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September 2022

Monitoring for fire Don’t miss the Innovation Awards on 29/9

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LPCB approves SmartCom communicators for Texecom Monitor’s Primary Alarm Signalling

SmartCom communicators approved for SP2 to SP3 and DP1 to DP4 Texecom Monitor is powered by Texecom Cloud’s Digital Services and Solutions, offering a suite RI JDPH FKDQJLQJ EHQHͤWV 7H[HFRP 0RQLWRU PHHWV DOO QHFHVVDU\ UHTXLUHPHQWV DQG LV FHUWLͤHG IRU SULPDU\ DODUP VLJQDOOLQJ

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Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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September 2022 6 Streamlining check-ins and campus transactions in Marbella with HID At the Les Roches Marbella campus, students study not only at one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools but also live in a sophisticated living environment that mirrors the exceptional experiences they will facilitate in their future careers.

8 Benchmark Innovation Awards Last chance to cast your votes

9 Using artificial intelligence in the right way Video surveillance technology must be used responsibly, and regulating technology such as live facial recognition is important.

13 New Commercial Director appointed at Webeye Webeye announced the appointment of Chris Coughlin as Commercial Director. He will also be joining the company’s board.

18 Four trends driving security control room market growth through 2028

Free Connection Register your interest for a free SP2 connection for a year* *Complimentary 12-month SP2 Single Path Connection DYDLODEOH WR TXDOLI\LQJ LQWUXGHU DODUP FRPSDQLHV RQO\ /LPLWHG WR RQH FRQQHFWLRQ SHU FRPSDQ\ 7H[HFRP KDUGZDUH DQG $5& FRQWUDFW SXUFKDVHG VHSDUDWHO\

Security control rooms are generally designed to ensure maximum security and withstand catastrophic events. During the novel COVID-19 pandemic, they gained further traction for applications like virus transmission prevention and crowd control.

20 News 23 Evolution delivers security systems at Goldsmiths University Evolution (Electronic Security Systems) Ltd, fire and security systems integrator, has been appointed by Goldsmiths University, London, to deliver a comprehensive review and assessment of its security systems, as well as manage its ongoing maintenance requirements.

29 CSL offers reliable solutions for the IoT

Discover more:

In this profile interview, we talked to Hiran Ravat, appointed as the Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships at CSL a year ago. Hiran shared with us why IoT is important for CSL and how the company is cutting its teeth in this sector.

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Smart, scalable security solutions

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September 2022 Welcome to Benchmark Magazine’s September issue.


ith the summer coming to an end, you might be relieved to have the prospect of cooler days ahead. There have been almost 500 wildfires in England and Wales so far this year alone, compared with 237 last year, according to the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC). Undoubtedly, the security industry plays a significant role in protecting people from fires by providing fire prevention services. For example, thermal cameras such as Hikvision's Heat-Pro can detect changes in temperature/ hot spots and save lives by preventing the spread. It goes without saying that with the temperatures falling and electricity prices increasing, we will face other problems in the future. Have you had any ideas about how your access control system, camera, solution or automation hub could be used to help you? Let me know what you think by sending me an email! Don't miss out on the CSL Profile interview and video where Hiran Ravat, Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships, shared with us how the company is making its mark in this field. CSL Group is best known for its routers and pioneering dual signalling between fire and security systems. Today part of CSL's ambitions is to become a leader in the Internet of Things (IoT).

We have had an amazing number of votes for the Benchmark Innovation awards! You can read detailed articles about the solutions and products that have made it as finalists here: bia2022/ The Benchmark Innovation Awards program acknowledges the achievements, innovation, and positive contributions of products and companies to the security industry. There is still time to cast your vote if you have not already done so. The voting period has been extended until Friday, September 23rd, so you have more time to cast your vote. The winning selection is highly competitive, determined by the average scores from you, our readers. The winners will be announced at the end of September 2022, on September 29th. You'll be invited to come to an online event announcing the winners.

Geny Caloisi Content Editor

Get in touch To get in touch about editorial opportunities, please book a call on my calendar: genycaloisi

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Streamlining check-ins and campus transactions in Marbella with HID At the Les Roches Marbella campus, students study not only at one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools but also live in a sophisticated living environment that mirrors the exceptional experiences they will facilitate in their future careers.


n addition to delivering academic rigour, the institution also aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among its 1,000+ students from all around the world. This training site for elite hospitality professionals must reflect the luxury living and progressive comforts

expected from high-end accommodations. Administrators wanted to ensure Les Roches is always ahead of the curve when it comes to exemplary learning using cutting-edge technologies. In Spain, they hoped to enrich their coastal Mediterranean property by integrating “digital badge” access. Students’ plastic access cards were replaced with smartphone-based digital IDs. The verification would cover daily physical access as well as digital touchpoints (e.g., vending machines, restaurant reservations, etc.). It would help the school drive digital transformation and student efficiencies. “Everything here is about the student experience,” said Mano Soler, Director of Student Services and Operations at Les Roches Marbella. “It is our main driver and the reason we embrace and foster innovation — because innovation makes our students’ lives easier and supports their well-being through secure technology. The students will eventually leave

Read the full article here 6

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0115 714 9990 | webeyec m m

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Takex’s TXF-125DM provides a solution for solar farms Takex’s battery-powered quad beam, the TXF125DM, features a wide beam pitch to ensure stability and prevent unwanted activations by wildlife or debris. In addition, with its IP65

Geographic boundaries blur with Paxton10 Multi-site Paxton10 allows administrators to manage

design, the TXF-125DM can withstand harsh environmental conditions, preventing water, dust, and insects from getting in while allowing moisture within to evaporate, preventing condensation. The TXF-125DM has been nominated for a Benchmark Innovation Award 2022 finalist in

Read the full article here the security of multiple sites, spanning cities, countries, and continents. This innovation is being recognised in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022, with Paxton10’s Multi-site feature being a finalist for the Network and Connectivity category. First launched in the UK in 2019, Paxton’s customers today can get their hands on the combined access control and video management system in the U.S., Ireland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, South Africa, and Benelux. By utilising Paxton10 Cloud Services, it is possible for up to 100 sites to be managed by a single Paxton10 server. To connect the sites via the user-friendly web-based software, an activation code is used to simply identify a Paxton10 controller at the destination site, and the system does the rest. In addition, the system supports up to

Read the full article here 8

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Using artificial intelligence in the right way


hroughout history, technology has been put to both good and bad use. There is no better example of this than the personal computer. Connected to the internet, the humble PC opened up the world to its users, making communications with friends and family on the other side of the world cheap and easy. In the wrong hands, however, the same personal computer allowed hackers to access inadequately secured corporate and government networks, steal sensitive information and sell it to the highest bidder. It is right that we continually address the technology available to us and closely consider both the value it brings and its potential for misuse. At present, there is a specific concern across society about technology that, if used irresponsibly, will

Video surveillance technology must be used responsibly, and regulating technology such as live facial recognition is important. But in appraising these technologies, we must be careful not to throw away AI and its benefits with the regulatory bathwater. infringe on our privacy and undermine civil liberties. This includes a number of technologies that rely on artificial intelligence (AI), most notably live facial recognition (LFR). A number of police forces across Europe have been using LFR, but a series of legal challenges have emerged around its use.

Read the full article here 49 9

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Add Licence Plate Recognition Without Adding Expensive Cameras A finalist in the Cloud/SaaS innovation category in this year’s Benchmark Innovation Awards, Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) is an affordable, cloud-managed

COSMO PSIM+ provides a better way to work Using separate sets of information and not correlating activities or events is a thing of

solution for the accurate detection and recognition of vehicle licence plates. Designed for easy setup and management, Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) operates with existing ONVIF security cameras and lowers the barrier to entry, bringing the benefits of LPR to more businesses and

Read the full article here the past with COSMO PSIM+. COSMO PSIM+ provides an alternative to traditional command and control centres and is a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 for the Analytics and software innovation category. This software-based solution allows companies to manage data from dispersed security devices and information systems agnostically. It doesn’t matter whether you use video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, environmental sensors, analytics, networks, or building management systems; users can identify and resolve issues as early as possible. The integration of any system with COSMO PSIM+ is simple. As an API-first product, COSMO PSIM+ enables this. Its application programming interface was specifically designed to allow the creation of

Read the full article here 10

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Your Installation, Our Connectivity

Discover our range of solutions for any critical IoT applications.






From single or multi-path Alarm Signalling systems, to secure Routers and Roaming SIMs for CCTV streaming or Access Control.


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IPS NextGen Video Analytics ads further functionalities Securiton’s technology brand “IPS Intelligent Video Software” updated the IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics to version 13, offering even more functionality for better security results.

IQ Panel 2 covers all bases basis for ease of use

Noting the continual efforts to support its customers, the IPS NextGen VideoAnalytics, part of IPS VideoAnalytics solutions, has been nominated for a Benchmark Innovation Award 2022, in the Analytics and Software innovation category.

Read the full article here The IQ Panel 2 is the ultimate hub, equipped with seven wireless radios that integrate legacy, current, and future protocols seamlessly. With a 7-inch HD, edge-to-edge, capacitive glass screen, the IQ Panel 2 uses a clean, modern user interface (UI). This panel supports multi-gestures and has 1280 x 800 resolution, allowing you to navigate with swipes and gestures that today’s consumers expect. In addition, the display only shows pages for devices that have been added to the system, which reduces clutter and makes it intuitive. A finalist in the Alarm/Detection category for the Benchmark Innovation Awards, the IQ Panel 2 reflects well-thought-out design and functionality. Wireless connectivity, security, and home control are made possible by the Qualcomm

Read the full article here 12

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Webeye announced the appointment of Chris Coughlin as Commercial Director. He will also be joining the company’s board.


aving joined the company only four months ago as Global Head of Software and Services, Coughlin was well versed in the security industry and in particular, software and services. Webeye’s MD Duncan Weir says, “With his years of experience and expertise, Chris has

New Commercial Director appointed at Webeye proven to be a valuable asset to webeye as well as to our customers in the short time he’s been with us. I am very pleased to promote him to the position of Commercial Director. In his new role, Coughlin will be responsible for both hardware sales and strategy, in addition to taking on the responsibilities as

Read the full article here 49 13

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CathexisVision, designed for ease of use and efficiency The upgraded CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software suite provides an extensive range of sophisticated solutions. Cathexis is a finalist in the

Inner Range growing strong after three decades

Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 for the Video Management Software innovation category – a testament to the continual innovation of the company’s flagship product, CathexisVision. The upgraded CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software suite

Read the full article here Inner Range is a designer and manufacturer of integrated security and access control products. The company provides excellent scalability and integration with 3rd party products. In addition, all its systems provide integrated Grade 3 intruder alarm requirements as standard . Tim Northwood, Director at Inner Range, says, “We make it easy to manage multiple disciplines from a single user interface.” The 34-year-old company is a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 for Innovator Company of the Year. Flexibility and scalability are key features of Inner Range and make the company a remarkable innovator. “We have a wide market appeal,” says Northwood and adds, “As we were founded “down under, “we are dominant in Australia and very strong in New Zealand. In my

Read the full article here 14

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The daily e-newsletter delivers security news updates in a regular feed directly to the Inbox of the Benchmark’s worldwide subscribers. Registration to receive Benchmark’s e-newsletter is free-ofcharge and ensures that readers are kept up-todate without needing to search online for the latest information.

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CSL Router Pro and Broadband all in one solution The ever-increasing demand for reliable networks with remote access has resulted in connection availability becoming one of the most crucial issues for security solutions. Security installers must consider this in the network architecture decision. Backup resources are often used to protect against failures. However, due to the high cost of duplicate network resources (and capital expenditures CAPEX), some companies might

Seeing the unseen with Hikvision HeatPro thermal cameras

think they need to trade off between service reliability and the cost of protection. CSL’s Router Pro and Broadband offering can be the ideal combo for any installation requiring an always-on, secure, and reliable connection. This service includes a secure 4G backup for any critical IoT application. CSL Router Pro and Broadband combo is a finalist in the Benchmark Innovation awards Network and Connectivity category. The solution comes with an integrated 4G backup SIM via CSL Router Pro to ensure access to and from the system is always available.

Read the full article here Environmental conditions are not always ideal for traditional security cameras, especially in case of scenarios where perimeter protection and fire detection are needed. What do you do when your images are affected by factors like darkness, foliage, snow or fog, which can obscure objects or people that should trigger a legitimate alarm. One very effective solution is the use of thermal signals. The spectrum of visible light is only a small part of a large band of detectable signals, or waves, that travel through matter. The electromagnetic spectrum contains radiation from various invisible wave types, each with a unique wavelength. Thermal radiation is one of these, featuring longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore generally invisible to the human eye.

Read the full article here 16

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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 The Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 showcases organisations that are taking inventive approaches in the security sector to help find solutions for a complex and changing environment, with specific needs.

This year categories and nominated finalists are as follows: 1 – Video Management Software innovation

4 – Alarm/detection innovation

7 – Network & connectivity innovation

• Vicon – Valerus • AtoS – SafeKit • Cathexis Technologies – CathexisVision • Genetec – Stratocast • Qognify – VisionHub VMS+

• Ajax Systems – Ajax DualCurtain Outdoor Johnson Controls – Qolsys IQ2 • Optex – Bridge • Pyronix Ltd – Enforcer V11 with Android Tablet and HomeControlHUB • TAKEX EUROPE LTD – TXF-125DM • Texecom – Capture

• Barox Kommunikation LT-LPITE402GBTME • CSL CSL Router Pro and Broadband • Paxton Paxton10 Multisite • SilverNet 4 Point Managed Switch • Vemotion – VB200 • BT Redcare All-IP • Conxtd – Conxtd • Texecom – Monitor

5 – Analytics and software innovation

8 – Innovator (company) of the year Award

• A.I. TECH – AI-PPE • ACRE International – Razberi Monitor • Assa Abloy – CLIQ Web Manager • Azena – Platform • COSMO – COSMO PSIM+ IoT System • Genetec – Security Center • IDIS Europe – IDIS Solution Suite v3.5 • IPSOTEK – VISuite

• • • • • • •

2 – Surveillance innovation (CCTV) • 3xLOGIC VX-20M – Varifocal MultiImager Surround Dome Camera • Dahua – TiOC 2 • Hanwha Techwin – Wisenet X Series • Hikvision UK & Ireland Hikvision – HeatPro Series • Honeywell – 70 Series cameras • i-Pro – AI Multi-sensor • Milestone – Husky IVO series • Raytec- Vario IPPoE discoman • Teledyne Flir – A500f cameras

3 – Visitor Management innovation • CDVI – iface • Genetec – ClearID • Hanwha Techwin – Touch-less Video Intercom TID-600 • Hikvision UK & Ireland Hikvision – All-in-one Indoor Station • Maxxess Systems EMEA – eVisitor • Paxton – Paxton10

6 – Cloud/SaaS innovation • Assa Abloy – Incedo Business Cloud • Eagle Eye Networks – Eagle Eye LPR (license plate recognition) • Qumulex, Inc. – QxControl • Webeye Limited – webeyeCMS • Texecom – Texecom Cloud

Cast your VOTE here

ASSA ABLOY BT Redcare CSL Inner Range Texecom Webeye Limited Hikvision

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Four trends driving security control room market growth through 2028 Security control rooms are generally designed to ensure maximum security and withstand catastrophic events. During the novel COVID-19 pandemic, they gained further traction for applications like virus transmission prevention and crowd control.


o illustrate, in May 2022, the European Union (EU) joined forces with the OACPS (Organisation of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific States) to fund the DIRECCT (DIgital REsponse Connecting CiTizens) program. This initiative was undertaken to strengthen digital

connectivity in the education and healthcare sectors in the Caribbean after the COVID-19 pandemic. In another instance, in January 2022, the Indian government advised states to activate COVID-19 control rooms to ensure strict monitoring of patients under home isolation. These control rooms at the sub-district and district levels were geared toward collating daily reports of the patients and submitting them to the district administration. Moreover, the rapid advancement of digital solutions that optimise control rooms and help manage the crisis better could support security control room market growth during the pandemic. Global Market Insights Inc estimates that the security control room industry size may exceed USD7 billion by 2028. Apart from virus control measures, the trend of setting up a security control room as a central space has also been rising considerably to respond to security incidents or threats.

Read the full article here 18

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Benchmark website Benchmark is the security industry’s trusted digital platform for integrators, managers, specifiers and users of bespoke and innovative security solutions helping to improve ROI and the effectiveness of technology across multiple vertical disciplines.

Long established in the market, the easy to navigate website is the central hub of the Benchmark portfolio with essential updates, articles and technology news.

Bookmark the Benchmark website here:

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Unmanned Air System for UK costal guard Bristow, a developer of vertical flight drones, has been awarded a 10-year contract by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) to deliver the Second-Generation Search and Rescue (UKSAR2G) programme. The contract includes the operational deployment of Schiebel’s CAMCOPTER S-100 Unmanned Air System (UAS). The new contract expands and builds on the existing capabilities Bristow has delivered to the MCA since 2015, most notably the lifesaving search and rescue helicopter service

Chub and Zitko launch accelerated development program for employment

(SAR) for HM Coastguard. In January 2019, Bristow received the delivery of its first Schiebel CAMCOPTER S100 system, consisting of two aircraft, a Ground Control Station and engineering and logistic support as a Proof of Concept capability. Its aim was to prove the utility of combining unmanned with manned aviation in the SAR role to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness. In 2022, Bristow took delivery of a second system, stationed on the south coast of England supporting the MCA and HM Coastguard operations in the English Channel.

Read the full article here Chubb, a UK provider of fire safety and security solutions has launched an accelerated development programme designed to attract and train new industry entrants in partnership with Zitko Talent, the world’s leading recruitment agency for the Fire and Security industry. The accelerated development programme will last approximately 18 weeks, starting with alternating blocks of technical training, field experience and manufacturer-led certified product training. Trainees will emerge as certified Fire and Security engineers, equipped with the knowledge required to work within Chubb’s installation and maintenance teams. The next generation of fire and security engineers The programme leverages Zitko’s expertise to attract and select candidates.

Read the full article here 20

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Hikvision launch HikCentral professional V2.3 HikCentral Professional V2.3 has officially been released. The updated version includes three major updates based on Hikvision’s Deepen Intelligent Applications. Existing functions have also been optimised, including video surveillance, access control, visitor, attendance and vehicle. The three main updates are: In-store Business Intelligence Solution provides walk-in rate calculation at the store

Vemotion release VB-400 MIL-SPEC Vemotion Interactive has released the VB400, a rugged MIL-SPEC, multi-stream, multi-media hybrid encoder and recorder. Capable of delivering high-quality images

entrance, a global heatmap of customers’ dwell time across the store and queue analysis at the counter. Route Management Solution offers route schedule, monitoring and analysis also support driver behaviour management and fuel consumption analysis. Guard Patrol Solution helps security staff undertake patrol tasks efficiently with face or fingerprint, and report abnormal events immediately. The patrolling progress can be tracked on the dashboard in real-time.ds, out to 200 km, both on land and at sea.

Read the full article here combined with extremely low latency, the new VB-400 encoder is a powerful device, supporting any mix of analogue and IP cameras, and HDMI and HD-SDI inputs. Capitalising on Vemotion’s V-TX transmission technology, VB-400 delivers its amazingly low latency and high-quality images transmitted at efficient bitrates, even within the most challenging of wireless (GPRS, 3G, 4GLTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Satellite), or wired (UTP and fibre) network conditions. Suitable for a wide variety of video transmission applications, the rugged, aluminium-bodied MIL-SPEC VB-400 is ideal for use in harsh environments, such as onboard vehicles or extremes of operating temperature. Offering flexible performance, the encoder caters for additional input ports and PoE, to provide power for multiple IP cameras from just one device.

Read the full article here 22

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Evolution delivers security systems at Goldsmiths University Evolution (Electronic Security Systems) Ltd, fire and security systems integrator, has been appointed by Goldsmiths University, London, to deliver a comprehensive review and assessment of its security systems, as well as manage its ongoing maintenance requirements.


oldsmiths teaches a wide range of subjects across the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and is home to more than 10,000 students. Situated in

Southeast London, the university has a large campus with more than 90 buildings including a state-of-the-art theatre and features a large college green. The university has an on-site security team, who monitors CCTV and security systems from the control room, as well as a team of over 40 guards that patrol the campus. Due to a high level of faults and costly service call-outs, the security team sought a new security partner that could provide a higher level of service and account management and help reduce the number of unnecessary and avoidable engineer visits through improved maintenance. It turned to Evolution to provide the solution. Evolution has taken over the maintenance of the university’s access control, CCTV, and intruder alarm systems – with more than 500 doors, 200 cameras and 50 alarm panels across the campus. Evolution systems engineer, Will Leung, has been employed as resident site engineer from Monday-Friday. As well as

Read the full article here 49 23

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UK Conformity Assessed stamp needed for fire protection products From January 1st 2023, the “UKCA Mark” will be necessary for all products which so far required a CE certificate for being sold in England, Scotland and Wales – this is one of the consequences of Brexit. Only institutes that are UK-based can issue this “UK Conformity Assessed” mark. VdS now also offers this service in cooperation with its partners BRE and UL. “We coordinate the entire process for

Cortech Announces Latest Integration with Hanwha Techwin Cortech Developments has announced full integration between its Datalog MV

manufacturers on a one-stop basis. Effort and costs as well as time-to-market are significantly minimised if we already carried out VdS and CE tests on the products. Then the assessment is easily done based on our existing test reports”, emphasises Gunnar Bellingen, head of the VdS laboratories for fire protection technology. “Our key objective is providing VdS partners with all relevant services and making all required certification processes as simple and fast as possible.” UKCA Marking is highly similar to the CE process in terms of requirements and

Read the full article here Comprehensive CCTV Management System and Hanwha Techwin’s video management system – Wisenet WAVE. Wisenet WAVE allows users to create IP video surveillance solutions tailored to any type of project, usable by anyone and on any device. It is simple to set up and use, yet a reliable VMS. Whether it’s a software installation, server configuration, recording setup, layout creation, or sharing your system with WAVE Sync, everything is designed with simplicity. Datalog MV operates with the latest version of Datalog which provides local and remote site monitoring and control of building, fire, security and energy systems and significantly enhances the ability of operators to manage video surveillance systems which may be part of an integrated security solution.

Read the full article here 24

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EZVIZ launched its 3K video doorbell As video doorbells are quickly gaining popularity among tech lovers, they have become one of the very first smart home purchases that many people make for convenience and peace of mind. EZVIZ has recently launched its 3K video doorbell, the DB2 Pro, to better cater to such needs. Completely wire-free in design with an embedded rechargeable battery, the DB2 Pro offers possibly the easiest and most flexible way of installation and can go near any entrance of a modern or traditional home or office. Being simple yet powerful, it also features a handful of pro features to make front-door security easy. Sold in a bundle option, each EZVIZ DB2 Pro doorbell comes with a free Wi-Fi chime. Not every home or office is built with existing doorbell hardware in place, and not

Read the full article here Ajax launches a bracket to fix Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail Ajax Systems announced its DIN Holder, which helps to securely mount Relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail. It can be installed in a junction box, server cabinet, or electrical panel. A sticker set is included to mark which device or circuit the relay controls. DIN Holder with the installed relay has the same width as a single-phase circuit


breaker. Its casing has a built-in button to control the power supply manually: press it to change the state of the contacts to the opposite in bistable mode, and change the state for the time specified in the settings in the pulse mode. Other circuit breakers next to DIN Holder will not cause problems. Openings in the casing provide passive ventilation, and the relay is ready to operate in temperatures up to +60°C.

Read the full article here

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How Hanwha has mitigated component shortages and supply disruptions


he effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on production are playing a major role. Lockdowns around the world meant that manufacturing was severely interrupted, while demand for many goods weakened. And, when assembly lines reopened once more, the huge demand for items such as microchips (and more) meant that manufacturers struggled to keep up. To make things worse, shipping containers full of those goods that had been manufactured, sat for weeks at ports as there were insufficient ships to carry them, workers to unload them, or trucks to transport the goods onwards. There are additional reasons that are exacerbating the situation, including labour shortages caused by workers switching jobs, once-in-a-lifetime weather events that caused disruption, and even a freak incident that saw the Suez canal blocked for a week in March 2021. The war in Ukraine has brought additional pressures and lies behind

In recent months, there have been supply chain disruptions. Industry sources say the current shortages and inflation are worsening – and won’t ease anytime soon. Although all manufacturers face challenges in their supply chains, not all are equally affected. Uri Guterman, Head of Product and Marketing, Hanwha Techwin Europe share why Hanwha Techwin is weathering the storm better than others. challenges such as a shortage of everything from wheat and sunflower oil to, most critically for the industry, half of the world’s neon (used in making chips).

China under lockdown And while much of the world is beginning to see the return of some form of normality, for many, component shortages and disruptions to

Read the full article here 49 27

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• AI based object detection - Person, Face, Vehicle, License Plate • AI based enhanced image processing - WiseNRII, WiseStreamIII


• AI search support for Genetec, Milestone & Wisenet Wave • Wide range of camera types and resolutions from 2MP to 4K • Next level cybersecurity - UL CAP, FIPS 2.0, NDAA compliant

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CSL offers reliable solutions for the IoT


he company’s ambitions today include the Internet of Things (IoT). In this profile interview, we talked to Hiran Ravat, appointed as the Head of IoT Business Development & Partnerships at CSL a year ago. Hiran shared with us why IoT is important for CSL and how the company is cutting its teeth in this sector. “The name CSL stands for ‘Connected, Secure, Live’. In the mid-nineties, CSL’s vision was to become the leading provider of communications – something it has achieved in several industries and sectors,” points out Hiran and ads, “Our mission today is to provide our connectivity, combined with our support and fully managed service, to any IoT application or solution.” With 22 years of experience in the mobile phone networks sector, having worked at big mobile networks such as Vodafone and O2 and specialising in the IoT arena, Hiran is in a perfect place to lead CSL in the B2B sector. BM: Can you tell us about your professional

CSL was founded in 1996 and has provided Critical Connectivity ever since! . The CSL Group is now active across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Iberia and the Nordics; currently employing 180 people. CSL initially pioneered dual signalling in the fire and security sectors, using both wireless (GPRS/GSM) and wired (telephone) communication between alarm systems and monitoring stations. journey up to now? Hiran Ravat: I’m one of a lucky few people that has spent more than 20 years in an industry I love, the world of telecoms. During this time, I have worked across frontline retail, operations, commercial, B2C, B2B, and partnerships. However, partnerships are the area that I believe highlights my greatest strengths. Success here is built on meaningful

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Abloy UK to provide new Digital Access Solutions training The Digital Access Solutions Academy at Abloy UK is offering two new courses on Aperio and Incedo. A purpose-built facility, the Digital Access

CDVI Group acquires JIS locks manufacturer

Solutions Academy showcases, works with, installs and tests the company’s extensive range of products, with an emphasis on new digital solutions. By attending the Academy’s courses, delegates will be able to specify and install the right digital access products in suitable

Read the full article here industry for the range and quality of their locks and strikes, CDVI Group will now be able to provide solutions to a wider variety of customers for many different projects. ”

CDVI Group is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of Nadal Badal, the Spanish company behind JIS locks. Located near Barcelona in the Catalonia region of Spain, the 90-year-old Nadal Badal grew to be a global expert in locks, strikes, and bolts. In acquiring the company, CDVI welcomes the experience and expertise of the Nadal Badal team into the Group, allowing us to offer a more comprehensive range than ever before. Yoram Benhamou, CEO CDVI Group commented, “Everyone in the CDVI Group is thrilled to complete and announce the acquisition of Nadal Badal. With their deserved recognition in the security

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