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hello Prime Produce is a volunteer collective discovering fresh ways to cultivate altruism. Prime Produce is moving into a newly renovated flagship location to house not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises, featuring co-working spaces, events programs, and a library of resources to support those who innovate good: Prime Produce New York. Prime Produce is a New York based 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization founded in 2007. It is 100% volunteer-run.

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space Centrally located in Manhattan at 424-426 West 54th Street, Prime Produce New York offers 6,875ft2 of coworking and event spaces designed for social gatherings, exhibitions, performances and lectures. »» Capacity: Adaptable, energetic space »» Design: Innovative, multifunction design »» Technology: Immersive digital systems

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CAPACITY On the ground floor, raw, open spaces anchored by functional service cores allow for multifunctional spaces that can easily transform from conference room to classroom, office space to performing arts space, or party space to lecture hall. A dedicated working space on the second floor grounds the entire space, providing a fertile ground for productivity as well as community.

DESIGN Multi-functional furniture will create versatility in the event space. Proposed hybrids include cubicle-conference tables, a bar-reception area, a bleacher-library, and a beach chair-video conferencing space. The furniture elements are playful yet productive: they allow organizations to shift seamlessly from co-working mornings, to networking nights.

TECHNOLOGY The entire space is augmented with an online interface to further promote accessible and adaptable usability. With DMXcontrolled lighting, projectors, screens and speakers, the space promotes two-way interaction between the users and the space. Teammates will be able to comment on a live chat feed, access the PPNY space remotely, change aspects such as music or lighting, and project images onto the interior and exterior surfaces of the building.

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platform Part incubator, part community platform, and part thinktank, Prime Produce cultivates leadership and innovation within not-for-profit and social enterprise, creating new programs and assisting established organizations since 2007. »» Not-for-profit Partnerships »» Community »» Incubation

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platform The Prime Produce team came to Nepal and helped with our projects for impoverished children. With the active participation of the kids, they painted murals at the children’s homes we operate. They formed a relationship with the children that they talk about to this day. It was a very positive experience all around, and we will never forget their contributions.

Prime Produce volunteers worked closely with our research team to design and develop an interactive online portal for our 2007-2008 archaeological dig in Arkhanghai, Mongolia. Their expertise and dedication to the project was greatly appreciated and their handiwork was beneficial not only to our team, but proved to be a valuable resource for academics and central asian history enthusiasts around the world.

O lga Mu rray

Founder & Director, Nepalese Youth Foundation

A d el a C. Y. L e e

The Prime Produce team has the experience, know-how, and enthusiasm to help your organization fundraise and promote itself in a manner that is not only effective, but also fun. They helped with event venue acquisition, media development, promotion, in-kind donations, logistics, even event staffing! What more could we ask!!!

We, at Lend-A-Hand India have been working with the all-volunteer team of Prime Produce for last two years. Our association has not only been financially very beneficial to raise funds, but has also significantly expanded the awareness about the work we do beyond our usual circles. The dedicated volunteers from Prime Produce goes out of their way to help the non profits who are in the need of it the most in these tough economic times.

Jose ph Bornstein

Co-founder & CFO, Semilla Nueva

Founder, Silk Road Foundation

R a j G il da

Co-founder, Lend-A-Hand India

NoT-FOR-profit Partnership Over the last 5 years, Prime Produce has joined forces with over 75 organizations to share knowledge, cross-promote, and contribute to the collaborative spirit within the not-for-profit sector. As people are stronger together, so are organizations.

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We are impressed by the full range of services Prime Produce is able to provide! On multiple occasions they provided talented artists at our events that youth absolutely loved. On the other end of the spectrum, Prime Produce helped us find, negotiate, coordinate a great Manhattan venue for our high school senior SAYA! prom. We look forward to working with Prime Produce in the future!� Judy Goberdh an

Program Director South Asian Youth Action (SAYA!)

COMMUNITY Prime Produce mobilizes a network of motivated volunteers and has leveraged their talents in design, technology, performance, coordination, marketing, program development, event coordination, and even mixology to bolster over 75 worthwhile causes to date. Whether bringing new energy to mature organizations or expanding the capacity of burgeoning altruistic upstarts, our team brings a diverse skillset, good humor and a very special brand of camaraderie to all our projects.

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Prime Produce is all about the power of pursuing what matters most as a team. That this is even a possibility is its daily lesson.” Sar a h Deu tsch

Founder, Director SouperKitchen

INCUBATION Prime Produce cultivates innovative altruism, helping promising projects and individuals to realize their vision and bring their mission to light. Prime Produce supports and inspires the next generation of altruistic leadership with a special homegrown blend of collaboration, creativity, ambition, and love. For more information on Prime Produce Projects & Programs, please see the “Projects & Programs Highlights” Section

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partnerships & sponsorships We are excited to forge new partnerships and sponsorships from public and private organizations. Our team is enthusiastic to recognize the support of donors and sponsors alike in return for monetary and in-kind contributions »» Demographics »» Benefits »» Contact information

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partnerships & sponsors

Demographics The Prime Produce network boasts a cross-section of conscientious urban professionals, generous creatives, and a disproportionately high concentration young not-for-profit leaders and social innovators. Our community is not simply defined by the urge to create positive change, but also the courage to do so entrepreneurially and with true originality. As a result, we have continued to attract a growing network of compelling individuals who share a deep interest in producing real good.

Benefits In celebration of our sponsors, Prime Produce will feature a dynamic feed that will showcase the contributions in the digital surfaces of the space as well as on the official website. This ongoing slideshow will promote our ongoing sponsors in an engaging way as the spaces continue to be adapted for various uses and various portions of the extended Prime Produce community. Our team is particularly focused on longstanding partnerships. We hope to work closely with our partners to develop a wellbranded, mutually beneficial program that is both sustainable and rewarding for all involved parties.

Contact C hr i s C hav e z : J e r o n e H su:

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membership Whether you are an existing not-forprofit organization seeking a supportive community or someone with an altruistic vision in need of the resources to make it a reality, Prime Produce New York exists to champion your cause. By making PPNY your home base in Manhattan, you not only acquire a professional workspace complete with technology and facilities, but also join a collective committed to innovating new channels for not-for-profits to do good in today’s world. At PPNY events, you may meet your future collaborators, sponsors, muses, friends, donors and volunteers. Some of them may even be working across the room from you. Let’s see what we can do together.

Contact C hr i s C hav e z : J e r o n e H su:

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prime produce prime


424-426 West 54th Street. New York, NY 10019



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A new breed of good.

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