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November 2012

FROM THE EDITOR As a passionate fashion photographer, I find myself constantly surfing the media, submerging myself in the emotional roller coaster blended with inspiration, amazement, curiosity, disbelief, and sometimes even jealousy. Whatever the feelings I get in that moment, it keeps feeding my bottomless hunger towards what I can only describe as ‘love’. It took a while for me to discover this, but once there…oh, it was good. A photographer can synthesize a limitless range of creativity and unique shooting style to create his or her work. Hair and makeup artists can masterfully tinker a form of art using only a few elementary tools one learns to use as a young child. A stylist and designers somehow balance the most clashing pieces of fabric to create something so beautiful. In whatever forms suitable, people are inspiring, affecting, and even changing lives through their creativity. This is what makes ‘art’ so remarkable. Amid all this, I noticed one thing amongst the ‘mainstream’ media: redundancy. In this ever-growing digital world, hundreds of photographers are born every day. New pieces of inspiring fashion pieces are created every minute. Ideas are formed every second by the countless number of talents. Yet, it’s the select photographers you see on cover of a major magazine. Or it’s the familiar brands playing significant roles during Fashion Week with a pinch of fresh names every year. Perhaps this is how all industries work, but this industry, fused with so many levels of ingenuity, needs to go beyond ‘safe’ and expose as much talent as possible so that we can continue to be inspired in ways we haven’t even discovered yet. And through pRIZE, we hope to get a little closer to this far-fetched ambition.

Tak Takei Editor-in-Chief

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by Mike Nguyen


by Hannah Garrod


by Katrina Sagastegui


with designer IENDAY

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by John Hong


with makeup artist Maria Ortega

FLASHBACK by Elise Rose

SHADOW & SHADE by Amanda Lim









with photographer Michelle Aristocrat












by Ingrid Sjödahl

by Benjo Arwas


with photographer Amanda Diaz

by Michelle Aristocrat

by Amanda Diaz

by Tony Veloz

by Holly Broomhall

with photographer Peter van Alphen

by Peter van Alphen

Editor In Chief Tak Takei Creative Director Alessandro Babini Editor Shataya Worth Assistants Krystell Barraza content Erin Forsythe design


4   pRIZE Magazine Issue One





Top / Diesel Chain Necklace / Haati Chai Stone Necklace / Charles Albert

Left: Top / Gypsy Junkies Necklace / Mishka Piaf

Top / Gypsy Junkies Chain Necklace / Haati Chai Tribal Necklace / M by Maggnolia

Top / Gypsy Junkies Body Harness / Haati Chai Shark Tooth Necklace / Charles Albert Spiked Necklace / La Maison de Fashion Collar Clip / Haati Chai

Jacket / Alana Hale Cat Pin / Stylist Collection

Top / American Apparel Bowtie / House of Papillon Skull Necklace / Mallyce Black Chain Necklace / Haati Chai

Top Right: Dress / Diabless Bowtie / House of Papillon Necklace / Ayana Designs Bottom Right: Top / Gypsy Junkies Peter Pan Collar / Stylist Collection Bone Necklace / La Maison de Fashion Crystal Necklace / Marianna Harutunian

Left: Top / Ekaterina Kukhareva Bowtie / House of Papillon Necklace / Marianna Harutunian

14   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

NO EL Photography : Hannah Garrod Styling: George Russell Makeup: Joey Choy Hair: Michiko Yoshida Model : Liza @premier model management

Dusk Photography/Styling/Makeup&Hair: Karina Sagastegui Model: Natasha Rochelle @ City Mangagement Inc.

20   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Charm necklace / Lucky Brand Dress / Nom de Plume Maxi skirt / Sparkle & Fade

28   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

The Interview designer iENDAY interviewed by Shataya Worth

When and how did you get into designing? I began designing about five years ago. I have always enjoyed seeing women in gowns on red carpets, etc. I started out designing dresses on Barbie dolls for fun. Once I began to design the dresses in life size, I fell in love and I knew there was nothing else in the world that would make my heart smile like women in fashions. I taught myself how to sew. I continued to do very intense fashion research and I have been married to fashion ever since. I’m in a lifelong relationship with fashion. There’s nothing I love more. What are your sources of inspiration? Feminine women are always the key but many different things inspire me. A rock, a bag lady, water, many random things can. I guess that’s me and my creative way. What are some already established designers you admire? I love all creators of fashion. I admire all designers who design what they truly love. What’s a must-have characteristic for a young and talented fashion designer to survive in the fashion world? I believe most have a strong point of view and aesthetic.

Ienday Snipes is a women’s wear fashion designer based out of New York City. Best describing his design aesthetic as a timeless romantic fantasy, iENDAY is influenced by old world elegance, celebrating the women’s body with luxurious fabrications and modern silhouettes. Studying the art of haute couture iENDAY has its own unique style, exemplifying a strong, individual, very fashion forward appeal. Living in New York where trends are always on a constant change, Ienday’s designs follow only one trend and that is making women feel beautiful for winter, spring, summer, and fall.

What inspired your collection? Is it easy to come up with new designs? My latest collection resort 2013 is my sexy collection - my take on resort for a confident, sexy women. I feel women can be just as sexy even if they’re not showing a ton of skin. I believe sexy is your confidence, your style, your beauty, your femininity. That’s what makes a woman sexy to me. It’s always easy to come up with designs but it doesn’t mean that the design will work for the particular collection for that time. I have collections that I have sketched since last year. I love to create. What is your favorite piece from your collections that you are most proud of? Why? I can’t pick one favorite. The collection is a collection because I love every piece. What do you do when you are not designing? Think about what I want to design next. But I do love music. What do you think fashion needs more of right now? FANTASY Which celebrities in your opinion, have amazing styles? Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, and Michelle Obama.

What’s a style tip that every woman can use? Leave something to the imagination and the higher the heels the better! See more of his work at:

30   pRIZE Magazine Issue One


Photography: Ingrid Sjรถdahl Styling: Patrick Schwensen Makeup & Hair: Karina Plum Model: Eva Cvopova @Bornmodels

Top / Wood Wood Shorts / Suit

Dress / Mads Nørgaard

Cardigan / Gestuz Dress / Ganni

Dress / Prim

Dress / Acne

Dress / Mads Nørgaard

Top / Prim Shorts / Suit

Dress / Dina Bar-El Cuffs / Muheeka

I HAVE A SECRET Photography: Benjo Arwas Production: Louis Huynh @ TrickyMaus Creative Styling: Jen Summers Makeup & Hair: Lina Hang Assistant: Sidney Kraemer Model: Sanni S. @ Kismet/Mc2 Management

41   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Top / AGAIN Apparel Skirt / Sugarpuss Collar / Joshua Maddox

Dress / Dina Bar-El Chestpiece / Joshua Maddox

Dress / AGAIN Apparel Cuffs / Muheeka Collar / Joshua Maddox Shoes / Zack Lo

Dress / Dina Bar-El Chestpiece / Joshua Maddox

The Interview fashion photographer michelle aristocrat interviewed by Shataya Worth When did you start Photography? I started doing this in 2009. Who or what got you started in Photography? I started photography when I moved to the States. I wanted to build my portfolio as a makeup artist and stylist, but once I was on set I knew I had to be the one behind the camera. One day I went to a camera store, purchased a Canon and the rest is history. How would you describe your style? I prefer not to describe my own style personally; however I think ‘Anne of Carversville’ describes it well. ‘Aristocrat’s keen sense of making modern art images with a historical, fine art pedigree is very appealing. And her embrace of female sensuality as powerful and organic pervades her larger portfolio. ‘ Tell me about your most memorable shoot/assignment. I think the most memorable shoot to date is ‘Genesis’ for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was the last time my team and I collaborated together prior to my move to Canada. They are so very talented and we worked immensely together. Secondly, the editorial gained a big following on big fashion blogs and one of the images was featured in Septembers Issue of Zink.

What would be your ideal photo shoot? My ideal photo shoot would be a fabulous model, an amazing team and a great location! The rest would be created. What’s the most important advice you received as a photographer? Never stop learning. Beside yourself who are some other photographers that you look up to? My personal favorites are Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Benjamin Kanarek. What is one of your major goals in this field you want to achieve? To continue creating beautiful imagery and collaborating with new talented people/artists. What would you like to be doing 5 years from now? 10 years? Exactly what I am doing now, but bigger! See more of her work at:

What motivates you? Where do you go to for inspiration? I find inspiration in imagination, nature and theatrics.

I prefer not to describe my own style personally. 48   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

The Interview fashion photographer amanda diaz interviewed by Shataya Worth Can you tell us how you got started in photography? I started “by accident.” I was studying advanced graphic design and had to choose a “minor” to complete the certificate so I chose photography. My first camera was a Rebel XT. I used friends for my school assignments, and the way people reacted to my photos was really surprising. And it just went from there. What kind of camera do you use? And what are some of your favorite lenses/ equipment? I am using a Canon 5DMKII. I use mainly prime lenses. My favorites are my 85mm 1.2 and 50mm 1.2 (mainly because of the amazing bokeh and enchantment it adds) What would you say is the most important aspects in planning a photo shoot? I think a big part of why I actually enjoy planning and styling my shoots is because when I was a child, I swore up and down I was going to be a fashion designer. But hating to sew, that didn’t go too far. The most important aspect would be to know what you are aiming to achieve. Many times I have called for out of the blue shoots, with poor planning and been pretty disappointed in the outcome.

But if you know your theme, idea, colors, mood and choosing the right model that will fit, the planning from there is much easier. It also helps to create mood boards for the team to see ahead of time (hair, models, makeup, etc.) this way they can also be prepared and know what is expected of them. What are some of your favorite magazines and online outlets to go to? Well I have always bought Vogue and Elle since I was a teenager. For online I will pretty much type in keywords in google that lead me to so many amazing inspirational sites and blogs or even Pinterest has some great finds. Is there anything specific you look for when choosing models for your shoots? Yes, I am very picky when it comes to my models. Having a pretty face is fine, but if you have the same expression in every shot I lose interest very quickly. I look for girls (and guys on occasion) who can emote well in front of the camera and if we have worked together once and I feel that they have taken my direction well I will ask them to model again. It’s really important to have the right subject for the shoot.

Yes it is! This is my comfort zone for sure. When I began photography I did not have money to buy lighting. Or even just a flash for a while. I had to learn to use natural light So tell us about your featured editorial. What was your inspiration behind “Rose Redd”? For one I ADORE the color red in photos. It is so impactful and strong, it grabs your attention. I have wanted to do an “all red” styled shoot for a while (and still planning for a couple more very soon). That shoot was planned very carefully and the roses, petals, lace, etc. were all additional elements that I knew would just make the shoot even more eye-catching. I also wanted to keep the ethereal look in there as well as the softness. That is one if my most favorite shoots to date! Looking into the future, what is one of your main goals you wish to accomplish? I really want to start working with an agent and doing commercial and fashion work for bigger companies and magazines. That is what I want and hope to be doing in the future! See more of her work at:

I’ve noticed looking through your work you do a lot of outdoor shooting? Is that a preference of yours?

When I was a child, I swore up and down I was going to be a fashion designer. But hating to sew, that didn’t go too far.


50   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Top hat / Ms. Purdy Gown / Balletts Bridal & Formal Wear Necktie / stylist Gloves and vintage boots / Lord & Taylor

Top and coat / vintage Skirt / Blanca Top hat / Ms. Purdy Shoes / Rockport

Top hat / Ms. Purdy Blazer / Only One Top / Club Monaco Neck piece / Aldo Leather skirt / Le-Chateau Leather boots / Colin Stuart

Feather flapper hat / Ms. Purdy Neck piece / stylist

Hat / Ms. Purdy Top & skirt / Costa Blanca Belt / Aldo Boots / Abaete Leather gloves / Lord & Taylor

Top hat / Ms. Purdy Bow tie / Balletts Bridal & Formal Wear Scarf / Soaked Dress capris and shoes / H&M Leather gloves / Lord & Taylor Socks / DKNY

Top hat / Ms. Purdy Zebra coat / Le-Chateau Gown / Balletts Bridal & Formal Wear Boots / Abaete

Top hat / Ms. Purdy Jacket / H&M Scarf and gloves / vintage Booties / Fioni

Distressed Leather Jacket / Aqua



MM I I r r a a g g ee

Photography: John Hong Creative Director/Casting/Production: Louis Huynh @ TrickyMaus Creative Styling: Jordan Grossman Makeup: Jolisa Jackson Hair: Daniel Gravel Photography Assistants: Jeffrey Lin and Eli Nichol Models: Ester Satorova and Matthew Smith

61   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Ester: Vintage tee / Chaser Denim vest / Rag+Bones Shoes / Ambition

Red copped jacket / Sandro Leather trim white shirt / Alice+Olivia

Ester: Criopped jacket / Helmut Lang Jeans / J Brand Shoes / Blonde Ambition Matt: Leather jacket / Theory Fruit of the Loom Pants / Robins Jean Boots / Calvin Klein

Red copped jacket / Sandro Leather trim white shirt / Alice+Olivia

Button Sleeved jacket / Helmut Lang

The Interview makeup artist maria ortega interviewed by Nicole Jay Maria Ortega is a New York based makeup artist who is on the rise and constantly on the go. She has worked on various publications, designer lookbooks, as well as managing a growing personal client list. She recently worked as Key Makeup Artist for designer Viktor Luna’s SS13 New York Fashion Week Presentation. Maria believes makeup enhances ones natural beauty. I have recently had the pleasure of catching up with Maria so we could get to know her better. 70   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Many people assume that being a makeup artist is about being a diva, packing on product, and making loads of money. It is a really competitive industry with a lot to learn. How or where did your journey begin?

I had been working in real estate right out of high school. When it hit an all time low in California, I had a conversation with my mother and thought it would be good to move to NYC. I had mentioned I wanted to do makeup but never really thought I could ever make a living from it. I fell into it. I was asked to do an Almay beauty makeup event and that is where it all began. Where did you learn makeup?

I have no formal training and have never attended a makeup school. I learned from Kevyn Aucoin’s book, “Making Faces.” My mom and I stumbled upon his book when I was younger and loved it. I read it over and over. The funny thing is I wouldn’t actually put it to use until a decade later. If I had to attribute my real makeup teacher, it would have to be my mother. She is a very elegant woman, very beautiful and feminine. I would sit as a girl and watch her apply makeup on herself with these super cool Chanel makeup brushes. With just makeup, she would transform herself from a gorgeous woman into a stunning one. When my mom got really sick with leukemia, the Cancer Society gave her a makeup train case full of makeup. She was losing a lot of hair and ended up having to cut off her super long hair. I saw how makeup helped her through that difficult time period. She always still looked marvelous and never went a day without makeup. It was then when I realized the power of makeup. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music, my feelings, nature and food. I love color and shapes, texture...all these things inspire me. What is your favorite Fall/Winter 2012 trend?

Being from California, I am so into red or bold lips. So my absolute favorite trend for this fall is: burgundy lips! Tell us a little about your recent experiences.

I feel that for still being a rather new makeup artist to this industry, I have been blessed with great opportunities. Recently I was the Key Makeup Artist for Mexican designer and season 8 Project Runway designer Viktor Luna’s SS2013 NYFW presentation. Along with that, had the opportunity to do makeup for his lookbook and runway video.

I also had the opportunity to work on celeb MUA Sebastien Tardif’s team for Veil Cosmetics for the Falguni and Shane Peacock Mercedes Benz NYFW runway show. I also formed part of the men’s grooming team for Joseph Abboud’s Mercedes Benz NYFW runway show. As a freelancer, I have been busy with many indie designers’ lookbooks and catalogs along with client work.

What is your top beauty tip that you have for women?

What are three must have products, tools, or brands in your kit that you cannot live without?

I love to read a lot. Dance and music have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I am Latin, I think it’s in our genes. I think it’s so funny because food is also one of my passions. As a matter of fact, a few of my Instagram followers thought I was a food critic because I constantly post photos of food.

My absolute favorite makeup brands I cannot live without are Kevyn Aucoin, Make Up For Ever and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Any advice or “pearls of wisdom” you would like to share with upcoming artists?

A makeup artist whom I really look up to and respect once gave me the best advice, she told me: “Maria, you are a great artist, very creative and you can do things many people cannot, but revamp your book and get clean images. Clean makeup will be your bread and butter. Most of your kit will be neutrals and boring, but that brings in the big bucks.” After Cari Duprey, a MUA represented by one of the best agencies in NYC told me this, I did exactly that. After that, I started getting noticed and booked a lot more.

My top beauty tip would be to invest in good skin care for your particular skin type. Your makeup is only as good as your skin care. When the makeup comes off, your skin is still there. So, it is of extreme importance to take care of it. Aside from makeup, what are some other things you like to do (or interests)?

What’s next for Maria?

My goal is to continue to grow as an artist. I have a lot to learn and improve on. My dream is to one day be represented by a major agency in America and also Europe. In the meantime, I plan to continue working on my craft and portfolio while staying busy with client work. I would also like to be an inspiration for other aspiring artists one day.

It gained me respect from my peers and I began to learn that makeup is about enhancing not covering or packing on product. My best advice to aspiring artists is to stay humble, master a clean face and learn face and bone structure. Everyone who knows me or has worked with me is aware that I am super into skin care. Skin preparation is equally as important as the actual makeup application. What is the biggest misconception you think people have about the industry?

Many people assume that being a makeup artist is about being a diva, packing on product, and making loads of money. It is a really competitive industry with a lot to learn. At the beginning you do a lot of free work and can easily get discouraged, but the more you test and do makeup on people, the more experience you get and you tend to learn about different skin types, textures, tones and age groups. Makeup is an overlooked form of art that deserves more appreciation.

WEB w w w.mariaortegamakeup.carbonmade. com BLOG FACEBOOK

Dressing gown / Shop
 Printed Trousers / Molly Petts Necklace / Topshop
 Bracelets / stylist

Photography: Elise Rose Styling: Charlotte James & Beky Hugil Makeup & Hair: Inma Azorin Model: Hazel KM.SS

73   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Shirt / Molly Petts 
 Head piece / Inma Azorin
 Body / Vintage

Headpiece / Inma Azorin
 Dress / Shop Jewelry / As before

Jewelry / Party shop Sunglasses / stylist

Latex top / Molly Petts 
 Cardigan / Shop
 Trousers / Shop
 Sweets worn as necklace

80   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

shadow & shade Photography: Amanda Lim Makeup & Hair: Steph Lai @ Debut Clothing: The Eleventh Hour Model: Melissa Bell @ Priscillas


ose edd

Photography: Amanda Diaz Makeup: Jenn Voutor Assistant: Jinni Jay Model: Brittany Smith

86   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Underwired bra / Agent Provocateur Patent leather-trimmed cape / Burberry Prorsum

Sheer Photography: Tony Veloz Styling: Oksana Anel Makeup: Sidory Dan Perry Hair: Kahlil Oliver Model: Melissa Purvis @ T.H.E.

95   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Underwired bra / Agent Provocateur Patent leather-trimmed cape / Burberry Prorsum

Dress / Stella McCartney Gold-plated cuff / Giles & Brother

Crepe dress / Moschino Leather gloves / McQ Alexander McQueen Optical glasses / Cutler and Gross Gold-plated cuff / Giles & Brother Satin T-bar pumps / Lanvin

Dress / Stella McCartney Gold-plated cuff / Giles & Brother

Cruella INTENTIONS Photography: Holly Broomhall Styling: Sophie Kirkwood Makeup: Michelle Dacillo Hair: Stephen Lacey Model: Morven Macsween @ Premier Models

100   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Bodysuit & Mask / stylist

Cape / Topshop Dress / Zara Fur / stylist Shoes / Zara

Jacket / H&M Shirt / H&M Leggings / stylist Boots / stylist

Blazer / Oasis Top / Topshop Skirt / H&M Shoes / Zara Socks / Jonathan Aston @ Mytights

Fur / Rokit Necklace / Topshop Shirt / H&M Trousers / H&M

Bra / Topshop Cape / Zara Shorts / Topshop Shoes / H&M

The Interview fashion photographer Peter Van Alphen interviewed by Shataya Worth What is your background? I started photography when I was ten years old, but back then I never thought I could make a living out of it. I studied Communication and Multimedia Design and did a minor Photography at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam University. During my internship, I worked as a photographer at an advertising company in Amsterdam. After my graduation I kept working there for two more years. During that period I also studied part time at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. Afterwards, I went from the advertising world to the fashion industry. I began to work at a photo studio in Amsterdam. I worked there for 2.5 years and since 2 months ago I started to work as a freelance photographer. Where are you based out of? Do you travel? I live in Utrecht, where I have a small studio at home. In general this is sufficient but sometimes I need to rent a bigger studio just for a day. In addition, I travel a lot in order to maintain the network I created over the last couple of years. 108   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

How do you describe your photographic style? What has helped you to achieve this style? My photographic style can best be described as pure, raw and sexy. Photographers such as: Helmut Newton, Marc Lagrange and Patrick Dermarchelier inspire me; I simply love their work and their unique style. I bought a lot of photographic books from the greatest photographers, which I use to get inspiration. Other inspiration sources are the latest fashion magazines like Numero and Italian Vogue. What kind of equipment do you use? I work with a Canon EOS 1D and use several kinds of lenses for this camera. I just bought a new flashlight set from Broncolor, which I can also use on location. Mostly I shoot directly on my MacBook with Capture One, so the result is immediately visible. At home I edit the images on my computer. I see you had a bit of still photography on your website. Do you prefer to shoot people or products?

My photographic style can best be described as pure, raw and sexy. I prefer shooting fashion with models but I also like to do the beauty stills for a change. My main goal is fashion, so in the future I hope to do fashion shoots for big fashion magazines and for commercial campaigns. What is one thing you would want people to take away from your photography? In my work I always try to put something in it from my self. I want people to recognize my style in my photographs like ‘Hey, that’s work from Peter’. And hopefully I can inspire people with my work to become a photographer a well. What projects if any, are you currently working on? I just came back from a shoot in London, and this month I planned some portfolio shoots. Once in a while I try to update my portfolio and plan some shoots where I can think about my own concept instead of the wishes of the client. Any big plans coming up for you in the future?

Every year I visit New York a few times because that city really inspires me and I would like to work there as a photographer. However, for now I think assisting great photographers is a good move for me because I can learn a lot from them. In the winter I’m probably going to Cape Town for both work and pleasure. Life couldn’t be better. See more of his work at:

Top / Edith & Ella Bracelet / Shoeby

Photography: Peter van Alphen Styling: Mariska Groothuis Makeup & Hair: Tara de Ruiter Model: Amanda @ Touche Models

111   pRIZE Magazine Issue One

Sunglasses / Roberto Cavalli

Gown / Steffen Schraut Bracelet / Nelly Trend

Top / Pleasurements

Gown / Sage & Ivy


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