nick Whiting of BT Redcare look at the move from PSTN to an all-IP service and how it might affect security

EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products

TALENT SPOTTING Nurturing the next generation of installers

Talent spotting This month we talk to David Scott of Skills for Security about training, the WorldSkills event and bringing new talent to the fire and security sector. That’s not him on the cover, by the way.

29 Inside Story - Paxton10 Paxton’s platform has been upgraded to enable multisite applications. We take a closer look


31 The 3xLOGIC Blog The first in a series of blogs looks at how you can cut your creation costs

33 Increase your recurring revenue Ian Stones of RISCO Group reveals how the use of Cloud enabled systems and apps can boost your business

39 Meet the installer

EDITOR Andy Clutton Tel: 020 8295 8308 E-mail: andy.clutton@psimagazine.co.uk Twitter: @SecurityDrum DESIGN & PRODUCTION Matt Jarvis Tel: 020 8295 8310 Fax: 0870 4292015 E-mail: matt.jarvis@proactivpubs.co.uk

Life in the security business with David Salisbury of Zicam Integrated Security

ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR David Lewis Tel: 020 8295 8309 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk

41 Training the next generation

DISPLAY ADVERTISING Paul Amura Tel: 020 8295 8307 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: paul.amura@proactivpubs.co.uk

David Scott of Skills for Security outlines the national picture for fire and security apprenticeships

45 Improving wellbeing in business

ADMINISTRATION Tracey Cole Tel: 020 8295 8306 Fax: 01322 292295 E-mail: tracey.cole@proactivpubs.co.uk

Part one of a new series on boosting wellbeing


57 The PSi Directory Your guide to vendors and service providers


CHAIRMAN Larry O’Leary

PSi QR Codes

For ease of access, some of the items in PSi carry QR codes. Simply scan with your phone to visit relevant websites. Security-based editorial contributions to PSI are welcomed, and the Editor reserves the right to alter or abridge text prior to publication. The views expressed in PSI are not necessarily those of the publishers. Editorial and Advertisement Office PRO-ACTIV PUBLICATIONS LTD PO BOX 332 DARTFORD DA1 9FF © Pro-Activ Publications Ltd 2021 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. ISSN: 1360-6476 PSI is currently available for an annual subscription rate of £48 (UK) or £99 (overseas)


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New Texecom Connect app version (V2)

Texecom Connect App Control

Manage, control and administer the new Texecom Connect app version (V2), all from your Texecom Cloud account. Texecom Connect puts users in control of their security systems. Available on Android or iOS, the Texecom Connect app allows users to control Premier Elite security systems directly from their compatible smartphone or tablet device.

Sign up for a free Texecom Cloud account: digital.texe.com/cloud

Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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Questioning answers Sometimes a survey comes along with results that leave you questioning a number of issues. This month it’s all about intruder alarm statistics in the regions

All App Users, All In One Place


Invite Users Remotely

Migrate All Your V1 Accounts To The Cloud

Manage From Your Mobile

e all know that a lot of surveys are put together in order to try and promote a certain product or brand - it’s why the likes of “what’s your favourite biscuit?” is sponsored by a biscuit company and the only options are the company’s own snacks. “We make the nation’s favourite” they can cry. However sometimes surveys do throw up a few interesting talking points. For example, data collected from MoneySuperMarket customers recently has revealed the UK’s most securityconscious cities, comparing the percentages of homes with and without burglar alarms in each region. Now, the business probably did this survey to try and raise interest in home insurance policies in the poorly performing areas or something like that, but for me it doesn’t really tell us much. Apparently, the data shows that Liverpool has taken the top spot with one in two (51%), of households having a burglar alarm, or 253,359 households of the city. Blackpool came in second place with 50% of homes having a burglar alarm installed, or 69,650 people. In Manchester, 48% have a burglar alarm in their home. On the other end, Doncaster saw one-third of the population having a burglar alarm installed in their home. What the survey doesn’t cover is what the burglary crime rate is in Liverpool, Blackpool, Manchester and Doncaster compared to the rest of the country. Maybe those homeowners are just fully aware of a higher risk of threats, which is why they have had a system? Or maybe Scouse installers are better salesmen? Whilst some cities triumphed in home security, others proved to be less protected. Inverness took the number one spot for the “least security-conscious city”, with a whopping 95% of homes failing to have a burglar alarm installed or only 2,343 of its residents. Truro came in second place with only 8% of homes having a burglar alarm. Not really any surprise there though. The population of Truro at the time of the previous census was just short of 19,000 with Inverness at 64,000, compared to Liverpool at close to 500,000 and Manchester at 550,000 (approx). More chance of living near a burglar if you live there then. The report also only covers alarms, so doesn’t tell you if the good people of Inverness opted for CCTV instead. And again, the report doesn’t touch on what the crime rates are like in those areas, but you would think that if the criminals in Inverness are as busy as the ones in Liverpool there is a massive market waiting for security installers to tap into. There are more questions than answers..... Andy Clutton EDITOR



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Voted PSI Distributor of the Year 11 times The UK’s #1 Fire and Security Distributor...

INDUSTRY NEWS Fortus Group Holdings acquires Enterprise and RE:SURE

Brian Honan, founder and CEO of Fortus

In brief Videon has joined forces with Uniview to introduce a new range of products to the UK market, including NDAA-compliant technology. Smart R Distribution is now a full member of the Dahua Dealer Partner Programme. Electronic security integrator GT Data has become an official Leeds United Business Club partner.


Fortus Group Holdings has acquired Enterprise Security Distribution and the remote CCTV monitoring company RE:SURE. The deal announced in March gives the enlarged group a turnover of £100 million, or an estimated 10% of the £1 billion Ireland and UK security product market. Brian Honan, founder and CEO of Fortus, revealed: “These transactions will double the size of Fortus to over €100m in revenue. Our strategy is to become the largest security and fire supply chain business in the UK & Ireland.” According to Brian, buying the two companies allows Fortus to offer an ‘end-to-end’ security solution. Through the acquisition of Enterprise, Fortus has expanded its footprint across England, as well as gaining access to new products through Enterprise’s existing supplier distribution agreements. Established in 1992 with nine branches throughout the UK, the Enterprise business brings with it an 8k customer base. “Enterprise Security Distribution was a huge attraction and has given Fortus access to new products through their existing supplier distribution agreements,” Brian told PSI in an exclusive interview. “This means our joint customers can now get more choice and the

Reliance High-Tech and Secure Logiq form partnership Reliance High-Tech has formed a new partnership with Secure Logiq meaning that customers will now have access to HD servers that are purpose built for surveillance-based applications and reportedly capable of processing up to three times as many cameras as some of the most commonly used servers. Tom Clarke, sales director at Reliance High-Tech said: “The worlds of security and IT are closer than ever before and we share the view that only servers that have been designed for surveillance

ability to purchase all their security and fire solutions through one supplier.” Initially, Brian doesn’t predict any immediate changes to the Enterprise business stating: “An acquisition of this size will take some time to fully embed into the Fortus business, so our current approach is business as usual. We’ll be concentrating on organising the IT and back office operations in the short term, so that the branches connect with the Fortus UK HQ.” There is no name change plan for now, but ultimately all will become one business. “When the opportunity came to acquire Enterprise, we talked to suppliers as it was important that they supported the purchase; all were overwhelmingly positive,” explains Brian. “However, by having access to more security and fire brands, our customers will notice an immediate difference. Apart from the value-add services we already offer, the Enterprise branch network adds further outlets for our customers to order and collect items.” So then why would a security technology distributor want to acquire a monitoring company? According to Brian, the driver was to offer enhanced service packages to his existing customer base: “The monitoring offering allows us to be different. We’re always looking to capitalise on the RMR model and if we succeed, it’s a benefit to our business. We believe we’re the only distributor to have this capability within the UK and Ireland.” purposes can create a system that is fully optimised, energy efficient, reliable and secure. Working with Secure Logiq means we can add more value.” Secure Logiq UK manufactured servers are optimised to efficiently handle multiple streams of HD video data, with a range comprising 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U devices that enable the recording of more channels at a faster rate and the ability to store data for extended periods. “Many installers still specify traditional IT servers that simply do not offer the level of processing, storage density, resilience, throughput and overall performance required by modern surveillance systems,” explained Robin Hughes, Secure Logiq’s co-founder.


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Largest stock holding in the UK & Ireland






In brief Inner Range has launched a new service to support customers in the UK and wider EMEA region when upgrading systems. The service involves in-house technicians migrating a host of information from the customer’s existing Inner Range hardware controller to the new system, such as user types, cards, time zones, doors, areas, lifts and readers.




0161 687 8787






Evolution expands business with new office in Cork Evolution has opened a new office in Cork to service new business opportunities in the area. The new office will provide a new account management, service and support base in the county and beyond for new and existing

New company GFE (UK) Fire is announced Global Fire Equipment (GFE) has announced the formation of a new company, GFE (UK) Fire, which will trade as Global Fire Equipment (UK). GFE UK has now taken over the role as the sole importer for all GFE products throughout the UK. GFE UK, whose main office is located in Havant, is owned and headed up by Matt Ketley: “As Managing Director of GFE UK I am delighted to take on this new role and have an exciting vision for the company. We are the sole importer of GFE’s equipment into the UK and are working to bring on board key distributors and system partners to ensure that GFE products, along with technical

customers and coincides with the appointment of two new members to the team. Mark Field has been appointed as a Key Account Manager responsible for leading and executing Evolution’s sales strategy in the region, focused on the Critical Infrastructure and Commercial sectors. Mark, who has a technical background, joins Evolution with more than eight years’ experience in the security industry. Joining Mark is Arno Redelinghuis who joins the business as a Service Engineer. Arno has more than seven years’ industry experience and has extensive specialist knowledge of access control, fire alarm and CCTV systems. In his new role, Arno will provide frontline support. Mark Corrigan, Evolution Director in Ireland says: “I’d like to welcome Mark and Arno to the team, and I look forward to working closely with them as we look to expand our presence and build further success in Ireland.” support, are readily available for all our UK customers.” GFE UK has already secured partnerships with STS Distribution, Illumino Ingis and Firesense as specialist distributors, along with F & E Projects and Safetech Systems as systems partners. With a view to supporting growth plans and product availability for the UK, GFE UK is also working with a number of other interested parties that will be revealed in due course.

Dycon Power Solutions extends distribution network

members of its fire distribution network.

Dycon Power Solutions has expanded its fire distribution network to offer its range of fire power supplies to the fire systems installation market. In addition to its existing distributors Enterprise Security Distribution and CQR, Dycon has now welcomed KGM Fire & Security Distribution of Aylesford in Kent and The Safety Centre in Clitheroe, Lancashire, as

the UK and Europe, several companies are

To increase product availability throughout currently also undergoing vetting and will be announced shortly. Previously, Dycon products had been mainly supplied as OEM solutions for several brands including Vimpex. Dycon is now making them available to the general fire installation market so that all can benefit from the features on offer.


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Partizan Security announces partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe Partizan Security, the Czech brand of video surveillance and access control systems has announced a new partnership with Toshiba Electronics Europe. Now Partizan Security equipment will include Toshiba S300 and S300 Pro series hard drives that have been developed for video surveillance systems. The main task of both brands is to promote their products to security professionals and provide them with support, both in private installations and in large projects. Dmitry Danilchenko, Founder of Partizan Security, says: “Toshiba is close to us not only from a technology perspective, but also in spirit and culture. It is absolutely logical and correct that we want to see our product equipped by the manufacturer with the same approach to customers, market, and the educational program of consumers. We looked closely, monitored, analysed quality and cost, collected feedback from our customers, and now the circle is complete – we are ready for this strategic cooperation, offering our customers a series of Toshiba professional hard drives, and completely abandoning other manufacturers”. Since January 2021, Partizan Security’s DVR and NVR offering is powered with Toshiba S300 and S300 Pro surveillance hard drives, available in capacities from 1 to 10 TB. Commenting on the partnership, Jeff Briggs Senior Manager, Distribution Sales at Toshiba Electronics Europe said: “Toshiba Electronics Europe recognises Partizan Security’s commitment to innovation through their own brand of recorders and cameras. We welcome the company as a strategic partner for surveillance storage and are very excited to launch Toshiba’s range of S300 and S300 Pro Surveillance hard drives for Partizan Security partner’s storage solutions”.

Check out the monthly PSI Security News podcasts on Spotify The PSI Security News podcasts are available on Spotify and Castbox along with Spreaker and via the PSI website. Just search for “PSI Security” and you’ll find all of the recordings so far, ready for streaming or download.

The interview that gets the facts from the top This month Simon Banks talks to Tom Ford, Membership Development Manager at the British Security Industry Association. The BSIA is the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK. In terms of membership, who do the BSIA represent? The BSIA represents more than 70% (by turnover) of privately provided UK security products and services. We support businesses that span the entire security industry, from small one-man bands through to SMEs and global household names. We aim to drive the industry forward, raise company profiles and support businesses to work to the highest professional standards. What are the latest areas in which members can contribute to change in our sector? The BSIA is heavily involved in alerting our members to the UK’s transition to All IP (Digital Voice) by 2025 as well as sitting on the Ofcom top table, both of which enables us to raise awareness on the challenge of transition. BSIA member companies will know about changes ahead of time, placing them at a competitive advantage in full view of their customers. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Skills for Security is now the UK’s largest Fire & Security apprenticeship provider and we have trained many of tomorrow’s engineers, many of whom are now working for BSIA member companies. The increase in successful apprentices each year is playing a pivotal role in filling the skills gap and members can be confident their apprentice and training needs will be delivered by getting involved. We have also just launched the first ethical and legal use guide on Automated Facial Recognition (AFR), developed by our video surveillance section, and encompasses useful terms and abbreviations, with a specific focus on distinctive application types verification (is it you?) and identification (who is it?). In 2020 our members were also involved in the award-winning Cyber Security code of practice for installers, developed by our Cyber Security Product Assurance Group. The crucial role our members played in developing these guides will go a long way in moving our industry forward. In terms of professional alarm installers, what benefits can they get from becoming a BSIA Member? The BSIA logo isn’t just a hallmark of distinction that ensures your company stands out, the Association offers real benefits which ensure you have the tools to stay ahead in the competitive security industry. By joining the BSIA you will benefit from several services that will enhance your company profile. Work with us to develop standards, enter our awards and utilise our marketing, comms & PR team to promote your news stories to our huge industry following. There are more benefits than I can mention, but I will say that it is better to be a member, not just an observer! If you join before 8th June, you can take advantage of a fantastic offer we have available in partnership with CSL which includes a free 4G Signal Analyser. To get in touch with Tom or to find out more about becoming a BSIA member, please visit: www.bsia.co.uk/join-the-bsia or contact him via membership@bsia.co.uk What are you waiting for?

YOU SAID IT! "CSL Group we have started using the DualCom Pro units and they are superb, the speed signals come through when testing are immense! User friendly and the dual-radio is a real help." Peter Walker (PWS Systems Cumbria Ltd) – LinkedIn – 29th Nov Tweet us @CSLGroupLtd


Get Social Find our other social pages here...


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E sales@videcon.co.uk

W www.videcon.co.uk 18/03/2021 09:56

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Always Connected. Always Secure. Always Live.

Take control of your connected devices, wherever you are.

For more information: t: +44 (0) 1895 474 474 e: sales@csl-group.com visit: www.csl-group.com

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PRODUCT TEST A selection of items were provided for testing including: Main door unit with camera Backplate for two module unit Frame for surface installation Indoor Viewer Indoor desk stand Indoor flush box Card reader module


13.56 MHz – ISO14443A (Mifare, DESFire), PicoPass (HID iClass), FeliCa, ST SR(IX), 2N Mobile Key – HID SE (Seos, iClass SE, Mifare SE). Lift control can be implemented using optional relay modules to provide selective access control to multi-floor or high-rise buildings. Audio level and video motion detection features are included for integration with compatible security or home automation systems.

Getting started


The door and internal units are both PoE enabled but can be fed from 12v DC and a standard network connection port

2N - IP Verso Intercom System

he door unit is IP54 rated, with IK08 impact rating (IK07 for display). It is produced in modules that can be extended to allow for numeric entry keypads, card readers and button arrays. It supports voice and video communication calls to mobile phones and tablets and can be integrated into security systems. The camera has a JPEG resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels and video calls are transmitted at 640 x 480. The indoor viewer is a 7” 1024 x 600 pixel touch screen device that can be desk or wall mounted. The reader module is a 2N Verso Bluetooth and RFID card reader that is compatible with 125kHz, secured 13.56MHz and NFC. So can work with contactless cards and key fobs as well as selected mobile phones. It supports the following 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz cards or other carriers (only the card serial number is read): 125 kHz – EM4xxx,

The door and internal units are both PoE enabled but can be fed from 12v DC and a standard network connection port. Basic installation instructions are provided with the products, or pictograms on the box show assembly information. You are referred to the 2N website for manuals. These can be quite comprehensive but not necessarily the easiest way to get started. The installation manual doesn’t get to the Electrical Installation chapter until page 250 of 319. Much of the information relates to the IP addressing and interconnection of the units with a suitable SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server. An understanding of SIP configuration is assumed in most of the documentation, and this will likely be more familiar to telecoms engineers and may be less so for security system installers. It is possible however, to connect the units as a one-to-one Door to View station link using appropriate network addressing commands but it is certainly not a “plug & play” operation. A 2N network scanner program can be downloaded to identify the DHCP allocated IP addresses for each of the units. If no DHCP server is available, then a static IP address of can be forced by a timed press of the reset button. This mode is confirmed by an acoustic and LED signal. Connections within the door unit are provided for Network (RJ45), In 1 (2-pole) for Passive / Active mode, Out 1 (2-pole) for security relay, NO & NC relay contacts (3-pole), 12v in and Ground (3-pole). Alongside the reset switch there are further connectors for the peripherals’ bus, line out and Microphone. The terminals require a narrow terminal driver with a blade of less than 3mm. The door station has a changeover relay that can be used to control the door lock; however, this does place the connections on the unsecured side of the door and could be exposed to attack. 2N produce an optional Security Relay module that uses the “Out 1” terminals to provide a secondary confirmation link


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(continued from p12)

This is a flexible system with great potential for mobile, remote, or central monitoring station use Modular options for the door unit include:

and can be placed on the secured side of the door. The optional card reader module plugs into the peripheral expansion bus and is clipped and secured into the lower section of the door unit. Once connected it becomes available as an option in the devices’ menu structure. Being low-profile, the outdoor unit surfacemounts to an external wall surface using the backplate. The indoor viewer has terminals for Network (RJ45), 12v in, Doorbell in and Line out. The accessories allow for desk stand mounting or fitting into a suitable wall aperture. Some of the configuration information is limited, and users are encouraged on the website to “request more information” and take advantage of the on-line training modules.

Menu options At first connection using a browser an initial 2-digit password is used to access the device’s webserver page at which point a strong password must be entered for each unit. This then allows access to the main menu page and from there the units can be configured. The main menu page for each device is in a Windows 8 style with large tiles for the various elements of the system. These have some tiles in common for both the Door unit and Indoor viewer providing for: Device status, 2N website link, Website manual / FAQ link, Directory, Services, Hardware, System, Audio, Maintenance and My2N (2N Cloud based TR069 protocol service). The Door unit main menu has additional tiles for Camera, License, Time Profiles, Streaming and Automation. The “Manual / FAQ” link only takes you to the 2N website’s Product support page rather than the specific manual for the product. Selected options take you through to the secondary menu that consists of five selections: Status, Directory, Services, Hardware and System; here are accessed the detailed information, phone directory and system configuration pages for the relevant device. For the card reader, cards are assigned with the help of a downloaded driver and mobile phones can be securely paired. Any access rights can be linked to time profiles for day of week and time periods.

the time and date along with local area temperature if this has been set up. As soon as the screen is touched it displays its home screen that shows time and date and basic weather information at the top with icons below for the call log, call button and settings. A small “Do not disturb” button at the top right can be used to inhibit the calling tone. The call log button accesses a list of previous call times that can be selected to show the captured image of the event. The call listing is volatile so will be lost if the unit is reset. Pressing the central call button brings up a directory of available destinations or if only connected to a single door unit will show the image from the camera. This image has overlayed icons for full screen selection and door lock release. Incoming calls display an image from the door camera with a calling tone. Touching the screen image allows the call to be answered or a red handset icon can be pressed to reject the call. A microphone Mute button can be used for privacy during any connection. A range of different tones can be set for the doorbell input such as dog barking and there is an ability to upload custom sounds for this or as calling tones. The discreet camera has an automatic Day / Night switching mode but can be forced to Day or Night mode if required. The infrared LEDs allow for automatic or Off, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% levels to be set. A second external overview camera stream can be added by setting its RTSP details along with its username and password. The Door unit camera video can be supplied to other systems as an RTSP stream if enabled through the devices menu. The SIP based protocol that these units are based around allows full flexibility to connect to corporate IP exchanges and to use the 2N mobile Video app on Android or iOS to link to mobile devices globally.

Conclusion This is a flexible system with great potential for mobile, remote, or central monitoring station use. It is potentially let down for the security industry by its lack of worked examples for some of the commissioning settings, but manufacturer support should help overcome this. NOTE: This PSI Product Test was carried out by an independent third party, not editorial staff. The manufacturer had no input in the review or the final result

Performance Once configured the units work well with good audio and video quality. The indoor viewer has a low intensity sleep mode screen that just shows


7.5 out of 10 www.psimagazine.co.uk

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Essential IP

:LƬ6WUHQJWK [ ] [-52]

Alarm signalling is changing Work with the people leading the change to secure your future


Mobile Strength 4G [ ] [-80]

Essential Extra

Mobile2 Strength 4G [ ] [-88]

Get your customers ready. The UK is switching to all-IP by 2025. Prepare and protect your customers with our Next Generation alarm signalling systems. Advanced

Smarter and faster Enhanced monitoring for greater insights. Easy to install and maintain With single-path and dual-path options using future-ready IP, superfast 4G and wi-fi. Next-level security End-to-end encryption for more secure connections.

Path: Ethernet Registered

Advanced Extra

24/7 support UK-based technical helpdesk.

Mobile1 Operator EE

10 year guarantee Free replacement unit. Ultimate

The future starts when you install it. Find out more about our Next Generation portfolio at redcare.bt.com/IP.html Email us at redcare@bt.com @BTRedcare

BT Redcare

BT Redcare

Path: DSL Registered

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SECURITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA A look at what’s been happening on PSI’s Instagram feed this month (apart from all the sport...)




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More than just a distributor... SITE SURVEYS







...Your project support partner THAT’S THE ADI DIFFERENCE Award winning project support Speak to your ADI Account Manager Call: 0161 687 8787

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Alarm system designed for quick installation Comelit has launched Secur Hub, an intruder alarm system natively connected to the Comelit Cloud, which includes both WiFi and LAN connectivity. Secur Hub operates a two-way radio link between the control panel and the sensors. It allows up to 16 IP CCTV cameras with HD resolution to connect to the control panel for users to view in live stream mode via the Comelit app, and recording of four cameras on alarm events for visual verification. Designed for quick installation, Secur Hub does not require ports to be opened on the router, even for the App: for both system management and for viewing any connected CCTV cameras. Via the app, users can set or unset the alarm system check the status or each sensor and organise notifications or view the control panel event log. comelitgroup.com/en-gb/

PTZ cameras equipped with AI object tracking. The six new cameras added to the Wisenet X PTZ PLUS range have been developed by Hanwha Techwin to enable users to capture evidence grade images of activity occurring in large open area applications. The ability of the new 2MP, 6MP and 4K Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras to operate effectively in environments such as airports, car parks, industrial estates, stadia and city centres, is enhanced by features including AI-based object tracking, precise PTZ control and improved pre-set accuracy. The cameras, including the XNP-9250 pictured here, have a lightweight, compact form factor and are also able to capture images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres regardless of the lighting conditions, with the help of adaptive IR technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom. hanwha-security.eu 18

Easy test and reset Conventional MCP launched The SC2900-001APO Conventional Manual Call Point from Apollo has been designed to operate on a zone of conventional fire detection devices. An alarm is initiated by pressing the resettable element. An activation status is indicated through the rotation of the resettable element displaying yellow and black indication bars and an illuminated solid red LED. The manual call point can be reset from the front using the supplied reset key. The Conventional MCP is supplied with both 470Ω resistor and normally open clean contact electrical options. LED illuminated red only when the manual call point is operated in 470Ω mode. apollo-fire.co.uk

Compact low bitrate video encoder and transmitter Videosoft has introduced the FireBird F-100 low bitrate video recorder, encoder and transmitter. Although the FireBird F-100 is primarily designed for low-bandwidth transmission (6kbps-500kbps), it can also stream a camera's native output - useful for full rate unrestricted high definition detail. At 104.mm x 47mm x 25.mm, the FireBird F100 is ideal where space is at a premium. Running Videosoft's Edge Gateway software, with live stream recording, the FireBird F-100 improves real-time situational awareness by providing multiple simultaneous streams to command centres and field operatives. videosoftglobal.com


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EDITOR’S CHOICE The security industry is busy and complex, so it’s easy to miss new products and services as they get lost in day-to-day activities. Every now and again, certain products grab our attention so here we take a look at a few of the products we think you won’t want to miss this month.

Smoke detector extends home alarm capabilities Extending the capabilities of the alarm system beyond security, the SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) from Pyronix raises the alarm to the presence of smoke to protect homes and families. The wireless SMOKE-WE (2nd Generation) uses a photoelectric sensor alongside a light source and optical chamber for accurate detection. As smoke enters the optical chamber, it crosses the path of the pulsing LED light source; scattering smoke particles towards the light receptor/sensor to trigger the alarm. The detector has a built-in 85dB local sounder and flashing LED lights; providing a clear and obvious alarm when smoke is detected. When the battery is running low on the radio module, the detector will send a signal to the control panel to report the issue. If the user has the smart device app connected to the system, they’ll also receive a push notification to draw their attention to the fault. pyronix.com/uk/products/smoke-we-2/

Mini PTZ camera features AI analytics and endless pan

Available in the UK from Acam, the ONVIF compliant Milesight 5MP AI Mini PTZ with IR features artificial intelligence analytics, 5MP Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor, 12x optical zoom lens, 120m IR range, IP66 / IK10 rated housing , H.265+ / H.264+ compression, true day /night, Micro SD card backup, PoE/12VDC and video content analytics. The AI functionality includes real-time people counting and region entrance/exit for crowd management and capacity control, alarm trigger function for line crossing, target movement and loitering and also identifies and filters objects including vehicles, humans, animals and light. The camera provides fast movement with 360° endless pan. acamtechnology.com/

NOTE: All technical specifications listed are provided by manufacturers

New touchscreen keypad features Cloud and video

RisControl is a high resolution 8” touchscreen keypad, offering an intuitive easy to use interface. With RisControl the user can control all alarm and cloud-based solutions from RISCO Group from one access point. It provides a clear overview of the system status, easy set/unset functionality and the option to view live video and recordings from VUpoint NVR and IP cameras. The keypad functions are presented in an intuitive way, allowing users to quickly learn and operate their security system. Users can also define their own personalised quick access buttons and shortcuts to the most important functions and can make controlling a security system is as easy as using a mobile app. RisControl is designed for easy installation, using the same wiring method than traditional keypads. Therefore, it can be used to upgrade existing installations, replacing traditional keypads with RisControl after upgrading the control panel to its latest firmware version. RisControl is Grade 3 certified and compatible with GT Plus as of version 1.4 and LightSYS 2 as of version 6.05. riscogroup.com/uk



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Your Surveillance Partner

NOW MOBILE. SKYHAWK APP for Security Professionals and Surveillance Installers Stay connected on the go, easily build estimates, quickly calculate storage, and locate your nearest reseller.

Download the SkyHawk App today

Now available on:

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Connecting with the industry This month we spoke to Gerry Dunphy of Informa about what he’s been up to since IFSEC 2019 and to discuss a new digital event, Connect 2021 obody thought as they walked out of London’s ExCeL on the third day of IFSEC in June 2019 that it would be so long before we met up again. The pandemic put the exhibition world on hold for 2020 and it is only now that we are beginning to see a possible return to normality being discussed for the middle of this year. Since the last event, manufacturers have continued the launch new products and the security industry has not stopped protecting people, property and assets, so what have the organisers of IFSEC and Firex been up to in the meantime and how do they see the returning events being impacted by what happened in 2020? We caught up with Gerry Dunphy the Event Director for Fire & Security at Informa to find out what he’s been doing with his time…


How has it been since the event in 2019? The biggest frustration has been trying to read the situation and to predict when it will be possible to host an event. When you think about our world of organising trade shows the work is all around planning, scheduling and focusing the effort on a date that is usually immovable. So the ongoing situation has been enormously challenging because we've not known what that target date is going to be. This creates another level of frustration because it's really, really important to keep the customers abreast of what is going on so we've been in constant communication with them during this time because exhibitors and visitors need to plan for events as much as we do. Due to this I'd say it's truly been a shared experience all around; it has been a genuine case of "we're all in this together" and we've had some very strong confessional conversations with lots of people. Essentially, everyone just wants the shows to go ahead.

and how they can be used to keep the connection going between the security industry and security businesses. We are very fortunate that we've had our web presence IFSEC Global running parallel to the shows enabling us to run other features and the biggest one we launched last year was Tech Talks which was inspired by what I saw on YouTube. It's almost like a QVCstyle presentation giving a manufacturer a halfhour slot to provide a demonstration of the product, usually for about twelve minutes, and then we flip to a live Q&A. These are hosted by professional presenters who have worked on IFSEC TV in the past and the videos are available on demand throughout the year. Another digital offering is Connect 2021. What is that and how do people get involved? Connect 2021 is our approach to hosting a virtual event, but not like what people may have been used to seeing previously. We want Connect 2021 to be a platform focused on online meetings supported by four separate days of content. The event will be available from the 1st30th June and will provide customers with a chance to meet with suppliers, host online discussions, browse product videos and exchange contact details. Each exhibitor will have a 3D booth which they can tailor to their

Gerry Dunphy, Informa

“The biggest frustration has been trying to read the situation and to predict when it will be possible to host an event”

So what have you been doing over the last two years? We've not rested on our laurels! When you haven't got a physical event to host, especially one that is so iconic in the industry, you have to consider what other assets are at your disposal



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Is there anything at the event specifically for installers? To be honest, the answer is “no” because the show is all about installers. The whole event has always been geared around showing them technology and giving them this chance to meet with the leading industry players. They can test kit out, do some learning through the seminars and talk to technical R&D people to discuss what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget we also host the Engineers of Tomorrow competition and work with partners like Skills for Security. So in terms of an actual installer offering there isn't one, because we don't need one - it's the installers’ show.

“If you think about the security sectors as a group of people, it's very clearly defined as to who these people are and they've been missing each other for a long, long time” own requirements and the idea will be that the "stands" are more like a shop window focusing on products and videos and parties will be able to send out meeting requests across all of the shows including IFSEC and Firex. On the content side we've got three dedicated days, which will focus on video surveillance, access control and intruder detection with a fourth day on which we will cover protecting cities. We're currently surveying the video surveillance, access and intruder industries to give us the research for live panel discussions covering each of the surveys, asking companies how they see the road ahead, what technologies are coming through etc. We’ll also have a morning of related Tech Talks. The topic on 1st June will be video, with access control on the 2nd June and then intruder on the 3rd, so we're really building the content around the meetings platform.

Listen to the interview with Gerry in the PSI Security News Podcast


Is the idea to keep the digital events going even when the trade shows are back up and running? Absolutely and there's more digital content to come as well. Because of IFSEC’s status and history we've got an incredible data resource, which is constantly being refreshed and what this effectively means is that we can keep reaching into the sector and communicating with stakeholders across all our formats. So the model moving forward will be to provide a blend of online and in-person events.

How do you think the pandemic will affect the trends of the show going forward? It's undeniable that Covid has had an impact on the industry and will in the future. Some manufacturers have told us that the pandemic has acted as a catalyst to really make them look at their R&D and their product innovations. Technologies such as contactless access and thermal measurement in surveillance have become built-in options now and the customer is more aware of the potential flashpoints that can occur in buildings that may require systems to help enable them to cope. We're going to have to live with Covid for the foreseeable future, so what this means for the security industry is the continuation of the integration of new technologies such as machine learning and AI into existing systems. As everybody is now used to online meetings, will that impact trade shows? It comes down to the fundamental human need to meet people, which we don't think is ever going to go away, perhaps now more than ever. When we talk to our Installer Council (the Board set up to act as an advisory group to IFSEC) we hear that there is a desire for people to meet up again, and if you think about the security sectors as a group of people, it's very clearly defined as to who these people are and they've been missing each other for a long, long time. So do I think virtual is going to affect physical events? I think it's the opposite. I think virtual gives it another layer of value in that we can extend our proposition far wider than just focusing on a three-day event.


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The importance of NDAA compliance for European businesses Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe, explains the significance to system integrators and end-users across Europe of the measures taken by the U.S. Government to prevent security cameras being maliciously hacked here are many acronyms which are regularly used on websites and in documentation to describe the attributes of video surveillance products, but there is perhaps currently none more important than NDAA. NDAA is the acronym for the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. Compliance with the Act and in particular Section 889, is an essential requirement which consultants, system designers and system integrators will need to take into consideration when submitting tenders for projects involving clients who operate multi-nationally. Section 889 prohibits U.S. federal agencies and their contractors, as well as grant or loan recipients, from procuring or using telecommunications and video surveillance equipment from a number of named companies. It applies to a substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.


Better to be safe than sorry

“Stakeholders can take advantage of a highly competitive marketplace to procure cameras that are cost-effective, as well as NDAA compliant” 24

Section 889 doesn’t just prevent federal agencies from deploying cameras manufactured by the blacklisted companies. It also bans them from conducting business with any organisation that is using them. This has serious implications for European companies conducting business in a global landscape where organisations and operations are increasingly connected. European based end-users who are contemplating buying video surveillance products from one of the Section 889 listed

manufacturers, perhaps because they seem keenly priced, may therefore find it a false economy to do so. Unless they are 100% certain they will not have the opportunity to provide products or services to U.S. federal agencies at some point in the future, the relatively small savings which might be achieved by procuring non-NDAA cameras, could pale into insignificance against potential lost sales opportunities. Fortunately, with there being no shortage of non-blacklisted manufacturers offering professional level video surveillance solutions, stakeholders can take advantage of a highly competitive marketplace to procure cameras that are cost-effective, as well as NDAA compliant.

Hanwha Techwin – Korean at heart With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in South Korea as well as in Vietnam, Hanwha Techwin has introduced a long list of products which are NDAA compliant and has been able to prove that none of its products include components manufactured by any of the blacklisted companies. Although other Wisenet cameras are NDAA compliant, Hanwha Techwin is particularly proud of the cybersecurity credentials of its ground-breaking Wisenet7 chipset, which includes a host of features such as Secure Boot Verification, Secure OS and Anti-Hardware Clone. This has made it relatively easy to verify that cameras equipped with Wisenet7 are able to comply with the Act by preventing hackers from accessing and tampering with their firmware.

GDPR With Wisenet cameras equipped with the Wisenet7 chipset meeting Secure by Default, as well as UL CAP standards, end-users can be assured that in addition to NDAA compliance, the cameras will also help them comply with GDPR by ensuring confidential data cannot be accessed, copied or tampered with. If you have questions about NDAA or cyber security email Uri Guterman at u.guterman@hanwha.com


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Three in One!

TiOC The Dahua TiOC (Three in One Camera) is available in both IP and HDCVI. With up to 4K resolution, these cameras offer full colour imaging with audible and visual alerts on intrusion. Dahua’s advanced AI algorithm eliminates false alarms and ensures events are only triggered for human and/or vehicle motion. The TiOC is the ideal solution for Residential, Commercial and Construction Site applications. Contact us to arrange a demonstration.

3 in1 Solution



Active Deterrence

Full Colour Monitoring

London Headquarters: Units 1 & 2, 11 Aintree Road, Perivale, Greenford, Middlesex, UB6 7LA, UK 020 8810 8830 sales@securitydynamics.co.uk

Control Room

le Availab in IP & HDCVI

Artificial Intelligence

Scotland: 68-74 Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Glasgow, G52 4NQ 0141 882 2941 scotland@securitydynamics.co.uk


Video Door Entry

Access Control


Register on our website for trade access and 24/7 ordering. www.securitydynamics.co.uk

Thermal Solutions

ANPR & Mobile

Video Wall & Digital Signage

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From now until 2025: a landmark period in alarm signalling and security notify Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) in the event of an alarm being triggered – still rely on the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) suite (e.g. traditional phone lines), which are supported by the PSTN. When customers are moved over to the new digital service these legacy devices will no longer work. Therefore, future proofing the UK’s security requires a move, to all-IP solutions: devices that communicate via always-on IP or mobile connectivity – or a combination of both – to ensure end-users’ premises remain protected at all times.

Protecting lives and livelihoods Nick Whiting, Head of BT Redcare, looks at the move away from PSTN to an all-IP service emand for security services is on the rise. Mounting concerns around crime and safety, coupled with a desire to reduce insurance premiums, has resulted in the UK security industry growing on average 6.4% each year between 2016 and 2021. However, the landscape is about to change with an impending technical transition set to have a significant impact – the switch-off of the country’s Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). By 2025, communication providers will move their customers to a new digital phone service, away from the PSTN which has formed the backbone of Britain’s communications network for over a century. The tech that powers the PSTN hasn’t really changed since the first public automatic telephone exchange opened in 1912, so it’s time to move to a network that’s fit for the future and to one that can cope with today’s digital demands. The issue is that many legacy dial up devices – including alarm signalling solutions used to


“By 2025, communication providers will move their customers to a new digital phone service, away from the PSTN which has formed the backbone of Britain’s communications network for over a century” 26

The UK’s fire and rescue services attended around 156,000 fires in the year to June 2020, while there were 356,000 reported burglaries in the year to March 2020. When you consider the risk to lives and livelihoods that incidents such as these represent, the need to futureproof alarm signalling solutions is clear. Installers are key to the necessary transition process. Indeed, their work is fundamental, whether a one-person operation or part of a global brand, installers are responsible for ensuring end-users, both business and domestic, are supplied with reliable fire and intruder alarm signalling systems. While end-customers may require some education around the need to transition, the necessary infrastructure is likely already in place. Indeed, many premises have access to broadband or mobile connectivity, and the rise of connected devices means the idea of an IPconnected solution is far from being an alien concept – installing these devices shouldn’t be an issue for end-customers when advised of the benefits above their existing solution. But most of the heavy lifting will be carried out by installers, and this can mean a need for new training, equipment, suppliers, and ways of working. Given the potential burden the upcoming change represents, some installers may opt to continue supplying and fitting legacy devices – and there is still demand.


EDIT PSTN apr21_PSI_mar15 28/03/2021 17:32 Page 2

But, while 2025 marks the final switch-off, when fibre coverage around an exchange reaches 75%, Openreach will issue a stop sell notice for copper-based services, which means you are no longer able to buy traditional phone services in that exchange area. Communication providers will directly contact their customers to let them know of their upgrade to the new digital phone service, thus potentially leaving installers out of that loop. Without a move to all-IP, it’s not simply end-users that will be put at risk, installers too will need to ensure that they are ready to support customers looking to transition.

Robust and responsive Installers needn’t face the transition to all-IP alone. Fully aware of the impact the switch-off may have, device vendors will work with installers to provide the support they need, such as providing comprehensive packages of resources and training materials. The hope is that, with assistance during the installation process and ongoing round-the-clock support, installers can be confident that their customers’ homes and businesses – as well as their own reputations – are safe and secure.

Installers needn’t face the transition to all-IP alone. Fully aware of the impact the switch-off may have, device vendors will work with installers to provide the support they need While switching off the PSTN may be seen by many as the end of an era, the move to all-IP is a much-needed move in an increasingly digital world. For one thing, these new alarm signalling devices feature a combination of wired and wireless broadband and 4G connectivity, making them significantly smarter, faster and more reliable than the legacy solutions they’ll replace. But as legacy devices cease operating from 2025 – if not before – it’s vital that alarm signalling systems are futureproofed now. It’s true that the burden for carrying this out does lie largely with installers but, with the right support, the process should be relatively straightforward and – importantly – secure. The continuing growth of the security services industry – and the safety of the people and businesses it serves – depends on its ability to adapt to a digital, all-IP future; one in which there should be no compromise on security.

For more information:






























868 MHz

01707 377203

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The complete intercom solution for housing managers

The NEW wireless DD-02 is the all-in-one smart intercom for Housing Associations. Not only does it offer more accessibility features, it’s durable and secure too – visitors simply direct dial the flat number then press ‘call’ to request access. It also benefits from an audio induction loop and braille backlit keypad for broad accessibility. Plus, with a built-in proximity reader and coded keypad function, access is secure for both residents and service providers. What more could you want? To find out more, visit intratone.uk.com

P3387_Intratone_DD02 Launch Advert_PSI_297x210_FEB20.indd 1

24/02/2021 3:44 pm

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Multi-site made simple

Paxton’s combined video management and access control platform, Paxton10, has received an update allowing administrators to manage multiple sites, spanning cities, countries and even continents axton have been developing and updating Paxton10 based on real-time feedback from their installers and end-users. This is to maximise the systems future potential for expanding businesses with multiple sites, and public spaces such as school clusters or healthcare trusts. According to the company, the installer and customer needs are what continue to drive the direction of Paxton10. By utilising Paxton10 Cloud Services, it is now possible for up to 100 sites to be managed by a single Paxton10 server. To connect the sites via the web-based software, an activation code is used to simply identify a Paxton10 controller at the destination, and the system does the rest. The Multi-site feature in Paxton10 can reportedly be set up in minutes with minimal technical knowledge. It does not need a VPN, or any additional infrastructure. With the introduction of Multi-site, a single Paxton10 system can still support up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras. Site administrators



can add up to 50,000 users, with no additional license fees. This makes the system cost effective and is continuously scalable at the touch of a button using Paxton’s software. PSI caught up with Adam Stroud, Group Chief Executive at Paxton, to find out more about the update: You developed the new feature following feedback from installers. What were their specific requirements? It is very common for all types of end customers to require a security system that covers many premises, often in completely different locations. A chain of shops, for example, with a head office and 80 retail outlets. Having a single system means that staff information only needs to be entered once, and appropriate access permissions can be set across all premises. Also, the whole estate can be managed and monitored centrally allowing greater efficiency. What would be a typical set-up that businesses with multiple sites might currently have and what are the pitfalls of such a system? For many years, businesses with multiple sites have had to choose between administering their sites independently or requiring a permanent Wide Area Network (WAN) to allow a single system to span all of their sites. Quite often,

Adam Stroud

With the introduction of Multi-site, a single Paxton10 system can still support up to 1000 doors and 1000 cameras. Site administrators can add up to 50,000 users, with no additional license fees


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(continued from previous page)

neither of these options are good enough, as they require either a significant administrative burden, or a complex and costly IT infrastructure. With this new version of Paxton10 customers can, for the first time, have access control, video surveillance and door entry spanning up to 100 sites, with only an internet connection needed at each site. This offers streamlined administration, with no complex IT infrastructure required. With one system running across up to 100 sites, were resilience and reliability key development factors? We have used robust and secure IoT technologies to enable this new Multi-site functionality. The technology is designed for literally billions upon billions of transactions,

“With this new version of Paxton10 customers can, for the first time, have access control, video surveillance and door entry spanning up to 100 sites, with only an internet connection needed at each site”

and we are very confident in our ability to scale, not only to accommodate large sites, but to comfortably accommodate many hundreds of new systems being installed every month. The technology we use comes with scalability test tools allowing us to replicate extreme real-world conditions to add further confidence. The biggest data payload is streaming video over the internet, either live footage or archive. With this we add resilience and remove centralised bottlenecks by establishing a peerto-peer data connection between the camera and the client when possible. Of course, this all happens seamlessly behind the scenes. If there is no VPN and connectivity out of the box, can you assure installers that the system is secure? All data to and from sites is encrypted using the 128-bit SSL internet standard. For this reason we can ensure that data is protected. The cloud services we use simply serve as a 'relay' for data communications between system hardware and the Paxton10 server. We never store personalised data in the cloud. Does Paxton10 only work with Paxton door controllers and cameras? Paxton10 is actually compatible with 3rd party IP cameras in conjunction with our video controller, and these cameras will work across multiple sites. However we recommend using Paxton10 cameras for the true plug and play experience and the best functionality. How important was the simplicity of installation in the development of Paxton10? I regularly say to our employees that at Paxton we don't aim to be the cheapest, we don’t aim to have the most features, but we DO aim to provide the simplest, most seamless experience. In the multiple decades I have been at Paxton, we have always viewed installation companies as our customers, and making their lives easier with training, support, warranties and simple to install products is at the core of what we do. Is the plan to keep developing new features for the platform? Oh yes. You just wait to see what we've got coming!



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Cut creation costs

For over 15 years, 3xLOGIC has been at the forefront of security technology, providing easy-to-install solutions for integrating Video, Access Control, ATM, Point-of-Sale, Analytics, and more. Its cloud-based access control, video management solution, and business intelligence software (powered by artificial intelligence) has helped numerous installers to cut their creation costs and attract more business.


s an installer, your priority is delivering a high-quality, reliable, and robust system that meets the end user’s needs. With 3xLOGIC alongside as your trusted, highvalue strategic partner, you can achieve this, plus deploy your system quickly, reducing your cost of labour. This has knockon benefits. With a shorter time-on-site (or even no time-onsite if the system can deploy and be maintained via the cloud), your expert on-the-ground technicians can complete more jobs. The overall cost of each deployment will, therefore, reduce. Furthermore, in today’s climate, nobody wishes to remain on-site and in physical proximity to others for longer than completely necessary. A shorter installation time will help to put their mind at ease.

Cutting ongoing costs Ongoing costs are another consideration and with a cloud video solution, firmware and software can be automatically updated at a time that suits the end-user (out of working hours, for instance). Again, this cuts the time, cost, and risk of deploying someone to work on-site.

Introducing VIGIL VMS With the VIGIL VMS Platform, your creation and ongoing maintenance costs will be cut significantly. And with an easier and shorter installation time, you can complete more set-ups in the same timeframe and attract more business. VIGIL VMS is very cost-competitive for enterprise installations with a TCO (total cost of ownership) well below 3xLOGIC’s competition.

Complemented by VIGIL Server


Installers can also utilise 3xLOGIC’s VIGIL Server solution which features multiple tools to aid quick deployment. This includes the Easy Setup Wizard that can program cameras within six minutes — saving time and costs as you don’t have to manually search for each camera, plug-in settings, find the IP, and so forth. For large projects, deployment templates can also simplify and cut the costs of implementation. Plus, VIGIL Connect, 3xLOGIC’s proprietary DDNS, allows remote connectivity without advanced networking configuration. With this, installers don’t have to set up or remember a static IP address. Working in tandem, such solutions are vastly cutting the amount of work that has to be done with a deployment on-site.

Learn more

follow PSI on Twitter for news, views & comment

Explore your options with 3xLOGIC today and see firsthand how your creation costs will decrease. Contact the team now at E: sales@3xlogic.com


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The Smart Choice for the Professional Installer Introducing our new range of Miniature Wireless Contacts

Key features


™ Excellent Range

™ :C*%&(&"'"+

™ AdlegdÒaZ+)bbm'-bbm.bb

™ <gVYZ'!8aVhh>>

™ Colours: White, Brown & Grey

™ 7H-')(

™ Compatible with legacy HKC RF Systems

™ E9+++'

™ Battery Life > 4 years (typically)

Why Choose HKC ? ™ Route to Market protected for professional installers (no online prices) ™ IldeVcZahXdkZgVaaegdeZgi^Zh"jeid',%odcZhl^i]ZmeVcYZgh ™ Alarm User and Engineer App ™ Engineer Software ™ We own and manage our Cloud ™ Excellent RF Device Range


™ G;E>G8VbZgVk^V6ee ™ Life Safety - Smoke, Heat & CO detectors

Get in touch by calling 01706 373560 or e-mail ukinfo@hkc.ie UK Technical Support: 0800 1114599

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand

Experience a safer and more open world

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Boost your intruder revenue

We spoke to Ian Stones of RISCO Group to find out about the growth areas in the intruder market and how installers can increase revenue with the new technology he intruder alarm market has changed quite a lot over the last few years with technological developments that improve the performance of the system. Innovations in the detection and monitoring of alarms alongside the introduction of apps, Cloud recording and integrated video have all led to a reduction in the number of false alarms and a more consumer feel to the technology. But what does all this mean for the installer? We spoke to Ian Stones, Head of Sales for UK&I at RISCO Group, to discuss how the latest developments can result in more business.


How have the last twelve months been for RISCO? Like everyone else in the industry and beyond, the pandemic has created unprecedented challenges, but as a business we are very agile and have adjusted extremely well to the new normality. We have managed to launch a range of new products in these difficult times, including


two new security system panels, GT Plus and WiComm Pro. We have also developed RisControl, a new smart touchscreen keypad and a detector range called Piccolo, so in terms of new products for the market, we have been busy during the last twelve months. What is the current trend for wired vs wireless systems? Which is strongest at the moment? It all depends on the application. No doubt for Grade 2 installations and especially in the domestic arena, wireless has made huge strides in recent times, particularly with improvements in reliability and increased battery life. It is important to state, however that hybrid systems, a combination of both wired and wireless elements, have a huge part to play in the G2 marketplace with the extra flexibility that comes from being able to use different detection technologies to better suit the application.

“No doubt for Grade 2 installations and especially in the domestic arena, wireless has made huge strides in recent times, particularly with improvements in reliability and increased battery life”


EDIT Technology Apr21_PSI_mar15 28/03/2021 18:00 Page 3


(continued from previous page)

For Grade 3 compliance, systems need to be 100% fully wired, although the G3 applications represent a much smaller percentage of the total number of installations in the UK.

“We’ve seen a huge expansion of Cloud technologies over the last few years and smartphones and apps have been key to some of the massive changes we’ve seen in the intruder market”


What are your top tips for reducing false/unwanted alarms? It largely comes down to employing the right detection for the environment. For example, KBand microwave sensors dramatically reduce false alarms from the microwave channel with reduced wall penetration (“bleeding”) so that people walking in a corridor outside the protected room do not cause false alarms. This is a marked improvement upon the performance of dual technology PIRs when partitioned walls or glass can result in an unwanted alarm. External detection is becoming very popular at the moment, particularly when integrated with cameras and there are a number of systems that can reduce false alarms with external sensors. Sway Recognition uses two microwave channels for cancelling the effect of forward and backward moving objects. This eliminates false alarms in windy weather conditions and means detectors can be installed within 5 metres away from trees in a garden without unwanted triggers. Digital Correlation is another feature that improves the performance of detectors. It distinguishes between patterns of real threats vs effects caused by the environment or animals through the use of correlation. In essence, two independent PIR channels with separate lenses create a vertically interlacing detection pattern. Rapid temperature changes, reflections and pets – which due to their size cannot be in both

PIR detection patterns at the same time so that the alarm is not raised. It is imperative to use the right detection products for the right application and this could include shock and door contacts, curtain PIRs and as we’ve already alluded to, Dual Tech. How does the consumer market influence the intruder market in terms of the technology it uses? I don’t think we can ignore the impact that the consumer market has had on the development of technology for the domestic market. We’ve seen a huge expansion of Cloud technologies over the last few years and smartphones and apps have been key to some of the massive changes we’ve seen in the intruder market. It’s fair to say all manufacturers have responded to the consumer influences and so, with regard to the Cloud, we currently have tens of thousands of systems connected to the RISCO Cloud. I can only see the influence expanding over the forthcoming years, as millennials and Gen-Z’ers wield a greater influence in society and expect more from their systems in terms of integration and connectivity. I also see video becoming integral to Intruder installations, instead of it being a separate entity, all controlled by the one app. Will video verification become a requirement for emergency response in the UK? Does Cloud have a role to play in this? We believe it will do and Cloud will most certainly have a role to play in this. When you consider that 98% of all intruder alarm activations are false and police force response times may vary due to other


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priorities meaning a non-verified alarm might never achieve a response. With this in mind, based on statistics from Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire police, forces will respond to a confirmed alarm with additional resource, once the video has been confirmed on the app by your customers or ARC. Statistics also show that the average burglar spends 8-14 mins in a home from time of entry so every minute counts in terms of trying to catch them at the property and video verification also has a role to play in catching the perpetrator. There are lots of UK homes that do not have electronic security. Do you expect a rise in interest surrounding domestic alarms once the lockdown is over and people return to work? I’m absolutely certain this will be the case. Burglary hasn’t gone away during the lockdown and there is a guaranteed trend when economic times are challenging, levels of crime, including burglary sadly increase. I think much of the public are aware of this fact and adding or improving their home security will be more of a lifestyle choice when returning to their place of work, rather than a grudge purchase. Also home automation products that have the ability for deliveries to take place at people’s home when they are back in the workplace will appeal to people once they are no longer working from home and able to take in their parcels.

Ian Stones of RISCO Group

What would you say are the main ways that installers can increase revenue in the current market with intruder systems? There are a number of ways installers can increase their revenue. Firstly, they need to look at their existing customer base and ask themselves if they have truly maximised their clients’ spend potential? Have they got the best system for their current requirements? Do they understand the power of adding things like video verification and home automation as an integral part of their solution? There are great opportunities to upsell and cross-sell to people that many installers are already providing in terms of services and maintenance. They are certainly the low hanging fruit.

“There are a number of ways installers can increase their revenue. Firstly, they need to look at their existing customer base and ask themselves if they have truly maximised their clients’ spend potential?” 36

The second route to recurring revenue is with the Cloud. Are you maximising the revenue available from providing Cloud and app services to your customer base? Did you know you can reduce site visits from executing routine maintenance remotely? We recently launched our Cloud Revenue Programme which allows our installers to grow their recurring revenue and guaranteed future income from their existing client base and any future installations. This is a big growth area. Thirdly, consider upgrades. Some of customers will have systems that were installed ten or more years ago. Straight away, these systems are not Cloud connected, have no video capabilities or anything else we’ve discussed. In this scenario installers are losing potential income from such accounts. The user may want to hang onto perfectly good and working detectors and bells for example, but could significantly benefit from a simple upgrade to the panel only to access all the things that can enhance their security, by being Cloud connected. What are your predictions for the way the security market will look this time next year? Which technologies have a rosy future ahead of them – and which do not? Overall I think things will be looking much rosier for the security market in twelve months’ time, with the fruits of the pent-up demand delivering a much-needed boost for lots of manufacturers. In terms of technologies, I think we all know that PSTN is on the way out. What many installers don’t know is major trials for 'Mass IP' started in earnest in 2020 and mass migration is expected to take place within the next twelve months. Many areas will stop selling PSTN as of June 2021, which provides the opportunity to upgrade. Other technologies such as Cloud, apps and video will see further and substantial growth, and I’m sure the fact that home automation is becoming mass market will impact on the security sector. Finally, I think that the advance of AI will open up a number of opportunities in the confirmed video market with customers being able to receive alerts when they are at work, or indeed at home using control panel technology such as presence zone. AI will also help reduce false alarms as the technology becomes more sophisticated and recognises threats rather than just motion.


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Compact pedestrian gate operator Introducing the E5 operator

The E5 is a compact low voltage pedestrian gate operator from BFT Automation. It provides an innovative solution to automating pedestrian gates. The small size means it can be installed almost anywhere. In addition to the compact dimensions, the E5 has an optional slide lever attachment designed for installations where there is extremely limited space for manoeuvre, meaning that just 8cm of the pillar are needed for installation. Improved fixing points and a simple ‘hook and fasten’ process means installation is safe, quick and straight forward. The E5 is available as a single operator or as part of a gate kit. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly.

North Office T. 0161 456 0456 E. north@bft.co.uk

South Office T. 01488 674 750 E. south@bft.co.uk

www.bftautomationuk.com Gate Operators • Traffic Barriers • Automatic Bollards • Door Operators • Parking Systems • Garage Door Operators

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together raising standards

Meet the installer What would be a typical project for you? We are fortunate enough to have the bulk of our business focused around large-scale commercial installations. These are on average circa 100 camera installations that sit on a dedicated fibre optic network, which also hosts our access control and intercom systems. We have seen a huge shift in the market towards remotely monitored CCTV systems away from Intruder alarms. Is third party accreditation beneficial? The NSI Gold accreditation we hold, is valued by ourselves, this separates us from other installers within the industry that don’t carry these accreditations, these are however essential and guarantee systems are installed to the correct British standards. What is the best thing about working in this industry? The constant shift and updates in the technology is very interesting, I also enjoy specifying and designing large scale CCTV systems. Do you have any 'go to' technology? Our main manufacturers are Hanwha, Avigilon, Paxton and Honeywell Galaxy. Do you think there is a skills shortage in the industry? We have recently recruited three engineers in 2021 and plan to have take on two more in the second quarter of 2021. Are there any common requests from customers that give you problems? We tend to be aware of the common problems and requests and deal with them very proactively, this ensures smooth installations from specification to system handover. What would make your job easier? In terms of making the job easier, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a great team of staff that support our customers extremely well, this is by far the biggest way we have found to make the job easier.

Security life with David Salisbury of Zicam Integrated Security Name: David Salisbury Job title: MD Time in security/fire: 16 years Company: Zicam Integrated Security Location: West Midlands Areas of expertise: Remotely monitored CCTV and intruder systems, access control, fire and life safety systems Accreditations: NSI Gold

What is your ultimate/fantasy electronic security/fire product? With the advent of video analytic technology this is improving year on year, our main partners utilise this technology which is embedded into the cameras, this is bolstered by AI technology which looking forward will be very exciting as to how this can be utilised. What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? That would be to listen to advice and suggestions from others, but then it’s up to you as to how to deal with and process this information.

“The constant shift and updates in the technology is very interesting, I also enjoy specifying and designing large scale CCTV systems”

Will England ever win the World Cup again? The chances of this do seem slim, however with an always positive outlook, I hope we will! If you won £25,000 what would you do with the money? As company we believe it sharing in our success, this includes supporting community projects and sponsoring local sports teams and persons, the £25,000 would be shared between the local charities we support!

What impact has smart/home automation had on your business? With the way we have structured the business we have very few domestic customers, so have very little interaction with domestic type smart home systems, we do however design and install Smart commercial building management systems. What is the industry’s biggest myth? The industry’s biggest myth is probably camera expectations, its often people feel a camera can zoom in on a remote object and read a number plate from 10 miles away, just like in the movies!



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Leading intrusion installers rely on ADI




THAT’S THE ADI DIFFERENCE The widest selection of brands

plus more...

www.adiglobal.com/uk 0161 687 8787 sales.uk@adiglobal.com

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Training the next generation The skills shortage in our sector is no secret, so what exactly is being done to address the need to bring in new engineers? We talked to David Scott of Skills for Security just prior to WorldSkills UK taking place s an ex Skills for Security apprentice and a former winner of the Engineers of Tomorrow competition, David Scott is the ideal person to be the Managing Director for Skills for Security. Having gone through the training programme himself he knows first-hand what it feels like to train to become an engineer in the fire and security sector. But the events of 2020-21 have been difficult for everyone, let alone an organisation that trains people in the installation of electronic security systems; hands-on is a tricky prospect during lockdown. “The last twelve months have been extremely challenging for us, but we were extremely fortunate in that we made the decision to go online a week or two before the national lockdown,” David told PSI. “This meant we were well prepared to adapt to the changes that the government was going to announce.” This decision helped to put staff, students and employers at ease and enabled all the Skills for Security staff to go into the office a week or two before going fully online to practice how they were going to deliver the material.



David recalls the training timeline: “Over the piece we initially started with normal, online face-to-face training very much like we've all become familiar with via webinars, but the team soon made a decision to really try and drive innovation within the lessons so that the students were getting the highest quality training that they possibly could. In the end what happened was while our students from across the whole country were logging in from their houses or employer's premises, they were actually logging directly into our Technical Training Centre in Warrington and they were able to access Texecom panels via the cloud. In addition they were able to access remotely using mobile phones and computers, Hikvision systems and CSL routers so in the end our students were programming, commissioning and carrying out full maintenance and services while sitting in their houses. We believe that at that time we were really pushing boundaries and giving people the best education.” Scheduling for training from April onwards has already begun with plans in place to start a return to normality with face-to-face (continued over)

“The last twelve months have been extremely challenging for us, but we were extremely fortunate in that we made the decision to go online a week or two before the national lockdown” 41

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delivery focusing purely on the apprentices that are due to complete their apprenticeship this year. The skills sector body has 50 students due to complete their apprenticeship within this year so they will be brought back into the workshop for training as soon as possible to make sure they get all the practical experiences that they have missed out on over the last ten to eleven months. “For me, one of the biggest challenges is the practical exam that the apprentices need to do,” says David. “This is assessed by an external body and the students need to do a two-day practical assessment to pass the apprenticeship and some of our students have been in furlough and haven't touched a screwdriver or been out on site for ten months! They might be lacking confidence and so our focus is to make sure they feel confident in the learning that they have got under their belt and to make sure they are fully confident to go ahead and do the test as well as we know they can.”

Back in August 2019, Skills for Security had 119 apprentices on its programme, but today that number is over 250 42

Positive numbers When David started with Skills for Security in August 2019 there were approximately three to four hundred apprentices in England which was a shock to him, but quickly the numbers have dramatically risen and the latest figures show that the number is now between 900 and a thousand apprentices. This is phenomenal for such a short period of time, but it is not the same picture across the nation. “In Scotland there has been decline in apprentice numbers over the Covid period and, to be honest, we don't know what's causing that,” admits David. “It might just be that employers are nervous to take on apprentices plus the government support in Scotland was announced later than it was in England. So while there have been lots of initiatives and exciting incentives for employers in England enabling them to get access to additional monies for apprentices, in Scotland they are much further down the line in the process. So we will hopefully see the Scottish numbers rise.” Back in August 2019, Skills for Security had 119 apprentices on its programme, but today that number is over 250. David admits that he would never have expected to see numbers rise so quickly and further good news is that Skills for Security has had 30 apprentices pass the endpoint assessment so they are now fully qualified fire and security engineers. “Our apprentices are now entering the market as engineers and as time goes on we're really starting to make a positive impact on the skill shortage,” says David. “One of the reasons I think we've achieved that growth is the quality of the training and the teaching team. All of our team are fully qualified fire and security engineers that we have brought in and trained as tutors whereas some other training providers use contractors. I think that affects the quality of the training.” David believes that another reason for the growth is that Skills for Security recently moved to Warrington, a location that makes it easy for people to reach. Satellite centres have also opened in Oxford with partners Fenix Monitoring, in Birmingham with Birmingham Met College and in Southport with partners EFT Group. The accessible model for accredited courses has made it easier for people to get training.

Accredited training “If you think of the electrical sector, it has the 18th Edition (or Wiring Regs) and Inspection and


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“There is a problem with getting the right standard of engineers for employers and one of the key reasons for that is there are not enough young people coming through the ranks to join the industry with competent skills”

Testing, the fire sector has the FIA and the new EAL qualifications, but for the electronic security sector no one is doing short, affordable and flexible online courses for engineers, surveyors or project managers to access,” says David. “When I took on the role, one of my key focuses was to make sure that there were other opportunities for training. As a result we are now working with Securitas to upskill their workforce using a trial training programme that has been hugely successful. Essentially we now have fully-accredited short courses that we're going to be rolling out to the sector from April with a focus on surveying design of intruder, fire, video surveillance, access control, advanced signalling and there will also be one on cyber too.” The online courses are priced at £40 and range from between 2-6 hours and are delivered by a professional presenter and are accessible 24/7.

Getting the word out WorldSkills UK is an independent charity and a partnership between employers, education and governments. Its aim is to raise standards in apprenticeships and technical education so that more young people can get the best start in work and life. With that in mind it makes sense for the fire and security sector to get involved. “My old employer, New College Lanarkshire, partners with WorldSkills so when I came on board I was clear that I wanted us to be involved to help with the skills shortage,” reveals David. “There is a problem with getting the right standard of engineers for employers and one of the key reasons for that is there are not enough young people coming through the ranks to join the industry with competent skills. Research has shown that 70% of the workforce in the security sector is of an age that will be retiring sooner rather than later. Therefore we need to make sure that there are sustainable numbers coming from the younger generation and that's what WorldSkills offers. It is an opportunity to sell our sector to the world; when it has been held as a face-to-face event, there has been up to 70,000 young people of school leaver age in attendance all looking to choose their career path.” To promote the sector to a new generation Skills for Security has sponsored a Spotlight Talk, along with CSL, Texecom and Hikvision, in which some major industry characters will talk about careers in the fire and security industry along with providing various hints and tips. “The types of people that are also doing Spotlight Talks include the Navy, the NHS and


GSK so I am immensely proud that Apprentices for Fire & Security will be speaking alongside names like those,” says David. The Spotlight Talk will help get the word out to potential new engineers (and estimated 150,000 people will tune in) but what about employers? After all why should they take on an apprentice rather take on a ready-made engineer who can hit the ground running? “Obviously there is a lot less hassle in taking on a ready-made engineer, but if companies want to be sustainable, if they want to keep the wage bill low and they want to offer a quality service, the best way to do this is by recruiting an apprentice and then training them up,” answers David. “And the only way to be properly competent in this sector is to go down the recognised apprenticeship route. However I do think that there are other things we need to focus on including pre-employment options. If you consider what happens with similar trades such as electrical or joinery, they have preapprenticeship employment opportunities in which you invite someone into your training centre, offer them a minimal entry level of training and then send them out on work placement to learn and engage with the sector.” So perhaps one way to help keep the numbers going in the right direction and to alleviate the skills shortage would be, once the word has got out via WorldSkills, for employers to bring people in at the pre-employment stage and introduce them into the sector. Then maybe they will be as enthusiastic about working in the fire and security industry as David Scott. 43

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1st - 30th June

Connecting leading security solution providers and buyers through a new digital initiative Position your business in front of international security buyers Share best practices with industry leaders Discover products and solutions from leading security suppliers

Find out more at: www.ifsecglobal.com/event

Co-located with:

Official sponsor:

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Wellbeing best practice pt1 This month we start a five-part serialisation of the book “Five Practices of Wellbeing, from the Science of Wellbeing, for High Performance” by Cora Lynn Heimer Rathbone of Rathbone Results Foster Social Connections

What are we talking about? Relationships! Did you know that isolation is one of the harshest forms of torture? Relationships are fundamental to wellbeing and productivity. From the dawn of homo sapiens, social connections have mattered and distinguished us from other “homo” creatures (homo erectus, homo neanderthal). In fact, anthropologist who have studied prehistoric cave drawings such as those in the Cueva de las Manos 1 in Argentina (image) have concluded that the need and ability to form social connections is what made homo sapiens the “fittest” of all “homo” species – what gave us the edge to survive whilst other “homo” lines disappeared! Relationships – and this includes teamworking - are important in private and professional life. Relationships are key to health, long life and human survival. Much research backs this. In his short but high-impact book “Man’s Search for Meaning” Viktor Frankl showed that people who had a strong sense of purpose and who knew they had people waiting for them to return were more likely to survive, had more of a purpose to survive the Nazi death-camps than those that didn’t. Of course some people need social connection less than others. Yet even those with little need have some need to connect with others. Most people need people – even if to different degrees. Social distancing during the pandemic has exacerbated our need to socially connect. It’s really tough right now, at a human level, with COVID fatigue and the continuing emphasis on social distancing. YET we CAN connect – even if that is virtually – and we need to for our wellbeing. We need to connect with people in a way that best suits us AND them – by voice phone, Facetime, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, email, letter. At the start of the first lockdown in the UK, March 2020, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, spoke of compassion as he announced unprecedented financial support to be offered by the government. Sunak said that we would be judged as human beings during this period by the compassion we have for each other. Compassion does not mean feeling about something the same way that someone else feels (that’s empathy) or even feeling sorry for the other (that’s sympathy). Compassion means walking with another and having a sense of sharing with each other what’s happening to both of you at that moment.


One landmark study from Stanford University published in May 2014 showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure Before delving further, some may ask: What do social connections and compassion look like in a business context? Social connection can start with shared passion for the cause that your business exists to address (e.g. climate change), or with compassion for colleagues with whom you walk the journey of creating value for customers, or with compassion for employees and the communities in which we operate, or with compassion for the clients and customers we exist to serve. One landmark study from Stanford University published in May 2014 showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. The same study showed that strong social connections (a) lead to a 50% increased chance of longevity, (b) strengthen our immune system and therefore reduce sickness absences, and (c) help us recover from disease faster. If only to maintain strong immunity to COVID-19 and to remain healthy so we can continue to be productive, more than ever, we need social connections! People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others. They are also more trusting and cooperative. Consequentially, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them, more willing to teamup with them. In other words, social 45

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Download the free e-book here:

connectedness generates a positive feedback loop and positive emotions as well as physical well-being. Social connections also generate higher performance as team members collaborate not just because they have to but because they want to – to support those with whom they are connected. A recent HBR article quoted evidence that high belonging, high social connection, was linked to 56% increase in job performance, a 50% drop in risk to total sales, and a 75% reduction in sick days. For a 10,000-person company, this would result in annual savings of more than $52M. Workplaces where employees have a high sense of belonging also enjoyed higher employer promoter scores (staff’s willingness to recommend their company to others). In such workplaces, staff received higher (up to double) the salary raises and were up to 18 times more likely to be promoted. How can we develop this wellbeing practice and release Oxytocin? • Seek to recognise others and give them feedback – preferably positive - to underpin social connection.

• Especially during lockdowns, engaging with others via facetime, Zoom, Teams, Skype, WebEx; phone, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat. Consider ‘netwalking’ with one other person - and a coffee in hand! Alternatively try virtual cooking sessions or virtual cocktail parties sending recipes in advance. Why not start by: 1. Identifying the one to three people in your support circle who you will intentionally, regularly and frequently connect with – in work and outside of work. 2. Pick one or two colleagues with whom you will seek to build closer 1:1 social connection for mutual support and challenge. The last word belongs to one client who emailed me in October 2020: “We will come out stronger as a team, with much more appreciation for each other, better understanding of how much we need interaction between us (you only really know what you have when it is gone), better understanding of what remote colleagues experience, and a better ability to work with all team members in the future.”

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Wrist Temperature Monitoring Access Control Panel Mask Detection The thermal panel recognises if you are not wearing a mask, it will then ask you to wear one.

With W ith De Desktop eskt Mount (sold separately) sep




Desktop Mount

These situations can become uncomfortable for both customers/staff.


Access Control & Time Attendance

Free Standing Mount Device (sold separately)

Please wear your face mask


Place wrist 5-15cm from reader for accurate temperature reading

Thermal Panel




Features - Thermal Panel

Application Sectors

• 7-inch LCD display with 1024x600 resolution • Holds database of up to 50,000 users • Facial recognition up to 1m

Ideal For The Following Applications • Temperature Monitoring With Mask Detection







Ideal for current 'pandemic' situation - Preventitive measure, less intrusive interaction for the customer - ie. On the spot temperature/mask checks by personnel/security. • Time & Attendance/Access Control Monitor & register staff (with DSS Express) know where your staff are, ie. Fire alert/evacuation. DSS Express - Optional Extra • Remote management/remote monitoring

Please Note • Lease option available on this product. Contact your Account Manager today.

Features Include:

Download The FREE QLS App Now! To View Latest Product Information, Demos & So Much More!

Ezee Switch WhatsApp Tech Support Quote Builder Exclusive Promotions How To Guides/Videos

www.qvis.co.uk • For further information - Call 02392 488300

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How the Cloud is transforming security Cloud security applications are transformative for businesses, enabling smart buildings with remote access control and sophisticated 24/7 monitoring. The granting and revoking of access can now be done instantly from anywhere; each individual does not need to be escorted personally. Cloud also allows for complex video analytics, which can detect, track and classify the behaviors of people and vehicles on the premises. Push notifications can alert you to suspicious behaviors so that security management can intervene before situations become dangerous. Additionally, cloud-based systems can provide greater insight into day-to-day activity, such as when and where employees or vendors have accessed certain spaces, or even if a door was left open. For security dealers, the power of the cloud is all about account insights. Data from internet-connected security systems can now be accessed remotely, allowing for quick identification of customer issues on individual accounts. Some issues can even be handled remotely, which can help security dealers avoid service calls. Additionally, cloud is enabling business growth and customer loyalty by allowing dealers to identify customers that aren’t subscribed to but might benefit from certain services, or who don’t have certain peripherals installed but are capable of adding them. For more visit: www.security.honeywell.com

IDIS Video Analytics ebook sets out the advantages and business case for Deep Learning tech IDIS’s latest tech-explainer eBook – The Benefits of Deep Learning Driven Intelligent Video Analytics – explores how a new generation of AI video solutions is delivering better security, safety, operational efficiency and business intelligence. The eBook, which can be downloaded now from the IDIS website, reflects the company’s commitment to supporting its systems integrator partners as they focus on delivering advanced video solutions into growth sectors. The new eBook explains some of the differences between conventional ‘blob’ analytics – found in most modern network cameras and relatively prone to false-alarm triggers caused by environmental factors – and more powerful deep learning technologies. These newest generation AI solutions leverage neural networks made up of multiple layers of algorithms and advanced processing, and can be more accurately called ‘intelligent’ video analytics. The eBook also outlines how AI video can support efficient return-to-work strategies and ensure COVID-secure facilities and workplaces using highly accurate analytics for face mask detection, social distancing adherence, people counting, and occupancy monitoring. Guidance is also provided for systems integrators, demonstrating how the same functionality will deliver value beyond the pandemic, with benefits such as facilities and workspace optimisation, and actionable insights particularly for the retail and hospitality sectors. To access this informative eBook with no need to provide personal or company details, simply use the QR Code on this article.



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Open Door is an online service from PSI that provides in-depth information from a selection of market leading companies. Here are some of the highlights from the pages of Open Door.....

Not all detectors are the same... An intruder alarm system is only as good as the sum of all of its parts, which is why the choice you make when specifying PIRs and sensors for an installation makes all the difference The performance of detectors, the reliability of wireless functionality and the development of smartphone apps have helped improve the performance of intruder systems and also made installing the technology even easier. For example, commissioning the original panel, PIRs, sounders etc is much easier with a wireless system but when the panel needs a few extra detectors or peripherals added at a later date is when wireless wins hands down in terms of speed of install and simplicity. In terms of detectors it is vital for the efficiency of the whole system that the best products are used. Recently reviewed in PSI magazine with an impressive 9/10 rating, the Capture range from Texecom comes with EN Grade 2 wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing for a variety of security environments. Use the QR code for more information

Unmanned train depots secured by Video Analytics Southeastern Rail Network operates train services between London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. It is one of the busiest networks in the country, transporting 640,000 passengers each weekday on its 392 trains, which are temporarily housed in 12 depots situated around South-East England. Some of these depots are unmanned, and therefore require intelligent security solutions. Bosch Security System’s Integration Partner, Taylor Technology Systems, were tasked with upgrading the entire video surveillance system across the 12 depots. The camera portfolio installed across the 12 depots included FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 VR, DINION IP starlight 7000 HD and AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD cameras. These cameras are all equipped with Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analytics solutions ensuring that the most relevant video data can be precisely applied to the requirements of the train depots. Visit: www.boschsecurity.com/gb/en/

Strategic focus on cyber security for Inner Range Security system manufacturer Inner Range is announcing a new strategic focus on cyber security, after auditing and formalising several existing cyber security measures. The award-winning firm, which has not had a single reported cyber security breach in its 30-year history, has been working with a leading global software service company to develop a comprehensive cyber security governance program that can grow and evolve to meet ever-changing cyber security challenges. The new program includes: • A dedicated cross-functional cyber security governance team • Coordinated penetration testing of all networked products by independent accredited laboratories • Product development process that includes cyber threat assessment • Deployment of hardened cybersecurity technologies • Supply of cyber hardening installation guidelines for Inner Range products Visit: www.innerrange.co.uk



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THE PSI GOLF DAY 2021 Sponsors include:

This year the PSI Golf Day and Premier Awards Dinner are planned for the 1st July at Warren Weir at Luton Hoo. Have you got the skills to be a winner? he PSI Golf Day will be held on 1st July at Warren Weir in Bedfordshire, within the 1,065 acre grounds of Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf & Spa, a self-contained private event venue with 84 luxurious bedrooms and suites. The event will take place on the 1st July, with golf during the day and the PSI Premier Awards Dinner in the evening. Following the meal and presentations there will be after-dinner entertainment and a chance to unwind in the Warren Lounge afterwards. During the day, the annual PSI Golf Day will pit the skills of the industry’s golfers against each other in Texas Scramble and Stableford competitions. Every year installers, manufacturers and suppliers compete for the


Previous winner Tim Northwood of Inner Range with host Ray Parlour

prestigious trophies and enjoy all-day refreshment and catering in glorious surroundings with great company. For those looking to stay overnight, Warren Weir has rooms to meet all requirements as well as those in the in the Parkland and Country Club. A day to remember for all competitors and their guests – especially the winners! We hope you will be able to join us at Luton Hoo this year for a round of golf, awards dinner or both! For more details on taking part contact David Lewis on 0208 295 8309.



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Get Recognised Get Registered

The Professional Register Raising Professional Standards in the Security & Fire Industry Recognising Competence and Qualifications for Individuals who Install & Maintain Security & Fire Systems.

Find out more or Register now at:


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TRIED & TESTED Here is an overview of some of the products we have featured in PSI independent test reports. This month we highlight a range of systems listed in no particular order. As always, manufacturers and distributors have no input in the test reports or results Western Digital – Purple 18TB HDD The Purple range of hard drives is designed for surveillance applications with a variety of capacities from 1TB up to 18TB. They are designed for 24-hour, all-year-round operation with an emphasis on continuous write-cycle time. The drive is said to support up to 64 HD cameras and is optimised for AI based read / write requirements with an additional 32 AI streams. Review: A very high-capacity drive with fast read & write access and multiple features to improve the storage and robustness of multi-camera surveillance recordings, especially where complex analytics and Deep Learning are utilised.

Ajax – Wireless Alarm System The Ajax alarm system is a wireless based EN50131 Grade 2 range of components that can be mixed and matched to suit a variety of home and office environments. Components are available in white or black finish to suit the décor of the site. Smartphone setup, management and monitoring along with extended battery life mean that the system is easy to install and use. Review: A wide range of detectors and simple set-up process makes for a potentially very quick installation. Good access to diagnostic information for monitoring purposes coupled with relatively straightforward battery changing.

Optex – BXS-AM Detector This is a wall or pole mountable IP55 outdoor “curtain” PIR intrusion detector that has dual narrow passive infrared detection zones either side of the device. Intended for example to cover side walls of buildings in order to trigger an alarm when people approach too close to the property. These side zones have a range of up to 12 metres, giving a coverage of up to 24 metres in total. Review: A very straightforward alarm device with clear operation and simple set-up. Apart from the reservations regarding cable entry and security of access the unit performs well and should prove easy to install.

Raytec – VAR2-IPPOE-HY8-1 This illuminator is a hybrid design providing both Infrared and White light illumination from one network controlled device. The Infrared wavelength is centred on 850nm and a 940nm version is available on request. Power is by 4-Pair PoE or optionally through a separate 24v DC supply. Review: The white light allowed extremely good colour reproduction and did not excessively flare on near objects even at the 100% output level. Similarly, the infrared had good even illumination over distance and allowed a good contrast range for subjects. Extremely versatile.



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Texecom – Capture Capture motion detectors are intended for use in a wide variety of professional security applications. With a choice of EN Grade 2 wired or wireless connectivity, wall or ceiling mounting, and a choice of detection technologies including dual element, quad element or dual technology sensing, Capture suits a wide variety of security environments. Review: The ease of connection with a range of switchable, built-in EOL resistor values simplifies the installation process. The potential for device branding will likely be appealing to independent installers.

Union – DoorSense DoorSense from Union, part of Assa Abloy Security Solutions is a legal way for fire doors to be kept open for access and be able to close automatically in the event of an alarm. The battery-operated system is CE marked to EN 1155 standards. Review: The DoorSense does exactly what it should do and even though it looks like it weighs a ton it is actually extremely light for a motorised unit and therefore does not affect the effort required in everyday use of the door.

Camect – NVR The Camect NVR is a Smart Network Video Recorder using AI routines to identify specific subjects within the scene and to prevent false alarms. This model is primarily aimed at mid to high-end residential and small commercial properties Review: A very interesting, small intelligent recording device that does not rely on “Cloud” analysis or storage and with ease of installation and management.

Satel – Slimline PIRs Satel produces a variety of PIR detectors within the Slimline range; the models tested and reported here are the Grade 2 “Slim-PIR-Luna” and the Grade 3 “Slim-DualPro” models. The Luna version includes white-light illuminators, while this Pro version provides dual technology detection and anti-masking protection to EN 50131-2-4 if correctly configured. Review: A very good pair of detectors with the Luna model fulfilling an additional lighting role and the Dual Pro meeting the Grade 3 requirements and having good detection flexibility.

Seagate – SkyHawk ST14000VX0008 The 14TB SkyHawk is a conventionally packaged 3.5” hard drive with SATA connection. It is promoted as a surveillance optimised drive with “superior image integrity”. Multi-Tier Caching allows for up to 64 HD video streams to be handled. Review: A very fast and efficient hard drive with an impressive specification, vast storage and manufacturer support for data recovery if required. The attention to the specific current and developing requirements of the surveillance industry should ensure that this drive provides the required performance and longevity of service.



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Access control with hosting options Honeywell has announced the expansion of capabilities of its MAXPRO Cloud portfolio with the launch of MPA1 and MPA2, access control panels that offer cloud, webbased or onpremise hosting options. The MPA1 is a single door POE powered controller is described as easy to install, operate and maintain, thanks to its edge installation design and its dedicated Device Utility App for fast and easy commissioning. MPA2 is a cloud, and standalone access control panel for two door access control. The MPA2 panel features enhanced security due to a 128-bit AES encrypted bi-directional Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) communication with access control readers. This combination of features – bolstered by an intuitive, browser-based user interface – gives customers an easy-to-use and secure site-access system. Users can manage MPA2 securely using Ethernet or Internet connections. www.security.honeywell.com

Cloud based scalable access solution Synel UK, has introduced the latest version of Synergy Access, a Cloud based access control solution which provides a scalable way to manage who is allowed access to restricted areas. Available as a standalone solution or as part of a wider suite of software from Synel that includes Time and Attendance and other workforce management modules, Synergy Access is designed to provide a future-proof solution for access control applications of any size, from one building with just a few doors, through to multiple sited organisations that need to secure many thousands of entrances and exits. Synergy Access is offered as a traditional on-site architecture solution or via Synel’s fully managed hosted cloud architecture (SaaS). synel.co.uk/synergyaccess

Temperature monitoring unaffected by external weather The Partizan STD-2MP access control system features face recognition and temperature screening that is not affected by external weather temperatures. An algorithm based on the principles of artificial intelligence comes into play to compare the temperature of a person and the objects around him. It captures the warmth of previous visitors and calculates their normal temperature at the current moment. In addition to temperature screening of visitors, the STD-2MP can also recognise faces, even if the person is wearing a mask. The module is no larger than a regular tablet with a 7” IPS display. There is also a temperature screening module, a white backlight, a 2MP IP CCTV camera, and a built-in access controller. The unit can be installed near the turnstile, on the walk-through frame or just at the entrance doors. Different brackets for floor and wall installations are available. partizanstore.eu


New video management range covers all use case sizes The new Husky appliances series from Milestone Systems offers is a range of six video management appliances that cover a variety of use cases. Preloaded with XProtect VMS the new Husky series reportedly enables partners and customers to achieve more with their Milestone XProtect video management solution, powered by Dell Technologies OEM Solutions. The range includes the Husky 150 Desktop model ,made to support smaller sites with fewer cameras and minimal need to view real-time footage locally, right up to the Husky 1800R, a high-end rack server for high throughput, extensive storage, and expansive flexibility. This makes it ideal for facilities needing maximum security - like airports, malls or transport hubs. milestonesys.com


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What’s so good about PSI Magazine? Do you want to target security installers with your next marketing campaign? Here are some handy points to consider: PSI is the only UK magazine aimed solely at the installers/integrators of electronic security technology PSI is the only UK magazine that carries independent, third-party product testing PSI was the first UK security magazine to launch a regular podcast PSI interviews NSI Gold approved security installers to promote excellence PSI is the host of the Premier Awards, recognising innovation and contribution to the industry PSI has targeted advertising campaigns that include print, online, podcasts, e-blasts and social media PSI was the first magazine to launch an Open Door programme giving advertisers control over their online presence on the PSI website

From our own research we discovered that: Two thirds of PSI readers claim to have been influenced by the magazine when it comes to purchasing decisions Almost 40% of installers that read PSI do not regularly read any other UK security magazine

November 2020 – £4.00

These are just a few of the reasons why PSI (Professional Security Installer) is the best platform for you to promote to security installers. And we didn’t even mention the PSI Golf Day!



Professional Security Installer

MEET THE INSTALLER Iain Stringer of Synectics Security

PSI PREMIER AWARDS 2020 The winners are announced!

PRODUCT TEST Camect Camera Hub

If you want to reach installers, PSI should be your first choice Contact David Lewis on 0208 295 8309 | david.lewis@proactivpubs.co.uk

EDITOR’S CHOICE A look at the best new products


FACING THE FUTURE How 2020 could change the security industry

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Using AI-enabled video analytic applications from the S&ST Application Store that run directly on each camera, each device will provide the ArenA with operational insights


Smart surveillance is installed at the Johan Cruijff ArenA Security and Safety Things has partnered with the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam to deploy its IoT platform for smart surveillance cameras to enhance overall fan experience, optimise arena operations and increase visitor security and privacy. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the ArenA is home to Dutch soccer champion team AFC Ajax and the Amsterdam Innovation ArenA (AIA). The Security & Safety Things (S&ST) IoT platform and network of cameras is integrated into the ArenA’s dashboard software to provide information and analysis for safety and security as well optimisation of stadium operations and visitor engagement. “Every technology selected for our innovation environment is strategic because of the potential benefits not only to our ArenA, but to the City of Amsterdam and other stadiums and large event venues seeking technological solutions to help to re-open safely and operate their facility more intelligently,” said Sander van Stiphout, Director International, Johan Cruijff ArenA. “The flexibility of the Security & Safety Things approach enables us to simultaneously deploy COVID-19 health and safety analytics along with business optimisation tools and easily re-equip the cameras with other analytic applications as our needs change.” A series of smart cameras on the S&ST IoT platform are installed in key areas throughout the stadium. Using AI-enabled video analytic applications from the S&ST Application Store that run directly on each camera, each device will provide the ArenA with operational insights. When the stadium reopens, crowd detection analytics will monitor social distancing compliance and visitor flow around entrances and food or merchandise kiosks. License plate recognition cameras will assist with real time occupancy

monitoring for parking and traffic flow optimisation. Queue detection applications can be employed to reduce visitor wait times by directing fans to less busy areas and by providing the insights required to optimise staffing levels at peak times. In one specific area, a camera also provides the ability for visitors to provide feedback about their stadium experience in an anonymous and contact-free way by detecting the visual of a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” from a visitor, collecting only the rating without disrupting people flow. The camera system and how it is used complies with all European and Dutch privacy regulations. Furthermore, there are various advantages to this camera system, when it comes to privacy. These cameras are equipped with processors that analyse the images directly on the camera, reducing the need for a constant video stream to be passed on to a central location, where it can be monitored or further processed. Instead, the cameras can be configured to send only the information about relevant events such as when a long queue is forming, groups of people gather too closely, or individuals are not wearing face coverings as required. Only then will respective images be passed along. This reduces the processing of visitors’ personal information to an absolute minimum as opposed to a traditional setup where all footage is transmitted and centrally processed at all times.


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PO Box 750, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB9 5ZJ

Tel: +44 (0) 1763 273 243 Fax: +44 (0) 1763 274 106 Email: sales@kerisystems.co.uk www.kerisystems.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)330 1239979 Email: uk.securitysystems@bosch.com www.uk.boschsecurity.com



HIKVISION UK & IRELAND 4 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge UB11 1ET

INTEGRATED DESIGN LIMITED Integrated Design Limited, Feltham Point, Air Park Way, Feltham, Middlesex. TW13 7EQ Tel: +44 (0) 208 890 5550

sales@idl.co.uk www.fastlane-turnstiles.com

Tel: +44(0)1628902140 www.hikvision.com ONE SOLUTION. ONE COMPANY

IDIS GLOBAL 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9HH

Tel: +44(0)203 657 5678 Email: uksales@idisglobal.com www.idisglobal.com YOU SEE. YOU CONTROL

PARTIZAN Kresomyslova 384/17A, Nusle, 14000 Prague,Czech Republic

Tel: +420 608 496 889 www.partizan.global

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FORTUS Fortus is a distributor of security and fire solutions. We are the largest privately owned, B2B security distribution company trading across the UK & IRE within the key industry verticals of CCTV, Intruder, Access and Fire products. With more than 20 years’ experience in technology distribution with key brands, we can support you with any size project as well as offering next day delivery.

GUK Independent security provider offering CCTV monitoring, CCTV Data Protection Assessments, Key Holding, Alarm Response. Competitive trade rates for Installers. ISO 9001, 27001 Accredited.Innova House, Innova Park, Enfield, EN3 7XH


www.guk.co.uk monitoring@guk.co.uk 01992655659


MAYFLEX Our product range not only covers IP security products but also incorporates the cabling infrastructure and the Ethernet switching products necessary for a comprehensive security installation. We have a knowledgeable team of sales and technical experts that provide advice and support with system design and product choice. You can also order online up to 8pm for next day FREE delivery.

Excel House, Junction 6 Industrial Park, Electric Avenue, Birmingham, B6 7JJ


NORBAIN SD LTD 210 Wharfedale Road, IQ Winnersh, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 5TP

Tel: 0118 912 5000 Fax: 0118 912 5001 www.norbain.com Email: info@norbain.com DISTRIBUTOR OF SECURITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES


ADI GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION Distributor of electronic security systems and solutions for over 250 leading manufacturers, the company also offers an internal technical support team, dedicated field support engineers along with a suite of training courses and services. ADI also offers a variety of fast, reliable delivery options, including specified time delivery, next day or collection from any one of 28 branches nationwide. Plus, with an ADI online account, installers can order up to 7pm for next day delivery.

Tel: 0161 767 2990 Fax: 0161 767 2999 sales.uk@adiglobal.com www.adiglobal.com/uk

Unit 1, Concept Business Park, Smithies Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire WF16 0PN

Tel: +44(0)1924 528000 sales@videcon.co.uk www.videcon.co.uk


INTRATONE UK 114 Power Road Studios, Chiswick, London W4 5PY

Tel: +44(0)208 0379012 Email: info@intratone.uk.com www.intratone.uk.com

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Tel: +44 (0) 844 8000 235 securitysales@honeywell.com


AJAX SYSTEMS Unit No: OneJLT-06-23, OneJLT, Plot No. DMCC-EZI-1AB, Jumeriah Lakes Tower, Dubai

Tel: +380445381310 Email: support@ajax.systems www.ajax.systems

Redwall® infrared and laser detectors for CCTV applications and Fiber SenSys® fibre optic perimeter security solutions are owned by Optex. Platinum House, Unit 32B Clivemont Road, Cordwallis Industrial Estate, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7BZ

Tel: +44 (0) 1628 631000 Fax: +44 (0) 1628 636311 sales@optex-europe.com www.optex-europe.com SECURE CONNECTIVITY PROVIDERS

CSL GROUP T: +44 (0)1895 474474 sales@csl-group.com @CSLGroupLtd www.csl-group.com LIFE SAFETY EQUIPMENT



Challenge Way, Martland Park, Wigan WN5 OLD United Kingdom

James Hill Street, Littleborough OL15 8AE

Tel: +44 (0) 1942 322744 www.c-tec.com

Tel: +44(0)1706 373560 Email: ukinfo@hkc.ie www.hkcsecurity.com WORLD-LEADING MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRONIC SECURITY EQUIPMENT

PYRONIX LTD Secure House, Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S66 8QY

Tel: +44(0)1709 700 100 sales@pyronix.com www.pyronix.com SECURITY YOU CAN TRUST


WEBEYE LTD 6a Hazel Court, Blidworth, Nottingham NG21 0RY

0115 7149990 sales@webeyecms.com www.webeyecms.com


TEXECOM INTRUDER Bradwood Court, St Crispin Way, Haslingden, Lancs BB4 4PW

Tel: +44(0)1706 212524 sales@texe.com www.texe.com

SEAGATE STORAGE 60 Norden Road, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 4AY

+440208 7127 4477 www.seagate.com

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APPOINTMENTS Terri Lalonde & Laura Raven

Zitko has created two new senior appointments, with existing employees Terri Lalonde and Laura Raven promoted to the roles. Terri Lalonde joined the company in 2019 to manage all aspects of candidate experience, including service standards, engagement, marketing and application / selection processes. Contracting is one of the drivers of this growth and Zitko has marked the success of this division by promoting Laura Raven (pictured) to the SLT. Laura has developed a first class contract resourcing service that combines high quality with an online portal that makes employers’ and contractors’ lives easier. MD George Zitko says: “Building the right management structure is vital to maintaining our standards as we grow. I’m obviously delighted to be welcoming Terri and Laura to the leadership team.

Nathan Hudson Hochiki Europe has appointed Nathan Hudson as the company’s new Sales Director. Nathan brings a wealth of business development, product strategy and marketing expertise to Hochiki Europe and joins after a three-year role at P&B Metal Components as Commercial Director. Nathan’s prior experience includes Business Development Director at Weidmüller, Global Account Manager at Schneider Electric and running the business development team at Eaton Electrical. His chief responsibility will be to further build on the growth that Hochiki Europe has achieved over the years using his knowledge of end-user and system solution sales across home and export markets to grow mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with customers, vendors and service providers.

Donna Doughty, Tom Packwood & Andy Moseley Zicam Integrated Security has announced further promotions within its team. This continues the company’s 2021 growth plans which have already seen an investment in both the business and its employees. The first promotion is Donna Doughty who was appointed Office Manager in September 2020 and was made a company director in December. Donna is pivotal in the running of the Zicam office, being involved with engineers, sub-contractors, sales, administration, finance and management, including advising all staff about issues pertaining to policies and procedures and Covid-19 compliance. Tom Packwood has been promoted to Project Manager. Tom started his Zicam career in 2002 as an engineer, progressing to become a senior engineer in 2010. Like Tom, Andy Moseley has been promoted to Project Manager. He also started his career with Zicam in 2002, working as a Service/Installation Engineer in Electronic Security.

Ben Maggs Shannon Evans Shannon Evans is the new point of contact for processing orders, delivery updates, checking orders and ensuring swift and accurate dispatches at Sensor Access Technology. Shannon has great product knowledge and experience and can assist with product enquiries and she is also responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient running of the customer service team. Furthermore Shannon is also the point of contact for invoice queries and Credit Control.


With over 14 years of experience in the security industry, Ben Maggs has joined Frocester Group as Operations Director for Fire and Security with responsibility for managing the engineering team. Frocester Group Board says: “We’re excited to have Ben on board to oversee the delivery of projects across our fire and security divisions. Ben’s experience in the industry, combined with his industry knowledge and enthusiasm, will be an asset to the Group as we all get back to normal after a tumultuous year due to the pandemic.” Before joining Frocester Group, Ben worked as an EMEA Project Manager at integrator Convergint Technologies. 11

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