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Brush up on the latest in Workers’ Comp Members have access to the coverages guru himself – Jerry Milton – for a series of statespecific Workers’ Comp seminars, produced in conjunction with IA&B. The course covers classification and rating, experience-rating plan, and federal compensation and liability laws.

procure the coverage – following a bench trial the Court found the agent equally liable with the broker. With the total damages claimed in excess of $700,000, the agent’s share was $315,000.

Without a Guaranty Fund to provide protection, a high degree of due diligence should be exercised. This lack of a Guaranty Fund should also be clearly communicated in writing to your customers.

WC Trusts/alternative programs If you are looking to use a trust to place one or more of your WC customers, it is important to fully understand these trusts, how they operate and, quite certainly, their financial condition. In New York, a number of these have declared insolvency in the past few years.

Placing WC is not that difficult – doing it right is the hard part When placing this coverage, there is a definite need for attention to detail. Work with the application and document the responses from the prospect, and your job should be a lot easier.

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Primary Agent - August 2010 - PA Edition  

Primary Agent - August 2010 - PA Edition