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What is Metal Fabrication?

ďƒź When using metal materials such as metal plate and wire for the purposes of jewelry making, very often the jewelry maker is required to shape and form the metal.

ďƒź The techniques used to do this are considered fabrication techniques

ďƒź Where you use methods such as sawing, filing, and hammering to reform the metal piece into a different structure and shape.

 Fabrication, therefore, is different than other types of metal techniques such as casting where you might have some kind of mold and your pour the hot metal into the mold to create the structure you need for a jewelry piece.

ďƒź With fabrication, you use hand tools, some finesse, and a little elbow grease to come up with the desired results.

ďƒź Metal fabricators wear protective gear like coveralls, long gauntlet gloves, safety glasses, dark face shields and steel-toed boots.

ďƒź I learned that Glen works with a few guys who have lost fingers on the job.

ďƒź Ouch! Lucky for him he has all 10 fingers intact but has broken his baby toe (the only toe not covered by steel toe boots), had welders flash (a temporary blindness from a very bright light) and has had flecks of metal imbedded in his eye.

ďƒź Metal is a very important material used in many fields.

ďƒź Many gadgets that you use in the home, office, for entertainment, communication, and transport are in part made with metal.

ďƒź It is thus considered to be the most essential raw material in the majority of industries.

ďƒź To understand more about this material, you need to look at the metal fabrication industry in detail.

ďƒź This article will contain a brief overview of the manufacture of metals, and the processes therein.

ďƒź Metal fabrication involves the design and assembly of products that are made from aluminum, steel, brass, copper, or other alloys used in various industries.

ďƒź Most manufacturers use metallic parts to make their products.

ďƒź Integrating different metallic elements together requires welding.

ďƒź This is the use of melted filler materials to create a solid joint between two different pieces.

ďƒź It ensures that the manufactured items are strong and durable.

ďƒź There are many steps involved in fabrication of metals.

ďƒź It begins with design. Machines, parts, and structures are planned using complex engineering formulas, ensuring that they can handle the stress and perform their job properly.

ďƒź Blueprints are then made from the designs.

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