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sTu$!!o$ LE EDS LS12 zDR 64 ARM LEY RCAD 446622 {2 fines} Telephone: 0532 tor Wal<efreld 67d;7*\




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OF SALE; 3Op each d.irect

to the public or 45p each by mail order from the a.ddress gr.ven below. BuIk ord.ers. of L5 or more oopies c&t be ha.d at the di scount price of 7Op each ( why not sell the magazine "o yourself at gigsl schooll etc.?)

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Live Reviewss Dexyr s l{idnight Runners & The V. IlP. | 9o oo o.'.. . .".o. Nowtz (nxtra).. .. . ":.:o . o! . .. . o.. .... . .. . . o... o .. ....... LiVg RgVigwi Press Relgasg.. o.....o...o....oo.....oco.o..... t. . o... .o.. ROCkWOfd d. .n .. . . o.. .. o. . . .. . ...o r.. . o .. o....o... o.. o..... o...... o...o...:...... Ed"d.ig COChf&Ilr r............... o.....o. o........,......... BaCk ISSUSS.. o.. oo... e . c. c....o... t{gSt YOfkShife Gig GuiCg.. .... ... o\... o... r...................



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5 Beech Terrace,

Undercliffe, Bradford BD3 OPY, 'r{est Yorkshire I frngl and. (



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Pete Dowling (n.Voc/ons,) . Rob towther ( B.voc f c+r\', , Dave Turner (B.Voc/Bass). FROM TEEDS


to play elsewhere throughout Yorkso In April I as well as having lined up several gtgsr theyr ve a session at JsG - though there arenr t any pl ans yet for a second single. Contactl C arl on Skipton 2838..

Tom Bliss e originally a folkie, turned to rock music in '77 when he formed The Coolggl.lg with John srneilEFd ("*-


Line-up: Tim l0nowles on Gtr + Charly Peace on Bags + Edge on Dms + tlark Sweaney on Voc + Dave HaIl on mEna€ement & steering wheel of v€Lno

sqeakers)-a Jud.y lnorr*ith art-g'irr ba,nd glq}Ii")" Ffer experimeniitie w.ith a t new wave tirffiff called The Neighboursr he played keyboards for

a srrort

(a lela" uand. now to Sire ) &, (now to Phonogram on their -FacE-for-rabel). fn Januartrr of this year he formed. The Suitoh. As a journalist, drummer Pete ffi worked. for Beat rnstrurnentar & has contributed. pi eoes to Melody Malcer & sorrnds. He hras d.rummer/ guitarist with an experimental band. called.


sigaed. 'signed.

lg_rf_o:manoalnxis-W & wri ter/ttrurmer

Ambitions bCfore joining The Srritch. The ba,ndr s







with fhe


from joined. teeds band sneakers rrnti I the

boke up in tlg when th;ETE; section went off to join Roy Srrndhol+ (f"ature on hig, band. will appear in I'lcR soon - listen out for their f orthooming single I clood Girls Donf t wear white t which should be a massive hit . - ed.. ). . Dave Turner' the band.s bassist, has been in a host of bands Leeds bands Jobe st -93L & tuigi Ana Da Boys. All this info c w€LB glea.ned from the- bandf s press releage. Their d.emo cassette is reviewed. elsewhere in this lssue & theyrre nou gigging regularly round. l{est Yorks }fiith a fast-growing reputation. l{orth oatchiog. Contactr Tom Bliss on Leeds !|LLL?, ba.nd.

Muggins Blight

FR.M sKrProN

Liae-upt- Ld..Voc r LLn !{ilsoni Rrn.Gtr/Voc * Carl hrlling; Ld..Gtr Mick Smith; Bbss a Gary Holdsworthi Dms = Frank French. frJohann Mtrggins wasr an inf amousr Skipton train robber who later becarne a sheep farmer in Australia, where he compiled. f[he Muggins Catalogue of Rare Sheep Diseasegf - but whilst doing Bo r he f ell victim to the dreaded BLight.'t - at least, thatrs what the band. tell me in their 't letter o Joha,nn Mggrns was the name of a band. that Carl & ffiack in '?8. In JuI.y ,79 they went on to form ltlusgins Blightr ioined by Fra.nk (formerly w@e now caIled rhe 'luick plus John Masters oi-reaa - see t$R 4) & 6 vocals (.fofrn played bass I Satisf actiont by the


The original l0rrif e Edge


formed in ,76 & includ.ed Tim


Mark + a d.ifferent bassist & a drummer. It lasted for just over a. yeart ff l,le played f ast rock that was a bit rough & naive. It didnft go down too well r be ing a rnixture of music that I aoked any

direction, but we were a new band. then.'f In Dec '77 they decided that they wa^nted to do something more so1id. & it just wouldnf t work with the drummer & bass-player - ttby then we were d.oi about 4 gtgs a week & had. begun to take it all more seriously". In Ja^n t?8 Charlie came in on bass & they got in Rob Steeles (oo loan from tui ana Da Boys) drummer - little knowiag ttren tnat they spend the"" next 2 years using temporary drummerso Through t 78 they did supports to major bands including No Dice (Leed.s Polyl revieued ia Sorrnd.s) I Penetration, Faluloue Pood.lesl t{reok}eas Ericr Bethnall eto. For the last ha"lf of the y€aa their drumrner was John Shepberd (ttratt s 3 shepherd.s bo far on this pa€€ { all i{oo1 City Rockere..t?). He had been with fqqa&els & had Jus turned d.own an invitation to join ge4 _C_qf9. ile sta,yed for a few months, leaving t6ffiis srm band (Lucky Strikc). Rob Steeies returned for a ("*-Job" St Dav, "a gort whilel ffiwleUr of Wishbone Ash band that I d besn very popular around Le eds ) . Next up was Riok Pot ter ( er{orair) who lasted from Nov t?B to Feb ,79. They d.ccided to oall it a day. 'r0harlie wanted. to leavrs (n" joined. Motivators for a while ) & it was all getting stale 4r1rlr{orr Tim & Mark }rere left rrith a bunch of IIP debts & d.ecided. to dcvote Bome time to song-wrlting. {n May, Charlie oalne back; but it took tiIl Oct/Nov to find Edge. Ttreir first gags rrith tbe new line-up & 4ew matrrial was last month at the John Peel trbrtr avag:arLza at Leed.s Univ. Theyt ve got a whole bunch of gigs lined up for the next f ew months ( more tharc modt local ba^nds ) & are recording a single on lst April: rFavourite OlrI| c/'t tSay You Willf (a double A-side on their own No Hessle Reoord s label ) . It shorrl d be out in Hay Contactr Dave Hall (r"n"ger) on Leedg 741072.

band. Bubblerook ) .

tneffised an EP on Look Records in Dec. -glssi-pya (su{l '79| (tU" Somebodyt e/v fThey Oo Up They Go Downl fiii1.1* Iicui!(tatiga$, Er@ir.: (Lerd$, & Maloolrn l{heret s the Talcumf (tnougtr for some l'ttttii F* tlearurE ([9r{{r tltlhtmaresln t/ar ( Lvcrpoo}, Ad;' reason the sleeve notes call the drummer Andy i.,i,'.''*m, French). ry the time the tr came out, John had (r{ottinghad, Ralio5 (graai already been booted. out of the band. (Oct) & Carl $ection 2,,? (etgghqool)e Art Failtrc (ttotttnghr4), Ih So ioltorrr ". took over lead vocals until the arrival of Liz in aa Jan f B0. Sher d never been in a group before, ooming from Settle where was a shepherd.esg( t ). bqt i; tchcytreanytt; n! top by{trcn il ;llr?f '{!:ft,Jirl['i9 Shef 11 be making her live dehrt this month. wide-ranging alhrn. rt'lt 6e reyieved in [/CR b. Tht Whole-thinq Muggins Blight play new wave pop music & their T{45 conpil-d by Lecds ruch writcr N;9cl gurhham (a.h.a.Des set consists of original material except for the tPleasant Valley Srrndayr . Theyr ve i,T,?*(l?.,j'-f'rne! ' 67 Monkees hit beei gigging round. Keighley/St*.pton but n9q plan :iliff 'ffiir#rfh*?ilft'$1::t;lt#',f











:'ir".{'-*;' ";31',Y'i *,

it{$r*"i,,1, llarper (&ss)r Carl Harper - big b"oth.r-, l"oit (Dm; t"ee

#f,#:"ll:l'"Hl:l*' rsilh.illiT,'f;31'fi.fiy/ (BasglB.Too), Deaa Fcsasidea (ooe ).

rn..rrrna ff?9 ?o ..h.r,a rnra-r r,^s_ar 4 a_-_ tra'Juae shake Apoear formed. &1 from !Lthe outectr lntend'edt to ryrk 1*o*" beconiag furl-

pro.,Tbey tLne u'ue yre' r4eJ 44vrbeq invited. a rrJ'€nat frienrtl unarr€g charleg



i;rf;fi"; (adi.'-'

Craig & Davitl H + Ittartin Ectrarcts (UE) a _ Paull i{al|:l (t="J formel the original erpdtatec ie1 i" .r.r-"-;ib d tnei, rst siJwas " qoaAefs ai-nrt"-F* cr"t [ti.i?-noots, trrere [rd,6f€

When when

thev they

e etraight-ahead r*raich*-ahaart punk nrnL tadl ]c*i _ r_? a - l-2-3

nast) i" i"t.';ig filitil-i-s""o rertl Gar! + *"9::^(*::: *"?:: in_]!e to beoone tbeir 3-*:o"-l nanager-. rbeir debrt was on i;;6;l'. r,ror. Cop"io-(s""Ji iii""a iilJa;; sis ffi;';;; ;" lStb July at St.Jarnesr lfu?a€st Hone in Leeds.. J; pqnk towardg their preecat eounil. r?9-(trrev qg- T;"y;;"" HF: *I:,f-"iTlY-6p-arse-**1os "*ly-I"o, peer John .Ieeg than 20) but Cbarlie linect up a lot for session tdqr t79 * a tle 1."""fi-.f frauing giv€n hirn a in oopy of; a !-traok new yesr &e irnnediately"prior to theee, tl"" li"yra reoord.ed. at Septenber So,ad, ^ a"*-i"p" speat a lot of time rehearsing, aong-writing a Hrrd.ds. fU"ygarre of the tape to E!.ll geaerally tightening up .the banct. rtt E a oomron Drummond .i 2"" "f"onEo""a"a oopy (ii"""it.;i) ;;-"i;;'erperienco for bantls to feel the need to them for one stngte-("iti-"pilii on 2 rrcre af,ter 5 readJust af,ter having done their firgt few nonths). ;r" s".To";-;i; ;i;il"G; i;; ;;; perfornanoes. le'rw'usresp' 6d recoralsd naa^ni^r at was ^! d--r^-L-September Soundt ln JuIy t?9 & oanc just they clitt ,rof short of 20 shows i" o"t"isr. the lrooo pressed., about balf P*iog lanlPeu " planred & to leave Maroh frec for At ""i have goldt- though werve-yet an early Jan gig in Goolel they'tt had.a rphone Herva aow fert-6or--ij"fi-i""t""ti-""" a4trr royaltl.cs. trr"],;;;;t--clll from Des MoiaeE about a oonpilation alburn reall.y ia u8.,r ,rllhen Dtaik put his arm of northera band.g that,be yras putting together throughintenesteal a window a t"niy iojr*"a iliil":i; ;';t (aee stop presl etJewhere t" iiiJ i Dav€ rrolunte"""i.;1riJ"'i"" l:t,l:ck!*sh,Reoortls ln tlis lesue) a tley sent him a ilemo tape. He r,roi""" o*,"'to "i"na-in. ou rtoot.rti"-"*pi'"r-:t#:=h;; rrHe likeil lt &- so they rnet up with hinr tol'd us thate we playeil. at llhe i.{rrquee *ftn grr" !{ekoos *& abo rJ Rookburgh & Sm{y Roberton who runs the Santty Roberton there. ff" otf"iuaffits rabel. Des seat the tape clom to him & be took siagie deal on rras Rookbrrrgh.'r rsgnn"tqy (;";t;'; a,n irnnediate iutereet, ta*In rnyi-s7;'K;;J'i;"ooih"I*"lu;t;l;i;;" 11 o". In faotl when we diat a gig at Iladdon HalI, Leeds on 2oth Jan, out on 2lEt i,farch. ,r}Jerve only done about salttJr was th€re to 8€€,[6orr The resuLt is that, 35 gigs ia the 2 years rather than put thern on.the sanptgi, Roberton which i" p"rtiy a"rit."ri"-Llli"" didnrt want signetl then (in i{arob) to a long-term deal with t" S"t-"t""k on th€ local gigs oirouit.,, "" gingles ith" n"w singre.s about-tf,e ro-"i-irr"ai"tery Rookhrgh - 3 & an optlon oti en aLbur in a yearrs time. .

or :illi::t*"1-:ru:lf#:-*

or-6th a tir,-i"".r, they recorded the rirst S;.:;ii"llulni" tbe-se-eingles at llatrix studios in Loncl.on, going t"ni ti show that lre can proio"" stuff that serls back dornr the following weekend. to remix it. x!,ly so that werre in a strong position to bargain for Owa l{ay" o/w trtrot Interested.,r will be reLeaaed ogr own s.ay on a major recording contract in the on Rookburgh o! 18th April. about half of the bandt s material is r,rritten

jointLy by Mick & Fionae the rest of the songs a^re either by l{ick or Nigel . However, they are keen to point out that what really makes itt" numbers work is the anangement on each - this being the work of the whole g.roup as a unit.


Martin Bloulers funr 'Folh Club' Snurs nightt)

ol Wesiwod

Hospital Rad;o (BT'd g8zooi eit.zb+)'&,wzntsto ttcord tocil folR acts io, broad calting - hi can record lrv? Et folh clubstoo, His horne no. is 6'f,d 6729lg


Tt{E $Or$s



b1 NichToczeft

Prewiously hrown as The l{onosr The solos tticl The Pa.Irn covel last month to the usual sma1l audience that turns 6ffif,E?"uffiffiue risks putting on a goos but little-knovrn band from outsidE the area' Those who stayed away misseil g_ioga ttighi. scotland has been steadily putting out good bands for the past few & th-is onets Eainturltrluas"a, out on cobra

Becorcls. They play a mixture of rock reggae & pop that"in"y-t"r* "iirt. rpower"i"ir"--:"*t The band are windton, Nii-0doi, )uao, Odd.oye (arr one gu-yl - born in Ghana ""f.yp"Jr. Mj.chael Gray-Buohanan (from'Leeds, on

- on bass)r.David. . orr-aror")i'r."aii. ii"t";;-(i";; canaal, oo soito).

guitar)q Brian otDonn"tt (t"o* cI.";;;

(antle Fadiga King (from.b'rench Guinee, on vocars) & Jaimie Mccregor Some mirture, huh?l The eound at rhe cove is hbrdty ever very goog & theirs wag o.k., though too bassy. The s+andout numbers early on in the set uere tone l{ay Lovet (b-side of single) 6 ,r.tittg ir,"rir"' vhich got tben their first round. of applause. The band were all dressed. in black-&-white & worked with a^n easy stage oonfideace & a^n obvious enJoyment of their onn music thatrd have been i"f""i:.o""-ii-

thererd been a gootl crowd.. Itfg rlanoe mqsic but small. audienoeE donrt d.anoe. rllrumE in l{y lleadr has,the froatman/vooatist working hard. to generate audienoe-group rapport rith good back-up vocals from rhtrrthm gui.tarist ia.rnie witson. r stiaiaing? inpressed beoause of tbe ohorue echo on guitar - all extraorillnary effeots unit that malteg the gu.itar sound. exactly like keyboartlg - yourcl have to see it in aotion to (or take a listen to the single & eee if you arenrt conwinoed. that thelr nugtrve usecl keyboartts). Throughout the set, bass & drums maintain a-sharpr-st?ong, danoeable rhythm the lea-d guitar doing a fine job of oreating the peaks in each number, tue -atotry songs hingingwith on the dual rtrouble Tbat lou Put Me llhroughr actually got a few people up & 4ancingl iriler€ra A'+o follow e nunber that you aalr a,]1.get up & da,noe to... itrs called. igecretsfr,. Oespite the 1ow-keyit!reapon6.r al'l out to-en-joy themselves up there & are putting a whole lot of ini; - ' their set. rrThis is our new siagle. Youtve all got to go out &'buy iI. ri;"-oJi"a'fa1k1;? "o""b PicturcEr. They were all up & danoing to this at The Himmersmith 6deon last night,'. ia il: - they playeil &af,fayettete in t{olverhanpton }ast night). Itrhig is our last nunber... l{e hope to be baok in 1999 & werlr ated.icate thiE to the bloke rhota-beea *3"ol"g&,the nonalr rrith hi.m &-all the rest of you - itrs oal1ed rpsychic Etricr,,. a few calls for aa eltcore & they oome back on. Tbe vocelietts enthugiagm bubiles over & they bouaoe into a great fun nurnber called. (f tUr*) rsome people Sayr. Ancl thatrs it. Tbeyrrc not nercly a good' live baad. Therers nusiciaaship, that wital spark of real orinality & theyrve a orutch of ingta'ret pop songso rtrs been a good nightrs enteriainment.

OI{ RECORD... Tal,king Piaturesf

f - the a-sid.e opens with that remarkable keybo ard ef f ect on rhythm guit ar , setting a sort of s€€-s€Llr rhythm that moves

gradually into the backgfound., returnlng torrards the end. of the song. fhis is a good modern sound. & that f tve not heard. it on I can only put down to the current glut of singles plus the fact that the further north you are as a band., the harder it i s to catch, the Lond.on-based. mass media. Side 2 opens with t0ne Hay Lover which is perhaps their strongest live nrunber ' Here, it t s very goodr but lacks the powered. exciternent of the stage vergion. tPsychic Ericr the 3rd track - is equally strong. The band"f s use of effects lends them a margi.nally electronic f eel. Niae or€e


JSG music 10BB I'{ain Street Tel. 58843. ACCESS


Hattings Rd.r Brad ford




Part exchangc weleomc -' amazing di saounter


E. (tet.+lrSlq.

LIVE BANDS EVERY FRI & SAT guid.e on p a,ge 2A frciails) g:rg sec LIC ]S{SED BAR TILL I








r AnLSmO &, lots BoTG r Custon PoA. I g uP to 2K}t FULL H/tr CONCERT P'A. IN SIOCK. ROI"AI{D




"-i?:*'i'?iii" - -rsot{u qt





ur**t ;s=tttrL c*rtr




She l{hite Lion is a largish pub in the centre outfit.

of, Hud,dersfield. { a

good. gig from a not too 1arge point of viewl with a well-d.efined alcove pl aying atrea re asonably vi sible to the aud.ience. The booking policy is pretty ecleatic, three bands. per we ek ( S.t 1 Sun r Hed.) , thi s week they rango fron H..l[. to Jaz% to R & B. Tonightr. itf s Ocneva f'rom Hudd.crsf,ield, a eix-piace heavy netal, outflt utilieing bassl drumgr, leadr r$thn, kcyboarC/rv"th. , tc voic". itteyrre young; have Leen gigging for about a yeer sporadic'ally & havc 3 sLngle out in about eix weekg. llhe two mts the band plays oonsist mostly of hcaqy nctal clnssics intcrlaced. Hith four or flve origfnef 4umbers. 1lhe first set wi]s an altoget]rcr unhappy effalr; but things perked up in the sccond. helf when there was a d.egrea of enthustasm about that ooulidnt t solely bc put down to t renta-Gtowlf . On the plus enldee the band revoaled. thcmgelves to bo fatrly qompetent nuslolane (tLougl perhaps under-rebearsed) & nanaged. to create a reasonabl,y tight sound mancd. only ty the f,eu ocoaeions when they feilcd to play tn the sa&e key. tfhcn they plqyed. their own thcy showcd a d.cgree of conpogltionc,l abllity, parttatrlarly with I Snicid,at (tfte A-eide of th; singlc) a song rith harrnting keyboare/errttar aaoonpnninent, Iyrical drana & a neat pouer ohord. finalc. The real problem for the band. has nothing to lo with the minor elips that irritated thern so nuoh on the night. The eound. tcnded, to e sort of there sflni.ncgs' & they lacked instrunncntal flatr; worc sound. problems (probally dnre to thcir lack of aoquaintancc with thc PA,) & there were *tralghtf,orward Eistalcee. Thesc ninor atffisultics oa.n earxily be remed.ieC with time & crpcricnce. The real probl,em erlsslr from the cffect the $ee.g1i11g1y end.less number of H.l{" (which outnrrnber the original songs 2t1) thati the band. plrya has on what thcy d.o. If tbeytre serl.ous about becoming anytluing more then an anonymous pub band. then the olass.i.cs have to Bo. Itt s not just that the band. failed. to cithcr do ilentlkit reproduotiong or stamp their personallties on the Bongs (tut that dtd happen), itf s just that Ltf e so easy to be tenptcd to pla,tr I Since youf ve been goner , I Smokc on the watert r rBack tn the US$R! r tJoluury Bi Ooodcr (oringe)r etc., etc. There are lots of people wbor 11 lap this up till thc oows come home r boyg; but it wont t malce you rich &, f arnous, Perhaps thatfs a bit over the topr butr tf the band, atre to become interesting (a rlcn &, f amous ) r theyr 11 have to ilitob the gta,ndarde & work out an id.entity of their* ohmr ag, well as a more powerful stage presence - itf s eymptomatic that they s€crned to ba playing for their ten otr fiftea frisnds,up front rather than for thc rest of llsr The'yt re goingr theyt rre got the abllity, but I wonder if theyrre serious" - Phil Foster. bandr g,



Efadford (tt'fz lao )

Thie was only the second gig under the ncw id.entitye &, e goodly proportion of Thc Negativcrr travelling f an club of thousenl,o turncd. uFr olvioualiy expecting lt to bc the salnc as elweyr. I t wisnr t. l{ith their opening numberl the aurprl.eingly melod.ic r Tomorrowr s Horld.t , t*rc Land *rved. noticc of the changeeg & rnorc than half of thc eot congisrtcd of now materiel (mittcn ln thc fortnight since l{tlooxt C.cparturc ) , cithcr merodic pop-rook or clascy whltc dread. of oourr. 1.,t stlll mrrnded a lot likc Thc tlcgatlyero Thcrc ua's gtill the siraplc intcnriity of thc old. bnn{ 8" lotc & lotln of encr&r (courtcry of trunnc Tino Parnrcr)r hrt thcra wGrG elm morc voonl hnrmd,cr &, morc lead guitnr rork. lessist bt Robinnn took moet of the lcad vocalg & nalc s gooa Jot of it too, but tt Has guitarist Pstc Stobbo rho took the vocal highl,ight of, thc night rith l s€nsational touok of echo on t t{ Drcad,r . In Gomparison with Iltre Negetlve$, tyetcriour Footsteps garnercd only nuted. audicncc rcgponrr It took their third. song, the glorlrrrning I H.eok P anther t , to draw a,ny re al epplausc I &, tt H&a thcir scnenth, I I l{anna Bct , beforc .uryonc wa$ d.a^ncing. fowards the end. of thc sct & for thc Gnooresr the band ga\ra in to thc expectetionn of, tbeir faas & trotted out somc of thc old f avorrrltceo lnoluding I Hbuse of Thc Riging gunt , Itorrc Ig. Not Rcalt & r$tekc Outr. Prcdiotrlly, the Vanl.tef floor Lccanc B nes$ of heaving, eraying, pogoing punks,rilting out -, tt Hlr; ef,ter s111 what thcy had oomc fort The cr-ltsgatlver are attcrnpttng a tark of sizcalLe propoEtlons,ln movlng so rcCically fron suoh 3 etrongly-establisbcd iCcnttty & try:ng to, talce suoh, 3 rea,ctloaarTr entouragc of fans wlth thom. Howeverl thc new Land. toqs_ work very wcLl &, if glven the tLrne & thc cE?ildcc', ney provr) to be a"s, arccesstrul ar their illugtrioug; r



Support band Thc IdIe Rich also stcm to havc an identity problcm in that thcy gDmctinos oallt 'thems€Ives The Platcs (o"" tSB 3). For tonigbttr sho,w thcy hrerG

d.efinitely lfhe IC.le Rioh & Bl,,aycd. en encrgptic set that was anything Lut idlc. The band hevc a tightr porrGrfuf sound. (lergp1l d.ue to the driving bass of Dcz Steunton,), 3 goot

vlccalist in his brother hendra, A ay! uluenrel d.rummcr in I sl.d.r sid.el,qyk who $oGms to spccialirs in specd-of-light drrrm rollst Urrfortunatcly, chri$ sorrnalr played too much dLsoord.ant guitar, sspoiling some of the sperscr moments - although he played the oooasionel nioe fluit Llnc. Howeverr the bandfs main probrem seamcd to rlc in their material. after kicking off to a grcet etart with r Heiting For Iff I r pou€r-gocko' pieoc of pop-rook, the regt of thc sct wts a little on the bitty grid.e - noted cxceptions bcin the regge,c I Story of t{V Lifet & rEverybody ELtc Ig In Lover whioh went through somc rlvotting t imc-ohang€c. On thig showlng, thc Rioh worc e gool Lu flar*ct band who still brvc r lot of potcatLjl. Unhappur with thc gtg thcnrcLvccl thc tend. ncrn

taoklc their problcms. I(ore $rbstenti r^1 natsrial & a stronger guitar line should rcc them Cencllop into one of the oityr s bcttcr banl'c. A trfegetiv€$ conoert used, to be an crperLcnoet a jarn-packed throng of punks wildlng out to a - Kctth E. Rioc. straight-aheaC powerhousc incarnation of '76 punk fHA! B|f oF sPAcE- l{ow's Agotlr auy,fle Ulterfor Motivcs, rock. Btrt tirncs ohange - even f,or Hf adford, ptutksr ringle - :Aqofher Loyer'"N 'Y, Gotta Shart' on Motiye M usig Singer Dava tliloox Aiantt want to oha,nge & optcd. t",ff.!t i l'' fina #f Y I ra ag,: :,H ew &w' ilfit?E.t; Rocl€r if you send a 9u;,{+ }our 6arne

t addlM


From.S.E. Loaclonl the bandrs ourrent line-up ie Dennis Greaves Mark Feltharn (trarp/voc) + Sticks Burkey (ams) - his Ist

(voc/gfi), pete clark (bass/song gig,"itir-iire bancl, after only /-h:s



tennis & Pete were together in Stants Blues Sand (founried July r?7) in which they lrere joinecl a year or so later by lt{ark Felthan. They playecl pubs initially, gratlually working up to largJr venues Iike Dingwallse doing their owa rnana€ernent/a€€nay bit & holcling down day-jobs.-Tb-n; in eal t79t they met up with their current manager - l'{icky Moclern, who lookE & sounds-very much like Jimnry ior"ry of Sharn 69 - A deoiiled on the narne-change. I asked them about tbe problems of playing blues when musical trends titl recently - hare been in other d.irectionsr rrl{etve always believeil in what werre iloing. Itrs a -matter of attitude & werrc ohangeat a few peopJ.esr attitudes just by stioking with it.,r Uniler iliolgrr s wing, they started gigging heavily - 'rwherever & whenever we coulilr - & tnougbt out thie llve EP in Dec r79. So far theyrve shifted over I2'OO0 copies.& itts stil1 going strong - ao nean aohievementl especially when you consicler that itts only in the past few weeks that thiyrve received' a^ny rned.ia attention. Tb.e first 3rOO0 copies were pressed on l{ickeyrE orflr !{ & L label & were all sold at gigsl then A & l,l picked it upr pressing a further lrOo0 on M & L before releasing it on A & ll. 'rDerek Oreen - the vioe-president of A & Ii{ com€s from South London & gets oa we1l with the band - wo owe him a lot for his Eupport & backing."'rTheyrve really gone for it...r thatrs the banclrs rnotto & it might even b€ the title of the first alburn. flhe standard.s & originats in the set are split about 5O/5o. ,'ftr I Chica€o-style blues - Little tlalterr [ud.d3r !{aters & a^nyone else like that - not white 6Ors blues.', Since signing to A & M in Feb, theyrve be€n lining up b lot more gigs ("l{etre mostly a live bantl.'t) though tiris sig is only their 3rd outside the Loadon arda. Theyrll be going out this month (Apri1) on their first nationrid.e tour. llhe bantlrE nEtme oomeg from the title of a Sonny Boy Williamson numbert trlttuddy Watere iloes a better vergion of it.'r As a ualt, theyrre totally self-sufficient, with their own van, p.a., etc. rrl{e ilonrt go over 2kw or use a lightshow or anything like that. lhe aim is to 6o out on a 1or runnirB oost & s,imply play gooat music. Itrs a long set - up to 1* hrs, but werre all working tad.s & believe in working for what we w&rltr'l g ont_Aetr rloan on 01-701 -7 462 or via A & t't on 01-736-3311. (intervre yt bt Nich loczefr)

the record np opeas with tPack Fain Squaref -

a rip-it-up fulI-throttle version of a number thattll be fa,miliar to al} fans of live blues. Great energetic stuff with fast hamonica to the fore. Next up is tRopket BBt - only slightly slower. Itrs the ba.ndf s immaculate tightn€ss: & fine live feel that immed.iately impresses - that & the great harmonica golo that closes the first side. Turn over for a beautifully renition of the slow blues tlast Night (f lost the best friend. I ever had) t with Feltharn taking the vocals & a fine guitar solo from Gre&v€se followed. up W more good harmonica. The final numberfs Fred*ie Kingts eminently d.anceable rockinf blues f Tore Downt. The band.t s gpt the same feel for the blues that characteri sed the bes t of the early Stone s numbers - but with far more musical agility than they had in those da,,ys. The quality canrt be faulted either... if you like blues, youtIl love these. The bandf s back at the university soon - make sure the place is fulI next timel CTAIISIFIED ADS CTASSIFIBD ADS CLASSIFIED A,DS" ... B.AIIDS - Problems getting to g;',e? Ring Dave on Leeds 74LO72. S10 under 50 mile round trip" 20p per mile over 50 miles. Fast efficient s€pvic€o "frlo politics. No poetry, No posing , Tust ood m{sis , ., " {ig van (1* ton nox\. DRUMMER I{EEDED to join original-sounding band playing alt own material . Read;g to start playing GUITAR PARTS FOR SALE - necks, bod.iese pickupsl etc. Al so empty spe aker cabs & other band bits. rrorro Age r experience immateri aI. Ring la^n on Cleckheaton 878664 or Victor on Btfrd. 664tg9 (eve). Cheap. Ring Bt fr d 4?0BB or 4344L. manJr


gigs. Phone Ni ck: Pud.sey 562077 or al l day L{ed.




IF YCIrU CAI'I PLAY TH-d CUITAR OR THil DRUMS reasonably adequatelyr please get in contact r'rith Barry or (ex-Remainz) or ring Bf ford 34460 &' leave a p.0" (payABLd me s s a"ge or phone oumb€r r r€nrov&Iso Cheap tat€so Ring Malc on


f t d 44428.




NrcK tocz.sK)..n..



EI{T ? , . " mRING SO}t





m*trr: !!f#W" ,f#ftfiHkffifft lb



Ball tor Elrls





BAI{D AID t aomplete list


r Kenion

I Rochdale (t6 -traok) Lookl 38 .Knowle Rd, Golcar I Huddersf ield




WA $Oro.o..oo.oo




(558895 )

Jc$.(Lr Esaton, Bradfoqd (8-track) ( Bingley 6SS43fBf f r d 93219? or

Renr 64



4g1231) (8-*ack)

St.Ocgl.ees'Eall, Hatt lngg (r*. itr Rose 325L4) (box offioe is 3A513) Palm cove, cLubr_Hollings Rd, Bg (oi/nobb:i.c{f gg9i)

(or ask for chris


U, Ghapel Str badford. 4--t-rrot )--{ l,tf o n 227 69) Iosd stulios can offer you a packagp dcal on prossing singlc &, printing sleeveflatcl eter Ilowever, you rnight ( some corncrs ") warrt to cut (t) d.eal thc rna.nufacturcrs yourself (") try

Coinnrrnl.oations _C_entrgl

to put toepther a cheaper/fetter packagc for yortrse1f... if sor read. oltrooo Before you do arrything else (") send. off to Better Badges ( ad.dress below) for Comrnon ( (f:p + postagp per copy)::-ffiae for DII record-rnalcerst issuc one covers productione issue two promises rnore + how to hrit the modiag (f ) esk Rough fbad.e ( adaress beLow) f or their DIY fact-shects (") try to talk to a few bands whorve donc-it-themselves - learn from their mistakes - itf s an expensive businesst IASTERIIIC is the produotlon of an initlal lacquer (proeess,also calted. tcuttLngr). This is the orig:iial for the reoord.. Agk for an acetate of this - riII oost a aouple of guid, but givec' you a clear id.ea of what the recordtll sound, like" Erpect to epcnd &5O+. SLEEVES &, [ABffir.S nead to be ready before the maerter goes for pr€seing as the whole process, stioking on the labels t putting the d.iscg, into their sl,eeves. Good idea to deeigtrr the sleeve yourself (p"o d.esigners chargc t2OO or gol). Labels have to be printed on special paper & there a,re several compan:ies tbat handle suoh r*ork. You oan get records with blanl( white labels & white sleeves for Littl.e or no cost &, d.o further pa,okagnnglpresentation yoursclf - Common l(norledge $o.l covers thisl but s all very laborious &, time-consuming & the end-prod.uctf s not that professional-looking. Good pa,cka6'ing helps to secure orders from the distributor. FRESSII{C of the record.g. is the most expensive job (about 15p each on ITOOO, bit lesg if you have nore You a^lso have to oolleot then yoursclf . The labe1s & sleeves ad.A up to l0p per oopy to the pri.ce d.epending on how lu:nriou you want it. DISTRIBUTIO$i i.s the most importa"nt thing - no good sitting on 997 copiee. Most of the small label d.istributors pry 45-5Op per rsoori - so dont t overspead. on & produotiont They then sell to shops for 5O-?0p a

ffii. r*

(rlng first &, offer to send. copy of single or cassette of forthcoming single { latter means you carr get advanoe orders - rnost pay oashl some only do sale or return).. RED RHINOl(ldrtan or Tony), ! Gillygatel York (ogo++6499) RouGIt ADE (so" or Bichard scott) I zoz Kensing6l;Tart Effiondon t{lr (ot-7zT-43t2) nsan cooo nmonns (n"ay $tcpheneon), 292-J High st, tinooln, Li-ncs. rna Llt (o5ez-38322 ) $orra ( srra.r) , . 33-3? Joffrcy str Edinhrgh EIIL rmToFlST-OOzg) Pr$NACIE AmOnDS' (Dane Roberts)1 Electron llbugcr Cra5l Avel dffiTpn, (ent (odag-a|1.4l) rnssg nmonDs (nex nowir)l J|1i Edgeware Rdr tondo@j80572). HaIf a dozen more ngxt isslrc, + record.. gilee\re & label manufaoturers & nore info. ho also make badges & dupliaate bllO Portobello Rd.r London btlO "

Continues in next issue..

. so buy itl


Jrr a,fter giss,)

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3927L3 evening")

U=nlgf S.U. , gl (g:.g" at S.U. (Andy Dixonr Soa Scc on j4lj5)

& in et fraif )

, Hanninghu Ln, is (arcga) PrincevillC t{tF , princeville Rd, fl OAAry) (rul W Brian ldcGrath, thcre lfhur eve/srrn l'nch torne of the d.isao clubs also have ba,ndg when it suits thom. Recent ones include scamps, catebv j s I lcn -6it-Iinc. Sp1ash 0ner l{aximlg - try LEBI}S

Leeds-Uglv' S. U. (various hal1" ), Univ Rd, Lz (3907r soc sec for raain g'igg/hts for smarkr) 9geds,=Eg]4r

$.u., calverley-str: tt (soc see jor?,il

, Eastsatt, L2 (+f4+Ao) , L7 4- hisate, 11 (usgg51

(grgg rurn ty John


, Bankfield. Rd, L4 (man. Shirlcy TI,LLL]7 , 53 soar ranc, tL-(+SSizb)1 swarollffe ave, Lt4 (rUr+a) al Rark, euecns Rd. L6 (Za5o75; ?sno 918, Franois Str Chapcltornr, L7 (5e+u8?) ttgs t{ine B,er a wEcrever that is.. . . (fubilee uotel1)





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on 38155)


at Ct tGatl r


te Lion, Cross: Church St ( Z24gT) oechko Clubl TB-8r King st (ZOgfO) seern to rcmembcr a club calred Cleocatrera h^aviag ba,ndg on sometimGs ; Ls that inffi + Af bion Hotel (new venie)rt/stu Stli;2so)

ItKrEr Ilkl

& Crown, Chrrrch

St (eOrcda)

Cglfeeel S.U. (soe Seo 6Vl76A - nertr in) so available for hire is a roon ia Ehe Listcrg mg Stciptba _Rd. (fit cx?cnsivc - bf dm roon holds about t2O+) (60g69g). a,oock Hortql, Harrogate Rd (naraoa ,AZ4L6) BTt{OLEY

Arte Centre (ava:ilablc for h:irc - T*2) peranoe






t*ffie (or-950-5ir3


Not, -r if you can plug some of the gaps then please get in touoh. . n O. K. Joe, hcre I

.,IIalI (q".r v€nue no bart ) (eOfeaf)

rru-@4 (bod.


(neo venue),South 5t (5o+660)

c,lub (1"s.1o venue (trv 689oj... )

hrt erdirectoryt



lpli Hotel. CoId Bath Rc (errr+) & Cock & C astlc

have ba.ndt

Fecn bends advertised. at Siffa^rr-r sI Southgate

0ezt57 also at


be plenty of others. sKIPt\oN

rroqshirc Hg[g!, l{cmrarket St (f 0761 + [he Rugly CIub seem to have bands on

)+ Leader,

d., 0reet[r nd l:1,'*?.{:l 111 tisted'with direc ort eng0tries.

109 R.qclrAale.R

ffimAti - neither


led by lr/fch'lbc


d 1 61 6 t)

repeated.list-enings. 3-sider tPtequencyt opcaa, Znil albunrs already being plannedo Heal some 1!he BeanE & llotivators with cims/kbd.r/bass - & again itrs very Duoh likc - sounded good. Others recoraling there inolucle You, The lbors. I like the ratrr the raw guitar Etepr ln & thea out again. l{ice fade-out to only kbda: et Danoe Chapt6r, Th€ Confessorsl eto. Using thsir reheargal studio are b(pelairesl lrlooastonee The the enal. Tlreyrve a gecond Eingl.e Just out on Srain & $rlsteal ilerve (latter being Paul lrlirrorr s Rockburgh. ner band. - ho ran a few gigs at Glaal Rags before $IB YI8 (pre-releace copy of single on Dead Good Recorclse with lyric gheet - out o.25th April). skinheadlsf violenoe a oiner probleme stopped

reocntly reoorderl iraoks by






them).... I,laloolm Dqy (a.k.a. Fairplaf') moving 66 A-sider rF;lve llours rTil Tonigbtr. llhisrll get e of hadfordrs Roya1 Staartarrt in miel-April (to ttre lot of airplay. Itrs ineta,ntly appealing rook wi Bluabell in Sh:ip1ey). 116 says that he d.oubts that sone fine kbcls-work & a cato\r hook. Good, usc of the neauerll oarry or taking banits.a^fter bers out. echo on the druns. Like fire lGraokl they cleverlyh6ary rook & f,e bope6 to tlo a iiaat eie before he goea - may sit sonerhere betseEn m.6ffill their wcll bo oitber U.K. Subs or Coohey Rejects rith polishett nodern music. The right ohoioe for rRight Shagnasty (goocl narnet) in support - gig roigbt be longawaited firet release. 8+.slite oouplea rstaying Girlr I'lrong Tinet vitb In Bail l{ith Ths on April 12th or 6ooncr. He tolrt me that Adarn & llhe Ants bave etumped \roaalist (laan) & takea oa a rPhoner. Tbe first is a sloviEh pop ballad thetrc goodr if a little ilated.. Cholus lifts lt above th ncw Adam wbors none otber than one falcoln llclarEn (how come the bad guys alragrc rin tbru??) "E:"€e. Secoad up is a sophiatioated jazz... Soanpg (naafora) nor running a,Tuesclay rock influenoed nurnb€r that I Euspect rould aund a lb nore ortlinarSr without tha neat a*angen€nt that club (admissioa free/barrtle paitl expens€s only). theyrve put on it. Itrs a bit like some of .@!t PauI (nanager) is on 26001 - letrs hope (a) ft torkg re11-& (t) uetff goon be able to pay'fees... JggP,ts numbers. In terBE of she.r fiusi.oel accomplishment r The Vye are etreets alread of no$t saA to hear that One Adult have lost their local bands - though thei! rcrk is progresainc vooalist & that the wbole ba,nilr s futurer s in iloubt... BS Ractio Metrogrone rock prog. rather than innovative. (l-eLdc reoor*.ed. at Sept. gets better & better - & theyrre nor ctoing lounilr Hucttle./B-sicle at Pollen Studioal nr. Tork). DAItrL[rcHm (eoetate of forthooning riuglie on orn reoortting gegsions (fet 5 banits invlteil in thig 1?F1 :,shou1d bc out ty aor). ItrE a iloubls Anoath are Sba,ke Appeatr 3piiler Bluee Bardl tshe sidel r$pellboundf o/w rfiall of li'tirrorgr. fh€ Sc€no, Ulterior ldotivEg & oue other non being fj'rst is a good heany netal number rith a nloo booketl). fhsyrre dleo promoting a conoert of looal iaactg it St.C"org"s EaII, Brfril on t{qr 3rd rough nix to lt & hardworking guitars/keyboarita featuring 6 bancts for e quicl in (see Gig culde) - that make for a nKtro meLodio soural than on nost be thelet.oo PcnninE Radio aleo toying with itleas cortemporarJr IIM tlisog. 1[he eeoonil is a rluoh nore of doing nore for local rookscene tut neeil more atnospheric piece. ftrs 5 mina long rith kbale to the fore & an excellent fast-pioked. lcad beak eacouragement - so rrite to them with id.eas of AlI told, a single thatrs-bor.Oril to please faag of N.3. Bob Predgrrs rock otmo.. both shor four I{ll freake in general. It should eatrn (Pennine) & Uetrog3one rill pl.ay tapes by local 11" P*{ & banrtg - just send them in... JohnFarquhar (w[org !h9 bantl a,good bunoh of ner fans 8E:v€llo BEAllg (sln8Ie on Ran REcord.s - thc labelrs been nrnniag lhe Vaolts Bar - which tJ aow iuftyTre firgt.release). Itrs a Ehare to see a good band booked tUrougn to Septt) is now also runaing red'ucing their chanoes ty having a non-ilcaoript eventE at thJ rruoh larger queens IIaII over the road - so [ayb6 theyrll aor get tlrn-outs of nore aame couplecl.with a rather bland r€coril sleen€. That saitl'r this einglers woIl wortb a listen. the than a tlozen when bende are on there... l6tter fron a Leeds band co-op rcerltrepoiatr. They run A-siclel lNo Soys For Your e is a real groner rlth en appealingly sexist lyrl,o. Itrs the one out of gigsl sbare taeks like f!.y-posting, use Bome of itrE firofits frorn gigs to !o torarcts materials to this nonthr g batch that Idve becn planriag a€iain & builit their onu stualio. Theyrl" alao produoing a again.-on the other side are 2 numbers ; rPrcs,rurd Lee{s fanzine oalleal rQeatripagesr. The banclE is a slowish reggaeil pop song with tleceptively simple drumming, while the oditly-titled rRalre} It inolude r1his Is ltr. Iou oan oontaot then on l]nt is th€ r"oalcest of tbe ]r but 0K all the sane. Laeda 490|-4!... letters ba,ok in Jan from Ian (Recorcted. Copley & Diane Fairfax - both of wlrom thought 3t Ran Stuilios, Lecdg, - wher€ one of thc that th€ first 2 issues pluggett 116r own ba,nd too banct,works). itidnri even TII9-{841. (singte on Neet Beat Recordls). eio*ca tne nuoh - theytr€ right, "o"ty"("""r"I up ir{fself in\the red.ucetl-prio€ raok. A-eddcrs (lrd no spaoe fo:r Nowtz disc narne itt)... in Fcb or l{aroh issuee) a nice letier fron Rugty rHormones fn Action (rn Uy Heart)r nhidh, whilEt a 60ts BeatleB-lsh fron CoLuu 88 - a band who rate lra,atford. as one biologically inaccurate, is pop song. B-sider s I fake fourE6Er rhioh of tbe best cities in the oountrJr 6:or rootc ianig light ie_even nor€ like early Beatleg. l{o yegr I'iven oa to play & ilraved about hadfortlf g rooksoene to this record.; but lfd gueils they rere airniag at the naraones, Darnmetl, Chelseal etc.'r- nice onet... that preceded mocl revival Irve already rnenti.oned Centrepages - other local power-pop/flop,market (i.e. La+'e tl8/eatly t?9). Itrs Of,' but pr6tty fanzinos rorth reading are fownieat (Uuaas) &, f:1qt!41": (Reoordetl at Ric-Bac Studlos, telas). il;;d-c.;al ti*""6t.1 --tglrr oi "nicr' io""r SttITCg (caseette of 2 traoks).tOK So i gigs-& banclg arountl i.torks. Tormbeatt s al c/o S+ Itt_is a poppy rock song - the sort of thing that ieLe Worfe, 58 t{akefield Road, Aspleye Huctds. & woulcl probably d'o better on th€ US singlea markot Darnaged Ooodg is at Cookstone Hi11 Farr, Goldiboroughl Knareeboroughl IIGJ 8Un (tCts 2Op' than.on-ours. rTrick of The l{ightt i.s a bit nore DGrs 30p..] io ror"-"pao.... s"na me an;r o."s-ih.t original, has rnore oharacter to it. Kbrls/gtrsy'voc you thinkrll fit in l{owtz... bi to ttandy in lusglg.blend to good effect. A pleaimt pair of sotgso

gEanilS flqpF@nte"_, THE ELElilEl{TS Voo Ja;rne Trettont Gtr Sta,n




Greenwood.; = = Bass = Trotr*oodi Sa:(,/facking Voc = Spud. Taylor; Dmg a Stuart tilley. In Ootober 179 Stenr Rog &" Spud. joined forces wit Simeon tlarburton (n.Ctr/Voo) & Dave Feary (nms) t form a band. called. System. They rehearsed. but, lef orc they were , ready to do any g:rgs; Siraeon lef &: ues rcplaced (it Nov) by JaSnce. They changed. th bandt's nane to The Elementllr d.elnrting al [he Fcb f Bo) - 't& it was Beecbes,Ho,tel, ffi a good. on€or. tre were pleased. rith it'r. A couple of weeks l,ater r Dave lef t the band to be replaced. by Stuart & the cunent line+p was, together for thcir spcoad booking - at The l{oodhouse Hotelt f,eighlay. Since thenl theyr ve done gigs at [he Rose & Crorrne llk1ey & l{orton Institute (nr. Keighl,ey). Theyt ve a f air number of bookings now lineC. up for April & lfiay - including The Kings Head, Keighleyi The l{hite Lionl Huddersfield.; The'Tlemperance Hallr Keighley & Btngley Arts Centre (last 2 with Ulterior l,totlves ). I asked them to degoribe their ntrsicr rrltr s new Have with a jazz-influenced. ser thatf g a cross bctweca Dtdier ilalherbe & Larrra Logic." (Uafnerbe is French for bad. grass - so I guess that makes it Sax & Ilrugs & Rockf nr RoIl. . . ) . Their immediate plans are to get more gigs round the area - the aim being to get the band' in shape & a.lso get enough moaey to buy more prso gear. llhey also plan to get into a studio fairly soon to do a demo taPe. Their ourent stage set is about 5Af orig:ina.l material + cover versions of nongs ty Bowie I Joe Ja,ckconl X-Ray Spexl The Ba^nshees & a couple of t 50s nrrnbere like tYou Really Got Mef & rletf e Dartoe



= Paul Mitchell. Some 5 years a€o while at Bradford.f s C arlton


the usual personnel cha.nges in its early life. Paul Deighton joined aa bassist shortly a.fter thc band? s inception, & about a year later Allan took over on bass e with Paul pioking up lead guitaro The band then drifted. onto the l{orking ltlenf s CIub circuitr using a succession of d.nrmmcrsi Playing 2 or 3 times a weekl the ba^nd. eventually got fed up with' doing the latest chart hits

demand.ed. by their audiences & hawing the handful of orig"inal songs in the set ignored. qf rnid-f 79 theyt d. had enough & d.ecid"ed to quit the W. M.C. oircuit to sort out a new musical direction. fhey rehearsed for about 6 monthsr recruiting Paul Kitchell as regular drummer along the wayr & set (*nitten by Gary & worked. up an all-original Allan). Under the nelr name of !!e{sh Worde.l theyrvs played. a Ernatteping of gigs this year & recorded d.emo trpe at J.S.G. which has been hawked round London oollecting interest at A & l[ & Virgin arno others. (lnottrer trip to the capital is planned' shortly I to hassle further f or a deal ) . fnfLuenced, W the'likes of Genesis9 The Beatle Jefferson Airpl"ne/Starship & Steely Dan, Harsh Word.s play an elaborately-cone6tructed, but hard.ed.ged melodic rock with a ski1l that onlly years of regular gigging can bring. Contactr Paul Deighton on hadford. 676508.



Tt t F I thought it might be interesting to get each member of the band to n:rrne their 2 all-time favourite tracks - so here they srotTrotroodf sr tstarf (off Bowief s ZtgW Stardust tlP + rLiarr (fistols)l Stanf sr fClash City Rookersl (Cf - in" number that g3ve this ma,g its nanel ) ""n Grrnnt (nrane Ed.dy)l Spudrsr f Elemental ; rPeter Child,f (tyrannosaurus Rex) +.rOh Bondage { Up yourgf (X-nrv Spex); Grokf s (manag€r)r tlady Partirf Elcanori (t,inaisf arne ) + | si [tr Doit (tratrport Convention); Stuartf sl IFreebirdt (iJ""ia Shynara) + | Sin Cityr (rc/m ); Jasrner sr n"L aking Glaseif (ui cr lowe ) + | Coff ee Home : Cirorrnd,r (Kate Bush). .. quite a mixturel Spud. ( a"ytime ') .ot Keighl ey. 6P]]66. C ont *lz 16caek) (rnter viewert Nick

(rnon WOfdS Haf5h -fr7ira-"/s"""lVoo i GtrfKuds/8""p/voc = Gqry BRnDFoRD)





:. Paul Deiehton;

G. S.

Gary started a band calIed. Ooean which went thru




Rs F, E LD>

If ve not met them, but they r*rite:- "tbq Xpog at fFIEG-ln played their scoond gig retently 'get a good responsc from Hudd.ersfleld & seened to the crowd.. We are a punk band &, were formed. in early |79 a^fter 2 years of grovelling for mon€y to btty equipment . \ez & Nog first put d-orm 2 tracks in a i




thought we had the right members - then Batey pulled out & Left us with Heppy who had' becn sta^nding in for hirn. [rimbte had earlier replaoed,

Nel in the line-up. Then the nurnbers just fLowed out . lile d.on t t beli eve in longdrawn-out solo s going more for rhythm. The tracks that stand out most in our set a,re I Systems Killr , I Skitzafreniat, rNew Larr & f The Sackf although the 3 covers we d'o also go d.owr welI. Orr latest line-up isl Voc = Tez Xl Bass = Srimble; Guitar = Nogt Drumg, = Heppy; llea :3 Jayne ( a real name. at last!- ed.); Biscuits = Dave Ellis fFTnyone wa^nts to contact us they could ring e

Hud.d,s 562AA8

or Hudd.s

664386. We want more gigso"









Itty atlventures with.reggae began

wlth The.l{ailersr rBurningr the first Virgin Front Line sanpler ' 69p at the time. fBurningr was fairly basic & noi--ioo&ctifficult for a rock adclict. tr"ront t'ine r found forbidcting, for a time. opened. by Ehe Mighty Dianondsr engag"ing singarongt rRight rimer, it qui.ckly turnetl into a r"n""ing a, at rirstl mesh of"d;;--lffects, impossibly gruff voices d.ecl'aiming nrystical sligans a rr, previously unlcrovrn north of Brixton. Rhythms were & are the key. onoe you have heard. the music as it was intend.ed to be heard, very roucl (but not clistorted) in a ctim smokey room filled peopre, you begin to uncteretand. that reggae is - Iike R & B, from which it spra,ng - ruile, wlth aimea straight at the pelvic reg,ion. There are 6reat singers, great ananrgers & great Droducers but they are the icing on the rhythn -cafte' Bass & druns are the mainstay & the b€st r€oord.s are those that exproit, dispray & bounce off the baeic rhrythrns. Thlg is where dub coneg in. Non"reggae people frequent\y ask rl{hat is dub?" (wtrat i.s relLg,ion? l{hat is esx? l{hat is Tetleys? etc.) Easlelt t6' praying some - rooa, Ji--"oo"sel Dub ig ]g exnlain in*trurnental reggae that has been tamperect with by lhe p;oi""!". Hs nay blank.out certain traoks' tning forward others, add his own - artything is perrnissable so long as the basic r\rtbm is arloweil to thunder on with as little interrrrption as possi.ble. so dut roy from an almost identlcal instrumental. version of a 6ong to ln unrecognisable & joyous."y police sirens, steer bantls, barking ooga & mutiereat patoie uiiterpinnecl a orten.L"opfrorry-of obtiterlteo by heartstopping base & drums like rifle{ire, This sounals like a chamber of horrors to the reggae nowice b'ts as with the best things in life, practice makes perfect. Tou mqy be interegted in reggae & not lcrow where to start. The best regga€ is inportect, preseetl fron Itreoycled tupperware'r (quote-John Peel), bideously expensine & usually oomes oompl"ete rith a different labe1 & artist for every recora, ptoaor"r" stilr hoiiini trre rnain vote one" what is released in Jarnaica. Having rouna it (not^u"gv) &-b";il; il-[ffi;;;";t;"" nay-not like what you get. So the best thing is to stari with easy-to-e€t-holaiof ful1-oforeilits' Sritish releageEr Sanplers are the easiest & most obwious way. There are good. & Tlte only person playing regga€ on the regu.larly is John peel & then not rmrch ba.d. worth listening to thor. lloet,Bob-lt{arley & The Wailers recordls are pretty c1asry & easy on the un*rainecl ear. l,urnlnF sDear - not very acceesible at firEt but majestically satisfying eventualry-(aounas like a sax-aid ad..). Ilee Pgrry, -- a protluoer & occasional singer. Legendary - sometimes rith reapon. Auzugtus !41o.- proiluoer & melod.ica p!.ayer. MJstly instrumental & just about lnique. A v6.ry perEonal taste. Mikgy llread. - producerr singer & relatively new trL6st€r One good tP & some f air IA'r singlesr Culture are a d.l stinctive lrocal trio. IrP - t 1[\ro Sevens ' C lash. negFE;Thusiasts will probably declare f rve missed out the be st but , as with a,ll musio - ohoioe I is always perso[&lo Finallyl rogga€ - turder one narne or a,nother - has been going as long as. rrookf & rlaEerrres, sr nuch r€spccto Even in its noEt inflatecl & overblown aspdcts it never afproa.ches the absural pretentions,r posing & poeturing of rockrs ego-naniacs"


* RECGAE CHOICE * RECGAE CHOICIE * tAre I{e A l{arrior! - I Jrahman r'I)eeper Rsotsf - Mighty Diamonds f Lover Rock Vol.2r - Various Artists



lo. nrror"x.r

SHop H.S THG .f!.qrfirv qs_" .srL6s? rorr or b:-tq eoc n]Heqb^G, ryGww^vr


fii_Tjffi;#iJ r;iE ;;i;;;;; . ro sicrr i' R€cair.o,-

i rsi-ffiffii'S 5r3vrc4r roy5 oF mtgoiiri:;,

li::,Pt sr.el, (


ffil,?RJ;;X"H ArDSr Atv &rfri. ol Arbi"ui.qfgr.Beto,

f.r.: _-rlGr;F; Rrr:,i 4t\r s !



* J:ilJl;ll3:"' J,, l*



* REGG:AE CHOICE * RECCAE CIOICE fCultural Rootst - Dean Frazer rAfrica Sta.nd. Aloner - Culture x9^.I t In The Lighlt - Horace Andv -





Itt s not often I feel motivated. to r,srite to the press, either music ,or etraight r but f I d like to set the record straight with a few ftradford bands. Beinf an avid of your comic, f rve twice noticed. in interviews ( Beats Worki-ng & Idle Rich) tnat tl .99 a throw for Codats rehearsal room is considered. a bit steeP. HeIIr let me tell you a story... Once upon a time I wh€n we decided to open a rehearsal roomt we di d-n I t have much second-hand ge ar around so we put our own personal gear up there - Ba^rryrs d.ouble Ludwig drum kit & Avedis cymbalsr rnJ Fender 2xL5 cab &, I'tarshall 4xL2 & Peavey Classic combo &, a Marshall ,O watt top to narne but a lot. Within a month or so the Fender c ab was blor+ne the kit was hlrecked., the output transformer in the Peavey was blown, two Avedis cymbals had been niOked, & some bastard. stole the valves from the back of nV arnp & if I ever catch him f f ll wring his bleeding neck. This state of affairs has caried on for 2 years nowl with varying degrees of success to the wreckers & thi€v€so the The room is now covered. in graffitir acoustic tiles have been ripped. from the walls & the gear has degenerated until it I s barely working. Generally speakingr the room is a s

o ia month that most Bradford bands would have to do resid.ency at The Vau1ts Bar to afford an al af ternoonr

atory sarne s' a

s r ally 1) Clean up the room, decorate it & generatart it up r put good cl ass gear up there && charge ut the a ridiculous rate for itr thus cutting out pace. band.s who d.esperately need. a rehearsal spa( earsei in a 2) Keep it as it isebut who wa^nts to rehea.: shithole anyway? 3) Give it all up as a bad. job & say itf ss just too re wonf t bad that bands that may just ge t somewhere have a chance. rsal room Since l ast April r the rehearsi has cost C oda I'Iusic at, least {'?U0. ready Your suggestions are r*elcome. I I ve alrei e choice rambled. on too longr so ItIl shut rP. The is yoursr musj.c lovers. Think about it. A^ I \ tr 3


n in

l,'' t Lt'-

lt-'-'' ' j-


hi thole .

In the beginning, the charge was f'I-OO r P€r

hour with all the gear provided right down to drumsticks & guitars & leads etc. which continued'

to di sappear al arl a}arming rate. llilhy I you may ask, didnr t we d.o something about it? There a^re very few alternatives. Closed circuit [V? A Ii ttle bit expensive &, although viewing would be better than the usual crap on TV music showsl someone would have to be paid- to sit & watch it every night. Check the room before the ba^nd leave the premises? Again, impossible with only one person in the shop al night. h{hy not just give it up as a bad jobr I hear you Bgk? l{e11, for some perverse reasonr we fee} that someone has to provi d.e encouragement & f acilities for local bands, f acilities r*hich are sadly lacking in Bradford.. Having seen the way some bands started off bashing out a few tunes at Coda, it|s good to see that theyrve turned' out to be damned fine basds - like fhe Negs (sorry, tgsterious Pawprints ) & my own f awrurites t Agony Cltumn & Radio 5 alt of whom are worth seeing at any time. More recently, wefve had in up-&-coming basds like Idl e R ich, Be ats Horkin g & To t a.I j-ous about their C onf usion, aI I of whom are ser promise of things to & show rehearsing nn:sic & COIII€

s rehearsal in there. Itf s the

everJruhare - tyou gets what you pays forr.t ative We are faced with three simple alternat:


The basds who rehe arse here seem to split into


ltl, tn LFtn


Guitar Night '*irf',!7tt, t



MYLT & FRIEND t was a bl ind d-ate f or n€ o Spl ash I the basement with a bar & a Space Invaders was a:r unusual setting for a guitar nightr & when Gary Boyle took the floor with his friends I wa^s pleased' that though ftd. lost at fnvaders, I ryas obviously going to hear some good music. Cary (St")t Paul. iirctarr (tUas ) , Cary Culshaw ( aur & elec bass') & Gralram Dea^n ( arns ) played a1 excellent set of 7 numbers lasting over a;1 hour. There were I Chick Corea numbers, including his amazing tspainr, & th others were centred aroqnd Garyr s guitar r some brilliant pia^no, & a smattering of Stanley C1arkelike bass. Altogether good. Jaz?', fast-rnoving & smooth, from a new ba^nd with an obrrious wealth of stage experience. A break with the disco in half-sning }ed. to Richard Harding playing 3lovable guitar solos including rPeopler & a rateable rDancing cheek To I heekt as alt intro to The Cresters, f or whom he j-nto an invisibl p lays guitar &, mouths thank-your s microphone. The Cresters being an experienced club bandl they got the audience ("f a hundred.r or so ) going with medleys of f amous tr:nes like The Stars & Sti.ipesr, r!'iest Sicle Storyt & f t{hen You Wish Upo A Stari , finishing off with Fubeckt s stasdard |Take Five?. Their encore was deserved they trie hard even though Gariy B oyle t s band. had pl ayed' well to a seemingly fro zen audience &. got Doll€o All in all it was a fun evening, even down to the fact that I felt into a road vrorks hole on the way homet Cheers, God & thanks to Coda' GARY I

Ken Turner. 2 categories. The first are !h" serious bands like the ones mentioned (a others ). The second categor ( Sqre1y I West Side Storyr i s a f ilm/musical d'oes consists of bands who come to make as 10ud a noigo he mea.n rlvlafiat or maybe lTherets a P1ace For Us|? t eitherl ) as po ssible (""a just new wave ba^nds, ed) ... mustrve been that faII someone elser s gear cos if they d'id' it at home shot' them have would neighbouls parents o" their They think that by virtue of the fact that theyr v paia for a rehearsal room they ca]1 physically & electronically abuse someone elseis gear & roomt invite 43 matls in for a party at the same timet rip off bits of kits gr. amps, mics, leadsr plugsl etcnetCo&generallydisplayagmuchinterestin of creative rnusic as the progarnme ccntrollers itadio one. These bands ha0 better think a€ain beforetheyringuptobookanotherrehearsa}. is your i,;[Hilr Hhich cateiory ao you faII into? Andads in the he d.rurn the on r"*" s ba'dr P*rS"@ "t"ibhled" rehearsal room?

liehearsal roonns in London are amazLng - all top-class qeax, Pool tables, SPace Invadeler outr a€€ous cof f ee mzi.chines, etc' The pri ce s are so

H€^h^ hO CltCh

.a*e , no rvrallfr .ttg. hard he_ r


,4 couee ,&e

beeft bht round ou? weti. They,rr vtri l;he X- ruy gpeF, t/hof rf,e 1r€ num€rous, Elene h*UeHs tNOUI/ n?t dvplay mast scrlbirrgly 4r.14 o$11q1- bL ig an abundance of pocentiat. re.The

wilti,\"t qfole^.d" hig ffr$$silt& gz^rY wiu -ch€ c,^A r<qrtk 5* {A4b ffiu^:*;.u$ l*ele--cr - cr Whipp*s whrwebs the_Pt.qls


l""fln:)s here' lqs&""4 niahU.

'ilffii m'

gfill Fo rell ig?'ts fdtt dtrnensions, tl bnf iltr a good oie, Sam? applfue Wi witl &qr^ats lrarrl relehar^als Eo fhe arniqenents & colreri^ {treq o,^t.{ S{ uabbf ? N<r bebrrreeq tlcldiffqrunt i n ttrunents" qto,,-? A rohole lot 4 qrrd iiere, UnU ittlr ^ t4,Ht flrer€ut. .Give the-in 6 mon ths & theyAs i b€


Fs,$ {.. . g45tara'caulal be-

id^Cra.tiz4, €o h"ar ,"glsr,?ldri{k:t--oo tbs Thq,t fhq*- could,bs t*rc $rt t*rr covl4 rt *iT"l. Gnversobioyr, op.r'lf h€a/ eta4 q$he^thq

shoutd really begin hitfing |righr.


ffi-{fu ffiloT':fu.



r- r, n€r\,/ f erul Lr\

E C)

tape's o,K, , buf imirr qiqqinq a crircrrenee & they'lt teavi iE w'ay behind , The qir I grhqer,e voice- har


D/lNcF cHAprER



rrcorded a! Rorn Ekadio$, tJbt ?wryohe,s nugic, ?hit, buE r qo &,


got-a.$ood revreur



1r* jbll issui. Theie Z thlchs are e;11ltrri'"ibia,-t{ a\JU"e'rtoSt & Chat'r ny ontv retaryafion. Itd lihe Lo hovf neoid ttre urnd injec he€,'"\


s,rrFri*ha, &'d, *{_ $1lllc ]te' ha$ "At".r g4{e A at lalf or fu rs Hhe ar/orrll *ou sL lccalYd e^,\k. is t4betf cd iE concerne{. rh{ sqid, here'q a pair ,.1r lttt rtl"e.^ lt -i ^ rrLop \ triert {C,}{ {,.e. of songe thal rhe gup b*wten 6c'pre- T )t4 it uotl< Z t:rperi4 enhd s'bridge rocle - will Lfie {4"{ L6r- lea,ves $S*{"r,.rch t fut${ t.s? unibe C, en'phatis ort Btg Flrylor to V" ctedrcA. NonnaLkpr firner. rtrl Eound is blwpd &cxrtt<g a toUot baEs,?ngl ha,.l r,tucl. *ztley..k *fi.ter:q-. baEs rev u? a ftrieE { *gol15 rhykfit iS ar *ae, tlas waril e dpinio,^ , c.c ideasYgs orter urlnich the guilar'play7 ryffr..' A the hygnoVic, droun-o rrL vocat givei nfl"it- r*Ho-' qfliand b urdok a sini*er tention,




#" Arq^

^ a*J his$nr t^/.€ h"o^ls?-y VFF F€r,{ lurna{-. DEfvlo TRPES',ii;Egg,

SbFS ..O

the. t41q{t is there. .49 'tCte e^^it ...ftot "^,bL




FF €DC_g (a ?-trlch crtgettc thrt

inqhdee one *f t+e Lraehs on fheir imrnlnent ti4gle). Thr banilplry popr roch, rnrcic d are frg,rte 4 bi. diuf.A & dirtritrtiys vocellt. The irtrgic is d r-gt

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Got artLrol,' is fht curreytL Ng.l on the Mc.R. offlce (rny playlirt, f ronb roo 'o) rHE, EIEI4ENE (g-trach ca5s ett). ldhil* Knr f V4, haye. been oh fhe ,rc r\ r onP iSorr{ or Oilobher, fur vatvg The El a F\ bn. Et arc e n?td uettd - 'ro ' any Lonpavironr woutd be nQ,f[. rhe brv..j ieeir nghf & the nf.ptayrr



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DexyrE rruqB6[u Midnight.Runners r\wr[sr-5 -- 4 Birmingharn-based o-p1ece a Drfrflf4644-paseq ts, (Sf"/ b $-piece ouTI],! outfit -- are n€v]'n Kevin tlowlan(tE Rowlands (glrl . rE^J'v AI .Archer (gt")r Jim Patterson (trom), Pete i,tirlians (basa), J.B. (""x), steve siJone" v) lV,"g"), ("rto sa:c), Antlee Leeke (kbtlE) a Growk (dms). Donkey jacketE & woorly hats are'their tra4e mark.v | Their rnusic has powerful

z, .!. k ]t-


soul feel to it, major influences being






George Benson & a host of other 5Or s sbul artists. fhey mix Eoul with their orn id,eas & procluoe a nex tJDe of rngsio thatrs not a revival of 60rs soul. Ska is olcl news - best Elrap your parkas for

donkey jackets before the prioes go up. De:ryr s are definitely not just a fun band. tlhey take their music very seriously. Anti-poser, genuine feeling & total ded.ication is what they try to put over. They prefer doing it the hard way, playing sma1l venues all over the country. They have just a 44-date tour. (Kerr1n Rowlantlg, I must sayl has changed since his days in The KiDjoys). Dexyrs cane on at 10.30 & by: that time the place Tdogroph & Argul was quite fu}l. After the first few numbers the audience started to move w'ith the fiusico The band. really put a lot of effort into the g-rg & when they At th€ Shearbridge pu all came up to the edge of the sta6e the atmosphere housc in Great Horton Ror4 was almost rnenacing. Powerful conviction to thei,r Bradford, in converstion vith custoncrr be said he was I music is certainly the impression I gpt. Even if detective condrhlc injuring ou t like the music, you had to admire the into thc Ripper cuc. way it wa^s put over. Some of the songs werenr t m€morabler but these were overshadowed by an otherwise sparkling perfornance. They sEnt donn really wel1, 2 encores no less. It wae a short performance of about 40 ririnutes - deliberately sol beoause the bard reokon the atmosphere i.g lost & people get bored if they play for

too long. If you like ska then youf 1l probabl:/ like The _Dexyr sy it! s the sax. The ba.nd believe their, type of music "will become much bigger than ska ever was/is". with a teenage gpneration who missed out ;; 5Ot soul & now waJlt to hear it, they may be right c The d.etnrt single f Dance Stancef was Sood & their current single r Genof is even better. Definitely Thanks to J. B. f or the Dexyr s infor'mation. one for your collection. The V.f .P. t s are Jed zre j Dmochowski (gtr/voc), Grry lrlorley (*"/

of music they like & thatr s why they play it Their stage act was quite }ively, plenty of enthusiasm but withou any real power. Idost of the sorrgs ihuy were your average ne pop but they d.i d. d.o a coupl e of grro d. numbers . The reception they


gpt from the sparsely filled Communal hrilding was very tame. After about 20 minutes into the set they covers of tEippy Hippy Shakesf F I Wipe Outr to try & make a better atmosphere it d, t work & ithey d"irlnr t get an encore. The bandr s musical ability wasnf t fanything special except for the drummer who was excellent. Personally,I II lrlougnI thought Tn.ey they Weren' They geeme werenftI SerLOlIS AT' ELII all. r 'I.ney serious at seemed to iI reI'SOII4Ilf lbe mainly out for a laugh & the au*ience cane second. To get ary id.e spread. succe ss they Hrill need. a better-constructed. set &, to rect their enthusiasm to l.lriting more original material. fo be f ai if itts possible), it r\ras only their second. night supporting lfhe xyrs. They came onto the tour' at short notice & had no tine to epare for it. Their music isntt everyoners pint of Whitbreadl but f you like fun pop mugic theyrre Hith enough publicity they colrld go f ar ( d.ont t quote me ) if Sque eze can f ind f ame playing popr why canrt other bands? Their 3-track E.P. rCausing Complicationst is Thanks to Paul for information on the band.. worth a listen. Nowtz (efira)

radford Printshclp


C'ood (Fre,rch) rcch, Progrtfritne on 9unday A{,fernoons aI


rbokt tSoOm.


d s, Re t't llo 1 5t e 71 en wo(, Cra ny s, 1'1 plrleix, W ho 9 m p le f,lvdt, H.etrt, B o.b 5 eelqer, ? de nde( r, F I yi ng Lr,mb retlav, Sfc , . , .


(a posh nalne for a basic facifity)




and desfqn Posf{s @^ o{t^Y r oE reosonable'ptic?s



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LgviiRs-RICH 8200,



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Gear fncludes: TEAC 3 ]40

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offers 4-tiRACK with DE( at C3-50 P.h. + tape

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brew of Press. RElease. Ilad more been throu6hout th€ set, they cane back to perforn t; their talEiTila-i66$n-gized audienoe a blues jan which ihey,t-rnt""a"e'aoi"s to ti oould quite easirly have been a packed one. begin rith. Ilrummer, Chrig Parker, sairl thot had I The bancl openeal at a fast paoe in the ahape of not reh€arded. it prop€rly & that none of ttrl tana tAra,yt. blciarCusaokl nooalietl tlid Justlce to lorew it that well. a nunber whioh had a good lyrio & rnore rl[rthn & 0f the nurnbers performed., 3 stuok in ny mindr tAwayrr rThist & the inetrumental nelo\r than rnanlr of the so-oalIed gensational rpigs Tirat FIy smash hits that we bear all the time' & the bancl .& Go ]),aadt. The laEt 2 ghowed the banrl to be pcrforncd rtth a clegree of enthusiasm not aLwayg influenoedl in n6/ mind, b*r the likes of Santaaa & present in groups playing gmaller V€Dll€se P.F'.!{., but were none the lees enjoyabfeJffi rThisr is in the Genegis moulit - being eimilar in llext up was the band.fs offeringon our fair iglers unenployrnent, rOff llhe Jobrl which style to tl,tany to6GyT. inoorporatecl the ctual rhythm guitars of t{iall Points against Presg Release, although quite McDonough & Paul Everott (who cloublea on keyboarde few, cannot be ignored. there is stilf a great on nome nurnbers) rith an attractive leat[ so].o from cleal of room for improvernent, though tonlgbt the fornero mistakes were at a minlmun. I feel that perhap6 Unfortunatelyl the evening vas not without the they are too heavily influenced b;r other banila odct technioal hitch. The Eecond. guita,ristrs arnp which may stop them from getting a eizeable kept up & there uas a brief stoppage while following of their own. I fin<t nqgeelf, asking if the cxperte stru66ned frantioally with the problem. they noulcl se1l reoorclse given the ahance to do The band sesn to be ttoggeit by :}rouble*i hrt it them. A .lot itepends on the new material. llhE set ueually rdorks out fine in the set. This was true at present is however vely accossible & they are of tonight ag Miok Rennard, the bandrs bassist, werl worth aeeing in oonoert. *****'****tt********t***** *********r***f**i explained that not only had hi8 Onn anrp paOked in cluring the sounatoheok, tnrt at about 7.3O there had rrSlBOP PRESS (R€lease)t- Sinoe this gtg, the banil been a 2ominute pow€r out which oaused. a few have split up due to personal commitmentg & d.ifferenceE. Ihe woril is that the basslst is hcarts to flutter. Sack to the eet & a rousing well-construated reforrning the band & thatl of the olil line-up, llbicia & Pau] have both 1eft. rookrnrroll nunber calleiL tViolent Timesr. To follow this was ltReggae thipr , an expression of the bandr s opinion of reggae. Itr s enough to say that one line geest naintt no substitute for rock I nr se]]tt. It rf,as a nice little variati.on on the gta.ndard reggae beat. Then came what was the piok of a fa;irly good bunch. Ar instrumental, mainly showing off the skills of Niall on guitarl it bore the oharming title of tPlgs That Fly 8B Oo Deadf . This was their newest nulnber &, a good example of the variety of music Press Release p€rformr This brought the first set to an end. & the crowd, now growing in number, showed. their appreciation.

p'of llkley


;; li{oney'.

iltlf*fH:;.:::":!l'1i"":l.HftrJ]" p-Wl #.ffi.* ifii HARDHI*# $i.:r*;#l"t ii**i, F: "u:: ttrf I-I- -4- -B Itlho Killeit lilusio?rr, a reference to punly'new the

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ll-lrl N E $

\*\I-lFNlFI.;--^i,-_-_-iiii Hill cqtq mN .\iiiiii,ffii:iiafii;t 94a $otlirts N wave exploslon of r77. rMoney lilakes q:tlJlr rarsr'urstt'c"t m'.:frSSl: Rlsr uarnr.ursr,.o.,, -TRBEU' NlronqonwLL'zz'' folLoned.l a^fter which thingg rere glowed down a litt1e$rasongainp1yoal].eil'This|.t3ottlcs|&u.u.*.,o6NPrt^!uNEuDLltB rBetter Nowr went itorrn rell with the audienoe whiohr by 4ow1 vra,s quite impress€do Nobody objected to hearing tAwayf again &, because of the



23"d -BNDHRil 30th -sltyEoBBoils -


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Cheets +;ll



who lrta\S {ne- wl'rrrc-r ?... .. 3 wrrtrRs - lrlilia.n Fenoushty + iteye Brown +f4ich Fearrr{ey.. =





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Wcll Cttv Rochers



st;tl aviilable ?\30p each + l5r paching,..

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Noisa Coluilra, (7) H:;T a 3 !,'{',r ;f :*; Y:t:i lorrii, gion t 9;jyer gcrefn 'Oirii + ald nunrbers 1*'eA$r. thadr'' 'lrt* t Planrt, rfc, fir r Satlord + flr*tltr 5r gand , I7 Addh]rt in*r.r''.ank- . (1) l-b.t AgonyCcirrnrn iort + e icgf r rlit Act Wrivr -Ayothe. " +.5ainr*Traprpui WorRing Be'.lts PlaFs { i.t the lq Sa'n4 rtr.fiui * Lrrrtliqrrr +-fayentg,c Sollier j , (tr,

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lamp standard

of Si. Jam€s's R'oad, Carn'berwell

rzgi. throsra out. The driver' -#dreae6fii iraaititt, of Blackthorne R'oad, BrLstoI, E/as u:r'hurt' IlartEliffe, --eff five'were baken to Oh'ipp-e1h9p ffoepittl and la[er alt except Martin wer,6 transferred to Bath' o Vince Eagel', the 19-year'old British Roclc 'n' ndti singer, who was due to and iiy to Los Angeles ryi!! Cochran Vincent, was told of the accident at ' London AirPort. He cancelled his . flight and, t6ft bY car for Bath' West RidinE visits Both Eddie


the West recent aPpearances in fnty starred in a Rock 'n'R'oll ittOlng. -at ttrb Gaumont, Bradford' on irtow walked i""n*ty 30, when Mr. Vilcen! ' off std,ge in the middle of * song Uicause"of constaut barracking from a'section of the audience. They also tonped the bill at the Empire, -Leedso of lVtarch' i;i;week at the beginning born ln Cochran, who was to Oklahoma, is estimated and miles 30,000 have travelled nerformed before more than a million PeoPle. Vincent, i [irie. native of Norfoik-, Virginia, is a forrner boller tender in the United Siates N"vV. FIe was one of tlre-Rock 't-t'-$oll piorieets with Biii Haley and Elvis P:-eslery'.



thetlr gar hit a lanp standard' Wben --pdengets-who. aiso i:ociuded the ^ a frlend. of Ml* Snettey- Sharon (201, cochrau's, and lvlr. Patridr ThOmpKlns

Reginatd, Brace 'utrites:




Cocltran ancl Gene Vincent



after' Bath (Somerset),*yesterday -in a' car crash noo; atter beind (Wilts) earlY b€;t ChiPPenham ln the day. of another American Tlre condition (21)' "Flock" singer, Gene Vincenb craslt' who was aGb i:riured in the " fair"' *as sald, ti-int-n-epital to beended a Cocbran and Vinbent had and Bristrjl at week'g engagesnent A-irPort wir* on tfreft way to London l2-weelc ib-nt-t" I-u eodeles aftcr a H



tour of Britatn

Back lssues



SECOND U S 'ROCK' SII.{GER INJ{JRED A N American Rock 'n' Roll J-r singer, Eddie Cochran (20), died in St. Martin's Hospital'


ilbiCike orre wa1to do ib. G) tr:=1":!q), Z fsrs e*ch^#. p"iab in rist.(f z, i9 ?rJr-rt^t "& iVF*d nuerca,l bc[ics gr.u? (=) lgiln. or\tz . (6rl)



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rash death


v) H[5 r3

in the

*ly f days of rosh mu sii , wis hiiled fn a car crash. Belou, is the reporf o{ h;s death eppeared in the {ilat pre ss on the local fot{ou, iog day : fg u res





Cfues AcrosS. It ffi-mrtrolo;. awf, I







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N ,. , Twenty f€Ers ago this month : i" April' L7t t, L9 6O - Cochrin , one of



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*ac[io rcts










?.00 F M I$EDI{ESDAYS Pennine Radio 235rn lfi-I & g6.0 Vm, Stereo TIIE




@A llu5lCrlt $lSlRtIllEllTS- SAI,ES


+ lllRE + FXPERT TUtTt0f{

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3o0oo aratt$ (Rn.Rig r.7olz Artsn TnnffSpoR?: P.A. HIRE

+ cReil



&ggtg.feg:- f{lrsha[N,, Ludwfg, Cartsb offo.s gvatfono frenier; Oiynpie. Tama, fbanezrftarl ,Beyer, fl.K.&, Xorlr have;, Gr&sche Stingerland,


TusT rN Lf,RGE sToct{s GutTf,Rs FRor'{ f l5o - r7oo,

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Allan &, l{eath 16 x B mod-.III TascaEI Bo/S -

Revox W7

$pace Echo

Fij[R;itereo Graphics Ai(0 lihure Electrovotce tialrec Mikes Resident Producer

RECORD PRESSING per l:ro + taPe t50 per B hrn Cay I taSre ?el. 3iniiley 58E43 {}r f;t f ! d 8321.8? aisc 3'fEcl t19:.231 iiate*3



New Yamaha CS5 New Yamaha CS30 New Hohner C.P. duo tlew Hohner Globetrotter Pieno Wast Synth



[575 f399 f195


Yanraha CP?A E-H Miers Synth S/ H Jen SK2000


fg5 {.125

New Guitars Left Hand Gibson Aria Pro ll 245 Aria YS 300 Aria RS 850 Eios Bass Left hand Gibson Les Paul Anniversary Les Paui S. R . D. hand made


tl75 f175


f575 â&#x201A;Ź595

custom 1?25






possible prices





Fender electrics

at the

call in and see for yourself



New Amps

. i2channel Mixer LAB I Combo 520 LAB L2 Am p I Cab 567 M.M.1212 Mixer 315 Maine 200w Slave 2i2 Maine Artiste Amp 295 Fender Super twin 7Q4 H.H

Fender Fender Fender Fender

f350 f275 c295



twin Reverb M"M. Bass Combo PA 100 Amp

f95 f1 75

Powered Mixer trO Kitchens PA Amp S Reverb 175 Randall 120w Mixer 531 Custom 150w Mixer Amp ZM Yamaha 5100 2 x 12 Combs 395 Yama ha 2 x 12 Cab 199 30o/o





[i 75 [295 f135

Reduction on Fender Jumbos: Ciassics

25c/o Reciuction on Lancjola 15o/o


f225 ffi50 f375


Reduction on Yamaha iumbos: Classics

A large Selection of Reduced Drum kits *, lncluding Slingerland, Rogers, Premier, Ludwlg, Beverley. LARGE SELECTION OF SECONDHAT"JD AIV'IFS,CABS, AND GUITARS.


BRADFORD 26 North parade. Tet. 23577. AIso at LEEDS, tsAFiNSLEY, UEWCNSfC, HUDDERSFIELD


Yorkshire Gig Guideffiffifff

All gigs listed here are corect at tir:i': of going-o p"e*n, trut some may alter. If yourre keen to catch a. particular banct then yoo can ai-wa"vs ring the ienue on the day to be sure (see Ban* Airi, page for phone numbers). alt""r,iations: to be arranged, TS=to be confirmed, H,i=Hear6r I',letalr RtnrR=RockrnfRoIi. IffBA= you Icrow of other'r^Iest Yorks. venues that I orrght to be listing here, then please ring me (ntfora 21857) a tet ne know. f,ireini<s, i{ave a good month. },I.f. ruE


y4 uLTs

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- Trarnpu


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Nl$JC5 Htnl,k'1, Y -Th r FlErnents. FA t{ CIUB. LEI'S - The Si,,ii fch . rxf PEEi , LEEDS - Tal isnra n .


D;rty 8,rt fJr'..e,


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Rorau ?nRf ,LEsls - fllibi, !! ltti t u ttr,i,'Hui6g'". th;- E I e r ents. vAVLTg BRR'B'F,D -Beats Wrhing,




eR E E ii E, TEEDS-

Dodoy Tect t?s





SAT 3r.46,r{6 ?osr, rEg}g -9odgyTaStj.cs . FF&&i6 eRFf:$*EuEFpg -FtJnev. lllDDiltt Hnll tueeos - LucHv ouEsr{s HA$. ,E F'D-rF au'ich, ,


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h/illrE Lroil, tluuDi-Press Riirast (?). 5f. O€osee


HALL, 6,

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fl{u, gf. GEORGES Hrltt rB, FtD.. S.A. Rcbgsl irn r ,\Ffo,!-*.


R 5E & CRoWx, rtKlry- ERtix VAurfs BAR, giFtD- TalismAh.

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Wool City Rocker #5  

Wool City Rocker #5

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