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Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

116 Issue


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Contents August 2012 • Issue 116

People 22 34

Tracy Gutierrez - Pushing Boundaries, Playing with Extremes David Hollywood - Poetry Page


82 Braving Dust Storms - Eng. Rehan Ahmed 128 ‘New’ Doesn’t Always Mean Change Moh’d Al Rasheed

Feature 36

Moving Forward as a Nation - John R Ridley

1 1 1,0

Fashion and Shopping 54 57 58 60 68

Seriously Cool Menswear at New Look Adorable Children’s Wear at Monsoon Turn Heads With Juicy Couture Men and Women’s Fashion at Namshi Beauty Buzz

Beauty, Health & Well Being 70 74 80

Body Beautiful, Mind Peaceful - Spa Treatments Ask the Doctor with Dr Dean Cunha Gomes The Forgiveness of Flaws - Kelly Armatage

Juicy Pickings 4 10 18 84 114 126

Editor’s Letter Not to Be Missed! New in Town Society Looking for a Home! Bizarre News


110 Infiniti JX 111 Ramadan Offers from Nissan & Renault 112 Mercedes Benz SL

Staying In and Going Out 119 Savour the Sweet Side of Bahrain John R Ridley

Essential Listings

120 Recommended Restaurants, Nightspots, Essential Info, Beauty Spots, Sports and Fitness, Clubs and Associations


of h t worzes to y! pri e awa giv

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hion! ury and fas abian life, lux Guide to Ar


116 Issue

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Hope you all are enjoying Ramadan, which turns our lovely island of Bahrain into a Kingdom of (even more) hospitality! To be honest, we are all really enjoying all the Iftars and Ghabgas here at Arabian Magazines - but at the expense of our waistlines! Get excited because this issue is all about winning! Go on a shopping spree at Bahrain City Centre by answering a couple of simple questions - BD375 worth of gift cards are up for grabs! Also, we feature the latest footwear collection from Puma, and our readers can win three pairs from the evoSPEED collection. Also, if you haven’t been shopping online yet, is a must visit. Read through to see what you can win from them! And, as is fitting for the holy month of Ramadan, we have featured a range of Arabian perfumes and fashion for you to browse through and shop at City Centre. Even if you don’t regularly wear Arabian style clothes and perfumes, they seriously are worth a try! While there are hardly any outdoor activities one can do now, we have featured some excellent spa and beauty treatments for you to relax and rejuvenate. Go ahead and pamper yourself! And while you’re at it - look through our handpicked selection of fashion and beauty products for men and women. And, just as we have come to expect, our regular columnists promise some great reading. Kelly Armatage talks about the importance of forgiveness. Rehan Ahmed takes us through preventive measures against dust storms. John Ridley’s columns are a must read, as he talks about everything from Ramadan, to Bahraini Halwa and the youth of Bahrain. And, David Hollywood, as always, comes through with some thoughtful poetry. We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Please let us know what you think by writing us a letter. Good luck for all the competitions! Have a great summer and a blessed Ramadan!

The Confidential Team Would you like to be a PUBLISHED photographer? If your photos of Bahrain and the region are good enough, they could be published in Gulf Insider/Areej/Bahrain Confidential magazines. Each month we publish the most impressive images we receive and give full credit to the photographer. Images must be at least 1mb and can be e-mailed to with the subject ‘PHOTO’.

Readers’ Letters

Dear Editor ... Many thanks to all of you who wrote in last month and apologies if your letter isn’t printed but we get so many. Keep us informed and keep us in check by sending comments to


Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

116 Issue

Rescued from Madness!

You saved me! I had been too busy to look for summer activities for my kids and when they got off school this summer, they drove me crazy. But Bahrain Confidential rescued me with the details of so many summer camps. My three kids are all in different summer camps, according to what they wanted to do and I’m the happiest father right now. Thank you!!! Grateful Dad


We like to keep our readers’ needs in mind when we put the magazine together. Glad to always be of help! Online edition at

Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!

Men’s Fashion?!

I was very surprised to see two whole pages dedicated to men’s fashion! Really? That almost never happens ... and what I was even more surprised about was the selection! What kind of men wear those colours and those prints? It was so feminine. Men should look like men. Mark

115 Issue

Special: Summer Splash For Kids!

Jam-Packed with Activities and Camps including Summer Fun at Wahooo! Waterpark, Bahrain!


Art Space


Out and About



Complimentary Copy




Oh, we think the clothes were masculine enough. Did you see those models? They were rocking it. Maybe it’s you who needs to work on the manliness part not the clothes!


Gearing Up For F1


Dhow Builders

I really enjoyed reading John Ridley’s feature on the dhow builders of Muharraq. It was a great read! It’s rare to find good reading material in magazines in Bahrain - and your magazine certainly came through. I hope he continues to write for you and I’m looking forward to the next issue now, much more than ever! Avid Reader Hope you enjoy reading this month’s article by John Ridley too!

Healthy! What?

BS2012 Bah. Confidential cover.indd 1

6 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012


Ramadan is supposed to be all about celebration - of food! I know the religious aspect of it, but there is no way we could eat healthily during this



24/05/2012 12:05

month. I laughed when I read your article on the 13 ways to keep yourself healthy during Ramadan ... who will do that in real? Not me - not anyone I know. We’ve been waiting for this month the whole year to binge on Iftars and Ghabgas!!! Kim Dear, oh dear! The way people react to sound advice these days...whatever happened to the times when people appreciated our concern and advice. How we miss the good old days ... PS: We have scheduled quite a few Ghabgas of our own! Shushhh ....

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I’m so, so jealous of your writer you interviewed the Los Vivancos brothers. I bet she got to meet all of them in person too! This is not fair. I went to see their performance and they looked so good on stage but I never had the guts to go backstage and actually talk to one of them! But, seriously, where are all the good looking men in Bahrain? Seeking Love We can feel your pain. Unfortunately, good looking men are rare in Bahrain - but we suggest when you do see one, go for it girl!

Victoria’s Secret Travel Options

Loved the page on luggage options from Victoria’s Secret! It was so full of options, and - it’s good to see things in a magazine and know exactly what you want before you go there. I have been looking for just the right business card case for ages and found the perfect one in your suggestions. Thanks! Grateful Girl Glad you liked it. Our fashion pages are very carefully selected and laid out so you can always find what you are looking for!



Check out what’s happening in the celebrity world ...

Will Grovelling Help Kristen?

Russell Brand

Bad Boy Brand

Russell Brand will be charged with a crime for throwing a paparazzi’s iPhone through a glass window in New Orleans back in March. The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office has finally decided to go forward and prosecute the actor ... and will file one charge of misdemeanor criminal damage to property, Brand explains: “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.” If convicted, he faces six months in jail.

Pictures emerged of the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart, 22, in the arms of the married, 41-year-old Snow White And The Huntsman filmmaker Rupert Sanders - who has two young children with model wife Liberty Ross. Kristen who is in a relationship with Robert Pattinson has since said publically: “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” Similarly, Rupert also stated: “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I Kristen Stewart and have in this world. I love them with all Rupert Sanders my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.” Kristen’s infidelity allegations came just months after Robert gave an interview to Italian Vanity Fair magazine saying that he has ‘never understood’ people who cheat. part of his life, and it has a well equipped backyard with deep, shaded overhangs, an outdoor bar and a dark-bottom swimming pool surrounded by decking.

Jackson Drama

Celebrity Tweet Ricky Gervais “The English instinctively admire any man who has no talent and is modest about it.” James Agate. Haha. So true.

Mary Tamm and Tom Baker

Dr Who Actress Dies

Mary Tamm, the Doctor Who actress, has died aged 62, following a long cancer battle. She played the Doctor’s companion Romana alongside Tom Baker, and died at her home in South London after losing her 18 month fight against the disease. Tributes were paid to the “truly beautiful” actress for her “sheer talent” and “zest for life.”

Wanna Be A Billionaire?

Bruno Mars did, and it seems he’s well on his way after splashing out USD3.3 million on a pad in Los Angeles. The neighbourhood in the trendy Laurel Canyon Area has in the past been home to Harry Houdini, Frank Zappa and even George Clooney. The 26 year old now has three bedrooms on 6,064 sq feet to call his own. The pad boasts eight marble columns in the entrance hall, custom-made 11-foot tall double front doors, hardwood floors and long walls of floor-toceiling retractable glass panels, allowing for spectacular views of the San Fernando Valle. As a young star, parties will be an important

8 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

TJ Jackson is appointed as the temporary new guardian for Michael Jackson’s children in the absence of their family matriarch Katherine Jackson and in the midst of a feud over the pop superstar’s estate. Katherine has been temporarily suspended as the children’s guardian because she is in Arizona and hadn’t spoken with them in several days. It has further been stated that Prince, Paris and Blanket cannot be taken outside California without court approval. Katherine Jackson’s lawyer, Sandra Ribera, expressed concern that Katherine Jackson may have been held against her will. She said one of the singer’s children told her a conversation with the 82-year-old woman on Tuesday seemed to be monitored and influenced by others in the room.

Michael Jackson’s children

T��� ���� E�� ���� � ���������� E��

S������ ������� Z����� T������� S�� � S�� LUXURY ROOM OVERLOOKING THE SEA



TEL: +973 17 636363


What’s On

Missed Not To Be

stro,nparties & For more events, gage 9 nightlife turn to pa s 116 - 11

Amazing Eid Surprises at LPOD

In celebration of Eid Al Fitr, the Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park continues to bring more wonders, more surprises and one of a kind shows for all guests to enjoy. This Eid season brings two of the most exhilarating world class acts in entertainment - all free with the standard entrance tickets to LPOD!

19th August -1st Sept. Three Performances Daily The Wakeboard Show

Combining the artistic and dangerous skills of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing techniques, this amazing show brought all the way from Budapest - Hungary, is a recognized international extreme sport. It will feature some of the world’s most professional wakeboard talents performing amazing stunts, displays and acrobatic moves. For more information visit or Tel. +973 1784 5100.

21st July 8th August Ramadan Workshops For Kids At Albareh

Painting on Ceramics for 8 to 12 year old kids, from 28th July to 1st August, 10am to 1pm. Painting on Glass for 8 to 12 year old kids, from 4th to 8th August, 10am to 1pm. BD35 for each workshop or BD90 for the three workshops – not including the materials. For more information please contact artist Jehan Saleh at +973 3906 9016.

19th August -13th Sept. Three Shows Daily

Samson The Strongest Man

This extraordinary act from Bulgaria is a real wonder that encompasses disbelief and awe amongst the audiences. What has been seen by many on TV and Internet is now being brought to reality here in Bahrain as Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park invites guests to witness this world class talent. Amongst many other high level skills, one of his most difficult and incredible stunts is pulling a 1.2 tonne vehicle with his bare hands. In addition, a 2.5 tonne vehicle will pass over his body. For more information visit or Tel. +973 1784 5100.

10 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Ramadan Workshops For Kids At Albareh

BD 18,995

BD 21,995

BD 29,495



www.inďŹ For more information please contact Ali: 39775791, Mohammed: 38899629, Essam: 39091199


Own your favourite INFINITI car with an exclusive Ramadan package, finance offers and trade-in deals.

BD 17,795




BD 15,995

G Convertible Infiniti M From


G37 Sedan

BD 19,995



. 5 years/100,000km service . 5 years/unlimited mileage warranty . 5 years/24-hour roadside assistance



Auspicious August At The Royal Golf Club

Don’t be bored this summer. At the ake sure m y e th , b lu C Royal Golf - with you have a great time options g in in d d n rting a many spo available for everyone.


Every Tuesday

Sporting Events

Bachelor(ette) Golf Clinic & Social Evening – one hour group golf clinic followed by snacks and cold drinks in the exclusive Members’ Lounge. BD15 per person all inclusive. From 6pm. Open to all.

7th and 14th August

10th August

Greenkeeper’s Revenge – difficult pin positions set up by the greenkeeping team. Two tee start from 7.30am. Open to all.

20th August

Every Saturday

Wee Monty Family Day – BD15 per adult, kids play free! Inclusive of green fee and hire clubs. Tee times from 10am to 2pm. Open to all.

Every Monday

Ecco Monday Stableford – 1pm shotgun start. Monday Madness Night Golf Series – BD20 for nine holes, 6.30pm shotgun start. Open to all.

The Majlis presents an unrivalled venue for special occasions with lavish menus starting from BD11 per person, especially for Iftar and Ghabga functions. For parties of 50 guests or more, there’s a choice of free vouchers for the Links Friday Carvery or a ten per cent discount off the total value of the event. In addition, the normal venue hire charge of BD600 for the Majlis has been waived completely for August. Tel. +973 1775 0777.

Summer Mates Rates Extended to Thursdays

Ramadan PowerPlay Night Golf Series – Nine holes on Wee Monty Course. Chance to win a Callaway golf bag every week! 7pm shotgun start, BD10 per person for non members. Open to all.

Eid Ecco Stableford – 12 noon shotgun start. Maximum of 80 players on a first come, first served basis. Open to all.

Iftar and Ghabga

Eid Carvery Feast Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with friends and loved ones with the Eid Carvery Feast, at Links Restaurant on the first official day of Eid. BD14 for members and BD16 for visitors. Kids under six eat for free, while the cost for children aged 6 to 12 years is BD8.5 inclusive of selected soft drinks. The Friday immediately after Eid will see the resumption of the weekly Friday Carvery Feast. Tel. +973 1775 1263.

The Royal Golf Club’s special four-ball summer green fee rate for 18 holes on the Montgomerie championship course has now been extended to include Thursday afternoons. Now you and three mates can choose to play on Saturday afternoons, any time Sunday to Wednesday or Thursday afternoons between 1pm and 4pm for BD100 total, inclusive of green fees, golf carts and access to the driving range for a warm up before your round.

Full details and terms and conditions of the Royal Golf Club’s summer offers can be found on

12 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Find us on

Get Fit with a Friend This Summer! Create unrivalled memories by using the summer months to get in shape with a mate. With the Royal Country Club’s 2 for 1 summer offer you can buy a personal training session for one person and a friend can train with you for free! The cost of a one-hour personal training session is just BD 15 for club members and BD 20 for visitors. Take advantage of our superbly equipped air-conditioned ladies and gents gyms where your personal trainer will put you both through your SDFHVDQGDGYLVHRQDUHDVRI¿WQHVV\RXQHHGWRFRQFHQWUDWHRQ7KHQ UHOD[LQRXUVDXQDVRUVWHDPURRPVDQG¿QLVKXSZLWKDUHIUHVKLQJFRRO shower. Call +973 17 751264 today to book your Personal Training 2 for the price of 1 session. Offer is valid from 1st June to 31st August 2012 only.

The Royal Golf Club website is available to you 24/7 all year round. Keep up to date with everything going on at the Club, view our latest offers and news, reserve a table in any of our restaurants or book your next tee time.



Matters at Sofitel


xperience the true spirit of Ramadan at Sofitel Bahrain in Layali Al Zallaq tent. Enjoy daily IFTAR and GHABGA buffets with food and beverage selections from across the region such as oriental salads, live cooking stations including Manakeesh, Shawarma, Arabic bread, foul and balila and falafel stations.

Arabic Music by Lebanese duo Majeed & Marwan will accompany games such as cards, dominoes, and chess. BD15++ for Iftar, inclusive of Ramadan juices. Enjoy the Ghabga for BD15++ on weekdays and BD17++ on weekends. An extensive range of Shisha flavors will be available for an extra BD5++. Special rates are available for corporate groups (minimum of 50 people).

Experience Eid Enjoy the Eid promotion at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, with a luxury room overlooking the sea with buffet breakfast, in-room Wi-Fi, Kids Club and Pool, La Plage Beach Club and Gym and access to Tennis and Squash courts.

Prices start from BD99 net, inclusive of buffet breakfast, service charges and taxes. To reach Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa, please follow the directions for the Bahrain International Circuit. Tel. +973 1763 6363 or visit:

For reservations, Tel. +973 1763 6363.

14 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012


True Spirit

of Ramadan at Mövenpick


amadan is the time to rejoice, to purify one’s soul and to enjoy the delicacies at Iftar. Break your fast with family and friends and spend the evening in the newly designed Silk’s Tent at the Mövenpick Hotel - a fully air conditioned

360 degree pavilion. The IFTAR buffet encompasses traditional Middle Eastern cuisine, including dishes such as Harees, Quzi, Madhrooba, Thereed and Kunafa at BD12.5++ per person, inclusive of traditional Ramadan juices. From prayer time until 9pm every night. Experience a blend of tradition and unique Arabian GHABGA with the Mövenpick touch of excellence. Enjoy the live Oud player, unwind with a game of cards, board games, chess or domino’s and titillate your senses with a last nibble before fasting resumes. BD13.5++, from 9.30pm to 2am.

Splendid Festivities of Eid

Nothing could be more perfect than marking the end of Ramadan with a spread of wonderful lunch and dinner feasts in one of the fabulous venues at Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain. Whether you prefer quiet relaxation or days and nights filled with exciting activities, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable Eid holiday. Settle into an elegant room and take pleasure in a lavish EID BUFFET at BD15++ per person. Enjoy complimentary breakfast and lunch when you choose the exclusive package at BD79++ for a single room or BD104++ for a double.

For reservations, Tel. +973 1746 0000.

16 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

New in Bahrain Intense Fitness at Exifit

Created for fitness and sports enthusiasts Exifit promises intense fitness routines. They use a program called ‘CrossFit’ that delivers fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. At Exifit, you will never do the same workout twice. The idea is to provide constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. The workouts are universally scalable, which makes it perfect for anyone who’s committed. Those trying Exifit for the time will be gauged by the team, to identify the level of scaling required for the program. The workouts are always timed, scored, and recorded for a motivational atmosphere where the members are competing against each other for the highest score or the fastest time. You also get the benefits of a personal trainer in a group setting. To try out a free session Tel. +973 3953 3130 or email:

Waitrose to open in Al Hayat

Waitrose will open its first store in Manama in the soon to open mall, Al Hayat Shopping Centre, in Mahooz area. The shopping centre owned and managed by Etihad Al Khaleej Real Estate Company is expected to open imminently. In addition to the anchor stores, AlHayat shopping centre will be supported by a selection of premium retail outlets, services, a large food court and casual dining restaurants and cafés. It is anticipated that Al-Hayat shopping center would commence a second phase of construction which includes five screen cinemas in the near future.

New In

Town Bahrain Confidential fill you in on the who, what, why, when and where in Bahrain!

New in Dubai Emirates To Fly To DC

Emirates Airline has announced it will launch flights to America’s capital city from September. The Dubai-based airline will start operations to Washington Dulles International Airport from 12th September. Emirates will operate a Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft on its DC route. EK 231 will leave Dubai daily at 2.20am and arrive at Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) at 8.50am. EK 232 will depart Dulles at 10.55am arriving in Dubai at 8am the following day. For more information Tel. +973 1758 8700 or log on to

Kashida - Ayn Table

18 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Nazeeka - Shehrazad Clutch

Ananasa - An Online Wonder! is an online destination and marketplace to buy and sell handmade items, made in the Middle East - including arts, crafts, clothes, furniture and home accessories, fashion, bags and even jewellery. The idea is to give each designer/artist full control over their own virtual store, update products, pricing, stock levels and availability. The website aims to nurture the emerging talent in the region by offering them the chance to be entrepreneurs without geographical barriers. Ananasa is the brain child of a sister duo Rania and Zaina Kana’an who started in October 2011 as a way to encourage and revive handmade crafts. The online marketplace aims to revive craftsmanship, heritage and culture by bridging the gap between the designer, artist, and craft maker to the customers. Visit

Enjoy this Ramadan at our glass tent overlooking the lagoon. Delicious traditional Iftar buffet and refreshing juices at BD 12.500++ per person, from prayer time until 9.00pm every night. Small gathering with the family or business partners at our newly designed glass tent is the perfect place to enjoy Ghabqa buffet daily from 9.30pm onwards until 2.00am at BD 13.500++ per person. Enjoy a selection of flavoured shisha in a relaxing atmosphere with a game of cards, board games, chess and domino’s, or just watch the Ramadan soap operas.

Blissful days

ramadan divine.

New in Bahrain Men Like Shoes More Than Women!, online destination for footwear and fashion, has spotted some surprising trends emerging as shoppers in the GCC move online to find the clothes they want. Not the least of these is the fact that men buy more shoes than women! A blow for those who think coating anything in pink will make it more attractive to women is the fact that 20 per cent of women prefer blue, with black and red being the other top colours this season. At the same time, men have plumped for blue, white and grey. Namshi holds over 400 brands and stocks over ten thousand lines of shoes and apparel, offering free delivery and free returns across the GCC and Egypt. To view products and win a shopping voucher, please turn to page 60.

Animal Care Clinic in Hamala

The Animal Care Clinic provides complete veterinary care to your pets at very competitive prices. Their Services include comprehensive physical exams, vaccination and de-worming, geriatric health checkups, ultrasound, complete dental care, surgeries, a complete pharmacy and much more. They’re also on call for emergencies 24 hours a day. For appointments, Tel. +973 1761 2459, and for emergency calls, Tel. +973 3635 9358. Email: or visit:

Convenience with Style!

Ever been shopping and collected six bags on each arm and had to lug them around the mall? Ever done that with three kids latched on to you? You want to try on that great top, but you have to manage all those bags in the changing room. What a nightmare! Someone has finally thought of a solution. Mallberri trolleys at Bahrain City Centre will carry the load for you. They are light, easily manoeuvrable and very funky. Each trolley is lined with a recyclable plastic bag, so you can directly place your shopping into these liner bags. When you’re done, pull out the liner bag and pop it in your car. The Mallberri rental stand is located on the Ground Floor, Gate One (Debenhams Entrance) at Bahrain City Centre.

o t t n a W e W . . . t u o b A SHOUT Bahrain Menus - Making Life Easier

Are you one of those people too who keep losing menus of restaurants? And doesn’t it always happen when you have people over, and need to order large amounts of food? Yep, we know all about that too. Well, someone has finally come up with a great solution! ‘Bahrain Menus’ is an online portal where you can find menus of almost all (they update regularly) restaurants in Bahrain. The website has an extensive database and provides easy access to all the menus. The search function is user-friendly and rather helpful. On the search tab, you can choose by area, type of cuisine and delivery options. The only downside is the website doesn’t allow you to search by price. They also have reviews from people who have tried the various restaurants. Happy dining!

20 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Pushing Boundaries, Playing with Extremes Tracy Gutierrez

22 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

‘Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera, Philippines’

Art Space

Art Space

Why ‘Crazy Tracy’? ‘Crazy Tracy’ is actually a nickname that’s been given to me by different people on different occasions for as long as I can remember. It seems I have this weird, wild and crazy character that people easily identify. It never went away. I have embraced this name as my own to celebrate my uniqueness and individuality. I have also taken it to my artistic profession. What inspired you to become a photographer and graphic designer? Since childhood, art has always been my passion. Whenever I saw a really cool image, I just stared at it for as long as I could - observing every colour and detail. Everyday experiences give me inspiration to express my thoughts, ideas and feelings in visual form.

‘World’s smallest primate, Tarsier hanging from a tree in Bohol, Philippines’

Her friends call her ‘Crazy Tracy’, and her work explains why. Pushing the limits of photographic art and playing with extremes in portraits and photo-shoots, Tracy Gutierrez is no ordinary photographer. Maliha Aqueel speaks to the artist about her art and the creative process.

“The first photos I took were in black and white film ... I still have those photos with me.”

Do you remember your first pictures - and what kind of photography is your favourite? I first learnt photography back when I was studying Visual Communication at university. The first photos I took were in black and white film. I also developed those myself in the photo lab and dark room. I still have those photos with me. I enjoy portraits and travel photography.

What have been some ‘crazy’ moments in your photography? Once, I trashed my bathroom - which took me some time to clean up - so I could get this filthy effect. I covered the entire wall and floor with foil and wrapped up my model in electric tape. I covered the floor with black garbage bags and poured water on it. I got myself a bit wet from that and as I was moving my lights, I got a ‘City of Heidelberg, Germany’ couple of electric shocks! I’ve torn up two gorgeous couture dresses. Good thing the designer didn’t mind! I’ve climbed over rocks, slipped and almost soaked my camera, just to get shots of a gorgeous seaside view. I don’t know

if I’ll ever be able to sell my camera if I want an upgrade. What type of graphic design work appeals to you? Web graphics, animation, 3D are all the rage in today’s technology. I however, find myself drawn to conceptualizing brand identity, print media and illustrations. What type of portraits do you like doing and, what’s the biggest challenge when doing portraits? I enjoy nude portraits the most. The human body is already art in itself. Each person’s body is so vastly different from another. Each figure and form reacts differently to light and shadow. The language of the body is very expressive and communicates strongly with the audience. The challenge is to try to get your models to relax and be comfortable in their own skin. I encourage them to just have fun with it and enjoy the moment. The biggest challenge I think in doing

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 23

‘La Dolce Fuga’ Dress by Atelier Jun

Art Space

“I’ve torn up two gorgeous couture dresses. Good thing the designer didn’t mind!”

‘Phantom’ Gothic Lolita

around with your imagination. This is where you get to experiment with the background, the lights, and take control of the setting. The editing process can take longer. When taking pictures of places, it’s the exact opposite for me. Each time of the day or night brings a different effect of light and colour. You also have to consider the weather. The sun won’t always be shining beautifully every time you head out. At this point, you have no control over it, so you just go with the flow. For this, I rarely spend time on editing, I just correct the exposure levels and colour balance. If the image is already excellent as it is, then it won’t need any editing at all. What do you consider your proudest moment as photographer - and, what humbles you most? I would say that my proudest moment as a photographer is every time I create a new work of art - seeing my own creation, knowing that I’ve put all my effort into it and how other people appreciate it. Every new artwork is a challenging creative process for me. What humbles me most is the fact I still have so much more to learn

portraits is capturing the soul of the person you are photographing. It’s kind of like creating a Mona Lisa. You look at her face and you can feel that she is speaking to you. Yet, not a single word is uttered. What do you feel is your greatest strength - and your biggest weakness as a photographer? I am actually a very nervous person. I am scared of failing and not getting the results I want. I think of it as my strength as well, since it builds my desire to push boundaries, to overcome this fear and realize my true talent. This encourages me

24 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

to explore new grounds. But at the same time, this can also hold me back. What do you like photographing more - people or places? Can’t really say which I like more, both are so different. When taking pictures of people, there’s a lot of room for playing

Contact Tracy Gutierrez on, Tel. +973 3645 2473, email: info@crazytrayzee. com or visit her website:


The True Spirit of Ramadan

John R Ridley

John R Ridley talks about the true meaning of the Holy month of Ramadan and its significance in a community like Bahrain, where people of many faiths come together.


he first sighting of crescent moon marked the beginning of the most important month of the Islamic year Ramadan. Over many years I have come to recognise that Ramadan is difficult; it is supposed to be, but as with any test, anticipation is always worse than reality. It is a demanding time, however, when it ends, there is a sense of loss. So much of modern life is driven by the desire to reach our targets that we forget life is a journey itself. Ramadan forces us to slow down and embrace each moment at a reduced pace, absorbing the finer details of life and the world around us. Throughout the month, observers generally take two meals, the first ‘Iftar’ when, just after sunset, the fast is broken, often with different families coming together and sharing. The second meal, ‘Suhoor’, is normally taken just before the fast resumes at dawn. Not everybody is expected to fast. Young children, seniors, pregnant women, diabetics and others with medical needs are discouraged. With Ramadan now coming in the hottest months of the year, religious bodies are likely to advise workers

26 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

“During Ramadan, we are expected to stand back and re-evaluate our lives, to take control of our desires and instincts, and to conquer them.” that it is acceptable to break the fast if they needed to. When the fast ends it is celebrated for three days in a holiday called Eid-ul-Fitr. Gifts are exchanged, friends and family gather to pray and share meals. For many non-Muslims, Ramadan is a mystery and seems daunting, few can understand why anyone would choose to fast from sunrise to sunset for a whole month. During Ramadan, we are expected to stand back and re-evaluate our lives, to take control of our desires and instincts, and to conquer them. Muslims are expected to abstain from food, drink, and other pleasures from dawn to dusk, it becomes a time of worship and contemplation, prayer, spirituality, and charity, with less focus on the concerns of their everyday lives. Some use sleep to ‘escape’ the hardship of the fast.

By focusing on, and experiencing hunger and thirst, albeit, just for a few hours - we learn something of the daily hardships of the lives of the world’s poor, for whom it is a daily routine. Through re-examining how we lead our lives we can learn more about ourselves, and our relationships - with people, with our society and our environment. With a deeper insight and understanding we can leave our own mundane, often complex lives behind. Whilst Ramadan is an Islamic event, in a country such as Bahrain, renowned for religious freedom and its tolerance towards all members of the country’s multicultural society, it should be seen as a time of reflection for all, irrespective of religion. Non-Muslims could invite a Muslim family to share Iftar, they will be delighted to guide and help prepare the meal. Reaching out to a Muslim family during the holy month of Ramadan helps strengthen our multi faith community and allows us all to experience the true meaning of Ramadan John Ridley is a journalist who has lived and worked in the Middle East for more than thirty years. Based in Bahrain, John can be contacted at

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28 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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30 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012




‘The Golden Hearth

of Manama’

Interview with Andrea Porcheddu, Artistic Consultant of the National Theatre.

“The National Theatre can’t be a ‘spaceship’ that comes from afar, with shows landing and leaving without contact with the country.”

Andrea Porcheddu, Artistic Consultant of the National Theatre

Expected to open in November, the National Theatre is promising to be an incredible addition to the cultural scene in Bahrain. The theatre is under the leadership of Andrea Porcheddu, who is a theatre critic and professor at IUAV Venice University. He has directed festivals in Italy and been a consultant to La Biennale in Venice as well as to other cultural institutes. Read on for Maliha Aqueel’s interview with Andrea. 32 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

How do you, on a personal level, feel about theatre and the performing arts? I think that theatre, and art in general, play a prominent role in society. Artists can reflect our world - explain who we are, what we’re living. A theatrical play can show us our own way of living, giving us the tools to change our lives. As Shakespeare said, theatre is a mirror to society. But following Bertolt Brecht, we can add: theatre can also change and better one’s society. Why did you choose this line of work and how did you end up here? I think it’s a great opportunity to see a theatre growing from its basement - something that happens once in one man’s life. This is something that excites me! I’ve always been interested in Arabic theatre and music, so when Shaikha Mai invited me to Bahrain I decided immediately to accept. Bahrain has a great tradition and cultural heritage that I want to study and discover. It is an amazing challenge, but it is also a great honour to be involved in realizing it.

Bahrain “The theatre will require a sizeable staff to keep it open and running so it represents a great opportunity for job creation.”

Is the theatre design flexible enough to accommodate different types of performances? The National Theatre of Bahrain features a versatile space ideal for opera, drama, and symphonic concerts as well as modern and classical dance. What kinds of performances are you expecting to have? From my point of view, the basic idea in managing and internationally promoting the National Theatre of Bahrain project is to connect the new theatre to international cultural institutions. This could create a cultural and artistic dialogue composed of mutual exchanges and meetings. We would like to bring different culture and art to Bahrain through theatre, dance, music and opera-but we would also like to

engage local artists and include them by giving them a platform to explore and display their talents, develop their skills and expand their education. The National Artist’s Renderings of the National Theatre Theatre can’t be a ‘spaceship’ that comes from afar, with shows landing and leaving without In terms of drama, Shakespeare, Moliere, contact with the country. We would like to Brecht, Pinter, or some contemporary open our doors to the best artists of this authors like Martin Crimp or Sarah Kane wonderful Kingdom. That’s why we’re already are favourites. I love the Italian Commedia interviewing authors, musicians, composers dell’Arte with its eternal and funny masks. and dancers who live in Bahrain. We would But the joy of this job is that every day you like our theatre to be open to the questions can discover new artists. that come from those artists living and working in Bahrain. What do you expect the response to such a big cultural project will be in Bahrain? When is the theatre expected to open? I feel that there’s a great interest, a great The opening evening will be on 12th curiosity about the National Theatre. I hope November 2012. We’re working on a very that our proposal will be well accepted by the Bahraini audience. A country’s National Theatre serves as a kind of calling card. It is a way of introducing itself in the cultural and social international life so we hope to recruit the best of the best and the door is open for all Bahrainis who are willing to deliver. The theatre will require a sizeable staff to keep it open and running so it represents a great opportunity for job creation.

diverse line-up that promises to deliver quality performances and cater to a variety of tastes. It’s all under wraps at the moment, but I can promise you that the opening night and indeed the entire programme will be particularly exciting and an outstanding first for Bahrain! Do you have any future performances planned for the theatre? Of course, we’re programming our theatrical season, starting from January through to the end of the year. For the upcoming theatrical season, we are considering hosting some of the most renowned operas such as Verdi’s and Wolfgang Mozart’s creations. Additionally we are looking at international performance concerts from Egypt, India and Bali. We’d like this theatre to be a crossroad of different cultures.

Any particular artists you would like to invite? It is important to stress that a great deal of attention will be given to Arab and Islamic culture. This said, there are many artists that we’d like to invite, for the first time, in the Gulf: the American director Bob Wilson, or the famous Berliner Ensemble from Germany, the French Bartabas with his spectacular Zingaro performance, or famous singers from India

Andrea Porcheddu

Tell us about the National Theatre. The project is by As-Architecture Studio, Paris. It is directed by Mrs Roueida Ayache and Mr Rene-Henri Arnaud. What I can add is that the design is very well done and reminds me of an Arabic style golden cupola. The lagoon in front complements the structure very well and ties in the idea of the sea-which is an integral part of Bahrain’s self-identity. It reminds me of other theatres with a water feature, such as “La Fenice” in Venice. It will be the golden hearth of Manama. My hope is that these features encourage interaction and create a sense of community among people who share similar interests. I also hope that Bahrainis will come to view the National Theatre as an accessible venue to people from all walks of life. It should be an active and lively place of art, not only for the city, but for the Arabian Gulf region. Part of our goal is to be regarded as, and become, a creative point of reference. The auditorium is arranged on three levels and provides a total of 1,002 seats. The stalls and parterre level have a total of 544 seats; the first balcony has 247 seats, and the second balcony has 211 seats. There are nine removable seats in the stalls to accommodate wheelchair spaces (five, if both orchestra pits are being used). Nearby, a multi-purpose theatre provides 200 seats and serves as an ideal stage for contemporary drama, dance, cinema, lectures, workshops and a rehearsal space. Other amenities include a coffee shop, a majlis, and a beautiful art garden that can be used for open-air performances. I have to commend HE Shaikha Mai, the Minister of Culture, for her vision and extreme dedication to the development of this theatre. Her attention to detail is amazing as she’s been working tirelessly to perfect the building, services and the programme of events for local and regional audiences.

What kind of performances do you personally enjoy most and why? It is difficult to say. Puccini, Mozart and Verdi are fundamental composers for me.

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 33


David Hollywood As Bahrain observe

Bahrain: Minarets and Palm Trees

s the Holy month of Ramadan, David Hollywood takes us on a spiritual journey of the sights and sounds of this unique island. Minarets and palm trees, Possess my pictured gaze, Of heights within a vision, In heat and sun and haze. Exotic in appearance, And elegant they stand, In noble perseverance, Amongst the warming sand. As each reflects their setting, Elusively and tall, The harshness of the landscape, Increase their statures call. And as they summit skyward, In search of heavens hall, This Garden born of Eden, Holds zeniths that enthrall. David Hollywood

To contact the artist, Tel. +973 3920 7624 or email: or

34 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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“Bahrain has thriving arts, sporting and cultural communities, many of these have embraced each other and are jointly trying to bridge the divide.�

Wafa Alobaidat

Moving Forward As A Nation As Bahrain tries to reconcile following the troubles of 2011 and 2012, communities are being drawn back together through the efforts of the young people of the country, writes John R Ridley. John R Ridley

36 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012



or much of the world our story only began on the morning of the 14th February 2011. As with any other country there had been longstanding underlying social issues, but Bahrain was known as a tolerant and

peaceful society. Few had imagined waking on that February morning to find friends and family members on opposing sides of a political divide, fewer still could have envisaged the argument turning aggressive. Mohammad Al Daaysi, a 19 year old student, is well known as a blogger. We met in a cafe in Budayah. On the surrounding tables are men of all ages, meeting with friends and drinking coffee. He recalled the events proceeding 14th February. “In the months that followed there was trouble almost every night - I soon realised that it had to stop; Bahrainis had to accept each other and move forward together.” Mohammad formed an online community of young people from all sides of the divide. “We had disagreed on many issues but we agreed to meet and talk. The community grew to become a respected public forum, known as ‘The Bahrain Debate’, organised for the youth of Bahrain by young people.” Mohammad’s initiative resonated with youth across the country. “We encouraged young people to speak their minds and share their ideas in a constructive manner.” Young Bahrainis were trying to move forward from the troubles. The debate encouraged others to join together in cross community activities, often in culture, sport and the arts. Amongst others, the Bahrain Debate inspired 26 year old Wafa Alobaidat, who has been active in Bahrain’s sports and cultural activities for many years. Wafa is proud of her country and the humility for which Bahrainis are renowned - she is also pragmatic and knows that to reconcile, people have to adapt. “Bahrain is one of the kindest nations on earth and this will never change, the people are open-minded and humble; it is sad that Bahrain has had to suffer this turmoil, it did - we can’t cry about it and wish we could go back.” In the weeks that followed 14th February, people on all sides became polarised in how they saw the future of the country. Wafa explained that the divide affected every part of society. “Bahrain is a very tolerant society and always has been, there are many torn relationships between siblings and husbands and wives because of what happened, we need to reach out to people and communities to rebuild those relationships.” Wafa believes that Bahrainis increasingly see it as their responsibility to address the social divide. “We need reconciliation, but that will come if we focus on people, I don’t want to see two of my friends not talking to each other, I don’t want to lose another friend, and I don’t want children going to different schools just because they hold different opinions.” She is pragmatic and recognises the depth of the divide. “I may also be a part of

Wafa Alobaidat in a Ladies Football League

the problem, I have had been caught up in an emotional roller coaster and lost friends along the way, it may not be possible to rebuild all the personal relationships, but we must all try to reconnect with each other.” For most people in Bahrain, life continues as normal, the country is not a war zone, during the week people go to work or attend schools and universities. In the evenings and weekends families enjoy outdoor pursuits, cinemas and shopping malls. Bahrain has thriving arts, sporting and cultural communities, many of these have embraced each other and are jointly trying to bridge the divide. Wafa is part of a ladies football league. “This brings us together as does the Bahraini community of artists; we are finding areas where we can do what we love and give back for the benefit of all - we can focus on our passions and on each other and not on politics.” Wafa is not just involved in the ladies football league, but also in creating cultural centres within communities across Bahrain. Much of her spare time is dedicated to bringing Malja, her vision of a cultural centre

to fruition; as always her focus is upon young people. “Malja is a conceptual art hub created by the young for young people where artists and designers can gather to exhibit work, and also conduct workshops to support the creative community.” But her visions for Malja are much more than an art and cultural centre, it is a place of refuge, a place where people can meet in safety, free from destructive peer pressure, get to know each other and through new found friendships can work for peace. For Wafa, a space like Malja, which means refuge in Arabic, “will be a much needed step forward in the reconciliation process.” Bahrain is a tolerant peace loving society and has been for generations, having spoken with so many people, I am optimistic that the country will move forward together. It will take time, but Bahrain’s history of peace and tolerance will prevail John Ridley is a journalist who has lived and worked in the Middle East for more than thirty years. Based in Bahrain, John can be contacted at

Wafa Alobaidat

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 37


Tamkeen Promotes Success

Hassan Ali Ahmed of the Arabian East Training Centre


amkeen was established in August 2006 as part of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030. It is tasked with supporting Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development. Their primary objectives are: 1) Fostering the creation and development of enterprises, and 2) Providing support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals. Hassan Ali Ahmed provides an account of how Tamkeen have helped the growth of the Arabian East Training Centre of which he is Managing Director. “When we opened, we relied on a basic accounting system with limited access - only one person could access it at a time through one computer. As the institute grew, the need for developing a more cohesive, efficient and costeffective system that can minimize

“Prompted by this success, we are currently thinking about registering to benefit from two more Tamkeen programmes to assist and support us.” Hassan Ali Ahmed

38 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

mistakes and cover all aspects of operation became paramount. As we searched for the right solution, we heard from our circle of acquaintances about Tamkeen and the list of programmes it provides to assist enterprises based in Bahrain. This proved to be a very sound decision for us. Improved operations and performance, such as rapid completion of progress reports, application procedures, and other administrative tasks, led to higher customer satisfaction. The system also allowed us to export the process to our website, enabling our corporate and individual clients to complete these tasks online and further reducing our operational costs. Prompted by this success, we are currently thinking about registering to benefit from two more Tamkeen programmes to assist and support us in our plans to further develop the institute. I personally encourage all business owners and individuals to develop their enterprises and lives by taking advantage of Tamkeen’s pioneering and innovative programmes which cannot found elsewhere.”

The Arabian East Training Centre is widely regarded as a high-class institute in the field of Health and Safety in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since its establishment in 2000, the institute has received a number of accredited certifications from the UK and the USA.

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A Moment in Time: Experience ‘Interlude’ By Amouage Christopher Chong, Amouage Creative Director

In the House of Amouage’s latest introspective creations for man and woman, ‘Interlude’ evokes an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of Frankincense and Myrrh. “I interpret what I see and feel into scents.”


n orchestrated blend of technical skill and creative integrity, the fragrances take one moment in time for self-reflection and personal discovery to compose internal harmony from external chaos. “I interpret what I see and feel into scents,” says Christopher Chong, Amouage Creative Director. “All the social and natural chaos and disorder surrounding us today can be translated to a much more intimate level. The interlude moment is a reflection of all the trials and tribulations one overcomes to attain personal satisfaction and achievement.” Interlude Woman is a floral chypre that reveals an interlude moment of unity and serenity. The sweetness of Bergamot and bitterness of Grapefruit in the top notes create turbulent tensions while Rose, Frankincense and Sandalwood in the intricate heart are masqueraded with an unconventional combination of Nut, Coffee, Kiwi, Honey and Agarwood. An opulent base of sumptuous Amber and Vanilla inject warmth to the fragrance’s contradicting accords. Harmony resonates in the heart of Interlude Man. Zesty Bergamot, Oregano and Pimento Berry Oil conjure perpetuating intervals of conflict which are countered by aromatic notes of Amber, Frankincense, Cistus and Myrrh. Eternal notes of leather, Agarwood smoke, Patchouli and Sandalwood in the base add lasting layers of depth and texture. Chong explains, “Amouage has established an enviable reputation for re-inventing accustomed scents. Frankincense and Myrrh traditionally smell spiritual and religious but in Interlude, they have been reconstructed to feel contemporary yet sophisticated.” Amouage’s signature glass crystal bottles are introduced in a rich and mesmerizing midnight blue hue with gold-plated detailing, accentuated with a sapphire blue Swarovski crystal. Vibrant colours enrich the packaging in an abstract and conceptual representation of orderly chaos

Interlude is available in 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum at the Amouage Shop in Bahrain City Centre and Al Hawaj. For more details, visit:

40 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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Scented Candle Box

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 41


Q Home Décor

Liqui White Bar Stool


Through luxury furnishing, exotic furniture, house wares and accessories, Q Home Décor will turn your home into a showcase of style that truly reflects your persona.

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Brown Cadogan 3 Seater Sofa

42 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Classic Collection Inspired by the 18th century the Classic collection has a feel of timeless design, fine craftsmanship, warm finishes and superb value. The wide range of traditional masterpieces are exclusively designed to make your house flaunt a feel of

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Louis Grey Armchair

Sourcing the world’s finest furnishings is easy with Q Home DÊcor Designs from Paris and Milano. Craftsmanship that rivals that of royal commissions. Leather from Italy. Hardwood carvings and veneers which evoke the richness of priceless European antiques.

For more information visit the store in Bahrain City Centre, Level 1 or Tel. +973 1725 0034.

*Approximate prices

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 43

Technology Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

The newest addition to the Polaroid instant digital camera line, the Z2300 features an integrated printer with ZINK Technology, enabling users to instantly capture, edit and in less than a minute print full colour, 2x3” prints. Along with the ability to easily upload images to any social media platform, the Z2300 combines a compact form factor with a host of fun, easy-to-use features to create the ultimate social media machine. Comes in white and black shades, the 10-megapixel shooter is accompanied by a three inch LCD display, which is a snap to frame and review images, while letting you shoot video in just about any setting. You can choose to print your images with the iconic Polaroid Classic Border Logo, or opt to have it go full bleed. The ZINK prints are all smudge-proof, thanks to a water-resistant coating. Priced at USD159.99


Rule!’s Faisal Ebrahim gives us the lowdown on the latest tech news and gadgets to hit the market. Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft has unveiled the first computer it has ever made, a tablet called the Surface that comes with a keyboard and other features designed to stand out in a market dominated by Apple Inc. The Surface has a built-in kickstand and magnetic cover, which also acts as a touch keyboard. Microsoft didn’t say whether the device would connect to cellular data networks or would be Wi-Fi only. The Surface will “be priced like comparable tablets,” Windows Chief Steve Sinofsky said. Microsoft will sell the tablets itself at Microsoft’s handful of retail stores and through some online channels. Microsoft didn’t identify contractors who will manufacture the hardware, or provide much clarity on timing—except to say that the first Surface models will arrive when Windows 8 is generally available, which is expected to be in the second half of the year.

iOS 6: Features Review

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 6 will have over 200 updates and improvements. With iOS 6, Siri will be able to launch apps, Tweet, provide information on sports (scores, game summaries, player stats), integrate with Yelp and OpenTable (for restaurant reviews and reservations), integrate with Rotten Tomatoes (movie times and reviews), speak in a variety of languages, and have hands-free integration in car systems. Also, Facebook will be deeply integrated into the new iOS. Users, once logged into their Facebook account, will be granted instant access to Facebook in apps, web browser and Siri. Users will have the option of adding events and birthdays from Facebook to their calendar. As for the new phone app enhancements, there will be a function that reminds users to call or text back when they can’t take an incoming call. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ function is quite impressive, as the device can receive messages but won’t light up. The new maps will have turn-by-turn navigation, voiced over by Siri. iOS 6 will be made available to consumer devices later this year.

iPhone Panoramic Video Lens

The iPhone 360 Degree Panoramic Video Lens captures seamless panoramic video. Using the same technology that’s found in US Army surveillance cameras, the lens has a curved mirror that gathers light from all directions and reflects it back into the iPhone’s camera, enabling video recording in all directions simultaneously without requiring image stitching. A free app automatically calibrates the focus, adjusts the exposure, and allows you to pan and tilt the viewing perspective up to 360º on the horizontal plane and up to 80º on the vertical plane. The lens captures video at 30 frames per second and at 1920 x 456 resolution for iPhone 4S and 1280 x 304 for iPhone 4. The removable lens attaches to the included iPhone hard case that can be used as an everyday protective cover. Includes a microfiber pouch for the lens. Retails for USD79.95

For more on latest technology updates, contact Faisal Ebrahim on email: or visit: 44 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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Guide to Arabian life, luxury and fashion!


Gulf Financial Insider



Issue 79 • December 11

The multi-award winning Arabian magazine

GulfInsider -The Arabian Review MADE IN BAHRAIN


Monthly focus on Bahraini companies making a difference in the community.

This month featuring:

Bahrain’s History in



Andrew Cole, Football Legend

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 ! "#$%  &  ' 


2012 Luxury

Festive Parties

Exclusive Interviews

The Arab Spring

For more information contact: Formula One Memories Rizwan Mumtaz is leaving his mark after project managing and ‘pioneering’ the Formula One race track ‌

Out and About


Dubai and Abu Dhabi Libya

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           !  "#$ %#&   !  "#$ %#& 

The Biggest Parties Leading Up to 2012

Equal Chances for Expat Business

Make Gulf Roads Safer


Bahrain Festivities!

Issue 82




Bahrain BD2


Kuwait KD1.75

Oman RO2

Qatar QR20


Tel. +973 1782 2388 Email:


Your Go-To For Events! You know how you always hear of an event after it’s happened or see a billboard on the highway but can’t catch any of the details? That’s what always happened to Rana Rushdy and she decided to create a solution.


ana moved to Bahrain at the age of twelve and was later educated in New Zealand. With the help of a friend, Rana has created, a website that provides up-to-date listings of all events in Bahrain. Rana chats with Bahrain Confidential, and explains more about ‘Bahrainivents’. How did you first think of the concept? My friend and I thought of a way to bring a dynamic listing of events that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. From there, we started building the website and collecting information about events. What market gap did you see to make this website?

The biggest gap was lack of accurate online content for events taking place in Bahrain. There are some sites providing listings in English with monthly/quarterly updates, but none in Arabic. Another important factor is that local community events often don’t have an advertising budget. We wanted to give them access to a bigger audience by listing their events on our site as well. We list all events for free. With our blend of community and other events there is something for everyone. Can you describe the different sections on the website? Even though our website is all about events, we also like to provide information of what’s happening on

the island like sales, under the ‘Bargains’ tab. We also have an amazing fan base who love sharing their photos and videos from the events they attend. We call this ‘Share Your Experience’ and ask our readers to email us photos and videos, which we then upload on the relevant event pages. What are your future plans? We are constantly looking for ways to improve the website and provide our readers with the latest information. We take it one day at it time, and listen carefully to feedback and suggestions and try our best to implement what we can to make our site even more useful to readers Please visit or if you want your event to be listed, please email:

“We list all events for free. With our blend of community and other events, there is something for everyone.”

Rana Rushdy

Rana with her one year old, Chadi

46 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012


r u o v a l F Get a ! n o i h s a F f o


he season’s latest beauty products from Giorgio Armani and Natura Bissé were showcased at the ‘Taste of Fashion’ hosted by Bahrain City Centre and the Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre. Women from the Oasis Gardens Compound at Al Khobar – KSA enjoyed hand crafted pastries, savouries, and refreshing beverages courtesy of T-Spoon. Four models selected from the crowd were chosen to experience the “Saks” makeover. They received top-to-toe enhancements in beauty and fashion from the world’s leading designers and finest brands in skincare and makeup.

Models after makeover: (l-r) Amanda Pryar, Kay Smith, Louise Dickens and Kerry Knight

“I’ve modelled before in Oman. Today’s ‘Taste of Fashion’ experience was nice because we (models) knew each other and we had the whole make-over done from hair to make up.” Louise Dickens


“This was my first experience in modelling. I totally loved the colour of make-up used on my eyes.” - Kerry Knight


Models before makeover: (l-r) Amanda Pryar, Kerry Knight, Kay Smith and Louise Dickens

“I come to Bahrain City Centre every month and love to walk around the mall. I was amazed at the cost of Saks Fifth Avenue clothes, they are not as expensive as I had thought.” - Kay Smith

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 47


Blog Buzz

‘Dimpled Fairy’

Let Bahrain Confidential take you into the blogosphere in Bahrain, that’s full of talented youth expressing themselves. Shub Bangera, who maintains the blog ‘Dimpled Fairy’, chats with Maliha Aqueel about her passions and her blog.


hub Bangera describes herself as a fashionista with a passion for beauty, fashion, health, food, travel and art. She currently works fulltime in Human Resource at an Oil & Gas company and blogs after work and on weekends.

How did you first think of starting an online blog? My best friend persuaded me to do it. I would always be the one my friends or family came rushing to when it came to matters of style and fashion for a party or event. I would choose their outfits with the exact accessories and even dress them up. I enjoyed every aspect of it. I have even designed special occasion outfits for close friends and family! Image makeovers are a special interest of mine, it excites me to give someone a whole new look. Can you describe the Social Media Awards and the recognition you recently received? Social Media Awards were one of a kind, being the only fashion blog nominated was quite an honour for someone as new as me on the blogging

48 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

horizon. It’s only been four to five months since I have seriously started blogging. And being nominated third in the ‘Best Personal Social Blog’ category encouraged me to get better. I had the opportunity to meet some really interesting and talented people from different walks of life too. What kind of blogger would you describe yourself as? Completely me! Dimpled Fairy is all things Shub Bangera - colorful, classy, curvy and chic! I don’t follow norms, I just do what I believe. I believe women of all sizes can look beautiful if they know how to dress - the correct colour, fit and style can make anyone into a diva. But most importantly you should be comfortable with who you are, no one’s perfect! I embrace myself with my curves and dress for my body shape. You don’t have to be skinny to look good. What are your future plans for Dimpled Fairy? When I started out it was just an experiment but now it’s become a way of life and a passion. Everything I do, see or experience becomes a part of Dimpled Fairy. My readers encourage me to become better and to continue with what I do. So, for now, it’s a paramount passion in my life and I am taking it one step at a time

“I believe women of all sizes can look beautiful if they know how to dress - the correct colour, fit and style can make anyone into a diva.” Follow Shub on Twitter: @DimpledFairy or Facebook: or visit her blog ‘Dimpled Fairy’ at:




Caftani haute couture is designed by Moroccan fashion designers, thus bringing to Bahrain exotic designs, originality and rich heritage.

BD730 Caftan


Dar Anmar

Get the traditional Arabic look with shapely caftans, flowy abayas and handcrafted shailas. Bahrain City Centre is home to local and international Arabian Garment outlets - with some great collections in store for you to browse and shop from.



Traditional Arabian Fashions

Al Motahajiba

Designed for practicality, Al Motahajiba marks the perfect combination of classic form and elegant function in a woman’s everyday life at home or work.

Dar Anmar

Anmar Couture is a well known brand in the world of Arabian Women’s Fashion with presence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

Al Zurki

Zumorrod designs with utmost passion and quality, and offers exquisite designs of Shailas and Abayas.



Hanayen Zumorrod

Al Safaa offers a wide range of traditional clothing for Arab women.

(Including Scarf)

Wool House


For more than 17 years, the Hanayen Group has enjoyed the trust of the people of Bahrain as well as across the world.

50 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Al Saafa


Wool house has specialised in garments and tailoring designs for the last 50 years. Wool House


Al Zurki aspires to provide women with something as beautiful as their own selves with high quality scarves and shailas.

Fashion Abdul Samad Al Quraishi

Abdul Samad Al Quraishi is known as the house of Oud, amber and perfumes.



Enchanting Scents of Arabia

Ajmal stands strong as a regional corporate entity with a vast portfolio of over 200 of the finest and most captivating fragrances available in the region.


Romantic, enchanting and captivating scents await you at all the Arabian perfume stores in Bahrain City Centre. Step into these stores for a variety of traditional and modern Arabian perfumes.

BD15 Asgharali

Established over six decades ago, Asghar Ali Perfumes is a name synonymous with high quality perfumes and beauty products. Besides eastern fragrances, Asghar Ali has also diversified into western style perfumes to appeal to a wider variety of consumers.

Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud has over 25 years of expertise in producing authentic fragrances and is considered one of the largest perfume retailers in the world.

Reehat Al Atoor

BD150 Al Rasasi Perfumes

BD525 (9.6ml)

Rasasi Specialises in oriental and western perfumes with a strong distribution and retail presence across GCC.

Reehat Al Atoor have over two decades of experience in perfume-making and regularly introducing the flavours of natural aromatic essence in their perfumes.

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Junaid

Junaid specialises in traditional natural oils and production of some of the finest perfumes, oils, incense, accessories and selections of Oud wood from different parts of Asia.


Answer the following two questions and win a shopping spree in Bahrain City Centre! Five gift cards of BD75 each, up for grabs! 1) What is the Arabic word for perfume? 2) On which level of Bahrain City Centre is the Arabic Souq? Email your answer to

Yas Perfumes

Yas Perfumes, the royal name of perfumes, is an Emirati company that offers a huge selection of Arabic and French mixed perfumes.

Dar Al Teeb

Dar Al Teeb designs and crafts filigree bottles for customers’ taste.

and please include: age, nationality and favourite section of the magazine (for internal use only).

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 51


Inspired by the World’s Fastest Man

PUMA Introduces evoSPEED


or the first time in the brand’s history, evoSPEED features product offerings for all PUMA sport categories. Inspired by Usain Bolt - the World’s Fastest Man, the collection answers every athlete’s need for speed.


Designed under the criteria of ‘light, flex, and fit’, all evoSPEED footwear features lightweight materials, increased flexibility and an optimized fit that enables a greater freedom of movement without compromising support, to enhance speed.


The next generation in PUMA’s Speed silo, the evoSPEED 1 FG is one of the lightest boots in the market. The upper features a soft and ultrathin microfiber material whilst stability is provided by the internal EverFit cage. The external heel counter secures an excellent heel fit and the new PUMA evoAptoLast which provides an industry leading fit.




The evoSPEED Mid took its inspiration directly from the Formula 1 race track. The shoe features a full EVA comfort midsole, an internal EverFit cage for enhanced fit, and a heel wrap up for better grip. For extra durability, a rubber spray toecap has been added.

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Answer the question and win a pair of evoSPEED footwear from PUMA:


1) Which athlete inspired PUMA’s evoSPEED collection?

The BOLT evoSPEED Runner is a light, breathable and flexible trainer built to enhance speed. Through evoFOAM, a lightweight midsole cushioning, this trainer offers a fast, responsive and smooth ride.

Email your answer to and please include age, nationality, sex and favourite section in the magazine (for internal use only). Good Luck!

52 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Please send in your shoe size with your answer.

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Visit the PUMA Store in Bahrain City Centre, Tel. +973 1717 8046 or visit

Arabian Lifestyle Fashion


Areej magazine is NOT just another foreign franchise magazine title. It is completely created and based in Bahrain. It is also Bahrain’s largest circulated Arabic lifestyle magazine, covering Bahrain lifestyle, luxury, fashion, society...and ‘what to do’.

Bahrain’s No.1 largest circulated Arabic women’s magazine

Fashion Sunglasses

BD2 Reverse Print Diagonal Stripe T-shirt

BD8.5 Hooded Jacket


BD13 Graphic Sweat Shirt


BD16.5 Chinos

Denim Combat Shorts

Get the Look at

BD16.5 Trainers

54 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

BD16.5 Black High Tops


Red Oxford






BD25.5 Blazer

BD5.5 Reversible Belt



Roll up Chinos


New Look is located at Bahrain City Centre.



BD16.5 Camel Shoes

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 55

Fashion BD95.5

Feather Print Maxi

Blair Bow Back Shrug

Butterfly Lock Bag

BD25.5 BD24.75

BD69.25 Chants Charm Bag



Carmela Tunic

Classic Chic at Monsoon Slinky Peacock Earrings


Hummingbird Maxi


Peacock Feather Butterfly

This beautifully embellished dramatic maxi dress is ideal for a summer holiday or a garden party - has a concealed side zip, flattering blouson detail at waist, and is fully lined.


BD45.75 56 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Edge Painted Tote

It’s chic, it’s classic and very wearable! This collection by Monsoon sticks with classic silhouettes, yet plays around with peacock accessories and colours - the perfect collection to enhance a boring wardrobe or fit in a couple of classic pieces.

Evelyn Tweed Handbag



Fashion BD4.5 Pearly Rose Necklace

Bridget Corsage Dress


Pretty, Cute & Charming Monsoon Children It’s all about lace, shimmer, organza and other cute things in the Monsoon Children’s Collection! The charming glittery ballerinas, the irresistibly cute organza clips and other accessories make this perfect for the pretty little ladies.

BD2.95 2x Organza Flower Clip

BD15.75 All Over Glitter Rose

Visit Stores in Bahrain City Centre, Bahrain Mall, Jawad Dome, Seef Mall and The Centre. August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 57


BD100 BD80



BD75 BD110 BD75


Turn Heads With Juicy Couture

The Fall 2012 collection injects California cool with hints of punk influence. Peppered with menswear tailoring, and tongue-in-cheek nods to status and elements of 1970’s Sunset Strip. A little fur, a hint of rock and lot of attitude amount to seriously fun dressing.


Classic wardrobe pieces like herringbone blazers and drainpipe trousers in rich greens and berries get amped up with leather binding detail, while lace inlay sweaters and leopard print silk tops get new life with a shot of neon. Juicy Cuture is available at Al A’ali Mall and Bahrain City Centre.




BD75 BD90 BD110 58 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Fashion BD24 High Waist Denim Shorts

Denim Western Gile

BD24 BD20

Look Gorgeous with Jane Norman

Float like a butterfly and look like a supermodel with the stunning butterfly print maxi dress or choose from any other long dresses with beautiful silhouettes. Go for the impeccably tailored blazer in this season’s bright and beautiful tropical print. Or add a touch of sexy texture to this fabulous summer with the figurehugging wonders by Jane Norman!

Tropical Soft Blazer


Red Maxi Prom Dress

Butterfly Print Maxi Dress


Berry High Neck Beaded Maxi Dress


BD30 BD30 Lemon Maxi Prom Dress

Visit the Jane Norman store in Bahrain City Centre, Tel. +973 1717 9594.

Turquoise Pleated Sweatheart Maxi Dress

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 59

Namshi stocks the widest selection of the world’s best fashion for men and women. The site is available in English and Arabic, making shopping easy. (See page 20 for more details)

Shoes (Cecconello): CE992SH79LEE (SR410/ approximately BD41.22) Earrings (Liza Kim): LI058AC23RAI (SR70/ approximately BD7.04) Dress (Modström): MO498AT65LUC (SR350/ approximately BD35.19)

Jarred Lang-Paisley Shirt


Fashion by


60 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Frank Wright-Stain Casual Lace Ups




Polo Ralph Lauren Shoes


Kalimah T-shirt


Jumpsuit (Modstrรถm): MO498AT59LUI (SR450/ approximately BD45.24) Shoes (Cecconello): CE992SH88LDV (SR185/ approximately BD18.60) Sunglasses (Quay): QU896AC81HEG (SR130/ approximately BD13.07) Watch (La Mer): LA762AC56YMH (SR600/ approximately BD60.32)

Calvin Klein-TED Laced Boat Shoes

Necklace (Vanessa Mooney): VA000AC03LOUOn (SR380/ approximately BD38.20)

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 61

Fashion BD12.6

VOI Jeans-Purple Chinos

To The Black-Jimi Hendrix T-shirt


T-shirt (Gold Saturn): GO921AT10HSN (SR145/ approximately BD14.58) Shoes (Zoom): ZO733SH99XRK (SR160/ approximately BD16.08) Earrings (Mikey London): MI900AC72HMH (SR95/ approximately BD9.55) Watch (IO?ION!): IO764AC11YOA (SR200/ approximately BD20.11) Shorts (AGN): AG057AT78QYF (SR95/ approximately BD9.55)

See page 20 for more details on Namshi.

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Win a BD50 Voucher! Answer the question below.


How many brands does Namshi stock? Email your answer to

and please include age, nationality, sex and favourite section in the magazine (for internal use only). Good Luck! Giani Russo Shoes

62 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win

Option 01

Option 02

4HEWAITINGISOVERAND&ELDAS Everyone deserves a Best American Restaurant #UT3TYLE3TUDIOISNOWOPEN in the Middle East Since 1997. Now ser ving,OCATEDATTHE$ELMON(OTEL -ANAMA an assortment of THESALONHASUNDERGONEASTUNNING cuisine. Tony theContinental dog father and his team have dedicated

We know itsChance! taking a long Second but...



TRANSFORMATION&ELDA WHOTRAINEDATTHE their time to rescue and help home unwanted, GLOBALLYRENOWNED6IDAL3ASSOON4RAINING abused & stray animals in Bahrain. You can do your !CADEMYANDTHE3HISEIDO3CHOOLOFMAKE bit too. Purchase aUPOFFERSTHELATESTHAIRMAKE UPSERVICES Second Chance calendar for ASWELLASMANICURES PEDICURESANDNAIL BD5 and all proceeds go directly to supporting the EXTENSIONSATVERYCOMPETITIVEPRICES animals and the rescue centre.


Please call Linda on 3980 2200 or &ORMOREDETAILS if you’re interested 4EL in adopting a cat or dog (or both) for life  “Transport available on request,please please call call to book in advance.â€? 3336 3352. -OB  We are located in Juffair...Come see us!

GulfInsider website


Grand Mosque


“Transport available on request, please call to book in advance.�


We are located in Juffair...Come see us! Grand Mosque Al Jazira Supermarket

Al Jazira Supermarket





will be coming live on 1st February 2012 Tel: 17725550 email:

Tel: 17 725550 email:

Areej, established in 2004, is the luxury Arabic lifestyle magazine published from Bahrain by Arabian Magazines. It has a strong focus on fashion and luxury but also gives readers interesting and informative sections on art, society, shopping, home decor, and health. In November 2009, Areej circulation was substantially increased as it became the only magazine to be delivered to 3,000 Al Watan newspaper subscribers.


Makeover The

Makeover candidate, Najeia Albinali, talks to Bahrain Confidential about her experience.

Najeia Albinali before the makeover

“I just want to thank you all for this amazing offer and I have really enjoyed it very much! I hope I can win another makeover or similar competitions from Bahrain Confidential in the future. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would do so happily” - Najeia Albinali

Cosmetic Treatments with Dr Dean Cunha Gomes Najeia had crow’s feet around her eyes and sagging nasolabial folds (smile lines). Dr Dean injected fillers to correct the smile lines. He used Botox to reduce the wrinkles, lines on her forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes. This was also done keeping in mind the natural contours and lines of the face - and Najeia can still ‘smile with her eyes’! For her body, Najeia received the Velasmooth treatment on her

upper thighs - to address the appearance of cellulite or the ‘orange-peel effect’. “The fillers from Dr Dean were my favourite part of the makeover, the effect was so natural. Even the Botox was great. No one could tell that I had received any treatments on my face. For the Velasmooth, I can say it was about 60 per cent effective in reducing cellulite,” said Najeia.

Call Dr Dean at the Royal Bahrain Hospital on Tel. +973 1724 6857 or 1724 6939.

Najeia, with Habiba of Lei Garden Skincare, taking a freshly juiced wheat grass shot

Najeia receives Botox treatment from Dr Dean

Facial Treatments at Lei Garden Skincare

To address the tired skin, eye bags, undereye circles, and open pores on Najeia’s skin, Habiba at Lei Garden Skincare recommended M.A.R.T.A facial treatments. With the M.A.R.T.A Anti-Ageing, and Face Lift Facial treatments, wrinkles were visibly outstretched, the colour of the skin is uniform and luminous, and Najeia’s face has a relaxed and rejuvenated look. “The experience at Lei Garden was exceptionally good. My skin is fresh and glowing! Not to mention how relaxed I felt after each session, and you can really see the difference in my skin,” said Najeia. For appointments, email: or Tel. +973 1729 0008, or book online at:

Interested in having a Makeover ?

Tell us why you need one and what issues you want addressed. Email with the subject: ‘Makeover Competition’ with your full name and contact number and a picture of yourself.

64 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Beauty Life Coaching Session with Kelly Armatage

Najeia and Kelly just before the life coaching session

Kelly Armatage offers counselling, life coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Najeia sat with Kelly for a session.

“The session was very relieving for me. I am like an open book, and the session felt like I was talking to someone I could completely trust. It changed the way I feel about things, especially about my anger,” said Najeia about her experience. For enquiries, email: or Tel. +973 3993 1399 or visit

Personalised Styling at Saks Fifth Avenue Mylene suggested that Najeia experiment with more colour in her wardrobe. She also said that Najeia should not restrict herself

to a few kinds of material, but try clothing made from all kinds of material to suit her body type. For work, Mylene suggested classic colours that suit Najeia’s skin tone like beige, brown, black and grey. She also suggested that Najeia go for more classic looks at work, and choose less ‘busy’ patterns. “The styling at Saks Fifth Avenue was something very new to me. Previously, I have only looked at the clothes there but never tried them and now I think they have nice collections,” said Najeia. Call Saks Fifth Avenue at +973 1717 2000 or visit the store in Bahrain City Centre.

Makeup by Clarins Makeup artist, Hanan Khadraoui decided to go for a glamorous - but not overboard - look for Najeia. She applied foundation to match with Najeia’s complexion and focused on the eyes, as they are clearly the most attractive feature on her face. A hint of colour around the eyes

helped bring them out even more. “The makeup was good and the best part was that it suited my face,” said Najeia. Clarins makeup is available at Faces.

Najeia gets style advice from Mylene A Sagario

Najeia Albinali before the makeover, turn the page to see her after the makeover!

Makeup Artist, Hanan Khadraoui, with Najeia

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 65


Najeia Albinali


Top, BD401, pants, BD401 and clutch, BD502, Emilio Pucci. Shoes, BD188, Alexandre Birman.

Top, BD136, Day Birger El Mikkelsen. Pants, BD256, Armani Collezioni. Clutch, BD92, Lauren Merkin. Shoes, BD118, Castaner.

“I just want to thank you all for this amazing offer and I have really enjoyed it very much! I hope I can win another makeover or similar competitions from Bahrain Confidential in the future. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would do so happily� - Najeia Albinali 66 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Top, BD201, Marni. Pants, BD169, Armani Collezioni. Shoes, BD212, Alexandre Birman. Clutch, BD713, Kara Ross.

Beauty Top, BD261, and cardigan, BD159, M. Missoni. Pants, BD135, Eskander. Clutch, BD634, Emilio Pucci. Shoes, BD202, Marni.

Dress, BD456, clutch, BD144, and shoes, BD100, Badgley Mischika.

Caftan, BD303, Badgley Mischika. Shoes, BD232, Stuart Weitzman. Bangle, BD96, Kenneth Jay Lane.

Jacket, BD289, Armani Collezioni. Clutch, BD65, Franchi Accessories. Shoes, BD108, Badgley Mischika.

Credits: Photography: Tracy Gutierrez, Freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer, Clothes, Shoes and Accessories: Saks Fifth Avenue Makeup: Clarins at Faces August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 67

Beauty Scandalines Your Eyes!

Love a flirty flick? Wild for the winged-out look? The new Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner gives you a longlasting, flawless finish. The precision brush applicator draws on perfectly thin or thick lines so you can create any effect you desire. The rich colour formula features highly concentrated pure pigments for the most intense black shade – wear it with or without mascara.

BD3.5 Rimmel’s 60-Second Nail Polish


Better than ever before, the Xpress Flat Brush is super-wide and superflat, so it can cover each nail in just one stroke. Flawless, even, and gives great colour – and it only takes a second to apply.

BD40* ‘Lady Cool’ by Dueto

Dueto’s newest perfume for the urban woman opens with a fresh floral and sweet scent; then evolves into tenacious warm woody notes that are enriched with a musky scent.


Buzz BD3.3*

BD7* Bourjois Effet 3D Max

Pomegranate is making its debut in a Bourjois lip gloss! A super fruit in a lip gloss with eighthour colour and shine. Why pomegranate? It’s fresh, delicious, and bursting with beneficial active ingredients.

68 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

BD2.5* Sally Hansen’s Useful Beauty Tools

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to take looking your best into your own hands! With the launch of a revolutionary new line of tools, Sally Hansen reinvents at-home grooming. These innovative, high-performing tools are your key to a salon-quality manicure, pedicure and beauty makeover in the comfort of your home.

Unless otherwise stated, products are available at leading cosmetic outlets.

*Approximate prices




Criminally Good!

Check out the new Sephora Bath and Body Collection with revamped formulas. It’s sure to make every bath time more beautiful with sweet, floral or fruity scents. From creamy body wash to moisturizing body lotion, body scrubs and bubble bath, the new bath and body range is all about pampering the skin.

BD5.9 BD4.7


M.A.C Très Cheek

BD10 New Collection at Inglot


The body pigments in Inglot’s new collection are beautiful, very bright and sure to upgrade your look this summer. While the Sleeks Cream gives richly pigmented bold cream colour that promises vivid lips that stay hydrated.


Everyone loves when you blush. With the sextet of M•A•C blush powders, go hip in bright red-orange, or add a glorious touch of peach, pink or lavender – each shade staying as bright and un-beige on the skin as it is in the palette. The formula is seamlessly sheer and unabashedly buildable.

C o m p e t i t i o n

W i n n e r s

Winners of Inglot Beauty Products Astrid Trichard (on behalf of winner Matt Broughton) won a makeover and BD25 worth of Inglot products. Congratulations Astrid!


Sabrina Anthony won a makeover and BD25 worth of Inglot products. Congratulations Sabrina!

Deena Al Khamis won a makeover and BD50 worth of Inglot products. Congratulations Deena!

F D a S h w

Météorites Perles by Guerlain

The Illuminating Powder - Pure Radiance is an alchemy of colours, a constellation of pearls tailored to each face’s skin tone to recreate customised radiance. In a few brushstrokes, the complexion is corrected and illuminated. The Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer is an ingenious primer composed of opalescent, corrective and perfecting pearls of light for a glowing complexion. Skin unevenness fades away and radiance is instantly revived. Matt and even, the complexion is naturally enhanced before make-up is even applied.

BD32 *All products are available at Bahrain City Centre or Seef Mall. August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 69


Body Beautiful, Mind Peaceful Treatments of the Month

A Tranquil Experience Great New Treatments at Thalassa Sea & Spa at Sofitel Pressotherapy Massage Inflatable boots help drain the lymphatic system with light compression to the feet and legs. The Cool Tinning Gel from Marine Cosmetics cools and boosts the treatment, which removes toxins, refines the leg outline, and treats circulation problems. A 30-minute Pressotherapy massage is priced at BD20. Aqua Bike Aqua biking is the new trend in sports, gentle on your joints and perfect for fighting cellulite. Ideal for those who love water. A 30-minute Aqua Bike session is priced at BD15. 2-hour Spa Escape for Men: 30 minutes of Energetic Scrub, 60 minutes of Massage, Facial Care for 30 minutes. Priced at BD80. 3-hour Spa for Ladies: 60 minute Multi-jet Bath, 60 minutes of Oxygen Bubble and the Radiance Facial Care treatment for 60 minutes, priced at BD90. For reservations or more information, Tel. +973 1763 6391.

70 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Pure Spa at the Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre introduces Middle Eastern Botanical Infusion Massage. Travel back in time to the gardens of Babylon with Pure spa’s newest massage, using Bahrain’s home grown ‘Green Bar’ spa products. The most luscious supernatural botanical oils are exclusively available at Pure Spa, promising tranquillity for your mind and body.

The spray tan for a full body is BD18. A Spray tan with exfoliation is BD20.

The Middle Eastern Botanical Infusion Massage will be on offer after Eid, and is BD30 for one hour and BD45 for 90 minutes.

Introducing M.A.R.T.A

For reservations and additional information, Tel. +973 1717 1122.

Tan the healthy way with St. Tropez A natural looking tan is closer than you’d think with St. Tropez. The number one selftanning product is at the forefront of sunless tanning technology and, while hard to locate in the Middle East, is readily available at Yara. St. Tropez will leave you three shades darker than your natural colour with lasting, natural looking results.

Yara Beauty Lounge is located on Amwaj Islands. For reservations and additional information Tel. +973 1601 0999 or email: (Ladies only)

Introducing a fabulous facial that delivers incredible results (see page 64 for review). They say machines are taking over the world and if they deliver the same results as M.A.R.T.A then bring them on. This machine delivers low level electric currents to fight sagging and puffiness by delivering a tiny charge that stimulates facial muscles. Face and neck muscles feel toned - the equivalent of having done bicep curls. The process is enormously relaxing and it does result in a youthful glow. It’s also supposed to increase elastin by 48 per cent and collagen by 14 per cent and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. But better still as you are receiving the facial – you also receive a mini massage for the ultimate relaxation. Individual Treatments: BD40 – a package of five is BD150. For more information and reservations Tel. +973 1729 0008 or visit



Advances Men’s Collection For A Perfect With The New Cade Shave:Three Steps, Shaving Gel Three Actions

Cade: A Traditional Art of Shaving Every day, the skin on a man’s face must not only cope with the harsh environmental elements, but also – and above all – irritation caused by shaving. The surface of the skin is weakened daily by an average 15 strokes of the razor blade, which damage the hydrolipidic film. There is nothing vain about a man applying products to protect, regenerate and soothe his skin. It is simply an essential step to maintaining a healthy complexion. Following in the purist age-old traditions of Provence, the L’OCCITANE Cade collection has been specifically designed to provide expert skincare dedicated to men’s skin. The result is a gentle shaving ritual that keeps men’s skin looking young and feeling great.

Shaving Oil 30ml

The shaving oil has a transparent texture that rinses off easily and is ideal for softening tough stubble before shaving. It is particularly useful for tracking dense growth areas and trimming goatee beards, sideburns and moustaches. Held in a small bottle, it is perfectly portable and makes the ideal travel companion for men.


Cade: A Secret Shared by the Shepherds of Provence … For generations, in the hills of Provence, a secret held by shepherds has been handed down from father to son. It tells of the extraordinary properties of Cade essential oil, also known as Wild Juniper, extracted from plants that grow wild across the Mediterranean scrubland. This oil has proven to be indispensable on long journeys to new pastures, thanks to its ability to effectively protect the face against the Mistral wind and the burning Provencal sun.

1. Prepare the Skin for Shaving (massage with oil)


Traditional Shaving Products with Organic Cade Essential Oils

*Effectiveness test on eleven men.

2. Shave Gently (control razor glide) NEW Shaving Gel 150ml

A gel that’s quick and easy to use, for men in a hurry who want perfect results. Transforms into a thick, silky foam to effectively tackle all types of beard. Dermatological tests showed a 62 per cent* reduction in skin irritation

Shaving Soap 100g


Enriched with Cade essential oil as well as Shea butter and macadamia nut oil, this soap transforms into a rich lather, ensuring a comfortable and smooth shave.


Shaving Cream 150ml

With its new, even smoother texture, this cream provides supreme comfort for the skin.

3. Soothe the Skin (apply skincare) After Shave Balm 3Oml and 75ml

A light and fluid texture with calming properties for fast-acting soothing care.

30ml - BD5.9 75ml - BD14.9 Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Bahrain Confidential has ten shaving sets worth BD35 to give away. Each set contains: Cade after shave balm 75ml, Cade shaving gel 150ml And Cade shaving oil 30ml.

Email your answer to

Cade essential oil is also known as what?

Good Luck!

and please include age, nationality, sex and favourite section in the magazine (for internal use only).

Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win, Win

Available in Bahrain City Centre Tel. +973 1711 2713, Seef Mall Tel. +973 1758 1223.

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 71


Love Your


Do you need to make a change to your lifestyle, slow things down a bit and start looking after yourself? Look no further than the Health House, a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul.


aunched in 2000, the Health House is a Holistic healing center based in Hamad Town. The centre focuses on preventing illnesses and maintaining the health of individuals. Their concept is to concentrate on cleansing and strengthening the body through natural therapies, with the aim to stimulate a person’s innate ability to heal themselves. The latest in the line of Health House services retails to a range of natural beauty and anti aging techniques. Some facial programs include Skin Master Facial, Anti-Ageing Lifting Facial, Hot Stone Facial, Intensive Eye firming and Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel).

Massage Therapy

This is not only a relaxing treatment, it improves circulation and has many important health benefits. By helping the body remove excess lymph and inflammation, massage therapy can make blood flow better, reducing the pressure that irritates nerves. Through this technique at Health House, it will help customers become slimmer due to the amount of excess fat deposits being reduced in the body. This includes breaking lumps, bulges and cellulite in the body. The types of massage therapies available are Chi Holistic Healing, Chakras Hot Stone, Deep Tissue Healing Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Balancing Massage, Four Hand Massage, Medical Massage, Thai Massage, Oriental Foot Reflexology Massage and Slimming Massage.

Colon Hydrotherapy

This is an ancient cleansing method that involves filtering water into the depths of the large intestines, loosening the contents within and gently stimulating their release. The toxin level drops in the colon to allow further dilution and cleansing and helps other organs to operate more effectively. This was a favourite with the late Princess Diana.

Hair Treatment

Restore your hair strength and vitality with a vast choice of hair treatments to suit different hair and scalps. Good treatments penetrate the hair and rebuild its strength. Health House offers a range of services, including regular maintenance unlike conventional hair treatments and the products treat, nourish and revitalise hair with pure plants oils. Treatments can help with the following conditions; hair loss, hair eczema, dandruff, baldness, oily/ dry hair, split ends and sensitive scalp. At the boutique in the hall of Health House, customers can find a variety of natural base products to choose from.

72 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012


The centre offers over twenty facial programmes which include Skin Master Facial, Anti-Ageing Lifting Facial, Hot Stone Facial, Intensive Eye firming and Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel). All the products used are natural and herbal and designed to energise and rejuvenate the skin and counter the effects of ageing or other conditions such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines, hydration, discoloration, poor circulation, eye bags, wrinkles, etc ‌

The Health House is for both men and women and is open seven days a week from 10am to 9pm Tel. +973 1741 0055 or 1769 3111 or email:


Dr Dean Cunha-Gomes

Dr Dean answers your questions regarding many skin problems and possible solutions, including solutions for very oily skin and how to care for your skin post swimming. Read through for more …

Ask Dr Dean I have combination skin. How do I keep it non-oily in the summer, while also keeping the dry areas hydrated? Tired of looking shiny in pictures! The following helps to reduce oil - try cleansing with an astringent/toner, use an oil control cream, wash the face regularly. You could use oil free moisturizers, water based creams. To reduce oil production one needs to modify the diet a bit. A low glycemic index dairy free diet works well to reduce oil production. I have really dry skin and, sometimes, it peels off. How do I keep it adequately moisturized? Use any good quality moisturizer within two minutes of washing/showering. Moisturizers work only on damp skin. If this doesn’t help a Doctor may prescribe a medicated moisturizer.

redness and also what’s the best treatment? Ice application followed by a onetime use of an over the counter hydrocortisone cream will help. What could be the cause of sudden spots and blemishes appearing on the upper chest area? These could be a folliculitis, either caused by bacteria or fungi. A doctor would need to see

I can’t step out of the house without sweating through my clothes. Deodorants and anti-perspirants don’t work. What do I do? If its localised sweating like the underarms, injections of Botox work well to reduce sweating for prolonged periods of time. If its sweating from the whole body, there are certain prescription medications available. I’ve been getting skin-lightening facials. Is there a permanent way to lighten facial skin? What’s the process and are there any side effects? The only permanent way to lighten the facial skin is to get a disorder called Vitiligo. Any treatment attempted for the same may result in Vitiligo like spots/patches. There are various creams and procedures available to lighten skin without any side effects. Do consult your doctor for further details.

“There are theories of nail polish chemicals causing internal problems, however that hasn’t been validated. To be safe, use water based nail polishes only when required.”

I swim a few times a day to cool off. Does pool water affect the skin? If so, what is the best way to minimize the effects of chlorinated water? Frequent swimming may dry the skin. Shower after each swim and apply a generous amount of moisturizer when the skin is damp. Sunscreen use prior to swim would help to prevent a tan. My kids keep getting insect bites in the summer when they play outside. What’s good for immediate relief of itching and

them to differentiate between the two and prescribe the ideal medications. I’m used to getting spots on my cheeks, but I have recently noticed many spots between my brows. What could be the cause and treatment? Check if you have dandruff, that may induce these kinds of spots. If yes, then use a good anti dandruff shampoo, and apply a bit of the foam to this area between the brows. Keep for two minutes without washing off. If not better a doctor may need to prescribe medications.

I have heard there are some chemicals in nail polish that are really dangerous and penetrate into the skin over time. Could you explain if there is such a thing? There are theories of nail polish chemicals causing internal problems, however that hasn’t been validated. To be safe, use water based nail polishes only when required. Limit the use of UV nail lamps. Moisturise with a nail and cuticle cream frequently

If you have any skin or body concerns that you think Dr Gomes can help you with, please email your question to 74 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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Tony +973 39 629 889






Health High-Protein Diet Linked to Heart Risks

Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, according to a large study in Swedish women. The study, published in the journal BMJ, was based on a random sample of 43,396 women ages 30 to 49, each of whom completed a dietary questionnaire. The researchers used the data to create a 20-point scale, with higher scores indicating a lower ratio of carbohydrates to protein.During an average of 15 years of follow-up, there were 1,270 cardiac events, mostly ischemic heart disease and strokes. After controlling for numerous risk factors, the researchers found that women had a five per cent increase in cardiovascular events for each increase of two points on the scale. Previous studies have had mixed results. The 2006 Nurses’ Health Study showed an increase in cardiovascular mortality for the low-carbohydrate diet, but it was not statistically significant. Several European studies, though, have found statistically significant increases.

Health Updates Drinking Coffee Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

Drinking coffee may have a slightly protective effect against colon cancer, though it’s not clear why. A team of researchers at the National Cancer Institute followed half a million Americans over 15 years. The researchers looked in detail at their diets, habits and health, and found that people who drank four or more cups of coffee a day — regular or decaf — had a 15 per cent lower risk of colon cancer compared with coffee abstainers. While the researchers could not prove cause and effect, they did find that the link was dose-responsive: greater coffee consumption was correlated with a lower colon cancer risk. The effect held even after they adjusted their findings for factors like exercise, family history of cancer, body weight, and alcohol and cigarette use. At the same time, however, there appeared to be no relationship between cancer development and tea. As for coffee, it was unclear what exactly may be responsible for the finding of a reduced risk, though caffeine at the very least seems unlikely to be it, said Dr Rashmi Sinha, the lead author of the study.

76 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Seaweed Toothpaste ‘To Stop Tooth Decay’

Adding enzymes from seaweed microbes to toothpaste and mouthwash could provide better protection against tooth decay, a team of UK scientists have said. Researchers at Newcastle University had been studying Bacillus licheniformis to see if it could clean ships’ hulls. But the scientists now believe it could protect the areas between teeth where plaque can gather despite brushing. Their lab tests suggest the microbe’s enzyme cuts through plaque, stripping it of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

New Brain Scanner Helps Paralysed People Spell Words

A new brain scanner has been developed to help people who are completely paralysed speak by enabling them to spell words using their thoughts. It uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to help patients choose between 27 characters - the alphabet and a blank space. Each character produces a different pattern of blood flow in the brain, and the device interprets these patterns. The British Neurological Association called the research “exciting”. fMRI is normally used to track brain activity by measuring blood flow.

Health Smoking Mothers’ Embryos ‘Grow More Slowly’

Severe Sleep Loss Affects Immune System

Sleep deprivation and physical stress have similar effects on the immune system of human beings, researchers from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have reported. Both physical stress and severe sleep loss jolt the immune system into action, the authors explained. The scientists, from Erasmus MC University Medical Centre Rotterdam, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey, United Kingdom, compared the number of white blood cells in 15 healthy young adult males who were subjected to normal sleep and severe sleep loss. The greatest impact was on granulocytes - types of white blood cells - which lost their day-to-night time rhythm as numbers shot up, especially during night time.

Time-lapse photography has shown that embryos of smoking women develop more slowly. French academics in an IVF clinic took regular pictures of an egg from the moment it was fertilised until it was ready to be implanted into the mother. At all stages of development, embryos from smokers were consistently a couple of hours behind, a study showed. Researchers watched 868 embryos develop - 139 from smokers. In the clinic the embryos of non-smokers reached the five-cell stage after 49 hours. In the smokers it took 50 hours. The eight-cell stage took 62 hours in smokers’ embryos, while non-smokers’ embryos reached that point after 58 hours. Smoking is known to reduce the chances of having a child. It is why some hospitals in the UK ask couples to give up smoking before they are given fertility treatment.

Coffee and Cake Lower IVF Success

Regular trips to the coffee machine or having a diet packed with saturated fat have been linked to lower IVF success rates by fertility experts. One study suggested heavy coffee drinking was as bad as smoking for IVF success rates. Another showed saturated fats lowered the number of eggs that could be used in IVF, while a ‘Mediterranean diet’ boosted birth rates. Experts say lifestyle affects both the chances of IVF and natural conception.

Intravenous Oxygen Injection For Patients Who Cannot Breathe

An injection that delivers oxygen directly into the bloodstream for patients who cannot breathe has been invented by scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital, according a report published in Science Translational Medicine. The authors explained that when patients suffer from an obstructed airway or acute lung failure, they urgently need oxygen to reach their blood, otherwise they have brain injury or suffer from cardiac arrest. The researchers designed an injection filled with tiny, gas filled micro-particles that can be administered directly into the bloodstream, supplying it with much-needed oxygen. The micro-particles are made of a single layer of fatty molecules that surround a miniscule pocket of oxygen - they are placed in a liquid solution and injected into the patients.

The Dirtiest Places In The Office

If you think the restroom is the place you are most likely to pick up germs at the office, perhaps you should think again, because new findings from the US suggest the dirtiest places in the office are in break rooms and kitchens, with sink and microwave door handles topping the list of germ “hot spots”. For the research, which forms part of the company’s Healthy Workplace Project, Kimberly-Clark Professional hygienists collected nearly 5,000 swabs from office buildings housing more than 3,000 workers employed in a cross-section of industries. These included law firms, manufacturers, healthcare firms and call centres.

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 77


Stretching Methods and Pilates by Roberta Trzebinski

Roberta Trzebinski

Confused about which stretching method works best for you? Our Fitness Guru, Roberta Trzebinski, explains the different types of stretches.


often get asked at the end of a Pilates class, whether it be a mat class or a class on equipment; “Are we not doing any stretching?” I try to explain that the whole class had been a stretching class and more often than not I get a look of disbelief. For years the myth of stretching - in a more

passive way – has been a way of closing any movement class or a gym workout, lasting only a few minutes at the end of such sessions. So why we do not do so after a Pilates workout? The answer lies in understanding that in a Pilates class, we are actively stretching our muscles. In an ACTIVE STRETCH, we contract a muscle (the agonist or primary mover) and at the same time we stretch the opposite muscle (the antagonist or the muscle that acts in direct opposition to the agonist). For example, in performing a hip extension, the primary mover would be the gluteus maximus assisted by the hamstrings – so, without any external help, we are actively contracting it, shortening its length, and strengthening it, in order to open the hip to its full range of movement (ROM) and remain there for a split second. To allow this free movement the psoas (the antagonist) must relax and lengthen. This type of stretching is important when correcting muscle imbalance, it requires more complex

78 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

“Flexibility is our ability to move a joint or a muscle to its full ROM. Participating in a regular flexibility program is important.”

coordination and body awareness, and it is more useful in the later stages of rehabilitation and postural realignment. Disease, long term bed rest and injury can cause muscles to become imbalanced. The active stretching method will target those muscles to improve movement and joint stability. A STATIC STRETCH, on the contrary, occurs when a muscle is stretched to the point of a slight discomfort and held in this position for a period of time. A 30-second stretch appears to be the optimal holding time, with 15 seconds being less effective and 60 seconds showing no further signs of effectiveness. Repeating the stretch is important too with the greatest benefits occurring during the first three to four reps (Taylor et al. 1990). In a yoga class one would encounter this type of stretch. There are other recognized methods of stretching; BALLISTIC, performed with rapid jerking actions at the end ROM to force the tissues to stretch and

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), usually done with a partner and widely adopted by the sporting world as it capitalizes on muscle reflexes to achieve a greater ROM. In conclusion each of us will prefer one method over another and we need to find out which is best and why we need to stretch. Flexibility is our ability to move a joint or a muscle to its full ROM. Participating in a regular flexibility program is important. The more we age, the more our body will feel the burden of the forces that have been acting on it: gravity, impact, injuries, traumas, weight changes, sedentary lifestyles, poor posture, etc. It is therefore necessary to preserve it with correct movement, balance, and flexibility Roberta Trzebinski is a certified Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer and specialises as a post-rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist. For more information, Tel. +973 3944 5816 or visit


Sky Dive For Cancer Research On Friday 7th September, 2012 Joanna McCudden, Kelly Morshead and Juanita Stafford will be sky diving over the Palm in Dubai to raise funds for Cancer Research.


hese three ladies will be jumping in honour of their loved ones and anyone that has lost someone to cancer or been touched by cancer. To date the girls have raised over GBP6,000 of fundraising over the past four months. Sadly, more than one in three of us will be touched by cancer at some point in our lives. In the last 40 years cancer survival rates have doubled but there is still a long way to go in finding a cure. Cancer Research UK continues to work on the causes and prevention of cancer which has saved millions of lives across the world.

Joanna, an Executive Assistant based in Dubai who previously lived in Bahrain is jumping in honour of her mother Pamela McCudden and Mick Edmunds, close family friend. “Sky diving is something in my life that I always said I would NEVER do, I am absolutely petrified of heights, I mean PETRIFIED! But whilst watching others sky dive over the Palm one sunny afternoon in Dubai I had a crazy brainwave - face your fear and do something for a worthy cause. I lost my special mother to Lung Cancer. The only thing that will get me out of that door once up in the air is knowing that we are doing something for such an amazing cause that is very close to my heart, I know my mum would be very proud of us all.”

Kelly, is currently working in Real Estate in Bahrain and is jumping in honour of her aunt Linda and her twin sister, who died a number of years apart from this terrible disease. “I think I am the only one out of the three that is actually looking forward to the jump. I have skydived before so have an idea of what to expect, although the weather and views will be a lot nicer than the freezing cold day I jumped in the UK. I think my role on the day will be to support Jo and Juanita. As the other girls and most people I know, I have lost someone very sweet in my life to cancer, my aunt died years after her twin sister succumbed to the same illness. Thank you everyone for your donations so far. Keep them coming please so we can reach our target”.

Juanita, is an Executive Assistant based in Dubai who lived in Bahrain previously and is jumping in honour of her aunt Josie Lee and her brother in law Derek Stafford. “Unfortunately like most people in our lives, we know or we have someone who has passed away or has been touched by this terrible illness. I am literally terrified about the thoughts of jumping and cannot believe I am actually doing it. It’s an amazing cause and well worth a donation or two. Thanks to all our friends and colleagues who have donated so far. Those who have yet to do so, dig deep and show us girls some love its an amazing cause’’.

Juanita, Jo and Kelly

Please note that the girls have paid for their skydives personally therefore all donations will go to charity. If you would like to make a donation to Cancer Research UK, please visit:

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 79



Forgiveness Of Flaws

Kelly Armatage

Kelly Armatage, our resident Counsellor, Life Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist talks about acceptance and forgiveness as the key to looking beyond our own and others’ flaws.


trengths and flaws; everybody has them. Yet most people focus negatively on the latter; the flaws within others or the flaws within themselves. When we focus negatively on our own or someone else’s weak points, what occurs is the feeling of resistance and resentment. There is a saying “what we resist, persists” or in other words, what we choose not to accept becomes more deeper in its intensity to hurt us. Let’s take for example the wife who detests her husband’s smoking. On a daily basis her focus is on the ‘flaw’ within him. She might obsess on how much money is being spent on the habit, her husband’s health, the smell that pervades his aura and how she cannot bear to kiss him. More and more negative thoughts on his flaw, so it ends up becoming her problem, not his. A problem in the fact that this issue is now a flawed focus within her mind. She will rarely see any strong points her husband might have, but be solely fixated on this one issue and trying to fix it. What generally happens when we focus on other people’s flaws and indeed moan, nag and scold them about it; is that the problem persists. What is not accepted and resisted becomes bigger. Those that are nagged about their so called flaws go into rebellious mode or guilt induced reactions and nine times out of ten will continue or indeed worsen the behaviour. To make life easy, to make life full of peace; it is essential to accept and forgive both the flaws within ourselves and the flaws within others. If the wife were to get out of her husband’s head (i.e. stop the nagging about his smoking), what is likely to happen? Well her husband’s own conscious mind can then have the chance to think ‘aaah maybe I will cut my smoking back’. By removal of her voice within his mind, it gives his mind the chance to be free to make his own choices about his life. Some might read this and say well that is her job as a wife, to ensure his health is good. Yet is that statement true? Can we ever help, fix or control anything external to us? No! That is co-dependency.

80 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

“To change a flaw within ourselves, the first step is to accept that it is there; embrace the flaw.” The only thing we can help, fix or control is our internal self, our internal so-called imperfections. If there is a flaw within yourself or a flaw within others that you perceive (and perceive being the story that you tell to yourself), it is essential to move away from resistance, hate and resentment. Continually hating something will ensure it remains, it will ensure the situation will persist and that your positive emotions are taken from you. Continually resenting flaws internally or externally means nothing will change. To change a flaw within ourselves, the first step is to accept that it is there; embrace the flaw. So if I am ten kilos overweight, it is important to accept that fact, rather than hate that fact. It is through your acceptance, honouring and the forgiveness

of a flaw that you give it the room to change. For those around you that have flaws, you have more chance of their flaw dissolving within your mind and maybe even in reality, through your forgiveness. We all deserve fulfilling and fun lives; can you make today fulfilling and fun by replacing your flawed fixation with a forgiving focus? Kelly Armatage Inc - Offering Counselling, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Sessions. For enquiries, Tel. +973 3993 1399 or visit All feedback on Kelly Armatage Inc’s services and services is always greatly received. Please email:

You can now read our magazines virtually at for free at the beginning of every month! Join our other 50,000 online readers and catch the latest articles, events, photographs and fantastic competitions that are being featured in any one of our three titles.

P.O. Box 26810, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel. +973 1782 2388, Fax. +973 1772 1722 Email:


Braving Dust Storms

Eng. Rehan Ahmed

Dust storms are becoming more frequent in Bahrain and they affect everyone. This month, Rehan Ahmed, explains the dangers of dust storms and gives some helpful tips.

Here are some tips to deal with dust storms:

“Saharan dust storms have increased approximately tenfold during the past five decades.”


ust or sand storm is a meteorological phenomenon common in arid and semi-arid regions. The term is more likely used when large volumes of finer particles are blown long distances. Dust storms arise when a gust front blows loose sand and dirt from a dry surface. Dust Storms are among nature’s most violent and unpredictable phenomena, varying in both size and duration. Most are small and last only a few minutes, while the largest can extend hundreds of kilometres and last for many days. Dust storms clog up car engines, air conditioners, water pipes and air filters. They also impact daily life with reduced visibility, disrupted aircraft and road traffic, traffic accidents, reduced sunlight, increased cloud formation and increased ‘heat blanket’ effect.

82 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Nearly all dust storms are capable of causing property damage, injuries, and even deaths. Globally, the Sahara desert is a key source of dust storms. Saharan dust storms have increased approximately tenfold during the past five decades causing topsoil loss in many African countries. In Mauritania there were just two dust storms a year in the early 1960s, but now there are more than 80 per year. Gulf countries are no exception. Dust storms in these regions have become more frequent, more intense and violent. A study at Cornell University conducted in January 2011 reports doubling of the amount of dust in our atmosphere since the last century. Dust storms also cause health problems, particularly affecting those with lung problems or asthma-related conditions. People with heart or respiratory conditions are always advised to stay indoors. These storms also increase the spread of disease across the globe as they may carry plant pollens, fungal spores, dried animal

In a storm-prone area, carry a mask to filter out small particles. Use airtight goggles to protect your eyes. Wear or carry clothing that covers your body to protect from sandblasting. Dust storms are usually accompanied by high temperatures, and you can quickly become dehydrated in the dry heat and high winds. Carry a supply of water. If you see a dust storm approaching, try to detour around it. If the storm is catching up with you, it’s best to stop and prepare for it. If visibility drops to less than 100 meters, pull off the road, set the parking brakes and turn off headlights. Use the highway’s centreline to guide you if you can’t see in front of you. Pull over at the nearest safe spot.

faeces, minerals, chemicals from fires and industry, bacteria and pesticide residue. Virus spores in the ground are blown into the atmosphere with the minute particles then acting like urban smog or acid rain. Continued exposure to air with over 300 particles per cubic meter may result in allergic reactions, chronic breathing difficulty and heart disease. Prolonged and unprotected exposure of the respiratory system in a dust storm can also cause silicosis which, if left untreated, will lead to asphyxiation and may lead to lung cancer. There is also the danger of “dry eyes” which, in severe cases, can lead to blindness

Rehan Ahmed is Head of Waste Disposal Unit, Directorate of Environmental Control, Public Commission for the Protection of Marine Resources, Environment and Wildlife, Bahrain. Email:

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Launch of the New Subaru RBZ

The new Subaru RBZ was launched on 27th June at Bahrain City Centre.

Management during the Launch - All New Subaru RBZ

Hani, Khalid, Bashar and Brett

Sayed, Bashar, Hani, Sunil and Vishal

Agnelo, John and Ameer

Trisha’s Birthday Party

Trisha, daughter of Elite Hospitality Group Marketing and Communications Manager Ryan Advincula celebrated her birthday party on 22nd June at Jasmi’s in Hoora.

Lani and Rodel

Trisha and family with guests

Badeth, Trisha, Ryan and Marian

Badeth, Marian, Edwin, Abby and Precious

84 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Kimbelly and Birthday girl Trisha Advincula

Society Latest society photos at

RIA Centre Children Visit New York Coffee

Over twenty children from the Regional Institute for Autism Centre with teaching staff visited New York Coffee in Adliya on Thursday 19th July. During their visit, the children learned how to make crepes and milkshake.

Bahrain City Centre’s Lewan Ramadan

Bahrain City Centre in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development, is hosting Lewan Ramadan - a dedicated heritage village featuring a variety of Ramadan-themed activities and entertainment for the family. Sponsored by Viva Jusoor, Lewan Ramadan was inaugurated by Dr Fatima bint Mohammed Al Balooshi, Minister of Social Development in a special ribbon cutting ceremony at Bahrain City Centre.

Dr Fatima bint Mohammed Al Balooshi during the ribbon cutting ceremony

Bahrain City Centre activities at Lewan Ramadan

Burger King at Al Andalusia

Burger King opened its new restaurant in Al Andalusia, Isa town on 9th July.

Lloyd, Arlyn, Sudhi, Pinky and Francis

Jagdish, Sushil, Noor and Ali


Abbas, Thierry and Ram

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 85

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Wine Tasting at Cucina Italiana

Cucina Italiana held a wine tasting event on 26th June, 2012 at their Juffair outlet.

Charlie and Elly Laura, Coco and Aelen

Ronald and Peter

Peter and Ian

Siobhan and Jerri

Sona and Angie

Fifi and Kate

Silah Press Briefing by Joe Tawfik

A press briefing was organised by Silah, hosted by Joe Tawfik, Chief Exectuive officer on 25th June where he briefed on Silah and its plans for Bahrain, including the launch of Silah Talent.

Joe Tawfik

Joe Tawfik during the press briefing

During the press briefing

Road to Awareness Campaign


Sheraton Bahrain Hotel hosted a two-day Charity Shopping Exhibition from 29th to 30th June in the Al Taj Ballroom. This year’s ‘Road to Awareness’ campaign raised money for UNICEF’s Early Childhood Care and Education programme in Ethiopia.


Lily, Cristalyn, Josel, Othmen, Gladys, Estella and Anne

Alaa and Eman

Cristalyn Pastrana

Linda and Nancy

Nadia Lynn Juliet Mimi and Nour

86 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Sudha and Angie

Sara and Ameera

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Bea’s Surprise Birthday Party

Beatrice Grossi was given a surprise birthday party by her friends at Panasia Restaurant & Tea Lounge. The group reminisced about good times with her and wished her all the best as she turns another year.

Gloria, Bea and Abdy

Camille Beatrice Grossi

Bea and friends

Polly, Bea and Deepthi


New Mercedes Benz SL Class

Al Haddad Motors launched the new Mercedes Benz SL Class on 26th June at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa.

Seven, Leslie, Cristina, Jeff and Graeme

Ashraf, Tareq, Jawad, Rasul and Hamid

Maisa, Deema and Huda

Waseem Al Haddad and Abdulla Al Haddad

Ali, Farah, Faten, Abdulla, Reem and Fares

Nabeen, Ali, Robert and Habib

Tamim, Melvin, Redha and Ali

Sonali, Karan and Anjali Nermin, Aliona, Natalia and Nadia

Ashraf, Tareq, Jawad, Rasul and Hamid

Fatma, Mohammed and Amani

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 87

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Bushra Bushido Tent

The Bushra Bushido Tent event was held on 18th July at Bushido, Seef Area.

Geogiana, Oaua and Nicu

Suetlena and John

Milena Padula, HE Enrico Padula and Rodolphe Melki



Bushido General Manager Nicolas Budzynski

Sheryl, Ashok and Romina

John, Nick and Sumaya


Hejason, Mayra, Andre, Carol, Rose and Mourice

Pre Iftar Party at Baharat Restaurant, Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre Kempisnki Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre held the pre-Iftar party for the new Baharat Restaurant on 16th July.

Khalid Ajmi, HE Enrico Padula, Hatem, HE Iain Lindsey, HE Mohan Kumar and Waleed Sharif

Danesh, Mushtaq and Vlada Milena Padula and Nick

Marie and Vivian

Ghassan and Chantal

Marco and Maike


Hani, Usman and Sander

Mary and Winfried

Hani, Usman and Sander Florian and Ibrahim

88 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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Naqsh Short Film

Naqsh Short Film held an event at Al A’ali shopping complex to celebrate young, local talents in the film industry.

Suad Al Zaydi, Mohammed Maskati and Ali

Khalifa Shaheen and Bassam Al Dawadi

Ahmed, Mahmood, Mohammed and Osama


Ahmeda and Forat

Jaison, Vijay and Charlene

Hameeda and Ahmed Wejdan

Aisha and Noora

Mohammed and Frances

Roaa and Haitham

French National Day Celebrations at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa celebrated the national day of France on 14th July in reflection of its French heritage.

General Manager Bert Plas (centre), with Marketing Manager Basel Qabouq (4th from left), Asst. Director of Sales, Hassan Kutrieh (3rd from right) with Sofitel Ambassadors

La Mer Restaurant Chef de Cuisine Olivier Catora (4th from left) and La Mer Restaurant Manager Daniel Guta (centre) with La Mer Restaurant team

Guess how many Macarons are in the vase buds

Winner of one of the vouchers in La Mer Restaurant

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 89

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Royal Bahrain Hospital Press Conference

The Royal Bahrain Hospital’s press conference for the inauguration of the Royal Bahrain Hospital by His Excellency Mr. Sadiq Al Shehabi, Minister of Health was held on 27th June at the Gulf Hotel, Al Dana – II, Gulf Convention Center.

Board of Directors

Shaikh Hamad Al Khalifa

Dr George Cheriyan

Riaz, Pradeep, Ghazi and Raheem Dr MI Shahadulla

Sebastian, Dr Pareesh, Ali Fardan and Hussain

Ahmed Jawahiri

Dr Mohammed, Sanjeev, Reheem, Mohan, Vineet and Aseem

Ali Hassan

Dragon and Lion Show, LPOD

Lost Paradise of Dilum’s Summer Festival 2012 offered a spectacle of dance and colour all the way from the Republic of China on 6th July.

Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain HE Lee Chen, Faisal Abdulla, Cristina Fulgencio, LPOD management with the Dragon and Lion Show performers

Faisal Abdulla and the Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain HE Lee Chen

Yan Qin, Hao Jing and Jouy

90 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Cynthia, Uose, Weng, Paul, Arlene, Joey and Dexten

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Signing Contract Ceremony at Diplomat Commercial Office Tower

A Signing Contract Ceremony was held to welcome the new tenant BDO Stoy Hayward Consulting Company at The Diplomat Commercial Office Tower on 1st July.

Helen Salem, Abdul Rahman Murshed, Abbas Ahmed Radhi and Habib Jawad

Helen, Abdul Rahman, Abbas Ahmed and Habib

Candee Beach Party

The Candee Beach party featuring International DJ Joshua Roberts and DJ’s Costa, Duet Rich Girls, Celentano and HK was held at Amwaj Marina on 6th July.

Julia and Cloudia

Mohammed, Sally and Abdu

Abdulla, Rasheed and Qamber

Mamtha, Kat and Deepthi

Ahmed, Sam, Laura and Ahmed

Devina, Kristine, Shey and Candee

Jenine and Marcia


Devina, Maria, Ghie and Hani

Tamie, Maya and Till

Faten, Marina and Jehan

Bridgete and Hisham Katja, Yvonne, Adnan and Vein

Jessy, Jenny, Gibert and Nadim

Wendell, Ghie, Edward and Ken

Azfar, Sheryle and Hayki

Maria and AA

Alina, Mohammed and Oksana

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 91

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Grand Salsa Pool Party, Elite Resort and Spa

Elite Resort and Spa, Seef held their Grand Salsa Pool Party on 6th July.

DJs Leon, Alex and Greg

Nichole and Darris

Ahmed and Tarek

George, Gab and Pauly

Chris and Rueski

Abdulla, Ali and Anton


Wahid and Laura

Mawahib Janahi

Sandeep and Rama

Nexus Family Day and Awards Event

The Management of Nexus Financial Services organised the Nexus Family Day & Awards Event on 30th June at The Al Bander Resort & Hotel.

Emanuel Lantzos (forth from the left), Peter Ellen (sixth from the left) with the team

Emanuel Lantzos and staff

Kids group

Dhiraj, Emanuel and Peter

Hamad and Zainab

92 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Amal and Alya





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Sino Si Juan? (Who Is Juan?)


Phenomena Productions and the Travelers Tribe presented the show, “SINO SI JUAN? (WHO IS JUAN?)” Re-discovering the Modern Filipino Cultural Extravaganza from 13th to 23rd July at the Al Taj Ballroom, Sheraton Bahrain Hotel.

Dante and Gambaa

Arnis Group

Rolly, Bob, Jerry and Romy

Philippines School of Bahrain Banyuhay Performing Arts team

Nosibasila actors and actresses

Gulf Photographers Network

The Middle East Shutter Squad Travelers Tribe President

Franny, Sagar, Rose, Leah, Boyet, Enrico and Resty of Barkadahan sa Potograpiya

Cristalyn, Chrystal and Liyam

Ayla Genete-De Leon and husband Raynand

Theatre comedy play

Bulb Media Group

Nosibasila lead actress Maria Clara play by Claire Jacinto

Erin, Ann, Grace, Rubie and Karen Phenomena Production’s President Daisy Rose Bunag with Elmer Jimenez of Travelers Tribe

Mark and Ritchel

Phenomena Production team

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 93

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YK Almoayyed Sports Edition Car Launch

The Management of YK Almoayyed & Sons Automotive Group launched the Sports Edition Models for their Nissan, Ford, Renault and Infiniti brands at their Nissan Showroom in Sitra on 10th July.

YK Almoayyed Managment and Team

Faisal, Sethu, Ashfaq and Darmesh

Peter, James and Rohit

Mohammed, Sadiq, Ali, Ashfaq, Abosil, Darmesh and Faisal

Dream Farm Competition

Bahraini students Fatima Haji and Reya Joseph beat 1,500 competitors to win the ‘Draw your dream New Zealand farm’ Bahrain competition. The competition was part of The School Milk Education Project, an Anchor-led initiative. Fatima Haji and Reya Joseph placed in the top two in Bahrain in the first-ever ‘Draw your dream New Zealand farm’ competition

First K Pool Party

The K Hotel organised their first K Pool Party on 13th July with fun, food, dancing, swimming and prizes. The K Hotel Marketing and Communication Manager Ayla Ginete-De Leon with Abbas and Agnes

Ali and Mohammed

Agnes, The new K Hotel General Manager Volker Mandlowsky, Ayla Ginete-De Leon and Tarek

Firas and Regine

94 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Chinnappa, Ariel, Pancha and Carlo

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African & Eastern Wine Tasting

The African & Eastern Wine tasting event was held on 11th July at Kontiki Restaurant at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa.

Diplomat Radisson Blu Residence and Spa General Manager Panos Panagis, Kate, Michael, Michael, Shelly, Peter and Mohammed

Mitthi and Jan Savage

Mike, Rebecca and Tony

Coroline, Shelly, Anna and Bernard

Ashley and Rajesh

Rob and Debbie

Rebecca and Kate

Vibeke and Joanne

Mohammed and Francesco

Peter and Fareed

Agnes, Adriana and Dieter

Brunch at Crowne Plaza

The last Friday Brunch before Ramadan at the crowd’s favourite restaurants - Harvesters, La Mosaique and Cappuccino in the Crowne Plaza.

Cheryl, Ian and Whitney

Mima and Kaleigh


Lucy, Katie and Ashley

Chandran and Rahim

Eva, Marivic, Brendon, Ehab and Ameer

Travis, Mo and Anna

Mikee and Helen

Sausan and Marisa

Debbie, Charlce and Ashley

Debbie and Nina

Chris and Deborah

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 95

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Al Barasti TV Show Press Conference

My Spots TV production company organised the press conference of Al Barasti TV Bahrain. TV’s main quiz show during Ramadan on 2nd July, at Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa.

Yousif, Mariam and Amin

Mohammed Darwish, Saleh Nass and Chaker Ben Yahmed

Ali Al Ramahi

Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Abdulla, Waleed, Younis and Nabil

Abdull Rahman and Nizar

Summer in the City Just Got Cooler at Bahrain City Centre

Bahrain City Centre held a City Summer Camp on 18th July where kids experienced unique, hands-on activities inside the mall including a fun-filled programme of arts and crafts, T-shirt designing, painting and more.

T-shirt designing and painting at GAP Kids

Bahrain City Centre Summer Camp participants

French Navy Cocktail Reception

The French Navy held a cocktail reception on 12th July at Gilgamesh Ballroom of Golden Tulip Bahrain Hotel.

Anthony and Dara

Tusuda, Kondo and Xavier

Stouch, Eric, Paul and Riton

Amy and Benoit

Agnes and Jerome

Antony and Carolyn

96 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Lica and Spencer

Patty and Mucedola

Mitchel and Dunlop

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InterContinental Regency’s Ghabga Dinner

InterContinental Regency held a Ghabga in their Al Thuraya tent on 25th July.

Joseph, Ryze and Ali Asad

Suzanne and Graeme Newport

Arabian Magazines team and other guests

Cyril, Mohammed, Cora, Lolit, Ali and John

Mineria and Mario

Julias, Dan, Tarek, Ryze and Anette

Bill, Nikki and InterContinental GM Michael Koth

Essa, Mohammed, Jaffar and Rami

Christa, Will and Julia

Diana, Nick and Cyril

Diana, Rebecca and Cyril

Rebecca, Redia and Namitha

Philippe and Badie

Sue and Mariam

Priscilla and Normina

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 97

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Launch of Layali Al Zallaq Ramadan Tent at Sofitel Bahrain

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa launched their Ramadan tent at Layali Al Zallaq on 17th July.

Hassan, Umsiah, Fares, Helen, Debbie, Basel and Bert Plas

Fares, Husain, Jassim and Ayub

Charbell, Jassim Zayani, Bert Plas and Abdullatif

Hassan, Ahmed and Basel

Hassan, Gopal, Ann and Ahmed

Bilala and Khalid

Nicola, Elie and Basel


Bul Bul Mohammed and Alia

Musthafa, Zeinab, Mariam and Heba

98 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

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MasterCard Ramadan Iftar

Mastercard held their exclusive Iftar event at Rotonda Hall, Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa on 26th July.

Master Card officials with guests

Shaheen Butt, Asrar and Sumo

Waleed, Nabeel and Khalil Gireesh and Ramy

Kashif and Juzer

Arlene, Jehan and Hassan

Italian Night at Marriott Hotel

An Italian night was held at Marriott Hotel on 24th July.

Maria and Hari

Nick, Ory and Ebrahim

Mrty, Kenneth, Marty and Katie

Don, Robert and Chris

Sreekanth Tony, Benny and Dan

Brady, Joe, Zac and Katie

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 99

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Bahrain Science Centre Summer Workshops

Bahrain Science Centre summer workshops offered a wide range of activities focused on scientific topics.

BSC Summer Workshops

BSC Summer Workshops

BMI Bank’s Ramadan Ghabga

The BMI Bank held their exclusive Ghabga on 26th July at Awali Ballroom, Sheraton Bahrain Hotel.

BMI CEO Jamal Ali Al Hazeem and BMI General Manager Eyad Sater with guests

Mohammed, Ahmed, Fahadm Abdul Rahman, BMI General Manager Eyad Sater, Khalifa, Alok and Haitham

Reyad, Fathi, Jassim and Khalifa

Ahmed and Munira

100 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Francois, Jeevani and Ahmed

Fathi and Eyad Sater

Shivani, Tvisha, Aryan, Fay and Fouzia

Shahid Mohammed and Kishwar

Sara and Mohammed

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Unveiling of the All New Porsche Boxster

The Porsche Boxster was unveiled at Bahrain City Centre, followed by a brunch at The Kempinski Hotel on 4th July.

Morgan Sunderland

Hussain, Peter, Morgan, Firas and Hussain

Peter Green and Morgan Sunderland

Peter Green, Firas and Nick

Peter Green

Morgan Sunderland

Sheraton Hotel Bahrain Iftar

The Sheraton Hotel Bahrain held an Iftar on the 22nd July.

Thasleem, Faisal and Ameer

Kingsley, Rebecca and Jan

Awinash and Sumesh

Daniyal and Haroon

Indra and Urbano


Cristalyn Pastrana

Maysoom and Bahsayer

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 101

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The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa Iftar Preview

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa held their Iftar Preview on 18th July at Al Khayma.

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa General Manager Mark Neukomm with staff

Hassan, Mark, Claudia, Marcel and Ahmed

Tony, Gary and Gert

Terry, Chris, Tony, Gert, Gary, Tim and John

Mona and Mary

Lina, Hassan and Chelsea

Khalifa and Hassan

Julia and Fatih

Rose and Stuart

Abbas, Coline and Hanan

Dnia, Parviez, Nathasha, Myia and Liza

Mohammed and Zahra

102 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Tameem and Kareem

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Zain Media Ghabga, Elite Resort and Spa

Zain Bahrain held a media Ghabga on 25th July at Elite Resort and Spa.

Zain Bahrain General Manager Mohammed Zainalabedin presenting a gift

Zain Bahrain General Manager Mohammed Zainalabedin presenting a gift

Samya and Ahmed

Ali, Samya, Mohammed Zainalabedin and Mahmood

Namitha, Nikesh, Redia, Rose and Anish

Ali, Hind, Patrick, Samya and Muneeb

m2r Voted International Business of the Year

m2r Ltd, Innovative global recruitment specialists won the coveted ‘International Business of the Year Award 2012’ at the local business awards.

Zain Bahrain General Manager Mohammed Zainalabedin presenting a gift

Zain Bahrain General Manager Mohammed Zainalabedin presenting a gift

Samya and Hadi

Samya and Hassan

Munir Mamujee

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 103

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Tamkeen Ghabga

Tamkeen held a Ghabga at the Sheraton Hotel on 28th July.

Tamkeen CEO Mahmood Hashim Al Kooheji with guests

Afnan and Marwa

Mohammed, Abeer, Nasreen, Mona, Amal and Abdul Elah

Hassan Ali, Dr Mohammed and Mohammed Buchery

Amal and Afrah

Eyad, Ahmed and Yousif

Mona, Khadeeja and Khairiya

Siddiq, Suhail and Siddharth

Dr Firdous and Salwa

Najad and Ahmed

Tamkeen CEO Mahmood Hashim Al Kooheji

104 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Sarah, Nawaf and Murtaza

Nikesh and Redia

Ghacra, Fatma, Raed and Tarek

Suad and Cheryll

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In Form Sultan Wins Ecco Order of Merit

Bahrain National Team player Abdulla Sultan cruised to an easy win in the Ecco Monday Stableford Order of Merit title for quarter two of 2012 at the Royal Golf Club. The competitions, held every Monday afternoon throughout the year, see members battle it out against the Club’s PGA Professionals with the lucky quarterly winner receiving a pair of Ecco golf shoes. The Royal Golf Club’s Golf Operations & Events Manager, John Wilson, topped the leader board for much of the quarter only for Sultan to take over the lead late on

Sultan (right) receives his Ecco shoes from Cormac Flannery, the Royal Golf Club’s Golf Operations and Events Assistant Manager

Al Borshaid Wins Under-16s VIVA Junior Golf Event

The VIVA Junior Saturday Series competition at the Royal Golf Club saw a three way tie in the under-16 category with Nayel Al Borshaid, his brother Zade and Faris Brough all tied on a four over par score of 31. Ultimately Zade Al Borshaid took the victory on count back and brother Nayel narrowly prevailed over Faris Brough to claim second place. Taimur Malik won the under-12 category for the third consecutive week with a seven over par total of 34. Due to end of year exams, no one competed in the under-21 age category.

Leading the under-12 category, Taimur Malik in action

Sedgwick and Lutz Secure Individual Matchplay Titles

Matt Sedgwick continued his impressive golf performance this year with another win, this time in the Royal Golf Club’s Club Captains’ Matchplay event. Sedgwick held off English member David Axtell in the final of the full individual event, coming through with an impressive 4 and 3 victory.In the ladies matchplay, youngster Tabea Lutz emerged as champion after defeating 2012 Lady Captain Danni Sheppard, who also happens to be her P.E. teacher! Lutz put in a strong performance to beat Sheppard on the 15th hole with a 4 and 3 victory.

Lutz (far left) receives her trophy from Sheppard and Wilson

Sedgwick (left) receives his trophy from Wilson

Latest VIVA Junior Series Results

Royal Golf Club Victorious

the under-12 category Taimur Malik shot 32 to continue his winning streak but the winning margin was his smallest of the series so far. The steadily improving Jesper Lawson Dick was runner up only four shots back finishing with 36.

event, which rotates between the Clubs each year, was held on the Royal Golf Club’s Montgomerie championship course in perfect conditions. Many Royal Golf Club members gave very impressive performances and David Rimmer, Depriest Daniels and youngster Nooh Esbai all made substantial contributions to the team’s winning margin.

Khalifa Daij shot the best round of the night in week five of the VIVA Junior Saturday Series at the Royal Golf Club, scoring a two over par 29 and securing a win in the under-21 age category. Meanwhile, Abdulla Essa was the fifth different winner in five weeks in the under-16 category. Ali Ehab Ali was runner up for the second week in a row after the pair tied on 33 but he missed out on the top spot on count back. In

Some of the VIVA Junior Saturday Series competitors Chris and Deborah

The Royal Golf Club continued its dominance in the annual Royal Golf Club versus Awali Golf Club match with a convincing 13 – 1 victory over their neighbours from the sand course. This followed an impressive 11 – 3 victory in their 2011 match. The annual

Awali Golf Club Captain Dave Bailey with Royal Golf Club Captains Ebrahim Esbai and Danni Sheppard

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 105


GF Trainee Engineers

Gulf Air Trains 28 Bahraini Trainee Engineers in Association with Tamkeen Gulf Air congratulated 28 trainee engineers on the successful completion of their two year on-the-job-training with the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is the second group of candidates that have completed their two-year training with Gulf Air. The voluntary training was provided as part of the airline’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme to develop local talents. A ceremony was held at Gulf Air Headquarters in which Gulf Air Chief Executive Officer Samer Majali congratulated the trainees in the presence of Mohammed Khalil Abdulla Alawainati, Nadia Al Gosaibi and Ali Hussain Al Balooshi from BAS, also Abber Al Matooq from Tamkeen.

Business In Brief YKA Announces New CE and CFO YK Almoayyed & Sons (YKA) have announced the appointment of Declan McCluskey as the new Chief Executive (CE) and Alok Gupta as the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO). YKA Chief Executive Declan McCluskey, YKA Group Chairman Farouk Almoayyed and YKA Group Chief Financial Officer Alok Gupta

Structured Workplace Learning at KFH-Bahrain Seven trainees have recently been accepted for receiving vocational training at KFHBahrain under the Structured Workplace Learning Programme “Takween”. Hosted by the Ministry of Education, the programme focuses on providing both academic and hands-on experience relevant to job training, for secondary school students. Takween, which means “development” is a “Structured Workplace Learning Programme” aimed to ensure that secondary level school students receive the relevant organizational training needed for them to succeed in today’s job market. The programme uses logbooks that the students are required to complete while on the job. Each logbook provides the basis of a training plan for the type of activities the student would be expected to complete while in the workplace. The tasks identified in the logbook focus on developing skills that are required of all employees in today’s labour market.

106 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Silah CEO Joe Tawfik

Silah to Provide Trained Customer Service Agents from Bahrain to the Region Silah Gulf, a multi-award winning business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer experience provider serving the GCC region, has announced the launch of Silah Talent. A specialist manpower outsourcing service, Silah will now provide regional companies with call centre agents, team leaders and managers for their contact centres. Joe Tawfik, CEO at Silah said, “Using Silah Talent, companies will save time and money usually spent in recruiting and training staff in the essential skills required to operate a world-class contact centre operation, as well as benefiting from access to the Bahrain workforce.” Silah’s world-class training and development facility will provide the necessary expertise to Silah Talent candidates. Providing regional job opportunities for trained Bahraini call centre agents, Silah Talent will help source employment opportunities for the youth and those returning to the workforce.


30 Years of Glorious Partnership

AJM Kooheji Group and LG Celebrate 30 Years AJM Kooheji Group BSC(C) celebrated 30 years of association with LG. The association of LG with AJM Kooheji & Group links way back to 1982 when LG was called Goldstar and was an upcoming company from Korea. The world was moving towards Far Eastern Products for their quality and price. Countries like China, Japan & Korea were well-known at that point in time. As Goldstar moved to Lucky Goldstar commonly known as LG; AJM Kooheji Group also saw an upward trend in business for LG products in Bahrain. Today both AJM Kooheji Group & LG share a healthy and flourishing relationship and see a great future together. At a private event held in the Kingdom recently, the AJM Kooheji Group and LG exchanged good wishes along with mementos to commemorate the glorious years.

Distressed Companies Benefit from Tamkeen’s Enterprise Support Fund Tamkeen announced that a total of 1,775 enterprises have benefited from its Enterprise Support Fund to date. The BD10 million fund, launched in June 2011 as part of Tamkeen’s mission to support and develop the private sector in accordance with Bahrain’s 2030 vision, aims to help distressed companies continue their normal business activities.The fund has served as a much-needed lifeline for distressed enterprises, enabling them to cover their recurring expenses which have mounted as the repercussions of the current situation continue to affect businesses. The Enterprise Support Fund has so far contributed a total of BD7.6 million in financial support for eligible enterprises that completed the application process and were evaluated and classified as distressed businesses.

Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai

Mercure Accelerates Global Expansion Mercure is accelerating its expansion and revamping its hotels with a global refurbishment program. The brand also plans to redynamise its image by continuing to build a strong, attractive and coherent brand for its customers, teams and partners. The latest addition to the Mercure portfolio in the region is Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai, which was opened in January 2012 and is Dubai’s first Mercure hotel. In June 2011, Accor also rebranded the Novotel Abu Dhabi City Centre to Mercure Abu Dhabi City Centre.

Zain Bahrain’s Social Media Day 2012 Recognises Trend-Setters Zain Bahrain put the Kingdom on the map by hosting a celebration to mark World Social Media Day. The celebration also saw awards being distributed to the best social media users in Bahrain in twelve categories under the categories of Business and Personal users. Supporting the event was Bin Hindi Informatics which also distributed prizes of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The awards in the Business Category were won by Bahrain City Centre for Best Facebook Page, Gulf Air for Best Social Media Customer Service, Blaze Burgers for Best Business Use of Twitter, Seef Mall for Best Social Media Product/Technology, Gulf Air for Best Social Media Campaign, and Hussain Husaini for Best Business Personality. IDEA Winning Products and LG Designers

LG Recognised at International Design Excellence Awards Three LG Electronics products received accolades from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA®), the world’s premier product design competition. LG’s 55-inch OLED TV received a Silver award from the IDEA jury and a Bronze went to LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV with Magic Remote Control. The third award, a Silver, went to an LG concept product. The IDEA wins follow in the heels of 12 LG products earlier this year that earned Red Dot Design Awards and the 14 that won iF awards, making LG one of the most recognized consumer electronic and appliance companies this design season. The management with A Aziz bin Hindi and one of the winners

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 107

Business STC Ranks First in Social Networking in the Kingdom’s Telecom Industry Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has proven its merit in keeping up with the technological developments in Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the General Manager of corporate communication Engineer Nawaaf AlShalani, GM of Corporate at STC, Nawaaf S Communication at STC Group AlShalani, has stated that through its Twitter page, STC was able to provide an exciting and interactive platform that enables its customers to express their opinions, exchange ideas, and discuss the latest developments in the world of STC. STC’s facebook page was ranked in the global top 40 in terms of the level of interaction with its fans, beating its closest competitor by 22 ranks. STC’s twitter page was no less successful, making it to the top 3 achieving an increase in the fan base by 58 per cent. STC has also made impressive progress with its YouTube channel, viewership increased by 71.4 per cent, from December 2011 until June 2012, compared with the same period from last year.

BaPDA To Expand Reach With Major Exhibitions In The Gulf Region Keeping pace with one of its primary undertakings to support and contribute significantly to industry events, Bahrain Property Developers Association (BaPDA) has announced its involvement in a number of prestigious industry related exhibitions in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the coming months. First on the schedule is the upcoming Kuwait International Property Show organized by leading Kuwaiti company Top Expo Group. The resounding success of KIPS 2011 has shown the potential that the market holds for companies from the GCC as well as from international fields. KIPS 2012 to be held in September is slated to be a special event that will deal exclusively in Property, Finance and Investment.

Emirates Flight Simulators

Emirates Signs Agreement with Rockwell Collins for Flight Simulator Technology

Hawkamah Award

BBK Awarded for Honourable Corporate Governance Practices BBK - Bahrain’s pioneer in Retail and Commercial Banking - was awarded and recognised for excellent corporate governance practices at the “Hawkamah Bank Corporate Governance Awards 2012” ceremony held on 12th June during Banker Middle East’s Industry Awards held in Dubai. Mahmood A Aziz Al Meer, Assistant General Manager Operations – BBK, received the award on behalf of the Bank. For the third consecutive year, BBK has received the Corporate Governance award and recognition. This year it competed with banks from nine countries in the MENA region. Hawkahmah’s Bank Corporate Governance Award recognizes banks for exhibiting high levels of commitment to good corporate governance practices and ongoing enhancements in the area.

Emirates has entered into an agreement with Rockwell Collins for the provision of new image generation and projection systems for the airline’s fleet of high-tech, full flight simulators. Under the terms of the agreement, Rockwell Collins will initially provide ten visual systems that feature the company’s EP-8000 image generation and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) projection systems. Two of the visual systems will be installed on Emirates’ new Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 flight training simulators, one will replace an existing 777 visual system and the remaining seven will be upgrades to existing simulators with Rockwell Collins visual components.

Ahli Bank Recognised “Best Commercial Bank In Qatar” By World Finance Ahli Bank has been awarded the coveted “Best Commercial Bank in Qatar” by leading international finance magazine World Finance. The award comes in recognition of Ahli Bank’s continuous commitment towards providing excellent services to its banking clientele, and its vision to implement international best practices to ensure the delivery of trusted commercial banking services. Ahli Bank’s success was announced at the World Finance Banking Awards 2012, where winners were chosen through a subscribers-based voting process.

IT Security Awareness Training Sakana Holistic Housing Solutions recently held IT Security Awareness training session for its employees and the program was conducted by Mr Ashish Sharma, Director and Practice Head of Secureitlab. Mr Ashish Sharma and Sakana team

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AA Bin Hindi management and the Muharraq Basketball Team

AA Bin Hindi Honors the Winning Muharraq Basketball Team AA Bin Hindi, sole distributors of KIA motors Bahrain, and the main sponsors of Muharraq Club Basketball team for the sports year 2011 and 2012 recently celebrated the victory of the Bahrain Basketball Association League Muharraq - Bahrain Zain cup. The glittering award ceremony was held at the Muharraq Club in Arad which was attended by His Highness Shaikh Ahmed bin Ali Al Khalifa – Chairman of Muharraq Club, Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa – President of Information Affairs Authority, HM the King’s Advisor for Youth and Sport Affairs Saleh bin Isa bin Hindi, HE Salman bin Hindi Muharraq Governor, Shaikh Ali bin Mohammed Al Khalifa – Chairman of Bahrain Volleyball Association and several other high ranking dignitaries. AA Bin Hindi’s top management, Ahmed bin Hindi – AA Bin Hindi President & CEO, Khalid bin Hindi – Vice President, Nawaf bin Hindi - Vice President and Abdulla Aziz bin Hindi along with senior managers from the sales, PR & Marketing department rewarded each of them and felicitated the winning team and wished them every success in future sports events. The Muharraq Club management also honoured and lauded the AA Bin Hindi Group and its management expressing their thanks for the relentless efforts in supporting them and for sponsoring the club.

At KFH Automall this Ramadan, Everyone’s a Winner! This Ramadan, KFH Automall will be offering customers unique opportunities to not only receive an instant free gift with every purchase of a car, but also to be entered into a Grand Prize Draw and win a fabulous BMW 520i. Once a customer has purchased and financed their car with KFH Automall, they will win an instant free gift which could be a Samsung TV set, a Galaxy Tab, a Sony digital camera, a Nintendo Wii, Seef Mall Vouchers or petrol vouchers. As an extra bonus, all finance customers will automatically be entered into a fabulous Grand Prize Draw. The Ramadan promotion offers a very competitive rate of Islamic financing, same day approval, up to 7 years financing, no salary transfer, zero down payment option and even a trade-in option. During Ramadan, the KFH Automall Exhibition Road Showroom is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9am - 1pm and 9pm 11pm, while the KFH Automall Sitra Showroom is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9am - 1pm and 8.30pm - 11pm.

Mr Khalid Rafea, Executive Manager and Head of Banking Group

Summer Programme for the Children of Batelco Employees Batelco, as a major employer of Bahrainis, is keen to deliver benefits that support not only its employees but also their families. Accordingly, Batelco has organised an excellent summer programme to offer a wide variety of fun and educational activities for the children of its employees, including sports activities such as swimming lessons, basketball and volleyball and educational activities such as painting and sculpting. The list of activities is designed to benefit the children socially as well as support their mental and physical skills. Additionally, it is the ideal way to bring children of employees together to develop new friendships. “We are very pleased to offer the summer activity programme for the children of our employees. This a great opportunity for the children who can benefit from the wide range of activities to keep them busy during the long break from school,” said Batelco’s HR General Manager Suhaila Alnowakhda. All activities are arranged under the care of trained Bahraini specialists.

Batelco children having fun at the Summer camp in Batelco Staff Centre

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Infiniti JX Nick Cooksey took to Dubai to try out the new Infiniti JX.


he new Infiniti JX is branded as a “luxury, intelligent all-wheel drive crossover” and I was struck by the top class, luxury interior and the amount of internal space. With seven seats, it is aimed at families with children and comes with all the safety features innovation and entertainment trappings to live up to this calling. To keep the kids busy, the JX features head rest mounted dual seven-inch colour monitors coupled with a 15-speaker Bose Cabin Surround Sound system. Its outstanding safety features include pre-crash seatbelts and a world first Backup Collision Intervention (BCI) system which uses sensors to detect obstructions or other vehicles whilst reversing and automatically applies brakes if the driver fails to do so. The BCI system is the latest of nine technologies that make up the JX’s ‘All-around Safety Shield.’ In addition to this, innovative touches make the whole vehicle user friendly, for example, the third row seats can be accessed by tipping the second row seats forward, even if there is a child seat in place - it doesn’t

sound revolutionary, but when juggling small children, it is touches like this that save lots of time and the potential sanity of a hassled parent. In addition, it has received best in class for fuel economy, lessening its impact on both the wallet and the environment Removing myself from the perspective

of having any more? The JX is not out to impress ‘motorheads,’ it knows what it is and what it is trying to be. The JX meets with Infiniti’s standards of luxury, and despite being recognised as a quality brand, I get the feeling it is often overlooked for its more high-profile counterparts such as Lexus, Audi et al. However, the JX could certainly place Infiniti on the map within this particular category as it is an outstanding and yet highly competitively priced family vehicle

“Outstanding safety features include pre-crash seatbelts and a world first Backup Collision Intervention system.” of a frazzled family man, and assessing the JX objectively with my motor-journalist head on, my thoughts are that it is a pleasant drive with the 3.5-litre DOHC V6 engine providing more than adequate power. The sport-tuned Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) makes it a smooth and easy to drive. Such ‘niceties’ are not intended to deride the car’s abilities, in fact I was impressed. It had everything you need and all the power you need - what would be the advantage

Infinite Ramadan Rewards

Infiniti’s special service package offers complimentary 5 years/ 100,000 km service, 5 years/ unlimited mileage warranty and 5 years/ 24-hour roadside assistance. For more information, Tel. +973 1773 2732 or visit the Infiniti Showroom in Sitra. During Ramadan, the showroom opens from 9 am to 1pm and 7.30pm to 11.30pm. For more information, visit:

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Draw RafĂ e ,000* 0 1 $ r fo


;gZZ:miZcYZYB^aZV\ZLVggVcin ;gZZ>chjgVcXZ ;gZZGZ\^higVi^dc He^cL^c>chiVci8Vh] =^\]KVajZ<^[iKdjX]Zgh ;gZZGjhiEgddĂ&#x2019;c\ )+  )+ 

Unbeatable Ramadan Offer from Nissan Ranging from free registration to weekly raffle draw prizes, there are a total of seven unbeatable offers available with every new Nissan car. Depending on the model, customers can get benefits such as free insurance, free registration, free rust proofing, an extended mileage warranty as well as gift vouchers worth up to BD200. There is even a Spin & Win prize draw opportunity to win instant cash prizes of up to BD150, plus weekly raffle prizes. Nissanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best-selling models such as Micra, Sunny, Tiida, Juke, Altima, Quashqai, X-Trail, Maxima, Xterra,

Pathfinder, Armada, Murano and Patrol are all included as part of this promotion. New Nissan customers will be automatically eligible for the weekly raffle draws â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with prizes of USD4000, USD3000, USD2000 and USD1000 respectively at the end of the first, second, third and fourth week of Ramadan. So customers who buy a car early have a chance to win a higher cash prize. The gift vouchers offered are from the leading retailers in Bahrain. Customers can get finance for up to 7 years at a very low interest rate with the convenience to pay the first instalment after

60 days. This finance option also includes free life insurance for the customer. In the true spirit of the season, YK Almoayyed & Sons will again be reaching out to worthy causes by donating part of the sales proceedings during the month of Ramadan to two charity organizations in Bahrain - Think Pink and BSPCA. Think Pink is a non-profit organization working to create awareness about breast cancer while BSPCA care for animals and birds. For more information, call +973 1773 2732 or visit the Nissan Showroom in Sitra.

5,>46655,>36*(;0655,>+90=,>0;/9,5(<3; Â&#x2039;-9,,05:<9(5*,Â&#x2039;-9,,:,9=0*,<7;6@,(9:24Â&#x2039;:705 >05<7;6)+


)+  +<:;,9 3

Renault Deals to Brighten up Ramadan Renault has rolled out its Ramadan offers and the promotion offers a remarkable festive package including free benefits such as insurance, service as well as Spin and Win prizes. Moreover, to better service its customers, Renault is moving from its existing showroom in Sitra to a new showroom at Maameer. Renaultâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s line up comprises of 13 vehicles ranging from sedans to 4x4s and cabriolets to

commercial pick-ups. The best selling models include Renault Safrane, Megane, Fluence, Logan, Koleos and the newly launched Duster. Each vehicle comes with Renaultâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seal of reliability and performance with its 3 years/ 100,000 km warranty. Renault is Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading brand, the only vehicle manufacturer to have 13 cars with the maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating, and the winner of the Formula 1 World Championship for Constructors and

Drivers for consecutive years. Attractive finance options are also available to Renault customers with competitive interest rates and convenient repayment options. For more information, Tel. +973 1770 3286 or visit the new Maameer showroom. During Ramadan, the showroom opens from 9am to 1pm and 7.30pm to 11.30pm.

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Mercedes-Benz SL

Lightweight, athletic and luxurious, the SL has been completely redeveloped, produced for the first time almost entirely from aluminium.


he new SL from Mercedes-Benz offers considerably more sportiness and comfort than its successful predecessor and weighs up to 140 kilograms less. Its highly rigid allaluminium bodyshell provides the basis for agile, sporty handling that has been taken to an entirely new level, coupled with exemplary roll characteristics and ride comfort. Even better driving dynamics come courtesy of the new BlueDirect engines; they are more powerful yet at the same time up to 29 per cent more economical than the engines in the outgoing generation. Other new features include the unique Frontbass system, which turns the luxury sports car into a concert hall regardless of

112 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

“Its highly rigid all-aluminium bodyshell provides the basis for agile, sporty handling that has been taken to an entirely new level.” whether the top is open or closed - by using the free spaces in the aluminium structures in front of the footwell as resonance spaces for the bass loudspeakers. Also new is the highly efficient adaptive windscreen wipe/wash system Magic Vision Control supplying water from the wiper blade to the windscreen as required and depending on the direction of wipe. The SL provides no end of driving pleasure - powerful while accelerating, effortlessly superior across all speeds and nimble on winding roads. The new V8 in the SL 500 develops 320 kW (435 hp) from its displacement of 4663 cc and thus around 12 per cent more than its predecessor despite some 0.8 litres less displacement. The fuel consumption has been reduced by up to 22 per cent. At the same time, the torque has increased from 530 Nm to 700 Nm – a gain of 32 per cent. Although the displacement remains the same at 3499 cc, the new V6 engine in the new SL 350 develops 225 kW (306 hp) and delivers 370 Nm of torque. It uses just 6.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, making it almost 30 per cent more economical than its predecessor.

The sixth generation of the SL also offers a vario-roof that can be retracted into the boot using an electrohydraulic mechanism to save space, which converts the SL in a few seconds into a roadster or a coupé, depending on the driver’s wishes and the weather. Unlike its predecessor, three versions are available for the new SL: painted, with a glass roof or with the unique panoramic vario-roof with Magic Sky Control. Available as an option is Distronic Plus proximity control and Pre-Safe Brake. Both work on the basis of radar sensors to detect serious risk of a rear-end collision with the Pre-Safe Brake system providing an initial warning to the driver before initiating autonomous braking if the driver fails to react. Active Parking Assist is another high tech option that uses ultrasound sensors to identify parking spaces and automatically steer the vehicle into the space while parking For more information visit, Tel. +973 1778 5454 or email:


All New

Volkswagen CC The new Volkswagen CC crosses into the luxury class with features so advanced, it almost drives itself …


he new Volkswagen CC has an elegant yet dynamic overall image. It is a technically and visually updated version of the popular business vehicle - a car for drivers who love the charm of a coupé but also value space. At the front, the eye is draw to the new designs of the radiator grille, bi-xenon headlights and bonnet. At the rear a new bumper design sharpens the car’s silhouette with a modified wrap-around chrome strip. The Volkswagen logo not only serves as the handle for opening the boot but also houses an integrated rear-view camera for models with Rear Assist. The interior is as dynamic as it is elegant with the option of a brown interior, including the dashboard, which coordinates especially well with the also reconfigured wood accents and colours of the leather seats. The car boasts all the standard Volkswagen CC features, including dual tailpipes, 17-inch alloy wheels with mobility tyres, sport seats, hill start assistant, automatic control of running lights with ‘Leaving home’ and ‘Coming home’ functions and static cornering lights. The CC comes to life however when you consider the outstanding features that go above and beyond driving

expectations. These include: • Lane Assist a lane-keeping assistant for functionality and safety. • Active climate seats (front), • Climate controlled windows – wirelessly heated windscreen with infraredreflecting as well as noise-insulating side windows made of laminated safety glass. • Automatic climate control system - a humidity sensor to prevent window condensation and maintain the relative humidity in the passenger compartment at a pleasant level. • Fatigue detection – a system that detects waning driver concentration and warns the driver with an acoustic signal lasting five seconds; a visual message

The CC is powered by an impressive petrol engine with 118 kW/160 HP (1.8 liter), 155 kW/210 HP (2.0 liter) and 220 kW/300 HP (3.6 liter V6) power output, with a dual clutch gearbox (DSG). The six cylinder version (300 HP) is delivered with 4MOTION all wheel drive as standard equipment.

up to three of these signs are shown on the instrument cluster display in front of the driver as well as in the navigation system display. • Park Assist, Generation II – for parallel and perpendicular parking The driver engages reverse gear and then only needs to accelerate and brake. The Volkswagen CC handles the steering. The driver is assisted by acoustic and visual cues on the multifunction display. While parking, Park Assist reduces vehicle speed to 7 km/h. For the first time, this system can also actively brake the car if a collision is about to occur. In addition, a 360° Optical Parking System (OHP) simplifies maneuvering. OHP shows the vehicle in the colour display of the relevant radio and radio-navigation systems in a bird’s eye perspective. Yellow and red signals on the display make it easier for the driver to recognise whether the CC is maintaining sufficient distance to obstacles at the front and rear. An acoustic warning is produced at the same time

“The CC is a car for drivers who love the charm of a coupé but also value space.” also appears in the instrument cluster recommending that the driver take a break from driving. At the beginning of each car trip, the system analyses the driver’s characteristic steering behaviour and deviations from this are continually analysed. • Traffic sign detection – camera detect speed limit signs and no-passing zones and

The new Volkswagen CC is now available at the Volkswagen Showroom in Sitra. For more information Tel. +973 1745 9977 or email:

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Pet If only animals could talk, you’d be hearing their sad, pitiful stories. But we all know they couldn’t - so in our Pet Pages, we are giving these adorable creatures a voice. One way or another, they have been hurt and abused in ways you would not even imagine a human doing to another, and yet the fact remains that these animals end up abandoned and left for dead all over the Kingdom. If you’re thinking of buying a pet, please don’t - instead, adopt one today.

Home! Looking For A







Fuzz Alma

Skye Dusty


BSPCA Animals


Interested in adopting?

Visit the BSPCA in Saar, near St Christopher’s School or see for directions. Open for adoption viewing Mondays to Thursdays, 9am to 5pm and Fridays to Saturdays, 9am to 1pm. Tel. +973 1759 1231.

Tony The Dogfather


Miss Curious

Charcoal Spud

Lugg Scissorhands

Judy, Female puppy


Blue eyes

Interested in adopting?

Punch, Male puppy Tiger

Call Tony ‘The Dogfather’ Waters on Tel. +973 3962 9889 or visit

Do you have animal concerns? Need a vet? Call Dr Nonie Coutts Tel. +973 1724 5515.

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Project Catch, Neuter, Return!


ights like these are an everyday occurrence in Bahrain these days and many complaints have been written to the press in recent years about the increasing number of stray dogs on the Island. Sadly, as yet, there is no municipal stray animal control in Bahrain and therefore the strays are shot as an eradication solution. This is not only inhumane, but has proven totally ineffective in controlling the population long term. Until now the BSPCA has been unable to assist due to lack of staff, suitable premises to successfully carry out a nationwide CNR programme, or the funds to deal with the burgeoning number of strays that roam residential areas. Recent discussions with the municipalities, ministries and the Animal Wealth Directorate have resulted in the Society obtaining approval to run a nationwide Catch, Neuter & Return project. We hope that this will commence after the move to the new Animal Welfare Centre is completed in August; but first we need your help to complete a 7 day survey of the feral dog population in the first week of July and again in the first week of August. We need the public to assist us in supplying data so that we can form an accurate picture of where and how many packs there are in the country. We hope this is not too much to ask of you to help us to stop the shooting. The Society is happy to announce that the Dogs Trust International has agreed to provide guidance and support while we develop the nationwide scheme. The BSPCA needs the public’s help to gather information. All it takes is a quick phone call or an email to give us the following data:

• The number of dogs • Are they puppies / juvenile / adult You will be able to find all the information you require (including a survey form to download) to help the BSPCA in this task on Watch for updates on our Facebook page, BSPCA Official Page and through the press. The BSPCA team will also be on the streets throughout July and August carrying out the survey and once we have the facts we can collate the information, and select the areas that are most affected by the problem of dog packs. Dr Hansel and his team will begin the fieldwork operations in September, once funding is available. The purpose of the project is of course population control. We need to neuter as many of the Islands strays as possible to stop them from breeding, returning the docile and healthy dogs to their own area and dealing humanely with those that are too feral, sick or injured to be returned. Once all the major packs on the

island have been dealt with it will become easier to deal with the ones that evade the traps and eventually the problem of strays will virtually disappear. The shooting will stop and the sad sight of starving mums and pups will diminish, as well as the aggressive attacks we have seen of late and we can all sleep happy in our beds knowing we have dealt with the situation in a humane way. The best result for both canines and humans. If you feel you would like to be of more help on this nationwide project beyond phoning in to us when you see the strays, please contact the BSPCA shelter on +973 1759 1231 or email: The BSPCA is a charity and this programme will be funded mainly by donations, so if you or your company would like to make a donation specifically to the CNR project, there is a separate account for the humane population control project, so you can rest assured your money will be used for this project alone.

• Location of any dog pack(s) in your area (road number/name, block no, area or landmark

You can help make a difference! Please help us to help the animals!


Gastro Calendar

The Bahrain Confidential gastro guide reveals the best places to eat every month.

Baharat Restaurant at Kempinski

d The latest an go! o t s e c a l p t s tastie

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel, MODA Mall Bahrain City Centre Baharat Restaurant

Baharat features live cooking stations, saj and tandoor ovens, private dining areas and a large terrace to enjoy Shisha in a tent under the moonlight, to create an enjoyable dining experience throughout Ramadan. Iftar at

Abdel Wahab

BD17++ and Ghabga at BD20++ per person. 6-12 year olds eat at half price, while 0-5 year olds eat for free. Group rates available on request. Tel. +973 1717 1000.

Please be aware that timings and offers are likely to change. It is advised to call up in advance. 116 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Enjoy Iftar buffet with a live musical performance daily. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re hungry for worldclass cuisine, this is the place. Tel. +973 1713 1111.

Al Safir Restaurant Sheraton Hotel

Lavish Iftar buffet includes traditional and international dishes, a live cooking station at the Awali Ballroom, exclusively


La Med Terrace at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa

for esteemed hotel guests. BD13.9++ for adults, BD7.5++ for kids aged 4-12. Kids below the age of 4 dine for free. Enjoy Suhoor at BD12.5++ per person. Eid buffet from12.30pm to 4pm. Adults at BD18.5++, children at BD6++ (inclusive of giveaways, games, face painting, candyfloss, popcorn and mini-rides). International buffet dinner with emphasis on Arabic cuisine from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. BD13.9++ per person. Tel. +973 1752 4579 or +973 1753 3533.

Sofitel Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa Layali Al Zallaq Ramadan Tent

Enjoy daily Iftar and Ghabga buffets with food and beverage selections from across the region. BD15++ for Iftar, inclusive of Ramadan juices. Enjoy the Ghabga for BD15++ on weekdays and BD17++ on weekends. An extensive range of Shisha flavours will be available for an extra BD5++. Special rates are available for corporate groups (minimum of 50 people). Tel. +973 1763 6363.

Mövenpick Hotel Silk’s Tent

Break your fast with family and friends in the fully air conditioned Silk’s Tent. Enjoy Iftar at BD12.5++ per person, inclusive of traditional Ramadan juices. From prayer time until 9pm every night. Experience Ghabga with live entertainment, and unwind with a game of cards, board games, chess or dominoes. BD13.5++ per person, from 9.30pm to 2am. Tel. +973 1746 0000.

Elite Hospitality Elite Resort and Spa

Enjoy Iftar at BD7 per person and BD3 for children. Ghabga is priced at BD12++ for adults, half price for children aged six to 12, and children below five eat for free. Minimum charges BD7.5 per person, including juices and dessert during Ghabga. Enjoy Suhoor at BD5 per person. Tel. +973 1731 3333.

Elite Seef Residence

Experience Iftar at BD8 per person, and BD4 for kids. Special group prices available for Ghabga. Tel. +973 1758 3388.

Elite Crystal Hotel

Enjoy Iftar at BD5.5 per person, and BD3 for kids. Minimum charge of BD8 for Ghabga. Tel. +973 1736 0360.

Elite Grande Hotel

Enjoy Iftar at BD6 per person and BD3 for kids. Tel. +973 1756 5888.

Al Safir Hotel & Tower

The lavish Iftar buffet includes traditional juices, at BD6++ while fresh juices and soft drinks are available on the a la carte menu. For Ghabga, the tent offers two different buffet options for large groups. And, for smaller groups, restaurant style seating and a la carte menus are available. Tel. +973 1782 7999.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel & Spa Al Khayma

Authentic Lebanese flavours come alive in the Ramadan tent, with an extensive buffet display at Iftar and Ghabga. The Iftar buffet includes Ramadan juices. Enjoy Iftar from sunset to 8pm at BD18 per person on weekdays and BD21 per person on weekends. Enjoy Ghabga from 9pm to 2am with live entertainment at BD20 on weekdays and BD23 on weekends. Or get a Pergola at BD250 for a maximum of six guests.

EID Brunch

Enjoy the festive spread with Arabic classics and international favourites, live cooking stations and dessert. Second day of Eid from noon to 4pm at BD27 per person, including unlimited bubbly, house beverages and soft drinks. Half price for children aged four to twelve, no charge for children under four.

Lunch Express at La Med

The three-course menu offers you starters from the salad buffet, a main course to choose from - either the “Catch of the Day” or a dish from the La Rotisserie station and a dessert. Noon to 3.30pm, Saturday through Thursday. BD9.5++ per person.

Friday Brunch at La Med Buffet of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern specialties as well as live cooking areas including a pasta, sushi, seafood and rotisserie station. Enjoy cakes, assorted pralines, truffles, baklava, a waffle and pancake station. From 12.30pm to 4pm. BD27 per person, including unlimited bubbly, house beverages and soft drinks. Half price for children aged four to twelve; no charge for children under four. Not on offer during Ramadan.

Seafood Market

Your favourite catch of the day is prepared in a variety of ways - grilled, steamed, fried or poached - from the buffet spread and live cooking stations. Sushi freshly made on spot, sea scallops, oysters, crab meat, Bahraini clams as well as healthy salads and mezze from the salad bar, rounded off by delectable desserts. Every Thursday from 7pm to 11pm. BD15++ per person, including one glass of house beverage. Not on offer during Ramadan. Tel. +973 1758 6499.

If you want to see your event listed send your material by the 15th of every month by email:

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 117

Ramadan Offers!

Sumptuous Dining at Al Safir If you’re looking for the true celebratory spirit of Ramadan, the Al Safir tent is the place to be.

Traditional to the core, Al Safir Hotel and Tower serves a sumptuous and mouth-watering Iftar and Ghabga buffet in a very modern, glass tent. The food is traditional Ramadan fare with a variety of local flavours. The lavish Iftar buffet includes traditional juices, at BD6++ while fresh juices and soft drinks are available on the a la carte menu. For Ghabga, the tent offers two different

buffet options for large groups. And, for smaller groups, restaurant style seating and a la carte menus are available. Games like dominoes, uno and playing cards are available during Ghabga. In addition, Shisha is served in the smoking area which is decorated in Arabic design with traditional bench seating. As you indulge, be entertained by the Egyptian band who will be playing

very traditional Arabic music, using instruments like the Oud, Lute and Kanoun. The tent opens from Maghreb prayers for Iftar until dawn. Al Safir also offer catering services for private Iftars, starting from BD8 per person for a minimum of 25 people. For more information, Tel. +973 1782 7999.

- Oriental Entertainment Hotspot at Elite Crystal Starting with the first day of Eid, Elite Crystal Hotel’s much-awaited Awtar venue in Juffair is set bring an authentic oriental atmosphere to Bahrain’s night life. Awtar features live Arabic music and entertainment complemented with a rich selection of drinks and mouth-watering of food. Awtar endeavours to mesmerize your senses with its authentic oriental atmosphere, felt in every detail, the décor, detailed design, unique live music, the sound and lights, with the authenticity of the food – a complete experience of the Oriental Charm.With a view for everyone, the stage and dance floor, complete with state-of-the-art audio and visual enhancements, showcases the true essence of Arabia. Awtar will host live musical group performances, VIP seating, and a host of other facilities and amenities in food and beverages. Starting on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr, Awtar will welcome guests every day from 6pm to 2am. Bookings may be made through Elite Crystal Hotel, Tel. +973 1736 0360 or with Awtar Guest Relations Manager on +973 3433 3222. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook: AwtarBahrain

118 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012


Savour the Sweet Side of Bahrain The main street of the Muharraq Souq is John R Ridley well known for its many shops selling Halwa, the popular Bahraini sticky “It is best to buy early sweetmeat. in the morning, making time to sample the different recipes and savour the enticing smell Boiling cauldron of Halwa of the fresh piping hot Boiling Halwa in the cauldron.”

Scooping Scopping Halwa from the cauldron into aluminium pans

aluminium pans and taken on steel trollies to the shop where the containers are filled and packed, ready for sale. Saunter down the lanes of Muharraq Souq and sample the different flavours on offer. Hussein Mohamed Showaiter’s shop is the most famous, but there are many other equally good sweet makers to choose from, all using slightly different ingredients. It is best to buy early in the morning, making time to sample the different recipes and savour the enticing smell of the fresh piping hot Halwa in the cauldron, or as it is poured into containers. Don’t worry about the calories, the taste is so delightful it must be healthy! Take your chosen Halwa home, sit in your favourite chair and take a piece, whilst the sweet melts on your tongue, close your


Halwa packaged and ready to take home


ike so many sweets from across the Middle East, Halwa is still made in the traditional way, in enormous copper cauldrons by the Halwachi or sweet maker. Tradition tells us that Halwa originated 6000 years ago in Oman’s Al Jabal al Akhdhar area, it was only introduced to Bahrain during the 19th century by the Showaiter family; they have been making their version of the traditional sweet for the past 150 years. Having adapted the recipe to the availability of ingredients, their name quickly became synonymous with the distinctive Bahraini variant of the Middle Eastern confection. Golden, Red, Green - with cashews and almonds - the sweet and sticky Bahraini Halwa comes in many flavours and colours. It is made from semolina or tahini, ghee, sugar and water, flavoured with rose water, cardamom and saffron. Finally, it is decorated with almonds, pistachios or other nuts. Variations on the recipe can be based on sunflower seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, yams, and squashes. Hidden behind the shops fronting the narrow streets of the Souq are the Halwa factories. Showaiter’s factory has two large copper cauldrons for boiling the ingredients, the sweet maker sits alongside, stirring the boiling liquid with a long wooden spatula. Once the desired consistency is reached, the contents are scooped into large

eyes and enjoy the enchanting flavours of this traditional Bahraini sweet John R Ridley is a journalist who has lived and worked in the Middle East for more than thirty years; he can be contacted at

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 119


Restaurant Listings Chinese Hong Kong Adliya, Tel. 1772 8700 The myriad dishes are served in abundance and are all delicately and lovingly flavoured. The soft steamed dumplings are magnificent, the sizzling seafood is cooked to perfection, and the beef with black mushrooms and bamboo shoots deserves plaudits beyond Bahrain.

Copper Chimney Al Hambra Hotel (1772 8699) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD10 Lanterns Budaiya Highway (1759 0591) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD15 Moti Mahal Juffair (1782 5333)

Waves Crowne Plaza Hotel, Tel. 1753 1122 A popular lunchtime retreat, picking your fish and eating it is the order of the day, and the catch is as varied as it is complete. And the nutty, honeycombed chocolate fudge delight will finish you off nicely. Le Jardin Ramada Bahrain, Tel. 1774 2000 Fully renovated with a new look - ‘Bigger, Better, Brighter’.

Beijing Chinese Adliya, Block 338 (1771 7969) Open daily, 11.30-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD15 First Chinese Adliya (1771 3603) Open noon-3.30pm, 6pm-midnight. Foli Um Al Hassam (1772 2199) Open noon-3pm, 6.30pm-11.30pm. Asian Cuisine Adliya (1771 7080) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD50 Magic Wok American Alley, Juffair (1769 4105) Open daily 8am-11pm Memories Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 8646) Open Sat-Wed 11am-11pm; Thu-Fri 11am-midnight. Average BD12

Indian Aachi’s Chettinand Kitchen Near the Indian Club, Gudaibiya (1723 3110) Open daily 10.30am-3.30pm, 5.30pm-11.30pm. Akbar Ramada Palace Hotel (1729 6660) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-12.30am. Average BD16 Asha’s Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 7008) Open daily 11am-noon Clay Oven Adliya (1771 7008) Open daily 11.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-11.30pm Average BD14

120 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

Open daily noon-midnight Average BD15 Mumbai Spice Bahrain Mall, Sanabis Open daily 10am-10pm Sangeetha Opp Inidian Club, Gudaibiya (1727 2768) Open daily 7.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-11pm Spices Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Diplomatic Area (1753 1122) Open daily noon-11pm Average BD25 Takatak Nr Awal Cinema, Gudaibiya (1725 4848) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm The Great Kebab Factory Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 0629) Open daily noon-3pm, 6.30pm-midnight

International Fusions Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 The food and wine list will keep you coming back to Fusions. Try the beautifully tender grilled sirloin with boldly flavoured ginger mash and a selection of roasted vegetables. Links Restaurant The Royal Golf Club, Tel. 1775 0777 Links, located on the mezzanine floor of the Club House, is a large, brasserie-style restaurant/lounge open to all visitors to the Royal Golf Club. Features include a cocktail bar, an outdoor terrace and floor to ceiling picture windows offering patrons spectacular views across the golf courses. Silk’s Mövenpick Hotel, Tel. 1746 0000 With cuisine inspired by the four continents of the Silk Route, the food on offer here is eclectic and varied all cooked in front of you in open kitchens around the restaurant.

Zytoun Novotel Al Dana Resort (1729 8008) Open daily 6.30am-midnight. Average BD16


La Méditerranée The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Tel. 1758 0000 Asian, French, Mediterranean and International cuisine.

Ric’s Kountry Kitchen Juffair, Tel. 1772 5550 Specialising in good ol’ fashioned home-cooked American chow, Ric’s does a mean burger, excellent chilli and a mouth watering Jambalaya. Its American breakfasts are legendary.

Olivos Brasserie The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1752 2124 This Mediterranean brasserie offers superb food in a relaxed atmosphere. In buffet style you can enjoy a super breakfast, sumptuous lunch and delicious dinner.

Soie Sheraton, Tel. 1753 3533 Chinese and Asian specialities in sophisticated and elegant Oriental surroundings.

Zoe Block 338, Adliya (1771 6400) Open Sat-Tue noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight; Wed-Fri noon-3pm, 7pm-2am. Average BD18/25

The Gallery Mövenpick Hotel, Tel. 1746 0000 Picturesque pool and lagoon views.

Le Bistro InterContinental Regency, Tel. 1722 7777 Main restaurant situated above the lobby with International buffet lunch daily.

Hong Kong Restaurant

Yamin Jana Mediterranean Seafront Lounge Dragon Hotel and Resort, Amwaj (1603 3800) Open daily from 2pm onwards

Al Waha Restaurant Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6425) Open 24 hours Al Wasmeyah Restaurant Golden Tulip Hotel, Diplomatic Area (1753 5000) Open 24 hours Block 338 Adliya (1771 0338) Open every evening from noon-2am Café Sayah Delmon International Hotel (1722 4000) Open 24 hours Downtown Lounge InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily from 5pm to 2am La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Arts Ras Ruman (1771 3000) Open daily 9am-10.30pm. Closed Monday. Average BD20 Muju Restaurant and Lounge Dragon Hotel and Resort, Amwaj (1603 9800) Open daily, 24 hours Nando’s Juffair (1782 5100) Open 11am-2am Rendezvous Seef Mall, Seef (1758 7708) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm Rimal Al Areen Palace and Spa (1784 5000) Open daily 6.30am-11pm Average BD40 Selections InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm Teatro Dana Mall (1755 8555) Sat-Wed 1pm-4.30pm, 6.30pm-midnight; Thu-Fri 1pm-11.30pm Average BD19 Upstairs Downstairs Adliya (1771 3093) Open daily 7am-11am, noon-3am, 7pm-midnight Average BD20

Applebee’s Bahrain Mall, Sanabis (1755 5834) Open Sun-Thu, 11am-mid-night, Fri-Sat, 11am-1am. Average BD10 Bennigan’s Al Safir Hotel, Juffair, Tel. 1781 3750 (Open 6am - 2am, all week; Also serves breakfast.) Brasa de Brazil Seef Mall, Seef District (1758 2225) Open daily, noon-11pm. Average BD10 Chilli’s Seef Mall/Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1758 1221/1717 9794) Open daily, noon-midnight. N.B.: BCC opening times apply. Average BD20 Hard Rock Café Exhibition Road, Hoora (1729 1569) Open daily, 8am-1am. Average BD10

Italian Cucina Italiana Al Safir Hotel, Juffair, Tel. 1700 1317 (Open 6am-2am, all week; Also serves breakfast.) Mondo Restaurant The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1753 1666 The goat’s cheese and rocket pizza is probably the best in Bahrain. A funky, friendly Italian place, just like momma used to make it. La Pergola Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 Traditional and contemporary Italian specialities with Italian music. Caffe Spasso New Zinj (1782 2274) Open daily 8.30am till late Café Italia Adliya (1774 4774) Open daily noon-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD35 La Taverna City Centre Hotel, Gold City (1722 9979) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD18 Medzo InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily for lunch and dinner Mino’s Adliya (1774 4777) Open daily 11am-12.30am. Average BD15 Nino’s Restaurant Al A’ali Complex, Seef Tel. +973 1756 6555

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.


Restaurant Listings


Oliveto Block 338, Adliya (1771 6747) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight. Average BD30 Pizzeria Café Italia Seef Mall (1758 2823) Open daily 11am-11pm. Average BD12 Roma Um Al Hassam (1772 5885) Open daily noon-2.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD30 Romano Macaroni Grill Juffair (1772 3818)

Japanese Sato Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 The food here is good. Order well and you will be rewarded with your favourite dishes done very well indeed. Bushido Seef (1758 3555) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-2am. Average BD35 Fuji Sushi Bar Sheza Tower Hotel (1753 3336) Open daily 12.30pm-midnight. Average BD25

Middle Eastern Kosebası Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2322 Kosebası (pronounced koshe-bashi) serves traditional Turkish mezes and main dishes true to original Southern Anatolian recipes. The centerpieces of the restaurant are a lovely ornated oven and an open charcoal grill. Al Abraaj Budaiya (1759 5656) Open daily noon-midnight Al Arisha Um Al Hassan (1772 5414) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight Al Arz Ramada Palace Hotel (1729 6660) Open 7pm-midnight Al Fanar Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa (1753 1666) Open Mon-Sat 9.30pm-2am Al Hamra Delmon International Hotel (1722 4000) Open 24 hours Al Mukhayam Ramada Palace Hotel Open daily 8pm-1am Al Shama Windsor Tower Hotel (1729 7000) Open daily 9pm-2am

Kei Golden Tulip Hotel (1753 5000) Open daily 12.30pm-3pm, 7.30pm-11pm. Average BD12-30

Al Yacout Novotel Al Dana Resort, Muharraq (1729 8008) Open daily 8pm-2am

Mirai Adliya (1771 3113) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm. Average BD40. Sumo Sushi and Bento American Alley, Juffair (1771 8090) Open daily noon-midnight. Sushi 101 New Zinj (1782 2274) Open Sat-Thu noon-3pm, 6pm till late; Fri 1pm-4pm, 7pm till late. Sushi Ko Adliya (1771 6619) Open Sat-Wed 6.30pm-11pm; Thu 6.30pm-midnight. Average BD11 Yo Sushi Al Aali Shopping Complex, Seef (1758 3373) Open Sat-Wed noon-midnight; Thu-Fri noon-2am Average BD20

Baan Saeng Thai Sh Isa Avenue, Adliya Open daily 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-midnight.

Laialy Zaman Nr Funland, Fateh Corniche (1729 3097) Open daily 11am-4am

Bali Orchid Nr Omar Khayyam Hotel, Gudaibiya (1718 0424) Open daily noon-midnight. Average BD7

Marmaris Avenue 28, Sanabis (1755 5909) Open daily 11am-midnight

BamBu Adliya (1771 4424) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm. Average BD28

Maseelee Gulf Pearl Hotel, Souq (1721 0647) Open daily 5am-9.30pm

Captain Cove’s Behind Mass Computer, Gudaibiya (3975 8989) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD5

Mono Lebanese Budaiya Highway (1755 5262) Open daily noon-midnight

Hajisushi American Ally, Juffair (1772 5638) Open daily 11am-11pm.

Maki MODA Mall (1752 2733) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD40

L’Sultan L’Hotel, Seef (1756 7222) Open daily noon-midnight

Amwaj Dajla Iraqi Mirador Hotel, Manama (1729 8008) Open daily 8pm-2am Anatolia Turkish Restaurant Cyprus Garden, Budaiya (1769 0601) Open daily noon-11pm Carla’s Cyprus Garden, Sehla (1769 7687) Open daily noon-midnight Dar Al Tajine Phoenicia Tower Hotel, Hoora (1731 1167) Open daily 6pm-6pm

Parsian Adliya (1781 1511) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-midnight. Average BD14 Persian Garden Seef (1758 600) Open noon-11pm Persian Room Amwaj island-the lagoon Tel. 1601 0166, Mob: 3927 6249 Opening Sat-Wed noon-midnight Thu-Fri noon-1am Average BD9 Rayes Fateh Corniche (1731 2700) Open daily noon-12.30am Average BD12 Takht-e Jamsheed Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6431) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm Tarbouche City Centre Hotel, Gold City (1722 9979) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-midnight Wafi Gourmet Bahrain City Centre (1779 999) Open daily 9am-12.30am Yas-e Isfahani Seef Mall (1758 1151) Open daily 10am-10pm. Average BD16

Seafood Fareast Seafood Market Ramee International Hotel, Juffair (1772 7230) Open daily 12.30pm-11.30pm. Average BD16 Fish Market Al Bander Hotel and Resort (1770 1201) Open daily 12.30pm-11.30pm Average BD25 La Marine Bugerland Building, Budaiya (1759 5777) Open daily 1pm-midnight Sheza Seafood Market Sheza Tower Hotel, Diplomatic Area (1753 3336) Open daily 12.30pm-midnight

Hash House Adliya, Block 338 (1771 5094) Open daily 11am-midnight. Average BD15 Honey’s Souq (1774 9222) Open Sun-Wed 10am-5.30am, Fri-Sat, 24hrs. Mamy Soup Exhibition Road, behind the CPR building (3919 5343) Open daily 11am-11pm. Monsoon Adliya, near Ferrari Centre (1774 9222) Open Sat-Thu noon-2.30pm, 7pm-11pm; Fri 7pm-11pm. Average BD15 Nu Asia Seef, near Al A’ali Shopping Complex (1758 7171) Open daily noon-midnight. Average BD15. Pong’s Off Exhibition Road, Behind CPR Office (1753 0800) Open daily 11am-4am. Thai Chi Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 9747) Open daily noon-midnight. Thai Express Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 3595) Open daily 10am-11.30pm Thailand Block 338, Adliya (1771 7040) Open daily 6.30pm-11.30pm, Average BD15

Steakhouses The Butcher Shop & Grill Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2323 Serves a wide variety of steaks as well as salads, burgers and seafood dishes. Integrated into the restaurant is also a fully functioning retail butchery, which enables customers to choose a specific cut and size or buy meats for their home requirements. Brazil Adliya (1782 6686) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm. L’lle Al Areen Palace and Spa (1784 5000) Open every evening, 6pm-11pm Legendz Steakhouse InterContinental Hotel (1720 8308) Open daily for lunch and dinner

Golestan Sheraton Bahrain Hotel (1753 3533) Open Sun-Fri 12.30pm-2.30pm, 7.30pm-11.30pm. Average BD12

Totally Fish Bahrain City Centre, Seef (1717 9757) Open daily noon-midnight

Le Relais de Venise Son Entrecote L’Hotel, Seef (1756 7222) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm. Average BD40

Isfahani Hoora (1755 0567) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD20


Ponderosa Steakhouse Seef - Tel. 1758 0552 Open all week from 11am - 1am

Khan Al Marjan Al Safir Hotel Hotel (1782 7999) Open daily 9.30pm-2am

Kontiki Restaurant The Diplomat Radisson Blu, Tel. 1753 1666 Enjoy authentic dishes from Asia and the South Pacific for lunch and dinner. Or head over to the Kontiki Pool bar from 10am to 11pm.

Sizzlers Restaurant Mansouri Mansions Hotel (1771 6999) 24 hours. Average BD10

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 121


Restaurant Listings The Meat Co Block 338 (1774 2080) Open Sat-Wed 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm; Thu-Fri 12.30pm-midnight Average BD50 Mezzaluna Adliya (1774 2999) Open daily Sun-Wed 7pm-11pm; Thu-Sat 7pm-11.30pm Average BD46

French Camelot Block 338, Adliya (1771 7745) Open daily noon-midnight Average BD30 L’Avenue Seef District (1756 7212) Open daily 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-11pm

Mexican Casa Mexicana Adliya (1771 5521) Open daily noon-3pm, 6pm-midnight. Average BD18 Margarita Mexicana Gulf Hotel, Adliya (1774 6462) Open daily noon-3pm, 7pm-11pm Senior Paco’s Adliya (1774 6462) Open daily noon-3pm, 6.30pm-midnight. Average BD18

Polynesian Trader Vic’s Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa, Seef (1758 6555) Open daily 7pm-midnight Average BD20

Thai Royal Thai Seafood Restaurant Gulf Hotel, Tel. 1771 3000 Colonial stateliness and Asian adornment is the order of the day with high ceilings, great white pillars and multiple levels to accommodate private alcoves; it’s a grand and gracious setting. Choose ostrich, just because you can. Muay Thai Quick Meal Restaurant Juffair Next to The Pizza Company Thai Food, Tel. 7704 0454 Daily Open: 12pm-12am

Cafés Café T The Royal Golf Club, Tel. 1775 0777 Café T serves a selection of burgers, salads, fresh and ready-made sandwiches, fruit juices, milkshakes and frozen drinks. With an outdoor terrace seating up to 30 people and relaxing background music, Café T is the perfect place to meet up for a chat with friends.

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant Bahrain City Centre, Tel. 1717 2321 Seef Mall, Tel. 1758 0073 Since the founding of the first small PAUL bakery in Lille back in 1889, the passion for authentic bread making has been passed on through generations. - and relax in PAUL’s unique ‘rustic-chic’ ambience.

122 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

A Lounge Adliya, Behind Monsoon (1771 0041) Open daily, 11am-2am. Average BD15 Al Bindaira Adliya (1774 4066) Open Mon-Thu, 10.30am-12.30am, Fri, 1pm-1am. Average BD12

Maya Chocolat Seef Mall, Seef District Open Sun-Wed, 10am-11pm; Fri-Sat, 10am-midnight. Average BD15 Med Café Adliya, near Carlton Hotel (1771 3088) Open daily 11am-1am. Average BD10

Chocolatiers Godiva Seef Mall, Seef District (1758 0699) Open 10am-10pm Hotel Chocolat Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 9779) Open Sun-Thu 10am-10pm; Fri-Sat 10am-midnight

Albareh Art Café Adliya, Behind the Carlton Hotel (1771 3535) Open daily, 8.30am-11pm. Average BD5

Motorox Café Budaiya Highway (1759 2583) Open daily from noon-midnight. Average BD12

Al Riwaq Café Adliya, Block 338 (1771 7441) Open daily 10am-9pm. Average BD5

Palm Café Qal’at Al Bahrain Museum (1732 2549) Open daily 9.30am-7.30pm. Average BD6

Aroma Restaurant & Cafe Ground Floor, Seef Mall, Seef District Open for lunch and dinner (1758 2711)

Patisserie Valerie MODA Mall, Diplomatic Area Open daily 7.30am-9pm

Café Lilou Adliya, Block 338 (1771 4440) Open Sat-Thu 8am-11pm; Fri 10am-11.30pm. Average BD10

Skyw@alk Café Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair Open daily 6.30am-11.30pm. Average BD12

Maya La Chocolaterie Seef Mall (1758 3368) Open daily, Sun-Thursday 10am-10pm; Fri-Sat 10am-12am

Tea Club The Lagoon, Amwaj Islands Open daily 12pm-midnight. Average BD8

Patchi Manama, near Dairy Queen (1725 0501) Open daily 9.30am-9pm

Tilly’s Jawad Dome, Budaiya Open daily 8.30am-9.30pm

RAWASI Chocola Mahooz, near Qatar Embassy Open daily 9am-1.30pm; 4pm-9pm. Fri open from 4pm-9pm

Candles Coffee Adliya, Behind Fudruckers (1771 4844) Open Sun-Thu 9am-1am; Fri 5pm-1am, Average BD12 Caramel Cyprus Gardens, Budaiya (1779 7087) Open daily, 8.30am-midnight. Average BD5. Café Ceramique Al A’ali Mall, Seef District Open daily, 9am-11pm; Fri-Sat 9am-midnight. Average BD8 Coco’s Adliya, Block 338 (1771 6512) Open daily 10am-midnight. Average BD10

Veranda Adliya, Nr HSBC bank and Adhari (1771 5868) Open daily Average BD8 Waterlemon Al A’ali Shopping Complex, Seef District (1758 1785) Open daily, 10am-11pm. Average BD6

La Papillon Manama, near Dairy Queen (1725 5542) Open daily 9.30am-9pm Lovely Memories Mahooz (1772 2533) Open daily 10am-10pm

Salvia Budaiya, Budaiya Highway Open daily 9am-1.30pm; 4pm-9pm. Fri open from 4pm-9pm

Columbus Café Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 2324) Open daily, 8am-midnight. Average BD7 Crepe Café Palm Square, Budaiya Highway (7711 5566) Open Sun-Wed, 8am-midnight. Thu-Sat 8am-1pm. Average BD6 Deli France Jawad Dome, Budaiya (1769 6031) Open Sun-Thu, 8am-10pm; Fri-Sat, 8am-11pm. Average BD9 Dome Café Juffair, near American Base (1781 0180) Open 24 hours. Average BD15 Friend’s Club Adliya, 54 Bani Otbah Avenue (1771 3732) Open Sat-Wed, 10am-midnight; Thu-Fri, 10am-1am. Average BD8 Gloria Jean’s Bahrain City Centre, Seef District (1717 9262) Open Sat-Wed, 9am-10.30pm; Thu-Fri, 9am-midnight. Average BD8 House of Coffee Muharraq, Sheikh Ebrahim Centre (3662 9968) Open daily 9am-9pm, Average BD6 La Maison du Café Adliya (1771 7524) Open daily 8am-2am. Average BD12 La Ventana At the moment La Ventana is currently undergoing renovation – check this space over the coming months to find out where the new café is located and our opinion! Le Chocolat Seef, Seef District Open daily 7.30am-midnight. Average BD10 Macaron Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa (17636418) Open daily from 8am-8pm

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

So Brunch - Saraya, Wok and Fiamma International Buffet Selection and Live stations. BD 26/net per person inclusive of soft drinks, chilled juices, free flow of sparkling wine, red and white wine, beers and a cocktail of the day. Kids below 6 are free of charge and between 6-12 years old get 50% off. Every Friday from 12.30-4pm Tel. +973 1763 6410 Saraya - International All Day Dining International Buffet for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and A la carte throughout the day. A la carte throughout the day, all week. Open daily from 6.30am-11pm Breakfast Buffet: BD11++ Lunch Buffet: BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Dinner Buffet: BD12.5++ (BD15 net) Tel. +973 1763 6410 Fiamma - Italian Restaurant Regional Italian cuisines with a wide selection of wines for Lunch and Dinner. Monday to Saturday (Closed on Sunday) 12:30pm-3pm (Thurs, Fri, Sat) 7-11pm Tel. +973 1763 6414 Pashawat - Arabic Restaurant (Opening Soon) Open Tuesday - Sunday (Closed on Monday) 7pm-12midnight Tel. +973 1763 6413

Wok - Asian Restaurant Authentic Southeast Asian Cuisine. A la Carte Dinner - 7-11pm. Wednesday - Monday (Closed on Tuesday) Tel. +973 1763 6415 La Mer - Seafood Restaurant Open Daily for A la carte Dinner - 7-11pm. Large international wine selection. Tel. +973 1763 6411 Tapas Bar Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner Open from 11.30am - 12midnight Food Available between 11.30am - 3.30pm and 7pm - 12midnight Tel. +973 1763 6412 Lagoon - Pool Bar Lunch and Dinner Open Daily - light snacks; A la carte from 9am until sunset Tel. +973 1763 6416 Lobby Lounge and Macaron Pastry Shop Lobby Lounge: 8am-12midnight Macaron: 8am-8pm. French pastries, Baked Viennoiseries and Macarons. Tel. +973 1763 6418 Amber - Cocktail Bar Open Daily from 6pm-2am Tel. +973 1763 6419

To be included, email: or call +973 1782 2368.


Sports, Fitness and Kids Creative Kids



Al Safir Fitness First The Regency The Diplomat Radisson Blu Curves (Budaiya) Ez Fit Sports Complex Image Spa & Leisure (Sheraton Hotel) The Health Club (Gulf Hotel) Nautilus (Crown Plaza) Sports Club & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Al Gosaibi Gym Ghassan’s Gym (mat and private classes available) La Fontaine Centre World Beat Fitness Centre

Art of Living 3988 8760 Dessange 1771 3999 (Yoga classes offered several times a week) Bahrain Meditation Centre Bahrain 1779 5961 (Wellness Resort) Saturdays and Wednesdays. 7pm to 8.30pm, Mixed yoga classes. Sundays and Tuesdays (Ladies Only), 10am to12pm Bayoga Centre 1772 5027 Daily yoga classes, relaxing yoga and meditation for beginners and advanced students. World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Reiki Master And Teacher Melanie 3933 0911 offers Reiki sessions and courses or Anubhaa Sharma

1781 3815 1332 2200 1722 7777 1753 1666 1769 1496 1769 2378 1752 4570 1771 3000 1753 0764 1758 9380 1729 3221 1769 5911 1723 0123 1761 2576

Badminton Bapco Club Telgu Kala Samithi The Indian Club

1775 3666 1727 6300 1725 3157

Basketball EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Basketball Association

1769 2378 1774 1010

Bowling Al Bander Hotel & Resort Awali Bowling Centre Bahrain Bowling Association Bapco Club Funland Centre

1769 2378 1769 5809 1727 6134

1765 0079

Dance Bahrain Ballet Centre Indian Institute for Performing Arts Latin Dance Bahrain Sampaguita Club Sayaw Unlimited Dance Club Victoria Dance Centre World Beat Fitness Centre Profiles Fitness Centre Pineapple

1769 3232 1723 1717 3967 6349 3910 6589 3982 7096 3987 6215 1761 2576 1772 7766 1771 2000

Football Al Ahli Sports Club Al Hala Sports Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club British Club Dilmun Club EZ Fit Sports Complex Arsenal Soccer School

1727 7712 1734 2182 1769 5809 1772 8245 1769 2986 1769 2378 1756 1615

Golf Awali Club Royal Golf Club

Snooker Bahrain Snooker Association Jimmy’s Snooker and Billiards Club

Bahrain Badminton and Squash Federation The Country Club Al Bander Resort Nautilus (Crowne Plaza) The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1782 5301 1771 6147

Swimming Lessons British Club Dilmun Club Ritz Carlton Sports Club The Diplomat Radisson Blu

1753 1165 1745 0000 1778 0011 3944 4137

Martial Arts Japan Karate Association 3944 9628/3667 2204 Profiles Fitness Centre (Boxing for ladies) 1772 7766 Zen-Do 1761 1909 Bahrain Karate Centre 3947 7709 Goju Karate Club 3965 9510 World Beat Fitness Centre 1761 2576 Bahrain Karate-do Academy 3665 7059

124 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

1759 3593 1770 1201 1753 0764 1753 1666

Awali Riding Club 1775 6525 Saturdays to Thursdays, 7am to 7pm. Fridays 7am to 6pm. Desert rides. Qualified instructors Bahrain Riding School 1769 0448 Daily rides 4pm to 6pm Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Sundays to Thursdays. 8am to 11am and 3pm to 7.30pm Shakhoora Riding School 1759 1103 Sundays to Thursdays, 8am to 12noon, 3.30pm to 7pm The Country Club 1759 3593 Fridays Horse riding in paddock, 1pm to 4pm Twin Palms Riding Centre 1759 1668

Bahrain Sailing School Coral Beach Club The Marina Club The Sailing Club The Yacht Club Aquatique - Organised pearl diving Al Bander Resort Bahrain Swimming Association Dilmun Club

1729 2313

1729 2662

Horse Riding


Ice Skating Funland Centre

1769 5809

Art Classes Paint In Space 1762 6232 Chaoss 1759 2096 Dar Albareh 1771 3535/3906 9016 Celebrations 1759 5791 Bahrain Art Society 1759 0551 Indian Institute for Performing Arts 1723 1717 The Studio 3975 4863 Studio Ceramics 1759 9026 Things to Do 1759 0409

Drama Film-making workshops

3600 1777

Kids Gyms/Gymnastics My Gym, EZ Fit World Beat Fitness Centre Chaoss

1756 6566 1769 2378 1761 2576 1759 2096

Libraries Awali Library (BAPCO, Awali) British Club (Times vary) Iqra’s Children’s Library Muharraq)

1775 3666 1772 8245 1732 0955

1772 8245 1769 2986 1758 0001 1753 1666

1731 0252 1721 2700 1729 1527 1783 6078 1770 0677 1727 1780 1770 1201 1768 0867 1769 0926

Tennis Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561 The British Club 1722 8245 The Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 2986 Gulf Hotel 1771 3000 Marina Club 1729 1527 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 1753 1666 Bahrain Tennis Club 1772 9561/1772 9756 Filipino Club Tennis Group 3952 7587

Bahrain Music Institute Kindermusik Bahrain Room to Rock

Al Areen Wildlife Park

1783 6116

Adhari Park

1740 7300

North of the Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman Highway Fun for all ages, includes a sports camp, groovy town, discovery village and indoor entertainment Children’s Health Academy of Specialised Sports


1759 2096 Swimming, gymnastics, dance and Taekwon-Do for children and teenagers.

Dolphin Park Corniche next to Marina Club One hour marine mammal show.

1729 3109


1729 2313

Corniche next to Marina Club Bowling and Ice Skating everyday.

Hawar Island

1731 1770 Day trips to Hawar Island, boats depart from Ad Dur Jetty at 10am daily

Kid’s Kingdom

Music Lessons

1775 6770 1775 0777

Go Karting/Racing Rally Town BIC Silver go-Karts (Tubli) Gulf Speed One (Seef)



Cycling Bahrain Cycling Association

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 (Thurs) 4.45pm for girls; (Sun) 7.30pm for women Riffa Views Netball League 3630 6946

Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1770 1201 1775 3666 1782 2077 1775 3666 1729 2313

Cricket EZ Fit Sports Complex Bahrain Rugby Football Club SLC Grounds, Riffa Thursdays, Training 3pm to 5pm


Where To Go

1772 1999 1761 3144/3925 6904 1761 1785

Corniche, next to the Hawar reservation office A small outdoor playground. Good fun for young children. Open until late.

Magic Island Seef Mall

Play Centres Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park Chaoss Funland Centre (bowling, ice skating, pool) Mad Science Magic Island, My Gym, Softplay at Dilmun Club Lost Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark

1755 8500 1759 2096 1729 2313

1759 1136 1758 2898 1756 6566 1769 0926 1784 5100

Play Groups Chaoss, Off Budaiya Highway 1759 2096 Kindermusik 3925 6904/1761 3144 Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School Mini Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (4 to 7 year olds) Musical Babies, Nadeen School 1772 8886 My Gym, Seef District 1756 6566 Rhymes & Chimes, Dilmun Club 3929 6848 Soft Play, Off Budaiya Highway 3965 3678 Sticky Fingers 3961 8340 Storytellers, British School 3912 9585 (7 to 11 year olds) Tots & Toddlers Group, 1772 8245 The British Club Wriggly Readers, British School 3912 9585 (for pre-schoolers)

Over 120 different games and attractions and Bahrain’s only indoor Roller Blade Arena.

Playland 1774 2266/1762 0999 Above Fuddruckers in Adliya An indoor centre full of games. Each ride costs 100 fils. Tokens available. Soft Play 3965 3678 Future Shape Dance Studio, Garden City Every Monday and Wednesday from 9.30am to 11.30am Children under the age of six months attend for free. Studio Ceramics

1759 9026 Budaiya Highway Pottery painting and more. Open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday, or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible.

Water Garden Salmaniya 1726 2034 Near Dairy Queen roundabout A semi-filled lake with paddleboats and birds. School & Nurseries Wahooo! Waterpark Bahrain 1717 3000 Bahrain City Centre Opening Hours: Saturday to Tuesday: 11am to 8pm Wednesday: 11am to 10pm (Ladies Night 5pm to 10pm) Thursday and Friday: 11am to 9 PM

Things to know The Tourist Department (Tel. 1721 1717) is located in the gate to Manama’s souq, Bab al-Bahrain, on the ground floor next to the tourist shop, Times: 8am to 12 and 4.30pm to 6pm, closed on Friday.

Currency The Bahrain Dinar (BD) is pegged to the US dollar at the rate of US$1=BD0.377 - in other words a dinar is worth about $2.65. It is a convertible currency with no restrictions on its import or export. Tip: the Saudi Riyal (SR) is also accepted

in shops for purchases at an exchange rate of BD1=SR10 (less in hotels) and you may be given Saudi money as change.

Business Hours Friday is the Islamic equivalent of the Christian Sunday. The weekend falls on a Friday and a Saturday. Most shopping malls and commercial centres are generally open seven days a week.

Listings Schools American Curriculum

Al Hekma International Tel. 1762 0820/1762 3999 Modern Knowledge Schools Tel. 1772 7712 Riffa Views International School Tel. 1656 5000 The Bahrain School Tel. 1762 0820

British Curriculum

Clubs & Associations

Other Private Schools Al Noor International School Tel. 1773 6773 Ecole Francaise de Bahrain Tel. 1732 3770 Ibn Khuldoon National School Tel. 1778 0661 Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School Tel. 1775 6111

Special Needs

Al Mahd Day Boarding Tel. 1779 2422 British School Tel. 1761 0920 Budaiya Preschool Tel. 1779 1491 Dilmun School (elementary) Tel. 1771 3483 KG Kids Tel. 1766 3556 St Christopher’s School Tel. 1778 8108 Sacred Heart School Tel. 1768 4367 Talent International and The Infant School Tel. 1725 2346/1777 0078

Disabled Sports Federation Tel. 1778 9191 Hope Institute Tel. 1768 0815/1768 0500 R.I.A. Institute Tel. 1771 6871 The Children’s Academy Tel. 1761 3234 UCO Parents Care Centre Tel. 1767 7717

Art Societies

Things to know Taxis are easily available in the capital, Manama, and have meters but be sure to make the driver use the meter. 99% of drivers won’t switch on the meter and will try to charge you double the legal fare. Beware!

Al Dana Nursery Tel. 1725 3541 Dana Pre-school, Riffa Tel. 1777 0180 Lilliput, Budaiya Tel. 1769 4947

Confidential Tip: BD1 per five minutes in the cab is the most you should pay for an un-metered journey. If traveling from the airport or busy taxi rank, add BD2/after midnight add BD1 to the total e.g. a 10 minute drive from the airport after midnight should cost you no more than BD5 (BD2 + BD2 + BD1= BD5). Taxis do use meters and companies may use similar rates.

Avoiding Offence

Generally speaking, very short skirts and tight midriff tops are frowned upon in public, although acceptable by hotel pools, in private clubs and on the beach. If visiting a mosque, cover the body well (women should ensure that arms and legs and hair are fully covered). Shoes should always be left outside the entrance.

Essential Info 24-Hour Pharmacies Jaffer Pharmacy Tel. 1729 1039 18, Tarfah bin Al Abid Avenue, Manama 319 Nasser Pharmacy Tel. 1774 0900 63-B, Qadisiya Avenue, Manama 332 Awal Pharmacy Tel. 1777 2023 30 Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Avenue, East Riffa 901 Muwasaa Pharmacy Tel. 1733 5666 Shaikh Mohd bin Salman Avenue, Road 205, Muharraq.

Courier & Express Delivery

Tel. 1733 0434

Tel. 1736 4100

Tel. 1734 9199

Car Hire An International Driving Permit (IDP) is required to drive in Bahrain except for visitors from Gulf Cooperation Council states, U.S.A., Canada, countries in the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. The offices of car-hire companies are easily encountered at the airport. Recommended principal rental firms include: Budget Rent A Car National Car Rental Avenue Car Rental and Leasing

Tel. 1753 4100 Tel. 1723 1156 Tel. 1771 3181

Embassies & Consulates Embassies generally open from 8am to 1pm from Saturday to Wednesday and some Arab embassies also open on Thursday. Many embassies have a number of staff on call outside these hours for emergencies. Algeria 1771 3669 Bangladesh 1771 4717 China 1772 3800 Denmark 1772 5119 Egypt 1772 0005 France 1729 8660 Germany 1753 0210 India 1771 2785 Iran 1772 2400 Iraq 1774 1472 Italy 1725 2424 Japan 1771 6565 Jordan 1729 1109 Kuwait 1753 4040 Lebanon 1778 6994

Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Portugal Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Switzerland Syria Trade Mission of Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey UAE UK UN Info Centre USA

1756 4551 1774 0566 1759 1568 1729 3663 1724 4113 1727 6099 1725 0990 1753 6709 1772 2922 1772 5222 1753 7722 1753 1166 1772 2484 1729 2578 1727 4142 1771 4149 1753 3448 1771 0333 1757 4100 1731 1676 1724 2700

Flight Information Airline offices are normally open from 8am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to around 5pm, Saturday till Wednesday. Flight Info 1733 9339 Air India 1729 6444 British Airways 1758 7777 Cathay Pacific 1722 6226 Emirates 1758 8700 Gulf Air 1733 5777 Jet Airways 1722 7114 KLM 1722 9747 Kuwait Airways 1722 3300 Lufthansa 1782 8762 PIA 1722 3808 Qatar Airways 1721 2202 Saudi Airlines 1721 1550

999 1725 3447 1779 0025 1781 2000 1782 8282 1728 8888

Telephone Helpline Intl. calls via operator Directory enquiries Directory enquiries - Intl. Other phone enquiries Speaking clock

Charitable Organisations Alia for Early Intervention 1773 0960 Bahrain Cancer Society 3960 3489/1723 3080 Bahrain Charity Society 1729 3363 Bahrain Disabled Sports Committee 1778 9191 Bahrain Human Rights Society 1753 1822 Bahrain Red Crescent Society 1729 3171 Friendship Society for the Blind 1762 4496 Hope Institute for the Handicapped 1768 0815 Islamic Enlightenment Society 1772 0053 Lions Club of Bahrain 3908 0097 Manama Rotary Club 3939 4522 Migrant Workers Protection Society 3946 5378 Overseas Workers Welfare Admin. 1721 3825 Palm Association 1779 0826/3964 3211 Riffa Cultural and Charity Society 1777 5444 Think Pink 3907 6717 BSPCA 1759 1231/1759 3479

Gallery/Crafts Al Riwaq Art Space 1771 7441 Al Jasra Handicrafts Centre 1761 1900 Art Lounge 1758 0522 Traditional crafts including palm weaving, pottery and woodwork. Bahrain Arts Society 1759 0551 Thursdays drawing and painting for Children, 18 hours @ BD25, 10am to 12pm Saturdays and Mondays drawing and Painting for adults, 18 hours @ BD30, 3pm to 7pm. Bahrain Pottery Society 1778 6898 Clay pottery, ceramic and painting lessons - Saturdays and Mondays, 5pm. Crafts Centre Gallery and Workshop 1756 8032 Arabic calligraphy Caravan Galleries 3996 5853 Kerala Arts and Cultural Association 3963 9319 The Studio 3975 4863 Pottery painting and more for adults and children, open 9.30am to 6pm Sunday to Thursday or by appointment. Birthday parties and private group bookings possible. Shaikh Ibrahim Cultural 3940 2302/1732 2549 and Research Centre Studio Ceramics 1759 9026

“Help” 24-Hour Helpline for Distressed Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous

3987 3357 1753 0020 1753 3558


Hospitals & Clinics Emergency American Mission Hospital (AMH) Saar Medical & Dental Clinic (AMH) Bahrain Specialist Hospital Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital Salmaniya Hospital

Scrabble Bahrain Scrabble League Bahrain Kannada Sangha Saturdays. 6.30pm.

Elham 1771 7441 La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art 1723 0123 The Bahrain Contemporary Art Society 1772 8046


Nurseries and Creches

Animal Welfare Al Ahli Animal Centre 1762 2102/3965 4343 BSPCA 1759 1231 Delmon Kennels & Training 3971 7609 Jassim Veterinary Centre (Sugaya) 1723 1242 Modern Animal Health Centre (Budaiya) 1759 0908 Nonie Coutts Surgery, (Manama and Saar) 1724 5515 Pet Arabia 1759 2288 Saar Kennels 1779 2064

Bahrain Bridge Club Bahrain Bridge Committee

3960 7219 3968 7190

Darts Balouch Club Sri Lanka Club

1729 2231 1729 7878

1724 2641 1727 1157

Speech & Drama Bahrain Cinema Club Dilmun Amateur Dramatics Society Folk Poetry Society Manama Theatre Club Manama Toastmasters Club

1772 5959 1769 0926 1776 1000 1777 6489 3965 5676

Ladies Clubs American Association of Bahrain 1756 4170 American Women’s Association 1775 6075 Australian Association of Bahrain 3910 1348 Awali Ladies Association 1767 8947 Bahrain Business Women’s Society 1772 1188 Bahrain Garden Club 1772 7625 Bahrain Women Society 1782 6777 Bahrain Young Ladies Society 1727 3508 BYLS-Toastmasters Club 1762 6237 Get together for Ladies 3917 4247/3902 7892 Indian Ladies Association 3980 5372 International Ladies Group 1772 9128 Madinat Hamad Women Society 3964 3396 Contact person Amal 3987 8758 Pakistani Women’s Association 1771 0944 Second Sunday Newcomers 3927 0413/3641 1368

Language Schools Al Quran Translation 1764 5156 Bait Al Taleem 1764 3199 Berlitz 1782 7847 British Council 1726 1555 Carousel 3967 3635 Lingua English Saturdays. Mondays and Wednesdays. English Language Classes, 4.30pm to 6pm, 4pm to 5.30pm. English Language Centre 1770 0040 Lingo - Ease Language Centre Budaiya Highway 1759 0895

Social Clubs Alliance Française 1768 3295 Assamese Community 3909 1959 Awali Caledonian Society 3636 6458 Bahrain Caledonian Society 3944 0658 Bahrain Hash House Harriers 1786 2620 Bahrain Irish Society Bahrain Kannada Sangha 1727 1257 Bahrain Round Table 3960 8568 Bahrain Rugby Football Club 1769 5809 Bahrain Welsh Society 1772 7127 Balouch Club 1729 2231 British Club 1772 8245 ext. 32 Bhatia Mitra Mandal 3960 1789 Country Club 1759 3593 Dilmun Club 1769 0926 Filipino Club 1726 2143 Indian Club 1725 3157 Karnataka Social Club 1725 4257 Pakistan Club 1725 8520 Pakistan Association 3941 5200 Royal Society of St. George 3972 6329 Saar Cultural & Sports Club 1779 0335 Shree Nayrana Cultural Society 1725 5517 Shri Gujarati Samaj 3962 4285 Sri Lanka Club 1727 6134 Wisdom Home Society 1772 7575

Wellbeing Kelly Armatage Inc. Offering counselling, life coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions Mob: 3993 1399 Email:

Chess 151 181 191 100 140

Bahrain Chess Federation

1725 2133

Photography Awali Photo Society Bahrain Arts Society

1776 4468 3966 7751

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 125

News Bites Ugly Mugly Wins Big!

A hairless British dog called Mugly has won the title of ugliest dog in the world, in a competition held in the United States.Bald, apart from an eyebrow and some wayward white whiskers, the Chinese Crested pooch from Peterborough won USD1,000 (GBP640) and a year’s worth of dog biscuits. The pointy nosed pooch was whisked away in a limousine with his owner Bev Nicholson, 49, for a VIP stay at the Sheraton in Petaluma, California, and a photo shoot. Dressed in a glittery blue top hat and a black velvet Union Jack coat, eight-year-old Mugly beat 28 other ugly dogs to scoop the prize. It’s not the first time Mugly has been recognised for his unattractiveness - he was named Britain’s ugliest dog in 2005.

Judge Orders Ponytail Chopped Off

A US judge told the Utah mother of a 13-year-old girl that he would reduce her daughter’s sentence if she cut off the teenager’s own ponytail in court. District Juvenile Judge Scott Johansen gave Valerie Bruno the option to either cut off her daughter Kaytlen Lopan’s long hair “right now” with courtroom scissors or have the teen spend an extra 150 hours in detention as punishment. He then watched the reluctant mother grab her daughter and instructed “take it off clear up to the rubber band.” The minor was found to have cut the hair of a toddler in a McDonald’s in Price.

Horologists Add a Leap Second

Horologists around the world carried out one of the strangest operations of their profession - they held back time. The last minute of 30th June, 2012 was 61 seconds long with a “leap second” added to compensate for the erratic movement of the Earth. The brief halting of the second hand compensates for the creeping divergence from solar time - the period required for Earth to complete a day. Our planet takes just over 86,400 seconds to carry out a 360-degree revolution. But it wobbles on its axis and is affected by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon and the ocean tides, all of which brake the rotation by a tiny fraction of a second. Highprecision systems such as satellites and some data networks will have to factor in the leap second or risk provoking a calculation catastrophe. For this reason, rocket launches are never scheduled for leap-second dates.



Out-of-the-ordinary news bits gathered by our Bahrain Confidential Team from around the world. Worm Pulled from Man’s Eye

This man’s medical problem was just plain out of sight. PK Krishnamurthy of Muland, India went to the doctor’s office because his right eye was twitching and hurting. Doctors removed a 13 centimetre worm from his eye. “It was wriggling there under the conjunctiva,” Dr V Seetharaman told AFP, referring to the thin membrane lining the eye. “It was the first time in my career of 30 years that I had seen such a case.” AFP explains that the creepy creature was removed by making a small opening in the conjunctiva, while Krishnamurthy’s “horrified” wife looked on. It’s unclear how the worm got into Krishnamurthy eye, but Seetharaman told reporters it was lucky he caught it when he did. If it had not been removed, the worm could have entered the patient’s brain and caused major neurological problems, the doctor said.

126 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

How Dare You?!

A New Jersey man is accused of threatening his neighbour with a gun for supposedly farting outside his apartment, reported. Teaneck police arrested Daniel Collins Jr., 72, for allegedly pointing a .32-caliber Taurus revolver at his neighbour and telling him, “I’m going to put a hole in your head.” Collins was angry because he supposedly heard the neighbour pass gas outside his door. The two men have an ongoing dispute about noise. Police charged Collins with aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and terroristic threats.


Horoscopes “Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?” - Sun Tzu

Leo 23 July - 21 August

There are quite a few planets transiting Cancer in early August and Lions may feel quite a bit intuitive. But before you bank too much on your profound insights, the planets move into your own sign and you are pushed into centre stage. You will be far too busy meeting and greeting to get caught up in your solitary thoughts. Good thing too; you should be out and about!

Virgo 22 August -

21 September Virgos are popularity plus this August as far flung friends find you. Haul out the drinks and chips and have a great time. But as the month edges forward, you may find yourself more philosophical and spiritual. Planets in Leo suggest that there may be more to life than just a good time. Forget about it friend; enjoy your summer and contemplate in the fall.

Libra 22 September

- 22 October August turns your attention to professional goals. Libras are poised and ready for success as many planets cluster in Cancer. But all work and no play makes for a very dull summer. Thank goodness there is a planetary march into randy Leo mid-month. You are thrust into the social swim so pack your bathing cap and dive in.

Scorpio 23 October

- 22 November Scorpios cannot be tied in or tied down, as much as one would try. This August promises a bevy of interesting adventures across a range of exotic locations. Make your tracks before the planets shift into Leo in mid-month and you are parachuted into the corporate arena. Ready to make a name for yourself? Hmmm, does it have more than four letters?

Sagittarius 23 November -

21 December There is something exciting about these planets in Cancer. Archers are suddenly ready, raring and roasty hot. What a change of pace! But make hay while the sun shines; by mid-August the planets shift and so do you. Travel awaits those who plan ahead. Do so immediately; Mars retrogrades on the 29th and upends home projects. Escape while escaping is good!

Capricorn 22 December

- 19 January Relationships take up more of your attention in early August as the planets hover in emotional Cancer. Caps can reinforce relationships or seek new ones, as they wish. By mid-August, the planets move into Leo and heat up partnerships to a new level of intimacy. See what you can find out. Retrograde Mars will make any move landscape changing. You have been warned!

Aquarius 20 January

- 18 February Even though the summer sizzles, Aquarians are content to take care of the nitty gritty rather than play. August offers you a great opportunity to buckle down and get any onerous pile of tasks taken care of before the planets move on into Leo mid-month. After that you are drawn to creating and maintaining relationships. Can you buy love? Retro Mars pulls out your cheque book.

Pisces 19 February

- 20 March Toss your troubles to the four winds, at least in early August when planets in Cancer make life too fun and giddy for too much serious application. Good. Pisces need a break! Enjoy it while you can. Planets edge into Leo mid-month and turn up the speed on your treadmill and grindstone. Work it and get it out of the way. You do want to make a good first impression, don’t you?

Aries 21 March - 19 April

No sooner do you comfortably nest in the serenity of your home than the planets deliver a party to your door. August is replete with fun, fancy and frolic for all Rams who can muster the energy. But as you get the party train on track, be sure to steer clear of retro Mars at the end of the month who is vying for a new direction. Which way is up? Be sure to read the directions!

Taurus 20 April - 20 May

Bulls can’t help but roar out the good news but will it come out as a squeak? There are many planets hovering in Cancer in early August and, as they trek into Leo, you may find yourself embroiled in family affairs. Is there a friend in sight? Perhaps, but with retro Mars conjuncting Uranus, you find that pals spark a few unwanted changes with their big opinions. Dig in your hooves.

Gemini 21 May - 21 June

Cash in on your good fortune early in August when the planets find a way to pay your bills. But don’t go crazy on the charge card; by midmonth your interests veer to putting out fires in your career. Twins should not take any professional action unless absolutely necessary. Mars retrogrades and makes your best moves deep potholes.

Cancer 22 June - 22 July

How do you like all this wonderful attention Crab? There are five planets dancing in your sign this August and you cannot help but be charming and charismatic. So woo the pants off of ‘em while you can and celebrate when the planets swerve into Leo. You turn your attention to financial issues so it makes dollars and sense. Can money buy happiness? Let’s find out!

August 2012 | Bahrain Confidential | 127


Personal Views from KSA

by Mohammad T. Al Rasheed

‘New’ Doesn’t Always Mean Change

As Egypt turns a chapter in its history, Mohammad Al Rasheed says it would be wise to learn from the past ... way back in the past.


ne of the golden rules in writing a monthly piece is to steer away from topical issues. The danger is obvious: the piece is usually written well ahead of publication date and events are likely to gallop ahead of one’s words. I will test this rule and hope for the best. Egypt has a new president. By the time you read this, he will have been in power just under two months. He will probably have a government and his struggle with the military will be in full swing. Technically speaking, what I am about to say is redundant, but I will say it nonetheless since it covers more than his choice of ministers or the shape of his current government. Egyptians elected an Islamist as their president. That is their right and one should respect their choice. I respect that. Regardless of principle, however, the man belongs to a party whose name is “Brotherhood.” That is an ominous and almost Medieval sign. It reminds one of the Templars, the Knights of Christ, the Hospitalliers, the Assassins, even the modern American Moral Majority. These are religious cults cum political parties. They usually have a providential agenda that is non-negotiable and dissent is dealt with violently, either in words or deeds, or both. In the case of Mr Mursi, his jubilant fellow partisans were on television saying things like ‘this will be the last election since we will setup a council to elect future presidents’. Sure enough, Mr Mursi is declaiming what they say (half-heartedly I should say) and parroting the ‘right’ things about being for ‘all Egyptians’. Fine. I am sure sane people in Egypt are looking for deeds before they react, but that still does not soften the acidity of their angst. The new president should smooth

the psychological wrinkles many people developed as they watched him being sworn in. Religious cults (even ones under the guise of political entities) are not democratic by nature. They are hierarchical. They have a leader, a prince, a murshed, a mullah, a cardinal. He is there for life within the hierarchy. He does not know of anything called ‘transfer of power’ - smooth or otherwise. Mr Mursi knows this and is sending signals about having two vice presidents and appointing a woman and a Christian to the posts.

“Religious cults (even ones under the guise of political entities) are not democratic by nature. They are hierarchical.”

128 | Bahrain Confidential | August 2012

I have a better idea and I offer it free of charge. Mr Mursi should appoint a Christian woman to be his prime minister. Yes, his top post. The Coptic community of Egypt is an ancient and venerable one. They have contributed to human civilization long before Islam. Indeed they contributed to theological and philosophical discourse long before the Pope of Rome existed. Origen is one amongst many. From their native Alexandria and the Nile Delta they sent beacons of light to the world. Today they are no less capable and Mr Mursi is sure to find a woman amongst them worthy of the post. By doing this, the new president would send a tangible and concrete signal to the 75 per cent of Egyptians who did not vote for him, that he is serious about sharing power and that ‘all Egyptians’ means exactly that: all Egyptians. This is not a farfetched or an impossible

idea. Indeed there is precedent in our history when we were closer to interpreting our religion as it was intended. Apart from the gender, nothing is new since Christian males have served in such lofty positions before. There were no governments as we know them today, but a chief vizier was also what we call today a finance minister. During the golden age of the Ommiad Caliphate in Damascus the chief civil administrator to the Caliph was a Christian. He was no ordinary Christian. He served with honour, subtlety, and tremendous professionalism. He managed to put the finances of the Empire in good order and the Caliph loved him - so did the populace. The problem was that he was too good to be true since he was a saint - literally. He resigned after years of service and moved to Jerusalem for a while and became a monk. Today we know him as John of Damascus. Indeed St John of Damascus. Few people know that this same man took up writing theological treatise and they were all polemics against Islam and in defence of Christianity. His head was not chopped off, he was not jailed, and I can report that he was not even flogged. His books are still available. That’s what we used to be, and look where we have ended up. You don’t believe me? His writings were available in Damascus circa 700 AD and are banned today just about everywhere around here. In Mr Mursi’s Egypt there are countless examples. They occurred during the most religious of Empires to rule this area: The Fatimid Dynasty. Almost all of their ministers and viziers were either Christian or Jewish. That was until one Caliph, the enigmatic Al Hakim, killed most of them. Then again, that mad man killed half his family until he himself was murdered by his sister Sit-el-Mulk. It is just a wish I wanted to share with you for the sake of our beloved Egypt, if nothing else

ballon bleu de cartier CHRONOGRAPH 8101 MC



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