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Working together in every field

Working together in every field

Osadkowski SA – comprehensive service in every field. For over 20 years we have provided agricultural production support to our clients. We place emphasis on consistent development and expansion of fields for cooperation. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible level of service across the full range of agricultural production. Our offer is distinguished by:

Our achievements have been recognized • Gazelle of Business • Golden Ear for the Dealer of the Year • Granary of the Year • Pearl of the Polish Economy • Polish Quality • Responsible Employer – HR Leader • Solid Employer

• a wide range of crop and livestock production materials suited to farms of various production levels • sale and service of a broad range of agricultural machinery • an experienced team of agrotechnical advisors providing support with their specialist knowledge at

Advising and support

every stage of the production process

We share knowledge and experience by „ conducting Green Fields” training, as well „ as by issuing” and agrotechni-

• flawless logistics ensure the majority of orders is filled within 24 hours • a large seed repurchase program • flexible credit programmes and assistance in acquiring subsidies, designed to support stable growth of farmsteads

Osadkowski SA Poland, Bierutów 56-420, ul. Kolejowa 6, Poland tel. +48 71 314 64 54, fax +48 71 314 64 65

cal catalogues.

The Osadkowski Group Close to you

sales representatives – Osadkowski SA sales representatives – Osadkowski-Cebulski Sp. z o.o. sales representatives – Osadkowski Raiffeisen Sp. z o.o. company offices – Osadkowski SA company offices – Osadkowski-Cebulski Sp. z o.o. company offices – Osadkowski Raiffeisen Sp. z o.o.

The Osadkowski Group in numbers





sales points across the country

tonnes total granary capacity

The Osadkowski Group – Poland’s leader in comprehensive agricultural supply. In order to provide farmers with even greater support in all areas of production, we have joined four outstanding companies into the Osadkowski Group. As a team, we are able to offer favourable terms of cooperation alongside an expanded offer, greater geo-


graphical reach and enhanced effectiveness.

The Osadkowski Group is seeing dynamically increasing turnover with every year. This is the result of having gained the trust of our customers. 2 500 000 000

The Osadkowski Group is composed of:

1 500 000 000

Osadkowski SA

1 400 000 000

Osadkowski-Cebulski Sp. z o.o.

1 300 000 000

Osadkowski Raiffeisen Sp. z o.o.

1 200 000 000

Agrainvest Sp. z o.o.

1 100 000 000 1 000 000 000 [PLN]








Rational fertilization Caring for the soil as well as crop volume and quality

One in every


hectares of arable land

Fertile fields are our livelihood. It is understandable that we strive to care for them, fertilize them properly and maintain optimal richness. To support these efforts, it is worth trusting in the professionalism and experience of our company’s employees, as well as of the scientists we collaborate with.

in the country last year had reactions regulated using lime fertilizers purchased from the Osadkowski Group

We offer a wide range of mineral fertilizers from both domestic and foreign producers, as well as um-lime and compound fertilizers. You will also

We offer fertilizers from recognized producers:

be able to take advantage of expert advice in de-

• Fosfan SA

termining proper fertilization levels for given pro-

• Gdańskie Zakłady Nawozów Fosforowych Fosfory Sp. z o.o.

nitrous, phosphorous, potassium, lime, magnesi-

duction conditions, including expected crop yield, soil richness and other factors.

• Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn SA • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Puławy SA • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Azotowe Tarnów SA • Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police SA • K+S Polska Sp. z o.o. • Luvena SA • Nordkalk Sp. z o.o. • Omya Sp. z o.o.

FERTILIZER DEPARTMENT Poland, Strzelin 57-100, ul. Oławska 43 tel. +48 71 392 48 60 Foreign Trade and Export Coordinator Agata Szwed-Ćwiertnia, tel. +48 795 144 323

• Timac Agro Polska Sp. z o.o. • Yara Poland Sp. z o.o. • Zakłady Azotowe Anwil SA • Zakłady Wapiennicze Lhoist SA

A selection of the best seeds For the highest crop quality



ha of rapeseed

The main goal of our day-to-day efforts is to produce good crops. We select the best farming methods, we care for plants during vegetation, and we harvest them when they mature. Selecting the right material for sowing is the first and the most important step in these efforts. Our

blossoming in May were sown with material purchased from the Osadkowski Group

product offer includes certified seeds from trusted partners and breeds carefully selected based on the most important characteristics of a given species: yield, resistance to drought, hardiness, health and soil demands. We acquire knowledge about them not only from their producers, but

We offer seeds from the highest quality breeders: • Barenbrug Polska • Caussade Nasiona Polska Sp. z o.o. • Euralis Semences

also from our own experiences gathered in test

• Hodowla Roślin Smolice Sp. z o.o.

fields across the country.

• Hodowla Roślin Strzelce Sp. z o.o. • KWS Lochow Polska Sp. z o.o. • Lantmännen SW Seed GmbH • Limagrain Central Europe Spółka Europejska • Maisadour Polska Sp. z o.o. • Małopolska Hodowla Roślin Sp. z o.o. • Monsanto Polska Sp. z o.o.

SEED DEPARTMENT Poland, Strzelin 57-100, Górzec 14 tel. +48 71 394 70 20

• Pioneer Hi-Bred Northern Europe • RAGT Semences Polska Sp. z o.o. • Rapool Polska Sp. z o.o. • Syngenta Polska Sp. z o.o.

Effective protection Your crops’ health is our goal


of wheat

During vegetation, our crops are exposed to a large number of natural risk factors. Weeds, pests and plant disease are all dangerous to seeds. grown in Poland was produced with foliar fertilizers purchased from the Osadkowski Group

To effectively counteract threats and support the natural resistance of plants, it is worth applying trusted substances from respected manufacturers. We offer Poland’s largest assortment of crop protection products and growth enhancers, which serve to limit the damage caused by stressors, as well as foliar fertilizers characterized by outstanding quality, excellent solubility and high concentrations. Take advantage of our years of experience.

CROP PROTECTION DEPARTMENT Poland, Oleśnica 56-400, ul. Krzywoustego 29 tel. +48 71 314 40 16 Foreign Trade and Export Coordinator Tomasz Antonowicz, tel. +48 600 494 696

We are a direct distributor of products from: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Arysta LifeScience Polska Sp. z o.o. Barclay Crop Protection BASF Polska Sp. z o.o. Bayer Sp. z o.o. Cheminova Polska Sp. z o.o. Chemtura Europe Limited Sp. z o.o. Dow AgroSciences Polska Sp. z o.o. DuPont Poland Sp. z o.o. F&N Agro Polska Sp. z o.o. Helm Polska Sp. z o.o. Makhteshim-Agan Poland Sp. z o.o. Monsanto Polska Sp. z o.o. Sumi Agro Poland Sp. z o.o. Syngenta Polska Sp. z o.o. United Phosphorus Ltd Zakłady Chemiczne Organika-Azot S.A. Zakłady Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna S.A.

Full support for husbandry We support effective animal production

Well-managed DanBread (DanAvl) gilts produce

In animal husbandry we aim to achieve the best production results possible. We care for animals’ health, ensuring optimal feeding and appropriate zootechnical conditions. This is important for breeders, because it allows them to optimize their breeding processes and generate the planned profits. To meet the increasingly stringent demands of the market, it is vital to ensure the bar is constantly raised for livestock farms.

28–29 live piglets born each year

Our company provides you with professional advice and access to the newest solutions in animal nutrition and management. You will also find a wide range of livestock with the best genes in the country and across Europe.

Our offer: • sale of Polish, Danish and Dutch piglets • sale of gilts and hogs from the best gene pools available in Europe • sale of heifers, cows and steers

LIVESTOCK DEPARTMENT Poland, Września 62-300, ul. Daszyńskiego 2 a tel. +48 61 222 59 50

• purchase of pigs

Products for breeders It is details that make the quality

Hay net saves time

For breeders, the access to forage of highest quality with optimized costs is one of the conditions



300 hundred

300 hundred

bales wrapped

bales wrapped

with cord

with net



to reach planned profits. In order to obtain forage of suitable quality, it is necessary to pay attention to many details during production process and to apply appropriate technologies which save time, reduce fuel consumption and the wear-rate of machines. Thanks to us, you will obtain access to products which are necessary in the process of production of bulk forage for farm animals, and in gathering straw and hay. Additionally, our offer also includes fuel, which comes solely from Polish mines.

Our offer: • agricultural foil for production of haylage • heap foil • agricultural cords • nets to wrap bales • foil sleeves

FaRMa Department Poland, Oleśnica 56-400, ul. Krzywoustego 30A

• inoculants

tel. +48 71 725 41 12

• dampness testers

Reliable farming machines The goal: function without fail





Efficient field work is impossible without reliable, modern machinery. Strong, specialized, sometimes simple, sometimes complex. They are with us every day, in all conditions. You can assemble and maintain a good set of machines at our sales and service points. Here you will find a wide range of renowned producers offering

New Holland machines sold since 2010 by Osadkowski SA

reliable and cost-efficient equipment. Pre-purchase consultations, flexible financing, inspections and comprehensive service from experienced mechanics – things you can count on.

We offer equipment from: • Expom Sp. z o.o. • Kongskilde Polska Sp. z o.o. • Kverneland Group Polska Sp. z o.o. • PPH Mandam Sp. z o.o. • MEPROZET Kościan S.A. • New Holland Industrial Polska Sp. z o.o. • Stoll Niemcy GmbH

MACHINE DEPARTMENT Poland, Oława 55-200, ul. Zwierzyniecka 1b, tel. +48 71 313 32 58 Poland, Rawicz 63-900, ul. Kamińskiego 23, tel. +48 65 546 28 86 Poland, Nysa 48-303, ul. Nowowiejska 16, tel. +48 77 433 72 29 Poland, Lubrza 48-231, ul. Wolności 94, tel. +48 77 553 22 22 Poland, Koźmin Wlkp. 63-720, Gałązki 46, tel. +48 62 721 05 78 Poland, Namysłów 46-100, ul. Oleśnicka 7, tel. +48 77 553 20 03 Poland, Świdnica 58-100, ul. Kopernika 37, tel. +48 74 857 51 20

• Unia Group Sp. z o.o. • Ursus S.A. • Väderstad Polska Sp. z o.o. • Weidemann Polska Sp. z o.o. • ZM Metaltech Sp. z o.o.

Honest purchase and procurement We care about your profit

Last year

we helped farmers monetize

Harvest is the last cycle of cultivation. It is when we see if our efforts have led to the expected results.

over To be sure of achieving the best possible financial results, you should put your crops in good hands.

a million tonnes of crops

Cooperating with us will provide you with attractive settlement terms and ensure smooth receipt of crops sold, while ensuring they find a market thanks to efficient procurement schemes.

Our certificates

You will also receive a range of other beneficial propositions, whose convenience has become our

ISO 22000:2005

standard. We have worked to earn the trust of clients REDCert EU

for many years. OSADKOWSKI SA

Dział Obrotu Płodami Rolnymi 56-420 Bierutów, ul. Kolejowa 6; Polska (Poland) 57-150 Kondratowice, ul. Długa 20 55-110 Prusice, ul. Kaszycka 3 57-100 Górzec 14 58-100 Świdnicka, ul. Kopernika 37 56-400 Oleśnica, ul. Krzywoustego 29 62-300 Września, ul. Czarniejewska 3

GMP+ Osadkowski SA ul. Kolejowa 6 PL – 56-420 Bierutów


CROP TRADE DEPARTMENT Poland, Oleśnica 56-400, ul. Krzywoustego 29, tel. +48 71 398 34 57 Poland, Świdnica 58-100, ul. Kopernika 37, tel. +48 74 857 51 20 Poland, Strzelin 57-100, Górzec 14, tel. +48 71 392 03 10 Poland, Prusice 55-110, ul. Kaszycka 3, tel. +48 71 312 62 12 Poland, Prusy 57-150, Kondratowice, ul. Długa 20, tel. +48 71 392 61 55 Foreign Trade and Export Coordinator Krzysztof Kolarz, tel. +48 883 318 004

Osadkowski SA

Take advantage of our experience Tested solutions for your fields



ha at the Jakubowice DemoFarm we are growing

Cultivation requires constant attention and proper management. New challenges arise with every year. To stay ahead, always choose reliable agrotechnical solutions. Take advantage of experience gained in field and laboratory conditions in Poland







varieties of rapeseed

varieties of wheat and over

varieties of corn

and the Czech Republic, which have helped in developing the best protection and fertilizer technology in the industry. Learn how to use it for specific crop types. Trust our advice, which has been put to the test

Osadkowski Group demonstration fields in Poland

in real life. Kierwałd

Zielin Skotniki



Tuczno Toniszewo Polanowice


Kalsk Leśmierz






Sulików Sobota

Wisznia Budziszów Mała Mały Piława Dolna

CONSULTATION AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Poland, Wilków 46-113, Jakubowice 36 tel. +48 600 965 956


Krzywizna Wasylów

Rudziczka Sucha Psina

Osadkowski SA field Osadkowski-Cebulski Sp. z o.o. field Osadkowski Raiffeisen Sp. z o.o. field


Modern financing solutions We support your farm’s growth

2,200 subsidy applications


Modern agriculture is using increasingly advanced financing instruments. This helps us


to support profitable production and plan the

machines financed

growth of farmsteads.


To receive support for ongoing operations and to real-


ize new investments, come to us and take advantage of a wide range of financing programmes.

cultivated hectares

You can order a complete European Union financing

insured each year

application, along with business plan and investment accounting services. We will help you in selecting the right kind of insurance from among a multitude of options. You will receive an assessment of your farmstead as

In addition to crop insurance, we offer:

concerns cross-compliance and OSH rules. We ensure professional, comprehensive assistance.

• agricultural machine and equipment insurance • property insurance • motor vehicle insurance • life and accident insurance • insurance for enterprises

Agrainvest Sp. z o.o. Poland, Oleśnica 56-400, ul. Krzywoustego 29, tel. +48 71 314 17 24 Poland, Września 62-300, ul. Daszyńskiego 2a, tel. +48 61 862 04 00

Osadkowski SA Poland, Bierut贸w 56-420, ul. Kolejowa 6, tel. +48 71 314 64 54

[EN] Osadkowski SA company folder 2014  

Working together in every field, agriculture, Osadkowski SA, company folder

[EN] Osadkowski SA company folder 2014  

Working together in every field, agriculture, Osadkowski SA, company folder