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“I truly enjoyed my internship this summer with HNTB. I am so grateful for this opportunity that the RISE program has given me and I hope to continue working with HNTB.” -Kerry McBride, HNTB Intern

The Regional Internships in Science & Engineering (RISE) Program The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (“MMSD” or the “District”) has long supported developing businesses and workers in the Greater Milwaukee area, through goals for contracting with local, small, minority and women-owned businesses; encouraging mentor-protégé relationships among large firms and small ones; and its Workforce Development Training and Placement Program, which develops disadvantaged firms, identifies future construction managers from underrepresented populations and trains a labor force from a similar population. In 2009, MMSD added to these programs the Regional Internships in Science and Engineering, or “RISE” program. The RISE program is managed by Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC (“Prism”), a Milwaukee-based consulting firm which patterned the initiative after successful private sector college intern talent development programs, such as Inroads, which has been listed by The Princeton Review and Vault as one of the best internships in America. In addition to paid internships, the students receive a significant amount of training in soft and hard skills both prior to being interviewed and hired, as well as after. The RISE initiative, now in its fourth year, is a career and personal development program. It addresses the crucial need to not only retain top talent in the Greater Milwaukee area, but also addresses the underrepresentation of some ethnic minorities and women in the science and engineering industry sectors. While all students are welcome, the program targets talented students, who were Sanitary Sewer Service Area (SSSA) residents at the time of their high school graduation, and are currently engaged in science or engineering coursework at an accredited college or university, ultimately leading to a Bachelor of Science degree or higher. The SSSA includes the City of Milwaukee, WI and several surrounding communities. The RISE program, through competitive interviews, places selected students in paid summer internships with planners, engineering firms, construction consultants and contractors. The program is designed to provide a two year internship experience with RISE firms, and it is hoped that many will enjoy a rewarding professional relationship upon graduation. This year’s participating employers included AECOM, Brown & Caldwell, CH2M Hill, Dakota Intertek, GRAEF, HNTB, JF Ahern, Pieper Electric, The Concord Group and WasteCap. The RISE program engaged twelve engineering, science and construction management students. Current and past students have attended Marquette University, University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin – Platteville, University of Wisconsin (Madison), the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Columbia University (NY), Pennsylvania State University, Western Michigan University, Tuskegee University and St. Louis University. The goal of the program is to ensure that science and engineering students from the Greater Milwaukee area, especially those from underrepresented populations, get an opportunity, are connected with local firms, and show the firms and themselves their capabilities, hopefully leading to a professional relationship upon graduation.


“Through the RISE program I have been able to develop my professionalism and gain more knowledge about the construction industry. I plan to continue working in the Milwaukee area after graduation. My hope is that more rising, young professionals will have the same experiences I have been afforded through the RISE program.” -Teresa Briggs, WasteCap Intern

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY I. Academics - Intern Candidates applying for RISE must meet the following academic criteria to compete for a RISE Internship: A. Must be enrolled full-time in an accredited college or university program in the USA. B. Must be a candidate for a Bachelor or Master of Science Degree, or as approved by MMSD. C. Must be enrolled in an MMSD approved curriculum, including, but not limited to: 1. Architectural Engineering 2. Civil Engineering 3. Construction Engineering 4. Construction Management 5. Electrical Engineering 6. Engineering Management 7. Mechanical Engineering 8. Process Controls 9. Structural Engineering D. Minimum 2.4 cumulative GPA. E. Sophomore or greater standing: Must have completed a minimum of 50% of the credits necessary for graduation. II. Residency - Candidates must be able to prove residency in the MMSD Sewer Service Area at the time of high school graduation (see map on page 4). III. Citizenship - Intern candidates must be citizens of the USA.


“My experiences has provided me with valuable skills, as well as a better understanding of construction, contracting and project managment.� -Keith Turner, Pieper Electric Intern


In addition to employment, the RISE program includes several training exercises for the students. All students who meet the program qualifications and are selected for the talent pool are invited to an all day training session shortly after the end of the Spring semester. The event is held at this time to allow out-of-state students the opportunity to participate. Planning is underway to allow out-of-state and even out-of-country students (such as those spending a semester abroad) to participate via webcam or Skype so that the event may be held earlier in the school year to allow for the internships to begin earlier. During this initial training, students are prepared for their upcoming interviews with employers. The training focuses on interviewing skills, résumé development, first impressions and more. There is additional training that takes place after the students and employers have been matched with one another following the interview period. Two weekends of training take place, with students in training all day Friday and Saturday. Employers are encouraged to pay the students for their time at the Friday training, but it is not required. The training includes: Written and Oral Communication 10 Things Your Employer Wants You to Know Working as an Engineer Overview of MMSD Operations Responding to Requests for Proposals Contract Law Dressing for Success Project Management Advanced Software Utilization Time, Money, Quality, Safety and Stress Obtaining a Permanent Professional Position Tour of MMSD Treatment Facility Etiquette Training elements include speakers, written exercises, motivational and instructional videos and group discussion.


“At first, there were times when I saw myself as the typical intern-making copies, pring documents, mailing different things, etc.; but as I learned more about the business world of contracting I began to play an integral part which has made me realize exactly what my career path will be upon graduation.” -Elric Erving, Pieper Electric Intern


W Working with The Concord Group has given me a completely new definition on the meaning o of teamwork. Everyone within the office has a job to do and each of those jobs is a piece of the eentire project. Each person has certain levels of responsibility yet giving a helping hand in any w way possible to the entire team both relieves work tension and makes the project less prone to m mistakes. As an intern to a construction consultant I now have a better understanding of how im important communication is from the pre-planning until a project is completely done. Timeliness a and proficiency work hand in hand each and every step of the way. Overall, I really enjoyed this summer as well as the people I have worked with and will definitely use my new knowledge and experiences from this summer for my upcoming junior year.

Teresa Briggs T

I been an exciting year at WasteCap Resource Solutions. Our work at WasteCap is not only It’s beneficial to the companies that we support but impacts the environment in drastic ways. As a b RISE intern, I have been able to learn more about creating a cleaner future not only for Milwaukee R but abroad. Going into my final year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as an Industrial b eengineering student, being a WasteCap intern has been a fulfilling experience. As a Project Management intern, I have learned so much working directly with MMSD’s KinnicKinnic River M Development Project. Reporting to MMSD, about the progression of this project has improved D my documentation and communication skills. I also support the marketing team as we spread m knowledge across the country about waste reduction and management. Many of the analytical k skills that I use in the classroom are also beneficial at WasteCap. I have been able to develop my professionalism and gain more knowledge about the construction industry. I better understand how construction and carpentry professionals do their jobs which I will apply to my profession as I enter the safety engineering field. I plan to continue working in the Milwaukee area after graduation. My hope is that more rising, young professional will have the same experience that I have.

Elric Erving E

D During my time here at Pieper Electric, I’ve learned a lot about the business world of contracting. Since my major is electrical engineering, I expected to be working with electrical devices and etc. S upon taking the job. Instead, I was granted with the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see u how the actual planning and management of electrical contracting all works. I learned about h tthe business world of contracting and I played a role in the actual process of putting a project ttogether. After A experiencing all of this, I really began to realize that I would really enjoy being a project m manager rather than the actual electrician sometime in the future. Overall, I enjoyed my time here at Pieper Electric. The atmosphere is perfect here as everyone gets along with one another and moreover everyone abides by the work hard to play hard mentality. This was important to me because I am a social person, so being thrown into an atmosphere of friendly and social peers that all have one main goal of working together to get the job done was a big plus. I am glad that I got the opportunity to have my first internship with Pieper Electric, and I am looking forward to continuing working with this company in the future.


“My internship has been wonderful! I’ve accrued a myriad of field experiences, certifications and provided with enough time in the office to observe the different stages of a project from proposals onward.” -Gabriel Rosenwald, AECOM Intern

Antonio Garcia A

I have been so fortunate to be a part of the RISE program and have the opportunity to work at C CH2M Hill for the summer. Working with CH2M Hill has been an amazing opportunity, filled with a wide range of experiences and knowledge that will last with me throughout my career. From the vvery start of the summer my supervisors and fellow employees at CH2M Hill reached out and made me feel welcome. My internship provided insight into many different aspects of the construction m and project management fields, as well as experience with environmental engineering projects and a much more. I have had the opportunity to work on projects such as the Jones Island Landfill Gas m Turbine Replacement Project, Kinnickinnic River Reconstruction and the Elgin O’Hare Highway T Project in Illinois. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at CH2M Hill, as well as lifetime P llessons from the trainings and help from Prism Technical and the RISE program coordinators. I hope to use my experience this summer to help guide my education and to always see the bigger goal in doing my part to improve upon and grow the Milwaukee community.

Chadd Lane C

M experience here at Ahern has been very positive. This is my third summer working here as an My iintern and every year I am allowed to assist with different projects. This year I was given the job tto help on a project that we are working on in Green Bay to track various pieces and connections used in the field. I am coming up with an accurate count of the percentage of pieces manufactured u h here at Ahern. We hope to use this information to increase the efficiency of assembling pieces here vversus trying to assemble them out in the field. This includes saving time, money, material, labor eetc. A Also I enjoy attending the various meetings that Ahern has because the meetings show that Ahern does not just stop here in Fond Du Lac. Ahern is all over the state at various locations and job sites each pulling together as a team to make the company better. The meetings give me a good picture of what everyone is doing to help out with various projects and I learn about the various jobs that each person is working on as well. Everyone that works at this company is very friendly and willing to help each other out any way they can, which makes for a good working environment. I enjoy the people and the structure that they have here, it’s no wonder why this company seems to be doing better each summer I return. Thanks to the RISE program and J.F. Ahern for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Kerry McBride K

I truly enjoyed my internship this summer with HNTB. I have learned so much working with the Structures group on the Zoo Interchange Project. I had the opportunity to contribute to the design S and drafting of two railroad bridges for a 60% submittal. My work included using Microstation, a MathCad, and Excel to design, perform checks, and draw up plans and specifications. I also M w was able to volunteer at Festa Italiana, with HNTB, building a Lego model of the Hoan Bridge and introducing kids to the world of engineering. I am so grateful for this opportunity the RISE a program has given me and I hope to continue working with HNTB. p

Andrew Michalski A

A a team member of Brown & Caldwell I assist in the home inspections for a joint venture between As tthe City of Brookfield, WI and MMSD. This program is called the Privite Property Inflow and IInfiltration (PPII) Program and is in place to help prevent the inflow of storm water and clean water iinto the sewer system, which will help in the elimination of basement flooding and sewer back-ups ffor the home owners in that area. This program will also help to lower the cost of the treatment of tthe waste water going to that areas’ waste water treatment plants.


“I have really enjoyed my experiences this summer as well as the people I have worked with and will definitely use my new knowledge for my upcoming junior year. I have a better understanding of how important communication is from the pre-planning until a project is completly done.” -Nyre Alston, The Concord Group Intern

Johnathan Pringle J

I Immediately after arriving at the MMSD office for my first day of work I felt welcome. After m meeting everyone around the office I still feel welcome and not like just an intern. This is also due to the fact that I’m not at the MMSD to just make copies and get other people coffee. I know d tthe work I do will directly affect MMSD and the businesses that they work with as well. That has given a great sense of pride in my work, and satisfaction knowing that I am making an important g ccontribution to this business.

Gabriel Rosenwald G

M internship has been wonderful at AECOM! I’ve accrued a myriad of field experiences, My ccertifications, and been provided with enough time in the office to observe the different stages of a project from proposals onward. I’ve become familiar with different field equipment, and allowed tto demonstrate my ability through independently performing work in the field. I’m especially happy to have been a part of the entire phase one for asbestos abatement in the former Schlitz h Brewery. I got a real sense of accomplishment, saw some more of the steps required to reclaim B la land, and generally enjoyed the actual work taking place.

Keith Tucker K

M experience with Pieper Electric, Inc. has provided me with valuable skills, as well as a better My understanding of construction, contracting, and project management. Coming in I had no clue u of the planning it takes to re-design a water pumping station, but I was provided with a wealth of o knowledge hopping on the start of a big project. I look forward to continuing my work with Pieper k Electric, Inc. E


“ This internship has given me a great sense of pride in my work and satisfaction knowing that I am making a important contribution to this business.” -Johnathan Pringle, MMSD Intern

AECOM is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental and energy.

Brown and Caldwell has delivered innovative, enduring environmental solutions for municipalities, private industry and government agencies throughout the United States.

CH2M Hill is a global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations and program management. CH2M Hill has the human and technical resources, the international footprint, and the depth of know-how and experience to help clients achieve success in any corner of the world.

Dakota Intertek Corp. is an environmental contracting and technical services company established in 1994. Dakota has established itself as a major environmental technical service force in the Upper Midwest. Dakota provides geographic information systems (GIS) services, environmental technical services, mechanical systems installation, facility management and computer software database management services.

HNTB provides infrastructure delivery services in transporation, buildings and other areas, addressing issues such as financing, legislation, design, construction, community outreach and ongoing operations through civil engineering, architecture, planning, construction management and more.


“I have been so fortunate to be apart of the RISE program and have the opportunity to work at CH2M Hill for the summer. This amazing opportunity, filled with a wide range of experiences and knowledge will impact me thorughout my career. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and will use it to guide my education goals as well as focus on doing my part to improve upon and grow the Milwaukee community.� -Antonio Garcia, CH2M Hill Intern

J.F. Ahern Co. works for facility owners and general contractors, designing, building, and maintaining systems relating to people’s health, safety, and comfort. Its services include energy solutions, fire protection, HVAC, industrial/process piping, mechanical service, pipe fabrication, plumbing and water/wastewater equipment fabrication and installation.

GRAEF provides engineering, architectural, testing, inspection and other consulting services to clients in a variety of fields, including education, transportation, municipal, infrastructure, healthcare, industrial, bridges and planning / urban design.

Pieper Electric is a dynamic 60 year old electrical and mechanical company serving residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the State of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The Concord Group is a team of highly skilled professionals in the fields of Owner’s Representation and Cost Management. In addition, the company provides Cost Segregation Studies and Specialized Real Estate Advisory services.

WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc. provides waste reduction and recycling assistance for the benefit of business, government and the environment. Its services include construction waste management, accreditation in construction and demolition recycling, and waste and recycling assessments.


The goal of the program is to ensure that science and engineering students from the Greater Milwaukee area, especially those from underrepresented populations, get an opportunity, are connected with local firms, and show the firms and themselves their capabilities, hopefully leading to a professional relationship upon graduation.

CORPORATE PARTNERS’ FEEDBACK (Student names replaced by “***”)

“The experience was good and met my expectation and was overall productive.” “I FEEL IT IS A GREAT PROGRAM, WE ARE GLAD TO PARTICIPATE. “

“Rewarding and surprisingly beneficial. *** was a big part of a couple of projects and fit right in.”


“My experience with RISE is/was positive. I was pleased to participate in the program, and facilitate a postive experience for ***.”

BECOME A COPORATE PARTNER An employer information session will be conducted in November, 2012. If you are an employer who is interested in learning more about the RISE program, please contact: Keesha Sutton Training Manager 414.847.0990 X 108


If you’ve been waiting for opportunity to knock, this is your chance. There are only a limited number of internships. If you lived inside the boundaries of the MMSD Sanitary Sewer Service Area (SSSA) map on the left or, if you attended high school there, you’ve passed the first test. RISE students work in a variety of fi elds, gaining invaluable knowlege about their chosen careers.

END OF YEAR CELEBRATION MMSD and Prism proudly honored students and employers at the Annual RISE End of Year Celebration on Wednesday, August 15, 2012. The students and employers demonstrated their commitment to excellence through participation in the RISE program – a cooperative initiative that joins education and on-the-job experience to prepare students for professional success in the Greater Milwaukee community. In attendance were representatives from MMSD, the RISE students, their parents and loved ones, each of the RISE employers, and other local business owners, executives, public servants, recent engineering graduates and prospective RISE students. The students discussed their summer experiences and the employers were uniform in their praise for the students. Each student and employer received a RISE branded padfolio or engraved pen set and certificate of achievement to commemorate the event and the program. Many of those who spoke commented on the wealth of talent that exists locally and lauded the District for its commitment to developing the next generation of engineers and scientists from the Greater Milwaukee area. This year’s participating employers included AECOM, Brown & Caldwell,CH2M Hill, Dakota Intertek, GRAEF, HNTB, JF Ahern, Pieper Electric, the Concord Group and WasteCap.


“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.” - Lou Holtz

WANT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT RISE? If you are, or know, a student interested in the RISE program, now or in the near future, please complete page one of our application on the last page of this report. If you are eligible for RISE we will send page two, requesting references. You may also go online for more information. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Formal acceptance as an intern is dependent upon the availability of Internships, interviews with potential employers and acceptance of a RISE Internship job offer. If you are interested in hosting a RISE informational session at your college or university, or would like additional information for yourself, please contact us using the information below: Keesha Sutton, Training Manager 414.847.0990 X 108 /Phone 414.847.0992 /Fax /Email Prism Technical Institute 6114 W. Capitol Drive Suite 200 Milwaukee, WI 53216


“The RISE experience was good for our company. I think it showed ways our company needs to improve.� - RISE Corporate Partner


If you would like to use your computer to complete this application, go to: (Scroll down to RISE APPLICATION) The Milwaukee RISE Iniave APPLICATION FOR ENGINEERING INTERNSHIP

The RISE Iniave is sponsored by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD). MMSD, however, is not responsible for the management, employment, retenon, or terminaon of students. RISE was developed to assist in reducing the shortage of minories studying and compleng their educaon in the elds of science and engineering and ulmately gaining professional employment in the region. Student interns will be interviewed and employed by independent consultants and contractors, each represenng that they are equal opportunity employers, who agree not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, naonal origin, age, sex, gender, disability, sexual orientaon or any other characterisc protected by law. The purpose of the iniave is to expose students from the Milwaukee area and potenal employers to one another, in an eort to develop a long lasng, mutually benecial professional relaonship. INTRODUCTORY INFORMATION: Student Name: ____________________________________________________ Phone:_______________________ Current Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________ State: ____ Zip:_________ Email: _________________________________________ APPLICANT QUESTIONS: Internship types: (A) Consulng (B) Construcon (C) Administrave (D) Project Management (E) Any Internship Desired (1) ____________________________________ (2) ____________________________________ If hired, can you provide documents required to establish your eligibility to work in the U.S.? Yes No Available Summer Dates: ___________ to _________ Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes No How were you referred to Prism Technical Instute? ___________________________________________________ Have you ever been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, a crime other than a minor trac violaon? Yes No If yes, please explain in detail on a separate piece of paper and include the date of nal disposion of the case and the nature of the oense. This informaon will not necessarily disqualify you from employment but false or misleading informaon will. Factors such as age, me of the oense, seriousness and nature of the violaon, and rehabilitaon will be taken into account.

EDUCATION: College or Technical School College or University Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Major Course of Study: ____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ College Address: ____________________________________________City ________________________ ST _____ Total Credits Needed to Graduate: __________ Credits you will have earned, as of this coming June 1st __________ Expected College Graduaon Date: __________Degree/Diploma: _________________________________________ High School Name of Milwaukee Area High School:____________________________________ Last Grade Completed: ________ High School Address: _________________________________________City ________________________ ST _____ Course of Study: __________________________________________________ Year of Graduaon: ______________ Degree/Diploma area: _____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ Dates Aended From : ____________ to _____________ Other Technical Training Name:______________________________________________________________ Credits Earned:______________ Course of Study:______________________________________________________ Years Aended:______________ Degree/Diploma area: _____________________________________________ GPA: ________ Cum GPA: _________ Dates Aended From : ____________ to _____________ 12 A

The RISE initiative is managed by: Prism Technical Management & Marketing Services, LLC Phone 414.847.0990 Fax 414.847.0992 6114 W Capitol Drive - Suite 200 / Milwaukee, WI 53216

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Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

“Investing in our future� One Student at a Time

RISE 2012 End of Year Report  

Internship End of Year Report

RISE 2012 End of Year Report  

Internship End of Year Report