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MOBILE TECHNOLOGY GROWING IN HEALTHCARE ALL PROGNOSES indicate that in the future, we won’t be able to treat all patients at hospitals; care and examinations must instead be possible to conduct remotely. At the same EDITORIAL time, interest is increasing in mobile healthcare solutions, mHealth, both among healthcare providers and those who want to maintain their good health or regain it. Prevas has the good fortune of meeting people and companies that are looking for development support for realizing their product ideas, often for the benefit of both individuals and society.

We make healthcare more efficient, reduce queues and at the same time make it more personal. Not everyone however, is aware of the tough requirements for medical technology equipment along with the safety and security factors that relate to the connected equipment. Many good ideas are realized by people with knowledge and drive, but the tough regulations that apply to products in the medical technology field can represent considerable obstacles to overcome. This can result in good ideas never being commercialized due to the specialist expertise needed to deal with all the requirements. All of this illustrates the importance of having the right collaborative partner. This is where Prevas’ solid experience and expertise in conducting development projects in the area can provide major benefits both for customers and society. mHealth enables an entire new level of accessibility compared to what we are accustomed to with traditional healthcare. We can always have a data collector with us these days in the form of a smartphone, often in combination with various types of sensors. Thus equipped, we can both view our current health status and even send related data via cloud services to medical personnel for evaluation. The capability to combine traditional technology with new solutions results in products that we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago. An example of this is the TripleA product, developed by Kontigo Care with support from Prevas. You can read about our exciting collaboration and the value of a sober day on page 6. What does a coffee-roasting plant and a windpower plant have in common with mobile healthcare may not be all that apparent at first glance, but there are similarities. Besides exciting technical solutions, flexible platforms and how one takes advantage of new technology and digitalization, there is a strong sustainability BJÖRN ANDERSSON approach regarding the environment and health. × Senior Vice President, Product Development Solutions Prevas AB

2 / Innovation for Growth

EMC MEASUREMENT CHAMBER Prevas is strengthening its capabilities in EMC with increased capacity and several new testing options for new standards. With its own EMC measurement chamber, Prevas can conduct extremely high quality measurements at an early stage in product development. This decreases risks in development and customers can save both time and money. Want to know more, contact: Maria Månsson, Director, innovation and research. +46 (0)8 644 3607, maria.mansson@

MAINTENANCE SYSTEM FOR NORWEGIAN LAUNDRIES Norway’s leading provider of textile services, Nor Tekstil, has chosen the Infor EAM maintenance system from Prevas for their laundries. “By standardizing on a single system for the entire company, we attain better conditions for shared learning and experience exchange between the laundries, as well as very efficient operation,” says Thomas Karlsen, project manager from Nor Tekstil.

QUICKCOOL CHOOSES PREVAS QuickCool has chosen Prevas as its software vendor prior to the final development phase and launch of their QuickCool® System. Prevas’ local presence, technical expertise and experience in developing medical technology solutions were decisive when choosing a new partner. Prevas is playing an important role in QuickCool’s continued development work.

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Innovation for Growth Prevas has approximately 600 employees and is the primary supplier and development partner for many leading companies in the energy, automotive, defense, life science, telecom and manufacturing industries.


PREVAS PROMOTES DEMONSTRATORS FOR INDUSTRIAL DIGITALIZATION The demonstration project Smart Factories is intended to showcase digitalization’s capabilities and increase interest in technology among young people. Göteborgs Tekniska College is responsible for building two factories in miniature – one in Gothenburg and one in Skövde. As an industrial partner, Prevas is contributing with technical expertise and mentorship for student projects. Smart Factories is a broad initiative for collaboration between the educational system and commerce. About 80 students from colleges, traditional trade schools, trade schools for adult education and high schools have been involved in the project since January of 2017. “The students have, for example, built a digital copy of the factory, and they’ve worked with smart methods, augmented reality and sustainable production,” says Johan Bengtsson, Göteborgs Tekniska College, project manager for the initiative. “The project is an excellent example of how the educational system and commerce can collaborate.”

Smart Factories is intended to spread knowledge of digitalization and to convey a positive image of careers in industry. Prevas is one of approximately 50 industrial partners providing expertise, technical systems and components for the project. “Together with Göteborgs Tekniska College, we’ve developed and installed the factory’s order and planning system,” says Prevas Senior Sales Manager Lars Sandberg, in charge of industrial systems in Western Sweden. “The installation is based on Prevas’ hypermodern production platform eLIPS, which is used by our large industrial customers.” The educational dimension of the project is essential for Prevas, which among other things, has provided mentors for student projects in maintenance systems.

Lars Sandberg, Prevas and Johan Bengtsson, Göteborgs Tekniska College.

THE INTELLIGENT COFFEE JUG Prevas’ talented engineers had a very good idea one day. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to tell if a coffee jug contained fresh hot coffee, avoiding the need to shake a jug to see if there was anything inside, or even worse pour some coffee and find it was cold? The design they realized utilizes the very latest mobile and IoT technologies and fits neatly inside the lid of a kugel coffee jug. The intelligent coffee jug, not only indicates the temperature and age of its contents with an easy to understand blinking indicator for those people around it, but can also connect to a smartphone or IoT network to allow hotels, conference centers, offices and institutions to remotely monitor it. This will reduce the burden of waiters and staff, hence improving facilities management. By placing the electronics inside the lid of the jug, the design can be retrofitted to existing coffee jugs, thus lowering the expense and outlay.

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LÖFBERGS’ MAINTENANCE JOURNEY TOWARDS INCREASED OPERATIONAL RELIABILITY Löfbergs’ coffee-roasting plant in Karlstad has an extensive initiative underway to establish a strategy that will make their maintenance more effective. The goal of the initiative is to improve operational reliability and increase availability for the machines in production. Prevas is providing IT support in the form of the cloud-based maintenance system Infor EAM. More structured and preventive maintenance is an important part of Löf bergs’ work in creating growth. The company saw a clear potential – with higher operational reliability, production could be increased with the existing facilities and the existing personnel. Michael Jansson, Process Improvement Manager at Löf bergs, has been responsible for developing the company’s new maintenance strategy. – What we’re trying to do now is execute each job order with the right resource and at the right time,” says Michael Jansson. “We’re going to become more efficient by working smarter, not by working harder.

4 / Innovation for Growth

The maintenance strategy entails among other elements, common queues for all maintenance jobs and personal assignment of job orders for the company’s technicians. The technicians previously chose job orders themselves based on personal preferences, but now production needs determine who the job orders go to. The strategy was completed in 2016, but to implement the new way of working, new IT support was needed. – We sent out a requirements list to several integrators of maintenance systems,” says Michael Jansson. “Prevas demonstrated the best understanding of our needs and was able to present a solution that was exactly right for our plant and our ambitions. Moreover, Prevas had a clear picture of how the implementation would be executed, which felt good. Infor EAM from Prevas Prevas is the Nordic distributor of Infor EAM, the world’s largest cloud-based maintenance system. Magnus Windhede, head of the Center of Excellence EAM at Prevas, has been responsible for the implementation at Löf bergs.

INFOR EAM 1. An installation of Infor EAM takes about 4–6 weeks, depending on the resources the customer can make available. 2. Prevas has implemented more than 80 installations to date for industrial customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. 3. Previous installations show among other things, savings of up to 50 percent in labor costs related to maintenance, at the same time as machine availability has increased by up to 10 percent.


Michael Jansson, Process Improvement Manager, and Peder Hanning, Production Manager, at the board for daily management.

– Our concept is based on supplying each employee with the information needed to make good decisions,” Magnus Windhede explains. “The information must be available at the right time and at the right place. Smartphones are important; you need to be able to provide information where you are, something that Inform EAM smoothly enables. For Löf bergs’ operations, the technicians will eventually be able to receive job orders on their smartphones or tablets. The machine operators will have the option of reporting problems where they occur and complementing their reports with photos and video. The project has not quite advanced that far yet. – A strength of Infor EAM is that it’s flexible and scalable,” says Magnus Windhede. “It’s easy to get underway with the things that are most important, and our customers can then gradually add more functions when they’re ready. It’s a perfect system to grow with. Structure and planning free up time Löf bergs’ structured way of working and the new maintenance systems have freed up about 35 percent of the technicians’ working time, time that can be used for planning and conducting additional maintenance efficiency measures. – It can be a matter of being prepared when an unexpected maintenance window opens up,” Michael Jansson

explains. “If a pallet loader breaks down, for instance, we can take advantage of this and carry out maintenance on the packing machine since it will be shut down anyway. We previously didn’t have that level of preparedness; either instructions or spare parts were often lacking and the job didn’t get done. A portion of the technicians’ working time is now set aside for preparing for coming maintenance jobs. This means that Löf bergs can enhance its maintenance activities by quality assuring execution and making the activities more efficient. – With Prevas’ assistance, we’ve succeeded in making time for our technicians to participate in further maintenance development,” says Michael Jansson. “We’re working more with a long-term approach and are helping to increase machine availability. It’s about development. There was nothing wrong with what we were doing before, but now we’ve taken maintenance to a new level.×

For more information contact

Magnus Windhede

magnus.windhede@ +46 54 14 74 74


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DISRUPTIVE DIGITAL DEPENDENCY TREATMENT FOR INCREASED QUALITY OF LIFE Kontigo Care and Prevas have been collaborative partners for several years, with Prevas developing the hardware solutions that Kontigo Care needs to fulfill its visions for improved dependency treatment. With the new eHealth platform Previct, they hope to be able to foresee relapses before they occur. Kontigo Care produces mobile eHealth tools that strengthen and facilitate treatment of alcoholism and gambling addiction. Prevas has been involved since the company’s startup phase and has helped in developing the eHealth platform Previct, which includes Previct Alcohol (TripleA) and Previct Gambling (TripleG). “Because we were involved at such an early stage, we’ve had many discussions with Kontigo Care about the product,” says Marcus Berglund, Project Manager at Prevas. “One of the cofounders of Kontigo Care, Daniel Benitez, is a true visionary and a driven entrepreneur in all regards.

kind of focus resulted in a product launch after just 18 months of development. But it was clear that Kontigo Care was intent on further developing the product for predictive methods. “As an example, they brought in people with many years of experience from data processing and statistics, who worked alongside product development,” says Marcus. “At the same time, it was of the utmost importance to get the product out on the market so as to be able to collect data and build up experience from how it was being used and worked in the field, as well as to initiate clinical studies.”

“Previct provides entirely new capabilities for early identification of addiction relapses and in the best event, stops them long before they occur,” says Maria Winkvist, Product Manager at Kontigo Care. “Relapses are one of the greatest challenges for today’s dependency care and cause considerable suffering for individuals and their families, as well as entailing major costs for society. Another challenge in treatment is attaining continuity and daily motivation, but with today’s technology, there are entirely new opportunities for remotely motivating and engaging patients.” According to Marcus, the more visionary ideas came up early, long before the first prototype of TripleA was completed. For Prevas, it was more a matter of dampening Marcus’ enthusiasm a notch to first focus on developing a product that could do the basic job, and once this was done, putting in the time and effort necessary for developing more sophisticated prediction. This

6 / Innovation for Growth

Fotograf: Angelica Klang

Previct Alcohol (TripleA) consists of an alcohol monitoring device in pocket format, smartphone apps and a cloud-based care portal, but even from the start, there were already bigger visions that they are now moving forward with. The name Previct is associated with two keys for successful dependency treatment, namely prediction and prevention, which is enabled through the use of advanced data processing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Maria Winkvist, Produktchef Kontigo Care

In just two years, TripleA has become established in nearly 60 Swedish municipalities and is used daily in addiction and dependency care. Despite a target group that isn’t accustomed to technology, implementation of Previct is going quickly and smoothly, and the new capabilities have resulted in several reports that support the fact that the solution is producing entirely new conditions for treatment.

“That implementation is progressing so smoothly and that the system appeals to both care providers and care recipients is closely related to the time invested in developing the product in collaboration with healthcare professionals,” Maria continues. “Care providers are the best at care and we know how to develop products. Through good collaboration, we are building an eHealth platform based on the care providers’ and recipients’ day-to-day activities but with everything the latest technology has to offer, producing an effect a little like 1+1=4.” According to Maria, Prevas has played an important part in designing and helping them to create a smart, IoT-equipped


alcohol monitoring device that is adapted to treatment. It is important however, to understand that it is not just taking an alcohol monitoring device and connecting it to an app to create the eHealth platform that Previct has become. Prevas’ work with enabling technologies – or in other words, an integrated system for collecting measurement data – has been essential in developing the predictive methods that constitute the new platform. Marcus emphasizes that this has always been a primary goal and that this is where Kontigo Care can really make a difference. “It means a lot to me that Kontigo Care can actually use collected data to prevent relapses,” says Marcus. “This is one of the original incentives for our work. Kontigo Care has gathered a multitude of experience, actively worked with the care sector and taken advantage of their knowledge. This information has then been refined to create a useful tool for the new digital healthcare.” With Previct, care providers gain unique knowledge of each individual, and they can subsequently base their actions on how care recipients actually feel – and not based on a normal distribution. Care providers can see deviations from the pattern in real-time, they have contact via the app and cloud solution, and they can immediately take action. There are many aspects to weigh into the assessment, such as increased trust, the care recipient no longer needing to be questioned, and that the solution is discrete and location-independent. Another aspect is “co-creator”, which is something of a buzz word in healthcare. It is however, one of the most important factors for sustainable care – that care recipients feel that care is shaped based on their own conditions and that they can participate in shaping it. All this entails a disruptive development in addiction and dependency care; it’s going to turn everything upside down. It also means new opportunities for research. How does the “yearning” look for different patient groups with dependency problems and psychological comorbidity, such as a bipolar person compared to a person with depression? Which treatment methods best correspond to the needs of the different groups when yearnings arise and which connections are there to other factors, such as sleep or stress, for example?

“Myself, I’m very enthused about the value of a sober day, a concept that was coined and appraised in an independent health-economic evaluation of TripleA,” says Maria. “The value of a sober day can be that someone does not die in traffic, a saved relationship or perhaps a sober Christmas for a family.” By taking the cost for TripleA per unit and per month, and dividing it by the number of verified sober days in the evaluation, the cost for each sober day has been calculated at just over $17. If saved lives and relationships were included in the calculation, the cost would be significantly lower. Even if Daniel Benitez laid the foundation for Kontigo Care with his background as a sober alcoholic, there are many other things that are worth taking up. About 400,000 children in Sweden presently live with one or two parents with dependency problems, children living under entirely different conditions than others. It might be that Dad is the best in the world when sober, but does Mom dare to leave the children with him? The new opportunities that Previct provides help entire families; another relationship can be created, trust increases. “eHealth, artificial intelligence, embedded systems – all are very high tech,” says Maria in closing. “Something that’s really good about it is the interaction with completely different segments of society, with people who may not even be especially interested in technology – interaction that makes their everyday lives so much easier. The bottom line is that Prevas and our entire team have contributed to many people having a sober day and to making day-to-day life better for many children.”×

För mer information kontakta: For more information contact:

Nikolaj Markus Hanson nikolaj.hanson@ Nässén markus.nassen@ +45 22 70 83 25 +46 70 2829092


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New sensor system enables optimal performance for wind turbines ”This platform can be used for many more things than what we’re doing now. We’ve received help from Prevas in developing a technical platform that contributes to making our products more intelligent.” Mark Hvilsted, Head of Products & Technology, ROMO Wind.

Prevas has partnered with ROMO Wind in a development project that is using a new pioneering method for measuring the wind that blows against wind turbines. The advanced technology is based on many years of research and development, and can provide major savings for owners of wind turbines. ROMO Wind’s goal is to set a new industry standard for wind measurement. They supply products all over the world with Germany being the largest market. Other important markets are Italy, France and Spain. In Denmark there are currently about 35 installations of iSpin and in Sweden about 50. iSpin is ROMO Wind’s sensor system. What makes iSpin unique is that the sensors are in front of the rotor, where the wind hits the turbine first. This provides much more exact measurement of weather conditions than what is otherwise the case. The wind sensors are traditionally placed at the rear of the turbine housing, which means that the turbulence generated by the turbine blades interferes with measurements. When the wind is measured at the rear of the rotor, it has already been “chopped” by the blades. ROMO Wind discovered that about half the wind turbines they checked, were not correctly positioned in relation to the wind. If a wind turbine is just a few degrees incorrectly positioned against the wind, the owner loses one percent of annual production. ROMO Wind has considerable technical knowhow but turned to Prevas for help with the actual requirement specification for the project, and to develop a robust and tailored platform for iSpin that they can build further on. The company previously had a platform that was based on standard, off-the-shelf modules. They now wanted to own all the technology in the product themselves. ROMO Wind used the Prevas model with the first stage being preparation for a requirements specification, and deciding on the architecture/software design that would be best suited for the project. The next stage was preparation for a technically sustainable solution and the third stage was conducting a preliminary study to clarify the project’s requirements and purpose. Prevas developed a software and hardware platform, and conducted measurements and tests to ensure compliance with the requirements from ROMO Wind and those in applicable legislation. Lastly, Prevas contributed during the approval phase in achieving certification and CE-labeling. Prevas has also played a key role in the development of the housing for the product. The solution is based on Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL) – an industrial platform that provides the client with cost efficiency


due to Prevas reusing technology and collective experience from all over the world. Thereafter, the Linux platform is tailored to the specific client. ”Collaboration with Prevas was very smooth and efficient, and worked perfectly. Unanticipated problems always occur in a project. Prevas has handled this extremely well. With a development partner, you enter a long-term relationship, and even after the main project is completed the project lives on.” Mark Hvilsted With iSpin’s measurement method, it can be ensured that the wind turbines will not lose productivity and that the owners of the wind turbines will gain improved insight into the wind conditions by all important wind parameters being simultaneously measured. ROMO Wind has advanced its position with regard to quality and price, and can today build further with its own applications on the platform. iSpin is also easier to install because the system with three sensors now fits in one and the same housing. With Prevas’ help, ROMO Wind has come closer to its goal of making iSpin the industry standard for wind measurement technology. By August 2017, the company had more than 350 systems in operation, which corresponds to over 1,000 sensors. Through the help of Prevas, ROMO Wind more quickly bypassed several pitfalls For more information and can soon launch contact: an even more Søren robust, fourth geneMathiasen ration of iSpin. × soren.mathiasen@ inn utvecklingsoch tillverkningstjänster till ett värde av 1,25 miljoner +45 20 99 76 01


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