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Member FAQ recommendation on whether or not we should do or continue to do business with a specific carrier?

ANSWER: IA&B does not, and


technically cannot, provide any advice or recommendation in that area, for a couple of different reasons. We can, however, provide you with some “food for thought” in assessing your relationship with various carriers. So, read on! Why IA&B can’t provide advice Antitrust laws place strict limitations on anything that could be deemed an “agreement” to act in concert, including whether to do business or not to do business with a particular company (a.k.a. a boycott).

One tool that can be, and is increasingly, used in assessing companies is IA&B’s “CSI” (stands for Company Satisfaction Index). The CSI is a biennial report card developed from a membership-wide survey. Interestingly enough, the tool is also increasingly used by carriers themselves to see how they are viewed by producers as a group. The CSI does not address any specific products, but rates the companies on four categories:

w Agency/Company Relationship, and w Technology; The information is found at (go to Carrier Relationships, then Company Satisfaction Index).

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w Products, Pricing & Underwriting, w Policy Service & Claims,

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What to do Members must individually assess the financial strength and the integrity of the carriers with which they do business. Some criteria will likely be similar from


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Producers are all considered competitors under law. If you have attended an IA&B seminar or meeting, you may have noticed a statement at the beginning of every class reiterating the requirement to comply with antitrust laws: in substance, the statement reminds participants that they must refrain from exchanging information regarding price, refusals to deal or agreements to proceed in certain anti-competitive respects. This is not to say that you cannot name a company or say anything about it, but the nature of what can be said is restricted. For IA&B — as an association — to recommend that you refrain from doing business with a particular carrier could be deemed an “agreement” among competitors to take concerted action.

one agency to the next (obviously, the company’s financial rating comes to mind), others may differ: products, claims handling, underwriting, technology, ease of doing business… and sometimes, quite simply, trust.


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