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Imagine the grace and beauty of Japan just a short drive celebrity party planner and Prevent Cancer board member David Tutera when the Prevent Cancer Foundation held its transformed the National Building Museum in Washington, DC into the elegant gardens of Japan and the Foundation lomatic, government, medical and social communities. His Excellency, the Ambassador of Japan, Kenichiro Sasae and Mrs. Nobuko Sasae graciously served as honorary patrons of the event, which was ably co-chaired by Gail and Jeff MacKinnon. Linda and Rich Tarplin co-chaired the corporate leadership committee, whose efforts resulted in record attendance and funds raised. The evening also showcased strength and courage, as bravely spoke about her experience battling triple negative breast cancer, while raising three children and reporting on two wars. Her inner strength and perseverance against such an aggressive and devastating disease inspired all, and reminded us that, amidst the elegant décor, delicious menu and festive entertainment, saving lives was the real purpose of the evening.

tion,” said Prevent Cancer Foundation President and Founder Carolyn “Bo” Aldigé. “At the same time we have the opportunity to raise vitally-needed funds to continue supporting the groundbreaking research of early career scientists and providing cancer screenings to underserved women. We are proud to say that 84 cents of every dollar raised through the Gala is invested in programs.” The Foundation extends special thanks to Eisai Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, our premier benefactors, along with all the individuals and corporations whose support was crucial to the Gala’s success.

Ellen Noghès, wife of retired Ambassador of Monaco, Giles Noghès, received the annual Cancer Champion Award. As a three-time survivor, having battled melanoma twice as well as breast cancer, Mrs. Noghès has been a strong advocate and leading voice in cancer prevention and education for two decades. She organized a support group for diplomatic wives in Washington who were alone and struggling with a cancer diagnosis. dation board member, and breast cancer advocate Andrea Roane acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening, and paid tribute to her colleague Greta Kreuz, who is currently battling lung cancer. cancer research and screening in underserved communities. “The Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Annual Spring Gala is a beautiful and festive evening. It is also our way of thanking supporters for everything they do to advance our mission of saving lives through cancer prevention and early detec-

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After a long, harsh winter, it’s safe to say that most people are ready to welcome summer with open arms. Warm weather brings with it an opportunity to wear shorts, go swimming, picnic outside, play outdoor sports or take pets for long walks. Suffering through months of accumulated snow and slick ice can make sun worshipers out of nearly anyone. However, the new season, and our accompanying behavior changes, can also put us at risk for increased sun damage. Without proper precautions, this can lead not only to sunburns and premature aging of the skin, but also skin new cases of malignant melanoma, a potentially lethal form of skin cancer, and more than two million new cases of basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers in the U.S. There is no such thing as a safe tan and burns can substantially increase your risk of acquiring

skin cancer. That means that liberal, repeated application of sary. People with naturally light complexions, light hair and light eyes need to be particularly careful, but skin cancer should be a concern for everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. The Prevent Cancer Foundation is a proud member of the National Council for Skin Cancer Prevention, and this year, Executive Vice President and Chief Operatis serving as Chair of “Don’t Fry Day.” This public education event occurs on the Friday before Memorial Day and encourages sun safety awareness. This promotion and outreach are critical, because skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosisin the United States, with 3.5 million skin cancers in over two million people diagnosed annually. The good news is that skin cancer is also largely preventable. Visit for more information and join us as we celebrate summer with safe and smart skincare choices.

Teenagers are lucky to have the gift of invincibility (or so they think). Many of them also suffer from the vice of vanity and spend time in the sun, or in tanning booths, without any skin protection. Soaking up rays without a care may seem like a rite of passage for many kids, but the potential longterm dangers are insidious. One blistering sunburn in youth means a doubled risk of melanoma later in life and use of a

each year and fewer than half of teenagers ever use sunscreen. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as safe sun exposure and skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in America. In response to this public health crisis, the Prevent Cancer Foundation is working with the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention to help stop skin cancer before it starts, especially among teenagers. Our efforts focus on a state-based prevention strategy, working to ban tanning bed use for minors by accompanying them to the tanning salon and kids confront obstacles to developing unhealthy behaviors at the most vulnerable early ages. Indiana that was successfully enacted into a law which bans

supporting legislation in numerous states across the country to dismantle the tanning bed industry, which puts the health of teenagers (and adults) in extreme danger. We hope you will work with us in your home state to protect kids and promote healthy sun behaviors. For more information, please visit advocacy.

co-anchor and Prevent Cancer board member, Andrea Roane, practiced what she preached. Annual mammograms, monthly breast self-exams and regular clinical exams were part of her routine. She encouraged her family and the community to stay active, eat healthy, and know their bodies. She worked dation President and Founder Carolyn “Bo” Aldigé. Buddy tive focusing on women’s health. The program encourages ninth of every month and “call a buddy” to remind them to do the same. Roane’s role as cancer prevention and early detection Her husband Michael’s older brother, Patrick, died of late stage colon cancer. It was a shock, because there was no history of cancer in either Andrea’s or Michael’s family. Then had a colonoscopy. “By the time he noticed his symptoms, the cancer had already spread to his liver.” Roane immediately took her husband and mother in for colonoscopies and both of them had polyps removed that could have eventually become cancerous. son, Andrew, was diagnosed with a soft sarcoma after continued pain in his shoulder, and sensations of tingling in his arm and hand. “The mass was near his carotid artery and it was pushing on his spinal column, which was causing weakness. A biopsy said it was benign, but when he was operated on in University Hospital, the mass was malignant.” That same year, while on vacation in Israel, Andrea’s husband, Michael, shared with her that he had been diagnosed ished a 5-day course of Cyberknife radiation at Georgetown University Hospital in December, we were back at Hopkins for Michael’s surgery.” Relying on her research skills and good friends from Prevent Cancer for information and advice

on what questions to ask, along with recommendations of the value of screening – and also the value of inner strength. “We were stronger than the cancer,” she says, “Michael was a breeze, thanks to early detection, and an excellent patient. Even when he should have been taking it easy, he was the ‘very good dad’ when Andrew had complications from the radiation, and initial surgeries, just days after Michael was released from the hospital.” Meanwhile, in the while Michael became the primary care giver. After spending a late evening and early morning in the emergency room with Andrew, Andrea left Michael at the hospital with Andrew while she went home to shower and change and then straight to work. “I went on the air as scheduled, having little or no sleep without anyone the wiser.”

Frequent trips to the doctors in Baltimore for procedures over the next 3 years led to Andrew’s best swallow test on God. We had turned the corner.” Andrew continues to receive regular treatments, and continues to improve. Cancer can creep in on the healthiest advocates. “Because prepared to deal with a cancer diagnosis. But when it’s your child and your husband, it feels different. All these years later we are still exhausted and dealing with some consequences of Andrew’s surgeries and treatment. But thanks to our faith and the prayers of friends and strangers, we are FINE!” With a family history of now multiple types of cancer, Andrea is even more proactive about helping her family make healthy eating choices and stay active. They make a conscious effort to eat more vegetables and fruit and take regular trips to the gym, as well as encourage those around them to get screened – especially those with a family history of cancer. “Just keep after them. Go with them to the appointment. Be a Buddy,” she says.

to raise awareness of resources available to those who have been affected by cancer. Breakaway is a partnership between Amgen and the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the Cancer Support Community, the Patient Advocate Foundation and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship.

It’s summer, so it’s time to get out the bike! Each May, the Prevent Cancer Foundation promotes our message of cancer prevention and early detection at the annual professional cycling race, the Amgen Tour of California (ATOC), traveling through all eight stages of the tour from Sacramento to Pasadena.


early detection. Speed running involves playing classic video games as fast as possible. Each gamer has unique, exceptional skills and some even use impressive tricks to accompany their signature games like playing while blindfolded. Gamers played for a global audience of thousands, motivating them to visit the Prevent Cancer website to learn how they can prevent or detect cancer early. The site

to our website, the more widespread our message of cancer prevention and early detection. Moving tributes by donors who have been touched by cancer were posted in the online chat room, putting faces behind the statistics and reminding us of cancer’s impact. diagnosed with the disease. We hope this victory will serve as a reminder that we can reduce the cancer incidence in the

Playing video games can improve hand eye coordination, enhance cognitive abilities, and help with problem solving skills. Now we can now add raise money for cancer prevention and early detection to that list! That’s exactly what Awesome Games Done Quick did

healthy choices. This year’s funds will go towards a research grant in prostate cancer, a community grant, sponsorship of our annual conference, Dialogue for Action™: Right-Sizing Cancer Screening and other mission-driven activities. The Prevent Cancer Foundation thanks Awesome Games Done Quick for once again gaming to Stop Cancer Before It Starts! and inspiring us with their passion, drive and commitment. dream big. One great and outrageous idea, and the tools to make it a reality, can change the world.

Ahhh, spring! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I’m welcoming spring with open arms a little bit more this year. It’s been a long winter. Some ofthe best parts of spring are the longer days and warmer temperatures that come along with it. moving your body outside! One of the most important things to remember when getting into springtime activities and outdoor exercise is to do things that you truly enjoy. Move your body in ways that you enjoy and that make you feel fantastic. Perhaps you love to walk, bike, sprint/ run or hike. All are great ways to get out and get your like you have to force yourself into certain activities because you think they’re the best way to get healthy. The best thing you can do to prepare your body for an injury-free, active spring and summer is to get strong. For example, strength training will help you smoothly transition into your run or bike training season. Use your neighborhood parks to incorporate resistance training with your bodyweight, benches and monkey bars. Make sure you warm up well for any activity you’re participating in. Use bodyweight exercises such as glute bridges, clam shells, dead bugs, squats, forward and reverse lunges to keep your core strong and stable. Enjoy!

and decided that was going to be

health and wellness he started off easy. He focused on not overexerting himself, and doing just enough to

a day every few days. On August 24th Jeff Pulver is an Internet and telecom pioneer. As founder

minutes each way to work out. I didn’t hire a trainer until eight months into this.

of Vonage and Zula, he has changed the way we think about communicating in the modern age. He’s never met a start-up he couldn’t lead to success. That includes the challenge of a lifetime, changing his diet and exercise habits to become half the man he used to be. And he feels great about it. After years of being the big man in the room, struggling with ordinary tasks like walking four blocks with his chil-

minutes at a time.” Along the way he started to change his diet and started to eat with intention. To date, Pulver has outsourced (he prefers the term “outsourced” to lost,

restaurant booths, Pulver was tired. “I was tired of living in

works out with his friend and trainer three days a week. “My workouts are more intense. In the past year, I have built up my muscle memory. I am able to control various muscle groups. My workouts these days focus on core. I am living in shape for

me properly. I was tired of standing out because I was a big guy. My dad died of lung and brain cancer. He was a lifetime wanted to be around longer for my kids.” Facing the possibility of gastric bypass surgery, Jeff decided to “bypass the bypass” noting that he decided to take a different journey when his cardiologist was helping him determine how to improve his health.

Each year, the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s National Dialogue for Action on Cancer Screening™ attracts a diverse group of participants and this year was no different. We welcomed tribes and even as far away as Japan and Israel. One of the many highlights of the conference was the panel “Mobile Health: How Can It Play a Role in Cancer Prevention and Early Detection.” Moderated by David Hoover from CTIA-The Wireless Association, the panel featured speakers Dr. Anand Iyer, President of WellDoc; Juan Singer Stevens, Journalist and Member of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Advisory Board. mobile health technology is revolutionizing the medical landscape. The panel experts spoke on how organizations and individuals can keep pace with this technology and apply it to their daily lives and practices, particularly as it relates to cancer prevention, early detection and survivorship. Dr. Iyer described mobile health as getting the right data to the right patient at the right place and time, and more important, converting those data into information, knowledge and action on the part of patients and providers.

It was through documenting his journey on social media that Pulver began to realize the power of “crowd sourced motivation.” With unlimited access to people all over the world, Pulver had a built-in support group of friends and

strangers eager to cheer him on. Each like, share and retweet propelled him forward in his journey to a healthier life. In his your own parade.” Life is too short to live without intention. We hope Pulver’s story inspires you to not only reclaim your body, but reclaim your life. “Overall, life is just different now,” he says.

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Rebecca Evans Will Mellor All rights reserved. No portion of cancer PreventionWorks may be replicated without prior permission. health information materials, Web sites, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Cancer PreventionWorks is published by the Prevent Cancer Foundation (formerly the Cancer Research and Prevention prevention and early detection of cancer. All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Prevent Cancer Foundation is a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (#11074).

permanently change her eating habits. “During that week I took classes in nutrition, digestion, self-esteem, mental more. I feel like a different person,” she says. “They say that it takes three weeks to change a habit. The

As a child of parents in the U.S. Foreign Service, Kristina Bouweiri has lived all over the world. She studied International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur.” Through innovative business strategies over the past two decades, Bouweiri grew Reston Limousine from just

in the D.C metropolitan area and Bouweiri has made it a mission to give back through her work at Reston Limousine. Bouweiri has been a generous in-kind supporter of the Prevent Cancer Foundation for many years, providing shuttle service and prizes for the Foundation 5k run/walk and contributing to auction and prize packages for many other Foundation events. She is passionate about this cause because she recently underwent a health transformation, getting involved with the Optimum Heath Institute (OHI), which inspired her to

decide to give up carbs, sugar and dairy permanently or the weight would come back,” she says. As a busy parent, Bouweiri makes it a mission to stay healthy for her children through regular exercise and healthy eating. “I try to steer them to healthy foods,” she salads and vegetables. I do not have any soda in the house!” Bouweiri’s children could not be happier: “My children are proud of me for working full-time, being a single mom and taking care of them. We have quality time instead of quantity time. They see that when I create a goal for myself I usually achieve it. They are happy that I am working on my health so that I can be around a long time.” Bouweiri knew that by investing in herself, she was also investing in her family and even in her business. She shows us that even with a busy schedule, successful company, and thriving family, taking care of yourself must be a priority. Good health and wellbeing are critical to everyone’s ability to live their most productive and happy lives. The Prevent Cancer Foundation is incredibly grateful for our many generous donors and supporters like Bouweiri. It is because of efforts like hers that we are able to continue to implement our vision to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

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