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We’re wri(ng  a  new  story.          And  it’s  Pure  Michigan.     Lindsay  Eister   Manager  of  Business  A:rac(on   Michigan  Economic  Development  Corpora(on   State  of  Michigan       June  5,  2012  

Michigan Economic  Development   Corpora8on  (MEDC)   The  Reinven8on  of  Economic  Development   -­‐Regional  Approach  to  Success  

Reinven&ng Michigan    “We  will  not  dwell  on  the  past  or  the  depth   of  our  problems.  The  focus  will  be  on   agreed-­‐on  ac(on,  implementa(on,   measuring  results  and  con(nuous   improvement…It  is  (me  to  solve   problems.”    

Governor Rick  Snyder,   Michigan  State  of  the  State  Address  January  19,  2011  

MEDC Mission   • Drive  Job  Crea(on  and  Investment   • Top  10  State   – Low  Unemployment   – Per  Capita  Income   – GDP  Growth     – Young  Adult  Popula(on  Growth  

Four Core  Func8ons   •  •  •  • 

Business Development   Community  Development   Talent  Enhancement   Marke(ng  and  Communica(ons  

Integrated Jobs  Strategy   Entrepre-­‐ neurship  

Business Growth   Access  to   Capital   Seamless   Delivery   Talent   Enhancement   Everything   we  do…  

Vibrant Communi8es   Image  

Reinvented Jobs  Strategy   Core  Func8on  


Business Development   Michigan  Business  Tax  

Now Simple,  Fair  &  Efficient   CIT    

Tax Credit  Based  Incen(ves   Pure  Michigan  Business   Connect   Centralized  Economic   Development  

Regional Economic   Development  

Limited  Access  to  Capital  

Market Driven  Access  to   Capital  

Fragmented Entrepreneurial  Resources  

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  

Community Development  

Housing  +  Local   Neighborhood   Development  

Urban  Agenda  +  Quality   of  Place  +  Development   Readiness  


Workforce Development  

Talent Enhancement  

Pure Michigan  


Tourism, Business,  SOM  

Simple, Fair  &  Efficient  CIT   Now  one  of  the  best  tax  climates  in  the     United  States   •  Removed  tangled  web  of  incen(ves  that  unfairly   favored  certain  businesses  and  removed  long   term  liabili(es   •  Propelled  our  state’s  corporate  tax  ranking  from   49th  to  7th  (Tax  FoundaAon)   •  Improved  our  overall  business  tax  climate  from   18th  to  12th  (Tax  FoundaAon)  

Michigan Business  Development   Program  (MBDP)   •  FY12:  $100  Million     •  Pipeline  $90  Million,  Firm  Offers  $55   Million   •  Near-­‐Term  Cash  Offers  reduce  the   amount  state  needs  to  commit  to  projects   •  Replaces  previous  MEGA  program   –  Greater  cost  certainty  to  the  state   –  More  flexibility  for  businesses  

Regional Economic  Development   •  Open  Source  Economic  Development   •  Align  State  Resource  Providers   •  New  Level  of  Partnership  with  Local   Economic  Developers   •  Leverage  Regional  Supply  Chain  Assets    

Regional Economic  Development  

Regional Economic   Development  Alignment   •  MEDC  

–  Business Development  Managers    (BDMs)   –  Community  Assistance  Team  (CATeam)   –  Urban  Team  

•  Small Business  &  Technology  Development  Center   (SBTDC)   •  Michigan  Manufacturing  Technology  Center   (MMTC)   •  Procurement  Technical  Assistance  Center  (PTAC)   •  MDOT   •  MDARD   •  Collabora(ve  Development  Council  (CDC)  

Talent Enhancement   •  Challenges:  

–  Skill gaps  in  certain  areas  (skilled   manufacturing,  engineering,  programming)   –  Decreasing  federal  funding  and  significant   federal  restric(ons  for  training     –  Large  popula(on  of  low  skilled  adults  

•  The Approach:  

–  Connect talent  to  current  opportuni(es:   •  MiTalent   •  Shiming  Gears  Series   •  MichAGAIN   •  LiveWorkDetroit  

MiTalent •  Consolidated  Talent  and  Career  Portal   launched  in  December,  2011    

•  Launching Enhanced  Employer  Features   May,  2012   –  640,000  visits   –  2  million  page  views   –  265  employers  have  pledged  to  use  Pure   Michigan  Talent  Connect   –  86,201  Jobs  Available  

ShiSing Gears  Series   •  Three  month  career  program  designed  to   assist  transi(oning  professionals   –  9  cohorts     –  244  people  have  gone  through  program   –  80  percent  placement  rate  amer  9  months  

MichAGAIN •  A  program  to  a:ract  talent  from  around   the  country  with  a  connec(on  to  Michigan   –  Target  geographies:  Palo  Alto,  Boston,   Chicago,  Washington  DC,  Aus(n  and  Orlando   –  Prospects  in  pipeline:  132  

Seamless Delivery   •  The  Challenge   –  Collaborate  with  other  departments  to  solve   local  problems   –  Improve  the  efficiency  and  customer   sa(sfac(on  of  business  service  delivery   •  The  Approach   –  Interdepartmental  Collabora(on  Commi:ee   (ICC)  

Can We  Do  This  Together?   Requirements  for  a  Successful   Partnership   Trust  

•  Informa(on sharing  and  joint  decision  making  will  be   required  

Mutual Understanding  

•  Familiarity and  respect  for  each  others  opera(ons,   responsibili(es,  funding  restric(ons,  etc.  


•  The best  solu(ons  may  not  address  all  of  the  needs   of  each  party  in  the  ini(ally  an(cipated  way  

Shared Benefits/ Fairness    

•  Individual benefits  should  relate  to  the   investment  of  each  par(cipant—but   collabora(on  may  result  in  greater  benefits  at   lower  cost  


•  Every ini(a(ve  needs  a  champion  to  lead   and  be  the  catalyst  for  ac(on  

Thank you     Lindsay  Eister   Manager  of  Business  A:rac(on   Michigan  Economic  Development  Corpora(on   State  of  Michigan     June  5,  2012  

Pure Michigan  

Michigan Economic Development Corporation